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Blame It On My Juice(d Balls)

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High 5! @blipblipblip ‘s home run puts the #Padres ahead 5-2 in Colorado! -Padres

When the @Padres score big, you score big! Fans with tickets from today’s game will get $5 off at Screwgie’s tomorrow! (Terms and conditions apply.) -Screwgies

Hello This Is Al Luongo I Am Excited To Say Hi To All My Twitter Friends -luongo_al

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Tonight: @NYTimes sportswriter Tyler Kepner joins us to discuss @ginnybaker43 ‘s screwball, and other stories he compiled in his book on pitches. -MLBNetwork

When they tell you to stick to sports:

Please follow me for baseball and restaurant updates! @willbaker89 is a guitarist from Cape Town. -Will_Baker_Screwgies

RT why negotiation matters Happy #BobbyBonillaDay! -ASlater

The current contract situation lends itself to perverse incentives where promising young players miss the first few weeks to take advantage of the "service time" loophole. -ASlater

Players will need to negotiate a better CBA next cycle to avoid more Kris Bryant situations. -ASlater

happy bday coach! @luongo_al a wonderful teacher -김우진 ⚾🧢

RT well no freaking duh Tonight: soaring home run totals from Minnesota to Los Angeles. Are new methods in ball production to credit? -ESPN -ginnybaker43

RT It takes a pitcher to have a balanced reaction to these things… [embedded tweet] -Mike_Lawson

RT Of all the excuses people make for my performance, good or bad, I’ll take the one every other pitcher in the league has to deal with -ginnybaker43

Please follow this official account and @mamasanders, @WilliamBaker is a political candidate in Newcastle -Will_Baker_Screwgies

In the 8123rd game in #Padres’ history, they did not pitch a no-hitter. -PadresNoHitter

RT I’d tell you to get a life, but I suspect you might take exception to that. Don’t want to offend our android buddies. [embedded tweet] -Padres

lol, who is this guy! [embedded tweet] -PadresNoHitter

@PadresNoHitter his name is Eliot Lee and his band, @Cumulonimbus , is performing in National City Sunday night. Come say hi ;) -ginnybaker43

@ginnybaker43 what have you done -Cumulonimbus