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Son of The Sea

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The son of Poseidon, Jason Todd, was screwed. Caught in the middle of a lightning storm, alone, at midnight in Bludhaven was not the ideal situation for someone who, a) hated storms, and b) hated Nightwing.

Jason dodged a bolt of lightning directed at him and scowled up at the cloudy sky. “Screw you!” he yelled. A laugh from behind him scared him out of his wits.

“Hey little wing.” Donna Troy, daughter of Zeus, leaned against a brick wall, smirking at him in full Troia regalia. “Troia.” Jason grumbled. “Red.” She retorted. “Your dad hates me.”

He jogged over to her side and dried himself off, sighing heavily.

“My dad hates everyone, Jaybird. You’re just one of his least favourite people.” Donna said, ruffling his hair. “I thought I was after my dad and Percy and Hades.” Jason said innocently. The ground shook under him threateningly.

“Have you seen Grayson?” He asked, becoming serious and quiet. Donna shook her head. “He’s avoiding me. He knows I’ve been in contact with you and the Outlaws.” she looked crestfallen and Jason scowled. “It’s just me and Roy now, and Roy’s been at Camp for almost a full year now.” He said sadly. “Nightwing has no reason to avoid you. We’re cousins and best friends, he knew that.” he put his arm around her. “Yeah, you’re right.” she smiled. “Well, I’m heading back to New York. I’ll see you in June at Camp, Jay.” she kissed his cheek and flew off, leaving clear skies behind her.

“Hood. You’re trespassing.” Nightwing swooped down as soon as Troia was out of earshot, which really pissed Jason off. “What, too scared to confront me when I’ve got backup?” He scoffed. “Fuck you, Grayson.” he turned to walk away but Grayson blocked him. “B wants us to bring you in. You’re dangerous, Hood.”

Nightwing slipped into a fighting stance. “Us?” Jason asked hesitantly, his heart sinking. Two dark shadows dropped down from the building behind Jason and he recognized Robin-Damian- and Black Bat. Red Robin and Batgirl dropped down behind Nightwing and he realized he was surrounded.

“Dam. You guys are really gonna try and subdue me?” Jason sighed, not wanting to hurt Cassandra Cain or his former student, Damian. “Don’t fight us, Hood.” Nightwing cautioned, stepping closer. “This isn’t a fair game, Dick.” Jason pleaded. “I don’t want to hurt you guys. I just want to live my own life.” he tried to turn and run but Black Bat blocked his exit.

“Stay.” She commanded.

“You’re really gonna make me?” Jason sighed. “So be it.” he pointed at a large water tower nearby and closed his eyes.

“You’re outnumbered, outmatched and outgunned, Todd.” Robin sneered. “Surrender.”

Jason sighed again. “Sorry little one.” he locked eyes with his student before the water tower exploded and the water obeyed Jason’s commands, engulfing the bats long enough for Jason to send out a quick SOS. “DAD! I COULD USE SOME BACKUP!” He yelled to the heavens.

He heard a neigh and saw his own beloved Pegasus, Tula, swoop down from above. “Hey girl.” He grinned, swinging himself up and releasing the bats. “Let’s fly.”

Tula neighed in agreement and galloped across the skies, kicking up a spray of water behind her. “Sorry guys!” He yelled behind him.

The soaked and spluttering vigilantes glared up at him as Tula took him far from Bludhaven.

Where to, Jay? She inquired.

“Camp.” He decided. “I need to talk to Roy.” 





Roy was repainting his bow when a cry came up from the stables.

Tula, Jason’s Pegasus, leapt into the air and took off, looking like she had somewhere important to be.

“She just took off!” Percy, Jason’s older half-brother, exclaimed.

“Blackjack?” Roy asked Percy’s pegasus. The sleek black stallion whinnied, looking distraught. “He says Jason needed her.” Percy reported. “Dam.” Roy cursed.

Tula was back within seconds, this time carrying a rider in a brown leather jacket with a white streak in his black hair.

“Jason?” Roy met them at the camp entrance. “Jesus, you’re bleeding.”

Jason touched his fingers to his cheek as he dismounted. “Huh. Guess baby bat grazed me.” he mumbled, staring down at his red-stained fingers.

“The bats? Again?” Roy hissed in outrage.

“Jason! What happened?!” Percy cried, running towards them. Triton, Mr. D’s replacement for Camp Head, was hot on his heels.

“I’m fine.” Jason complained.

“No, you’re bleeding.” Triton summoned a ball of water and pressed it to Jason’s cheek, healing the angry cut. “There we go.” The firstborn son of Poseidon said, ruffling his younger brother’s hair.

“Jay, you need to be careful.” Percy chided.

“Dam, Perce, I’m 17. You don’t need to baby me.” Jason scowled at his older brothers and turned to press a kiss to Tula’s face. “Good girl.”

Triton sighed and exchanged a look with Percy.

"Don't you dare call dad." Jason warned the elder two.

"No need." Poseidon's voice held a tinge of amusement as the sea god himself appeared before his three sons and Jason's archer friend. "Thank you, Roy." he said to the blushing Arsenal. "WHAT?!" Jason whirled on his best friend with an outraged shriek. "Sorry, Jay." Roy said sheepishly.

"I said I'm fine. I don't need you guys babying me all the time! Our lives are dangerous, get over it!" Jason yelled at his brothers and father. "Jason, you died. Like, actually died. We have reason to be worried for you." Percy said gently. "Percy's right." Poseidon agreed, cupping Jason's cheek and analyzing him with calm sea green eyes.

"Dad, I'm fine. I've had worse. And Triton already healed me." Jason shot an annoyed glare at his oldest brother.

Triton shrugged serenely. "I regret nothing." He quipped. "Bitch." Jason grumbled. "Jerk." Triton shot back. "Assholes." Percy teased, feeding Tula some carrots.

"Language." Their father reprimanded, a smile tugging at his lips regardless. "Yes dad." The three boys chorused in unison.

