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That's Our Baby.

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Hah? You want to make a baby? You do realize we are both gay men.” Katsukis’ hand stopped stirring the meal he was preparing for them and looked at Izuku with wide eyes. Izuku nodded excited at him. They had been living together for 4 years but only 3 years in their new 4 bedroom house. Izuku didn’t want such a big house at first but when he and Katsuki walked into this home they knew it was perfect. Izuku loves Katsuki with everything he is, heart and soul so he's ready for the next step. Katsuki hasn't necessarily proposed yet but they knew it would happen, they’ve talked about it. They could do it anytime, ready to at anytime. Izuku and Katsuki both still want each other, and that feeling continues to grow everyday. Waking up to each other, seeing Katsuki naked body relaxed and at peace next to his was comforting. Watching Katsuki comfortably cook shirtless with baggy sweats in his orange apron every night they were both home. Sharing delicious meals he cooked together was fulfilling even if it was in silence. Coming home to the others face after only seeing Villains or fans all day was like instant relief. Sometimes their schedules didn’t line up and they would go days without seeing each other. Those days were rough, and unwelcomed. Katsuki was still short tempered and boisterous but he was more open with Izuku. They talked through things rather yelling or fighting over them after it all had spilled over or exploded, like it had when Katsuki wouldn't tell Izuku how he felt. Izuku had heartbreakingly taken his silence and thought things would never progress between them and because of that he started to pull away. Izuku remembers Katsuki hurt eyes and anger when he confronted him about why Izuku was avoiding him.

“Of course I know that Kacchan. I did all the research we need to have our own!” Izuku nearly tips over in his chair with excitement.

“Of course you have.” Katsuki mumbled more to himself than to Izuku. Emptying the pan of freshly cooked food on plates for them.

“How it works, where we go, and the price. It’s amazing really!” Izuku continues to rant off. “We have more than enough money and space.” Izuku was already thinking about room ideas. Putting a crib together, painting the walls, and cute baby clothes! Izuku knew Kacchan would be an amazing father. He’s so supportive and protective. He’s dependable, always there for you. Although.. Izuku knew he’d be changing diapers and we was okay with that, he can see Katsuki face turned up and grossed out. 

“You’re mumbling stupid.” Katsuki places Izukus’ plate in front of him and grabs his own to sit next to him at the island. Izuku watched Katsuki face, he was clearly working over it in his head. He began to feel anxious when Katsuki didn’t say anything else the entire time eating. Izukus' heart sank a little, was this his rejection? Did Katsuki not want to do this? Maybe it was too soon, maybe he shouldn’t have brought it up so soon. Izuku absentmindedly washes the dishes, he was hurt that maybe Katsuki wasn't even going to give him an answer at all. He felt stupid, maybe- 

“Leave the dishes..” Katsuki comes up from behind Izuku, resting his hands on his hips. He buries his mouth into Izuku neck and kisses him tenderly trailing up to behind his ear. Izuku hums at the feeling, those lips were always so warm. They always lit the fire in Izukus’ gut, making his skin shiver with ecstasy. Izuku turns in Katsukis arms but hid his face in his chest. He knew Katsuki would see how he was hurt. Without second thought Izuku mashed his lips to Katsuki. It was an immediate burst of warmth that just seeped into his body. Katsukis hands found their way to the swell of Izuku ass and squeezed it, shoving their bodies together. His tongue invaded Izukus’ mouth and explored like he hadn’t ever before. The taste of Katsuki set Izukus’ body aflame. His half hard cock grinding into Katsukis. Katsuki groaned at the feeling and nipped at Izukus lips. They pull apart to breathe but Katsuki took this opportunity to smear his wet lips down Izuku jaw and to his neck. He finds Izuku weak spot and sucks hungrily. Izuku couldn't help the loud moan from his lip and the involuntary thrust of his hips. His cock already aching. He slides a hand to the edge of Katsuki shirt and pulls it up. His calloused fingers run along Katsukis abs and he feels the relaxed flinch under them. Katsuki sounded breathless from only his touch. Without a word Katsuki takes his shirt off and throws it to the floor. 

“Off.” His voice sounded parched, and all he wanted to drink was Izuku. Izuku clumsily fought with his own shirt to throw it on the floor with Katsukis. They shoved their lips together while their hands roamed. Izuku shutters when Katsuki ran his nail over his hardened nipple. 

