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Don’t Weep for the Wicked (Book 2)

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The fall never came.

Gavin felt himself landing on something quite harsh and rough, but he knew he wasn’t dead. He could still feel the rain beating down over his head as it wet his already beyond-soaked hair, and he heard police and ambulance sirens among screams and cries from the guests and visitors of the hotel.

He was still alive, somehow!!

But how?

A simple glance beneath himself was his answer.

Agent Nines had tossed him down onto not the pavement, but rather a small ledge that rested right above the fire escape. Gavin had missed it the first time around due to the fact that it was painted black as the night. But he was there on the ledge which hovered over the fire escape, and he sighed out in relief.

Holding a hand up as he shielded his eyes from the cold rain, he tried finding Agent Nines, but it was impossible; it was too dark.

Suddenly, a small red light blinked up ahead, and he knew it was the android’s LED light. “AGENT NINES!!” he called out in fear, “HELP ME!!”

Something swooshed by his head, and before he could determine just what it’d been, a loud ‘BANG’ echoed potently in his ears. The fire escape shook, and as Gavin poked his head down over the ledge looming above it, he saw dark green eyes and a red LED light searing into his own weary, weak gaze.

Hands stretched out for him silently, and Gavin knew what to do.


Gathering his courage, he pushed himself off the ledge, and he positioned himself as best as he could so he could land in Agent Nines’ arms. It was a safe, accurate dive, and he felt those strong arms clasping his waist in a firm grip. The fingers dug thickly into his ribs, and Gavin winced as he shoved Agent Nines’ blood-stained hands off himself.

“I’m fine,” he snapped out in mild exhaustion and mild irritation, “let’s just get the fuck out of here.”

Before he could climb down from the fire escape ladder, he was yanked back violently. Yelping as Agent Nines tugged him back by his shirt collar, Gavin was spun around midway as the android glared down at him scathingly.

Tapping a finger on his chin, he hissed ferociously, “Don’t think I’ve forgotten about your punishment, you menace! I’m not even close to being done with you, yet!”

Swallowing nervously even though his throat was dry, Gavin tried appearing braver than he felt, but he failed soon enough. There wasn’t much he could say and do when Agent Nines was seething and fuming with anger so vile and hideous that it was hardly worthy of comprehension. To comprehend and understand it would likely mean to suffer beyond imagination.

Eventually, the android tore his eyes off Gavin, and he almost ‘sniffed’ at the night air like some rabid dog. As Gavin watched, the rain picked up again. It was back with a vengeance, and the wind cried and wailed as it picked up more cold water and sprayed it in their faces.

After moments of looking and sniffing, Agent Nines finally sensed a presence far off in the distance. At least a couple of hundred yards away happened to be a large street containing at least forty abandoned houses. Sure, plenty of homeless people and squatters visited the area to seek refuge temporarily whenever they could, but their options were now limited.

Eyeing more police and S.W.A.T. vehicles on the way, he knew they didn’t have a lot of time either. It was time to make the decision for them both.

Once Gavin had carefully landed on his feet at the bottom of the fire escape and peeked back up at him, Agent Nines flung himself down quickly. Practically flying through the air, he landed neatly and almost soundlessly this time beside Gavin. Clothes soaked through and through, the dark fabric clung to his form, but it didn’t trouble him as it did Gavin.

Shivering horribly next to him, Gavin’s appearance was downright shabby, messy, chaotic, and he was soon going to become weaker and weaker if they didn’t get out of the rain. He knew what he had to do, and he was going to see it through. Grasping Gavin’s hand in his own tightly, he ran ahead towards the open fields while dragging the youth behind with himself.

Surprisingly, Gavin was silent for a moment, only shaking and trembling from the cold, but it wasn’t a long-lasting effect, unfortunately. As soon as his eyes caught the sight of Agent Nines’ torn shirt marking out the same pattern the crowbar had been dug into previously in the center of his chest, he leaned forward.

With squinty eyes, Gavin studied the absence of the wound, and then peeked over at Agent Nines’ back.

“What the?” his eyebrows both shot up dramatically when he saw that the knife wound was also gone. “What happened to your injuries?” As such, from what he could tell by sight alone, it appeared as if Agent Nines’ wounds had completely disappeared or been ‘erased’. His skin was perfect, unharmed, untouched, and without even so much as a single scratch mark.


Astonishingly, the android merely offered him a dull, pantomime of a laugh as he breathlessly pressed out, “If your puny brain could be able to handle it, I’d explain everything to you, Gavin…”

Scowling, Gavin sneered as he snatched his hand out of the android’s, “Hey! Who’re you referring’ to as ‘puny brain’?!”

Wordlessly, Agent Nines pushed on ahead in the rain instead of answering him, and that sent Gavin’s anger up by at least fifty percent.


When he wasn’t receiving the slightest bit of a response or recognition, he knew he had to catch up instead of standing at the opening of the field while screaming his head off.

With a pained groan, he chased after Agent Nines.




Connor stumbled down to the rough, worn-down floor of the old, abandoned house in an exhausted heap. He knew Hank was more tired than he was, and he helped the older male down onto the floor as well. The bed in the room they were currently occupying was far too filthy to even touch, and he saw Hank curling his nose up at it in distaste. An old dresser with a candelabrum sat close to the bed, and while Hank took his jacket off, Connor rose steadily to his feet and put the candles that had rolled off the table back in their rightful place. They were still relatively new, and when he fished out Hank’s lighter from his jacket pocket, he lit the candles.

“How fuckin’ romantic of you, Connor,” Hank gruffly spat, “but remind me next time to book a nicer place, yeah?”

“It’s not bad for an abandoned zone, Hank,” Connor stated evenly as he gaped around the room, “it seems that the original owners left in quite the hurry.”

Shrugging, Hank mused, “I suppose it was because of the collapsing housing market, and the fact that crime apparently was at its peak in this neighborhood.”

Connor remained quiet as he joined Hank by his side, sitting cross-legged on the floor as he tore off the ends of his own white shirt that were clean enough to be used for wrapped and dressing up Hank’s wound in his arm. The older man allowed him to do so, silently staring ahead with tired eyes as Connor worked quickly.

