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Call Me Darling

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"How can I say no to you, darling?"

If there's one thing Sato Rikido liked about Valentine's, it was the sweets. He didn't expect to receive any chocolate from anyone at all, but he was touched to get a few pieces of giri chocolate from the girls of Class 1-A.

"Sato," Todoroki Shoto placed a light blue paper bag full of assorted chocolates on Sato's desk. "I'm not a fan of sweets. I was hoping you could make good use of these."

"Haa! As expected of Todoroki!"

"As popular as ever, eh, Todoroki?"

From the corner of his eye, Sato could see how his classmates marvelled at the amount of chocolates the popular Ice King received in a single special day. Mineta was seething at the attention Todoroki received on this particular day, and it annoyed him that it meant little to the cool-headed hero in the making.

"Thanks for this, Todoroki. This'll be good for muscle training!"

Sato was on his way home with three paper bags of chocolate when a smaller figure stumbled before him.

"Ah, you're that darling from 1-B!"

'Oh, boy,' came a thought. You were surprised enough that he knows you, but did he actually remember where he first saw you? You straightened your stride and approached him.

"Sato-san, you might not remember, but you saved me during the practical entrance exams!"

There was something in the orange glow of the afternoon sun that made you a little braver. You bent down and gave him a sweeping bow before presenting him with a small plastic bag of the painstakingly-made chocolate candy hearts you poured your own heart into making last night. "So please accept these!"

When you raised your head to look at him, Sato had a rather startled look on his face. He reached out for the bag and smiled. "Thank you, darling."

As you straightened your back, your eyes were drawn to the three paper bags hanging on his arm. "Ah... Sato-san must be popular!..."

"Ah, no," he raised his hand in defence. "These are from..."

You were surprised when he leaned down and whispered. "These are the chocolates given to Todoroki, Bakugo, Iida and my other classmates. They're the popular ones."

A blush spread across your face as your eyes met. He grinned at you.

"But still, thank you for these! I didn't expect to receive any giri chocolate from any other girls aside from my classmates, so--"

"It's honmei!" You squeaked, head spinning at the sudden turn of conversation. "I-It's really honmei choco!"

"Eh? Darling, are you--"

"I-I know what you're thinking!" It was your turn to raise your hands in defence. "I wasn't even planning on confessing today, b-but please!"

You gave him another bow. "Please go out with me! Y-You don't have to answer me now! I..."

The crinkling of the plastic wrapper startled you. Sato had taken a bite out of your clumsily-made chocolate candy hearts. "Ah, these are exceptionally good!"

If you could see it, your heart was definitely glowing the same kind of orange the setting sun emanated. It was in hysterics, even more so when he grinned at you before ruffling your head.

"All right, darling. Please wait for my answer, then."

The warmth that Sato treated you with didn't go unnoticed by your classmates, who were very much aware of your feelings toward the rival class' titan. A month passed by with the two of you greeting each other when you meet in the hallways, and he would sometimes sit with you during lunch breaks just to ask how you were.

"But he still hasn't given his answer?" Tokage Setsuna asked from across the lunch table. You were busily chewing your vegetables, so you just nodded at her.

"I hope he isn't leading you on, darling! That Sato is definitely gonna--"

You almost spat your apple juice at her when you saw the exact person the table was talking about excitedly walking toward you while carrying a small white box in his hands. "Darling!"


You froze on your seat when he placed the box before you, which you hesitantly opened. The ooohhs from seatmates were enough to shake you back to reality.

"Th-This is--!"

The cake, which was topped with a number of glistening strawberries and fluffy white icing, looked good enough to jump into and just disappear because oh my gosh what was happening?!

"This is my answer," Sato started. "Ah, sorry. I know today is White Day and it's a strange day to give a reply, but still... Please accept it!"

"So are you guys..." Tokage pointed her spoon and fork at the two flustered figures. "Are you guys finally dating?"


Sato raised a hand to the back of his head and grinned at the table of girls. "I'll definitely treasure darling, so please don't worry!"

"Ne, Sato-san," you started. "I was wondering why... Why did you say yes to going out with me?"

He offered his hand to you with a smile. "When you first confessed, you told me that I saved you during the entrance exams. I guess you could say you reminded me of what it meant to be a hero, a good hero."

The same orange sunset was at the horizon as the two of you made your way home.

"Also, I thought you were pretty c-cute... When you confessed," he said as he gave your hand a squeeze. You looked up at him, your faces both red, but he managed to smile at you. "How can I say no to you, darling?"

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"Come here, you damn darling!"

"Ah, darling, what are those?"

You were surprised when Kendo pointed to a little red patch of skin on your neck. You reasoned out, flustered and a little shocked that the tiny bruise was visible. "I-It's a--"

"Oi, you damn darling! We're leaving!"

There was nothing more surprising for Class 1-B to see 1-A's ace, Bakugo Katsuki, picking up his darling from their class after school, the rattling of their classroom door announcing his arrival. It turns out he was a rather diligent yet callous boyfriend to his darling.

"C-Coming, Katsuki!"

You quickly gathered your things and gave a short wave to Kendo and the rest of your classmates before softly trailing Bakugo's steps. Feeling a bit brave, you linked your arm around his own and clung onto him happily, eliciting a growl from him.

You found yourself pinned against a bookshelf in the school library, Bakugo's taller figure standing closely behind you. It was a pleasant surprise that he took his studies seriously, and as his girlfriend, you had to follow his example.

"Kat...suki? Is something wrong?"

He smirked as he felt you flinch under his grip. You felt your necktie come undone between his fingers.


"Quiet," he growled at you again as he gently unclipped the first two buttons of your uniform, pulling the collar down to your left shoulder.

"Katsuki... You need to stop leaving marks on places where they can be easily seen..."

Your statement fell on deaf ears as he pressed his lips on your bare shoulder, his other hand wandering rather dangerously under your skirt.

"Not another word," he whispered, placing his forearm over your lips. You liked the close contact with someone everyone thought to be untouchable, but you certainly didn't like being bitten by this person all the damn time. Your lips released a soundless cry before you nipped at his arm, anything to distract you from the sharp and searing pain on your left shoulder.

You thought the biting came with his hotheadedness, so you accepted it as part of his love language. Another red welt threatened to appear after he released his jaw from your shoulder.

Bakugo had a rather pleased expression on his face as you looked back at him with teary eyes and a poor excuse of a glare. Strangely, he beckoned you to face him and propped you up against the bookshelf again, buttoning up the shirt he carefully popped open a while ago.

"Wh-What?..." You squeak nervously, meeting his concentrated eyes cautiously.

"Don't look at me like that," he grumbled. "Weren't you clinging onto me so happily a while ago?"

"Let me at least do something to get back at you, Katsuki!"

He quirked an eyebrow at her. "Go on."

It was definitely the adrenaline acting when you brusquely grabbed his collar with two hands and pulled him down for a slightly open-mouthed kiss. You were quick to turn away from him when you parted.

"At least teach me maths properly!" You stuck your tongue out as you stomped away from Bakugo, who had a bewildered look on his face which slowly melded into a smirk.

"Come here, you damn darling!" He called out before charging at you. "Just you wait when I take you home."

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"Come closer, darling, let's stay cool today."

"Ah, I thought I'd find you here, darling."

You weren't even bothered to check who entered your dorm room, but you knew that clear voice so well.

"Sorry, Shoto," you managed a short reply. You were spread on your bed in a loose shirt and pink boxer shorts. The light-coloured curtains were drawn open, but the windows were closed. Despite the air conditioning cranked up, it didn't help that today was one of those arid weekend afternoons that made you feel stuffy and heavy and absolutely lazy.

"I sent you a message," Todoroki Shoto, one of the best young heroes in the making, who also happened to be your dearly beloved boyfriend, made his way into your dorm room. You felt the bed shift as he sat down beside you.

"Sorry..." You lazily reached for your phone on your bedside drawer. "It's just... Too hot to even move!"

"I see," came a short reply. "Is there anything I can do to ease your discomfort?"

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" You joked, sitting up to meet his gaze. He looked like he was dressed to go out with his light blue dress shirt and dark pants. "I'm glad you're here."

Todoroki gave you a small smile before reaching out for your cheek with his right hand, the coolness of his touch still a little surprising.

"Shoto, w-would you..." You raised your arms and playfully opened and closed your hands. "Would you like to cuddle?"

"Isn't it a little too hot for cuddling, darling?"

A pout graced your face. " N-Not if I'm only hugging your right side!"

"What a selfish girlfriend," he chuckled. "I'll forgive you even though you forgot that we were supposed to go out today, darling."

You froze on the spot and felt your face heat up when he started to remove his dress shirt. "O-Oi! Wh-What are you doing?!"

He had an inner shirt, much to your relief, and he made his way beside you, lying down rather comfortably on his back before beckoning you to crash into him as well. He dropped his right arm and patted the light-coloured sheets.


He was still grinning. "Come closer, darling, let's stay cool today."

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"At least have a little faith in my love for you, darling!"

Between you and Yaoyorozu Momo, a lot more was at stake for you.

Before getting into UA, you had to ace a written entrance exam and fight and survive with every tooth and nail in your body. The road to becoming a hero was rough and hard for you, but you managed to get past the first hurdle anyway.

Yaoyorozu was one of Class 1-A's top-ranking students, getting into the school through recommendations and was 'a charming rich girl' in every sense. Her elegant actions indicated the height and depths of her origins and how far a star you were actually reaching for. Regardless, she accepted your confession without a second thought and even considered you her dearest darling. To be honest, you thought her accepting your confession was part of an elaborate machination... Because, gosh, you weren't exactly the perfect 'prince'. In fact, you were a far cry from princely and more like a rogue with your wit and grit and get shit done attitude.

Compared to Todoroki Shoto, whom everyone thought was the best, obvious and more perfect match for Yaoyorozu, you were pretty much at the losing end. A lot more was at stake for you in this relationship, including your pride, but seeing Yaoyorozu smile and cheer for you every single day was enough to get you through the sea of judgement.

Yaoyorozu said she liked how you worked hard to get where you are now and that you offered her a different perspective in life apart from what she already had.

The news of your hospitalisation spread fairly quick throughout the school, even though your homeroom teacher Vlad King tried to suppress it. Your supervisor was shocked when you recklessly launched yourself into the line of battle. It was hardly a heavy attack, but you knew you had to think quick to keep the civilians safe.

It was during that certain villain attack when you realised that wit and grit can only get you so far, and that you needed to be skilled in order to become a true hero. The broken ribs pretty much told everything. Recovery Girl came to see you earlier, as well as your classmates from 1-B, some of them still in their hero costumes after they hurriedly rushed over following the news they heard from Vlad King.

"Saa, darling, what are we gonna do now?" Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu asked. "Your recklessness just cost you your internship!"

"I know," you chuckled. A searing pain ripped through your chest as you did so, shaking you back to reality. "Guess I'll have to start over."

"How long will you still have to stay here?" Asked Honenuki Juzo. You raised three fingers up with a grin.

Kendo Itsuka, who was talking to someone outside your hospital room, came back inside. "We should let darling get some rest, ne? Someone's here to see you, too."

Your classmates bade you farewell before shuffling outside your room, with Kendo the last one to leave.

"Would you like to see her?" She asked. "Yaoyorozu."

You pursed your lips and turned away from Kendo, who had a pensive smile on her face.

"You can turn her away if you want, darling."

"It's... It's all right. Let her in."

You kept your eyes on the faint setting afternoon sun that can be seen through the dirty white hospital blinds, listening to the shuffling of footsteps and the creaking of a metal chair that made its way beside your bed.


Yes, you'd recognise that voice from anywhere. You refused to face her, though, and you kept your lips tightly pursed so they could stop quivering.

Soft hands gently squeezed and held your calloused ones. "Please turn this way, darling."

There was really no way you could refuse her, but apart from your ribs, your pride was also pretty crushed. You turned your head to look at her, warm tears flowing from your eyes and from hers as well.

"How reckless..." You heard her mumble. She was in a plain pink shirt and pants, as if she hurriedly rushed over to where you were. "How could you do something so reckless?!"

You raised your hand to caress her cheek, wiping away her tears. "Y'know between the two of us, you're much more reckless... Considering what you did for your classmate back then."

"But I--!" She tried to keep her voice down. "I was simply... trying to help..."

"And so was I," you replied with a smile. "Please don't cry, Momo."

"I thought I would lose you..." She hiccuped. "I thought I would lose you even before I could completely have you, darling."

"What do you mean by that?..."

She took a deep breath and sighed. "A part of me always feels like you are drifting somewhere far away from me, as if you're trying to chase something I don't exactly know... It's as if... you're here but you're not completely here."

You raised your hand and playfully gave her head a chop. "Between the two of us, you know a lot more is at stake for me. I want to be someone... Someone worthy of standing beside someone as great and as wonderful as Yaoyorozu Momo, Creati."

It was Yaoyorozu's turn to purse her lips. "Darling, you..."

"I'm probably trying too hard," you said with a sigh. "In fact, I still feel like our relationship is one elaborate dream because it's just so good to be true. So forgive me if I'm trying too hard to fit into your reality. I just..."

The two of you were quiet for a moment, the setting sun casting its soft orange glow over the city, part of it leaking into your room.

"If you'd ask me, even I think you would be better off with Todoroki," you said with a small shrug, careful not to hurt yourself again. You were surprised when Yaoyorozu took both of your hands in hers, an annoyed expression on her face.

"Don't say that!" She replied rather angrily. "While it's true that Todoroki-san and I have much in common, he is just a very good friend. And he's hardly any fun to be with at all..."

"Are you saying you're with me because I'm fun to be with? Anyone can be fun to be with. I--"

"All I'm saying is..." She brought the back of your left hand to her chest gave you a warm smile, the orange glow that cast over her matched the wild beating of her heart. "My heart is running wild with worry and want and yet my feelings still can't reach you..."


