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Jimin was tired

And his feet hurt. And his back hurt. And his legs hurt.

Jimin was in an all-around bad mood.

He didn’t want to be. He wanted to be excited.

Tonight was supposed to be nice. Jungkook was on his way home from work and their friends were coming over to have dinner with them. It was going to be a relaxed evening in with their loved ones since Jimin couldn’t go out much anymore. He had been looking forward to it all week and planned everything, all the way down to the dinner he was currently preparing. But between the little one kicking around in his stomach, the heat coming off of the stove right into his face, and the tension that hadn’t left his shoulders since that afternoon, Jimin was uncomfortable.

And that put him in a bad mood.

Letting out another sigh Jimin turned the pot down to a simmer and covered it to keep it warm until everyone arrived. He heard the front door opening and turned just as Jungkook made his way into the kitchen.

“Hey Baby. It smells great in here!” Kook leaned in to place a kiss on his temple as he set his bag on the counter.

“Thanks, Kookie. Its almost all done, and everyone should be here in a few minutes. How was work?”

“It was just as tedious as always. A woman came in for a consult and half way through decided she no longer wanted a divorce and walked right back out. Waste of a solid forty-five minutes I’ll never get back. How are you and my little bean here?” Jungkook leaned down to place a kiss on the top of Jimin’s belly, rubbing his hands down to his hips.

“She’s being a menace,” he said with a pout,” She hasn’t stopped moving for the past hour while I cooked. And I think she’s been playing ball with my kidneys. I just wish she would calm down long enough for me to enjoy dinner with everyone.”

“Aww Baby, I’m sorry. Maybe I can help you relax and that will get her to settle a bit. Go start getting ready and I’ll be in there in a second to give you a short massage.”

“Ok. Thank you, Kookie. You’re the best.”

Jimin made his way across the kitchen and down the hall. Their apartment wasn’t huge, but it was very open and inviting. It was a spacious three bedroom with an open floor plan living area large enough for two couches, a few decorative chairs and a dining table. Walking into their master bedroom Jimin paused. The room housed a large king-sized bed decorated in navy blues and white. A large fuzzy throw blanket draped over the foot of the bed and a plush white rug covered most of the dark, hardwood floors. Jimin made his way over to the walk-in closet he shared with his husband. Rifling through the clothes he located the top he wanted to wear tonight. It was an oversized cream sweater that he planned to pair with a pair of maternity jeans he had found on sale a few weeks back. They looked great on his legs and made him feel confident while also being comfy around his growing belly.

He rarely dressed up anymore what with being six months along. His belly wasn’t massive, but to him it still seemed like a lot. Especially since before pregnancy he had always maintained a slim and fit figure. Jungkook was always telling him how sexy he thought he looked and how beautiful he found him. Jimin told him he just had a pregnancy kink but Jungkook insisted it was a Jimin kink.  It helped his confidence as he progressed, and his body really changed. It made him feel good to know his husband loved him no matter his size.

Just as he pulled his shirt over his head the door behind him opened. Jungkook walked in holding a bottle of lavender oil. He had taken off his suit jacket and rolled his sleeves up. His hair had grown out quite a bit since he started working for himself. He said that since he was the boss he could wear it how he wanted. Some people still told him it didn’t look professional, but he took it in stride. To Jimin it just made him look more handsome and authoritative.

“Ready for that massage? I’ve got the table set and Jin Hyung texted to say they are about ten minutes away. I told them to let themselves in.”

“Hell yes. Been ready for ages.” Jimin turned and sat himself at the edge of the bed.

Jungkook moved to sit behind him and lathered his hands in a bit of oil. He started at his shoulder blades and worked his way up to the nape of his neck. Jimin let out a groan at the pressure, breathing out a sigh of relief as the tension began to ease. As Jungkook worked his hands along his spine the knots disappeared one by one allowing Jimin to relax and slump down a bit.

“God, you are the best. I’m gonna have to reward you for this Kookie. This is the best I’ve felt all day.”

Chuckling Jungkook leaned forward to kiss the back of his neck. “Don’t be silly Baby. I’m glad I can help you relax. You pay me back every day that you carry our child. This is the least I can do for you.”

“How did I get so lucky?”

“I don’t know Jiminie. Maybe you sucked some magic dick in a past life?”

