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Magnus drove down the narrow, lonely road to investigate Mrs. Ramsbottom’s worried hint that hooligans in her neighborhood were up to no good. And indeed, there was light burning in the late Mr. McGraw’s old cottage.

Magnus drove up to the house and got out of his car. After a short but thorough inspection of the surrounding area, he noted the license plate of the foreign car in the driveway and went to the front door of the cottage. He noticed that all the blinds were closed and only the light above the entrance was burning. With one hand on his belt, he knocked on the door.


Alec didn’t expect any visitors to knock at his front door and therefore opened the door with a mixture of curiosity and caution. What he also hadn’t expected, was that a more than just handsome man was standing at his doorstep.

Cute, Alec thought and secretly cursed his fate, which always throws such men in his direction only in the most inconvenient sections of his life. If things had settled in a few days at the latest, it didn‘t matter anyway. This botched opportunity made Alec sigh deeply. 

His counterpart must have misunderstood his sign. „Sorry for the late disruption. Is everything all right with you?“

Only now did Alec notice the uniform. A stunning man in uniform. Fate doesn’t do things by halves, that much is clear.

 „Yes, thanks for asking, Officer …“


„Inspector Bane.“ Magnus didn‘t know why he wanted to impress the stranger with his original rank. Granted, he was cute, built muscular, beautiful hazel eyes, but Magnus was here professionally.

„Alec,“ the man introduced himself with a ravishing smile. „What brings you to me, Inspector Bane?“

„Your neighbors saw light in a cottage that they thought were uninhabited. I’m here to see to it, and to scare off uninvited intruders.“

Alec took a step back and let Magnus enter. With a gesture to various boxes in the hall, Alec replied: „I just moved in.“

Magnus weighed the degree of unprofessionalism in case he offered his help in the renovation, when suddenly a dark figure slipped from the back of the house into the hall. Magnus was on high alert when he saw the gun aimed at Alec with deadly precision. Before Magnus could draw his weapon, a dagger stuck neatly between the attacker’s eyes. The man was dead before the body hit the ground.


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Shit!

For weeks, he and his team have carefully planned and prepared the trap and now this bad timing? He hadn‘t intended to involve the local police in his lucrative assignment. Alec was the organizational head of a very special organization. This organization was so special that only selected customers could take advantage of their 'special' services. After all, this kind of problem solver isn’t found in the local yellow pages.

Alec looked at Magnus and weighed his chances. Magnus‘ expression changed from surprise and astonishment to admiration and … desire?

„Who are you?“