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Bitten Alpha

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Night has consumed Busan. Only street lights are currently lightening the roads, which lessens the dangers darkness usually brings. One of the lamps shines dimmed into Jungkooks bedroom, slightly giving away his furrowed eyebrows while he tosses and turns on the single mattress. A nightmare plagues the poor boy, displaying his traumatic experience which happened only a week ago.

The frown on his face increases as the dream reaches it's highlight. Sweat glistens on his whole body, sticking the hair to his forehead while the wolf inside the memory locks eyes and bares his teeth. Cautiously taking a few steps back, Jungkook feels his breath quicken in pure fear.

The animal is giant, not even similar to the high of a normal wolf. It slowly follows him, searching for any opportunities to attack the Male while hunger makes it unable to think rationally.

There is no chance to be faster than him, Jungkook thinks, No way he could escape this blood thirsty animal. Even if the boy runs at his highest speed, it would only give him a few seconds before being catched. The next moment is blurry. It all happens too fast to actually focus on any details.

Jungkook lives it all over again in his nightmare. In one second the wolf jumps on the Male, harshly slamming him to the ground, and in the next one an overwhelming pain on the side of his abdomen automatically causes him to scream, the pain of sinking teeth into his flesh multiplying.

The memory suddenly vanishes with his awakening. Screams erupt with streaming tears falling from his face, soaking the blanket which Jungkook brings to his eyes. It happens every night and frustration builds up with the realization, that it will not stop anytime soon. At the corner of his eyes he sees the door gently opening with his mother stepping inside, embracing him warmly not long after.

“Mom.”, He chokes out between sobs, looking up at her with red eyes. She tightens the hold at the broken voice and rocks him back and forth, tenderly comforting him. Jungkook takes his time and sniffs while forcing himself to calm down. He hates it, he hates his weak state and how he behaves after every nightmare.

After Jungkook manages to stop his tears, numbness overcomes him, stealing his voice and ability to move. “Let me see.”, she says softly, trying to be careful with him. Slowly lifting the boys shirt to reveal bite marks on his stomach, which are barely stitched up, she hums contentedly and observes the healing bruises. The woman then reaches for the small bottle of alcohol on the side of the bed with the intention to disinfect the wounds.

“No! No, please. It hurts too much.”, Jungkook panics as she raises the liquid. His mother sighs, knowing that it pains her son enormously, but that is the only opportunity left. They do not have enough money to buy proper equipment - even the items from her job as a nurse are barely enough to treat such deep wounds rightfully.

“I'm sorry, but you have to bear with it. If an infection appears we have to bring you to a hospital and -,”, Jungkook hangs his head low, interrupting her speech with the movement. She does not have to continue to make the Male understand their current situation, he already knows - Hospital bills. That is why Jungkook reaches for his blanket to stuff it in his mouth, before his mother smiles sympathetically and pours the alcohol sparingly on the youngers skin. His screams painfully resound, displaying torture in its glory.




The first episode happens in his math class, a few days after.

Jungkook tries concentrating on what the teacher is saying, but his body heats up dangerously fast. There is too much sweat accompanied by too shaky hands, which bother him enormously while wanting to take notes.

“Hey man, you okay?”, his classmate asks, looking concerned while observing the males uncomfortable features. Jungkooks clouded senses barely make it impossible to shift his gaze to the boy, but it somehow happens. “Yeah.”, he says, breathing heavily to calm himself down.

A thought suddenly crosses his mind, which is about a potential infection of the wounds. His abdomen is throbbing, curling itself with several knots and causing nausea. The paleness goes not unnoticed by the classmate, so he tries again with placing his hand on Jungkooks arm, immediately burning the boy with the touch.

A new feeling appears, blinding Jungkook as it consumes his whole body and adrenaline instantly streams through his veins. It creates inhumanely might, which overtakes control and, without actually wanting it, he harshly slams the hand on the desk. A painful and loud whimper from his classmate is hearable, awakening his own thirst for blood.

The rage overwhelms him, putting him in a state of complete vanished vision. But Jungkook still feels his body moving, still hears several screams, still feels multiple people trying to push him to the ground, only to get thrown away, and still feels himself chuckle dangerously - amused by the situation.




“He did what?”, The woman hysterically asks, not believing a single word the man in front of her just said.

“Mrs. Jeon, I'm sorry for saying that but we have to assume that your son has violent anger issues. He injured multiple classmates and teachers, destroyed furniture and other objects, which are not fixable.”, The principal calmly replies, trying to reason on why she should send Jungkook to therapy or a psychiatric institution.

“But- He- Jungkook can't do such things. He never did something like that! I don't know where this is coming from.”, She shouts, tears leaving her eyes with the realization that her angel is violently aggressive. Maybe it is the lack of a father figure or maybe it is their poor household that forced Jungkook into this absurd behavior. All while she did her best. Why is this happening now?

“Mental illnesses are unpredictable. I apologize but I have to suspend him for four weeks and you have to brace yourself for reports.”, Horror is written on her face, showing vulnerability openly and the principle feels sympathy for her, “But I will not sue you for the furniture and talk to teachers about Jungkook to do the same. You have enough to go through.”, he adds.

“Thank you.”, the woman whispers, holding back sobs and tears forcefully. They can not afford that, it is simply not in the budget. How is she going to manage several reports and a whole therapy with the little money left at the end of the month?

Jungkook has not said anything on their way home, only hiding his head within a black hoodie and covering his face with growing bangs falling on it. His mother worriedly glances at him but leaves the conversation for later. As they arrive, Jungkook immediately storms into his room and unintentionally slams the door shut, causing the woman to flinch with the loud noise. She decides to let him cool down first before another outburst occurs.




“I'm not going into therapy!”, Jungkook shouts, slamming his fist on the table to lessen the anger inside him, “I'm not crazy.”.

“Please kookie-”, his mother says, eyes wide in fear, while trying to keep her shaky hands at bay. Pinching her knees, the woman also notices how the Male grew even more dangerous after staying at home for a week.

“No!”, interrupts the younger, clenching his jaw hard. Feeling another rush of Adrenaline, Jungkook begins to breath heavily, restraining himself from flipping the table, “I'm not going to.”, he adds.

“Please.”, she starts again, begging her son to think reasonably. “Look at you.”, his mother says, “You're not you anymore.”.