“I still can’t tell if this room is genuinely meant for storage or private use,” he whispered, “I suppose it serves either function.”

“I don’t care a lot,” Hank sighed, pressed a hand over his tiny wound, “at least the bleeding’s stopped…”

Connor checked it as well, and he gave a curt nod, “So it has.”

The two remained silent for a long time, and Connor supposed Hank had been trying to fall asleep, perhaps. He guessed he should’ve done the same, and he’d been preparing to enter stasis, when he felt Hank shifting next to him.

“Hey, just curious,” the older male grunted, “have you ever been in love with anyone before, Connor?”

Connor was somewhat taken aback by the abruptness of his question. He figured Hank must’ve been teasing him again, but Hank’s gaze was calm and quiet. When Connor shook his head, Hank’s grey eyes went round with surprise.


“Not interested,” Connor answered.

Hank merely huffed. “You should give romance a try. It’ll give your life experience points a shot in the arm, haha,” he gestured at his own wound for a moment before continuing, “having something you care about can occasionally turn into a weakness, but that doesn’t make it any less important or worth it.”

Connor rolled his eyes, “I can’t be bothered to mingle with most people, Hank.”

“What a waste,” Hank groused lightly. Connor then shot him a glare, still unable to rid himself of the sense that while also being presumptuous, Hank was making fun of him.

Waving a hand in the air, the Lieutenant said, “Listen, I was being serious; you’re a real looker, after all, but I don’t think I need to tell you that.”

Connor quirked a brow, “It’s weird to say that to a guy, Hank.”

“Beauty has nothing to do with gender,” Hank’s reply came back quickly and confidently.

Looking away for a moment, Connor considered that it might have indeed been a genuine compliment, but it didn’t please him in the slightest. Hank picked up on his dejection, and he merely smiled as he lay back silently.

When it was too quiet, Hank whispered, “I’m not referring to purely outward attraction. Sure, males and females instinctively are drawn to one another for producing offspring. But gender is just how your body is put together; your heart is different, and it is free to do whatever it wants, Connor.”

Connor didn’t stir; he only listened.

Smiling softly at him, Hank said, “Sometimes, people fall in love with someone’s spirit, Connor…”

“In that case,” the android quipped, “I feel I can sympathize, albeit, only in the broadest of senses.”


“Yes,” Connor responded, “what matters to me is if I mind spending time with someone. It’s really that simple for me, and I suppose I do have an interest, after all.” He followed this up with a tiny smile, and Hank gladly returned the gesture.

“The greatest beauty in the world wouldn’t be very alluring if they had a twisted heart, and vice versa. It’s not about looking pretty! It’s about…you know…” he blushed, then, “…giving off a sort of sense of beauty…can’t really explain this crap logically, sorry, Connor.”

His android work partner gave him a sidelong look and merely grinned. “I understand.”

Tapping his fingers along his own chest, Hank pressed out while deep in thought, “So if you’ve never experienced romance, I guess that means you’re inexperienced in certain other ways, too?” He hadn’t meant to pry this much, but the conversation had taken an interesting turn, and he wasn’t sure he could abandon it all, now.

Although Connor remained quiet, Hank launched into further questions. “I’m sure you’ve at least…umm…” he winced for a second before continuing, “…you know, done it to yourself, of course…right?” While the raw implications hung in the air heavily, Connor felt taunted. On top of that, the topic seemed to hint at Hank’s comparative experiences when it came to sexual relations, and Connor began feeling undermined.

Hank, seemingly having interpreted Connor’s silence in a manner favorable to himself, slung an arm up around Connor’s broad shoulders. Connor didn’t move, but he griped inwardly, resisting the urge to shift away from Hank.

“You know,” the older male grumbled, but in a pleasant way, “it’s a peaceful night, Connor…” he looked at him, then, and he smiled passionately. “Why don’t we spend the night in a more memorable way? Hmm? I promise, I can give you enough pleasure that will make the experience enjoyable for us both…”




Gavin lay there in the cleanest bed of the ‘cleanest’ house Agent Nines selected for their shelter while silence practically drowned him. It was accompanied by a horrible, aching sense of loneliness, and it made him only angrier. He was truly enveloped by his resentment for ‘Agent’ Nines. As the rain pattered along the windows and rooftop, it slowly calmed him down. At this point, even his wrath was starting to fizzle out a little. It wasn’t even possible to remain in a state of such heightened emotions for a very long time, anyway. While ‘Agent’ Nines was in the bathroom cleaning and deterging completely his clothes of all the spilled thirium that had once seeped out of his now-healed wounds, Gavin found he truly had no idea what the noisome android was even thinking.

They both only had assumptions between them, but Gavin hated relying on assumptions alone. They always ruined things and rendered him feeling nothing but paranoia over the smallest and most insignificant things. But he had to wonder about ‘Nines’ in all of this.

Why hadn’t he come for Gavin? Wasn’t he fighting back against ‘Agent’ Nines?? Did he really want to be free of Gavin that badly?? His thoughts kept veering off toward the unknown, and he was giving himself a headache. The fact that they were sequestered in such a foul-smelling, old abode also didn’t help matters, either.

But what if Nines had lost interest in him and simply abandoned him and left him with ‘Agent’ Nines??? Considering how capricious Agent Nines could be, it seemed like a perfectly logical possibility…

Angrily, Gavin kicked the stiff ball of bed sheets away from himself, and he trained his eyes on the window. It was soaked and drenched with rainwater, and it put him in a sour mood when he had nothing but gloom and clouds to look at. The rain was endless, suddenly, and it fell down even louder than ever around the building they were holed up in.

It was growing darker and darker, indicating that nightfall was just on the horizon, and Agent Nines still hadn’t emerged from the bathroom yet.

Gavin began feeling increasingly foolish for even waiting.

Waiting?? For what?!

Something had to have been off about his thoughts. He should’ve been content with the idea that Agent Nines-the forever solipsistic creature-should never return! That’d be for the best, in fact. However, despite that, it almost felt as though Gavin was—

He was horrified at himself.

Whatever way he was feeling, it was probably due to the fact that he’d been so damn frustrated and without his medication…that was all!