“P-please Kacchan..” Izuku huffed desperately. With in seconds Izuku was thrown over Katsukis shoulder and being taken to their bedroom. Katsuki not so gently threw Izuku on the bed and immediately went to fumble with his pants button. He looked seconds from snapping and eating Izuku, but that’s what Izuku wants. To be eaten by him, to be so blissed out that he didn’t remember his name. Only Kacchan. Izukus’ pants went flying over Katsukis’ shoulder and he stared down at the wet spot that hid Izukus’ cock. He stares at those green eyes and all but licks his lips. He reaches down and takes out the love his life’s member. Izuku sees Katsuki go to dig in but couldn’t wait. 

“Kacchan.. I-I can’t wait.” Izuku felt like he heard the sounds of Katsukis’ self control fall to the ground. Katsuki shoves his index finger and middle finger into Izuku mouth and demands him to suck. He does so earnestly, wet sounds fills the otherwise silent room. His eyes heavy looking up at Katsuki, Katsukis dangerously looks back with crimsons eyes. Without warning Izukus' legs are thrown over powerful shoulders and soaked fingers removed from his mouth. The gasp was loud when Katsuki shoved one digit into Izukus' tight rim. Head flung back and mouth agape. Katsuki wasn't gentle as he opened up Izuku hurriedly. Izuku didn't even notice when Katsuki had freed his own cock but it made him drool looking at the dripping pre-cum.

“M-more.. it's- god.. so good.” Izuku grinded back down onto Katsuki fingers as he added another one. 

“You want my cock that bad? You're panting like a bitch for it.” Katsuki voice was low and sensual. Izuku own dick twitches at the roughness of his words. “Stretch your hole wide for me.

“Y-yes.. Kacchan. Fuck me. Fuck me please!” Izukus' back arches off the bed when Katsuki removed his fingers leaving him feeling empty. His hands reach up and grab Katsuki by the neck and yanked him to his lips. Katsuki groans and licks up into Izuku mouth. His body tensing when his tip nudges Izukus' taut rim, pushing slightly. Izuku nods unconsciously still trying to devour Katsukis’ taste. He thrusts his hips down, helping Katsuki enter quickly. With one thrust Katsuki shoves all of his throbbing cock into Izuku earning a yelp and a loud yell of Katsukis’ name.

“You’re so tight Deku.” Katsuki sways his hips quickly, pulling out completely to fill him repeatedly. Swallowing the shallow gasps from Izuku swollen lips. Every time Katsuki bumped into Izuku prostate, Izukus' back arched dramatically and his toes curled. Katsuki felt so big, the slight burn of him stretching wider. Accepting every inch, readily taking everything he gives. Their hips move faster, Katsukis groaning was getting more frequent. Izuku could feel the bubbling pleasure rise in this gut, he looks down at his red tipped cock leak onto his abs. 

“Kacchan.. t-touch me.” Immediately Katsukis hand reaches between them and grips him. The feeling of Katsukis’ hand wrapped around him pushes him over the edge. He jerks him a few times before Izuku shouts and shoots off onto his chest and all over Katsukis’ hand. Pleasure raked over him and his head flies back. Seeing Izuku cum this hard makes Katsuki thrust harder and spill into his aching hole. His body tenses and he slows his hips before he collapses onto Izuku. He hums into Izukus ear and gives him a lazy kiss on his cheek. He feels Izuku smile and kiss him back. 

“I gotta take a shower Kacchan..” Izuku giggles when Katsuki doesn't move and fake snores. 

Izuku playfully shoves Katsuki off, hissing at the feeling his now soft cock slip out of him. He gets up with wobbly legs to take a shower, unknowing that Katsuki had turned and was watching his own cum slowly spill out, down his leg. Was this all Izuku was gonna get? Was this Katsukis’ way of distracting Izuku from his request? Katsuki was satisfied seeing his cum drip out, his own personal marking, but Katsuki could see the face Izuku was wearing, happy but longing for more. 

“You know, we wont be able to fuck much with a baby here, we better do it a lot before they get here.” Katsuki says, nonchalantly. He nearly laughed seeing Izuku whip his head towards him. A smile huge on his freckled face. Izuku considered tackling Katsuki in a hug but decided against it when he feels cum on his lower thigh. His heart swelled, ready to explode with love. He was so sure Katsuki would say no, whether the reason was his commitment issues or maybe unknown self doubt in being a father. Izuku knew this was a huge step, the past Katsuki would have never seen this coming.

“I love you, Kacchan.”