"Sometimes it's hard to think you're related, and then other times you guys act like triplets." Roy exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "Says the ginger in a family of blondes." Jason retorted, glancing at Roy.

"Any word from Kori?" The ravenette asked hopefully.

Kori, Starfire, was off-world with another old friend of theirs, Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern.

"Nothing yet, but you know them. Kyle gets homesick and Kori gets bored." Roy pulled his communicator out regardless, frowning down at it.

"Jason, I don't want you leaving camp anymore." Poseidon said gently, knowing how his son would react. "What? No, dad, Donna and I are-" Jason argued, before a clap of thunder sounded overhead and Donna herself reappeared.

"Really, Red?" she snarled, her dark eyes burning in anger and worry. "You're supposed to call!" She punched his shoulder halfheartedly. "We're a team!"

Jason turned a bright shade of red, looking guilty. "Sorry, Spitfire." he mumbled. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed a kiss to the side of his head. "Don't scare me like that, Little Wing. And we are staying here." She locked eyes with Roy who smiled gratefully.

Jason sighed, hiding his face in Donna's hair. "Fine. But I am here against my will." he grumbled. 



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Jason settled back into the Poseidon cabin quickly.

There were three bunk beds, Percy had the bottom bunk closest to the door, Jason was across from him and Triton was beside him.

Beside Jason, Tyson had a bed without a bunk, so that the poor Cyclops wouldn’t bang his head. Jason tended to bang his head anyway, and he suspected Triton did too.

Percy had a very messy bunk, using the bed above him as storage.

Jason was the total opposite, his bed had shelving units for his books and drawers underneath for his clothes, weapons and duffel.

Triton was even neater than Jason, keeping it bare minimum and having his things in organized piles on the bed below him.

Tyson had tons of stuffed animals, mainly sea creatures, on his bed, proudly lined up and displayed on the pillows, and he also kept his clothes and weaponry in his drawers.

Jason shook his head fondly and fell onto his bed, reaching for his prize copy of Sense and Sensibility.

He was alone at the moment, Percy down at the arena and Triton overseeing the arrival of Artemis’ hunters, which meant Jason’s cousin, Thalia Grace, would be stopping by any second with Donna hot on her heels.

You’d never think that I wish death to Barbie and I still have Barbies don’t judge me would get along, but the two daughters of Zeus bonded over their love of their little brothers Jason Grace and Jason Todd somehow. Thalia and Donna were pretty similar really, both with dark hair and a nasty identical excuse me bitch glare. Thalia and Donna also had no tolerance for bullshit and treated most people with respect and equality unless they found reason to dislike someone.

Speaking of the two daughters of Zeus, the door burst open and Thalia Grace blew in like the storm she was, tackling Jason on his own dam bed.

“Jeez, Thals!” Jason whined, putting his book down somewhere safe.

Thalia hugged him for a second before punching him in the shoulder. “You didn't tell me you were being harassed by the Gothamites!” she yelled angrily.

“And what would you have done, sparky?” Jason demanded, sitting up and scowling.

He loved his cousins, but he could take care of himself.

“I don’t know, Jason. Kicked their asses?” she crossed her arms and sat on the edge of his bed.

Donna smirked at him. “Oh fuck you, Wonder brat.” Jason snapped at her, his eyes brightening ever so slightly.

Thalia tilted her head and sighed. “We’ll see you at dinner. Gonna go wake up Death Breath.”

She ruffled his hair and she and Donna left him alone once again.

“Dammit.” he swore, rubbing his face. 


Bruce arrived back at the Batcave after Patrol with Damian to find Tim and Barbara restrained by an invisible force, and a black-haired, nicely tanned man in a Hawaiian shirt glaring at him with intense sea green eyes. He looked so much like Jason that Bruce almost spoke his former Robin's name, but he caught himself.

"Who are you?" He demanded.

The man gave him a shit-eating grin that again made Bruce think of Jason.

"I am Poseidon, God of the Seas and more importantly, father of Jason Todd, the boy you've been hunting and upsetting."

Poseidon? The Greek God? Bruce saw Damian's fingers inching towards his sword and his arm shot out, protecting his youngest and warning him to keep still. Now he knew why he almost called the man Jason.

"You're Jason's father. He's a demigod." Bruce sounded accusatory, even to himself.

Poseidon's eyes narrowed and he made a low growling noise.

"Yes. I would appreciate it if you would leave my child alone. You do not get to call him yours anymore, not after he died and my brother sent him back to me." Poseidon said. "This is a warning. My son still cares for three of your number, Alfred and Damian."

Poseidon glanced at the boy as he said his name, and Damian's eyes widened under his mask.

"And of course, Barbara." He added as an afterthought. Oracle cracked a smile despite herself.

"Stop searching. Forget he came back from Hades. Leave him be." Poseidon warned, before flicking his wrist and vanishing into thin air.

Tim and Barbara were released and Bruce was left staring at the spot where the God had been, clenching his fists.

Jason woke up from a nap to Percy IMing his mother, the great and amazing Sally Jackson, who also considered herself to be Jason's mother now.

"Oh, Jay's awake." Percy said happily.

Jason scrambled over to the fountain and beamed at Sally.

"Hi mom!" He greeted.

Her eyes lit up and she smiled. "Jason! How have you been, honey?"

He figured she could see the shadows under his eyes and the paleness of his cheeks. He shrugged.

"Same as usual. Miss you." Percy and Jason chatted with Sally until Triton called them down for dinner.


Jason sat between Percy and Thalia at the Big Three Table, with Nico, Donna and Triton across from them.

Hazel Levesque and Jason Grace were at Camp Jupiter, so the table was less crowded. Sort of.

Jason kept stealing from Percy plate, making his brother glare at him playfully.

Donna attempted to steal one of Thalia's fries but got shocked, and the two daughters of Zeus began fighting across the table.

