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He ran. He ran trying not to hear the footsteps behind him. He felt awful. Being a novice did not mean that he had to be caught. If he would go back home, what would he say to the others?

"I have to escape." he thought.

He was a mess. He was burning with fear, excitement, anxiety and regret. It would have been the best option for him to stay in his current form, but he hasn't been able to quite control it yet. He ran to the left from one of the streets he was running through. When believed he could regulate his breath a bit, he allowed his body to get a pain from his ribs to his legs. He collapsed and took deep breaths. At the end, when he was fully turned, put his horse tails on his head and managed to get away without getting caught.


Hyunwoo was aware of what he saw. Fully aware. He could point a gendershifter even from a distance. He ran after him and entered the streets he entered.

Even though he ran fast, he couldn't catch him. Lost his trail, he felt dissapointed. He was always known as one of the best in his job, there was no excuse for him to lose track of that gendershifter.

He turned the corner that the gendershifter had lastly went to, and when he realized he had lost him completely, he let himself fall on front of the wall to breathe. He closed his eyes and took deep breaths for a while.

Their tale was almost a hundred years old. Nobody knew how they really created or became like this. That's why there were hunters to kill them, extinct them and analyze them.

Gendershifters were able to shift from man to woman or woman to man anytime they wanted. They sometimes left trails behind them which hunters always appreciated, but most of the time, they were clever enough to clean behind.

Normal people never knew about gendershifters, or some of them knew them as a great tales. Some people were afraid of them, some people hated them, for short, they were not welcomed to human world.

That's why Hyunwoo obligated himself to catch them, search them and extinct them. They did not belong to this world but they were interesting enough to leave curiosity in a person.

After a while, when he was able to control his breath again, Hyunwoo got up and looked around.

Right there, two meters away, there was something on the ground. He walked up to it. As he got closer, he couldn't control his excitement, because it was a proof. It was more than a proof, it was a trace. He took it in to his hand and looked at it.

"Hmm... he shifted, huh?"

When the Gendershifter escaped, the man could have turned into the woman form that, he left the penis he had in the male form behind. It was a mistake that any gendershifter didn't make for a long time so Hyunwoo was even more disappointed when he realized that the gendershifter he couldn't catch, was a novice.

He decided to put the penis in his bag and go back to his friends. They could analyze the thing they found and thanks to it, they could find the mansion where the gendershifers were, and destroy them collectively. He walked back from the streets he was running, then got into his car and turn on the vehicle.

The destination, was the warehouse.


After a long drive to the warehouse, Hyunwoo finally showed the penis to his friend, Jooheon, who was not a hunter, but the mastermind on the biologic and anatomic informations about the gendershifters.

Jooheon looked at the penis in an awe and smiled after he figured out how he could use it.

"I can tell you to whom this penis belongs and construct his profile."

After that good news, Hyunwoo smiled too.

"Nice! Do it then."

Jooheon showed him the door.

"Get out then, you know i can't focus when there's people."

Hyunwoo sighed and got out of the room. He went to his room and sat down on his bed, playing with his phone.

Jooheon, by the way, took some DNA sample from the penis and put it in one of his scientific machines to construct the profile. When he no longer needed the penis, he put it in a jar and put it in his shelf with the other penises and boobs.

He turned back to his computer and realized it was done already. He called for Hyunwoo to come and when he came back immediately, he opened the file.

But freakishly, there was nothing but the shifter's name on his profile.

Hyunwoo looked at the empty screen first and then at Jooheon.

"I don't know why this happened. Maybe because of the computer? Should I try to fix it?"

When Jooheon asked, Hyunwoo shook his head.

"I don't think that's the problem Jooheon."

Jooheon said nothing afterwards. Hyunwoo just looked at the only thing on the screen. The name. Somehow, it was pulling Hyunwoo to himself.

Yoo... Kihyun. Hyunwoo swore to catch him next time, right there.