So he told himself that, but he couldn’t completely suppress his inner consternation.

But what was he getting so dismayed about?!

Forcing down his rising panic, he closed his eyes and made himself take deep breaths in and out repeatedly. He was probably going a tiny bit crazy, all thanks to being shut in lately with a homicidal android capable of unspeakable acts of brutality. Yes…that had to be it…he needed to force himself into believing that if Agent Nines never returned, it meant he’d be free again!!! It was an auspicious moment to celebrate!

Perhaps it was better to check on the android first, however…only then would he be able to enjoy the achieved détente.

Having reached a decision, Gavin heaved himself up and made his way over towards the bathroom door. It was unlocked, surprisingly, and as he pushed it open, he felt thick humidity slam into himself. The window had been shut tightly, and all he had was sheer silence in the tiny bathroom.

He couldn’t remain here. If he stayed, he was certain his heart would give in and die eventually, anyway. Maybe he wasn’t a victim, but there was no real difference between fate and the alternative; Agent Nines was still going to chase him to the end of the world and slaughter him eventually as he had done to others senselessly and without remorse.

His heart pounded fiercely; his hands grew clammy with sweat. His very pulse seemed to be begging him for something, together with the ache surrounding his heart as fear and anxiety pierced through him. Gavin’s body and his heart were locked in a battle, each driven by a will of its own.


Shit…he couldn’t take that first step.

Backing away from the door, he chose to sit back on the foot of the bed, as a not-so-far-off sound resonated in his ears. It was a distinct set of footsteps. He’d become very accustomed to hearing them, and he hardly moved as they grew closer.

So he was back…

The door creaked open, and suddenly, the footsteps ceased right before him.

A deep voice cruelly hissed out, “Seems like you need more training in the art of obedience…”

Agent Nines spoke softly, as if soothing a child, and his words doubled as a form of pure mockery. He seemed to know exactly what was going on in Gavin’s head while the younger male sat hunched on the bed, unable to run away. Agent Nines then let out a low, meaningful chuckle. Gavin glanced up and found himself looking directly into green eyes overflowing with supreme confidence.

Gavin gritted his teeth and glowered back, but the android wasn’t finished yet.

“…Or…do you act this way because you like being punished??”




Connor was doubting his own ears, and he unthinkingly turned back towards Hank. He saw a mischievous grin plastered on the Lieutenant’s face. “Seriously,” he began, “it’s bad for you to hold this all in, Connor. We’re both men; we’ve got the same feelings, the same equipment. Nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Though he couldn’t exactly blush, Connor cried out, “Quit joking with me!!” He tried to stand up, then, but Hank got up faster, and he pushed him down against the floor, one arm still around his shoulders. While Connor looked up at the older male disbelievingly, Hank kept grinning as if he couldn’t get enough of Connor’s reaction.


“Shh, just relax!”

Connor grumbled reticently, hating that he’d forgotten how unexpectedly strong Hank could be at times. But he hated to admit it; he actually was enjoying how Hank had pinned him down while gazing longingly at him. Resting his chin on top of Connor’s skull, Hank began reaching for Connor’s lower half, a hand sliding over his clothes. Connor emitted a soft gasp, but only watched Hank while he heard the sound of his dark jeans unclasping. He soon felt Hank’s fingers tracing his fly as it came open. His thirium began wildly pumping throughout his body, and he lost it.

“Get the hell off me!!!”

Hank threw him a surprised glance, “Whoa!!”

When Connor sat straight up, he accidentally hit Hank with more momentum than either of them had anticipated. Hank rocked sideways as a result, and since his arm was still curled around Connor’s shoulders, both of them ended up rolling to the side messily. Dust soared up through the faint candlelight bathing them. Hank, who had fallen on his side with his arms still woven around Connor, let out a weary breath.

Feeling rather pathetic, Connor hissed, “What the heck are we even doing in this cramped room, anyway?!”

“Ahh! I’m sore,” Hank complained, “move off me, Connor, okay?” He then raised his head to look at the irate RK800.

While the android didn’t need any reminders to start getting up, an evil idea however suddenly hatched inside himself. He contemplated Hank steadily and carefully. Wasn’t this an ideal opportunity??

Hank stared at him wordlessly before hissing out thinly, “What is it?”

Connor couldn’t quite bring himself to accept how Hank always got the last word in. Whenever he tried to rebel, Hank parried him by referring to the wisdom that accompanied his own older age. Connor truthfully found it irritating to no end. He knew he was going to end up being childish about it, but he reckoned he’d seize a chance to get the better of his work partner.

“Umm…Connor?” Hank frowned, apparently wondering why Connor still hadn’t budged. When Connor leaned forward, Hank’s eyes went wide, “C-Connor?”

Finding his strength and courage, Connor leapt on top of Hank, slamming his back against the edge of the bed while he pulled them both into a sitting position. He enjoyed the role reversal as he sat on Hank’s lap. He then idly trailed his fingers from Hank’s neck to the part of his chest exposed by his unbuttoned shirt collar.

Eyes still widening, Hank pressed out softly, “Whoa, whoa, whoa, h-hold up for a moment, Connor!!” While sounding frantic, Hank grabbed Connor’s arm.

Connor merely snorted, “What’s wrong? Weren’t you about to do this same thing a moment ago?”

Blushing, Hank nodded, “Umm, yeah, but I was only kidding around…”

Not wanting to hear it, Connor began unbuttoning Hank’s shirt, disregarding him entirely.

“H-hey!! Connor!! Connor!!!” Hank tried to stop him, but Connor brushed his hands away and finished unbuttoning the shirt. He lay his hand flat against Hank’s unexpectedly muscular chest, eyes scanning and searching for a moment.

Hank tried fighting back, “Seriously, cut it out…” why did he sound as though he didn’t fully mean his words??

The older male weakly covered his eyes with one hand, as though distraught to the point of confusion. When Connor caressed his muscular, slightly tanned torso, he shifted minutely. Since Hank had one-upped him so many times in the past, Connor vowed he was going overboard to retaliate. His hand glided down Hank’s abdomen, right towards his hips.