He gasps in confusion before rage settles in his voice. “So what? Do you think I'm insane? Crazy for changing my character?”, Jungkook stands up, needing to ease the tension by moving around.

“You hurt people.”, She carefully whispers, wiping her glassy eyes, “Jungkook, I don't know what to do anymore.”. The boy freezes and looks at the distressed mother. She seems so helpless and vulnerable. Guilt lays heavily in his heart and sadness at the sight of his uncontrollable self is dragging him down.

Hatred suddenly forms against himself, causing him to think thoughts like ‘I am a failure’, ‘I hurt her’, ‘She is crying because of me’. And all of them stab equally deep. His mind does not stop spilling those sentences and Jungkook reaches for his own head as it starts throbbing painfully. The woman notices this and her first instincts are to comfort her son, but as soon as she touches his arm, he flinches and slaps it away.

“Don't touch me.”, He shouts, looking at her hurting expression. The ache on the outside of her hand is not bad, but she still rubs it while holding it near her chest. Jungkook shifts his gaze to the reddening skin. ‘I hurt her’, he thinks. Shame, guilt, anger - all of this crashes him within an enormous wave. “I'm sorry.”, he says with a small voice before trying to reach for her, but his mother jumps back in fear. Now it is his turn to look broken and he takes a few steps back, furrowing his eyesbrows as the need to escape kicks in.

Faster than his mother can react, the front door flies open and her son vanishes. Leaving her to helplessly cry out for him.

Jungkook runs through the darkness, being surrounded by trees and many bushes without any streets in sight. He does not know where he is, probably a forest next to his city, but he also does not really care. The rage is not lessening with the sprint but it does not stop him from trying. The run is there to calm the new strength within him, which desperately treats to burst out. Even when he grows tired, Jungkook does not decrease his speed, still keeping it inhumanely fast.

Suddenly the moon appears as clouds pass by, displaying around 2/3 of it, meaning that a full moon is not too far away. But this part is still mighty enough to make Jungkooks bones and veins burn with itching skin, immediately stopping his sprint. He falls to his knees and whimpers as his body keeps on boiling under the moonlight. Looking at his shaky hands, he watches his nails growing sharper than before.

Shifting his gaze up to the night sky in panic, he let's his instincts take over his body. An animalistic growl escapes from his throat, before he unintentionally howls to the almost full moon. Senses are blurring and Jungkook falls backwards on the ground, silently begging for peace.

He almost gets it, conciousness treats to leave him with every second that passes. But sudden footsteps keep him from blacking out fully, which walk towards his direction with cracking wood underneath their feet. As he feels a presence kneeling beside him, Jungkook opens his eyes to meet shining yellow ones looking down at him.

“Have you found him?”, A hysteric deep voice from his left yells, running towards the other, who is already beside Jungkook.

“Yeah. He's here!”, The Male shouts back, observing the boy laying on the ground. Even in his enfeebled state, Jungkook still wonders if he grew delusional while looking at the yellow irises, unaware of his own red ones.

Another Male joins them both, lowering himself to take a closer look on Jungkook, who painfully turns his head towards the other one, this time seeing blue eyes. He wants to say something, maybe ask them who they are, but only coughs leave the boy. Then blinking slowly, he feels his eyelids growing heavier as strength withdraws itself from his body.

“You look awful.”, the guy with the deep voice says, earning small smiles from the others, “turning eighteen soon, huh?”. It is obvious that Jungkook can not answer and the Male does not wait for it.

“Wait.”, Yellow eyes whispers loudly, “Born or bitten?”, he asks, awaiting a reply, but the boy furrows his eyebrows and the guy nods before reaching for Jungkooks shirt to raise it to his chest, revealing the still healing wounds of the animal attack. “Bitten.”, both murmur at the same time, observing the bruises.

Covering him again, the Male to his right (With the yellow eyes) accidentally touches the skin on Jungkooks Abdomen, making him wince while goosebumps erupt all over his body. The guy is just about to put at distance between them, when a sudden wave of strengh floats through Jungkook, whose first instinct is to reach for the wrist and bring it up to his face. Both males stare at him, curious on what will happen. Of course with caution.

Jungkook shivers at the contact and scents the smell coming from the other body. It sets different emotions free and other instincts unlock, while he keeps on intoxicating the wonderful and indescribable smell - Maybe a mix of elegance and satin with a hint of home. It does not matter anyway, Jungkook only wants more and presses it to his face before nuzzling into the palm.

Both males stare at the lying boy, giving him the opportunity to explore new possibilities and powers. Jungkook extends his other hand towards the blue eyed guy, indirectly asking for his hand too. Hesitantly the man lays his wrist on the warm palm and the boy harshly brings it up to his nose too, inhaling his scent with delightment. This one smells like mixed wild berries, a garden full of fruits, and Jungkooks weak state does not allow him to hold back his desire to kiss the skin in order to see if it also tastes like it.

Both gasp slightly at the action, before pulling their hands back, causing Jungkook to growl dangerously. Sadly, he used his last strength with the movements and consciousness wants to leave him any minute, already blackening his vision.

“What do we do now?”, he hears one of them saying, worry obvious in his voice. “I don't know. He probably doesn't have a pack and we can't just send a newborn and inexperienced Alpha back.”, a deeper voice replies.

“But,”, the other pauses, nervously nibbling on his lower lip, “He's an Alpha, Tae.”. Both know the dangers of bringing one home, especially with a full moon nearing.

“Let's, at least, treat him till morning. Then we'll talk about it. We can't just leave him in the woods, Jin.”, the other suggests and gets a nod as a reply back. Both males reach for an arm on each side of Jungkook, causing the Alpha to feel tingles all over his body with the touch.

“God, he's fucking heavy.”, The one to his left says, grunting while lifting him up. The other copies him and when Jungkook reaches an upright position his weak blood circulation makes him feel dizzy before he eventually faints, hanging his head low as both males drag him out of the forest.




Taehyung and Seokjin gently lay the still unconscious body on the bed, before stretching their limbs in attempt to get rid of the soreness.

