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The tears streamed from his face. And I couldn't help but feel that this was going to be the only time I'd see him like this. He was so vulnerable. The tears stained his shirt, and he must've noticed me staring across the street. The blood still coated my dress, but I didn't pay it any mind. "Stay there, Michael!" I warned with a hand raised to stop him. 

He seemed so confused, staring with wide and child-like eyes. "B- But I..." He trailed off, stopping at the edge of the sidewalk. My head snapped when the sounds of screeching tires came down the road. She had no intention of stopping, and I knew who it was. The black Range Rover ran the stop sign and headed straight for the blonde on the side of the road.

"NO!" My hand waved across, and I watched as the car swerved last minute. This time, it didn't hit him. This time, it headed straight for a telephone pole. She was going so fast, I wasn't surprised when the whole front got smashed in due to the impact. The anger bubbled inside me, and I felt it release on the car. I let out a small grunt, watching the electrical wired snap and land directly onto the car. It popped and crackled until the gasoline ignited it. The car was up in flames.

I turned back to Michael, who had been watching in awe. "Come here!" I demanded. He didn't seem to protest, running over to me barefoot, grabbing onto my waist when he reached me. His hands felt cold on my stomach, his fingertips grazing my skin through the rips and tears of my dress.

"I- I don't know what happened."

"I know you don't. Right now, we have to go." I said softly.

"But what abo-?" He began. I shook my head and pulled him up on his feet.

"Now, Michael. You're safer with me." I grabbed his arm, pulling him along in a specific direction, knowing I needed him in specific places, and at specific times. He followed, no fuss really coming from him. I supposed I could've been kidnapping him... and he wouldn't have minded. Then again, he had the mind of a child. I think he just wanted to be gone from his home. Like, he wanted a break. As we ran in the opposite direction, I saw an older woman watch us from the window. I knew who she was. Michael's grandmother stared as I took her grandson, and a sense of relief spread across her face. Like she was finally rid of a problem. 


She did finally get rid of him, but she would soon find out that Michael was the least of her worries.