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Dance with the devil

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The chalk scrapes against the basement's floorboards harshly as Izuku mutters under his breath. The lines all perfectly drawn despite how much his hands tremble. The dim lighting from the Christmas lights around the walls only emit enough light for Izuku to be able to see the ink from the worn pages of his journals.

"—and the circle looks like this…and done." Dropping the chalk, he analyzes the careful drawing of the diagram from his journal and the chalk on the ground. Walking around it he looks back and forth from both drawings. He had to make sure every line, every symbol was exact. If anything was wrong the ritual could backfire or nothing could transpire from it. Both were something Izuku wasn't willing to risk. "Ok, …it's perfect."

Taking some items from his bag, he places his number 13 hero analysis book in the center of the chalked in a pentagram. His hands must have had some remnants of the chalk. Leaning over, he rubs the notebook with his hoodie's sleeve. The white powder clings on the sleeve of his dark blue All Might hoodie. Wincing at the mess, he pulls the sleeves to his elbows. 

Looking back, Izuku hesitates. Did he lock the door? Was he sure his mother wouldn't come down to the basement? Pushing back the spiraling thoughts he walks over to the door handle and wiggles it one last time.




It is thankfully still locked. Which means Izuku has no more excuses to make. No more reason to bide time. If the witching hour passes, he would have to do it all over again and make sure everything was perfect a second time. No. No. This was it. He has to do it now or never.

Grabbing the last item from his pocket he sucks in a breath.

Sheeck. The knife whispers as he flips it open. The metal gleams from the dim light as Izuku places the blade against his palm. Digging the knife into his palm, it bites his flesh. Stinging red pain drips down his hand, drip drop. Squeezing his hand into a tight fist he hisses. The blood paints the notebook red, slowly with every drop. Izuku tries to ignore the pain and proceeds with his chant.

"Sanguis te exibunt saporem mando daemone." Every drop of blood echo within the small basement. The hair on the back of Izuku's head starts to stand, which means he had to keep going.

"Demon comes forth, I give you an offering and blood." A snicker whisper behind Izuku. It takes everything within him not to turn around. From everything he's read he knows if he looks away the demon could possess him and leave him in a blink. Eyes trained on the stained notebook, he calls out again.

"Come demon. Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me. Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me."

With every chant, he can feel the air change. A heavy pressure pushes down on his body on all angles as if someone was squeezing him. The snicker behind him gets louder and louder.

"Ad ligandum eos pariter eos coram me!!!" he screams out, the words feeling harder and harder to get out of his lungs. The pressure squeezing him until words nor breath can come out from his lips. All of a sudden, all the lights shatter, the candles all flutter out and the snickering comes closer and closer until it was directly behind him.

"Turn around," it whispered softly.

 "I demand a deal first. Once I have my deal, I'll do whatever y-you want." Izuku's heart is pounding out of his chest. He is barely able to speak, the pressure around him painful. He feels it, that terror people speak of when talking to such a creature. Not even looking at it he knows it is stronger than him, its voice is both sugar syrup and burning poison. Any wrong move will kill him, or worse the people he cares about.

"What makes you think you have a right to a deal? What do you have that I could possibly want, huhhhh?" it mocks. Something akin to a claw lightly touches the front of Izuku's throat. The edge of the claw feels like a knife, an ache resonating wherever it touches. "I should cut your throat right here and eat your heart. Human." A wet sensation trails over Izuku's ear, then a hot breath blows at the wet flesh. Izuku shudders, the sensation sending his nerves into overdrive. The sensation leaves his stomach clenching tightly in disgust and— and a warm heat in his cheeks.

Needing to get some space between himself and the demon he takes a small step forward, careful not to step on the notebook. "I demand a deal," he repeats, narrowing his eyes in determination.


The voice scoffs, an audio version of an eye roll Izuku translates in his head. He isn't sure if he’s going to die at this rate. There isn’t much information on how to interact with a demon. Just things he shouldn't do most, such as turning around or giving his name to the demon before he gets the others first. All the things he repeats silently in his head. He isn't ready to die yet…not yet.

