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Your hands (protect the flames)

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'Oi Hinata, give it back!'

Hinata laughed and jumped away from Nishinoya, who desperately tried to take the tube of gel from ginger's hands.

'No! I like your hair like this. You look so tiiiiiiny'

'Look who's talking!'

Nishinoya growled and threw himself on Hinata who let out a distressed howl when they fell to the ground.

Daichi shook his head and looked over to Suga. Gray-haired boy smiled when he saw Daichi's face and winked at him as to say 'you're coach, you deal with it'.
Nishinoya and Hinata were rolling on the ground and screaming. Kageyama was sending dirty looks to Nishinoya, Tsukishima was rolling his eyes as per usual waiting for Yamaguchi to get dressed, Asahi was glancing nervously at Kageyama and Tanaka thankfully had transfiguation so he had to leave early because if he was here things would probably get even wilder.
Daichi looked from Kageyama who had downright murderous look on his face to Asahi who deeply resembled scared baby seal and then back to the floor and knew it was time to make an end to it.

He put his arms over the chest and groaned.


They looked at him in unison with wide eyes and froze. Daichi sighed. Things he had to deal with.

'Hinata give him back his gel, he's useless without his over the top hair style and Nishinoya for Merlin's sake stop chewing on his leg! You both have class in ten minutes and if I hear you were late I'm gonna feed you to the giant squid! And Kageyama please stop, you're scaring Asahi!'
Two Gryffindors let go of eachother and Hinata threw the tube of gel at Nishinoya who caught it and ran in the bathroom with it.
Blond Slytherin and his freckled friend left shortly after, Tsukki crashing with Kageyama's shoulder rather than saying goodbye, giant of a Hufflepuff decided to wait for Nishinoya outside, trying to get as far away from Kageyama as he could or so it seemed and black-haired Slytherin was standing next to Hinata's locker with arms crossed, his trademark frown firmly on his face as ginger babbled about god knows what, trying to get dressed in the mean time and failing.

'You dont want to become a dinner, do you Hinata', Daichi said dangerously.

Hinata shook his head in distress, quickly put on his robes and rushed out of the changing room, Kageyama following close behind.

'See you tomorrow Captain', he heard the smaller boy yell from outside.

This little mixed practice club of his was going to be the death of him. And to think –

'You know it's kinda hot when you get bossy'

Oh no. Oh no no no.

He quickly looked at Suga who smiled apologeticly and took his bag.

No no, dont you dare. Dont you DARE.

'Suga do– '

'I'lll wait for you outside' Suga said, nodded to person behind Daichi and left the changing room. The bastard.

'Ah, so its just you and me now'

Daichi clenched his jaw and turned slowly to meet the owner of the voice.

'What are you doing here Kuroo', he asked, not trying to hide his irritation.

'Funny, I could ask you the same thing. Since its our time to practice', Kuroo grinned lazily and Daichi noticed that his stupid hair was looking even more stupid today, if that was even possible.

And of course. Of course. He had to say it.

'Your hair looks stupid today'

Kuroo's eyes got wide with surprise and he let out a barking laugh.

'I didnt know you took such an interest in my hair. Good to know though. I'll make them especially nice for you tomorrow.'

Daichi Sawamura definetely wasn't taking an interest in his fellow sixth year's stupid hair and/or his annoying feline eyes and his stupidly large hands and –

Wooaah there, hold your hippogriffs.

It was just that Kuroo Tetsurou was irritating pain in the ass who always found himself somewhere in near proximity of Daichi and liked to torture him, his stupid lopsided smirk always plastered on his face. Daichi strongly believed that he was actually born with it, making it his default mode, so maybe it wasnt even his fault. The bastard was cursed with his stupid smirk for life.

BUT, what he was trying to say was that Kutoo Tetsurou was annoying and he didnt like him.

'Now now no need to get you panties in the twist. I was just saying hi to my new favourite captain.'

He knew, of course he knew. He didn't even bother to ask how since Kuroo always seemed to know everything before it even became official.

'So how does it feel? One day you coach a bunch of misfits from different houses and the next day you become a captain of your own quidditch team. I'm proud of you Sawamura, you've come so far'

He dragged the last word so it came out as a purr.

Damn cat-boy.

'Thank you Kuroo, I cannot express the gratitude I have for your kind words. Now if you excuse me, I have to go because you know, I actually attend my classes.'

Kuroo chuckled.

Daichi turned and was about to leave when he felt a hand on his shoulder. The other boy leaned dangerously close to him and he could feel his warm breath on his neck as Slytherin spoke.

