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Taste of Your Lips

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Had he ever paid such close attention to Shinada's mouth before? The creases at the corners, the stubble surrounding it, how plump and pink his lips were.

Oh, no, that thought was awfully familiar. Teenage fantasies whilst staring at them from the corner of his eye, imagining what it would be like to kiss those lips.

Not that he needed to imagine now.

Daigo let out a half-growled sort of sound, leaning in to kiss him slowly. Shinada whined in response, pushing himself up towards Daigo's mouth.

Daigo made a small moan, finding himself chewing on Shinada's bottom lip. They were so soft, and shiny too. One of the few personal grooming and care things Shinada did regularly was apply a layer of lip balm every morning, smacking his lips together in the mirror a few times before grinning. It left him with a slight shimmer and tasting of raspberries.

"You are plastered," Shinada chuckled, partially muffled from Daigo still gnawing on him, "You’re still a lush.”

Daigo pulled away briefly, cupping Shinada's chin and running his thumb just under his bottom lip, feeling the scratch of stubble.
"Well you are absolutely delectable," he slurred in return, finding himself licking his lips, suddenly awash with lust for his partner. Oh he was very drunk.

Already Shinada was pinned to the bed by Daigo kneeling over his thighs, flat on his back, so Daigo moved to lean forward, pinning down his biceps with a tilted head and a wide-eyed stare at his mouth. Shinada gulped loudly, but broke the tension by glancing over at the side table.

"Look, uh, speaking of delectable," he said, the drunken slur of his own words a little softer as he stared at the two styrofoam containers still there, "That food isn't gonna eat itself y'know."

Daigo’s eyes lit up slightly, a ghost of a touch running over Shinada’s middle. "Oh, it certainly won't..."

He slid back enough to allow Shinada to sit up properly, then pushed him back against the headboard, sitting on his lap to keep him in place once more.

He was staring at Shinada's mouth again, watching those perfectly kissable lips part in slight shock, but Shinada was relaxed quickly enough. At the end of the day, Daigo would never actually hurt him and would always stop immediately if told he was getting even close to that.

Either way, Daigo grabbed the top container, flicking open the lid and subjecting both of them to the strong smell of ebi fry. Daigo picked one up, turning it over before glancing up at Shinada.

He was staring at it almost like a pitiful mutt, wiggling on the spot to try and catch Daigo's attention to where the prawn should be going.

"Hungry, Tatsuo?"

Shinada nodded, puckering his bottom lip and batting his eyelashes at Daigo. "Very hungry."

"Such an appetite on you," Daigo said, before turning his head to the side and eating the ebi fry for himself. He made the movement deliberately slow, seeing the flicker in the other’s face, at least partially from the vaguely suggestive nature, but more importantly because it was his food.

Shinada let out a hurt whimper, butting his head against Daigo's chest. "Daigo-kuuuun..."

Daigo let out a small tut, pushing him away whilst getting out another and holding it up by the tail tip, just in front of Shinada's nose, swaying it back and forth. Shinada's dark eyes followed, until he looked at Daigo, silently asking for permission.

"Here we go, my love," Daigo said, pushing the breaded prawn past Shinada's lips.

Shinada choked slightly at the suddenness, but still managed to bite down, chewing slowly. He was all too aware of Daigo staring at his mouth as he chewed, completely glazed over.

"Don't start drooling," Shinada said once he swallowed, cocking a brow.

As if in a trance, Daigo just mumbled something barely coherent, getting another piece of ebi fry and feeding it to Shinada, which he happily accepted.

"You're so damn cute," he breathed out, kissing the corner of his mouth. He paused a moment, licking off a few crumbs that had clung to his skin.

Shinada snorted at the sensation, but simply found himself with more food stuffed in his mouth moments later. He blocked it off with his hand before Daigo could shove more there, cheeks bulging as he tried to chew.

"My mouth isn't that big," he mumbled, making a show of tilting his head back and gulping heavily.

Daigo stared at his Adam's apple bobbing up and down, breathing rather low and shallow. His cheeks were flushed a deep red, before he suddenly shifted on Shinada's lap, doing what he thought was a subtle adjust around the front of his pants.

Shinada's face lit up with a wicked grin, wrapping his arms around Daigo's middle and pulling him closer. "Aw, Daigo-kun. Excited already?"

Daigo blushed more, managing to grab another prawn and stuffing it into Shinada's mouth to silence him and his teasing.
"C'mon Tatsuo," he mumbled, own mouth dry as he rubbed himself against one of Shinada's thick thighs, "Good boys finish all their dinner."

"Mmph, this is like my second dinner today." Shinada went to take some of the food himself, but had his hand slapped away. He sighed, shaking his head with a small smile. "Okay, okay. You're in charge of that."

Daigo's lips twitched, barely flashing his top row of teeth – he was too drunk for an actual grin. "Nearly finished with this, anyway."