Her grip on your hand was almost crushing, but it was overly comforting. She smiled before one last tear fell from her eye. "At least have a little faith in my love for you, darling!"

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"Maybe I really can't keep my eyes off you, darling."

You could tell that Iida Tenya had an eye for detail when he was staring at your chest when you confessed to him.

"I-Iida-san? My eyes are up here!"

"I-It's pink!" He exclaimed. "Darling shouldn't be wearing coloured underwear underneath your uniform! It's improper!"

No one in their right mind believed that the prim and proper class representative of Class 1-A would go out with a troublemaker from Class 1-B. Your classmates found it strange how you were particularly dazzled by Iida's straightforwardness, especially during that time he was thrown against the wall after the media break-in at school. Even Kendo was surprised to see the twinkle in your eyes while you were gazing up at the blue-eyed boy, absolutely bewitched at the 'uncool' sight of Iida trying to pacify his fellow students.

On certain days when the two of you weren't busy, you would eat together at Lunch Rush, and Iida would have a hard time maintaining eye contact with you because of the distracting colour of your underwear.

"It's blue," you heard him mumble. He never failed to state what was already obvious to you.

"You sure can't keep your eyes off me, ne, Tenya?" You replied before taking a sip from his orange juice.

"Wh-- Darling!"

You thought the flushed and aghast expression on his face was rather cute until he raised his hands and started rattling about indirect kisses and passing on germs through mouth to mouth contact. Honestly, his pure heartedness is causing you to sin everyday, but you delighted in teasing your uptight boyfriend.

"Tenya, wait a moment!"

During downtime weekends, you and Iida would make time to go out with each other. Today was that kind of day, and he was held back when you paused inside a lingerie shop.

"Let me just get a few things from here!" You happily pointed into the shop.

Iida suddenly let go of your hand, a tinge of red spreading over his face. "I can wait out here if you don't take long!"

"Oh, but I will take long," you hurriedly grabbed his hand and gently dragged his unwilling self in the shop that had its logo in neon pink light hanging on their glass window. "They have seats in here, so don't worry!"

A brunette clerk in a bright pink suit approached you with a warm smile. "Good afternoon! How may we help you?"

"Ah, yes, I'm looking for a few pieces..."

Iida looked terribly uncomfortable, his face still a bit red from the sight of frilly underwear, but when he felt you squeeze his hand, he was prompted to turn and meet your sight.

"I was kidding. I won't take long," you smiled at him. "Wait for me over there while I try a few things on, all right?"

Iida, who was in a blue dress shirt, was finally seated on a velvet red divan. "Ah, darling...?"

He watched you fill up a shopping basket with a few colourful items and he couldn't help but sigh to himself. A mannequin wearing a racy set of dark blue underwear caught his attention and for a moment, his thoughts drifted to his darling and how her figure would look--

Iida placed a hand over his mouth, brows furrowed in annoyance at his own thoughts. 'Ah, how improper.'

It took you about 15 minutes to try on everything you bought, which were all bundled in a hot pink paper bag. You waved bye to the brunette clerk who assisted you and made your way out of the store with Iida.

"Sorry I took so long," you hummed at him before sliding your smaller hand into his own. "Would you like an orange cream soda? My treat!"

"I..." He started, but he simply sighed in defeat and smiled at you. "All right, darling."

"You know I can't focus if you're looking at me so intently, Tenya."

You raised your eyes from your book and looked back at the figure looking at you from across the table. Monday afternoons meant study dates at the school library for you and Iida. You tilted your head and gave him a coy smile.

"I can't see any colour," he replied. "It's white."

"Yeah, I bought a bunch of white underwear when we went out because you keep on getting distracted by the coloured ones I wore. Of course, even though it's white, it's still pretty cute!" You answered. "Would you like to see?"

Iida flinched in his seat, a small blush spreading across his face. You laughed as he started to raise his hands and scold you for teasing him. "Darling, how improper!"

"I was joking!" You replied with a giggle and winked at him. "Though you can always tell me if you want to."

The startled look on his face was absolutely delightful and you were damn sure you were definitely the last on the list of people going to heaven.

"How improper! This isn't how a hero is supposed to act, you know!"

"You really are fun to tease, Tenya," your lips curved into a cheeky smile.

"Maybe you're right," Iida said with a sigh of defeat. He smiled at you before reaching out for your hand. "Maybe I really can't keep my eyes off you, darling."

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"If darling thinks I'm cool, then that's enough for me!"

Everyone but Kaminari Denki knew that your match-up against him was set for destruction. His destruction, at least.

"Don't expect me to hold back just because you're a cute girl!" You heard him exclaim proudly. "We're heroes in the making, so we have to give everything we got!"

"Eh?! W-Wait, Kaminari-san!"

The eyes of your classmates and those of Class 1-A watched intently as the two of you took to the centre of the gym.

"Do your best, darling!" You heard your female classmates cheer you on, but they knew the flustered look on your face meant you were absolutely distracted.

Ah, yes, ever since the start of the school year, you had already been dazzled by Kaminari Denki, and the only reason why you liked the joint training classes between Classes 1-A and 1-B was because you could see him.

Kaminari was what people called a 'happy crush', and for you, the thought of seeing his cheeky smile was enough to get you through the day. It didn't matter that the two of you didn't talk since you found it was even better that he didn't know who you were. However, fate had a really strange way of drawing the two of you together.

He launched one of his Pointers toward you, electricity already discharging from it. You brought out your hands from your gold cloak and caught it with your bare hands. The bright electricity quickly wrapped your figure and you knew you had to be serious now.

"Ah! Sh-She caught Kaminari-kun's Pointer!"

You let out a deep breath before giving Kaminari a deathly gaze, watching his expression change as you crushed the thing between your fingers. You lunged at him, your arm stretching several feet before landing a sucker punch on his cheek. He was thrown out of bounds, most of Class 1-A rushing to his side.

You turned back when heard your classmates whooping and cheering for you, but they were also quick on their feet when they saw you about to collapse. "Darling!"

You woke up in the nurse's office, Kendo, Tokage and Kodai seated on your bedside. The orange glow in the room meant it was already sunset.

"Ah, you're awake, darling!" Kendo said with a smile. "How are you feeling?"

You sat up and brought your hands to your warm face. "I-I just punched Kaminari-san!"

Tokage shrugged. "We know you tried to warn him, darling, but he's really quick to react, huh?"

Your head was spinning even though you were perfectly still. "I-I just punched my crush! H-How am I going to face him now?!"

Your three friends had surprised expressions on their faces. Kendo tried to hold you down. "D-Darling, you should keep it down because--"

"E-Even though he called me c-cute... Ah! I can't believe it!"

The rustling of the long curtains beside you meant there were people on the other side. You were surprised when the curtains were quickly drawn aside, revealing Kaminari, Kirishima, Sero and Ashido, who were all quietly listening to your chatter.

"Ah! K-K-Kaminari-san!"

The blond boy had a bandage on the cheek where you hit him. His friends were trying hard to hold back their laughter.

"What a revelation!" Ashido exclaimed rather excitedly. She jumped at you with an elated expression. "How long have you liked Kaminari-kun, darling?!"

"I think the more important question is why she likes him," Sero chuckled.

"Looks like you're pretty popular, Kaminari," Kirishima playfully shoved the blond, who was still seated in the second bed.

Kaminari turned to look at you and had an apprehensive expression on his face. "For the record, I didn't know that you were a rubber girl! And I... I didn't know that you liked me, either!"

You definitely would have already sunk into the bed covers if you could.

"Let's keep the noise down for the resting students!" Recovery Girl walked in the clinic and ushered Kendo, Tokage, Kodai, Sero, Ashido and Kirishima outside.

"Darling, we'll see you later, ne?" Kendo waved goodbye to you as they were gently pushed out of the room, leaving you and Kaminari sitting in your respective beds.

"I-I'm sorry I punched you..." You squeaked, bringing the pristine white covers over your face.

"Oi, you don't need to apologise for anything, darling! It was a fight and you did what you had to do!" Kaminari brought a hand to the back of his head. "I did say that I wouldn't hold back even though you're c..."

He huffed, a small blush spreading over his face. "Cute..."

Yes, your head was definitely spinning. Kaminari, the happy crush you've had ever since the start of the school year, just said you were cute, even after you punched him.

"B-But I am a little curious... I mean, if you're looking for cool guys to crush on, there's definitely a lot of much cooler ones like Bakugo or Todoroki--"

"I-I think you're super cool, Kaminari-san!" You exclaimed boldly, suddenly bursting out from under the covers. "Even cooler than Bakugo-san or Todoroki-san! Ah..."

You saw that he was looking at you intently. "You like me because you think I'm... I'm cool?"

You knotted your fingers underneath the sheets and fidgeted, looking down in embarrassment as you answered. "I... I just adore yellow things, too, like sunflowers, lemon jam, cheese, All Might... So when I first saw you, I was absolutely..."

You buried your beet-red face in your palms before mumbling into the unknown. "Electrified."

For a moment, you raised your eyes and noticed that Kaminari was trying to suppress his smile. He placed a hand on his mouth before he turned away from you. "Kaminari-san?..."

"I'm sorry! I just thought that it was funny you'd say that when you're a rubber girl!"

Your face turned even redder. "S-Sorry! I knew it sounded so corny, but I still--"

"All right, I see you two are so lively now! You can head back to your dorms!" Recovery Girl approached the both of you and gave you lollies before ushering you out of the clinic as well. You both gave her a bow.

"Oh, I got a cherry-flavoured one," you remarked as you held up the lollipop wrapped in pink.

"Ah, crap," Kaminari exclaimed, the lollipop given to him already in his mouth. "I forgot to ask if you'd like this! It's lemon-flavoured, after all."

"Ah, no! I-It's fine!" You raised your hand in defence, but had little time to react when he suddenly slid the lemon-flavoured treat in your mouth.

"Don't worry! I only tasted it for a few seconds!" He stated with another cheeky grin. The sugary and tangy flavour of lemon filled your mouth almost instantly, but you felt your head spin at the thought of sharing an indirect kiss with Kaminari.

"Huh, you really are cute, darling," Kaminari remarked with a warm smile. "Are you sure you really want to go out with me?"

"G-Go out w-with you?!" You squeaked, almost tempted to just hide under your golden cloak again. "I-I'd definitely like to g-go out with you, Kaminari-san!"

He reached out and ruffled your hair. "If darling thinks I'm cool, then that's enough for me!"

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"You're pretty much the only bright thing I want to keep in my life, darling."

On your 100th day of dating, Tokoyami Fumikage gave you a slim black flashlight you can keep in your pocket at all times.

"If you think I'm becoming too threatening to you, just shine the light on me so I'll know."

You got matching fluffy white chick keychains for the both of you, which he attached rather proudly on his school bag.

On the afternoon of your 100th-day anniversary, you were about to walk out of your classroom to wait for your boyfriend outside Class 1-A's classroom.

"Oi, Tokoyami! Isn't this a bit too cute for your tastes?" You overheard some of Tokoyami's classmates tease him over the fluffy white keychain that looked rather out of place in his style.

"I quite like it," He remarked, dismissing his classmates' teasing. "Besides, it was given to me by someone dearly beloved."

Oh, no. You felt your face heat up all of a sudden. 'He said he liked it!'

Your thoughts rushed back to that time when you were looking for a present for Tokoyami over the weekend. You were out with Kendo and the other girls of Class 1-B when you encountered the girls of Class 1-A as well.

"Ah, it's 1-B!" Ashido exclaimed excitedly. "Out shopping?"

Kendo wrapped an arm around you and pulled you closer to the group. "Darling is asking for some advice on what to give Tokoyami because they're gonna celebrate their 100th day of dating!"

"Oh! So you're the darling Tokoyami-chan was talking about!" Asui stated. "To be honest, we never thought he would date anyone at all!"

"Yes, yes, Tokoyami is kind of mysterious," Ashido stated as-a-matter-of-factly. "So you're the one he can't stop mentioning every time we start talking about lovey-dovey stuff!"

Your lips couldn't help but curve into a smile as you heard Tokoyami's classmates talk about how he talks about you. "I never thought he would go out with me, either! Especially since my hair glows and sometimes freaks out Dark Shadow."

"But you know, darling, you're probably the only bright thing Tokoyami wants to keep in his life," Uraraka remarked. "Especially since he mentioned a future with you and all!"

Spinning, spinning, spinning, your head was spinning. Flash forward again to today, and Kendo tapped you on the shoulder when she saw your spaced-out expression.

"Darling, Tokoyami's waiting for you outside!"

"A-Ah, right!" You shook your head before shuffling out of the classroom and into Tokoyami's arms. You couldn't help but think that for a gloomy person, he was pretty warm-hearted.

When Tokoyami asked you to come over to Class 1-A's dorm for a moment, you were overcome by panic. Even Monoma, who didn't really care much about matters involving the other class, was alerted by the cryptic message Tokoyami sent to you, especially since it was already past the curfew. You still went, though, followed closely by Kendo and the other girls of 1-B. Your group was drawn to a faint orange light emanating from outside 1-A's dorms. When you took a step forward, you saw a number of oil lamps and candles scattered in the opposite class' patio.

Tokoyami was standing there as well, and you were having a hard time determining if it was supposed to be a candlelight dinner or a seance.

"Fumikage!" You exclaimed happily. "Are we gonna summon a ghost?"

Kendo and the others right behind you held back their laughter, and you swore you heard snickering coming from the inside of 1-A's dormitory. As for Tokoyami, he looked visibly distressed after hearing your question.

"It was a joke!" You approached him, careful not to step on any of the candles and the oil lamps. You sensed that he was drawn to the long, pleated and light-coloured flowy skirt you were wearing.

"It's nice," he said. "You look nice."

"Thank you! But you know what's even nicer?" You brought your hands together over your chest and suddenly turned on the small flashlight from under your chin, illuminating your face in a horrific manner that startled Dark Shadow and even those from the inside of the dormitory. "Let's call a ghost."