'See you in the air, Captain'




'Thanks for nothing', Daichi groaned as he finally escaped from smirking face of his tormentor.

Suga laughed and threw his arm over Daichi's shoulder.

'Well I just wanted to leave you two to your captain matters. Since your both captains now'

'Can you please stop using that word!'

'You better get used to it, you know, since you are a captain now'

'Suga', Daichi said dangerously. So he was, a captain that is. How he became one? He had no idea. He knew he wasn't a good fit to be a captain. Not really. Coaching 'a band of misfits' was something entirely different than being responsible for the whole team. They trusted their captain to make good decisions and that scared Daichi even if he wouldn't admit it. Captain had to keep his feet firmly on the ground no matter what because his team relied on him. What if he let them down? What then? Gryffindor had a good captain, he was uplifting and loud and he always seem to know what to say to his teammates to make them fight like real lions, Ravenclaw's captain was smart and he found a way out of every situation no matter how troubling and Kuroo, well even if it pained him to admit it, Kuroo was a great captain. His teammates trusted him, believed in him and were willing to follow him everywhere. He was driven and determined, he knew how to encourage them with few words and more importantly, they all had great respect for him. Daichi on the other hand was...

Suga must have sensed that his mind was taking him to dangerous places because he squeezed Daichi's shoulder reassuringly.

'You're gonna be great, stop worrying so much'

Daichi let out a sigh. Suga always said things like this to make him feel better. But anyway, the team, his team chose him to be their captain and even though he strongly suspected they had no idea what they were doing, if he tries really hard he'll make it work. He must make it work.




Kuroo found many people around him very interesting; Kenma, his childhood friend, seemingly apathic and mostly unresponsive Ravenclaw. Kageyama with his hostile glares, which for some reason only seem to soften into something more 'friendly' around certain ginger fireball of a Gryffindor. Bokuto with his loud mouth, owlish looks, love for animals and passion for quidditch. Yaku who never missed an opportunity to embarrass him but somehow still managed to play the role of a mother in their large group of friends. Nishinoya who only seemed to seek improvement in whatever it was he was doing, specially quidditch. Hinata and his never-give-up attitude and hunger for victory. Asahi, scary looking Hufflepuff with heart of glass and mean game in the air. Akaashi with his emotionless expression and abillity to smell bullshit before you even opened your mouth, Tsukishima and his bastard-y character which was only a little less annoying when freckled Hufflepuff started to throw threatening looks in his direction. Yamaguchi who came so far from being Tsukki's side kick to the only person who managed to keep annoying blond giraffe in line. Tanaka who was always in the mood for causing trouble and blowing things up. Soft spoken and caring Suga, who was obviously made out of puppies and cupcakes and unicorns and soft blankets. Damn, he even found Oikawaa and his stupid charm interesting.

But, for some unfathomable reason, there wasn't a single person in the world who intrigued him more than Sawamura Daichi.

Oikawa dared to call him boring once but he couldn't be more wrong. Sawamura was anything but boring. He had this aura of silent authority and respectfullnes going on which made everyone near him weak and hungry for his approval. Nobody ever wanted to come even close to dissapointing him. And he was kind, so kind and loyal to his friends, always there to pat their backs and say something encouraging when they were feeling down. Daichi who got together kids from different houses who had troubles fitting in to practice quidditch with them but the group gradually became so much more and Kuroo knew how proud Daichi was of his little practice club and its members, it was heart warming, really. He walked and talked with seriousness but he knew how to smile and when he did, oh boy, he lit up the whole room. Kuroo loved how he seem to be the only one who could make his friendly and composed expression falter and turn into something more of an irritated glare. It made him feel kind of special.

Now if you think that Kuroo lived in some sort of denial of his feelings for Daichi, you are wrong. He realized he wanted to be more to brown-haired Hufflepuff than just a rival and annoying distraction, approximately two years ago. He however, didnt do anything to make that happen. He just continued being little whore for Daichi's attention and so far so good. Kuroo simply couldn't risk their relationship (relationship huh?) as it was, trying to make Daichi his. Their little encounters and fights meant way to much to him.

Or so he liked to tell himself.

Whatever gets you through the night right?

Speaking of, his next class was potions and it was one of few classes in which his attendance was perfect. This of course had nothing to do with the fact that they shared it with Hufflepuffs, absolutely nothing at all. It was just a coincidence.

