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From Civil Grudge Break To New Mutiny

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To: Bail Organa (senator.bailorgana@aldera.galacticmail.ems)
Subject: Play for Morale!

This message is to inform you that you've been selected to play Lord Capulet in our upcoming production, unless you notify us otherwise. We realize you're busy and this is an amateur production so we expect independent practice and infrequent but intense rehearsals. Please practice your lines from the attached script. First rehearsal set for [time.local(gs)] at usual place.

To: Archive Inbox
bcc: Bail Organa
Subject: RE RE Meeting--urgent
Attached: e.imf

As requested sending you the enclosed diagram

[The attachment, e.imf, contains charts and diagrams detailing tactical maneuvers used by the Rebels against ISDs and the success rate of these actions, all in coded language.]

To: Bail Organa
Subject: Rehearsal reminder

Reminding you that rehearsal is two days hence.