A week after your disastrous and rather hilarious 100th-day celebration with Tokoyami, you insisted on going out on a picnic on the weekend because autumn afternoons were good for lounging, after all. You were comfortably curled up beside a sleeping Tokoyami on a pink blanket on 1-B's patio, carefully listening to the soft sound of the rustling of the remaining leaves on the trees. The cool wind felt most comfortable as it blew through your loose clothes and long skirt, Tokoyami's own loose clothing gently shifting as well.

You suddenly sat up and brought out a container filled with sliced apples shaped like little rabbits. "Want some?"

"Yes, please," Tokoyami responded, sitting up beside you. You were munching on the apples rather happily when he suddenly stated, "I heard you met my female classmates while you were out with yours last week."

You nodded eagerly at him. "Mmm! They were out shopping, too! Ah..."

You turned and gave him your full attention as he munched on the apples. "Uraraka-san said something that I wanted to ask you about, like stuff about the f-future..."

He gave you a long look. "Of course it's natural to talk about the future. You should date someone with the thought of staying together for a long time because why else would you date anyone?"

"Ah..." It was then you realised that underneath his enigmatic visage, your boyfriend was actually a romantic... And a realist. "You're right!"

"And Uraraka was right about another thing, too," Tokoyami reached out for a lock of your hair and ran his fingers through it, his sudden show of affection surprising you. He was quiet for but a moment before finally speaking again. "You're pretty much the only bright thing I want to keep in my life, darling."

Chapter Text

"Let me take care of you real good, darling."

Class 1-A's 'Watchman' Iida made an exception because you were Kirishima's darling, after all, and the poor boy was on fire with a fever following your date with him over the weekend, where he wrapped his blazer around you to shield you from the rain.

Iida permitted you to stay in 1-A's dorm for a maximum of 45 minutes just so you could check up on your boyfriend, so you had to be quick. It was a good thing you gathered your own basin and towel and cooked the rice porridge ahead of time, sealing it in a vacuum lunchbox to keep it warm enough until Kirishima wakes up.

He was fast asleep in his bed when you entered his room. He had a strangely agitated look on his fever-flushed face, beads of sweat pooling on his neck. You brushed up the tuft of hair stuck on his forehead, wiping away the sticky sweat with the white towel you had onhand.

"Ah..." You heard him utter in his sleep. "Darling..."

The fact that Kirishima was calling out to you in his sleep brought a smile to your face. Like the dedicated girlfriend you were, you did what you could to ease the pain he was feeling by gently dabbing the cool towel over his face and chest.

In his odd fever dream, Kirishima was falling in an endless pit full of white smoke, but he was surprised when he dropped into a field of white, white dandelions and thousands, if not millions, of those fluffy petals rose up in the air as he felt his fall be cushioned by something soft.

He slowly opened his eyes, vision still blurry, but he could make out the faint figure of someone very close to him tending to him at his bedside.

"Ah, look at what we have here," he rasped with his parched throat as he reached out for your cheek. "An angel? Did I die in my sleep?"

"Dummy," you replied with a small smile, standing up quickly to fetch him a glass of water. Kirishima slowly sat up from his position and took the glass offered to him. "Here you go. How are you feeling?"

"Ah, thanks!" He quickly downed the water before running his fingers through his messy red hair, which had parts of it still sticking up. "I'm feeling a bit better now. Ah! How did darling get in here? Did Iida--"

"Iida-san gave me 45 minutes to take care of you," you took your seat beside him, opening the vacuum-sealed lunchbox on your lap. You were relieved to see that it was still steaming hot.

"Whoa, you brought all of that here?" He was referring to the big bag of nursing things you brought with you. It had cute bears printed on it.

"Yeah. I asked Bakugo-san to help me carry it here when I saw him at the hallway," you grinned at him. "And he was like, 'Yeah, take real good care of shitty hair 'cuz he's useless as he is now!'"

Kirishima tried to hold back his laughter when you gave him a poor imitation of Bakugo's annoyed face and angry voice. "S'cute, but don't do that again, darling! Ah, how many minutes has it been?"

"Around 15 minutes, if I'm right. Now hurry up and eat this before it gets cold!"

He looked like he was about to cry out of gratefulness to you, taking the blue container in his hands before uttering a short prayer and happily digging into the warm meal.

You looked quite happy watching him scarf down the rice porridge with small pieces of pork and beef. "Slow down, Eijiro!"

"How many minutes left?" He handed back the empty container to you.

"20 minutes have already passed. Wait, why are you in a hurry?"

"I know I kind of stink and I'm a bit sweaty, but I can't let this opportunity pass by!" He exclaimed excitedly, holding out his arms to you. "Let's cuddle, darling!"

The surprise on your face quickly melded into a soft smile. He made space for you, lifting up his blanket as you got into bed with him, and, oh, the contentment you felt when he tightly wrapped his arms around you couldn't compare to anything else. You weren't bothered that much even though it felt insanely warm under his covers.

"Were you dreaming of me earlier?" You asked him, settling into his arms. "I heard you call out to me a while ago."

"Ah, I guess I was having a strange fever dream. There were a lot of fluffy dandelions there, too..."

You tried your best not to be lulled to sleep by Kirishima's soft humming and the way he rubbed your back with his hand. He brushed a kiss on your forehead when he saw that you were finally asleep in his arms.

"I'll handle Iida when he comes knocking," he chuckled to himself, settling beside you contentedly. "I think you appeared there was because I was thinking of before I got sick, darling."

A smile played on your flushed face when you saw Kirishima enter your dorm room with a bag stuffed with nursing essentials. It looked like he rushed to you after his classes because he was still in his school uniform.

"I'm surprised Kendo doesn't give time limits here. Iida's pretty strict. 1-B's actually pretty chill, huh?" He took a seat beside you on your bed and placed a hand on your forehead, sighing. "Sorry you got sick because of me, darling."

You managed to smile at him while you were still bundled up in your blanket, bringing out your hand to reach for him. "I'll be fine."

He brought out a tightly-sealed pink lunchbox filled with oatmeal and slices of strawberries and bananas. "Better eat up before this gets cold, too."

Kirishima gave you an odd look as you slowly rose from your position, clutching your blanket close to you as you sat up.

"Pretty sure you'd want to cuddle up with me if you see since I'm barely wearing anything, anyway. But I wouldn't want you to get sick again."

You didn't notice the blanket slide off your body, though, revealing a bare shoulder and a slightly damp undershirt as you indulged in the sweet oatmeal with fruits. You flinched when you saw Kirishima removing his school coat, a mischievous smile on his face. "H-Hey! What are you doing?!"

"Just doing some boyfriend stuff," he grinned at you as he gently caressed your cheek. "Let me take care of you real good, darling."

Chapter Text

"I think the passionate you is the prettiest of them all, darling!"

It took Yoarashi Inasa little to no time to react when you suddenly bolted into the oncoming traffic to rescue the little boy who leapt out of his mother's hands to catch his ball. You caught the kid just in time before the speeding truck could run him over. Something definitely stung when you rolled on the road, clutching the boy in your arms tightly.

"Are you okay?!" You sat up, checking on the trembling child. You smiled at him, and that's when you realised you just grazed your cheek. "It's all right, kid! You're safe!"

The little boy looked at you through tears, his lips trembling as he gave you a nervous "Thank you, onee-san!"

A crowd quickly gathered around you, the child's mother rushing to your side. "My son!"

Among the crowd was Yoarashi and the truck driver who came to check on you and the child. You handed the little boy to his mother and got up, stomping angrily as you approached the middle-aged driver.

"Oji-san, this place is a commercial and residential area! You shouldn't be speeding your freaking truck where there's a lot of people!"

The man, who was visibly embarrassed by his mistake, quickly apologised to you and the mother and son. The police arrived afterwards to log the incident.

"UA students really are something else, huh?" One officer remarked, noting how keen your observations were and your quick reflexes to the incident. You managed to escape harm with just a gravel scratch to your face and a dirty uniform.

"Just doing what I had to," you replied with a bright smile, ah, but it stung when you did so. You looked down when you felt your skirt being tugged, and you saw the little boy you had saved earlier trying to give you something.

"Onee-san, this is for you."

You bent down to face him, his round face still red from his crying. You accepted the cartoon band-aid and smiled at him. "Thank you! Now be a good boy and listen to your mama."

All in a day's work. But your manager won't take it nicely when she sees the graze on your face, especially since you were set to have a short photo shoot tomorrow.


You turned back and saw that guy from Shiketsu again. He had a dumbfounded expression on his sharp face that quickly lit up when he saw you looking at him. "What a passionate rescue! You were amazing! But I guess we can all expect that from a UA student."

Oh, a fanatic. You've seen guys like this one before, but he's praising you for hero work and not for your modelling.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance! I'm a freshman from Shiketsu High! The name's..."

Ah, yes, you've heard of Yoarashi Inasa. He was at par, or possibly even better than your classmate Todoroki Shoto. He was that one guy who took down 120 provisional licence exam takers and you tried not to be so bothered when you shook his hand and his grip was fairly strong. Yoarashi had a look on his face like he was about to pounce at you from all the excitement. You figured you wouldn't be meeting him again, at least in this lifetime, so you gave him your name.

As a model, you knew you shouldn't exchange contact details with just anyone, especially if they aren't helpful to your line of work. However, when Yoarashi insisted on exchanging details with you, you felt a little compelled to give him your number. You weren't planning on just becoming a model, after all, and he might be a good connection in the future.

But when the messages started rolling in, you found yourself at a crossroads because you've made friends with a really eccentric guy, and people found it rather odd that a UA student and a student from Shiketsu would be seen together.

The both of you tried to find a middle ground for the short casual meetings you would have after your classes (Yes, you refused to refer to them as dates), and you found it at Cafe Lilico, a tiny rustic wooden cafe that's mostly hidden between Musutafu's high-rise buildings. The little place had a lot of flower pots in full bloom, concealing most of the inside of the cafe to curious passersby.

You happily dug into the large mango parfait you ordered, while Yoarashi, who was seated across you, had a single cup of chocoffee, one of the cafe's specialties.

"I still can't believe you can manage to balance all of the stuff you do!" He said with a smile. "School life, exams, modelling... You must be really passionate about those, then."

"If Uwabami can balance her life between her hero work and modelling, then I'm sure I can too, right? Besides, I have..." You raised your arms and flexed them before giving him a wink. "Passion!"

Your laughter echoed in the slightly empty cafe and Yoarashi almost spat his drink at you.

"I need to be careful," he wheezed. "Don't wanna get your face all dirty now, darling."

"It's fine. I won't have much trouble balancing things anymore," you replied nonchalantly. "I'm quitting my modelling job anyway."


"I'm quitting," you looked up at him, and he had the same dumbfounded look on his face when you first met him. "I need to focus on my hero work studies. You and I both know we can't afford to fail this."

You gently flicked your wrist and looked at your watch. "My last job will be in about an hour, so I need to get to the studio then--"

"Can I go with you?!" Yoarashi asked, a twinkle in his eyes as he expected you to agree. You figured you wouldn't be having another photoshoot with him again, at least in this lifetime, so you agreed.

"After I finish this parfait."

"Let me help you with that, then!"


The tiny fashion agency you worked for was a bit surprised when you walked in the studio along with the strikingly tall Yoarashi.

"Oh, a boyfriend? And from Shiketsu High, too!"

"No, Mimi-chan, he's a friend of mine!" You gave an annoyed response. White-haired Mimi has been your manager since you started modelling in middle school, so she's used to your little rants and outbursts.

"Pardon me for the intrusion!" Yoarashi said as he removed his school hat. "I'm a friend of darling! Shiketsu High first-year student, Yoarashi Inasa!"

You vanished into the dressing rooms and started preparing for the last photoshoot of your high school life, followed by Mimi's purple-haired stylist friend, Jiji.

"There goes my most dedicated model," Mimi remarked as she set her DSLR down on one of the tables. "I'll have you know our darling is most passionate about this modelling thing of hers because she's been doing it since junior high school."

Yoarashi listened to the older woman as she spoke about you and your love for modelling. It was almost like a crime for him, hearing about the past you withheld from him because you've only known each other for a short time, but he took pleasure in knowing more about you, and Mimi even showed him some of your old set cards.

"Mimi-chan, didn't I tell you to keep those?" You walked out of the dressing room a new person, startling Yoarashi. Jiji's styling never failed to amaze you despite working together for so many years now. For this photoshoot, he gave you mature style, with elegantly swept-back hair and slightly dark make-up to match the sleek dark red two-piece suit and pants and dark heels Mimi picked out for you.

"Here comes the star of the show!" The older woman said with a smile. "Get under that spotlight."

Yoarashi watched your movements attentively, a twinkle in his eyes as you started your work, unfazed by his gaze and the camera lights and shutters.

"Yoarashi, isn't it?" Mimi paused from taking photos and turned to the tall boy watching by the sidelines. "How about you pose with darling for these next shots?"

"Ah! I wouldn't want to--"

"It's fine, Inasa," you stated, offering your hand to him, a grin on your lips that matched your game face. "You're gonna be a prop, so don't worry."

Ah, there it was. There was so much passion radiating from you that it compelled him to take your hand. You placed your hand on his nape, pulling him down much closer to you so your faces were but a breath apart. You took his hand and placed it on your back, feeling the warmth of his touch through your fashionable clothes.

"It's all right," you assured him. "Now clear your mind and look at the cameras with your sharp gaze."

Yoarashi wasn't sure if he was blinded by the lights or by your passion for this thing.

A week later, you two met at Cafe Lilico again, chocoffees on the table as well as some of the matte-printed photographs from your last modelling job. You happily handed him an extra set of those photos.

"Now that you look at it, you have a model-like physique, too, Inasa," you pointed to one of your photos with him. You had a pensive smile on your face. "I remember the look on your face when we first met. I mean we've met during the provisional licence exams, but that look you had when I jumped into a busy street to save a kid, I..."