'Could you please hurry up, I don't want to be late'

Oikawa smiled knowingly and sighed.

'Oh Tetsurou, when day comes when you stop pining over Sawamura I'll buy myself three bottles of fire whiskey and celebrate until night turns into morning and moon – '

'Oikawa I will cut you if you don't stop and call me Tetsurou again and I'll punch you in the throat, Kuroo smiled.

Oikawa pouted. 'You're a meanie'

But than he thankfully continued dressing up.

Kuroo groaned. Why were they friends. The first time he layed eyes on this boy whose hair was always perfect (how??) he should've turned around and ran in the other way as fast as he could. Too late for that now, sadly.

'You don't want to keep your precious Hufflepuff waiting now do you?' Oikawa wiggled his eyebrows and left the room.






Daichi dreaded potions for two reasons.

One, he was terrible at mixing ingridients, he couldn't chop and stir and grind them with a finesse which was required for it, his fingers feeling too clumsy, his hands too big. He also didn't have the patience and discipline to stir mixture exactly two and a half times with a small swift movement of a wand, whispering soft words to it and what not. So the end result was usually quite...disturbing. It was only because of much appreciated help from Suga and Asahi that he wasnt failling the subject completely.

Two, they shared class with goddamne snakes. And it wasn't that Daichi disliked all the Slytherins, some were quite nice actually, Akaashi for example. He only truly disliked, surprise surprise, one. No, actually make that two. Oikawa was also rather annoying.
Stupid black haired cat-boy had two hours, twice a week, to disturb Daichi's hard work (hah hah ha) and to irritate him until he was grinding his teeth and his face was turning from white to pink in intervals of approximately three minutes. And Kuroo seemed to really enjoy potions and of course, because universe had wicked sense of humor, he also excelled at the subject. He never missed class, not once and we're talking about Kuroo who was known to spend more time walking to classes than actually attending them. 'I got distracted' being his most used excuse.



On your mark

Kuroo walked into class with that jerk of Oikawa following him, smirking like it was going out of fashion.

get set

'How are you? You look a bit flustered, you feeling fine?'


'We spoke two hours ago. I'm fine'

'Well two hours is a long time and i missed youuu'

There it was again, purring. Daichi didn't know people could even purr before he met Kuroo. Or maybe just Kuroo was capable of that, who knows.
Before Daichi could reply professor Ukai walked in and urged them to take their sits.

Thank you Helga, I owe you this one.

Professor Ukai sat down on the table and looked at them with bored exspression.

'So dearest class of mine, remember in the beginning of the school year when I said you're gonna do some group projects in the future? Well the time has come. You'll work in pairs and no, I don't really give a damn who you're paired with as long as you both do your parts. When you decide on your topic come see me and we'll disccuse it, no you cant make poiosons and no you cant make love potions. Choose your topic and partner wisely because it's going to be half of your grade. Is everything clear?'

Yeah okay, that didn't sound so bad. He'll work with either Suga or Asahi, because he knew that considering his poor knowledge of potions, one of them will pair with him. He was so glad to have friends like this.

'Professor Ukai'

Ugh what does that jerk want now. Daichi glanced at Kuroo who had sickingly amused look on his face.

'Yes Kuroo?'

'Can I work with Sawamura? You know this is the only way you'll know for sure he actually did put some work in the project. Sugawara and Asahi will probably go easy on him'

Ringing. Loud ringing was all Daichi could hear as his vision became black and his mouth turned into freaking Sahara. Right on time too.

'Yeah yeah sure, I dont care.'



Daichi jumped from his chair like he was on fire.


Oops that was a bit too loud. Daichi took a deep breath and tried his best to compose himself.

'Professor Ukai, I dont think that's a good idea'

Ukai squinted his eyes. He didn't wear his hair band today, Daichi faintly noticed.

'Is that so? Well as far as I'm concerned you should be glad Kuroo was so nice to choose someone as incompetent as you. Does anyone have any questions?' He looked away and Daichi knew there was no point to poke at matter any further.

Daichi looked down, fixing his gaze on his quil, not wanting to face Kuroo who probably looked smug and victorious as hell. Bastard. Bastard. Bastard. So this was really happening. It will go smoothly, for sure. Daichi could already see vivid details of his own funeral.

He felt a hand on his shoulders and he turned to see Asahi giving him concerned look.

'I'm sure it won't be so bad', Suga said slowly, his voice lacking conviction.

'Yeah', he said dryly. 'Say Suga, do you think Tanaka will lend me his beater bat?'