“What do we do now?”, Asks the older, looking at his partner in uncertainty. The other only shrugs his shoulders, gaze shifting to the softly breathing boy laying on the Mattress. “Let's change his clothes first,”, he says, noticing them being soaked from the sweat and dirt. Seokjin nods sympathetically and heads to the bathroom, getting fresh clothes and ingredients to wash the Alpha.

Taehyung, on the other hand, moves to sit on the side of the bed to comfortably remove the shirt from the boy, gently getting rid of it. He does it only with good intentions, not having any perverted thoughts - or so he hopes. Alphas are always built well, seeing that their bodies are important for haunts and accord work. So it does not surprise him to see abs and trained muscles. He would lie by saying that it does not affect him.

Unbuckling the youngers belt, Taehyung blushes and also unbuttons the jeans before sliding them off of the long legs, revealing thick tighs which flex with the movements. He is not a pervert, he is not a pervert, he is not a pervert. And yet he stares at them longer than necessary before gulping hard. Suddenly Seokjin comes into a room, calming the poor Male. “I love you.”, Taehyung states to the older, helplessly locking eyes.

“I love you too.”, the older laughingly replies, setting the bowl of water on the ground and handing Taehyung a towel. Both soak their own garment before rubbing it gently against the skin on the boys body, trying to get rid of the dirt sticking to it. “You know, it looks like we're already experienced in collecting Alphas and taking care of them.”, Seokjin jokes, trying to lighten the mood.

Snorting, the other moves up to the left tigh, tenderly cleaning it before biting his bottom lip softly. “You have too much trust in me.”, Taehyung says, violently restraining himself from looking at the youngers boxers and the soft bulge. It is not like that Taehyung is not loyal, he would never cheat on Seokjin, more like the temptation to look is dangerously high.

Seokjin laughs, proceeding with the boys face and staring at the adorableness it brings. “Same here.”, he says, forcefully not glancing at the lips. Okay, this is going too far. Seokjin already warned the other that having an Alpha in the house is dangerous, Hormones are just exploding with one so close.

“That's enough. Let's just put the clothes on and let him sleep.”, responsibly Seokjin commands and pulls back to grab the sweatpants plus shirt. It would be easier to just leave the boy in boxers but the oldest does not want him to freak out when he awakes, jumping to conclusions that he got raped or something. That is why he, with Taehyungs help, puts on the garments and throws a blanket on the Alpha. Also setting a water bottle on the small drawer before both exit the room.




Rays of Sunshine are reaching Jungkooks face through the open curtains and he furrows his eyebrows into a frown because of the awakening. It needs several blinking sessions to get rid of the burning and dry eyes, which only slowly adjust to the brightness. A headache is also present, causing him to sigh out loud.

Scanning the unfamiliar room, the frown increases with confusion building up inside his mind. The water bottle on his right side catches his attention and then he notices his sudden tight and dry throat, making it easier to decide whether to drink from it or not. As he desperately reaches for it, and swallows nearly the whole content, Jungkook hears careful footsteps from the floor heading to his direction before the door opens.

Jungkook lowers the bottle and breathes heavily after holding his breath for too long in order to drink the water. A beautiful Male enters the room and his scent hits the younger hard, almost knocking him back to the bed. It is the same Male from yesterday, the one with the yellow eyes. Except that they are brown now. “Ehm..”, the standing guy starts, afraid of how to explain the situation, “You hungry?”, he asks instead out of panic.

The younger looks at him cautiously, still furrowing his eyebrows, and says, “Who are you?”, with a deep and throaty voice. Seokjin ignores the chill running down his spine and replies, “Seokjin. We found you in the woods yesterday and brought you here.”.

“Why do you smell so strongly?”, Jungkook asks, inhaling the scent several times while still holding eye contact. Smiling amused, the other relaxes a bit from his stiff position and says, “You'll get used to it. Now you hungry or not?”.

The younger nods but still not moves from his position. It just seems so surreal to lie on an unfamiliar bed with a stranger offering him food. They still can be dangerous, even if the guy does not look like he would murder him. “Uh,”, the other starts, shifting from one foot to another, “You want to eat in here?”. Jungkook just keeps staring, making the older even more nervous with the lack of words coming from him. “Okay then. Wait.”, he adds, temporarily exiting the room.

Several minutes pass and the guy returns with two bowls in each hand, carefully then walking over to Jungkook (who still has not moved from the sitting position on the bed) and laying one in front of him. The younger stares at it and recognizes it as probably yogurt with several fruits chopped inside it. Sitting down by a chair on the desk, Seokjin dives his spoon into his own food before bringing it to his mouth. Jungkook stares at him and lifts his own, copying the other.

“Uh, sorry. Tae's buying groceries right now. I'll cook something properly after he returns.”, Seokjin says, not knowing if he disappoints the other with the pre-breakfast. “Who's that?”, is asked from Jungkook and Seokjin replies with, “The other from yesterday. I don't know if you remember him but you'll see.”.

Nodding, Jungkook continues devouring his breakfast before finishing and sighing in contentment. “Thank you”, he murmurs and Seokjin smiles at him fondly.

“Do you want to take a shower?”, the older asks after a minute of silence. They cleaned only what was necessary yesterday, the boy still needs to get rid of the rest. Uncertainly, Jungkook gazes at him before eventually nodding and removing the blanket. It is then that he notices the new clothes, which are definitely not his.

“Uhm,”, the younger begins, not knowing what to actually say to that, “You changed my clothes?”, he says, making the other blush immediately. “Yeah, they were unwearable and I didn't want to ruin the bedsheets.”, Seokjin answers, clearing his throat afterwards. God, those Hormones surely have an effect on him.

“I put them into the washing machine. They still have to dry afterwards, so I think you should wait until then or borrow clothes from us and get them later.”, Seokjin offers politely, being the good human he is. The other nods and stands up, indicating that he is ready for the shower. The older goes over to the closet and pulls another set of sweatpants and shirt out, also opening a new package of boxers and generously giving one to the boy.

He then lays the garments in Jungkooks hands and guides him to the bathroom where he displays towels and a spare toothbrush. Seokjin leaves the Male alone afterwards and heads to the living room, where he plumps down on the couch heavily with a sigh, hating the reaction of his body to an Alpha.

The front door finally opens, revealing Taehyung with several bags before he lays them on a counter in the kitchen, which is connected to the living room. Seokjin immediately stands up and sprints over to the younger, gently kissing him.

