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My Tiny Pet

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Riki stepped out onto the counter carefully, stopping every few seconds to look and listen for anyone who may be awake in the home. The halls were dark and silent in the night. The teenage borrower looked around and gathered his hook and rope, shrugging the bag on his back into place. He was about to propel down, when suddenly a voice made him freeze. He looked around and spotted Guy coming from the wall. Riki smiled and jogged towards him. "What are you doing here?" he asked. "It's my turn tonight."

"I know, but you forgot the list. The guys might have added a few things." Guy gave him a wink.

Riki took the paper with a sheepish grin. He often that he forgot the stupid list, but, he didn't need it. He remembered everything, because it wasn't like they changed what they needed every week. Grains, fruit, paper, ink. "I guess I can take a look," he said and glanced at the list and burst out laughing at the last two items. Alcohol and lube. Trust those guys to put that down.

Guy put his hands on his hips, throwing a cocky look. Riki was so lucky to have found him when he did. Guy was perfect for him. His long, chestnut brown hair the boy loved to run his hands through was kept in a ponytail, but he left enough to slightly cover his obsidian eyes. His body was lean and limber from the lives they lived, stealing into Amoians homes and taking what they needed. That meant they had to be strong.

The black haired boy nodded and was about to go down again, when Guy grabbed his arm, stopping him, concern written on his face. "Last time was too close," he said, putting his forehead against Riki's, their breath mingling. "You were almost seen by that eunuch. But, he's not as dangerous as that Blondie...If he were to see you, you would be killed in an instant. Remember that." He leaned forward, giving Riki a passionate kiss. "I want you in my bed tonight."

Riki smiled, kissing Guy chastely. "And I want you in me. I'll return, I promise." As he propelled down, an aching feeling came to his chest, and when he looked up, he saw Guy waving. He waved back, feeling as if that would be the last time he would see his lover.

Shaking the thought from his head, he ran to the kitchen's island, where the the main things he needed were kept. Taking his handmade hook from the pack he carried, he flung the rope over his head, and let it go, hearing the metal hit the marble with a satisfying clink. Tugging a few times, he made sure it was secure, then began the climb up, using nothing but his upper body strength. By the time he reached the top, he was shaking slightly and sweaty. But, he still had a lot to do.

In the middle of the island counter were the containers filled with rice, pastas and such, all of them connected by the metal hooks he used to get up. The one he stole when they first got there had been replaced months weeks ago.

He had to leave the rope, this way he could get back down, so he reached into his utility belt, unhooking a pair of gloves made from cloth and double sided tape, which he attached to his gloves and shoes. He dropped his backpack to the counter, fixing it so it was wide open, and climbed up the clear container. It was strenuous work, but he was fit enough to do it, even if he was a little winded by the time he reached the top. He reached the top and took a rest, glad for times like this, when he had to take a breather that the Blondie living here had a set schedule for everything. That meant they were in bed by a certain time, even the eunuch, who stayed up to finish cleaning.

He slid open the container of rice, scooping out handfuls and dropped them into his bag, a few bouncing out. Riki could pick them up when he got down. Again and again he copied that action with the pasta and the oats, then slid down the plastic to the counter, wobbling a bit, removing the tape once he was down. He checked the list again. Bread was next.

Walking over to the bread box, he easily lifted it and inhaled the smell of freshly baked bread. He loved the bread that eunuch made, and apparently the Blondie did too. A large chunk of it was missing, which made it so much easier for Riki to slice off a bit. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a knife that Guy had made for him. Sure, it was just a piece of metal sharpened with plastic and tape covering one end of it, but it was still something his lover made.

Quickly he sliced enough bread for the gang to make it for the week. By this time, his bag was full to bursting, but he had to make a little room for a grape which was hanging out of the bowl of fruit. Once his pack was full, he closed it with a grunt and slung it over his shoulders. He checked the list for the third time, going over it to make sure he wasn't forgetting something. And then it hit him. The lube, he was sure, was in the eunuch's master's room. Riki shuddered at the memory of that thing. He hated that eunuch, with its ever vigilant eyes, noticing every little thing, including him.