“…Connor…” Hank uttered his name-a soft command to stop-without forcefully resisting or pushing back. The android didn’t notice the strained undertone in his work partner’s voice, however. When Connor finally touched his clothed crotch, Hank went silent at last. Had he given up?

Curious about the look in his eyes still covered by his hand, Connor slowly began pushing Hank’s arm away from his eyes. Hank’s Adam’s apple bobbed up and down in synch with the sound of him gulping in a deep breath. The moment Connor’s wide, innocent eyes met his own, Hank suddenly reared up.

“You stupid little punk!!”

Connor gasped, “Wha-”

Hank abruptly and forcefully sat up. Connor had relaxed in his guard, thinking he was simply languishing in his distress. In the blink of an eye, Hank grabbed him, seizing him up in a tight embrace.

“Ahh! Hank!!” Though he tried to break free, he couldn’t go anywhere; Hank’s arms fit firmly around him.

Hank was trembling, and he could barely contain himself as he whispered, “You went too far, you god damn idiot!! This is why I sometimes can’t stand it!!! I wish you would notice it, Connor!!”

In return, Connor started shaking and trembling as well as he panted out, “Notice what?!”

“How I was trying my damn best to hold myself back, damn you!!” Hank cried out while burying his face in Connor’s chest. As he moved his head up along Connor’s neck and cheek, he whispered something out, and as he drew closer to Connor’s ear, Hank nearly let out a groan. After panting desperately against Connor’s skin there, he buried his face again in Connor’s shoulder. As he breathed heavily, only then did Connor pick up on it and become flustered.

“Hank! We’re being illogical about this!” Connor panted out, though he didn’t fight against the older man at all.

“URGH!” Hank growled, “That’s why I told you, it’s not something logical!!” He pressed Connor closer to himself as he spoke, sounding as if he had to really work on squeezing his voice out of his throat. “At first, I only thought you were how Cole might’ve turned out if he’d been given the opportunity to grow up,” Hank sadly cried out in a half-wrecked sob, “that’s why I couldn’t leave you be, and that’s why I wanted to help you and stick with you…”


He was interrupted once again as the other man sighed, “Anytime I pushed you away, it was because I regarded you as a son…that’s what I thought the whole time, until now…” He felt embarrassed by admitting this, and he tried concealing his expressions in Connor’s shoulder. Somehow, the android felt them, and he smiled a sad smile of his own.

“I thought you said you were only kidding around, Hank,” Connor stated in a friendly reminder while staring down at the other man.

Groaning again, Hank croaked, “Of course I only meant to kid around originally, but…but then, I began wanting to touch you…I was desperate to touch you!”

Grateful that he wasn’t human, Connor knew that if he were, it’d be difficult to breathe now that he’d heard Hank’s deep confession. It moved him greatly, and he was so very happy. The elation and happiness he felt now contributed greatly to his credulity to believe Hank’s words.

“I should’ve let it end as a bad joke,” Hank said to himself while shaking his head, “then you could’ve let it slide away as an old man meddling and carrying out some stupid prank! You shouldn’t have latched on to me like that…”

Humming softly, Connor whispered, “So it’s my fault?”

For a second, Hank paused, and then said, “Yeah it’s your fa—nah…fuck it…it’s not.” Shivering, he added, “It’s my fault for trying to blame it all on you.”

The room went quiet, then. While it was awkward and uncomfortable, it wasn’t necessarily unwanted. It pushed on through a stretch of time, but Connor knew that sometimes, silence was absolutely needed in emotional times. He preferred it as he held onto Hank just as tightly as the older male was holding onto him.

Eventually, Hank said, “I’ve never wanted to be with another man, but I can’t help it anymore…fuck it all.” Leaning his weight against Connor, he enjoyed how Connor wordlessly held onto him without shoving him off. “I want to touch you, Connor…”

Feeling how Connor unconsciously froze, Hank gasped, “No?” When the android still hadn’t responded, he continued desperately, “If you don’t want me to, you better make it clear right now, okay? Just…just tell me…”

Connor suddenly moved back, and he gripped Hank’s stubbly face in his hands. Smiling warmly, he let his breath ghost along Hank’s cheeks. “If I were truly repulsed, I’d have long since socked you in the jaw and fled, you silly Lieutenant.”

Hank sputtered, “But—”

“You were the one who said gender is just how the body is put together, remember?” Connor purred at him happily, “I don’t want to be bound by what’s normal, Hank.”

Hank’s arms tightened around him once again. “Are you sure? Because…” he looked down shyly, “I don’t think I’ll be able to stop and turn back, later…”

Those words resounded in Connor’s audio receptors with peculiar clarity. In lieu of answering, he lightly placed his arms around Hank further, returning his embrace. His closed his eyes and shuddered. He was enveloped by Hank’s familiar scent, which he found he’d never paid special attention to until now.

Hank raised his head and softly pressed his lips to Connor’s cheek. He did it once, paused, and then kissed him there a second time. Afterwards, he fixed Connor with a serious, unwavering gaze. “Don’t back out, now…”

Connor smirked, “Truth be told, I’m basically at a loss, too.”

Pulling him impossibly close, Hank whispered on the air of seduction, “Then shall we get lost together?”

Connor nodded as he shifted them both away from the bed into a more comfortable position. Casting a wordless look at the cleanest spot on the floor, Hank nodded. The delicate candlelight flickered, casting lovely glows and shadows along their faces. Hank’s eyes should’ve been used to it by this point, but for some reason, it seemed remarkably bright to him.




“Don’t touch me!” Gavin cried out as Agent Nines snorted and grabbed onto his arm. When Gavin tried to knock the taller male away, the android caught him by the hair and forced him to raise his head. His derisive smirk made Gavin freeze in place.

Agent Nines grinned cruelly, “Surely your body remembers its true master by now.”

In shame and mild lust, Gavin couldn’t stop his eyes from widening as Agent Nines murmured sensually to him. Slowly, Agent Nines slipped a hand just below Gavin’s ear and caressed the nape of his neck.

Gavin let out a tiny hiss; that touch alone made his insides blaze.

Sensing it, Agent Nines gasped, “Your body is giving in, yet you cling to your heart? Interesting…” To Gavin, his unruffled smile seemed almost beautiful.