Shinada nodded, eating the remaining few ebi fry easily, pausing only to wipe crumbs from his face. Daigo purred in approval, shuffling up to kiss again.

His hands grasped at Shinada's hair, fingers tangling themselves through the thick locks to start massaging his scalp. Shinada managed a small blissed out mumble, but pulled away slowly to nod in the direction of the second food container.

"I think they'll be easier for you to just eat by yourself," Daigo said, opening the lid and revealing the pile of chicken wings underneath, dripping in a sweet sticky sauce, "Quicker, too."

"Oh, for sure."

Shinada immediately tucked in, tearing meat from bone with ease, smearing sauce on his cheeks with every bite. Daigo just sat there in silence, occasionally licking his lips or squeezing a hand on Shinada's leg.

He was entranced by his mouth again, how fluidly it moved as he chewed, the little flashes of his teeth - once forced straight by braces in childhood, now a little wonky again, one canine that looked noticeably like an adorable little fang.

"Still don't fully get this," Shinada said suddenly, snapping Daigo out of his staring.


"I don't judge, you know that. Got better things to do, my own weird shit I’m into." Shinada gave a slight shrug, scratching his side and getting sauce over his shirt in the process. "But I still don’t really understand why you get turned on just by watching me eat.”

"Yes, well...I am very drunk," Daigo said, with too much self-awareness for a man who was pretty wasted. He furrowed his brow, licking his thumb and rubbing it over the mark. "Anyway, if I really knew why, I wouldn’t hate myself for enjoying it when I’m sobered up. Or I would, I don’t know…”

"You hate enjoying anything babe," Shinada sighed gently, watching Daigo lick his thumb again and scrub it more fiercely, "I can't believe you're doing that even when you're this drunk."

"It'll stain otherwise!" Daigo huffed, nostrils flaring. "And I don't hate enjoying everything!"

"You know I’m just teasing you."

Shinada shuffled on the spot to sit up a little straighter, throwing the bones of the last chicken wing into the box. He paused for a moment, raising his hand into his mouth and belching into it, before grinning proudly. "Done!"

Daigo looked up at him with heavily lidded eyes, grabbing his wrist with a smirk. Shinada couldn’t stop the small shiver up his spine.


Slowly, Daigo lapped at Shinada's forefinger with his tongue, licking off any of the sauce still there with what sounded like an exaggerated moan. He did the same with the middle finger, skipped the third and cleaned the pinkie. He then returned to the third finger, sticking that one fully into his mouth.

It was Shinada's turn to stare at his mouth now, as Daigo suckled his finger, staring right back at him with those tired eyes.

He did the same with his other hand, but this time brought in a little nibble, mumbling gently as he did.

"Hey, I'm not for eating Daigo-kun," Shinada scoffed, pawing at Daigo's cheek.

Something a little evil danced in Daigo's eyes at that, actually managing a real smirk as he pulled away, wiping a track of drool from his chin as he did.
"Oh no, you've discovered my secret plan," he said, clearly attempting to put on a more dramatic voice, but it came out in his usual low level one instead, still slurred with drunkenness.

Shinada couldn't help laugh, but decided to play along. "What? You gonna eat me Daigo? You been feeding me up for that?"

Daigo flushed an irritated red, wrangling Shinada until he was on his back once more. He loomed over him, hands either side of his head.

"Perhaps." Daigo leaned in, tugging down the collar of Shinada's t-shirt to better access his neck, kissing there slowly.

Shinada's eyes fluttered half closed, moaning at the motion, before yelling out with the first hard bite to his shoulder.
"So it's not just me that's greedy, huh?" he asked, hands shooting up to squeeze Daigo's ass, smirking and earning himself another bite.

Daigo did seem a little distracted though, hands travelling around Shinada's torso. He gave a light squeeze to his pecs, palms massaging over his nipples through his t-shirt. Shinada whimpered at the sensation, breathing getting a little haggard as he tilted his head away.

"You're so sensitive there now Tatsuo," Daigo mumbled, still rubbing over his chest slowly, "I'm so glad. Now I have an excuse to play with your tits."

"Not like you ever needed one," Shinada said, voice trailing off high as he let out another whimper, "You're a grabber. Always have been."

Daigo let out a laugh, all soft and breathy, hands moving down to rub Shinada's soft belly. "You got me there...can't help it when you're all cute and squishy..."

“And who’s fault is that?” Shinada asked, jutting out his gut slightly at the feeling. He paused for a moment and sighed. “Guess it’s mine. I do beg a lot.”

Daigo laughed again, starting to straddle him now, rubbing their crotches together. He was rock hard, and the friction of fabric against fabric was enough to stir Shinada, groaning as he did.

Daigo wasn't finished playing quite yet though, hands grasping at the fabric of his t-shirt and slowly pulling it over his head. He was smiling dazed as he stared at Shinada's now bare torso, brushing a finger from his collarbones to his navel.