Nico rolled his eyes until he nearly got fried by a stray bolt and he switched places with Triton.

"You're immortal, I'm not." Nico explained at Triton's hurt look.

Jason laughed and threw a fry at Donna, who stopped fighting with Thalia to flip him the bird.

Artemis and her Hunters were watching with amusement, as was most of the camp.

Roy was laughing at the Apollo table from his place beside Will Solace, his younger brother.

"Two Drachma on Thalia." Percy whispered to Jason and Nico.

"Oh you're on, bitch." Jason hissed back, having complete and total faith in Donna.

"I'm not getting in the middle of this." Nico grumbled.

In the end, Jason's faith was not misplaced, and his older brother reluctantly passed him two Drachma, which he happily pocketed. 

Before Jason went to bed, he was visited by Poseidon.

"Hi dad." The teen greeted, sitting on his bed with a book open in his lap. "Jay." Poseidon smiled, sitting beside his son.

"Bruce Wayne will not be bothering you anymore." The god informed him.

Jason stiffened before staring at his father in exasperation. "Dad, I had it handled." he groaned.

Poseidon raised an eyebrow innocently. "So do I." He teased.

Jason put his book away and slipped under his green comforter.

Poseidon pressed a kiss to his youngest child's forehead. "You can sleep well tonight, Jason." He murmured.

Jason nodded, growing sleepy thanks to his father's influence.

He fell asleep within seconds, and thankfully, had a dreamless sleep. 



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 Jason sat in front of the campfire, watching his siblings and father act like fools while the second youngest son of the sea nursed a beer.

He saw a flash of purple, some green, heard a mad laugh, and his blood ran cold, his body frozen. His beer slipped from his fingers and the bottle shattered. His breathing was loud in his ears, and the laugh he heard turned maniacal, haunting, echoing.

He inhaled sharply, his hands starting to shake.

"Jay?" He heard faintly, seeing a flash of red...blood? he whimpered. 

Roy's skin tingled and he knew something was wrong.

The ginger archer looked over at his best friend and saw the bottle slip from his hands, and the archer ran to his side. "Jaybird." Roy breathed.

Poseidon and Percy looked over in alarm, and Donna stopped talking with Zeus and Artemis to see what was happening.

"What's going on?" Thalia asked worriedly.

"He's having a spell." Donna murmured, having heard about them from Roy but never witnessing one herself.

"Jay?" Percy said quietly, but Donna shushed him. "Roy knows what he's doing."

Roy knelt in front of his best friend and hummed softly, his intense golden eyes locked on Jason's acidic green orbs.

"Breathe, Jaybird." He cooed, not touching Jason directly.

Poseidon knelt beside Roy, his face concerned and paternal.

"Bruce..." Jason stammered, his eyes glazed and frightened. "B...Dad..." He whimpered again, bringing his hands up to hide his face.

"Easy little wing." Roy soothed, still not touching Jason and holding Poseidon back from touching him. "Don't. Touching makes it even worse." he said.

"Everyone give them some space. Please." Donna commanded, shooing all the half-bloods and gods away. Will Solace and Apollo were on standby to help if they could, both father and son fidgeting worriedly.

"Jase. It's okay. You're alive, and your dad's here. He's worried, little wing." Roy crooned, slowly wrapping his arms around Jason and looking to Donna urgently for help. "His hands." The archer pleaded.

Donna nodded and grabbed Jason's hands, her grip firm but gentle, and even better, familiar.

Jason's eyes began to clear but then he started thrashing and screaming, trying to twist away from his two best friends.

Poseidon jerked back and Percy inhaled sharply.

"Jaybird, it's me! It's Roy! You're safe, you know me!" Roy cried, earning a headbutt from the distraught teen. His nose shattered but he ignored it in favor of whispering gently in Jason's ear.

Jason slowly calmed down and when his eyes cleared, he buried his face into Roy's chest, his breathing still heavy.

"I'm sorry..." Jason cried, trembling in Roy's arms.

Roy met Poseidon's eyes over Jason's head and nodded, allowing the Sea God to gently stroke Jason's hair.

"Dad." Jason turned to look at Poseidon with wide, teary eyes.

"Come on, Jason. Let's go back to the Cabin, away from the crowds." Poseidon cooed, picking Jason up, bridal style.

Percy, Triton and Tyson followed them back to their cabin, leaving the campfire behind them. 

Poseidon and Triton stared each other down.

Percy, Tyson and Jason's eyes were all ping-ponging between them, the three brats grinning mischievously as their oldest brother and father remained firm and unyielding. 

"I'm not getting tucked in like some child." Triton growled without blinking.

Poseidon smirked. "You're acting like a child." He teased.

"Oof." Jason muttered, sitting cross-legged on his bed with his pillow on his lap.

Tyson giggled from his bed where he was surrounded by his stuffed animals (mainly sea creatures), before the young cyclops yawned, distracting Triton who glanced at his younger brother, and in doing so, losing the staring contest he was having with their father.

Percy and Jason burst out laughing as Poseidon shoved Triton backwards onto his bed.

"DAD!" Triton whined, falling on his bed.

"Triton!" Poseidon mimicked in a high pitched whine, earning more giggles from Tyson and making Jason and Percy laugh harder.

"Come on Triton, show a good example for your brothers." Poseidon teased, ruffling Triton's hair. "Fuck you." Triton grumbled, swatting at his father's hand.

Poseidon's eyes softened and he ran his fingers through Triton's hair before fixing it into a neater ponytail. Triton's face softened too, and he reluctantly allowed himself to be tucked in.

Next was Tyson, who yawned again and smiled up at Poseidon angelically.

"Sweet dreams Tyson." Poseidon whispered, kissing his forehead and smiling at the stuffed dolphin Tyson clutched tightly.

"Night Daddy." Tyson mumbled.

Percy and Jason stopped their subtle pillow fight as Poseidon turned to Percy, smirking at the two that were closest in age.