He’d been so focused on the silent laughter of those emerald eyes, that he failed to notice how Agent Nines ushered and pushed him towards the center of the bed. As soon as Gavin had settled, Agent Nines took off the boy’s damp, white t-shirt, and he climbed on top of the youth carefully. 

“Wait!!” When Gavin tried struggling and pushing away, Agent Nines held down roughly on his shoulder, and then seized Gavin’s arms and pinned them together above his head. Gavin kicked upwards, and as a result of his fighting, Agent Nines leaned down and gently nipped his earlobe.

Trying not to moan and show that this was affecting him, Gavin bit down hard on his lower lip, and he nearly drew blood.

Agent Nines ceased nibbling and sucking his earlobe, and he huffed hotly in his ear, “What’s the matter? Are you overexcited because it’s been a while?”

Gavin felt the blood flow down to his cock. He glared openly at Agent Nines, knowing he’d stated what he’d said to provoke him. Yet…something felt subtly different than before…normally, Agent Nines would curve his mouth in a derisive smile, and he would watch Gavin struggle with delight shining in his eyes. Now, however, he simply gazed at Gavin without saying anything in the way of a jab. His face however was a bit blank of all emotion. It was such a paradox seeing how a slightly depressed and distraught look painted itself on the Agent’s face. Gavin had seen Agent Nines slashing his way through people as casually as someone kicking a rock lying on the side of the road. So this reaction now in itself combined with the android’s altered demeanor…it set Gavin to wondering.

While still gazing at him intently, Agent Nines tore off Gavin’s clothes, reducing him to nudity in the blink of an eye. His own dark dress pants and black shirt remained on for the moment, however. When Gavin looked at the android’s powerful, muscular build, he averted his face, ashamed that he was beyond aroused. When he saw how hungrily Agent Nines was directing his greedy, devious gaze over his own body, Gavin shivered. It seemed as though he would never grow accustomed to exposing himself to the android’s piercing stare. Yet, his sense of embarrassment also made him helplessly disgusted with himself; he was reacting like an innocent maiden on her wedding night.

Still holding Gavin’s arms trapped above his head, Agent Nines stopped, and wordlessly brought his face to the side of the boy’s neck. His tongue glided from Gavin’s collarbone to his chest, tracing the lines of his heated flesh.

That slight touch made Gavin’s body burn with heat against his own will. He trembled uncontrollably at the thought of the pleasure that lay in wait for him, even though he still found his sexual partner slightly sadistic.

Agent Nines’ fingertips brushed one of his nipples, toying with them sensually. A particularly delightful sensation mounted higher and higher within Gavin as a result, and he didn’t want to put up much of a fight the longer this went on.

Letting out a soft moan, he closed his eyes when he heard Agent Nines chuckling. “You’ve become quite responsive,” he pointed out, “your body must have come to remember the taste of pleasure.”

In answer, Gavin glowered at him with all the force he could muster. “Do you have to comment on everything that happens?!” he couldn’t help but snap out, even though he was aware that Agent Nines had already ignored the protest.

But then, Agent Nines’ face went blank and slightly sad again. His eyes were fixed on Gavin, and he reached down between the youth’s legs and grabbed his palpitating cock.


The power of Agent Nines’ grip sent a sharp bolt of pleasure lancing through him, and he couldn’t help grimacing. He clenched his teeth as Agent Nines moved his hand quickly, already trying to draw out his impending orgasm. And yet…the gaze the android trained on him was empty of anger, malice, or hatred. His changed behavior distracted Gavin from exploding all over himself; in fact, it made him feel chilly, and a faint sense of need.

What was Agent Nines thinking? He wished he could know...just once…

Agent Nines’ hand caressed his erection while his tongue slid over Gavin’s hardened nipples. Waves of warmth started to radiate out of the human male, and he was aware of the wanton noises slipping out of his mouth while his breath quickened. He squeezed his eyes shut as a kind of restless, itchy feeling began to take over him. Nevertheless, he couldn’t help being aware of the difference between his reaction and Agent Nines’: his fevered heat and Agent Nines’ continued cool.

Agent Nines forced Gavin’s legs wide apart, and after coating his fingers in the precum that overflowed from Gavin’s taut penis, he then reached down into the deepest and tightest part of him. He buried his fingers in Gavin’s tense opening, though he took his time to ease their passage.

Gavin caught his breath at the feeling of those fingers invading him. His thighs seemed to clamp up, spasming lightly, but when Agent Nines gently massaged his prostate, he relaxed and turned to jelly in an instant. When he made himself rigid in an effort to gain control of himself at the last minute, it backfired by making his muscles clamp tighter around Agent Nines’ fingers.

“I can feel you tightening around me,” Agent Nines sighed out, “you want me that badly?”

“Hggn!” His voice was drowned out by his own shuddering breaths as Agent Nines’ fingers stirred around inside him. After a few more moments of a slightly hasty preparation, Agent Nines withdrew his fingers from Gavin’s body.

After the brief sound of clothes rustling and a belt buckle coming undoing, Gavin felt the sensation of a hand laid on his inner thigh. Agent Nines moved him to bend in half, pushing his knees up against his chest. He had no time to understand what was going on from his vantage point, however.





Hank cradled Connor from behind, though he was aware that the android was confused, and tried protesting for a moment. Hank clasped his hands over Connor’s tight stomach, buried his face in Connor’s shoulder, and went still for some time. Connor, too, remained motionless, simply choosing instead to watch the candle flame. He smiled when he saw his and Hank’s warmth gradually melting together.

At last, he heard and felt Hank sucking at his neck. The sound of it echoing close by his ear embarrassed him. His body stiffened up a bit, and Hank kissed the same place over and over, as though to ease his tension.


Hank hummed back, but he didn’t stop yet.

Suddenly, Connor felt a moist sensation slide over the side of his neck. Hank’s tongue ghosted little by little toward his collarbone. Shoulders trembling slightly, Connor gulped down shaky moans.

“Connor…” Hank took the android’s chin in a hand and made him look over his shoulder. They finally kissed softly. Connor couldn’t believe their lips met, but the moment they did, he surrendered to all the noises that finally poured out of himself.

