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Baby doll, you're perfect

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„I seriously don’t know what to do. It’s not like I can leave him to live alone,” Yoongi sighed, looking at Jimin and Hoseok. He really needed their help now. He’s always turned to them with any trouble in his life, ever since he’s known them, ever since they became co-workers, then friends and then partners. Their relationship wasn’t regular but with their work and the lives they were living, nothing was really regular.

“You know, he is almost twenty two now, he could live alone. He is not a little kid anymore,” Hoseok tried to reason with him.

“You know better than anyone that this isn’t about him being a little kid. This is because of my job. I piss off many people and they could try to get a revenge on me through Taehyung,” Yoongi glared at him: “Maybe the best option would be if I found an apartment, moved there and take Tae with me.”

“Yeah, right,” Jimin snorted: “Because no one would come after you if you moved out of the house. That is just stupid, babe.”

“We all know what the best option here is,” Hoseok looked at the two men: “Take Tae live with us.”

“Right, taking him to our base would be safe,” the oldest snorted sarcastically.

“It is our base but it is guarded and safe,” Jimin supported Hoseok’s idea: “That is the safest place for you and Tae too. If you ask Guk, I am sure he will allow it, Tae is your family and Guk respects that,”

“I just tried to keep him away from this world for so long,” Yoongi groaned: “I did what I had to mostly for him after our parents died and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. But I don’t want him to get involved in this crap.”

“He wouldn’t have to get involved, this is just about where he will live. He will have a room in the house, he will still go to school and finish his degree and that’s it,” Jimin shrugged.

“Yeah, right, you can’t even believe that. You know that sooner or later there will be something that will influence him and it will stress him,”

“I think you are giving him less credit than he deserves,” Hoseok looked at the other pointedly: “He is innocent and nice but he is not made of sugar. He knows what you are doing so it’s not like you’d be leading him to the house in complete darkness.”

“I just don’t want anything to happen to him,” Yoongi rubbed his palms over his face in exhaustion: “And I am not happy about the idea of him being around the others either. You know how some of them are and Tae is young, handsome and naïve.”

“I think you’d be surprised, I´ve heard quite lots of stories about his college years,” Jimin chuckled. He and Taehyung became quite close over the years. He was only two years older than Taehyung and Yoongi sometimes took him and Hoseok to his grandma’s house where Taehyung lived before she died few days ago.

“You know you won’t really have another option, babe,” Hoseok patted Yoongi’s leg gently.

“I know, I’ll talk to Guk,” Yoongi sighed in resignation.


“So you’re asking if your brother could live here?” Jeongguk looked at Yoongi from where he was sitting behind his large desk.

“Yeah, just live, not join the gang,” Yoongi nodded: “You know our situation, I told you everything when I joined more than ten years ago. Our grandma died recently and I don’t wanna leave him without supervision since someone would want to hurt him because of me.”

Jeongguk leaned back in the chair, considering the request. He really didn’t like the idea of some kid living here, things could be too complicated.

“I don’t think there should be a problem with that,” Namjoon looked at Jeongguk. He was standing next to the desk with Seokjin.

“I don’t like it,” Jeongguk said. The thought of some guy who was never involved in any criminal activity in their house wasn’t sitting well with him. On the other hand, it really didn’t matter, he wouldn’t probably even see him that often, the house was huge.

“What does it matter? Just let him live here for fucks sake,” Seokjin rolled his eyes at the boss. Jeongguk glared at him. Seokjin was one of few people who dared to speak to him like that because he’s grown up in the gang and because he was with Namjoon for like forever. Jeongguk would never admit it out loud and he’d never let it show to the most of the gang, but his older brother’s boyfriend had him wrapped around his finger in a way.

“Okay, fine, he can move in here,” Jeongguk eventually nodded: “But he will have a room in the eastern part of the house.”

“That is just stupid, he should be close to Yoongi, just in case. You wouldn’t let him be surrounded by strangers, would you?” Seokjin looked at him pointedly.

“Okay, whatever,” Jeongguk groaned. He really didn’t like that. Yoongi and couple of other gang members lived in the southern part of the house, close to his own room. Now the possibility of not meeting this Taehyung guy was much thinner.

“He won’t cause any problems or get involved. He knows what we’re doing but he is in college and he isn’t made for this life. You won’t even know he’s here,” Yoongi reassured the leader. Jeongguk had a weird feeling that what Yoongi just said was bullshit.


