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Commence Operation "Get Jirou to confess"

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Jirou and Kaminari are on their way back to the dorms, after the last exhausting lesson of the day, trigonometry.


"Jeez, why do we have to learn these things? It's not like I'm gonna need those two weird laws in order to defeat a villain"


"One would think you'd gotten a grip by now. We can't train only our quirks. We still have to learn normal high school stuff"


"Oh, so you're pulling a Yaoyorozu now? Against your best friend? I'm hurt" he feignes sorrow, earning a strong a jab on the shoulder, but he's gotten used to it by now  "You sure spend a lot of time with her, so it's only normal for you to be influenced by her" he smirks


"Shut the hell up, won't you?" she says while blushing profusely


"Anyway, come hang out in my room after dinner"


"If I really have to" 


"You won't regret it" she rolls her eyes at his thumbs up


Once they reach the dorms, Jirou heads to her room, while Kaminari lies down on the couch and pulls out his phone.


He starts typing


-Yo mighty Strawberry. The target took the bait. First phase was a success-


-Perfect, mighty Thor. See you after dinner-


Everything's going according to Mina's plan.

You're in our capable hands.

Don't worry, Jirou, w e're gonna get you a girlfriend.

And we're gonna do it tonight.






As she promised, Jirou heads to Kaminari's room after dinner.

She doesn't even knock, before going in.

When she opens the door, she finds Sero, Kaminari, Kirishima and Mina sitting on the floor, while Bakugou lies back on the bed, playing Nintendo.


"Oh fuck, did I get caught up in a Bakusquad's reunion?" she acts annoyed, but she doesn't really mind.


They're not that bad, I guess

But she would never admit it out loud.


"Actually no. This is a convince Jirou to confess reunion" Mina says grinning widely


"Oh hell no. I'm not doing this. Bye" she turns around, tring to escape from that situation, but she finds herself imprisoned by Sero's tape "C'mon. Seriously? That wasn't necessary"


Mina puts her hands on Jirou's shoulders and forces her to sit down.


"Listen Jirou, sweetie. We're doing this for you. Each one of us is going to present their argument as to why you have to confess your love to your pretty obvious to everyone by now crush. I'll go first"


The pink haired girl clears her throat and starts talking.


"I believe I understand how you feel.

You think it's too dangerous to tell her.

You're afraid of being rejected and jeopardizing your friendship.

You try to ward off the thought of her reciprocating your feelings in any way you can.

You refuse to even think about it, to give yourself a chance.

I get it, you don't want to get your hopes up. But this is getting ridiculous.

Everyone can see there's something between you two. Hell, even Bakugou can" Jirou glances at him, only to hear him grunting in response

"Trust me, she's just as crazy about you as you are about her.

And now I'm going to expose her for the sake of my ship, since you both refuse to make the first move. Hopefully, she'll forgive me" 


Mina seems to ponder about it, as if she's asking herself if she really should, but then decides to spill the beans, or, as she would say, the tea


"So, about two weeks ago, when you felt too grumpy, emo and miserable to join us during girl's night, we were chatting and the conversation shifted on who we would like to kiss in the class. Each of us said one of the boys, but she just randomly blurted out your name"


That got everybody's attention, even Bakugou's.














"C'mon girls, spill the tea. I want to know who would you kiss among our classmates" Mina said smirking


"Why don't you start since you're the one that came up with this idea?" Hagakure shot back


"Okay okay, I guess I'll go first. Please don't mock me, but, personally, I'd kiss IIda. I kinda like the innocent, nerdy aura around him. Tooru, your turn" 


"Fine. Call me crazy, but I'm really curious about Bakugou. Like, would he be rough as his personality or would he be sweet?" all the girls laughed at the mere thought of the words Bakugou and sweet in the same sentence


"I don't feel that way about anyone, kero" Tsuyu admitted


"C'mon, Tsuyu. Not even one little crush?" Mina tried to pry in the girl's love life, but failed


"Well, you already know who I would kiss, eh eh" Uraraka said, stroking the back of her neck, blushing furiously "What about you, Yaoyorozu?"


Momo was deep in thoughts, staring at the floor with a strand of hair in her hand.

She took a few seconds to reply


"I would totally kiss Jirou.

I mean, she comes off as the I hate everyone type of person, but she's really sweet and kind to me, I still don't know why.

I think she's the sentimental and romantic type, even though she tries to hide it under her cold demeanor.

But she would take you on cute picnic dates, she would be the one to plan everything and she would want it to be perfect.

She's the kind of person that would take you out to see the sunset or to go stargazing and look at you the whole time, as if you were the most beautiful thing out there, like you deserved more attention than the sun, the moon and the stars altogether.

Then, she would come closer and lean in, slowly, to give you the time to back off, because she's such a gentlewoman.

But you would lean in too, because, well, why wouldn't you?

She has always been so caring and protective towards you.

I think her lips would be soft, like the inner part of a petal and you would be surprised at first, but then, thinking about it, it's Jirou we're talking about"


Momo's eyes rose up from the floor and found all the girls staring at her with wide eyes (Hagakure was probably doing the same)


The sudden realization of what she said made her face flush a deep red.


"Wow" Mina was speechless


"I-I'm sorry... I-I kind of rambled" Momo said stuttering, fidgeting with her fingers






End of flashback







Everyone but Bakugou, who's still deeply focused on his game, is shocked, wide eyes and mouth agape.


Jirou's face quickly becomes the same shade as Kirishima's hair.


"D-did she seriously say all of that?"


"I swear on my favourite pair of shoes. She spoke like it wasn't the first time she daydreamed about kissing you" 


"You betcha that wasn't the first time. She wouldn't be the only one to have done that" Kaminari said, smirking 


"Well, I don't think there's anything else I can add to be more convincing" Sero says, passing the torch to Jirou's best friend


"I just want to say that, when you're older, you'll regret not telling her now. We're almost at the end of our first year and so many things have happened. We risked our lives so many times. We never know what will happen tomorrow. So you better not waste your time, dude" Kirishima nods


"Bakugou, what do you say?" Mina calls out to the boy lying on the bed


"Tsk, just snog the fuck out of her, headphones. I don't care"


"Yeah, well, I'm trying, but someone tied me up" Jirou glances angrily at Sero


"Sorry about that. We had to make sure you wouldn't escape" he says as he unties her


The victim stands up and starts leaving.


"Where are you going?" they all asked in unison


"I'm going to tell Momo what I feel, before I change my mind"