A few weeks ago he tried to see what (his?) room was like, and the moment he opened a spot in the wall, that was when that man's eyes found him. Strange, almost silver eyes, staring right at him for a moment, before Rikki slammed the wall shut. Over his breathing, he could hear the eunuch moving over to the wall, shifting things, like it was looking for him. Riki knew from that moment on, he couldn't go anywhere near it. So would he get the lube? Fuck no. He valued his life more than his pleasure, so they would just have to do with lotion. But that alcohol, he could do.

Sliding down his rope, Riki's feet touched the ground and once his hook was in his hand, Riki started running. He stopped at the doorway, looking down the long hall for anyone, but it was silent. Taking off like a streak, he ran into the sitting room. When he'd first seen this room, he was blown away. Expensive furniture was set up just right in the room, and the clearest crystal sat in the open.

Once, when he came in, he found a pair of gold cuff links, a blue stone placed in the middle of them both. He'd thought to give them to Guy, since they were on the ground, they wouldn't be missed, right? He was wrong. The next day, while they were sleeping, they were all woken by the sound of a resounding crack that rang through the walls. Riki knew that sound, it was the sound of someone being slapped, and slapped hard. Instantly he knew it was his fault, but he never returned the links.

Stopping in the doorway of the sitting room, he stopped and listened, only going when he knew it was safe. It was dangerous being out in the open, but even more dangerous was being on the floor out in the open. The two moons illuminated the way for him, their light bright in the darkness. The room he was in was huge, expanding at least ten miles(from his perspective) from doorway to the huge, picture window that framed Tanagura, the city of Midas shining in the background. He would have loved to stop and enjoy the view, but by the positions of the moons, he knew he wouldn't have time to look his fill and get back before the household woke. So, keeping his head down, he ran up to the posh bar, only stopping to catch his breath.

Finally, he took out his well used rope and hook, swinging it above his head to gain momentum, then let go. But, the bar top was higher than the kitchen counters, and his hook landed next to him with a resounding clack, the hardwood making it seem louder than it was. He paused a moment, stilling his breath to listen, but it remained silent. He sighed, and was about to throw it, when he felt it.

It was small at first, but it grew in size until the floor under him shook so hard it was hard to keep his balance. Riki managed to get to the bar and lean against it, but what met his vision was not good.

Iason Mink, the most powerful Blondie in Amoi history, stood in the doorway, illuminated by the the moons of Eros.

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Blue eyes snapped open in the dark, almost seeming to glow from the faint light of the moons flowing in through his curtains. Iason Mink blinked and looked around his room. A sudden feeling went off in the back of his head, almost like a nagging, that something was wrong.

Everything was dark and silent, so what was it? He tried to go back to sleep, but that feeling came back with a vengeance. Sighing, he threw the covers back and stood, putting his robe over his naked body. He needed a drink, and though he should have water, he craved something stronger. Maybe it would help him sleep.

The door to his room hissed open before him and he began the walk down the hallway. He stopped in front of Daryl's room, listening to make sure the furniture didn't hear him. He needed to be alone tonight...he had a lot on his mind, with the upcoming monthly meeting.

Maybe that was what was wrong. But, he'd never had this feeling that he could remember. Sighing, he left the doorway and went into the sitting room, making his way to the bar. He was about to pour himself a glass of Ambrosia, when something caught his eye and he turned to look out unto the city. It was exceptionally beautiful tonight, with the moons of Eros cascading light from the heavens. As he continued to take in the sight, little did he know he had something crushed up between the bar and his big toe.


Riki watched in fascinated horror as the blonde man walked towards him unerringly. He didn't notice the boy on the floor, but the thing was, the bar was in the middle of the room, with nothing to hide Riki. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a giant pale foot crashed next to him, so close he could feel the heat from it. The boy stared at it in horror, refusing to look further up. Something brushed up against him and when he whirled around, a second foot landed on the other side of him. He was closed in from all side, except, there was a wide gap between the limbs. Rikki would have to be very careful not to touch the appendages and get caught.

But, it seemed fate wasn't on his side. He took his first cautious step, when at that moment, the giant turned a bit, meaning Riki was right in the path of a huge toe. He was knocked back and pinned to the floor by tremendous weight. His vision quickly started dimming, with his inability to breathe, his ribs felt like they were about to burst. Riki was able to move his arms and he pulled out his knife. Quickly, he made a jab, his knife getting stuck in the Blondie's toe, but it did the trick. There was a loud cry above him and Riki was free! He took a deep breath, coughing a bit as he tried to move away, crawling as fast as he could while trying to get the spots from in front of eyes.