“You got everything?” Katsuki grumbles at Izuku, he was slipping his shoes on while Izuku was going through the necessary paperwork and fumbling with his own shoes. 

“I think so.. It’ll be so embarrassing to get there and we don't have everything.”

The entire drive there they talked about the baby. Like their preference on gender, Izuku wanted a girl and Katsuki wanted a boy. The room colors and the layout. Izuku really wanted to see Katsuki holding their little girl with a loving smile or play with her in her room without knowing he was watching.

“As long as they don’t have your temper, I’m okay.” Izuku playfully snarks, making Katsuki suck in through his teeth. 

“You love me and my temper, so you'll be over the moon to have two of us.” He bites back with a vicious grin.

“I’m more nervous to tell our parents.” Izuku picked at his fingernails. Katsuki reaches over to hold his hand to stop his bad habit and gave him a side glance. 

“My Mom might freak out happily but we both know your mom will cry also happily.” Katsuki said with a huff but Izuku giggled. There was a moment of silence before Katsuki softly questions. “What about names?” 

“I have no idea Kacchan. I’m anxious but so excited! You’re gonna be a great Papa.” Izuku smiles warmly at the blush that covered Katsukis face. 

Once they finally arrived at the huge hospital, they casually walked through the automatic glass double doors. Immediately they could hear whispers about there being the Top 2 Hero’s strolling into the Hospital hand in hand. All of Japan knew about their relationship, it wasn’t a secret but maybe it was the lack of injuries that confused everyone around. What could they possibly be doing in the hospital, only they knew. Izuku guides Katsuki to the Pediatrics Wing by looking for it with signs, his excitement growing causing his hand to tighten on Katsukis. It had been a week since Katsuki had said yes to this, although he did avoid talking about until today. Izuku did try to talk a little only to be ignored or half assed listened to. Although Izuku knew Katsuki was excited. Their appointment with the doctor was at 3 and they were 30 mins early, but they didn’t mind waiting. They casually waited in a decent sized waiting room, sitting in red comfortable sofas. 

“Mr. Midoriya? Mr. Bakugo?” Dr. Zuti steps into the waiting room, dressed in a white lab coat and equipped with a clipboard. They get up and follow him through the door and down a hallway to a clean hospital room. 

“Thank you for seeing us Doctor Zuti.” Izuku says quickly. 

“It’s nothing Mr. Midoriya. I’m happy to help you two add to your family.” He looks down at his clipboard and flips through multiple papers. Izuku looks at Katsuki to see him almost tense as he watches Doctor Zuti. Izuku pats his knee and smiles at him. He hopes he isn't regretting his decision. 

“Alright, you mentioned over the phone you wanted to go with route 2?” Dr. Zuti looks up at both of them and grins when he sees Izuku nod excitedly. 

“Of course I’m nervous for the gender swap idea but I saw on the hospital website it’s been done multiple times and 99% of the time works without any hiccups.”

“Gender Swap? What the fuck are you talking about Deku?” Katsuki had turned his attention completely onto Izuku, eyes wide and confused. Izuku laughed nervously and sees Dr. Zuti worried face. 

“Kacchan.. I gave you the papers to read, they explained everything.” Izuku holds his own hand, not wanting to make a scene. He told Katsuki to read those papers, did he not read them? “You told me to pick the method, so I did.” 

“Deku you should have men-“ Katsuki was cut off by Dr. Zuti standing. 

“I’ll give you a minute..” 

“No, we don’t need one. Just if it won’t be any trouble we can just go over the process again.” Izuku states, look back and forth between Katsuki and Dr. Zuti. 

“Oh that won’t be a problem. In a nutshell, the process is we bring in our doctor, Dr. Shedu, who has the Gender Swap quirk and turn one of you into a woman. Once switched, we do a complete body check up, make sure everything swapped correctly and check your overall health. We will send you home for a couple of days to let your body settle and with surrogate options. After the couple days are up you will come back in and we will do an egg retrieval and collect the sperm. After the procedure, we will have to wait another few days to let you heal before we swap you back.” He pauses, letting Katsuki process what he was being told. Katsuki had brought a hand up to his forehead, scratching slightly but nodded for the Doctor to continue. “After that we will inject the sperm into the egg and once we make sure it’s successfully fertilized, we will place your fertilized egg into the surrogate of your choice.” 

The room was silent for a second, making Izuku nervous before Katsuki spoke up. 