Hank kissed him over and over, then, still cupping his chin, and gazed into Connor’s brown eyes. Their incredible closeness was so embarrassing. Connor soon had to look away.

Hank’s free hand gradually worked its way up Connor’s t-shirt, eventually lifting it. His movements were dexterous, teasing, and clearly well accustomed to this, but the large palm touching Connor’s skin was coated in sweat.

“You’re so cute…”

Connor yelped when Hank licked his chin. “What’re you saying??” His exclamation died at the back of his throat when the older male moved back and bit his earlobe. Hank’s hand slowly stroked Connor’s exposed abdomen, then crawled higher, wandering across his chest. Hank’s tongue soon made its way deeper into his ear. The sound of licking reverberated inside him, sapping away his ability to think clearly. Each breath Hank took blew into Connor’s audio receptors pleasantly, and Connor’s shoulders hunched.

Letting out a low laugh at the sight of Connor’s reaction, Hank began caressing his chest with both hands. All the while, he continued kissing the side of Connor’s pale neck. Hank’s hands melded with Connor’s flushed skin, heating up the space between them.

When Hank brushed his nipples, the resulting flash of tingling made Connor nearly collapse further into the older male. The lovely sensations were only accelerating, and Connor felt himself actually growing dizzy. Hank was playing with his nipples, and only then did Connor feel a little upset with himself for missing out on such a pleasurable experience.

He allowed Hank to continue while he lost himself in his delirious ramblings and noises. Desperate to control his voice, he chewed at his lip. An indescribable sensation spread through him, confusing him while Hank stroked his chest.

“I think you’d feel better if you let yourself make some noise,” Hank suggested.

“Shut up,” Connor hissed, though he didn’t mean it in a rude way.

Grinning behind him, Hank snickered, “You sure are stubborn.”

Hanks hands soon wandered lower, and then reached the edge of Connor’s jeans. Sensing that Connor had stopped making sounds and moving, Hank asked, “Scared?”

That was it; no one had touched him there before.

Kissing his hair, Hank said, “I don’t mind stopping here. Might be movin’ too fast after all.”

Those words spurred on Connor’s rebellious side. He knew Hank was deliberately provoking him, but he couldn’t bring himself to ignore it. “No…keep going,” he urged in a small moan.

“I promise I’ll make it good for you, Connor.” Hank embraced him from behind, as though to comfort his somewhat rigid body. In no time, Hank’s fingers had worked their way inside the waistline of Connor’s jeans, and when his fingers touched Connor’s cock through his underwear, the android let out another moan. He felt himself trembling, but Hank’s touch was welcome and rapturous.

Having observed Connor’s reaction, Hank kissed him once on the neck before reaching inside his underwear. The heat of being touched directly sent intense shudders up the android’s back and shoulders. Leaning back, he was startled to feel Hank’s heartbeat through his back, and he realized it was far quicker than he’d expected.

Hank spread the front of his jeans open and took out his newly hardening cock. Hank slowly closed his fist around it, and a sigh spilled from Connor’s lips. The hand wrapped around him began gently moving up and down.

He was overtaken by the faint numbness that began seeping through himself. “Haaaa!”

“It’ll be okay,” Hank cooed, “just let yourself feel it…” following this through with a hot kiss on his lover’s cheek, Hank’s hands began moving faster.

The pangs between Connor’s hips became proportionately sharper, and he gnawed at his lip again to keep his voice at bay in his throat. The older male kept his hand moving, but used the fingertips of his other hand to brush over Connor’s strained lips. His fingers stroked Connor’s lips tenderly, as though to placate him. “Let me hear your voice, Connor…” Hank begged and pleaded, “I want to know if you’re really enjoying this.”

Although he couldn’t make his embarrassment vanish on command, Connor shook his head lightly. He was grateful at least that Hank was expressing how he really felt, but he still wasn’t ready to lose himself entirely. Overpowered by his own perplexity, he was caught by surprise when Hank pressed the head of his cock.

“Ah!!!!!!” He tried muffling the loud cry by covering his mouth with the back of his hand. Hank was handling his erection harder, as though to inflame him.

Though he was pressing down on his mouth, his moans leaked through the gaps between his fingers against his will. “Oooh, ahh!!”

Resting one of his hands on Connor’s shoulder, Hank used his other hand to fumble with Connor’s nipples. The aching in Connor heightened, and unable to withstand it all, he arched his neck back. Liquid overflowed from the tip of his erect cock, and Hank stroked him as though to coat him well in it. The wetness of it drove him even further up the walls with raw desire.

“Ahh! Ahh!! M-nnm!!”

“Hmm, let it all out,” Hank growled in lust.

In the blink of an eye, waves of pleasure came crashing down on Connor. Hank continued stroking away, and Connor went to the brink without any other protests. A powerful tingling shot up his back, and he quivered. White heat came bursting out of his hard cock. At the edge of his sight, he glimpsed Hank’s hand catching it all.

While Hank stiffened and breathed raggedly behind him, Connor had to look away from his own ejaculate; it was all terribly explicit for himself to handle. Hank carefully pushed him down, peeling off his jeans and underwear all in one go. Something cold suddenly breached his back entrance, and he yelped as he tried getting up off the floor. It was Hank’s hand cupping his precum, and he’d reached between his legs. A finger suddenly invaded Connor, and he writhed away at the strange feeling of it all.

This was…different.

“What’re you doing?”

Hank kissed his forehead as he climbed on top of him, “It’ll be hard for you if I don’t loosen you up a little first,” he explained, low-voiced and his tone husky.

Connor unthinkingly glanced back at him. There was an apologetic-yet very hard-pressed look in Hank’s eyes. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing else I can do to work around this.” His voice was charged with heat, and it made Connor even more driven with a frenzy and insatiable need.

Hank voice was hoarse, “I want to hold you.” It was the voice of someone whose limits were being tested.

Spreading his own legs widely, Connor whispered, “So hold me, then…” He looked up to see Hank’s fevered expression. His brows were furrowed, his lips were thinly parted. His face was rendered sensual, and for a second, Connor found himself entranced.

Suddenly, he felt something hot prying his entrance open.