“Hello beautiful.”, Taehyung greets, smiling before laying his lips on the others pair again. “Hey”, replies Seokjin, kissing his cheek and circling his arms around the others shoulders. The audible sounds of water splashing to the ground, coming from the bathroom, breaks the short silence and Taehyung instantly remembers his guest.

“What did he say when he awoke?”, the younger asks, grabbing the others waist before pressing them together. “Nothing much actually ”, Seokjin laughs, “He's not a chit chatter.”. Chuckling beautifully, the younger leans down to inhale the comforting smell of his lover, scenting him just like always.

“I can smell the pre-heat.”, Taehyung whispers, intensely intoxicating before pressing his lips to the skin. Closing his eyes, Seokjin buries his hands in the others hair, pulling him more against himself. It is true, with the full moon comes always a small heat but it only lasts a few days. There are also his long heats, which are around winter and spring, going on for weeks. Pure torture, if you ask him.

It is common for wolves to seek anothers contact, those animals are always known for being touchy and needy. But only with lovers and mates it turns sexual. Both, Taehyung and Seokjin, were born as werewolves, knowing the culture which makes it much easier to live with it. For bitten ones, however, it is more difficult, seeing that they have to adjust first. So Jungkook will have a hard time transforming. Shifting is going to be the first huge obstacle.

“You wanna do a quickie?”, Taehyung asks, leaving more kisses while Seokjin bares his neck instinctively. “Noo, What if he comes out?”, weakly the older replies, closing his eyes as his submissive side takes over with another wolves arousal near him. “He'll not notice it. It's still a baby Alpha.”, the younger says, roaming his hands around Seokjin, who also dives into the others neck, inhaling the beautiful scent of berries blooming in the spring. “It's in his instincts. He will know.”.

“Uhm,”, Another voice, suddenly present in the living room, resounds, separating both instantly. Taehyung shifts his gaze to the other and smiles forcefully before saying, “Hey.”, which sounds like a lame attempt to be cool and calm. Seokjin smiles at them and starts sorting the groceries, planning on cooking an omelet afterwards.

“Yeah. Hey.”. Jungkook shifts his gaze between them both while keep standing in the middle of the room awkwardly. “Sit down. Want something to drink?”, Taehyung tries to ease the tension a bit. Nodding hesitantly, the younger sits down by the dining table, hair still wet from the shower.

The other returns with two cans of cool soda, placing one in front of the alpha, before taking a seat on the opposite side of him. “What's your name? If you don't mind me asking that.”. The younger feels nervous all of the sudden. It was more comfortable with only one stranger around. “Uh, Jungkook.”, he answers, taking a sip from his drink.

“Jungkook.”, Taehyung repeats, trying it with his own deep voice. Out of nowhere the younger begins sniffing the air loudly, curiously shifting his body to different directions before leaning into Taehyungs. “What's that smell?”, he asks, stabilizing himself on the table as he moves towards the other. “Ehm.”, Taehyung is uncertain on how to explain that it is arousal without sounding like a creep.

Nervously rubbing the back of his neck, he advertises his gaze from him. Luckily, Jungkook settles back down, losing interest quickly. “What's your name?”, the younger asks.

"Taehyung.”, he answers, calming down a bit. “Thank you, uh..”, Jungkook starts, furrowing his eyebrows, “for taking care of me. Of course I'll repay it.. somehow.”.

Taehyung smiles before waving his hand, “No problem. We're gladly helping out the one's in need.”. Seokjin then presents several plates on the table and both males thank him before starting to eat the deliciously smelling breakfast. The couple will not ask the younger on why he was alone in the woods, maybe already knowing it, and they also do not have to ask about how his life is, interpreting it awful while being freshly bitten. But they still have to educate him about the new nature.

So, How to tell someone that he is a werewolf? Going straight to the point or sensitively approach it first? Taehyung looks over at Seokjin, searching for answers. But his lover only shrugs his shoulders, being totally unhelpful. Of course, he - as the older and as the Beta - has to tell Jungkook the painful truth. Actually it is not really a curse. Once you learn to control yourself, it turns out to be really cool.

“How old are you?”, Jungkook asks after a minute of silence, stopping his eating for a second. Locking eyes with the stranger, Taehyung replies with, “Twenty.”, and Seokjin right after him with, “Twenty-two.”. Then another quietness is present and all of them want to groan in frustration at the awkwardness of it. Taehyung needs to start the topic, there is no turning back.

“So, I have a question, which will sound kinda weird.”, the Beta starts and Seokjin smiles at him amused. Humming in acknowledgment, Jungkook nods as a sign to continue, “Did you have episodes of rage recently?”.

And the youngest stops eating, anger growing as he thinks about pupils at school probably spreading stories. Unintentionally, he clenches his jaw while looking at Taehyung with murdering eyes.

“Wow, okay. Sentive topic, I guess.”, he says, eyes widen with an alpha ready to break some bones. “Why are you asking?”, growls Jungkook, looking intensely at him with an intimidating expression. Seokjin feels his submissiveness already rising to the surface but he forcefully pushes it down, just like the whimper which treats to escape as the youngers eyes flicker red for a second.

“Ehm, how do I say this?”, Taehyung nervously wiggles his leg, afraid of the youngers reaction. “Promise me to be cool?”, he adds, almost begging not to get killed by him. Slowly, Jungkook nods, clenching his hands to fists in order to calm himself.

“Okay. This may sound really ridiculous but we have prove okay? Just stay cool.”. Again the younger nods, getting impatient with the other Male. “Look, we're werewolves.”, carefully Taehyung says, ready to defend himself.

“What?”, Jungkook asks in disbelieve, thinking that he has not heard it right. “We're werewolves. Like in the movies but not really the ones in the movies, just similar.”, Answers Taehyung, still getting ready for an attack.

Grimacing, The other stares at him, thinking that he is a freak. But flashbacks suddenly fill his mind with a black wolf haunting his dreams after the real incident. It would also, somehow, explain the colored eyes from yesterday. Except if everyone is playing a prank on him and multiple people are involved, which sounds so much more rational than believing in werewolves.

“We can shift, if you want. Proving it to you if you don't believe us.”, Taehyung explains, uncertain with the silence which is suddenly present. “Why are you telling me this?”, asks Jungkook, still not fully registering everything. This boy sure has many questions.