"Goodnight Percy." The God emphasized his words, ruffling Percy's raven curls too.

"Dad..." Percy whined, pouting.

Poseidon chuckled and pulled Percy's blankets over him. "Sweet dreams."

Poseidon kissed Percy's head just as he had Tyson's, but Jason caught the subtle meaning behind their father's words.

Percy and Annabeth, a daughter of Athena, had been sent to Tartarus, the hellish pit where monsters and Titans and Giants went when they died, and neither hero had returned without being mentally scarred. Poseidon was assuring Percy wouldn't have nightmares without the demigod knowing, because then he would feel as if he seemed weak and incapable of dealing with the trauma.

Percy was asleep within seconds with his father's blessing, and then Poseidon turned to Jason, who scrambled under his covers.

"Night Dad." Jason murmured, keeping his voice down.

Poseidon sat on the edge of the bed. "Would you like me to stay?"

Jason hesitated before nodding, knowing full well he would be having nightmares tonight. "Did Tyson see...earlier?" he asked.

Poseidon shook his head. "Ella and Triton were able to distract him."

Jason sighed in relief. "Good. I don't want to scare him." 

"I know." Poseidon smiled sadly, glancing down at the beanie boo that Tyson had forced Jason to borrow. It was a seahorse, ironically named Neptune, that had kick-started Tyson's stuffed animal collection.

"Hades and I will find a cure for the pit, Jason. I promise." He kissed Jason's forehead.

Jason smiled tiredly, snuggling into his bed. "Love you Dad." He mumbled.

"I love you too son." Poseidon replied. He waved a hand and the lights either went out or dimmed a fair bit.

He had an uneasy feeling as he gazed around the cabin at his boys. Something told him that Jason's relapse was only the beginning. 

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Jason was the first one up in cabin 3.

He slipped out of bed and reached below him for his jeans and tee shirt, changing quietly and slipping out the door, jogging towards the dining pavilion.

He smirked at the sight of Roy and most of his siblings nursing mugs of coffee, all of them dozing off or outright snoring.

"Morning sunshine." Jason teased, coming up behind his best friend.

"Fuck off." Roy groaned, lifting his head to stare at Jason blearily. "Why the fuck are you awake at the crack of stupid?"

Jason snorted. Apollo sure knew how to piss his kids off. "I got a good night's sleep. When did your dad wake you up?" Jason caught Kayla as she slumped over, preventing the girl from hitting her head.

"Two hours ago." Will Solace groaned, refilling his coffee.

"Oof." Jason winced. "Have fun with that."

He turned and slipped in beside Nico and Hades, who were surprisingly awake. "How are you feeling?" Nico asked as a way of greeting.

"Oh you know, like I was just beaten with a crowbar, crawled out of my own grave, spent half a year catatonic and then got dunked in a pit of acid, but it's fine. How 'bout you?" Jason replied sarcastically, making Nico raise an unimpressed eyebrow.

"Are you bitch-facing me?" Jason demanded of the younger(older?) teen.

"Yes. And from the bottom of my heart, what the fuck, Jason?" 

"Nico!" Hades reprimanded. "Language!"

Nico smirked, repeating himself in Greek. "Από τα βάθη της καρδιάς μου, τι σκατά, Ιάσονας?"

Hades stared at him. "You do realize I speak Greek, right?" The God of the Underworld asked uncertainly.

"Yes." Nico deadpanned.

Jason snorted again and earned a frown from Hades. "I assume you've been encouraging this behavior?" He demanded.

"No. I'm just proud." Jason retorted.

"Dad. Fucking. Snores." Donna collapsed at the table, her eyes blurry and tired.

"Well hello to you too Princess." Jason teased as Donna reached across the table to steal Nico's coffee cup.

"Hey!" The emo kid whined. "Shush Nico. You're too small for coffee and I need it." Donna grumbled. "She's right, it'll stunt your growth." Jason laughed.


"Αρχοντας Ποσειδώνας, ο θεός της θάλασσας, τον πατέρα του αδελφού μου, πείτε στον Τζέισον ότι τον αγαπώ, και λυπάμαι, o κλόουν με έπιασε. Αρχοντας άδης, δώσε μου τα ελύσια πεδία, σας παρακαλούμε."

Damian prayed, tears rolling down his cheeks as he sat on the cold concrete floor, his small body covered in tight, harsh chains.

A long gash marred his face and he had been stripped of his clothing, not that much had remained of it once the Joker was done with him.

His teary green eyes were fixed on a countdown clock slowly counting down from 45 minutes, but Damian had a feeling he would be dead before then.

He whimpered. "Akhi..." 

Poseidon froze.

It had been a long time since a mortal had invoked his name in their prayer, but that was not what surprised him. It was the contents of the prayer and the voice that spoke it that sent him running to where Hades watched Nico and Jason spar.

Jason looked up, seeing his father's face and dropping his wooden sword. "Dad?"

Poseidon stared at his boy, his heart sinking. Nico shared a glance with Hades.

"Your brother Damian has been taken prisoner by the Joker." Poseidon confessed. Jason's eyes widened with pure horror.

"He is dying." Hades added solemnly.

"What?" Jason choked.

Nico moved to stop him but Jason actually shoved the smaller teen out of his way, racing to Cabin 3 and snatching up his utility belt and brown leather jacket.

He whistled and Tula came charging out of the stables.

Jason swung himself up onto her back and she was a distant blur in the sky before anyone could do anything.

Donna, Thalia and a reluctant Zeus emerged from cabin 1 as the campers and gods assembled around Poseidon, Nico and Hades, all of them shocked and confused.

Donna's Communicator crackled to life and all eyes in the camp fell on her.

"Find him, Troia. Find Damian." 

"Damian, this is your brother, Jason." Talia Al Ghul introduced the quiet little boy to the young teen. "Hello Akhi." Damian inclined his head. Jason stifled a coo and instead focused on the arabic word that he recognized. Brother. "Hello al'akhu al'asghar." He replied, earning a bright, disarming smile from the tiny prince. Talia even cracked a small smile. 