Jimin let out a squawk and turned to slap his shoulder. “Why did you have to ruin a perfectly nice moment!? I knew you were acting too sweet today! What the hell?” Jungkook laughed as he rolled across the bed to escape the fists of fury his husband was throwing at him.

“Finish getting ready. I think I hear the front door. I’ll go greet everyone and start putting dinner on the table.” As he made his way out of the room, he swooped in to peck Jimin on the lips. “I love you Baby.”

“I love you too brat.”


Jimin walked out to the sound of loud laughing and whining. Namjoon, Yoongi and Jin were seated on the longer couch while Hoseok and Jungkook had claimed the two living chairs. Taehyung was sitting on the loveseat throwing a fit while everyone watched with varying degrees of mirth.

“What did you guys do to him?” Jimin moved to sit beside Tae, letting him wrap him in a hug and patting his back.

“He’s just upset that none of us will to a concert with him next weekend. He says he’s going to die if he has to go alone and none of us are interested.”

“You people don’t understand ART! How could you all leave me to try and brave the fray of screaming fans and mosh pits ALONE. Do you not care about me at all?!?!”

“TaeTae you have to calm down. Is there nobody in your classes that likes this band too? You’re pretty popular. I’m sure you would have no problem finding someone to go out with you for the night.”

Tae seemed to perk up at that.

“There is this one guy in my painting course. He’s always wearing shirts with the band’s name on it. We worked together on a project last semester and he seemed pretty cool.”

“Well there ya go! You can invite him out. Maybe you two will become concert buddies!”

 “Yes! Now I’m excited again! Thanks, Jiminie! You are the only person worth anything in this group.” He shot a glare around to the rest of the room.

Everyone scoffed at that and mumbled a few choice words but didn’t argue.

“Now that the tantrum is over, how is pregnant life Jimin? Ready to get that out of you yet?” Yoongi asked with a smirk.

“Yeah you’ve gotten pretty far along. Has anything new happened? Any weird cravings or aches? I heard this is about the time it starts getting crazy.” Tae scoots closer to his side, staring at him expectedly for an answer.

 Everyone had been really interested in his pregnancy since the beginning, especially since he was the only one of them that could get pregnant. And although there were a few things he kept to himself, he had been more than happy to answer their questions. He wasn’t a very shy person and didn’t feel like there was anything he needed to hide from their friends.

“The only new development is that she’s been using my intestines as sporting equipment more and more. I’m starting to think she will be ready for the major leagues by the time she’s born.”

“Oh Jesus, that can’t be comfortable,” Jin shuddered at the thought,” I’ll keep your intestines in my prayers Jiminie.”

“Thanks, Hyung.” Everyone chuckled at the look on his face before turning to Jungkook when he cleared his throat.

“Oh come now Jimin, you know there’s been another development. We’ve been dealing with it for about two weeks now. And that one is much more interesting.” Jimin took a second to think, exaggeratedly tapping his finger on his chin. After a moment his eyes lit with recognition and he let out a gasp. “Of course! How could I forget that?”

 Everyone looked at him, excited to hear what weird thing his body was doing with probably too much enthusiasm.

“I’ve become an insatiable horn dog according to my loving husband. I can’t go a single day without getting off once or twice. It’s really quite annoying.” He shared with a giant smile.

A moment of silence passed before the first burst of laughter rang out. Jin clutched his chest, Namjoon tossed his head back against the couch. Tears streamed down Hoseok’s face. He wiped them away as everyone began to calm down.

“Damn Jiminie. I wasn’t expecting that one.” Yoongi said, trying to catch his breath.

“Yeah, Kookie says he can hardly keep up. And I don’t blame him! Who knew constant sex could be so draining!” Jimin smiled at his husband across the room.

“Let’s be clear, I can keep up with normal sex just fine. But you’ve managed to get even kinkier, and that is a whole new level of energy that’s required of me. But if there’s anyone I would do it for Baby, it’s you.”

“Aww. Such sweethearts,” Hoseok cooed,” Dirty, Nasty, Kinky Sweethearts.”

“Let’s eat before I waste away.” Jin was already walking towards the table.

The evening was exactly what Jimin wanted it to be. He relaxed and laughed and got caught up on all the crazy antics his friends got up to. He looked up to meet Jungkook’s eyes across the table, winking and giving him a smirk.

Now as long as he gets a good dicking down before bed his night will be perfect.