“Well,”, The Beta chuckles nervously, looking to the side, “because you're also one.”.

“You're saying that I'm a werewolf?”, Jungkook asks, ready to wake up if this is all just a dream. “Fine. Shift then. Transform into a wolf right in front of me.”, he challenges. Taehyung glances over to Seokjin, Indirectly asking him to do as said. Nodding, the other stands up and slowly goes behind the kitchen Island to remove his clothes.

“What is he doing?”, asks the younger, growling at the sight of the bared upper body. There is so much worry in Taehyungs face, afraid that he eventually has to fight for the Omega. Suddenly, Seokjin disappears behind the Island and what returns is a giant brown wolf with cute puppy eyes. Taehyung smiles at him and extends his hand to patt the animals head.

Jungkook, on the other hand, freezes in his spot. His view fills with pictures of the attack which happened not long ago and he curls his arms around his stomach instinctively. Horrific pictures are flashing through his mind with the black wolf attacking him and the younger whimpers while closing his eyes tightly. The other males immediately react to another distressed wolf, automatically feeling the need to help.

“Jungkook.”, Softly tries Taehyung, furrowing his eyebrows in concern, “Jungkook look at me.”. Slowly, the younger does like it is said, meeting a worried expression. “He will not hurt you. It is still Jin.”. Shifting his gaze to the animal, Jungkook starts breathing heavily while glancing at the innocent face of the wolf. “This isn't real. It can't be.”, he adds, removing his arms from his abdomen.

Seokjin lowers his body, before taking small steps towards Jungkook. It is a gesture of wanting peace. While the older lessens the distance between them, Jungkook still looks at him in horror and disbelief, leaning back on his chair before the wolf stops right in front of him. Seokjin takes his ears down and leans forward to indicate that he is harmless.

Seokjin shows that he wants to be stroked on the head by wiggling it softly and Jungkook slowly, very slowly, lifts his shaky hand before touching him minimally. Both are patient with the move and give him time to realize the sudden change.

It is easier for Jungkook to adjust to Seokjin first, seeing that his wolf is more beautiful and submissive, meaning that he will not see any harm in him. If Taehyung shifts, a dark brown animal will present itself, which is much bigger than an Omega, and the younger would feel more anxious by that.

Jungkook let's out a deep sigh, lessening his anxiety with it while moving his hands on the fur, liking how the soft strands feel under his fingertips. “And you think I can do that too? Shift?”, asks the younger, getting braver by laying his whole palm on Seokjins head.

“Probably not now, but we'll see after the full moon or your birthday.”, Taehyung explains, standing up to walk towards Seokjin, stroking his back before settling on the ground beside. The wolf turns to him and licks his face happily, earning sweet giggles out of the Beta. “Jungkook, I'm sorry that you got bitten by one of us. It was probably a new Alpha who couldn't control himself.”.

“Alpha?”, asks Jungkook, tilting his head to the side. “Yeah. You have so much more to learn.”. Taehyung chuckles, not really knowing why he cares for the younger so much. “Come on, I'll give you some lessons.”.




Jungkooks knees feel weak as he approaches his home, afraid that his mother does not want to see him after the incident. He had caused so much trouble and unnecessary drama, that it frustrates him even more. Oh, how would have things turned out, if he only had met the werewolf couple earlier?

The first thing Taehyung explained to him is the rage and the episodes it brings. So it is technically not his fault for being so rebellious recently. Jungkook knows, that he needs to control himself with normal people around, which means meditation to keep his blood pressure down. The second topic coming to the surface, was the Alpha-Beta-Omega concept. According to Taehyung, he is an Alpha without the formal status yet. It will be official on his eighteenth birth. That also means, and he hopes he recalls it correctly, that Jungkook belongs to the dominant and more aggressive kind - red eyes.

Taehyung said Seokjin is an Omega, a natural submissive Animal with the ability to be breed. It is weird to think about a Male being able to get pregnant, but if they are like that, Jungkook will not judge. Futher explanations, on how shifting works, what will happen on full moon and some of the History, followed, before the younger decided that it was enough and he had to go home, thinking about his, probably worried, Mother.

That is why he currently is on his way back. Taehyung had given him directions on where to go to find the city and Jungkook tries memorizing the path, already planning on visiting them tomorrow. As his house appears around the corner, Anxiety forms itself in his gut. Of course he will not tell her about the whole werewolf thing, Jungkook would not even believe himself.

The door is unlocked, meaning that it is easy to step inside the silence of a home. “Mom?”, he calls out, concerned about the meeting. A gasp, coming from the kitchen, resounds, before fast footsteps head to his direction. His mother then appears and roughly embraces him, tightly holding onto her son.

“Kookie!”, she happily shouts, “I was so worried. Don't ever leave me like that!”, the woman adds, sternly leaning back to look at him. He murmurs an apology, before diving back into the hug, loving the warm vibe which surrounds her. “I'm okay now.”, Jungkook whispers, shutting his eyes tightly, “I'm okay.”.




Taehyung helplessly gazes at his Partner, asking for any tips on how to approach a sensitive topic in front of Jungkook. “Just tell him that. He will take it like an adult.”, Seokjin says, advertising his gaze from his book to face the stressed Beta.

“Yeah, but-”, Nervously he murmurs, but Jungkook interrupts him by entering through the front door. He visits them almost every day, seeking for comfort whenever he can. It got to the point of seeing the couple as new friends, which help him through a difficult time. Maybe it is his third or fourth time being in the small flat now, and Jungkook slowly adjusts to the males in his life. Seokjin even created the habit of buying banana milk while shopping groceries and Jungkook heads straight to the fridge, reaching instantly for the mentioned item.

The pair feels responsible for the younger, wanting to prevent unnecessary injuries by educating him. They talked about rage and agression, which will increase with the full moon, and they already spoke about his wolf form plus sensitive senses.

Jungkook contentedly plumps down on the couch beside Seokjin and starts drinking his milk. The couple exchanges glances. “Ehm.”, Seokjin elegantly starts, thinking that it is his time to explain something. Catching the youngers attention, the Omega lays the book on the table before shifting to fully face him. “Look, we have to talk about something important.”, he adds, nervously nibbling at his bottom lip while the other nods with a wave of his hand, gracefully allowing him to continue.