"Damian, I have to go. Our time is up."

Jason knelt before his now seven year old little brother, a stoic green eyed boy that was definitely taught by a street-rat, ex-Robin Gothamite, a green eyed boy that could swear like a sailor when his superiors were out of earshot and could wield a sword as well as Achilles, a boy that had stolen his way into Jason's heart.

Those green eyes began tearing up, only showing weakness because Talia, Shiva, Cheshire and Ra's weren't near.

"But you can't go, Akhi! You said you had so much more to teach me!" He pleaded.

Jason's heart broke. "I know Dami." He whispered.

He knelt to the child's level. "If you end up in Gotham or near the bats, Dami, you don't tell them you know me. You don't mention me. You call me Todd, okay?"

Damian nodded, wiping his tears.

"You respect Alfred. You don't antagonize Barbara. Play nice with the other heroes. And you never cross paths or go near the Joker. You understand me? Stay away from that Monster, Damian." Jason was dead serious and Damian could see it, because the boy nodded.

"I love you Akhi." He choked, flinging his arms around Jason.

"I love you Little Brother." 

Jason wiped away tears as he soared through the air on Tula's back.

His fingers fiddled with his communicator before he switched it back on and tuned it to the line that Barbara had once shared with him when they were Batgirl and Robin, praying it was still open.

"Oracle." Barbara's voice snapped in greeting, thick with tension and anxiety.

"It's Hood. I heard about Robin." Jason reported.

Barbara inhaled sharply. "How?" She demanded.

"He prayed to my dad. He's a smart kid." he responded.

"He reminds me of you." She commented offhandedly, but he knew the undertone in her voice.

"Tell-ah, gods- I'll tell you later." He said, sounding sheepish and stammering but she made a sound between a scoff and a sniffle and he knew she got his point. Tell(Talia) Ah, gods(Ghul).

"Where is he, Barbie?" He changed topics.

"He's been missing since late last night. All his things are still here. B won't call for anymore backup, so we can't cover a lot of ground. He's not in Gotham, we know that." She sounded so stressed.

"It's fine, I've got it covered." Jason told her as Tula landed in a pasture.

Jason swung off Tula's back and dashed to the front door of the pretty farmhouse. He knocked on the door, chewing his bottom lip.

Lights turned on and a sleepy, confused Clark Kent opened the door. His eyes widened at the sight of Jason.

"Hey Uncle Clark. I need your help." Jason pleaded. 

Superman was able to find Damian almost immediately.

He and Jason flew to the cliche abandoned warehouse in upper Canada, and Tula kicked in the door with her hoofs.

"DAMIAN!" Jason shouted.

His heart skipped a beat when his eyes landed on the small figure curled in a ball in a corner, dark red blood pooling around him.

"" He ran to him, pulling the unresponsive boy close to his body.

Clark joined them after disabling the bombs, his eyes wide. "I...can't hear his heartbeat." The Man of Steel whispered.

Jason stared at his little brother before his chest hitched and he sobbed, hiding his face in bloody black hair.

Tula whinnied sadly and pawed the ground as Jason screamed with grief, a raw, aching, broken cry that wasn't unlike Poseidon's reaction to Jason's own death.

Clark knelt beside Jason and wrapped an arm around the boy.

Seconds passed and Donna, followed by Percy, Nico and Triton, arrived at the warehouse, only to find themselves too late.

Jason was still crying, and Donna felt tears sting her eyes as she heard Jason singing.

"I hear the whisper underneath your breath, I hear you whisper, you have nothing left, I will send out an army to find you, in the middle of the darkest night, it's true, I will rescue you. I will never stop marching to reach you, in the middle of the hardest fight, it's true, I will rescue you."

Nico shoved past Triton and Percy, dropping to his knees in front of Jason.

The son of Hades placed his hands on Damian's limp body and closed his eyes. "I can save him."

He gave a startled laugh, and a heavy shadow filled the building before Nico passed out, and Damian woke up.

"Akhi?" He rasped, blinking up into a teary pair of sea green eyes.

"Damian." Jason breathed, pulling him into a tight embrace. "I thought I'd lost you."

"Never, Akhi. Never."



TRANSLATIONS: (Damian's greek prayer) Lord Poseidon, God of the Seas, father of my brother, tell Jason I love him, and I'm sorry, the clown caught me. Lord Hades, grant me Elysium, please. 

ARABIC: Akhi = Brother 

Al'akhu al'asghar: Little Brother

Chapter Text

"Jason, I said it's fine! You don't have to keep groveling!" Nico whined, trying to return a limited edition Mythomagic Thanatos figurine.

Ever since Jason had shoved him in his rush to save Damian, he'd been trying to make up for it while at the same time thanking him for saving the ninja boy.

Jason shook his head stubbornly, walking towards the arena. Nico jogged after him, frustrated.

"No returns, Neeks." Jason said, his eyes sparkling with mirth as they stopped to watch Damian spar with Percy and Clarisse at the same time.

Both demigods were sweating and straining against the small mortal child, which was a serious blow to their egos.

"Todd, your sibling is inadequate! I disapprove!" Damian called, disarming Percy in one fluent move and catching Riptide with his ankle.

Clarisse was too shocked to defend herself and Damian swept her feet out from under her with his leg.

"I win. Again. Your technique is predictable, La Rue. You are like a deck of cards, you shuffle them but in every outcome, you always have the same cards. And Jackson, you rely too much on your extra abilities and weapon of choice. You wouldn't last an hour on your own without your specific sword." Damian's voice was haughty and condescending as he lectured the two greatest warriors at Camp.

Nico and the crowd were stunned into silence but Roy was snickering on the sidelines, having been on the recieving end of Jason's training lessons and knowing he trained Damian.

"Jason, I demand a worthy opponent." Damian complained.