“This is safe right? This won’t affect him in any bad way?” He says to Dr. Zuti then turns to Izuku. “Because I’m not being turned into a girl. You choose this route, you’re getting swapped.” Izuku laughs out at Katsukis’ statement, the worry he built up in Katsukis’ silence slipped away. Not caring about the pair of eyes, Izuku leans over and kisses Katsuki cheek. 

“I knew you would make me anyways, although I don’t mind.” He turns back to Dr. Zuti with a beaming smile. 

“Of course, this is 100% safe. It’s been done over a hundred times just in this hospital. Most same-sex couples want to have their own babies, we were very happy to introduce this new method. During the trial period when this was still an experiment, we would do blood tests to show the parents that their baby was their flesh and blood, and that there would be no blood connection to the surrogate.” 

“I’m talking about the Gender Swap.” Katsuki bites. He crosses his arms. “What are the potential side effects?” 

“Besides some couples not wanting to be swapped back, nothing Mr. Bakugo.” Dr. Zuti smiles. Izuku knees bounce and he turns completely towards Katsuki. Katsuki could see the “please say yes. please lets do it. please!” in his eyes. He huffs and nods. 

After signing papers and talking more to Dr. Zuti, they took Izuku to a different room for his check up. They did, and checked, everything possible. When the doctor gave the green light a woman with long dark blue hair stepped into the room. She was also wearing a white lab coat with the name tag ‘Dr. Shedu’. Her white teeth on full display as she stepped up to shake hands with Izuku. She asked Izuku if he was nervous and giggled when Izuku replied. 

“I am a little, I just hope my partner doesn’t hate the female me! Haha, I can hear him now yelling about how he’s ‘gay’ and wants his man back.” Dr. Shedu laughed with him. 

“I’ve heard that before. Are you ready?” Izuku nods quickly. Dr. Shedu reaches out and touches Izuku shoulder, she closes her eyes and that’s when suddenly Izukus' body feels like it numbly shifts and creates a huge puff of blue smoke that matches Dr. Shedus' hair floats around his body. Izuku coughs slightly and hears her heels as she steps back. Once the smoke disappears, Izuku see Dr. Shedu grinning at him holding a new set of clothes. 

“Come look in the mirror.” She waves her hand at the mirror next to the bed. Izuku hops off the hospital bed but squeals when he feels something move on his chest. His hands immediately go to touch and looks down. 

“Oh my All Might! Are these..” he rushes to the mirror and gasps. His body had shrunk maybe an inch and curved in places he wasn't expecting. He blushes to himself as he see the outline of his new assets sitting on his chest. They weren’t big but enough to fit in his own hand. Remembering he was with company, he turns and quickly apologizes. 

“I’m s-sorry! I just was surprised.” 

“Don’t worry, I’ve had people do worse. We just need to do another body check up to make sure everything went okay inside and get you dressed. You look like a B cup.” She turns and opens a drawer labeled “B” and shuffled through. She picks a simple white bra which she sets on top of the clothes in her hand. “Alright, I know this is going to be weird but I’m going to need you to strip.” 

After another hour of a body check up, Izuku was explained in detail about his new body. He was too embarrassed to look at his new lower part, because he felt like he was touching and seeing something that wasn’t his. After Dr. Shedu gave him his clothes she steps out to let him get dressed. Once the door closes, he peeks into the mirror again at his semi naked body. She taught him how to put on a bra and gave him ‘boy shorts’ panties. His hair had gotten longer in the swap, coming around to his shoulders, although still a wild curly mess. His face looked softer, and rounder, and luckily his freckles remained the same. He just looked like himself.. only a woman. Looking in the mirror he saw he still had wide shoulders and ripped arms. His scars are still where they always were but instead of a peck muscle, it curved slightly with his new breasts. His flat toned stomach and wide hips. He blushes harder looking at the flat area where his penis used to be. He turns slightly to look at his butt. It looked the same, no, maybe slightly bigger? He wonders what Kacchan will say, he always commented on how he loved his ass during their intimate. Izuku gasps as if he forgot about him and he gets dressed hurriedly, unused to the awkward jiggling of his breast and rushes out of the room to the other one he knew Katsuki was probably impatiently waiting. He flung open the door to see Katsuki on his phone with a scowl. 

“K-Kacchan, I’m sorry! I-“ Izuku was cut off. 

“What took you so damn long stupid Dek-“ Katsuki was shocked into silence looking up at Izuku. His eyes wide as they ran all over his new body. Izuku couldn't hear Katsukis’ mind but watching him gulp was enough to let him know that he liked what he saw.