“So I will finally see your boss?” Taehyung chirped as they were putting all his stuff into Yoongi’s car. He didn’t have a driving licence, he never really wanted it. He usually rode a bike to school but now when he was moving to the periphery of Seoul, they had to figure out how he will get to school every day.

“Don’t get too excited. I don’t want you to be in Jeongguk’s hair, I know how annoying you can be and he wouldn’t appreciate it. He is not really a chatty guy so you’d be only pissing him off. And believe me, you don’t wanna piss Jeongguk off,” Yoongi looked at his little brother warningly.

“Is he dangerous?” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows.

“He is a fucking gang boss, what do you think?” Yoongi glared at him.

“You are dangerous too and you are putting up with my annoying ass all the time,” Taehyung chuckled.

“That is because I have no choice, you are my brother. But Guk is my boss, even though we became friends so don’t push him,” Yoongi grunted as he picked up a heavy box: “I don’t want you to wander around the house, I know how friendly you are but believe me, you don’t want most of those people to be your friends and they don’t want it either.”

“Well, Jiminie, Hobi-hyung, Namjoon-hyung and Seokjin-hyung live there too, right?”

“Of course,”

“Then I have at least some friends there,” Taehyung grinned. He knew Jimin and Hoseok quite well. They would sometimes come to his grandmother’s house with Yoongi. Their grandma didn’t know about what relationship Yoongi had with them, she wouldn’t approve but Taehyung wasn’t stupid. He figured it out years ago and Yoongi confirmed that he was dating both of them. Taehyung didn’t judge him, he never did. In his eyes, Yoongi was a perfect hyung, his role model, the one who’s been always taking care of him.

To say that their childhood was difficult was an understatement. Their father was an abusive alcoholic and their mother was a pill addict with depression. Yoongi has always been looking out for him, protecting him from the abuse, taking hits for him and trying to make his childhood as normal as possible. He was over eight years older than Taehyung and he was always the only person that was looking out for him. Except for their grandparents.

When he was ten and Yoongi eighteen, their parents had a bad fight. Yoongi wasn’t home, he was working a secret part time job to make some money for himself and Taehyung since their parents always spent everything so often there was not even food for them.

Yoongi came home to a crying Taehyung, sitting beside their dead mother. It was established by the police that their parents fought, their mother killed their father and then she killed herself, all while Taehyung was up in his room, hiding under the covers when he heard their parents fighting.

They moved to their grandparents because even though Yoongi was an adult, it was easier for Taehyung to be there. But their grandparents weren’t exactly rich and in order for Yoongi to make sure Taehyung got a proper education, had textbooks and decent clothes, he got involved with Jeongguk’s gang. It was his father’s gang back then but Jeongguk was already doing most of the work and he took Yoongi in. He’s never regretted it because everything he’s done was for Taehyung.

The only thing he never wanted was for Taehyung to get involved in the dangerous world and now here he was, taking him to the house full of gangsters. Taehyung was an adult now but that didn’t make Yoongi hate it any less. He was still worried about him, he would always be.

They got into the car once all the stuff was in and Yoongi drove them to the periphery of the city.

“Wow, hyung, that is like a palace!” Taehyung’s mouth fell open when Yoongi passed a big gate and a huge house appeared in front of them. It wasn’t any old, pretentious mansion, it was quite modern house but it was huge. It had three floors and Taehyung could barely see where it begun and where it ended. The whole property was circled by high walls and the only passage to it was a big gate that could be only opened or closed via fingerprints.

“Well, nearly whole gang lives here. Some people live in their own places but at least fifty people are here and most of them have their own room with a bathroom,” Yoongi replied.

“You share a room with Jimin and Hoseok, right?”

“Yeah,” Yoongi nodded: “Namjoon is with Seokjin and some other members are with their partners but most of them have their own rooms.”

“How do you all eat and stuff?” Taehyung asked with a small frown.

“Every floor is divided into two parts and every part has its own kitchen and lounge area. And couple of rooms of course and every room has its own bathroom,” the older explained.

“So I will be in the part with you? And the other guys?”

“Yeah, there are four rooms. One that I share with Jimin and Hobi, one with Namjoon and Seokjin and one will be yours,”

“And the fourth one?”

“It’s Jeongguk’s,” Yoongi replied dryly.

“Oh my god, wait, so your boss lives with you?” Taehyung gasped.