Gavin cried out a loud, deep moan when something hot drove its way deeply into his body. While this hadn’t been the first time he’d slept with Agent Nines, it still felt so foreign when he slid his hot length inside him. Gavin arched his back, his head grinding into the bed sheets while his eyes snapped shut in pleasure. He bucked his hips wildly in an effort to elude coming right there, but Agent Nines caught him and held him down strongly.

Gavin’s mind registered that Agent Nines was completely buried in him, base to tip, and it seemed as if the heat of his cock would burn Gavin from within. The moment he was fully inside, Agent Nines started moving without a pause.

The agony of penetration came in periodic waves, now. Each time Agent Nines plunged into him, prying him open, the sensation of friction made the youth’s spine shudder.

“Fuuu—haa!!!” He heard his own trembling exhalations and felt nothing short of pathetic; it sounded as if he were weeping. Yet, the feeling of Agent Nines thrusting into him swiftly erased his thoughts.

Was Agent Nines concealed and holding back on his own wild mortification, too?

Almost his entire consciousness was devoted to enduring his own pain and pleasure of it all, but when Gavin opened his eyes faintly as his thoughts passed through a distant corner of his brain, he suddenly….!!?

Suddenly, Agent Nines gripped him fiercely in his arms and buried his face in Gavin’s shoulder. The younger male found himself utterly bewildered. He had no idea what was going on. Something really was wrong with Agent Nines today. The android above him had released his arms, but Gavin didn’t resist. Agent Nines’ scent floated towards him from the black hair pressed close by Gavin’s face, tickling his nose. So too, did the scent of blood that had stained bits of Agent Nines’ pants.

He hadn’t the foggiest notion of what was prompting Agent Nines to act in such a way, but when the android began thrusting even more ferociously than before, it trapped the young man back in the gap between pain and pleasure.

“Haa…ahh! Shhh—nn!!”

The angle of entry shifted as Agent Nines plunged into him. When the android’s cock hit a certain spot, rich waves of bliss melted through him, and a cry spilled from his lips before he could stop himself. His unbound arms wandered the air, having nowhere to go. He clutched for something, anything, and caught at Agent Nines’ toned, clothed back.

Agent Nines didn’t overlook this shift in response; he repeatedly aimed for the same sensitive spot, fucking it quickly while Gavin held onto him tightly.

Gavin’s cock-being rubbed between their stomachs-was already painfully stiff. An indecipherable sensation bore him up past all his pain and turmoil, and chased him ever higher. Now, he was clutching desperately at Agent Nines.


In response to his heated moans, a tight breath and groan burst from Agent Nines’ usually silent lips as he went on burying himself deeply in Gavin. Somehow, that groan sounded peculiarly raw and sexual. Gavin’s heart beat hard and his insides clenched upon hearing it, bearing down hard around Agent Nines’ hot shaft.

“Nii—iinneesss!” An ecstasy powerful enough to make Gavin completely forget himself torrented through his body in search of a sweet release. The last few times, Agent Nines pulled out almost all the way, then slammed back into him powerfully. Each time he rammed back inside that tight body, Gavin moaned out for Nines, and it soon held a sway on the cold Agent Nines.

When Gavin panted out ‘Nines’ for the final time, Agent Nines slammed his hand down over the youth’s mouth in an effort to silence him. His thrusts sped up, and he growled, “I’m at my limit for this…” glaring at Gavin as he sheathed himself deeply inside him, he grunted irritably, “do you think that just for tonight, you can call out my name instead? Hmm?”

Upon receiving such thrusts and motions, Gavin’s body quivered, and everything went sharply white. Once the hand around his mouth came off, Gavin threw his head back and lost himself to the indescribably reckless sensations of pleasure and rapture escaping him by the minute.

“Agent Nines!!!” he couldn’t believe who he was now crying out for, but his body had indeed betrayed him. “AGENT NINES!!”

Semen came gushing out of the tip of his rock-hard cock. At the same moment, Agent Nines stiffened slightly, and tightened his arms around Gavin. The younger man felt a searing warmth surge into the depths of his body potently. All he could do was wallow in the sweet aftermath, his head in the clouds.

The exhausted youth felt Agent Nines’ hand reach out and brush away his sweaty bangs, which had been plastered messily to his forehead. Green eyes entered Gavin’s foggy vision.

Just as he’d thought, something was terribly different than before; he’d never seen this look in Agent Nines’ eyes before. Agent Nines had never acted like this before…he wondered hazily about what was happening, and he was taken by surprise when all of a sudden, Agent Nines pressed his lips against Gavin’s.

“…Nmmm?!?” His eyes flew all the way open. It didn’t change the facts, and the facts were laid out right before him then.

Agent Nines was deeply kissing him, and he didn’t want to stop.





“Haaaaaank!” A needy cry sprang from Connor, and the strangeness associated with being penetrated so deeply made him clutch at the carpet desperately. Taking those same fingers in a warm hand, Hank kissed them, as though to console his partner while he gradually slid in deeper and deeper, ready to advance.

“You okay?” his warm voice seeped deliciously into Connor, and he only was able to manage a nod before he twitched his hips involuntarily. When he did this, the sound of a rough exhalation let him know that Hank had fully entered him. Connor’s throat convulsed; his voice wouldn’t come out.

His partner stroked his hair and kissed him. “Please try to bear it; I’ve got you, Connor.” After that, Hank slowly started moving.

Rearing up at once, Connor felt and heard sobs escaping him uncontrollably. “Nu…haa…Haaaank…”

The candlelight illuminated their sweaty skin. Obscene noises and the sound of the floor beneath the carpet creaking filled the room each time their bodies met. Hank pumped inside him gently, though he did it with as little rapid movement as possible, so as to not cause Connor any type of discomfort or suffering. At each thrust, Connor arched his back, as though to escape. When he did, his chest rose, and Hank licked one of his nipples.

Connor’s cries and breath hitched louder, “Haaa!! Ohh!”

Once he’d found Connor’s most sensitive spot, Hank began aiming for it again and again. All his faculty of reason grew muddled and were replaced by waves of sensation sweet enough to wash away the strangeness gathering in his pelvis. Connor responded to every touch, moving back in time to meet Hank’s hips rocking into his own. When Hank began touching his erection, Connor completely lost the ability to thick altogether.