"I could make it painless. Like a lovely dream, you just let go and I'll take care of you," it promises in that husky alluring voice.

"I. Demand. A. Deal," Izuku repeats clenching his teeth, irritation sparking out of his words. Nothing stated how irritating demons are. Were they all like this? Did he fuck up on something and was stuck with no way to return?

"I'll humor you, mortal. If your deal doesn't piss me off too much, I'll keep your death painless. But if I hate it? I'll make sure to rip out your tongue first when I pull you apart in hell. Either way, you die, and I get to have my fun." The voice has a smirk to every word. Confidence practically oozes from the voice alone. It is a promise, a death promise.

Swallowing hard Izuku starts again. "Become my quirk, save people and stay with me till I die. Then—" Izuku's breath hitches, his still bleeding hand trembling as he clenches it into a fist, "—then you have my soul."

Silence. Engulfing silence plagues the room. Soon Izuku's echoed voice resounds again. "Then you have my soul. Then you have my soul. Then you have my soul." That same snickering laughter sounds, deep dark sadistic.

"YOUR SOUL? INTERESTING HUMAN! Did you read that up like a little shitty nerd? It pisses me off you think you know everything. To me mortal, you're like an ant commanding its god to obey. You think you got it figured out? WRONG." In a split second, Izuku finds himself on the floor, horrible aching pain in his gut. Izuku curls inward to protect his stomach but strong hands hold his shoulders down to the ground. A hot breath breathes over his face. Slowly Izuku trails his eyes up, looking into the eyes of a demon.

Despite the fact the whole room is swallowed in shadows, Izuku can clearly see the inhuman cat-like pupils staring into him. Red irises stare back at Izuku. The color seems to pull at his soul like it is trying to tug it right out of his body. Izuku can feel himself panicking. He is face to face with the devil with no weapons. No help. Nothing from his internet searches at the library that can help him now.

"Please. I can still be a hero. Give me this chance…" Izuku croaks out, his whole body trembling.


"You know human. I can smell fear. It's this tangy-sweet smell. Delicious. And you?" Izuku can feel something stroke his face lightly. Something soft but firm, almost like leather. It does not bring any comfort or warmth.

"You smell like a goddamn buffet." The voice snickers again before Izuku can hear the demon take a long hard sniff. "Yet. You still demand a deal from me…That takes guts." Izuku's heart unclenches. He takes a deep sigh of relief. Maybe he’s finally gotten through to the demon.

"It's like you’re looking down on me." A hand swiftly pushes down, crushing Izuku's windpipe. All the air in Izuku's lungs cease, his eyes pop wide open in fear. Izuku reaches up desperately, his useless clipped fingernails not even scratching the leathery skin. "Spoiler alert. I fucking hated your deal and I'll have so much fun with you in hell."

The demon stands to its feet, dragging Izuku's body up with it. Izuku's sneakers scramble pathetically against the floorboards. He slips as he can only keep on the ground if he stands on his tiptoes. "Ease…please…mama…a-allmight," he whimpers out, terrified of what the demon will do to him.

No. No this can't be the end. He can't lose like this without even a chance. Everything will have meant nothing. Izuku can’t lose here, his story isn't ready for an ending yet.

Maybe it is that will to live, maybe it is all luck, but Izuku knows he must try one more thing before he can give in. Reaching up he pushes his bleeding hand against the demon's mouth. Pushing as hard as he can. He can feel the demon's teeth against his palm, a warm breath before he can feel that tongue again licking across his palm. Just like that, the grip on the demon loosens if only for a moment. Just enough for Izuku to slip his chin down and bite against the hand choking him. Izuku bites down as hard as he can. Even as his teeth ache as he bites down, he keeps at it.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" the demon screams as he finally drops the boy. Once on the ground, Izuku takes deep breaths, coughing. Before he can catch his breath, the demon picks him up by his hoodie. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'VE DONE??"