Jason smirked and strolled towards Damian, who tossed Riptide to him. He caught Percy's sword in one hand deftly, spinning it as he gained speed and met Damian's lunge in the center of the arena.

Percy scrambled out of the way and Clarisse sulked off with a scowl and a bruised ego.

"You really think you can beat me this time, kid?" Jason taunted as even Chiron and Triton joined the entire camp to watch.

"There is always a first time, Akhi." Damian retorted, using his small size to slide under Jason's legs even as the other boy whirled and blocked his blow, intended for the ankles.

"Nice try, brat. I invented fighting dirty." Jason teased.

"And you taught me well." Damian pointed out, trying for a spin kick that Jason caught with his arm, wrapping it around his ankle.

"Yeah, I taught you. You learned all your tricks from me, little brother." Jason pinned Damian underneath him as he pried the sword from his younger brother's grip and tossed it aside.

Damian laughed breathlessly as a cheer went up from the campers. "Now that was a fight." He said fervently.

Jason chuckled and pulled him to his feet, ruffling his hair as he tossed Percy's sword back to him.

Percy was still pouting (not that Clarisse was any better), but he grinned at his younger brother anyway and pocketed Riptide.

"How does it feel to get your ass handed to you, Perce?" Nico teased, dark eyes twinkling as he joined the three green eyed boys.

"Lousy?" Percy answered, making it sound like a question.

Damian smirked proudly and leaned against Jason, who ran his fingers through the boy's hair and elicited a kitten-like purr from him.

"How 'bout we all go back to Cabin 3 and binge some Netflix?" Percy offered.

"Yes." Nico and Jason approved in unison. Damian just shrugged.

Percy grabbed Nico's arm and dragged him off excitedly.

Jason bent down and hoisted Damian up into his arms, carrying him like a small child to the Poseidon cabin amidst much complaining and protest.

"I do not require carrying, Todd!" 

"Oh hush Dami."


"Percy calm down before you hurt yourself."


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Chapter Text

"Are you seriously telling me that you've never been to McDonald's?" Nico demanded incredulously.

"Yes? And?" Damian huffed, crossing his arms haughtily.

"Jason." Nico whined, turning to the taller teen.

Jason sat shuffling a deck of Mythomagic cards, dealing them out between him, Percy, Donna, Roy and Hazel.

"Nico." Jason didn't look up but imitated the son of Hades perfectly.

"Your offspring has never had McDonalds. Can I go get us some?" Nico requested.

"Jeez, Neeks, you make it sound like the world is ending." Percy teased.

"It is." Nico informed him solemnly.

"Alright, sure." Jason shrugged. "I'll go ask Triton if we can borrow the minivan."

He got up and reached for his brown leather jacket as the others abandoned the cards on the floor of the Poseidon cabin.

Damian gave an exaggerated sigh, standing up and grabbing his bottle-green rain-jacket.

"You are not going to be disappointed." Nico assured the young mortal boy, who just sighed. 

Damian frowned at the box that Nico set in front of him.

The son of Hades sighed before opening the box and pulling the contents out.

Damian snatched the brightly colored, plastic wrapped toy from the small pile, ripping it open to reveal a Lego Red Hood™ minifigure.

"Todd." The young boy's voice was so disapproving as he held it up.

"Yes Dami?" Jason looked down at Damian beside him, sticking five fries in his mouth at once.

"What is this?" Damian demanded.

"It's me." Jason shrugged.

"Why?" Damian tilted his head.

"Because I'm awesome." Jason replied, taking the toy from Damian and examining it.

"I got Batgirl." Nico piped up, having opened his own happy meal gleefully.

"Barbie is awesome." Jason grinned, returning Damian's minifigure to him.

Roy, Donna, Percy and Hazel returned then with several trays of food.

Roy had also gotten several happy meals, if only for the Batfamily™ minifigures they included.

"I'll get you some lego before we go back to camp, Dames." Jason promised.

"I do not want lego." Damian grumbled reproachfully.

"I want lego." Percy grinned cheekily. "Hush you." Donna elbowed the elder son of Poseidon who yelped.

"Why don't I have a minifigure?" Roy whined.

"Still going on about that, Harper?" Jason teased.

"Well you have one, Donna has one, hell even Wally and Kaldur got theirs!" Roy ranted.

Donna patted his shoulder. "Poor Speedy. Never comparing with Wondergirl, Robin, Aqualad or Kid Flash." She cooed.

Hazel giggled and Percy hid a grin.

"Donna and Wonder Woman are the coolest." Nico declared, playing with his Batgirl minifigure.

"You have good taste." Jason said, pointing a french fry at the son of Hades.

Damian scowled at the hand in front of his face before seizing the potato and popping it into his mouth.

Jason made a sputtering noise and stared at Damian in disbelief. Damian chewed serenely, smirking at his older brother.

"Jay, you sound like a deflating balloon!" Roy cackled as Donna and Percy howled with laughter and Nico and Hazel dissolved in fits of silent laughter. Jason blinked several times.

"Have I rendered you speechless, Akhi?" Damian asked innocently.

Jason nodded slowly, still seeming to be in shock. 

Later that evening....

Triton did not bat an eye when the group returned with Jason carrying three large boxes of lego sets, Damian complaining and Percy bouncing excitedly after him, and Hazel and Nico returned to Cabin 13 with their own large tubs of Harry Potter™ legos.

Also, Donna delivered a cackling Roy to his siblings before slipping off to her own cabin.

Triton decided not to ask. 


He did step on a lego piece when he was getting ready for bed though. 

Chapter Text

Jason stumbled through the darkness surrounding him, his hands out in front of him as he followed his brother's cries.

"PERCY?!" The younger of the two yelled, attempting to force his eyes to adjust.

"Jay?" Percy's voice trembled, sounding so fragile and made Jason speed up, desperate to find his brother.

Jason tripped on a rock or something, but his brother's scarred hands caught him, the familiar SPQR tattoo glowing in the darkness.