Don't cry, you told yourself. What a stupid way to show emotions. "I've come to realise that I want to be a hero more than anything now... More than being glamorous... I want to save people without worrying about my looks."

"I thought you were prettiest when we first met," he stated with a rather crooked smile. "The way you jumped out there and charged in to save that kid. Don't get me wrong, though! You look great in these photos, but I thought the 'hero' you had this incredibly raw and passionate beauty that I... To be honest, I think it's too bad you're quitting your modelling job, but I can sense it's because you're determined to become a hero!"

You were staring at him from across the table, trying to hold back a smile. "Inasa, don't be so upset! I'll get back to modelling once we're pros! I'm just taking a break to focus on my studies!"

"Ah," came his surprised reaction. He didn't want to admit it, but he felt quite relieved to hear that.

"I told you, didn't I? If Uwabami can balance her life between her hero work and modelling, then I'm sure I can too. We don't quit on the things we're passionate about, right?" You took a small sip from your drink. "Also, you're pretty handsome when you're modelling, but I think I like the 'hero' you more."

Yoarashi gave you a cheeky smile. "I think the passionate you is the prettiest of them all, darling!"

Chapter Text

"Don't get too cheeky with me. You know who calls the shots in this relationship, darling."

Even as a boyfriend, Bakugo Katsuki was every bit of the lovable asshole that he was. His usual fiery temperament would tone down a little whenever you were present, and even Kirishima and the rest of their squad liked keeping you around.

It was finally the long-awaited weekend and Bakugo promised to go out with you after he had lunch with his parents. However, it was already past your meeting time and he still wasn't outside 1-A's dormitory. Thankfully, 'Watchman' Iida wasn't around and you asked Kirishima to let you in.

"Oh, so he's back?" You asked the red-head.

"Mm, but he looked kind of..." Kirishima had a hand on his chin, looking thoughtful. "What's the right word... Dejected!"

You exchanged glances with him. "Huh. That's strange seeing as he only met with his parents earlier."

"Better go see him then, darling," he winked at you. "If he's mean even to you, then that means something's definitely up."


The door to his room clicked open when you twisted the doorknob. You found Bakugo lying face down on his bed, motionless even as you entered his room. He did seem rather depressed about something, seeing as he didn't even stir to greet you.

You took a seat beside him and rubbed your hand his back. "Are you okay, Katsuki? We can skip going out if you don't feel like it."

Still no reaction. Against your good judgement, you leaned down, held his shoulders and brushed a kiss on his nape. He turned his head and had his usual annoyed expression on his face.


"Damn darling..." Bakugo mumbled. It didn't take long for him to sit up from his position and face you. "Do you think sweaty hands are gross?"

You blinked at him. The question came as a surprise to you since it's the first time he asked you about something so trivial.

"What? No! I mean, your hands are always sweaty, but I like holding them!"

Bakugo didn't seem content with your answer, but you had no idea where the question came from, anyway. He pulled something out from his pocket and tossed it to you.

"It's from my old woman," he stated. "She said it must be strange holding hands with me when they're always sweating bullets."

You unwrapped the slightly wrinkled light pink paper bag and found a pair of white linen gloves inside. It didn't make sense to you, though, why you received a present from his mother when you haven't even--

"K-Katsuki, did you just tell your mother about me?!" You squeaked, clutching the gloves to your chest.

"Of course I did, you damn darling!" He yelled back. "She was so pushy about it, too!"

You were quiet for a moment, the two of you gazing at each other oddly before you suddenly took his hand into your own.

"What the hell are you doing?" Bakugo growled at you.

You smiled at him before scooting a bit closer, taking both of his hands in yours. "It doesn't bother me one bit, you know. This is where your power comes from, so it's nothing to be insecure about."

He gave you an apprehensive look before suddenly pulling you into his arms, your cheek brusquely colliding with his collarbone.

"You sure have a way with words, darling, I'll give you that," he murmured, running a few fingers through the loose locks of hair framing your face. "But how about less talk and more action, eh?"

"H-Hey! We're supposed to go out today!" You suddenly raised your hands to his chest after seeing a deadly smirk grace his face.

"And you said we could skip it if I don't feel like it."

You felt yourself swallow a lump in your throat as warm hands already made their way underneath your shirt and long skirt. "K-Katsuki, please..."

Ah, there goes his inviting warmth which was enough for him to melt you in his hands. You were trembling in his touch, even more so when he laid you down on his bed and loomed over you, making sure you drowned into his grim gaze and warm embrace.


Early Monday morning, you saw Bakugo waiting outside 1-B's dormitory, school bag in hand and usual scowl on his face. You walked out and greeted him warmly, clinging onto his arm like a happy child.

"Oi, don't cling onto me too much!" He tried to shrug you off. You huffed and settled with holding his hand instead, but you could sense that he was still hesitant to close his hands into yours.

"Katsuki," you started. "I told you I'm not bothered by it."

He turned to you with a smirk on his face as he closed his hand into your own, pulling you closer to him. "All right then."

The two of you walked in silence for a few moments before he finally spoke again. "My mother wants to meet you."


He was quick to snap at you. "So tell me if you want to meet her or not so she can stop bothering me!"

"O-Of course I'd love to meet her!" The twinkle in your eye was enough to tell Bakugo that there was no turning back from your answer.

He raised his hand when the two of you were already in front of 1-B's classroom, signifying that he was leaving for his class. You suddenly held him back and pulled him in for a kiss, something that startled a number of your classmates and his as well.

"Wh--! You damn darling!" Bakugo raised his forearm to his mouth after you broke apart. You winked and stuck your tongue out at him before turning away from him, but you were suddenly pulled into his arms again, colliding with his chest.

"Don't get too cheeky with me," he had a smirk on his face as he grasped your chin. "You know who calls the shots in this relationship, darling."

Chapter Text

"Of all the sweet things I've ever tasted, darling's definitely the sweetest of them all."

You somehow found yourself locked in the small cleaning supplies closet with Class 1-A's Sero Hanta.

It was a particularly strange turn of events, after all. First, you were walking back to your classroom, then you were suddenly dragged into the closet by a tall figure who was running away from Bakugo Katsuki's wrathful fury.


"Shh!" Sero placed a hand over your mouth, listening closely as angry footsteps stomped past the door. He let out a sigh of relief as he released you. "Sorry about that, darling."

Oh, crap, did he make your heart race. Your close proximity didn't help, either. He towered over you, a concerned expression on his face as he leaned down to check if you were all right.

"Are you okay? Sorry, I didn't realise how cramped up the space is."

You asked your heart to be still before he hears it hammering in your chest. "I-I'm fine..."

He protectively wrapped his arm around you when you both heard banging from outside the closet.

"Oi, Sero! Are you in there?!" It was Kirishima Eijiro who was knocking on the door. You were quickly pulled along when Sero suddenly lost his balance as the door swung open. He still had a protective arm around you as you toppled over him, your lips landing squarely over his as you both crashed on the floor.

You hurriedly sat up when you realised what just happened, your hands flying up to your mouth in embarrassment.

"Are you hurt?" Sero asked you as he slowly sat up as well, rubbing the back of his head as he slowly rose from his position. "Your face is all red."

"Oi, Sero, she--" Kirishima was surprised when you bolted up and ran off without even looking back at them.

"Did you honestly not feel anything when she fell on top of you?!" The redhead exclaimed. "You just kissed by accident!"

It was a week of cat and mouse for you and Sero and the way you evaded him and his gaze whenever he tried to approach you made it look like he harassed you over something, annoying even Monoma.

"Saa, darling, if that scum from Class 1-A did something to you..."

"It's..." You tried to avoid his question, but the way your face flushed at the thought of your stolen first kiss gave away the fact that something strange happened between the two of you. "It's nothing!"

But Kendo knew the blush that spread across your face meant something and she was going to find out even it if meant squeezing the answer out of you. Literally.


"Ah, wait a moment, you-- Darling!"

It was already instinct for you to avoid Sero whenever you encountered him, but he finally cornered you at the shoe lockers while you were on your way back to the dormitories. You yelped as you felt yourself whiplash into his arms, the snapping of his tape on your back leaving you with no time to react.


"Ah, seriously, I've been trying to talk to you all week, darling!" He let out a sigh of relief over the fact that he finally caught you. "Have you been avoiding me?"

The way he held you in his arms made you feel both safe and anxious and it was absolutely no good because your heart was jumping in your chest again. You averted your gaze when your eyes met, your cheeks puffed in defiance.

Sero had no idea why you were avoiding him or why you were even upset, but he had a clue. "Kirishima said we accidentally kissed earlier this week."

You tried not to react, but your brows furrowed in annoyance at his cluelessness. "That was my first one, too," you mumbled.

"I'll have you know that was my first kiss, too," he replied. "But I'm sorry about that. You were a familiar face and you know how Bakugo would obliterate anything or anyone he comes across when he's mad."

He slowly released you from his grip after determining you won't flee. You weren't able to, anyway, because of the tape he stuck on your back.

"What was Bakugo-san so mad about anyway?"

"Kirishima, he..." He couldn't hold back his smile. "He asked me to stick a 'free hugs' sign on Bakugo's back, so he was surprised when our classmates obliged and started hugging him."

Bakugo was known for his terrible temperament and you expected it to mellow down even a little when it comes to his classmates, but hearing how he was still rather awful to them made you realise he was quite a consistent person. You couldn't help your laughter, either.

"Did... Did Kirishima-san get his hug, though?"

"No, he was the first one who got elbowed."

"Oh my gosh."

He spoke to you easily, his hand still resting on your lower back, and you listened to him talk about what happened after he ran off from Bakugo's wrath.

"C-Can I just change into my shoes so we can head out?" You pointed to your shoe locker. Sero gently removed his hand from your back and let you change into your walking shoes, a smile on his face as he saw his tape still stuck to your blouse.

"What were you saying again?" You turned back to him after quickly lacing up your shoes. "Also, how long will this thing be stuck on my back?"

"I don't feel like letting you go just yet." 

"More like you don't feel like letting her go at all," Kirishima and Kaminari suddenly showed up, mischievous grins on their faces after finally seeing the two of you together. "It's all right, Sero! We understand, especially since you've been trying to catch darling all week."

You were surprised when Sero started pulling you outside the building, taking your hand in his own. "Sero-san?"

"...before the others arrive..." He whispered. "They're never gonna leave me alone."

"Ah, darling! There you are!" You heard Kendo call out to you rather teasingly. "It's okay! You can go ahead, seeing as you're a little stuck on something!"

The tall figure holding your hand turned to you when you squeezed him back.

"They're never gonna leave me alone, either."

Autumn weekend afternoons were definitely good for lounging, and even you thought so while you were curled up on a checkered blanket outside your dormitory's patio, contentedly munching on a container of sugared fruit you brought from home. You particularly disliked the grapes, but you loved the cherries and oranges.

"Oh, it's darling!" The tall and wide-smiled figure approached you. It was definitely a loose clothes kind of day, seeing how comfortably dressed Sero was. You sat up and beckoned him to sit with you.

You never thought that anyone would find themselves tripping on good old grass on flat ground, but Sero was definitely falling and he was terribly close to landing on top of you and oh my gosh it happened again.

He bolted up from his position when he realised what exactly happened, again, but your hands were already over your red face as you laid completely still on the ground.

"You know, it's about time we got this right," he chuckled. You slowly drew yourself up from the blanket and saw that Sero had a stupidly lovestruck smile on his face as your eyes met.

"Were you eating something?" He asked. "Fruits?"

"Ah, yeah," you reached for the container of sugared fruit. "Want some?"

"I do love oranges, but I've never had any sundried sugared ones," he reached for a slice of candied orange and savoured the sugary and tangy flavours playing in his mouth, but he came to realise something.

"They're good, aren't they? My mother likes making these sugared fruits."

"Were you eating some of these when we first..." He threw a hand behind his head. "When we accidentally kissed?"

You gave him an odd look before nodding, the red slowly returning to stain your cheeks. You couldn't help but smile back at him. "Didn't you say it was about time we got that right?"

"I thought it tasted familiar," he said with a smile on his face, opening his arms to pull you into an embrace. "Since it's the flavour of my first kiss."

His forehead was resting on yours now, small fits of laughter escaping from your matching Cheshire Cat smiles.

"Of all the sweet things I've ever tasted, darling's definitely the sweetest of them all."

Chapter Text

"I have so many ways to prove how much I like you, darling, but they're gonna have to wait."

The UA Ball which All Might suggested to the school was definitely influenced by his time in America. He said the ball was a good recreational activity that would help the students connect with each other, not just those from the hero classes, but also those from the general education, support and business classes in all year levels.

"Traditionally, students would come in pairs, but you can always attend by yourselves and as a group as well," All Might, who was holding the last minutes of his class at 1-A, explained how the grand school ball would take place. The twinkle on everyone's eyes meant they were absolutely ecstatic about the foreign concept.

"You're supposed to ask someone to be your date," you heard Midoriya mumble beside you.

"Are you going to ask Ochaco-chan to be your date, Midoriya?" You asked your seatmate teasingly. "You should definitely ask her before someone else does."

"Ah, d-darling!" He raised his hands in defence, red staining his face. "W-Well, I'll definitely ask her, b-but..."

But knowing Uraraka, she would definitely wait for Midoriya to ask her out even before considering other people. You rested your chin on your palm and felt yourself daydream a little. This western-style ball is going to send the school in a flurry and you didn't want to get caught in it.

"Surely you'll be going with Togata-senpai, darling?"

"I guess," you shrugged at Midoriya. "If he asks."

News of the ball spread throughout the school like wildfire, and the flurry you expected was already happening even though the ball was still a week away. The entire student body was already buzzing with activity and you didn't expect your classmates to be less popular. In fact, your 1-A classmates proved to be very popular even just at school, and boys and girls from different classes were literally tripping over just so they can ask that one simple question.