“Where did you think he’d live, it’s his house,”

“Yeah, no, I mean like…I’d expect he’d have his own apartment or something,”

“No, the six of us share one kitchen and lounge room. Guk’s room is the furthest from ours and his study is right above the staircase so when he works, anyone can go there,” Yoongi explained.

“Oh wow,” Taehyung breathed out. He was suddenly a bit nervous. He felt quite giddy of moving in here, it felt exciting to live with gangsters but now he wasn’t so sure anymore. He was especially nervous because of Jeongguk. He didn’t know what to expect, how did gang bosses even look like? He’s seen some gangster movies but he was pretty sure that the reality was different. The only thing he knew from his hyung was, that Jeongguk was quite young, he wasn’t some old slop, he was around Yoongi’s age.

They finally parked the car in front of one of the garages.

“TaeTae!” a loud voice startled them. Suddenly someone crushed into Taehyung’s body, hugging him.

“Hi, Jiminie,” Taehyung laughed. Jimin was two years older but Taehyung never used honorific with him, the older hated it so that’s what he told Taehyung when they first met.

“Wow, looking great, Tae, the blonde colour really suits you,” another voice caught Taehyung’s attention.

“You know me, Hobi-hyung, always up for a change,” Taehyung chuckled.

“Of course, with your artistic soul,” Hoseok laughed, ruffling Taehyung’s hair and pulling him into a tight hug.

“Joon-hyung and Jin-hyung are upstairs making a dinner. Or well, Jin is making a dinner while Namjoon watches,” Jimin laughed.

“Let’s help you with that stuff,” Hoseok patted Taehyung’s shoulder, opening the trunk of the car. Yoongi yelled at couple of men passing by to help them with the boxes and bags and soon all Taehyung’s things were upstairs in the third floor.

“Wow, that room is huge,” Taehyung gasped when he entered his new room. It was spacious and modern. The walls were simply white but he was about to change that, he will paint some paintings to decorate it. There was a walk in closet, not too huge but it was still a luxury for him since he’s always had small rooms. There was also a door leading to the bathroom with a bathtub and Taehyung mentally cheered. He could already see himself taking long baths in it.

“It’s perfect, I will decorate it and it will be awesome,” Taehyung grinned at Yoongi.

“I am sure you will,” the older smiled. Taehyung’s been painting since he was a kid, their shared room back then in their old house was full of his pictures. Years later, he was accepted to college as an art major.

“The dinner will be ready soon. The kitchen is down the hallway, I will be there,” Yoongi informed Taehyung: “So unpack couple of things and come.”

“Okay,” Taehyung nodded, suddenly nervous: “Will Jeongguk be there?”

“He left to take care of something so I don’t know if he’ll come in time,” Yoongi shrugged. Taehyung just nodded and watched his brother leave. He sat on the bed and breathed out. He looked around, trying to get used to the new place. It was really nice, clean and modern but very impersonal. But that wouldn’t last too long.

He decided not to unpack because he wouldn’t make it on time. So he unpacked just couple of things and changed for the dinner.

He went down the hall, passing couple of doors. He looked to the other side of the hallway, seeing a door at the end. It had to be Jeongguk’s room.

He came to the kitchen. It was modern and spacious with a lounge area with three big couches and a big TV connected to it. There was also a big dining table where easily ten people could fit.

“Hello, Tae,” Seokjin greeted him loudly with a smile from where he was standing by a stove. The younger came to him and gave him a big hug. He met Seokjin and Namjoon couple of times since they were basically best friends with Yoongi.

“Tae, looking great, it’s been a while,” Namjoon’s deep voice caught his attention and he hugged the tall man as well.

“Come on, sit down, the dinner is ready. You have to tell us everything, we haven’t seen you for months,” Seokjin ushered Taehyung to the table, putting a plate in front of him. Soon they were all sitting around the table with meals in front of them.

“It looks great, hyung,” Taehyung smiled at the older guy. He’s eaten couple of meals from Seokjin and they were always delicious.

“So, Tae, how is school going? You just started a new year right?” Namjoon looked at the youngest.

“Yeah, two months ago. I am graduating next year so things are starting to get intense,” Taehyung whined.

“You will handle it, you are smart and talented,” Jimin gave him an encouraging smile.

“Yeah, well, I’ll have to handle it somehow,” Taehyung grinned and hummed appreciatively around the chopsticks. He looked at Seokjin, mumbling with full mouth: “The food is delicious, hyung.”