"Where are we?" Jason whispered. His brother's face became visible.

"Tartarus." Percy replied, his face unnaturally pale as he pulled Jason close. "We need to wake up, Jay."

An eerie, wicked laugh made them both freeze, and wasn't that cliche?

"Perce?" Jason whimpered, fear, honest-to-god fear, washing over him. He hadn't been this afraid since the Joker.

"Demigods." A dark voice that Jason could only assume to be Tartarus himself shook the...cave? Room? Well, wherever they were, it was shaking.

Percy growled and tightened his hold on his little brother.

"Jackson, you escaped me once. You will not escape me again."

Jason met his brother's eyes and found himself shocked to see the pure terror in the green eyes he only had seen bravery and courage in.

"We need to wake up." Percy repeated desperately. 

Jason sat bolt upright, gasping for breath and trembling. "Akhi!" Damian yelled.

The child was wide eyed, his hair sleep-mussed and his face pale, he'd obviously just woken up.

Jason steeled himself. "I'm okay, Dami." he assured, before he looked to Percy.

Triton and Tyson were hovering over him, Triton rubbing Percy's back as he threw up, a common side effect of Percy's nightmares. Tyson looked upset and worried, which made Jason's heart hurt.

"I'm fine." Percy waved them off, recovering quickly from his nightmare. He met Jason's eyes and the younger knew they would be heading to Olympus to request an audience with the council.

"Tartarus spoke to us." Percy said, looking up at Triton.

The eldest paled considerably and Damian tilted his head. "Tartarus?" The mortal boy inquired quietly.

"Later, little brother." Jason promised.

"I will IM Father." Triton decided. "Get dressed."

The two boys nodded and Damian and Tyson exchanged a exasperated look.

Percy and Jason wore their jeans and camp shirts and followed Triton to the Big House. Jason rested his head on Percy's shoulder as Triton IMed Poseidon and Zeus.

"Let's go." Triton flashed the three of them to Olympus' throne room and Jason yanked Percy into a kneel, earning a frown from the older hero.

"Lords, Ladies." Jason said softly, looking up at his uncle Zeus.

The full council was there, and several of the gods and goddesses looked shaken and concerned, even Hades, Amphitrite and Persephone were present.

"Stand, sons of Poseidon." Zeus commanded, and the boys got to their feet, still holding onto each other in some way.

"Tell us what you saw." Zeus said in a softer voice.

Percy cleared his throat. "Tartarus is angry that Annabeth and I got away from him. I think he may be rising. He said we won't escape him this time."

Triton tightened his hand on Percy's shoulder.

"This is not good." Athena murmured.

"At least this time, we have two united camps." Jason offered, for once attempting to play the optimist.

"Yes, Jason, but this is still a very large threat. More so than Gaia." Poseidon cautioned.

"More so than the first child of Chaos and the giants?" Jason raised an eyebrow doubtfully.

"Tartarus controls all monsters and houses even the titans and giants. He can easily manipulate them into fighting alongside him." Athena replied.

Jason paled. "Well shit." Amphitrite narrowed her eyes, and he winced under the 'mom glare', muttering an apology for his language.

"Are you alright, Percy?" Apollo asked gently, his blue eyes concerned for the demigod's well-being. "I'm fine, Apollo." Percy smiled reassuringly.

"We will have two gods stay at each camp until Tartarus makes his presence known. I will also station Artemis and Hermes in the Underworld. Mars-" Zeus looked at his son as he spoke his Roman name.

The war god's form flickered to his Roman counterpart. "Yes, father?" He held his head high.

"You and I will go to New Rome and guard them. Athena, Poseidon, I trust Camp Half Blood to you." Zeus' form flickered to Jupiter, before remaining as Zeus.

"The rest of you, be on your guard. We do not know what the pit wants. Hera, Demeter, Hestia, the three of you are in charge. Keep Olympus safe. Apollo, Dionysus, you will join Amphitrite in Atlantica. The Atlanteans know how to protect themselves, but Triton is remaining as Camp Head, and you are still repairing your kingdom, brother. I would feel better with Dionysus and Apollo there." The king explained to an affronted Sea God.

Jason and Percy watched the gods with awe, never having seen a proper war council. "I can send my hunters to the Greek Camp, Father." Artemis offered, her fingers tightly intertwined with Apollo's and Hermes'. Zeus nodded approvingly.

"We can IM Frank and Reyna when we get back." Percy suggested.

"Yes, please inform them of the situation. We will not allow this to be like Gaia." Zeus nodded again, offering the demigod a smile. "Dismissed."

Several of the gods flashed out, but the half bloods and Triton approached Amphitrite and Poseidon.

Poseidon pulled Percy into a hug, his brow furrowed in a way that stated he was in dad mode.

"I'm okay dad." Percy mumbled, patting Poseidon's back.

Amphitrite hugged Triton and Jason, frowning at the growth spurt Jason had gotten since they had last seen each other.

"Coming to stay with us, Dad?" Jason grinned.

Poseidon chuckled. "It appears so." He kissed Amphitrite gently, and then Athena joined them.

She and Poseidon reluctantly held hands and flashed them, Jason, Percy and Triton back to camp. 


Chapter Text

Athena and Poseidon arrived at Camp to much chaos and panic.

The hunters were fighting with the Hermes kids, the Ares and Athena cabins were arguing and fighting, Chiron was pulling arrows out of his tail, and the Demeter cabin was on fire.

"Don't ask." Nico grumbled, hiding by his cabin with Donna, Roy and Will when the three gods and two demigods approached them.

The son of Hades had a line of burns along his arm that Will was healing, Roy peering around the corner with his bow at the ready.

"What happened?" Triton demanded.

"The hunters brought a dragon in and Peleus wasn't happy about it. Austin tried to kill the thing and the Ares and Athena kids got in a fight about how to handle it so the Demeter cabin caught on fire, the Hermes kids were staying out of the fight because of the younger ones and now we have this mess." Roy rambled, his gold eyes annoyed.

