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My Family

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Charlie was laughing. He did it. He passed. He couldn't believe it, but he did. He laughed some more. He just can't believe it. He woke up to the sun shining through the windows, figuring he only slept for a few hours but turned out to be a whole day.

The first thing he did was laugh while crying. Jasper watched him, letting Charlie do whatever he was doing. Back and forth, crying and laughing, waiting for bad news to shock him to reality, but none came.

He cried. He went through so much hardship throughout his life that it can't be real. He was put down, beaten, forced into a corner and made to do what was needed. He saw death! So much death. He laughed. He's an Omega. AN OMEGA! He just can't believe it. A happy ending?

Not supposed to be real to him and his life, but it was happening. He looked over to Jasper, who was sitting on the chair by the desk watching the crazed Omega bounced between his emotions.

He was dressed in black sweats and a white t-shirt. Charlie liked comfortable Jasper, even if it didn't look right on him like suits. "Are you done with your emotional outburst?" He asked.

Charlie didn't know. He still felt that he has to cry some more. "Am I not supposed to act this way? I figured I earn this." Charlie said quietly. His eyes were red and his body shook. Charlie felt so happy and yet so tired and worn out. "I never said you didn't deserve it.

Why are you so emotional, Omega?" Jasper asked. All the hardship was behind him. Charlie smiled. "I did it. I belong. I passed the test, Jasper. I'm so happy." Charlie said, tears gathering in his eyes. Jasper cocked his head the way a puppy would and it was cute to Charlie.

"Then why do you cry?" Jasper asked. Charlie sat up and turned to Jasper, tears slipping from his eyes and down his cheeks. He was still smiling. "A lot happened up to this point. I can't believe I did all that. It's not real." Charlie said softly, his throat tight.

Jasper got up from his chair and got on his knees in front of Charlie. "It's real. You make me so proud to call you my Omega and my lover." Jasper told him. Charlie chuckled through his tears before Jasper kissed him. Salty tears mixed in with their sweet kiss, Charlie placing his arms around Jasper. He did it. He actually did it. He couldn't wait for the future.


Two weeks later

"One, two, three. One, two, three." Nicole counted. Victor was wincing again after Charlie stepped on his foot again. "Sorry," Charlie said looking down at the floor. "Head up, back straight, Charlie," Nicole told him. Charlie straightened up. "My bad," He told Nicole.

"You don't need to take giant steps, Charlie. He might have longer legs, but you have to feel him. And let him take charge. He's guiding you where you need to go and you need to be light on your feet." Nicole instructed.

Charlie really was trying. Dancing can't be this hard. Then again, he never danced before. So Charlie shortened his strides to half a step and let Victor move him in any direction. "Much better!" Nicole said.

Charlie's arms were starting to hurt and his bladder felt smaller than usual. "Bathroom please!" He said. Nicole nodded and Victor let go. "Thanks," he told them before heading off to the bathroom.


Nicole told him that was one of the early signs of pregnancy: Peeing more than usual. Charlie already felt sick when he woke up. He didn't have to vomit, but he was sure that was coming soon.

But even with all this happening, he didn't want to slow down. Sure his belly will grow and he'll be more helpless, but he wanted to still be on his feet. He sighed. "You can grow and all, but don't get in the way," he said aloud. He relieved himself in the bathroom and came back to Victor and Nicole. He continued to dance, more focus on improving.

He has no idea what the next eight months have in store for him.