”We-,”, he does not know how to begin this, “Werewolves have special relationships to each other, including the romantic kind.”. Seokjin awaits uncomfortable reactions from the younger but meets only slow blinking while Jungkook listens to the others explanation interestingly. So the other goes on, “Those are called mates. Everyone, or so we hope, has a soulmate which is destined to him only.”.

“Taehyung's yours?”, asks the younger, understanding what the other is talking about. Does that mean that he has one too? That somewhere out there a soulmate is waiting for him? “Yes, Tae's my mate.”, Seokjin shortly smiles at the said male before resuming with the explanation, “But we haven't mated yet. Means we need to go trough a process. First there is a claim, which needs to be accepted from both sides.”.

“How does this work?”. Jungkook raises an eyebrow. Taking a deep breath, Seokjin replies with, “Someone, who wants to claim, will step into your personal space with the intention to connect the wolves. For example Tae claimed me by kissing me and then waited if my wolf reacts openly to that or not.”.

While the older explains that, flashbacks float through Taehyungs mind of the night when they found Jungkook. The younger kissed his hand and scented him without him even flinching. Actually, his wolf liked that and accepted the gesture, which worries the male enormously. Does that mean it allows the other to claim him? But he is connected to Seokjin. How is that possible?

“After that there is the phase of connection, where both live together. In the human world it would be like being engaged. Nothing much happens there, just getting to know each other more.”, adds Seokjin, relaxing a bit as he sees Jungkook intaking the new information calmly. “The final step is mating. You could also say ‘marriage’ without having the chance to divorce. It lasts a lifetime.”.

“When will you mate?”, wants to know Jungkook, shifting his gaze from one Male to the other. Both blush at the intimacy of the question and fiddle with their fingers. “We don't know yet, it needs a special date. Only our leader can tell. Probably soon.”, Seokjin responds, nibbling at his bottom lip again.

“Leader?”, Asks the younger, looking bewildered. Are they in a cult or something? “Oh the pack thing!”, suddenly shouts Taehyung and says afterwards, “We're living in a house with several apartments and our pack is split into those. So we're occupying this place and the next one.”.

“Are they werewolves too?”. The younger is still unsure with the new information, everything just seems so unreal. He does his best to get along with all of it, but it is just so frustratingly confusing. Both nod towards Jungkook, before Taehyung continues, “Yeah, but they're nice. You'll meet them after the full moon. The Omegas are all-”, he pauses and blushes again.

“There is one more thing you need to know.”, Seokjin proceeds with the teaching, knowing that his partner is sensible with 'this topic'. Jungkook looks at him and tilts his head to the side, “You're already familiar with Alpha-Beta-Omega right?”, asks Seokjin, while the younger nods. Jungkook would not exactly say that he is familiar with it, but the boy knows the basics. “We react to the moon not only with more agression and high senses, but also with our body. Especially the one's who are not mated.”.

Furrowing his eyesbrows, Jungkook is just about to ask what that means when the other cuts him by saying, "Fuck that. Let's jump right into it - We seek sexual intercourses.”.

Oh. Oh! Wow. the youngers mind is not ready for such conversations but Seokjin continues with reddening ears, “Omegas go into heat, which is basically just torture. I'm not going into details, you don't have to know that.”.

“But Alphas also react to it by having a rut for a few days. It is possible that you will also go into one by that time.”.

“What does that mean? What will happen then?”, panics Jungkook, being confused by the mystery of things. Suddenly the full moon seems super scary with all it's special effects.

“Well,”, Taehyung attempts, unsure of how to explain it, “It means that you will want to claim and connect to another wolf.”.

“But I don't want to.”, replies Jungkook, still furrowing his eyebrows. “Your instincts will force you. Or try to force you.”, Seokjin adds sympathetically. In times like this he feels jealous of the fact that Betas are not capable of going into such states as Heats or ruts. They remain neutral.

“But It'll be okay. Tae will take care of you.", The older assures, grabbing his mates hand and holding onto it tightly while possible dangers fill his mind. How is he going to keep an Omega and an Alpha at bay?

“Okay.”, sighs Jungkook under his breath, forcing himself to calm down and listen to his new friends.




“Oh, you bought yourself new clothes?”, asks Jungkooks mother, as she notices the males new sweatshirts. The boy only looks down at himself before shrugging his shoulders and replying with, “Belongs to Tae.", and adding with a smile, "don't tell him that I have it.”.

Raising an eyebrow, she does not know how to react to this. Or the new males which are so suddenly in Jungkooks life. They even overtook a huge part of his daily routine - meaning, he stays there most of the time and returns with actual smiles and funny stories on how he teases ‘Jin’ or how cute ‘Tae’ becomes whenever Jungkook beats him on overwatch.

The woman has not even seen the boys, yet her son behaves like those males are a part of his life for a long time now. “Why don't you invite them for dinner?”, she asks, curious of their characters while praying to God that they do not belong to the bad-influence side. Jungkook seems to like them a lot.

The boy tenses, frown on his face while he scans the old-looking livingroom, which is not in its best state - just like the rest of the house. Seokjin and Taehyung live in such a nice apartment, how would they react to this? With disgust? Openhearted? He will never know, because it will never happen. “Yeah.”, murmurs Jungkook before finishing his meal.




“Bye, mom!”, he shouts, rushily shutting the door afterwards while making his way down the street with a heavy bag accompanying him. This is his first sleepover by an actual friend and it excites (and frightens) him. Technically, he stayed the night there before, but that happened unintentionally without the cool stuff like in the teenager movies. Such as watching movies or talking about girls - or boys.

No one ever invited him. Jungkook has friends, sure, but they are not close enough to do those things. If someone would ask about other companions, the Male would reply with his classmate named Jimin. This boy is cute and happy all the time, slightly triggering some feelings inside Jungkook. But there is an invisible wall which surrounds the Alpha. He just does not like too close friends, always wanting to keep his comfortable distance to all of them. Yet, with the stupid freaks now in his life, it becomes more difficult to keep the barrier up.

Arriving at the destination, Jungkook enters the apartment, which is on the second floor, and without a care throws his bag on the ground while getting rid of his shoes. He became so familiar with all of it already, having even an ritual when he steps inside. Something, that needs to happen, is the deep breaths he intakes whenever it is possible. His body just can not relax without the scent of satin and berries surrounding him. It becomes stronger, from what he notices.