Triton placed a hand on Roy's arm to calm him and Poseidon put out the fire with a wave of his hand.

"Everyone calm the fuck down!" Jason shouted.

The camp immediately fell silent.

"We have a bigger problem to worry about." Percy added. At the looks of confusion, he continued.

"Tartarus may be rising." He announced.

Several campers began muttering to each other, but Percy raised a hand.

"Lord Zeus has already taken precautions. Lady Athena and Lord Poseidon are going to be staying with us until further notice, and Lord Mars and Lord Jupiter are assisting Terminus with protecting New Rome." That seemed to calm a lot of people down.

Damian appeared with Tyson trailing after him from the Poseidon cabin, the mortal boy immediately going to Nico and fretting over his now-healed burns.

"Wow, Dami, I didn't know you cared." Roy teased, only to get his foot stepped on by an angry ninja baby. Nico blushed furiously.

"I guess I should call Reyna and Frank." Percy muttered, heading off to the Poseidon cabin.

"Come on, brats. Food time." Donna ushered Will, Nico, Damian, Roy and Jason to the dining pavillion, leaving Poseidon and Athena to stare at each other with wide eyes.

"What just happened?" Athena asked.

"I have no clue." Poseidon shrugged helplessly. 


Chapter Text

Jason sat at the campfire beside Roy, who was testing out his guitar skills on the new instrument Apollo had given his son.

"Hey Jaybird." Donna grinned, watching them from her place on a blanket on the ground. "Why don't you sing for us?"

Several campers went silent at that, all of them turning to look at the teen with amusement.

Poseidon and Triton looked over from where they were talking with Chiron and Athena.

"Ugh, I regret being your friend." Jason huffed, sighing reluctantly. Roy smirked and started strumming.

Jason took a breath.

"Did you lose what won't return? Did you love but never learn? The fire's out but still it burns, and no one cares. There's no one there.

Did you find it hard to breathe? Did you cry so much that you could barely see? You're in the darkness all alone, and no one cares, there's no one there.

But did you see the flares, in the sky, were you blinded by the light? Did you feel the smoke in your eyes? Did you, did you?

And did you see the sparks filled with hope? You are not alone, 'cause someone's out there, sending out flares.

Did you break but never mend? Did it hurt so much you thought it was the end?

Lose your heart but don't know when, and no one cares. There's no one there.

But did you see the flares in the sky, were you blinded by the light? Did you feel the smoke, in your eyes, did you, did you?

And did you see the sparks filled with hope? You are not alone, 'cause someone's out there, sending out flares.

Did you see the flares in the sky, were you blinded by the light? Did you feel the smoke, in your eyes, did you, did you? And did you see the sparks filled with hope?

You are not alone, 'cause someone's out there, sending out flares. Sending out flares."

Jason finished and looked around, seeing tears in several people's eyes. A blush spread on his cheeks, and he hid his face in his hands.

Athena was the first to start clapping, and then the whole camp was applauding, making the son of Poseidon blush even more.

"Okay, people, stop embarrassing him." Roy laughed, ruffling Jason's hair. 

A crack opened up underneath an old apartment building on East 104th & 1st, Manhattan.

From it, a figure emerged, with wildly tangled short black hair and deathly pale ivory skin coated in ichor that wasn't quite so golden and dirt, and a feral, wild smile stretching chapped, bloody, pale pink lips.

The youthful, tortured boy lifted his head, and opened his golden, timeless eyes.

Beside him, a second figure emerged from the crack in the ground, his golden brown hair tangled and matted with golden-orange ichor, his icy blue eyes glimmering with malice and mischief, his beige skin coated in ichor like the other boy's.

They looked as if they'd been tortured for years, both thin and malnourished. 

Damian approached the god of the sea nervously, chewing his bottom lip, a bad habit he'd learned from Drake.

Poseidon smiled warmly at him. "Hello Damian." The god (he still couldn't get over the idea that his akhi's father was a god) greeted.

"Lord Poseidon." Damian began to kneel, but the god stopped him. "No need for formalities, little one."

Damian straightened, wringing his hands. "Will I have to return to my father?" He blurted out.

Poseidon looked surprised. "Why would you think that?" He asked, genuinely confused as he tilted his head.

"This whole thing with the primordial. I would be useless against him, akhi...Jason has already said that Tyson and I will not be anywhere near the situation. Will I have to leave?" Damian explained, his heart hammering in his chest.

Poseidon shook his head. "Not if you don't want to leave, Damian. Jason likes having you here, and you seem to enjoy it. If you want to stay, you can stay."

Damian exhaled in relief, a smile gracing his lips. He glanced back at Nico di Angelo, the son of Hades that made Damian's heart do flips and his stomach fill with metaphorical butterflies.

He saw Tyson and Ella, the cyclops and harpy that he was quickly growing fond of.

He saw Jason, with Roy Harper and Donna Troy, the brother he loved with everything he had.

He turned back to Poseidon. "I would like to stay." He decided.

Poseidon smiled again. The god closed his eyes and a glowing blueish-green trident appeared over Damian's head, making him smile brightly as those who saw them knelt before him.

"Hail, Damian Wayne, honorary son of Poseidon, God of the Sea, Father of horses, earthshaker." Triton announced, approaching them with a wide grin. 

The two boys that had emerged from a crack in the ground wandered around the bright, loud, overwhelming city, the elder of the two keeping a firm grip on the younger's wrist as clouds gathered in the intimidating sky above them, thunder rumbling.

"Krios?" The golden-eyed boy asked in a small voice.

"Yes, little brother?" The elder, 'Krios', glanced down at the slightly shorter boy, who had a limp and was flinching at every crack of lightning and roar of thunder.

"Where are we?" The younger whimpered, glancing fearfully up at the sky.

"I'm not sure." Krios admitted. "But I'll protect you, Kronos. I always will."