"Yummy," he purred, biting his bottom lip as he traced circles over his skin.

Shinada couldn't help laughing himself, throwing his head back and covering his mouth as he did. "Wow. You're really committing to that 'wanting to eat me' joke, huh?"

"You shouldn't lay there looking like a three-course meal."

Daigo leaned in, kissing slowly over Shinada's torso. He'd pause every so often, taking a small mouthful of flesh between his teeth, biting down until Shinada let out a small squeak, before licking the small red marks he left and moving on.

"I love you so much," he said, voice hoarse and hushed as he slid up further.

“You talking to me or my abs?” Shinada asked jokingly, deliberately inviting another nip to his throat that made him squeal with glee.

Now Daigo lapped over his breast, the tip of his tongue working around the areola. He also started gently scratching Shinada's stomach, just below the ribs where he knew it was pleasantly ticklish for him.

Shinada's eyes fluttered, watching Daigo start to suckle on his nipple, hand cupping his other breast and massaging it.
His hair was starting to get tousled, short strands falling out of place and sticking to his forehead, making Shinada smile weakly, reaching to comb his fingers through it. He adored seeing his partner get to such a state, especially over him.

His smile grew into a little smirk as he felt Daigo's erection brush against his thigh once more. Keeping Daigo distracted by stroking his hair, Shinada managed to reach down and grope it. Daigo pulled his head back, panting heavily with scrunched up eyes.


"You know," Shinada said quietly, watching Daigo shiver as he kept rubbing his palm over his crotch, "I'm still a little peckish."

He waggled his brows slightly, smacking his lips as he gazed downwards. Daigo nodded, brushing a kiss against him before sitting back and unbuttoning his pants.

"Do I get another request?" Shinada asked, fingers hooking the waistband of his boxers.
Daigo just grunted a 'yes', leaning back to the bedside cabinet to get a bottle of lube, so Shinada continued.

"Could you maybe...jerk into my mouth?" He started to blush, putting a finger to his bottom lip. “I like watching you masturbate…”

Daigo frowned, standing up for a moment to step out of his lower clothes. "So long as you shift onto the pillows, I don't want you choking."

Shinada grinned excitedly, scrambling up to arrange the pillows behind him so his head was propped up. Daigo crawled back onto him, bare backside gently resting on Shinada's stomach.

"I still can't believe you actually like the taste," he grumbled, squirting some lube onto his palm.

Regardless, he started to stroke himself, sucking in through his teeth. He was already rather primed, so to speak, his cock hot in his hand as he stroked down to the head. Shinada watched, mouth partially open with a grin.

"There we go," he mumbled, rubbing Daigo's thighs, "What a show! You spoil me rotten Daigo-kun."

"Don't I know it," Daigo said under his breath, feeling a tug in his gut. He swallowed the lump in his throat, quickening his pace. "I'm always so weak to handsome boys like you."

He moaned, tilting his head to the ceiling as he jolted slightly, legs starting to shake.

Shinada huffed excitedly, wrapping his hands around either of Daigo's ass cheeks and squeezing slowly. He fluttered his eyelashes, gazing up and whining like a puppy for attention.

Daigo swallowed again and looked down, finding himself drawn to staring at Shinada's lips once more. He knew the expression he was pulling was at least partially played up, but the way his tongue was lolled out over the bottom one, eagerly waiting for him to finish, eyes lit up greedily.

God damn he loved that mouth.


With a final jerk, Daigo came. He managed to aim most of it into Shinada's mouth, but he still ended up with splatters over his chest and cheeks, a little bit in his hair even. Scrunching his eyes up, Daigo flopped to his back, arms sprawled out on the bed.

Shinada managed to wiggle upwards a bit more, swallowing his mouthful with a small squirm.
"Thank you," he said, bowing his head and clasping his hands together, before swiping his tongue around his mouth.

Daigo's response was to moan, roll off him and to his feet, legs still shaking a little as he tried to steady himself. He leaned forward slightly, clasping the edge of the bed, before staring up at Shinada through the hair that had fallen over his eyes.

"You. Shower. Now," he grunted, pointing at the en-suite door.

"In a minute," Shinada mumbled, swiping a finger over his chest and licking it, smirking at the disgusted look that flashed over Daigo's face, "Aw, you jerk yourself sober?"

Daigo just rubbed the corners of his eyes, pointing again at the bathroom door with slightly more aggression. "Get in that damn shower so I can spank your ass and jerk you off. If you’re lucky, I might even finger you a little."

Shinada's eyes glazed over for a second, before he scrambled to his feet and rushed into the bathroom, throwing off his pants in Daigo's direction as he did, letting out a small whoop of excitement.

Daigo scoffed and shook his head, pulling off his own t-shirt before following him in.

"You really are spoilt."