When his body calms down, he proceeds his way to the kitchen and searching for any foods Seokjin recently cooked. Just then, Jungkook finally realizes that the males are nowhere in sight which arises panic inside him. Yeah, it is stupid to jump to conclusions and think that something horrible happened to them. But they are his only friends and the younger feels like, he just needs them in his life. As if his own existence circles around them.

And so the boy searches for them. Frantically sprinting to every room before stopping in front of theirs. He never entered it, not wanting to invade their privacy, but curiosity pushes him to do exactly that. 'They are probably not home', he assures himself, slowly turning the doorknob with the barrier opening and revealing an empty bedroom. It is not special, just basically decorated, yet it feels like something beautiful which Jungkook discovers.

There is a giant bed in the middle of the room and some drawers on each side. A closet is also placed next to the door and Jungkook mischievously smiles with the new amount of clothes he is able to steal. With that thought, he goes straight towards it and searches for any interesting sweatshirts, before one in particular catches his attention. The garments are not really separated, because both males share them while having similar sizes.

Jungkook views the item from each side and suddenly notices the perfectly mixed scent coming from it. Without a second thought, he rises the clothing up to his nose and inhales deeply while his eyes fall shut. A sudden wave of unnatural feelings almost knocks him out and his knees weaken with the desire to have ‘more’.

Overwhelmed, He additionally repeats the action and takes some steps back until he falls backwards on the bed where another delicious scent hits him deeper. This one is so intense that it causes goosebumps all over his body and the younger can not fully comprehend what he is doing until it is too late. Jungkook rolls on the bedsheets while desperately sniffing around to chase whatever he can find. Also clutching the pillow, the younger starts to breath heavily in attempt to intake more.

It just feels so good, so - so ecstacy-like that it drives him crazy. Is this another wolf thing? Taehyung warned him that his senses will be more sensitive, but is this what he means? Still tossing around, Jungkook also savors the coziness of an actual bed, while trying to forget the single mattress that awaits him at home. Do not get him wrong, he is thankful for his mother, who works so hard to keep the roof above their heads. But is it so bad to wish for a better life? To come home and have a warm meal?

The front door suddenly opens and Jungkook panics at the thought of them finding him in that ridiculous states. The bedsheets are a mess and so is the males hair, for what Seokjin scolds him almost daily. Rushily fixing them, Jungkook changes his shirt to the other one, throwing his own carefree on the ground, and then exits like nothing happened.

“That bitch - She only gave me one coloring book instead of two.”, grumbles Taehyung as he throws his jacket on the hanger. Chuckling behind him, Seokjin replies with, “They were for the kids. You're a grown man.”.

“I saw her giving someone even three. Three!”. Seokjin laughs out loud at the childish behavior and immediately heads towards the kitchen to start making dinner. It is not in his intention to go with the stereotype of Omegas prettily cooking and taking care of children while the super strong Alphas are doing super masculine stuff. But he does not really care about that, all he wants is to follow his passion and that is what he does. If someone has something against it, then it is not Seokjins problem.

“Oh, Jungkook. Hey!”, bewildered Taehyung greets, not expecting the younger to be there so soon. Seokjins instantly shifts his gaze to the Male, who comes out of the main bedroom.

The youngest does not like the attention or the silence it brings. It feels like the other ones except something from him, so he greets back unsurely with, “Eh, hey.”, with a small voice. Insecurities are not always present, they only show up in important situations or (From what he recently discovered) with people around him, which actually mean something to him.

Taehyung and Seokjin only react that confused, because it is still so weird to have another male in their lifes, and they only slowly adjust to the change. But still - they do. And both agree that it is pleasant to have Jungkook around them. So, shaking his head to get rid of the confusion, Seokjin shouts joyfully, “Kookie!”, and then, “Take a seat, I'm making dinner right now.”.

Relaxing too, Taehyung softens his face muscles and patts the spot next to him on the couch while loudly saying, “God, Kook. You will not believe this. There was a girl next to the grocery store. She gave people coloring books for free and only gave me one, when there was a child right before me that got three. Again - Three!”. He still can not get over this.

The tension within Jungkook suddenly vanishes with the heartwarming atmosphere now surrounding them. That is what he loves, that is what he wants. Just being with his friends and joking around like always. “No way? Three?”, the younger joins, throwing himself next to Taehyung and showing fake interest into the story with playfulness glistening on his face.

“Don't tease him.”, laughingly Seokjin shouts behind the counter, “He's serious on that - in a very strange way.”. Both males chuckle as the Beta, dramatically offended, throws a “Hey!” into the conversation.

The topic ends and Taehyung gets over the previous situation, completely forgetting it while engaging with Jungkook and talking to him about several topics. Many laugher pleasantly fill the room.“Isn't that my shirt?”, asks Taehyung while squinting his eyes at Jungkook, already knowing the answer to that question.

Forcefully smiling with guilt, the younger replies with “I like how it smells.”, which just sounds so strange if it is said that way - In the human world at least. But as a werewolf, Taehyung completely understands what Jungkook means by that and so he smiles fondly while replying, “That's okay. Keep it. We -”, then he pauses unsure, glancing at Seokjin shortly before proceeding, “You can also scent me if you, eh, want.”.

Furrowing the eyebrows, Jungkook seems puzzled by that offer and Taehyung understands that he needs to explain further. “Uh, okay.”, He decides to just start, “You have a scent gland. Somewhere-”, tracing his fingertips over Jungkooks collarbone, he searches for the right spot, unaware of the sharp breath the younger has to take with the touch.

“Here.", pointing his forefinger against a clothed part of Jungkooks skin, he continues, “We all have it and our scents comfort each other. Especially when we're close.”. Something blooms inside the youngers heart as he hears, that Taehyung refers to their relationship with ‘close’. Nibbling at his bottom lip, Jungkook asks, “Can I try it?”, with an unsure, yet curious, expression on his face.

“Yeah-”, Taehyung worries about the intimate gesture, being afraid of the outcome if Jungkook tries to accidentally claim him again, “Let me show it first.”. Complying to the statement, the younger nods and the beta leans forward to chase the strong and masculine scent, burying himself in the spot between Jungkooks neck and collarbone. “What do I smell like?”, he asks as Taehyung inhales several times.