"Get you off me so I can BREATHE?" Izuku bites back, his words clipped as he glares down at the nose of the demon.


"Bonded…so…So you have to honor my deal?" Izuku states calmly. Somehow, he is calm. Somehow getting just a little bit of an upper hand is enough to boost Izuku's confidence.


"FUCK NO! I will never fucking listen to a human. I'd rather die," it hisses back at him. A swooshing noise sounds behind the demon, a swish of air as the demon roars in anger.

"You don't have a choice. Give me your name, demon, I command it."

The demon starts to roar louder. It drops Izuku on the ground again and turns around, grabbing anything it can and throwing it as hard as possible. Screaming as it does it. "FUCK YOU!!!"

Izuku scrambles from on the ground and rushes up to the demon. Adrenaline pumping in him, he throws himself on the demon’s back and shoves his bleeding hand over the mouth of the demon again. The demon struggles, dropping the box it currently had in its hand before licking at the wound, softly sucking the blood from it.

"Are you done...? Can we just talk now? No more violence please," Izuku begs.

Seeming content on ignoring the male and drinking its little snack, the demon takes its time before answering Izuku. Then it grabs at the human, placing him back onto the ground as it gives Izuku's hand the last lick.

"Bakugou Katsuki. Since I have no fucking choice anymore the deal is set—"

"Hold on. Ground rules first!" Izuku pushes. "First, no killing. I don't care what happens, but I won't allow you to kill anyone." The demon only lets out an annoyed grunt but Izuku presses on. "No one can know about this. We keep it between us, and you can't hurt me."

He can hear teeth grind against each other. "Fine. Anything else?" the demon deadpans, fixing Izuku with a glare.

"No… I think that's it. You become my quirk and I'll give you my soul when I'm done." Izuku runs over everything he can remember but there is nothing else he can add.

"My turn. Don't fucking piss me off or I will take you early, mortal. As well as needing to be fed regularly, I need something to replenish my energy when I use it.

"Oh! Well, I'm sure I can convince my mom to make extra helpings of food when we eat?" Izuku supplies, unsure what the demon is trying to get at.

The demon snickers again in that deep husky voice. "Foolish human. I may be in the mortal world, but human food won't give me energy. I need blood. Or," the demon lets its claw drag under Izuku's chin, “—you could fuck me. But you seem too much of a nerd for that," it states.

Izuku smacks away the hand and huffs. "I'll feed you, don't worry about that." He tries to ignore the heat burning in his cheeks. He knows it is a demon he’s dealing with, but did it have to make everything so…strange?

With that confirmation, Katsuki snaps his clawed fingers. Light comes back into the room, the damage all erased from the room. Everything is as it was but Izuku's notebook. Instead, the middle of the circle holds ashes, as if it was burned away within a blink.

Izuku can't find it within himself to relax just yet. Looking over at the demon he takes another step back. The form in front of him is something indescribable. The demon has two large horns in front of its temple. Spiraling up to the sky as a strange red-light floats in between them. The Demon's arms are indeed made up of something leathery. It looks like the demon has scales covering his arms from his elbows. The black leather ends with long sharp claws at the end of each finger. A black thin leathery tail sways behind the demon, its end like an arrow. Despite that, Izuku has no doubt in his mind that the sides are sharp and could cut him like a knife. The demon is also dressed in a fur shawl with white fur around his collar, draping down his shoulders with rich red fabric. The golden swirls in the fabric seems to be constantly moving. Perhaps it is as magical as the demon itself?

Its chest is bare apart from the shawl and delicate necklaces that the demon wears around its chest. As well as around its neck. The pointed ears decorated in earrings. The most modest part of what the demon is wearing is its black pants. Izuku can't help but trail his eyes over the demon's devastating beauty. From its blond sandy hair to its black eyes with those cat-like red irises.

The demon walks toward Izuku, and it's bare feet not making a sound as he walks over to him. "No turning back," it states, giving Izuku a wicked sharp-toothed smirk.