They were chatting for a while until they were halfway through the dinner when suddenly they heard a door open and close.

“Looks like Guk is back,” Hoseok stated. Taehyung glanced to the door, waiting for the boss to come in. He wasn’t almost breathing, waiting to meet the infamous gangster but there were no other sounds. He went probably to his room.

They started eating again, the others weren’t really phased by their boss being back. Taehyung knew from Yoongi and the others that they were friends with Jeongguk. There was some respect towards him of course but it wasn’t like with the rest of the gang.

Taehyung almost forgot that the boss arrived until he heard footsteps approaching the kitchen. He looked up just in time to see Jeongguk enter. His mouth fell open little bit when he spotted the boss. He didn’t know what he was expecting but it wasn’t surely this.

“Hey, hyung,” Jimin greeted the boss. Jeongguk just nodded his head towards him and sat down to the head of the table.

“How did it go?” Namjoon asked.

“Good, it’s taken care of,” Jeongguk spoke up with a quiet, smooth voice: “We’ll go to my office after the dinner, I’ll tell you everything.” He added, eyeing Taehyung for a second.

“Guk, this is Taehyung, my brother,” Yoongi introduced Taehyung who was sitting by his left side. The boss just hummed, sparing Taehyung just a short glance. Taehyung felt a bit hurt. He knew from Yoongi that the boss wasn’t chatty but he expected at least ‘nice to meet you’ or ‘welcome’ but nothing. Taehyung didn’t think he could meet someone less talkative than his hyung but apparently he just did. He didn’t know why he felt so disappointed that the older didn’t even properly look at him.

Taehyung dag into his meal, trying not to ogle too much but he couldn’t help it. His eyes slipped to the leader who just started eating.

He didn’t know why, even though he knew from Yoongi that Jeongguk was around his age, he somehow imagined him as a bold guy with some huge scar over the whole face for whatever reason. But the reality was far from his image.

Jeongguk looked really around Yoongi’s age. His hair was black, a bit longer, parted on his forehead, revealing sharp eyebrows. His eyes were round and dark, it wasn’t even clear where the irises ended and pupils begun. His nose was a bit big but it fitted his face perfectly. His lips weren’t too plump but they weren’t thin either. And his jaw was sharper than anything Taehyung’s seen. Overall, Taehyung had to admit that Jeongguk was hot as fuck.

As he was busy checking out the boss, he didn’t notice that he was staring back. Taehyung felt his cheeks burning under the man’s gaze. His expression was completely blank but it felt like his gaze was almost burning. Those eyes were so dark and unreadable, there was darkness in them, not only because of the colour but there was something vicious. Taehyung could tell Jeongguk was dangerous even if he didn’t know who he was.

For the rest of the dinner, Jeongguk didn’t look at him. Taehyung stole few glances here and there, curious about the boss. Jeongguk didn’t talk much but he wasn’t even that surprised.

“We’ll have to figure out how Tae will get to school. He doesn’t have a driving licence and it’s too far from here to go on a bike,” Yoongi brought up and Taehyung nearly groaned. It was embarrassing, talking about it like this, like he was a child.

“Someone could drive him there and back based on his schedule,” Jimin offered.

“You want me to order to my men to babysit and do drivers for someone?” Jeongguk looked at him without any expression. Taehyung frowned. He didn’t like the tone. He understood why Jeongguk didn’t like the idea but he was not a baby.

“I can ride a bike to the nearest train station and go there by myself,” Taehyung cleared his throat, making Jeongguk glance at him for a moment.

“We will figure something out,” Yoongi ended the conversation, sensing the thick air in the room.

Jeongguk was the first one to get up from the table. He looked over at Namjoon: “Come to my study when you are done here.”

“Sure,” Namjoon nodded and with that, the boss left.

“Well, that went well,” Hoseok grinned.

“Well?” Taehyung looked at him sceptically.

“Jeongguk wasn’t too excited about you being here. Don’t take it personally, it is just another thing on a list of difficulties in his head,” Hoseok shrugged.

Taehyung frowned. He didn’t want to be a difficulty. He didn’t understand this whole gang world but he knew Jeongguk surely had a lot on his plate. But he was still a bit hurt, not liking that the boss didn’t want him here. He suppressed a sigh, at least he had another five guys he knew around him, he wasn’t here completely alone.