"Would you like to go to the UA Ball with me?!"

Yaoyorozu proved to be the most popular of the girls, while Todoroki... Well, Todoroki was popular even outside school, but everyone's in for a surprise when they find out that...

"Ah, I'm very sorry," Yaoyorozu started, a small smile on her face as she addressed the crowd of boys gathered around her. "But I'll be going with Todoroki-san to the UA Ball."

You smiled to yourself as you heard the groans of annoyance and defeat that echoed in Lunch Rush. You knew it was a ruse, though. "I thought it was a good idea that the girls secured their dates before heading out here. At least you all know who to answer when someone asks."

Ashido nodded at you from across the table. "Yeah! I think going to a ball like this would be more comfortable if you went with someone you know so well!"

Jiro leaned in closer. "I'm glad we all agreed to just go as a class."

You crumpled the plastic wrapper that contained your favourite coffee bun earlier and made your way to the trash can, but you felt yourself be held back by someone...

"Ah! D-Darling-s-san!" The unfamiliar face suddenly let go of your hand that still held the plastic wrap. "Sorry for suddenly pulling you like this! To be honest, I thought you were pretty cool back at the sports festival and I've always had my eye on you ever since. I would just like to ask..."

Ah, how cute. He was hitting two birds with one stone by confessing and asking you out to the ball. He was probably from the General Education course since he wasn't someone you saw everyday.

"Please consider going to the UA Ball with me!" The guy lowered his head.

"Well, I--"

"Ah, sorry, I couldn't help but overhear!"

The voice that came from behind you definitely gave you a shock, but you were even more surprised when a strong and scarred arm suddenly hooked around your neck, gently pulling you closer to a tense upper body.

The guy in front of you was startled. "T-Togata-senpai?!"

You slowly looked up and saw bright blue eyes and an even brighter smile as Togata held you close to him.

"I'm sorry, but this darling's already going with me to the UA Ball!"

"Ah, i-is that so?" Came the defeated reply from the stranger from the General Education class.

You gently placed a hand on the arm around your neck and smiled. "Yes. I'm sorry, but I'll have to decline your offer. Thank you, though."

"What will you be having?"

Cafe Lilico, the little red brick cafe hidden between the tall buildings and flowing flora, was your favourite after school place to be. Seated across the table was Togata Mirio, one of UA's Big Three, the most popular students at school. He was known for a lot of things, but during these times, he was simply your boyfriend. Togata had been warned by both Hado Nejire and Amajiki Tamaki that the first-year students were supposed to be hands-off, especially since they were still so impressionable.

You've seen Togata before on TV during your time as an even younger and more impressionable junior high school student, and he didn't strike you as someone who would stand out and emerge as one of UA's best and fairest. It was only after he dazzled you and the rest of 1-A with his warm smile and brutish strength that he managed to leave a pretty lasting impression on you.

You had no idea where the bold courage came from when you mustered up enough strength and heart to confess to him. But seeing as you had nothing to lose anyway, perhaps a bit of pride, you charged into the confession head-first without even thinking that he would actually consider going out with you.


You shook your head and blinked your eyes, fingers still resting on the slightly worn-out menu. "I'm sorry, senpai! Was I daydreaming?"

He still had that same warm smile on his face when he gently tapped your hand and laced his fingers into yours. "I'm not 'senpai' now, am I?"

If it hadn't been for the warmth of his touch, you probably thought that you were dreaming all of this up. "I'm sorry, Mirio."

A brunette waitress in her earthy brown cafe uniform approached the two of you with a smile. "Are you ready to order?"

"Ah, yes, we'll be having a..."

He was still holding your hand as he spoke to the waitress, listing down your orders with a smile on his face. You felt your lips curve to a smile and squeezed his hand back. The waitress gave you a bow before scurrying away with your orders.

"How was your day?" You asked him. Togata focused his eyes on you and started talking. Oh, hearing him talk was probably one of the best parts of your day, of course. You watched how he animatedly spoke of his exploits during the day, which somehow gave you a perspective of what life will be once you're on your third year of high school as well.

"Ah, yeah, you should wear something blue to the UA Ball, okay?" He said.

"Something blue?"

The waitress arrived with a tray with your orders. "Enjoy your meal!"

"Yeah, 'cuz I'll be wearing something blue, too," he placed the plate with a single slice of cherry tart in front of you. "Just so we match."

Light steam swirled over the two porcelain cups of their signature chocoffee.

"All right. Yaomomo-- I mean Yaoyorozu did say she wanted to help us with our outfits for the ball, so I'll think of something."

"Good," he beamed at you. "I'm looking forward to seeing you all dressed up, darling!"

Warmth rose to your cheeks as you sliced into the heart-shaped tart. Strangely, he leaned closer and reached out for your vacant hand, brushing your coldness against his warm cheek. "Ah, sorry... I guess you could say that I'm kinda looking forward to that silly ball because it's one of the last school activities we'll be having before graduation."

You gently caressed his face, running your thumb over the warmth of his cheek. "Hello to the real world?"

He chuckled before letting out a small sigh, gently grasping your hand before brushing a kiss on it. "I'll be waiting for you, darling."

"Go get 'em, sweetheart," you grinned at him. "When I see you on TV, you'll be known as Lemillion."

"A hero to the world but a sweetheart only to my girl," he had that million-dollar heart-melting smile on his face that you felt so scared to give away.

There was no place for selfishness in the world of heroes, and you knew deep down in yourself that your boyfriend would save lives with that same smile on his face. You offered him a bite of the cherry pie. "Want some?"

Togata was quick to bite off the piece that was already on your fork.

"Ah! You took all the cherry filling!"

Yes, this sweetheart was yours, at least during moments like these. Sometimes you wished you had more time to bask in the sunshine he brought into your life.

The UA Ball became the talk of the town for the past few days. Unfortunately for the media, the event would be a closed-door one and would be strictly and heavily guarded by the Pro Hero teachers.

While it was still a week away, the girls of Class 1-A had already started planning their outfits, each one dreaming up a design that expressed their hearts' desire. Yaoyorozu, who was more than happy to help you and the other girls get ready for the ball, had already presented to create the dresses of your dreams. Gathered in Uraraka's room, each one was dressed comfortably and had a sheet of paper with their desired gown design.

"Sorry I'm late!" You burst the room with two cake boxes in hand. "I got this to share with everyone!"

There was a gleam in their eyes as you set the cakes topped with fluffy white icing and glistening fruits on Uraraka's coffee table. "One is for Yaomomo since she's gonna need a lot of energy for this!"

"How thoughtful, darling!" Yaoyorozu had a smile on her face. "Where did you get these?"

"I bought it from Cafe Lilico," you stated with a grin. "We should go there sometimes!"

"Isn't that the cute old coffee shop that serves chocoffee and cute parfaits?" Ashido asked. "We should definitely go there!"

You detailed how the cafe looks, picturing in your head the rustic, homey little red brick cafe surrounded by vibrant-coloured Bougainvillea plants and pots of orange poppies. The cafe's old mahogany door had a distinct bell that rung whenever it swung open. Strangely, you pictured your boyfriend sitting across you on your favourite spot in the cafe, a bright smile on his face as he spoke of his ongoing hero work studies, his broad shoulders hunched over a bit as he leaned down to listen to how your day at school went, even though he already knew since he already walked the same path.

"Ah, sorry," you shook your head. "But yeah, Cafe Lilico serves a lot of sweet stuff, so I'm pretty sure you'd like to hang out there!"

"Darling had such a dreamy look on her face!" Asui said with a finger to her chin. "Were you thinking of--"

"No, no, no," you raised your hands in defence but your red face already gave away everything. "Well, yeah, but... Ah..."

Yaoyorozu had taken a bite into a slice of the fluffy cake, a look of elation gracing her face. "Mm, yes! Now let's get to work!"

It took her about a few hours to get everyone's dresses and some accessories done.

"Darling, what will it be for you?" Yaoyorozu asked, taking another slice of cake.

"Oh, well, I actually had this in mind, but I thought it might be a bit hard?..." You brought out your phone and showed her a photo of a form-fitting sapphire blue tube dress covered in little gems. 

The brunette gave you a cheeky smile. "Darling, you know I can do anything if I put my mind into it."

Yaoyorozu's back was already glowing. The same glimmering blue dress you showed her moments had already dropped to the floor and you couldn't believe your eyes. "Yaomomo! You even got all the details done!"

"Of course!"

Somehow you felt warm tears pool in the corners of your eyes. Oh, yes, he would definitely like this. The blue you held in your hands reminded you of Togata's eyes, an endless sky you could jump right into and get lost in, but it's only a matter of time before he and the rest of the senpais graduate and pursue the next steps of their lives. The thought of being left behind somewhat hurt, and it felt like your heart was being wrung out like a wet rag. The tears started to fall.

A surprised Yaoyorozu quickly pulled you into a tight embrace, a soothing hand rubbing your back as you hiccuped.

"Ne, darling, you're going to look great," she told you. "I don't know why you're upset, but if you have to cry, then do so now, all right?"

Yaoyorozu had a pretty smug smile on her face but you still found it absolutely endearing. The different coloured dresses were hung neatly on Uraraka's wall, each one fitted with a small clutch and a set of accessories.

"Yaomomo, you really went all out!" Ashido exclaimed excitedly. "We're all gonna look so great!"

Even Jiro, who was the least excited for all of this, marvelled at Yaoyorozu's handiwork. The muted mustard yellow dress belonged to her, while Uraraka had asked for a light teal dress for herself. Ashido and Hagakure slightly bantered about the corresponding shade of pink they would each have, with the latter opting for a light baby pink shade contrasting to the former's choice of peach. Asui opted to go for a lavender dress, while Yaoyorozu made herself a maroon one. And while everyone thought that you would choose a brighter colour like orange, they imagined the blue would certainly look good on you.

"So it's settled! Next week, same time and same place!" Ashido stated with a pumped fist. "Let's get even prettier!"

"Darling, are you texting Togata-senpai?" Ashido gently gripped your chin. "Tell him to cool his jets for a bit 'cuz I'm still putting some makeup on you!"

"Sorry, Mina-chan!" You gently placed your phone face-down on Uraraka's coffee table. A week has passed since you all vowed to prepare for this one night of stardom and Ashido has taken the liberty of putting on makeup on all of you in the room. You took a great interest in one of her makeup items.

"Put some of this on me, Mina-chan!" You lifted the glittering highlighter compact. "A lot!"

"You're really out to glow, huh?" She grinned at you before tightening her grip on your chin. "Pucker up, then!"

The thought of dazzling your boyfriend went over your head because goodness, while you did look fine, Togata Mirio was something else. You recalled how he softly laughed at you when you told him how he looked like he was built out of the materials which gods were made of.

'You're silly, darling! I'm just me.'

The brush that danced over your cheeks and cheekbones was sparkling. Ashido asked you to close your eyes as she packed in a few layers of light-coloured shiny eyeshadow and mascara on you. You recognised the cherry scent of her favourite lip gloss and felt it being swiped over your lips.

"Now all of you who are done with makeup just stay put for a sec so it won't melt, 'mmkay?" Ashido remarked as she placed down her make up brush and placed her mirror in front of you. "Close your eyes for a bit, darling!"

"Oh, sure."

Ashido sprayed a rose-scented mist on your face and you felt her fan it out with her hands. "That's setting spray. With this, your make up is bound to stay in place all night! Now who's next?!"

You didn't want to admit it, but your heart was already pounding like crazy in your chest even though you're still a few hours away from heading to the UA Ball. You tried to think of calming thoughts, like All Might in his usual yellow suit, or the senseis all decked out tonight even though they're chaperoning, or the fluffy cakes from Cafe Lilico. Anything, anything, anything but your boyfriend's madly cute face.

"Ne, darling! Your phone is ringing!"

Ack! But it was just a text, and when you opened it, a photo of an embarrassed but well-dressed Amajiki-senpai and a smiling Hado-senpai in a golf green dress popped open.

'We're just about ready!' read the message from that one person you tried so hard not to think about.

"We should probably get dressed now!" Jiro stated as she entered the room. "I just saw Kaminari and the others already in their suits."

So with trembling hands, you and everyone in the room started dressing down and dressing up, zipping up dresses, clipping on shoe straps and pinning jewellery on necks and ears.

You brought out the pair of strapped gold block heel sandals and strapped them on, a sigh escaping your lips as you did so.

"What are you sighing about, darling?" Ashido poked your sides. "You're supposed to be smiling today!"

"S-Sorry, Mina-chan," you stood up and stuffed your phone into your gold clutch. "I guess I'm just a bit n-nervous."

"Will Togata-senpai be picking you up here, darling?" Uraraka asked.

"Ah, no! I'll be joining everyone on their way to the place!" You raised your hand in defence. "Please don't exclude me from the class, guys!"

"Then let's go!" Uraraka exclaimed excitedly. "To an unforgettable night with friends!"

On the night of nights, the night of the long-anticipated UA Ball, Class 1-A thought it was a smart choice to arrive at the venue as a group. Kirishima said it would be a good way to protect themselves from strange and unwanted advances from the other classes, but seeing as it was a night to socialise, they all gently eased into the crowd.

From the outside, the venue looked like the school's typical gymnasium, but on the inside, it had a posh party atmosphere, food being served on the left side of the venue ala buffet style, round tables covered in fine white linen table cloths with gold trimmings and cushioned chairs. A wide space was set in the middle of the room where spotlights were focused on, and a stage was set, the words 'UA BALL'  glittering gold in elegant cursive. Present Mic was stationed near the stage as well, his DJ gear set up. Most of your classmates had already dissipated into the crowd and your eyes wandered to spot the others. Strangely enough, you saw Class 1-B's Awase Yosetsu holding a conversation with Yaoyorozu and it greatly piqued your attention.


The firm hand that clamped on your bare shoulder sent chills down your spine. You turned around and saw your dearest, ah, you meant Togata-senpai, dressed in a pressed grey suit and a blue inner dress shirt that indeed matched your sparkling blue dress.

