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Son of The Sea

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The son of Poseidon, Jason Todd, was screwed. Caught in the middle of a lightning storm, alone, at midnight in Bludhaven was not the ideal situation for someone who, a) hated storms, and b) hated Nightwing.

Jason dodged a bolt of lightning directed at him and scowled up at the cloudy sky. “Screw you!” he yelled. A laugh from behind him scared him out of his wits.

“Hey little wing.” Donna Troy, daughter of Zeus, leaned against a brick wall, smirking at him in full Troia regalia. “Troia.” Jason grumbled. “Red.” She retorted. “Your dad hates me.”

He jogged over to her side and dried himself off, sighing heavily.

“My dad hates everyone, Jaybird. You’re just one of his least favourite people.” Donna said, ruffling his hair. “I thought I was after my dad and Percy and Hades.” Jason said innocently. The ground shook under him threateningly.

“Have you seen Grayson?” He asked, becoming serious and quiet. Donna shook her head. “He’s avoiding me. He knows I’ve been in contact with you and the Outlaws.” she looked crestfallen and Jason scowled. “It’s just me and Roy now, and Roy’s been at Camp for almost a full year now.” He said sadly. “Nightwing has no reason to avoid you. We’re cousins and best friends, he knew that.” he put his arm around her. “Yeah, you’re right.” she smiled. “Well, I’m heading back to New York. I’ll see you in June at Camp, Jay.” she kissed his cheek and flew off, leaving clear skies behind her.

“Hood. You’re trespassing.” Nightwing swooped down as soon as Troia was out of earshot, which really pissed Jason off. “What, too scared to confront me when I’ve got backup?” He scoffed. “Fuck you, Grayson.” he turned to walk away but Grayson blocked him. “B wants us to bring you in. You’re dangerous, Hood.”

Nightwing slipped into a fighting stance. “Us?” Jason asked hesitantly, his heart sinking. Two dark shadows dropped down from the building behind Jason and he recognized Robin-Damian- and Black Bat. Red Robin and Batgirl dropped down behind Nightwing and he realized he was surrounded.

“Dam. You guys are really gonna try and subdue me?” Jason sighed, not wanting to hurt Cassandra Cain or his former student, Damian. “Don’t fight us, Hood.” Nightwing cautioned, stepping closer. “This isn’t a fair game, Dick .” Jason pleaded. “I don’t want to hurt you guys. I just want to live my own life.” he tried to turn and run but Black Bat blocked his exit.

“Stay.” She commanded.

“You’re really gonna make me?” Jason sighed. “So be it.” he pointed at a large water tower nearby and closed his eyes.

“You’re outnumbered, outmatched and outgunned, Todd.” Robin sneered. “Surrender.”

Jason sighed again. “Sorry little one.” he locked eyes with his student before the water tower exploded and the water obeyed Jason’s commands, engulfing the bats long enough for Jason to send out a quick SOS. “DAD! I COULD USE SOME BACKUP!” He yelled to the heavens.

He heard a neigh and saw his own beloved Pegasus, Tula, swoop down from above. “Hey girl.” He grinned, swinging himself up and releasing the bats. “Let’s fly.”

Tula neighed in agreement and galloped across the skies, kicking up a spray of water behind her. “Sorry guys!” He yelled behind him.

The soaked and spluttering vigilantes glared up at him as Tula took him far from Bludhaven.

Where to, Jay? She inquired.

“Camp.” He decided. “I need to talk to Roy.” 





Roy was repainting his bow when a cry came up from the stables.

Tula, Jason’s Pegasus, leapt into the air and took off, looking like she had somewhere important to be.

“She just took off!” Percy, Jason’s older half-brother, exclaimed.

“Blackjack?” Roy asked Percy’s pegasus. The sleek black stallion whinnied, looking distraught. “He says Jason needed her.” Percy reported. “Dam.” Roy cursed.

Tula was back within seconds, this time carrying a rider in a brown leather jacket with a white streak in his black hair.

“Jason?” Roy met them at the camp entrance. “Jesus, you’re bleeding.”

Jason touched his fingers to his cheek as he dismounted. “Huh. Guess baby bat grazed me.” he mumbled, staring down at his red-stained fingers.

“The bats? Again?” Roy hissed in outrage.

“Jason! What happened?!” Percy cried, running towards them. Triton, Mr. D’s replacement for Camp Head, was hot on his heels.

“I’m fine.” Jason complained.

“No, you’re bleeding.” Triton summoned a ball of water and pressed it to Jason’s cheek, healing the angry cut. “There we go.” The firstborn son of Poseidon said, ruffling his younger brother’s hair.

“Jay, you need to be careful.” Percy chided.

“Dam, Perce, I’m 17. You don’t need to baby me.” Jason scowled at his older brothers and turned to press a kiss to Tula’s face. “Good girl.”

Triton sighed and exchanged a look with Percy.

"Don't you dare call dad." Jason warned the elder two.

"No need." Poseidon's voice held a tinge of amusement as the sea god himself appeared before his three sons and Jason's archer friend. "Thank you, Roy." he said to the blushing Arsenal. "WHAT?!" Jason whirled on his best friend with an outraged shriek. "Sorry, Jay." Roy said sheepishly.

"I said I'm fine. I don't need you guys babying me all the time! Our lives are dangerous, get over it!" Jason yelled at his brothers and father. "Jason, you died. Like, actually died. We have reason to be worried for you." Percy said gently. "Percy's right." Poseidon agreed, cupping Jason's cheek and analyzing him with calm sea green eyes.

"Dad, I'm fine. I've had worse. And Triton already healed me." Jason shot an annoyed glare at his oldest brother.

Triton shrugged serenely. "I regret nothing." He quipped. "Bitch." Jason grumbled. "Jerk." Triton shot back. "Assholes." Percy teased, feeding Tula some carrots.

"Language." Their father reprimanded, a smile tugging at his lips regardless. "Yes dad." The three boys chorused in unison.

"Sometimes it's hard to think you're related, and then other times you guys act like triplets." Roy exclaimed, throwing his hands in the air. "Says the ginger in a family of blondes." Jason retorted, glancing at Roy.

"Any word from Kori?" The ravenette asked hopefully.

Kori, Starfire, was off-world with another old friend of theirs, Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern.

"Nothing yet, but you know them. Kyle gets homesick and Kori gets bored." Roy pulled his communicator out regardless, frowning down at it.

"Jason, I don't want you leaving camp anymore." Poseidon said gently, knowing how his son would react. "What? No, dad, Donna and I are-" Jason argued, before a clap of thunder sounded overhead and Donna herself reappeared.

"Really, Red?" she snarled, her dark eyes burning in anger and worry. "You're supposed to call!" She punched his shoulder halfheartedly. "We're a team!"

Jason turned a bright shade of red, looking guilty. "Sorry, Spitfire." he mumbled. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed a kiss to the side of his head. "Don't scare me like that, Little Wing. And we are staying here." She locked eyes with Roy who smiled gratefully.

Jason sighed, hiding his face in Donna's hair. "Fine. But I am here against my will." he grumbled.