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The Omega Support Group

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Denki Kaminari has invited Izuku Midoriya, Eijiro Kirishima, Ochaco Uraraka, and 3 others to The Omega Support Group.


Denki Kaminari changed their username to PikaPikaBitch.


PikaPikaBitch changed Izuku Midoriya’s username to BroccoliChild. 


PikaPikaBitch changed Eijiro Kirishima’s username to BabyShark. 


PikaPikaBitch changed OchacoUraraka’s username to GravityIsForFools.


PikaPikeBitch changed Yuga Aoyama’s username to SparklesEverywhere.


PikaPikaBitch changed Toru Hagakure’s username to Hide&SeekChamp.  


PikaPikaBitch changed Neito Monoma’s username to CopyCat. 


PikaPikaBitch: Welcome to my group chat! In here we can rant about the stupid Alphas and Betas in our lives while we also pine after said Alphas and Betas!


GravityIsForFools: This is a really good idea Kami!


CopyCat: Two questions, one how did you get my contact information and two why am I here? 


PikaPikaBitch: To answer your first question, magic


CopyCat: -_-


PikaPikaBitch: And to answer your second question, you're an Omega just like us plus you have an Alpha and a Beta that your pinning after 


CopyCat: Fair enough 


BroccoliChild: Just try to behave yourself 


CopyCat: I make no such promises 


Hide&SeekChamp: Monoma is my child now and if anyone hurts him I will kill them 


CopyCat: Thank you… I think? 


SparklesEverywhere: Don’t worry about it, you’ll get used to it


CopyCat: Will I really? 


BabyShark: Damn when your not insulting us at every turn you are pretty freaking funny


CopyCat: Is that a compliment? 


BabyShark: It is


CopyCat: Then thank you, I guess 


PikaPikaBitch: So with that out of the way I would like to bring forward our first issue 


PikaPikaBitch: I smiled at my crush in the hallway today and he smiled back at me and I was so blown away by his beauty that I short-circuited


BabyShark: Did you go see Recovery Girl afterwards? 


PikaPikaBitch: Yes I did but that’s not the point


PikaPikaBitch: The point is that Hitoshi Shinso is super hot and my poor pan brain can’t handle it


GravityIsForFools: Wait why did you have to go see Recovery Girl? 


PikaPikaBitch: I don’t really like talking about it but when I short circuit it actually hurts, like a lot. And it also messes up my head, like my memory and junk


Hide&SeekChamp: Oh my god Kami why did you never say anything! Everyone always laughs when you short circuit myself included! I had no idea that it hurt you! I’m so sorry! 


PikaPikaBitch: It’s fine Hagakure, really I don’t mind


BroccoliChild: Is that why you struggle in class? 


PikaPikaBitch: That’s part of the reason…


BabyShark: You can tell them Kami


GravityForFools: Tell us what? 


PikaPikaBitch: I have dyslexia 


CopyCat: I also have dyslexia


PikaPikaBitch: Really? 


CopyCat: Yes 


BabyShark: Having dyslexia is not something to be ashamed of 




CopyCat: … 


SparklesEverywhere: I think we need to get together for some much need Omega Cuddles 


GarvityFools: Agreed


Hide&SeekChamp: ^^^^


BabyShark: ^^^^


BroccoliChild: ^^^^


PikaPikaBitch: That sounds really nice 


BabyShark: Alright mandatory Omega Cuddles in my room now 


CopyCat: I hope you enjoy your Omega Cuddles...


BroccoliChild: What are you talking about? Your coming to!


CopyCat: But I don’t live in the same dorm as you guys


SparlesEverywhere: Doesn’t matter, Aizawa will just have to deal with it!


PikaPikaBitch: Come on Monoma you have to come!


CopyCat: … 


CopyCat: Alright


PikaPikaBitch: Yeah!