"T-Togata-senpai!" You squeaked.

Togata had a warm smile on his face as he rested his gaze on you. He ended up dazzling you even though it was you who wanted to leave an impression on him. The light ash grey suit he wore looked absolutely amazing on him, and you were drawn to the broadness of his shoulders. The hue of the blue inner shirt he wore matched your dress perfectly, as if you had your clothes made together. Even the dark shoes he had on looked great on him and for some reason you were thanking your lucky stars that you had this blond and blue-eyed wonder for a boyfriend.

"You look absolutely amazing!" You uttered. The situation already went over your head anyway, so you may as well go all out. "Like, really, really amazing."

He was surprised for a moment before taking your hand in his. His warmth surprised you, but he figured that you were actually freezing. "Are you cold?"

"N-No! Just--"

"Ah, it's Togata and darling!" It was Hado, followed by a sulking Amajiki in a pressed navy blue suit.


"So pretty!" She remarked. "Down to the details of your dress, too! It's no wonder Togata looked so agitated a while ago!"


"Mm! He was so worried that you'd be pulled away by other guys so he insisted on coming over here as soon as possible!"

How could Hado-senpai say these things right off the bat? It startled you that Togata would obsess on something so minor like this evening's ball, but you recalled how much it actually meant to him when you went out with him last week.

"Ah, well, I'd never go with anyone else anyway, since I already promised him that I'd go with him," you managed a small smile. "He's... the only one I'd want to go with, too."

Amajiki was mumbling to himself about being required to socialise and how he was having some kind of internal panic attack in his head. Togata brought a hand to his face all of a sudden.

"Senpai? Are you all right?"

He gave you a short nod and turned away for a moment.

"He's probably embarrassed, darling," Hado smiled at you. "Once he's done with being all shy and stuff, make sure he has a lot of fun, ne?"

"Ah, o-of course!"

"Yoooow! Is everyone having a good time?!" Present Mic exclaimed. "To begin this night's celebration, let's welcome UA's Principal Nezu, who has a few words for us all!"

The spotlight shone on the centre of the stage, where UA's beloved furry principal, dressed in a mustard-coloured suit, stood rather happily.

That's when you realised that Togata was still holding your hand. His eyes were fixed on Principal Nezu, but his grip was fairly tight. A number of the senseis were lined up behind the principal on the stage, and when he declared the opening of the grand UA Ball, each one disappeared into the crowd. Upbeat waltzing music started playing, the lights focusing back onto the dance floor, where students slowly started to gather.

"Looks fun, huh?" Togata eyed the crowd with a grin. "You wanna--"

"Ah, darling! And Togata-senpai, too!" A certain blond in a dark suit approached the two of you.


"Can I have this dance, darling? You were the first familiar face I saw, so I figured I'd ask!" He raised his hands in defence. "I-If it's all right with senpai, of course!"

You turned to your blue-eyed wonder, who simply nodded at you, a smile still on his face. "Go ahead! I'll be right here!"

Kaminari was light on his feet as he whisked you away on the dance floor and you tried to keep your pace up. If there was one thing you realised on this night of all nights, it's that you were rather comfortable in the hands of your classmates. You were twirled into their arms one after the other, and you were simply amazed at how at ease they were, too, laughing with you as you tried to match your pace with whoever you were dancing with. You managed to share a few dances with some of the guys from Class 1-B as well.

"Ah, it's Awase-san!" In a sudden twirl, you were whisked into the hands of Awase, who was in a royal blue suit and a matching royal blue headband. "I saw you with Yaomomo earlier!"

He flinched at your remark. "Ah... E-Even you saw that, huh?"

"Have you asked her to dance?"

"I... I haven't yet, but..." He was startled when you started moving differently, taking in the dance steps for men. "What are you doing?..."

"Don't be a wuss, Awase-san. Go dance with her!" You raised your hand and twirled him around before suddenly pushing him in Yaoyorozu's direction. She had finished a dance with 1-B's Shishida Jurota and walked straight into Awase's eager arms.

"Huh, now that you mention it, they do look pretty good together," you told yourself as you eyed the pair, Yaoyorozu smiling warmly at a beet-red Awase. You quickly skipped away from the dance floor before you could be cornered by anyone else.

"Ah, Togata-sen--"

You were cut off when you saw a number of girls from different classes gathered around Togata, who was smiling rather nervously.

Figures, you thought. Mirio has always been popular.

You were quick to turn your heel from the scene, bumping into someone in the process as well.

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"A-Are you okay?"

"Ah, Amajiki-senpai!" You had noticed him standing on that spot ever since you arrived. "You haven't moved ever since the ball started. Aren't you gonna dance?"

Amajiki averted his gaze. "No... This just isn't my thing. I only went because we had to."

You tilted your head, wondering how he managed to stay unnoticed. You raised your hand towards him. "Would you like to dance with me?"

He was suddenly trembling. "Dance? There? But it's--"

"Oh, nonsense, senpai! It'll be fun!"

With his hands in his pockets, you had no other option but to drag him to an inconspicuous spot on the dance floor by the arm.

Amajiki was visibly distressed by your proposition. He was trembling as he held you in his arms. "I..."

"Don't worry, senpai," you grinned at him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Waltzing is pretty easy."

You took charge because there was no helping his trembling. Surprisingly, Amajiki followed your movements rather easily, an agitated look on his face as he twirled you around. "You're actually pretty good at this, senpai!"

Again, you bumped into someone, and you flinched when he suddenly called out your name. "There you are, darling!"


Hands in his pockets once again, Amajiki walked away from the dance floor. "Take your girl and make sure she doesn't drag anyone else to the dance floor."

"Ah, sorry!" You were quick to take a step away from Togata. "I don't wanna ruin your look! Especially since you look amazing!"

"What're you talking about, darling?"

A weepy American song started playing for a slow dance. A number of students converged to the centre of the decorated dance floor in pairs, the lights slowly dimming to match the mood of the night.

"Dance with me?" Togata held out his hand to you, a small smile on his face as you tenderly placed your smaller hand in his. He didn't pull you to the centre of the floor, just a few steps away from the crowd. He placed your hand on his shoulder as he gently drew you closer, warm hands gripping your waist. You were slowly swaying to the beat of the song, your eyes fixed on his bright blue ones.

A soft laugh escaped your glossy lips as Togata smiled back at you.

"What's so funny that you ain't telling me?" His voice was low, as if trying not to let other people hear what he was telling you.

"Senpai," you started, a grin on your face as you watched him quirk his eyebrow. "You look absolutely great tonight."

"That's the third time you told me that, darling," he chuckled.

"I know! But look at you! You're..."

You raised your hand to caress his face, but he caught it and brushed a kiss on your knuckles instead. "Now that you mentioned it, I haven't even told you how beautiful you are."

You felt the heat rise up to your cheeks. "W-Well..."

"I was surprised to see you dancing with Tamaki," he said with a chuckle. "He's never up for these kinds of events, so seeing you trying to make him enjoy the thing really was something."

"I'm pretty sure he'd rather be somewhere else, but I hope someone else asks him to dance. Amajiki-senpai... I don't know what his idea of fun is, but he should have some of it while he still can..."  

"I knew there was a sapphire underneath the jewel in the rough," he whispered. It was then you realised that you were both perfectly still, and he held you in a tight embrace.

You raised your arms to hug him back, settling contentedly in his arms. "I'm not quite there yet, but..."

"You know I'll be waiting for you, darling. Eagerly. But you don't have to rush," he spoke against your hair, his hands gently running over your back. "Take your time to be the hero you want to be."

Despite so much being left unsaid, you both stood rather comfortably in the silence, arms around each other's figures, voices hushed to a whisper, as if you were both trying to disappear from the scene.

"I really do like you, you know," he mumbled against your hair. "You really got me tonight."

"Just tonight?" You whispered back at him rather jokingly.

"If you're cold, let me know so I can lend you my coat."


Togata's words were drowned out by the beating of his heart against your cheek, which was all the proof you needed to know that what was happening was real. Absolutely real. He brushed a kiss on your forehead, your lips curling into a hidden smile as he did so.

"I have so many ways to prove how much I like you, darling, but they're gonna have to wait."

Chapter Text

"You know I'd do just about anything to take away your pain, darling." 

Three knocks on the door meant love was coming in. 


Surprisingly, the sound of your hoarse voice made Shinso turn around from his desk. He gave you an odd look before completely turning his full attention to you. 

"Ah, sorry," you croaked at him, resting your figure on his door frame. "I was wondering if you still had any of those cough drops. I--"

He got up from his seat and approached you wordlessly before placing a cool hand on your forehead. "You okay?"

While he didn't look like it, Shinso happened to be a very good boyfriend. Your 1-A classmates found it strange that you would confess to liking a cryptic oddball like him, but you merely shrugged and said the heart wants what it wants. 

You knew why you liked him, though, and you didn't have to explain it to anyone. Shinso's placement at Class 1-B meant the two hero classes were at finally at an equal number, but never really at an equal standing, at least for Monoma, who still looked at 1-A in the most negative and antagonistic way possible, setting the stage for a rivalry that never even existed to begin with. 

It was Kendo who let you in the dormitory, seeing as you were their newest classmate's darling. You were glad enough that the girls from the other class didn't treat you differently, but they were rather quick to warm up to you.


Shinso was standing before you, the same calm and lethargic look on his face still there. You simply gave him a nod and a smile. "Just an itchy throat." 

He gently grasped your wrist and pulled you further into his dorm room and eventually into his arms. 

"Wanna stay over for a bit?"

You looked up at him as he gazed down at you, a crooked smile on his lips as he held you rather contendedly. 


Your figures crashed onto his bed, a fit of laughter escaping your lips before you accidentally bonked your head against his own. "I'm sorry, Hitoshi! Does it hurt?"

You cradled his head in your hands, gently running your fingers through his already-mess hair. The closeness of your bodies actually made you rather nervous, and you were afraid that he could hear your heart in hysterics. 

Shinso raised his hand to your face as well as he quietly watched your expressions change. "...Pretty."

You beamed at him. "I came for a cough drop and got a cuddle instead." 

He reached out for the shiny pack of cough drops on his bedside drawer and found a single piece left. "It's the last one."

"Oh, can I please have it? I promise to give you some when--"

Shinso tried to hold back his smirk when you stared at him in disbelief as he popped the cough drop in his mouth. 

"Hitoshi, you--"

He gripped your chin before suddenly swooping in to kiss you. Honestly, this boyfriend of yours just catches you off-guard at almost everything every time. He softly moved his lips against yours, feeling him slide the drop in your mouth, the taste and scent of honey and lemon swirling between your breaths. 


It was him who asked the question, but the smirk on his face already spoke the answer. You buried your face in his chest, taking in the faint scent of vanilla lemon on his plain white shirt. 

"Love you," came your short, mumbled reply.

"Still can't help but think why," it was Shinso's turn to run his hands through your hair. 

"You do realise that you might get my cough after this."

"Guess you're gonna have to get me some cough drops," he chuckled. "You know I'd do just about anything to take away your pain, darling." 

Chapter Text

"I'll do whatever I can to protect you, darling, so don't you worry your pretty little head."

The air smelled of freshly-baked fruit macarons and flower tea.

"Ah, Neito... Stop that."

There was no stopping Monoma, though. He planted his hands on the edge of the sink, trapping you in his arms as you tried to carefully wash the dishes. 

Of all the feelings you could smell from different people, he had the strongest aroma, and it was probably because he kept no pretenses around you. The cool and collected Monoma was just himself when he was around you. His honesty wasn't just a door that was left ajar, but it was fully opened for you to walk in. The strong scent he emanated mostly revealed how he felt about you as well.

"You're supposed to be helping."

You felt him chuckle against your hair, your figures far too close for comfort. His cold fingers swept away the strands of hair on your nape, his other arm circling around your waist.


"Neito... I said stop."

He was quick to catch the elbow you jerked at him. He placed a kiss on the patch of skin on your neck that was exposed to him before finally backing away and taking another sponge on the sink. "I didn't say I wouldn't help."

You knew that underneath Monoma's incredible pride was his desire to protect his classmates. Class 1-A and some of your classmates from 1-B thought his overbearingly antagonistic behaviour was a bit too much, but you knew that it stemmed from care. 

You were busy trying to grab your walking shoes from your locker after a day of classes, so you paid no mind to your surroundings and what was happening around you. 

"What the hell are you doing?"

You were startled by the angry look on Monoma's face. The expression wasn't his usual standoffish and crazed look, but it had a deadly killing intent. He definitely caught you at a bad moment, as if the timing couldn't be any worse. You didn't know that, of course, especially when you turned around and accidentally nudged the pocket mirror off the hands of Class 1-A's Mineta, who was standing oddly close to you. 

"Mineta-san? A pocket mirror?..."

"O-Oi, Monoma!" 

Even you were knocked away when Monoma suddenly charged at Mineta, Awase and Tetsutetsu hurriedly grabbing the blond before he could even reach his target. The pair was shocked by his brutish strength that he almost got away from their grip.

"You think it's funny, you fucker?!" 

The killing intent you could smell from Monoma was absolutely pungent that it made you tremble in your spot. Kendo and Tokage were on their knees by your side all of a sudden. "Darling, what happened?!"

The commotion quickly drew a crowd to the area, members of Class 1-A checking to see what was happening. 


"Oi, 1-A!" Monoma shouted. He looked like a restrained rabid dog. "Keep an eye on that fuckwad! He tried to peek up my darling's skirt!"

Class 1-A's Sero was quick to flick his tape at their troublemaking classmate, wrapping him up and pulling him away from the crowd's peering eyes. 

"Darling, are you okay?!" Kendo asked you. You were still trembling, a hand over your mouth and nose as you tried to hold back your retching. Monoma needed to calm down because the scent of his emotions rose above everyone else's. You couldn't pick up any other scents.