“Shh, Connor…” Strong arms supported his helplessly shaking body, and from time to time, concerned, heated eyes gazed down at his face. It all rendered him even more bashful, but he didn’t vocalize it. 

For every thrust, Connor soon moaned out inarticulately. “Ahh…ahh…aghh!” No matter how he clamped his lips shut, no matter how he tried to hold his voice back, it all still came out. Unable to withstand it, he turned his head sideways, and hid his expressions in a bunch of bed sheets that had been strewn on the floor.

Hank held Connor tightly, adoringly, his hips pounding harder and harder.

Aware that he’d ejaculated once, Connor felt his cock already completely rigid again. He was swept away by pleasure that seemed more than enough to overwrite any fantasy he’d ever entertained about himself and Hank.

Touching his face lightly, Hank whispered, “Show me more of yourself, Connor…” the moment he’d whispered and murmured teasingly in his ear without warning, Connor screamed out at the very height of ecstasy. Before he had time to wonder what Hank meant, the older male had seized him by his arm and pulled him up in one swift, powerful motion. Connor had ended up sitting atop Hank, who had leaned with his back against the edge of the old bed.

“Ahhh!!!” The force of his own body weight made Hank’s hardness sink deeper inside him than ever, and Connor just gaped down at where they were joined. It was all so radiant and beautiful, and he really began discovering and understanding why humans enjoyed sex so much. Intense joy lanced up through him when he looked down at noticed the way in which Hank was studying him.

The older male looked like he really was in love…

Shrinking away from it, Connor gasped, “Please!!” He knew Hank was right below him, watching him quite intently, and he desperately attempted to shy away from his heated, loving looks.

“You…” Hank shuddered, “…you entice me…” Hank whispered more endearing words, fingers caressing his lover’s cock. Burning with strange, growing amounts of passion and elation within himself, Connor twisted his body in a futile effort to hide away, but Hank thrust hard into him from below.

Placing his hands over Hank’s firm chest, he drooled out, “Ooooh god…”

“Hold onto me, Connor.” With the corners of his mouth curving up, Hank gripped Connor’s waist and hips, and then began helping him move up and down in his lap.

Feeling so dirty and lusty, Connor glowered at Hank, but the older male snickered while massaging his hips. “Glaring at me with those tearful eyes only makes you cuter.”

So he threw his head back and moaned at the ceiling, unable to stop himself from riding his lover’s cock. It all came to him naturally and uninhibited. Hands splayed across Hank’s stomach, he somehow managed to hold himself up. Even so, the feeling of the other man’s muscles and abdomen flexing and shifting every time he moved up into him was riveting and powerful enough to make his mind dizzy. His painfully hard cock dripped with evidence of his excitement, and it was pleading for release. Hank attended to it, pumping it hard.  

“Ahh!! Hank!! I c-can’t!!”

Moving rapidly, Hank hissed, “You can! Come for me, Connor!!” Urging his partner onward, Hank penetrated him as deeply as he could go.

Blinding pleasure bolted suddenly through his hips, and Connor arched his back, shivering and shaking powerfully. Both his mind and sight turned pure white, and he had no choice but to give himself over to the impulsive drives and urges tugging at him. Tensing up as well, Hank clenched his hips, holding Connor in place. Soon after, Connor came for the second time, trembling and falling against Hank. He could actually feel Hank’s searing hot release shooting deeply inside himself, and it made him ride out the last portions of his orgasm even longer and sweeter. The older male’s muscles bunched, and his body trembled, before the series of rough, jabbing thrusts came to an end, accompanied and accentuated by one deep grind.

“Haaaaaaaaaank…” with one last bit of energy he had left in his system, he leaned down, and pressed a delicate kiss right above where Hank’s heart was thumping quickly. Connor’s vague field of sight reflected Hank’s face; he wore an expression that suggested he was struggling to contain himself.

When Connor sagged against him, Hank too sank back onto the floor and exhaled deeply. His large, sweaty hands stroked Connor’s back again and again, each touch bestowed growing softer and more endearing than the last.

“You okay?” Hank asked, and he felt Connor answering with a small nod while he lay his head upon Hank’s chest. Chuckling, the older man pressed out in a gravelly voice, “Sorry…it’s been a while for me, and I guess I overdid it?” Truthfully, his throat was parched from ceaseless moaning, and he imagined Connor wasn’t having an easier time either.

Moving his head to the side, Connor pointed at a dark window, “It’s stopped raining…”

Nodding slowly, Hank muttered, “Yeah…for now.”

Wincing when he tried moving atop him, Connor hissed, “Can you please take it out?”

Remembering that he was still deeply buried inside his lover, Hank hastily roused himself, and he gently pushed his hips back, dislodging his limbs from Connor’s. Rolling the android down to his side, he lay him flat beside himself, sniffing the top of his head and playing with his hair lazily. After a moment, Connor shifted, then gasped, “I’m wet and sticky between my legs…”

An impish grin formed its way on Hank’s face, and he pressed out, “And now you know why I use condoms.”

He was met with a nasty glare from his lover, and then Connor spat sarcastically, “Very sexy.”

Grabbing one of the nearby sheets, Hank slowly cleaned both their stomachs, chests, and then he wiped down Connor’s legs. He seemed to be on the verge of closing his eyes and falling asleep, and his lover caught onto it. Pulling the sheet out of his hand, Connor then leaned down and brushed his lips over Hank’s. It was a soft, light kiss; their tongues gliding together only for a moment, and to Connor, it tasted vaguely of tobacco.

Sighing, he pulled away and shook his head at Hank, “Still smoking?”

“Shut up, Connor,” Hank kissed the tip of his nose and his forehead, then pushed him down to lie beside him in a flop. “Just let me hold you so I can at least get two hours of sleep, and then we can leave this place.”

Not wanting to argue and spoil a wonderful, perfect night, Connor closed his eyes, and he willingly entered stasis.

They could argue about this in the morning, after all. But for now, Connor wanted to just ‘cuddle’.

Strange, as he’d never felt the need to do it before…