The first time scenting and it is not at all what Taehyung expected to find. It is much more. His body reacts to it just like it does to Seokjin and that scares him enormously. His mind demands him to do too absurd actions. for example to kiss the skin or climb on Jungkooks lap to hump him. Like he said, stupid and unnatural things.

Remembering the question, Taehyung takes another deep breath and replies with, “Like warmth.”, which sounds not at all imaginable but that is the main thought that crosses the Betas mind when it comes to Jungkook. The other hums only and tightly closes his eyes because of a reason, he even does not understand. “Can I now?”, the younger asks, desperate to have more of the scent, more of the image of standing in a garden full of delicious fruits.

Nodding, Taehyung detaches himself with a clouded expression and uncontrollably grabs the back of Jungkooks head before pressing the face to his gland. The exotic scent hits the younger immediately, taking away his surprise of the others harsh movements. Jungkook starts to inhale deeply, taking a hold on Taehyungs shoulders and pressing the body more into his. The youngers mind screams at him for more, for wanting to dominate and claim. Unknown to him that his eyes turn red, Jungkook pulls the others shirt by the neck to the side and dives into the now free skin, firmly pressing his lips on it while Taehyung whimpers with the touch.

The growl that escapes Jungkook stops in the middle, when Seokjin shouts, “Dinner's ready!”, from the kitchen. He had seen the interaction and chose to interrupt it out of panic. Both males on the couch separate immediately and try to calm their breathing while placing a hand on the chest.

Chanting a ‘not okay. This is not okay’ over and over inside his head, Taehyung curses his inner wolf for doing such horrible things. He still feels the connection to Seokjin, which is a huge relief. But much less of a relief is, that Jungkook successfully claimed him. That it got accepted. And that is not fucking okay.




The dinner passes silently, only with Seokjin and Jungkook exchanging words sometimes but no conversation lasts too long. The younger is afraid that he had caused such a tense atmosphere with his uncontrollable behavior on Taehyung, which seems to be confirmed when he looks at the Beta, who strangely avoids eye contact.

“I'll go to bed now.”, Taehyung then suddenly says, throwing his napkin somehow angrily on the plate while the others gaze at him confused. “I'm not feeling well. Good night.”, and so he vanishes without another word accompanying the dry statement.

Jungkooks eyes follow him until he turns around the corner, sadness in his expression openly displayed. “Don't worry, kookie.”, says Seokjin softly with a smile, catching the youngers attention, “He's fine.”. Not utterly convinced, Jungkook let's it slide and focuses on the Omega instead. Still, it is his first sleepover which, obviously, turns dramatic.

“I did this, haven't I?”, he sighs under his breath, helplessly locking eyes with Seokjin. “It's always me. I'm sorry-”.

But the older interrupts him immediately, not allowing such thoughts under his roof. “Don't be stupid, kid.”, replies Seokjin, which causes a smile on the others face, “He's going to man up and be okay. Now, are we going to watch that stupid movie or not?”. Jungkook nods at that, gratefully grinning at the older one.

“I don't get it.”, comments Seokjin the moment the screen turns black, indicating the end. “I just don't get how she chose that stupid bad boy instead of her best friend, who supported her all the time.”. Jungkook smiles amused and cuddles further into the others side, seeking emotional comfort.

The apartment is dark with lights being switched off. Only the monitor of the TV brightens it somehow and both males lay in front of it with several blankets and snacks surrounding them. “You know, in times like this I forget that you're a werewolf.”, murmurs Jungkook with a chuckle, throwing his arms around Seokjin to embrace him tightly, just because he can.

“So are you, dumbass.”, responds the older, ruffling the Alphas hair and savoring the warmth enveloping him. It seems like Jungkooks body adjusts well to the transformation, now he has the same body temperature which equals fever by normal humans. It is a wolf thing. “Show me again.”, whispers the younger near his ear, unintentionally leaving his hot breath on it.

Seokjin looks at him confused before realizing the meaning of the question. Nodding, he agrees to it without seeing a problem. And so the older stands up to go behind a barrier again. Jungkooks arms dramatically clutch around nothing in the air and he whines, “Noo, why do you have to leave for this?”. But when Seokjin throws his shirt off behind the counter, he understands and shuts up while awaiting the animal.

And that is what happens. The beautiful wolf, Jungkook has seen several times now, presents itself in its glory right in front of the younger, who immediately reaches out for it. Seokjin complies and lays his heavy head on Jungkooks lap while fingertips are gliding over the soft fur. “You're so pretty.”, whispers Jungkook as he strokes the others head lovingly, before embracing the giant animal and shifting himself to cuddle with it. The older is glad to be in his wolf form because he would not be able to hold his blush back after hearing the compliment.

On the other side of the apartment, Taehyung turns frustrated on his bed, angrily then pushing the blanket off him. Even the bedroom smells like Jungkook, which does not leave him at peace. He can not believe that the younger claimed him. How is Taehyung suppose to tell Seokjin that? How is he suppose to tell the pack that? They will all think that he is delusional, that this is impossible, and the Beta knows it. Something needs to be done against it.

Right in the middle of his outburst, he spots a black garment laying on the ground beside the closet. It is nothing special, yet Taehyung feels the need to grab it - to examine it. Driven by an unknown force, he eventually does, not having to stand up from his bed while he grabs it and realizes that it is Jungkooks shirt.

Ignoring the nagging questions on why it lays inside main bedroom, Taehyung feels the soft fabric on his hands and sighs at the powerful scent coming from it. The comfort, it also brings, is enough to calm him down and so he closes his eyes tightly to forget his sudden frustration and just think rationally for once.

The first point is, that Jungkook is innocent. He is inexperienced and can not control himself or what his wolf does. Seconds point is, Taehyung can not either. They do what they do without much morality behind. So no one owns the fault and that is what he needs to remember. Third point - Seokjin.

It is a drastical shift in their relationship and Taehyung does not want to break it just because of a baby alpha not being able to understand the seriousness of a claim. So, after debating on what to do, the Beta decides to do nothing. He will ignore the claim and other things accompanying it, keeping the relationship just as it was. Yeah, that is a good idea.