"Did he just say my darling?" Tokage grimaced. 

He was still shouting, even as 1-A's Iida and Midoriya tried to reason out and apologise. 

"You all think you can just get away with this," Monoma seethed. "Just because you all think you're the cream of the crop or something?!"

You shut your eyes as you felt your stomach reel in disgust. Kendo turned to you and sighed, knowing all too well that it was Monoma's scent that was triggering your response. She stood up, walked over to him and quickly gave the back of his neck a steady chop, rendering him limp in Awase and Tetsutetsu's arms. 

The pungent stench quickly dissipated as Monoma fainted, and you coughed so hard that it actually hurt your throat. Warm tears streamed down your cheeks as you breathed in, Tokage gently running a hand over your back. 

Monoma felt something holding his hand.

He woke up in his room, blinking at the bright light from his ceiling. He was flat on his bed, but a head was asleep beside his arm, smaller hands gently holding his own. 

The smell of roses and macarons tickled your nose almost instantly. You turned your sleep head and saw blue eyes gazing at you rather intently. 

"You okay?..." You croaked at Monoma, who simply sighed and smiled at you. 

"Darling," he started. "This is why I told you to wait up." 

You didn't understand why you would even be targeted by Mineta, seeing as you weren't exactly extraordinary-looking. "I'm not even pretty..."

Monoma gave you a look of disbelief and annoyance, the air of the room shifting to the scent of newly-poured red wine from a freshly-opened bottle. He sat up on his bed, prompting you to raise your head as well. 

"You gotta be kidding," he chuckled. "Pretty is just one thing about you. You're absolutely dense!"

"I... Neito?..."

He leaned down and brushed away the stray strands of hair on your face, tucking them behind your ear. Monoma cupped your face in his hands, a warm smile on his face as he lovingly gazed at you. 

"Ah," he remarked, breaking eye contact with you. "It smells like coffee with a hint of vanilla and hot melon bread." 

Your eyes widened almost instantly, realising what he just did. "Neito!" 

He looked back at you, a smile still on his face. "It's almost like the real thing is in front of me."

You averted your gaze away from him, gently grasping both of his hands still on your face. "Neito..."

"Darling," he rested his forehead against your own. "What do I smell like?"

You inhaled almost instinctively, the scent of fruit macarons filling your nose. You even tried to catch even a faint trace of coffee and melon bun, but to no avail. In a quick instant, your head was filled with nothing but thoughts of Monoma, the blueness of his eyes and fruit macarons. 

"Monoma! Where the heck is darling?! You--"

The door swung open, the scent of lavender and thyme wafting in the air. You flinched at Tokage's arrival, quickly snapping away from Monoma's touch, but he hurriedly pulled you back in. 


The look on her face was priceless. "Wh-What's going on?!" 

"I-It's not what you think!" You cried out. 

"We're dating. Honestly, though, how long did it take for you to finally realise, Tokage?" Monoma had a smirk on his face as he held you close, your head locked in a loose yet constraining embrace. 

The scent of orange marmalade on wheat bread and black coffee swirled in the room as well, signifying the entrance of Kendo, who quietly leaned on the door frame. 

Tokage turned to her. "Did you know about this?"

The other girl smiled. "Come on, just let them rest." 

"Set-chan!" You called out to the retreating figures, who both turned back to look at you. "I-I'll tell you about this soon!"

"You better, darling!"

You sighed as the door closed behind them with a soft click. 

"How long do you plan on keeping this a secret?" Monoma asked. He couldn't help but chuckle as you tried to break away from his embrace. 

"I-I just don't think I'm ready t-to let everyone know that we're... we're..."

"Darling," he gently released you. "You don't have to worry about a thing. More than anything, they should be happy for us!"


"You don't have to worry about what other people think."

Behind Monoma's callous exterior was an extremely loving person, and he made sure that you knew perfectly well how much he adores you. He gently held a lock of your hair and brought it to his lips, smiling to himself. 

"I'll do whatever I can to protect you, darling, so don't you worry your pretty little head."

Chapter Text

"Whoever rejected you is definitely missing out. Just keep on smiling, darling!" 

The way he acted was so unsophisticated.

Regardless, you couldn't tear your eyes away from him at all. It was strange how cool and composed the boys from Class 1-B were compared to the spirited boys from 1-A. 

Your eyes carefully tailed the figure of blue-eyed Awase Yosetsu from the opposite class, and it was a pleasure you took at every waking moment and every chance you were given. 

"Ne, darling! You've done nothing but stare at Awase from 1-B that it's almost too obvious!" 

You blushed at Ashido's remark as she pointed a fork at you from across the lunch table. You happened to like break time because it's one of the only times you can catch a glimpse of Awase, who you last saw happily eating a bun with his classmates Rin Hiryu, Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and another one of them. 

Bright red slowly spread across your face as you raised a finger to your lips. "Mina-chan, shush!" 

"Darling, you must really like him, huh?" Hagakure chimed in. "It's been months and he's still the apple of your eye!"

Awase probably can't remember, but you remembered how he saved you during the practical entrance exams as clear as day. He pulled you out of a wreckage and even managed to patch you up a little before finally charging in the battlefield again. Time was of essence back then, after all. 

"Mm, I guess I do like him," you managed a smile. "I guess I'm just gonna miss looking at him over the summer."

You tried not to show your excitement when you found out that 1-B would also be taking part in the summer training camp. 

"Now is definitely a good time to cozy up to Awase, Darling," Ashido smirked as she nudged you. "It's time for a summer of love with the other class!"

"Mina-chan!" You nudged her back, a small blush present on your face again as you averted your eyes from the other crowd of students that were present. It was a good time to interact with 1-B, just as long as it didn't interfere with the training lessons Aizawa-sensei had for all of you present. 

Ah, yeah, a summer in the woods with your classmates and friends and your crush as a bonus. The senseis were there as an assurance of your safety, along with the Wild, Wild Pussycats, so nothing could possibly go wrong. You knew that it was going to be a perfect summer training camp. 

You couldn't be any more wrong, though. 

A lot of things have happened over the summer that shook the entire institution, such as villains attacking hero classes, the kidnapping of Class 1-A's ace, Bakugou Katsuki, and the retirement of All Might.

It was awful, but you blacked out at such a crucial and critical moment during the summer training camp that it was almost shameful. You couldn't remember a thing when you awoke in the hospital next to Jiro and Hagakure, and Aizawa-sensei revealed you three were part of the group who inhaled a dangerous haze that knocked you all unconscious for days. 

"Ah, Yaomomo! Where is she? Is she okay?"

Despite Aizawa-sensei telling you not to leave your room and rest up, you stealthily left to pay a visit to your friends, particularly Yaoyorozu, who was one of the last people you saw before fainting. 

"...Awase-san," you heard Yaoyorozu say. 

You tried not to squirm as you stood outside her hospital room. 

"How are you feeling, Yaoyorozu?"

Ah, it was Awase, there was definitely no mistaking it. You listened to the softness and the gentleness of his voice as he spoke to Yaoyorozu. 

"You should get a lot of rest while you're at it so you can recover real soon!" 


You thought it was stupid how he tried to mask his concern with nonchalance. 

'How dumb.' 

You suddenly brought your hand to your mouth, surprised at your own thoughts. But did he honestly think his feelings wouldn't show in the way he spoke?

"Please always take care, Yaoyorozu. I..."

It was stained glass bravado, of course. Bravery that was beautiful and fragile at the same time. However, you couldn't help but think that it was just pure recklessness. It was... unsettling. 

You treaded back to your room softly, trying not to make a sound as you walked away from something you shouldn't have heard in the first place. You pushed back the thoughts that were running wildly in your head, the feelings that were threatening to take root in your heart, and gods, these feelings were absolutely nasty. 

So he saved Yaoyorozu. 

Ah, shit, these tears were hot. Why did it have to be him, though? Where on earth were Todoroki and everyone else? Where the hell was the rest of 1-A? You didn't have answers, of course. Heck, even you weren't there when Yaoyorozu needed you. Knowing her, she would've definitely tried to save everyone, regardless of who they were.

The hospital door room softly rattled as you slid it close. You hurried back into the covers and tried your best to sleep and rest. Yes, sleep and rest. Getting better was the top priority, after all. 

After moving into Heights Alliance, the new dorms built within UA's campus, you tried your best to keep a straight face and be okay. Jiro told you that the senseis had a hard time convincing her father to let her move in the new dorms. You said it was the same for you, and your father almost engaged Aizawa-sensei in combat. He eventually relented, though, seeing as it would be the best way for you to stay safe. 

You couldn't tell anyone, though. You had to stay okay for yourself. Why did a maiden's heart have to be so complicated?

The haircut came as a surprise to everyone, but they thought it was just a new term, new look thing you had going. Ashido knew otherwise, though. 

"Heartbreak over the summer?" She asked. "That's terrible!"

You stuffed your mouth with a cheese bun and just smiled at her and everyone else at the table. 

"Don't be discouraged, darling!" Uraraka exclaimed. "You're still super cute, so there's someone out there who's bound to like you!"

You nodded at her with a crumby smile. The cheese bun was exceptionally good today and it helped improve your mood. Yaoyorozu suddenly raised her hand to wave at someone.

"Oh, it's darling," Awase remarked with a grin. He and his group of friends were standing by your group's lunch table. "Nice hair cut! Someone break your heart or something?"

You looked up from the last piece of your cheese bun, cheeks puffed with the pastry in your mouth, a few crumbs stuck on your face as you met his eyes. He then turned to Yaoyorozu, who was sitting on the other side of the table.

"Ah, Yaoyorozu! Glad to see you're okay!" 

She had a smile on her face as she exchanged a few pleasantries with the boy from the other class. You noticed one of the boys quietly observing the pair's interaction, an air of sulking coming from him. Can't blame him, though. Yaoyorozu draws people in with her warmth. You hurriedly pushed the last bit of cheese bun into your still-full mouth. 

"Well, we don't wanna take up too much of your time," Tetsutetsu said. "See ya around!"

Awase suddenly placed his hand on your head, gently ruffling your much shorter hair. 

"Whoever rejected you is definitely missing out," he shook his head before giving you a thumbs up. "Just keep on smiling, darling!" 

Chapter Text

"Don't be a stranger. I mean, we are friends, aren't we, darling?" 

Her elegance was really something that drew people's attention. 

That's why it was perfectly understandable, how you couldn't tear your eyes away from her. The girls from Class 1-A were definitely something else. While you enjoyed the presence of your female classmates, you couldn't help but wonder how hanging out with the girls from the opposite class would be like. You noticed how Yaoyorozu Momo was taller than most of her friends. 

"She's tall, huh?" Awase remarked before taking a bite from his cheese bun. "Makes her look more mature than her friends."

You shook your head at him with a grin. For once, you actually agreed with him. 

"You know, Awase, I think one of those girls from 1-A likes ya," you chuckled, munching on your cheese bun as well. "She's been looking at you this entire time!"

"Who? I-Is it Y-Yaoyorozu?"

"What? No! It's that quiet girl, the one who's always following Yaoyorozu around."

The dark-haired boy shrugged. "Close enough, then. But I doubt she's looking at me. Maybe you should get your eyes checked or something."

Yaoyorozu was no stranger to you. Rich families tend to hang out with other rich families so that they don't have to share their wealth with anyone else. That's how you became acquainted, after all. Just one rich kid to another. 

You were no country bumpkin like Awase, but you definitely liked him as a friend. He was warm and earnest and skilled without a doubt, but between the two of you, you were confident that your chances with that one girl were way better compared to his. 

You couldn't contain your excitement when you found out that 1-B would be spending their summer training camp with the opposite class. It opened up a new door of possibilities for you to get close to Yaoyorozu, but it also meant the doors were wide open for Awase as well. 

The two classes were getting ready to board the buses that would take them all to their training camp's secret location.

"This is gonna be one fun summer," you remarked, eyeing the interactions between some members of 1-A with your classmates. 

"We're there for training, though," Awase stated. "Best we get ready for some hard stuff, too."

"True," you shrugged. "But won't it also be a good time to get to know some of the other guys from 1-A? Particularly..." 

You were both drawn to the sight of Yaoyorozu and the rest of 1-A's girls. 

"First one to befriend her this summer wins," Awase said with a chuckle. "Just kidding."

"Way ahead of you," you replied. "Who knows? More than friends is a great idea, too."

Ah, yeah, a summer in the woods with your classmates and friends and your crush as a bonus. The senseis were there as an assurance of your safety, along with the Wild, Wild Pussycats, so nothing could possibly go wrong. You knew that it was going to be a perfect summer training camp. 

You couldn't be any more wrong, though.

A lot of things have happened over the summer that shook the entire institution, such as villains attacking hero classes, the kidnapping of Class 1-A's ace, Bakugou Katsuki, and the retirement of All Might.

It was awful, but you blacked out at such a crucial and critical moment during the summer training camp that it was almost shameful. You couldn't remember a thing when you awoke in the hospital next to Kaibara and Tsuburaba. Vlad King revealed you three were part of the group who inhaled a dangerous haze that knocked you all unconscious for days. 

You were absolutely ashamed, especially after declaring so proudly that you would definitely make Yaoyorozu fall for you. 

How terrible. 

There was no use moping around, though. You got up and went against Vlad King's advice to just stay in bed and rest. You had to make sure for yourself that Yaoyorozu was all right.

You saw a retreating figure in the same hospital gown outside her room, her hand over her mouth as she left soundlessly. You noted that she was one of the girls from 1-A who was always around Yaoyorozu. 

"Please always take care, Yaoyorozu. I..."

Ah, that voice. It was coming from inside her room. You'd recognise that voice anywhere since it was the sound of a good friend of yours. 

"Of course, Awase-san," you heard Yaoyorozu reply. "Once again, I'm truly grateful for your help. You saved me back there."

"A-Ah, well, I..."

"Please allow me to make it up to you when I'm all better."

Something clicked in your head. You finally realised now that traitors never really do win. Somehow the chances you had of her ever falling for you were like rose water rainfall: absolutely impossible. 

Their soft chattering annoyed you. It didn't sound like any of the previous conversations you had with her at all. Yaoyorozu always sounded so reserved when you spoke with her at socials, after all. The softness of her voice as she spoke to Awase was all but calming. You felt something dark and heavy take hold in your heart. 

You ran back to your room and curled up in the sheets, holding your breath as you felt hot tears fill your eyes. 

'Well, shit.'

Your parents had no qualms when Vlad King came over with the invitation to move into the new UA dorms, Heights Alliance. You grimaced as your father called you a sleazy and lazy young man who couldn't even put up a fight in what was deemed as a dangerous situation during the summer training camp. Your homeroom teacher came to your defence, saying the path of a hero is never easy in the first place and that you'd just have to work harder. 

You couldn't tell anyone, though. You had to stay okay for yourself. A man's pride is a terrible thing when hurt. 

Everyone found it odd that you stopped styling your hair up, almost as if you lost every interest in looking good. You simply shrugged when Tetsutetsu asked about your hair. 

"Just for a change."

Rin had just handed you a wrapped cheese bun but your group was already moving towards a certain table. Yaoyorozu had a warm smile on her face as you and the others approached. Awase smiled at one of the girls sitting with Yaoyorozu. Her cheeks were stuffed with cheese buns. You recognised her as the girl outside Yaoyorozu's hospital room from that night. 

"Ah, Yaoyorozu! Glad to see you're okay!" 

You wanted to scoff. It felt as if Awase was really bragging about his progress with Yaoyorozu, but the smile on his face was absolutely genuine. Like, how could he even try to spite you in front of her to begin with? Nah, it wasn't him. It was really just you.

The girl with a mouth full of cheese buns pursed her lips as your eyes met. You were right: she did like Awase. Was she sulking as well? Can't blame her, though. Yaoyorozu was otherworldly, but Awase is as thick as a wall. 

"Well, we don't wanna take up too much of your time," Tetsutetsu said. "See ya around!"

Awase paused and placed his hand on the girl's head before talking to her about something. 

"Ah, it's darling," Yaoyorozu said. "I hope you've recovered well."

You were hesitant to turn back to her, but you couldn't help yourself. 

"You didn't fix your hair today," she managed a small laugh. "It's nice."

Yeah, and just with a small laugh, you fell for her all over again.

"Th-Thanks," you ran your index finger under your nose. "I'm glad you're well, too." 

"Don't be a stranger," she remarked with a smile. "I mean, we are friends, aren't we, darling?" 

Chapter Text

"If you think you're going to have a hard time fitting into my life, then I'm going to make room for you. You won't have trouble fitting in because I'll give you all the room you need, darling."

The pragmatic Aizawa Shota, who was popularly known as the Pro Hero Eraserhead, turned out to be a very diligent boyfriend. 


But his students didn't know that, of course. None of them, the young heroes in the making of Class 1-A, knew about the existence of their homeroom teacher's darling, an office worker who was but a few years younger than him. 

"It's Aizawa-sensei!"

It came as a surprise when he locked eyes with the girls in his class during that one long-anticipated afternoon of peace and quiet with you, and it just so happened that the girls chose to hang out in the same cafe that you and your boyfriend were in. 

Aizawa was very hard to miss, especially for those who were very familiar with him. Outside of his hero costume, he kept his usually unkempt hair pulled back, but he still wore black. 

"Sensei, we didn't know that you had a girlfriend!"

That wasn't surprising to hear, though. Aizawa happened to be a very private person and he was very particular with what details about him went public. He hated making media appearances, too. Adding a girlfriend to the mix would complicate things, especially since you weren't a Pro Hero and were just a simple office worker. He didn't want you to be a target, so he was cautious. You fidgeted on your seat, moving slightly to adjust your pale blue blazer. 

His students, on the other hand, were anything other than ordinary. These young girls had years of rookie hero experience in their hands and they still have more to learn as time passes. 

"You're mistaken," you said with a warm smile on your face before bringing out several small boxes. "I was simply offering him some eye drops!"

From across the table, Aizawa was blanked out, as if trying not to react to your statement. 

"I simply couldn't help but notice how this man has terribly dry eyes!" You raised a box in your hands. "These drops will surely keep his eyes refreshed for the whole day!"

"Oh, isn't that great, sensei?" Uraraka chimed. "You should definitely buy some!"

"Oh, no, no!" You raised a hand in defence. "Since he's a first-time customer, this is on the house! Let me leave you my card in case you'd like to order more!" 

Aizawa watched how you slid your calling card to him from across the table before bundling your things and getting up from the seat. 

"Have a good day, sir!"

You kept an oddly straight face as you walked out of the tiny red-brick cafe, suppressing the urge to wave at him through the window, seeing as the young girls were still chattering around him. You saw him pocket your card and the boxes of eye drops, a small grin on his lips which was enough of a thanks for you.

It was troubling, but you both worked with what you had. 

You and Aizawa met-cute in the most un-cute way ever possible, after all, and it involved you stumbling out of a pub after a night of drinking with your co-workers and into the arms of a patrolling Eraserhead. 

He was rather annoyed that you called him "Edison", a name that sounded strange coming from where you were, and you even insisted on taking him home with you because you had no idea how he "got out". He thought you were rather hopeless, but he relented and walked you home to your apartment block. 

'Edison!' You called out into the darkness of your little home. Four glowing orbs shone from across the hallway and made their way to the door. 'And Murphy, too!'

Aizawa followed your figure into the home and felt a certain warmth circle his legs. 

'There you are, Edison!' you bundled the rather large cat in your arms before carefully lying down on the hallway. 

Aizawa somewhat felt relieved after finding out that "Edison" turned out to be a cat, because he was definitely not in the mood to argue with a random woman's foreigner boyfriend. 

'I thought you turned into a human and came to pick me up,' you cooed against Edison's dark grey fur. Aizawa looked down and saw a faint hint of a tail moving around his legs. He picked it up and flicked the lights open. 

'That's Murphy,' you told him as he eyed the tiny orange tabby in his hands. 'Edison's little brother.' 

Murphy leapt from his arms and curled up beside you on the floor. 

'Miss, you need to get up,' Aizawa stated. 

'In a moment... Edison,' you replied with a yawn. 'Thanks for picking me up...'

He eyed your curled figure on the floor, your two cats purring contentedly as they were curled in the crooks of your arms and knees. He couldn't help but sigh.

He thought that you looked like a normal office worker, so he excused himself and fished out a business card from your purse, which you dropped carelessly beside you. 

'Darling, huh?' he said with a smirk. 'Guess I'll see you around, drunk cat lady.'

"I'm... back?"

Aizawa entered your apartment unceremoniously, a small smile on his face as he saw you dancing with the orange tabby in the kitchen. He gave Murphy an odd look. 


You gasped at him, eyes widening as you clutched the cat to your heart. "Don't call our son fat!"

But Murphy did get much larger ever since you started dating Aizawa, and he was now what the internet called a "chonker". 

"He is, though," he gave his usual cool reply as he approached you. "Maybe we should cut down his cat treats or something."

"Shota, no!" 

Such was your daily life with the Pro Hero Eraserhead. He stays over at your apartment during the weekends, usually just to laze around, perhaps do a little bit of paperwork and sleep. It was mostly work and sleep, but you didn't mind not going out as long as he was just there with you. 

Aizawa had his reasons for keeping things under the wraps, especially since he was concerned about your safety. However, he was fine being your boyfriend and being talked about when you were with your own friends, but his elusiveness made you sound like he was all made up. 

He seemed so perfect for you, after all, because he didn't complain about the cats and your strange habit of doting on them like they were real children. In fact, he started doting on them as well when he started coming over more often. 

You both agreed that staying in with the cats was the best idea of a date.

The last time you went out, it didn't go as well as he planned, especially since his students suddenly arrived at the cafe you were both in. They seemed to adore and care for him greatly, a perfect reminder of his love for his own craft as well. Students don't like dispassionate teachers, after all. 

"You have a wife," you nonchalantly joked. "Her name is UA. And I happened to be your mistress." 

And the way he dedicated his time to his profession, almost passionately, was enough to make any woman jealous. And maybe you were for a while.

But whenever Aizawa would curl up beside you and the cats after an exhausting week of being a teacher and a Pro Hero, you're then reminded that teachers and heroes do have lives outside their craft. 

And for Aizawa, that stress-free life was you, with you, and maybe the cats as well.

You didn't count the days or the months, but you have been together with Aizawa for quite some time now. 

And while you adored the private time you spent with each other in the comforts of your own home, it felt like something was ticking inside you. 

He noticed how you started asking about going out. 

"Even just for a little bit?"

Aizawa would just quirk an eyebrow at you from across the dinner table. You didn't doubt him one bit, and if he had to choose between himself or your safety, he would definitely choose your safety. 

Even between the sheets, he would still think of your safety and comfort more than anything else. He would often place a hand over your head while you were pinned under his figure, always making sure your head won't hit your bed's headboard. While he wasn't one for nipping and biting, he indulged your little biting fetish. 

" a cat," he would murmur before kissing you hard, as if trying to get back at you for the red half-moon-shaped welts you left on his shoulder. 

Your friends told you that it wasn't normal for you and Aizawa to always be indoors when you're together.

And as much as you wanted to defend him from those accusations, you couldn't help but think about a lot of things as well. 

Wasn't he proud? Probably not since you were just an office worker. You found out early in your life that you weren't cut out for hero work at all, and it didn't bother you one bit. Why did it bother you now? 

"You're awfully quiet today," Aizawa remarked from across the kitchen. "Cat got your tongue?"

You put down the spatula. "Shota... Are you happy with me?"

You didn't hear him walk over to you, but you felt him try to undo the ribbon of your apron. 

"Of course."

You looked up from the lightly simmering curry before turning to meet his surprise embrace.

"Don't you suppose you'd like to be with someone who can fit in your dynamic world much better?" 

He was quietly surprised at the question, carefully contemplating what to respond. 

"Even if I were given the chance, I wouldn't change what we have for anything else, darling."

You refused to look up at him, though, and he took it as discontent. 

"Would you like someone who can fit much better into your normal life as well?"

"Am I really just 'normal' to you, Shota?"

"But you are normal."

"Normal? Why are we even talking about this?"

Aizawa sighed as he held you close, his hand instinctively moving to switch off the stove before finally enclosing you in his arms. He rested his chin on the top of your head. 

"You probably don't understand, darling, but in this crazy world that I live in, you're the only thing I cling to whenever I want to regain a sense of normalcy in my life."

He gently lifted your chin so your eyes would meet, somehow feeling quite moved as he saw the tears pooling in your eyes. He couldn't help but sigh again, pulling you much, much closer as he ran a hand over your back.

"Good gods, you are the only thing that's normal in my life and it's nothing to be upset about."

You were softly sobbing in his arms. "I'm sorry..."

"Darling," he spoke quietly. "I love the normalcy you bring. I love... Hearing about how normal your day went and how you're able to do normal things without a care in the world."

Edison and Murphy were circling your legs, meowing to themselves as they rubbed against Aizawa's dark pant leg as well.

"Do you... want to come to our school festival this week?" 


You looked up at him, blinking away warm tears. He ran his thumb over your cheek, wiping them away. 


"It's safe," he replied. "Since it's gonna be at school."

You found yourself circling your arms around his figure as you buried your face in the crook of his neck. "Mmm... Okay then."

"You sounded like you were ready to break up with me," he murmured. "I'm taking Murphy if that happens."

"You can't do that," you replied lazily. "The children always have to stay with their mother. Besides..."

You sank your teeth into his left shoulder, causing him to suddenly flinch. "I think I love you too much to break up with you, Shota."

The special pass Aizawa gave you worked wonders as you tried to enter UA's barrier. The bustling within the walls of the renowned high school was no surprise to you, especially since Aizawa talks about how the school often holds outlandish and ostentatious events that showcase the students' skills. 

He said his students were working on a musical performance and that it would be great if you watched it. 

On your way to the show, a young girl with flowing light-coloured hair bumped into you. 

"Oh! I'm sorry!" You helped her up on her feet. "Are you okay?"

She managed to nod at you before taking the hand of a tall blond young man, who simply smiled at you before walking away. 

"Thank you, onee-san!" 

UA students really are something, but you remembered how the teachers form the students as well. You brought out your phone and scrolled up to look for the performance's venue which Aizawa messaged you earlier. 

"A little lost, aren't we?"

You looked up from your phone and saw him standing in front of you, the smirk on his face nearly concealed by the controlling cloth around his neck. You almost reached for his hand instinctively, but you remembered that he was at school, so he was technically at work right now. "Ah..."

He held your hand when he noticed you pull back your hand. "Just for a bit, then." 

"A-Are you sure?!" You squeaked at him. "W-We're at UA! Y-You're at work!"

"Ah! It's Aizawa-sensei! Who is he with?!"

A group of students were making their way towards him, along with the little girl and the tall young man you met earlier. 

"Aizawa-sensei! Is she...?!" 

The curious looks on the young faces were a bit overwhelming. "Ah..."

"Girlfriend," Aizawa stated. "Now get back to work."

"Ehhh! You're no fun, sensei!" 

"Ah! It's the lady from the cafe!"

"Will we see her again, sensei?!"

"It's nice to meet you, sensei's girlfriend!"

The young students scurried back to their work area, chattering rather excitedly about their show and their sensei's love life.

Aizawa turned back to you, one of your hands on your chest. 

"You okay?"

"O-Of course! Just a bit nervous! I-I mean this is a part of your life that I never thought I'd actually see!"

You saw a faint hint of a smile play on his lips as he gave your hand an assuring squeeze before letting you go. 

"If you think you're going to have a hard time fitting into my life, then I'm going to make room for you," he stated quietly. "You won't have trouble fitting in because I'll give you all the room you need, darling."