What in the world was that? Iason looked from the glass that had almost shattered in his hand, then down at his toe to see a dot of blood forming, and something shining in it. Reaching down, he discovered it was a piece of metal, wrapped up in something, almost like a small knife. It was then he noticed it. It looked like an insect crawling away. Iason sneered and lifted his foot to crush it, but just then its head whipped around and an all too Amoian face stared at him in shock and horror. He paused, and then took the glass-which was too cracked to be used again-flipped it over and trapped the little creature under it.

Riki could see the door. If he got up and ran, he could make it. He tried to stand, but suddenly a shadow came over him. He turned and nearly screamed at the giant foot barreling toward him, too frozen to move. Luckily, or unluckily, the limb stopped. Riki couldn't be bothered to see why and started crawling again, only to hit something a second later. When he looked up, a wall of glass surrounded him. Using it to stand, he grabbed his middle, using the other hand to bang his fist against a large crack, hoping to make the glass break, but it was fruitless.

He leaned against his prison wall trying to think when a shadow appeared over him, and Riki couldn't help but see what it was. The same feet that had trapped him in the first place where around him. Riki chose this moment to look up...and up....and up, until it hurt his neck to keep going, but it seemed that was good enough. But, then the man crouched down, his sculpted face coming closer to the glass, making the dark haired boy flinch and press against the side of his prison.

It couldn't be, Iason thought. But, yet, against all scientific reasoning, there was in fact a tiny person before him. He crouched down to get a better look, his curiosity peaked. "What are you?" he asked more to himself. "I'm going to lift the glass," he informed the creature, not sure if it could understand him. "If you run, you will regret it, do I make myself clear?" The being nodded. It seemed as though it understood him. Fantastic. Reaching out, Iason lifted the glass, glad to see it listened to him and stayed standing on shaking legs. He moved from his position to kneel on the floor.

Riki tried to keep his gaze on the man towering over him, but that seemed to be proving difficult, especially when his robe was open, revealing his impressive body. Thigh muscled bulged from his position, but that wasn't what made him blush, and he looked away. The man's robe had fallen away from his groin area, and left his...dangly bits dangling. It was bigger than him, which made him feel very small, and more than a little jealous.

The Blondie followed the boy's gaze and chuckled, covering up. He leaned his hand on the floor and brought his face so close to the boy he could feel him shaking. But, he paid no mind to it, his scientific nature needing to be quelled. Iason reached a hand out to grab the tiny creature, and it got up, looking to run. "Do. Not." Iason hissed between his teeth, making the little one pause and stare up at him in terror. Firmly he wrapped his fingers around its upper body, surprised to feel how muscular it was under its clothing. That got Iason thinking, and he smirked.

No one would have a pet such as this. Only he would own this creature. His fingers flexed, tightening until he heard the creature cry out.

Riki couldn't breathe as the giant man lifted him from the ground, the speed at which he did was sickening. He almost threw up all over the fingers, but he was able to hold it back, in fear for his own life. When he stopped, he opened his eyes and gasped. The bluest pair of eyes stared back at him, narrowed in thought as they took in Rikki's form. The man's face itself looked as if it had been sculpted by Eos himself. His skin was pale and smooth, he could see no blemishes even this close. Rikki felt himself suddenly move, and gasped as Iason started walking towards the bar.

"You look Amoian," Iason said lowly. "But you are much too small..." reaching the bar, he leaned against it. "I will ask again, what are you?"

The boy glared and tried to escape from the man's grip, but it was much too strong. "I wouldn't do that if I were you....A good pet doesn't run when its master wants to play with it. A good pet also speaks when its master asks him a question."

Riki felt his blood run cold. A pet? He shook his head. No, he couldn't be a pet! He knew what pets did in this den of perverts! Knew they were just glorified sex dolls, slaves trapped in the Blondie's world of perversion. "I am not your pet!" he cried angrily.

Iason's eyebrows raised. So, it was male, if its body and voice had anything to do with it. "So, you can speak. I am surprised. Now you can answer my question. What. Are. You." He emphasized each word with a slight squeeze, just enough to have the tiny being cry out.

"A pain in your ass!" Riki retorted, hearing a loud, deep chuckle.

"Oh yes, you are....but I will find out." He took a step and his toe hit something. Looking down, Iason noticed a bulging pack, its contents now spilling on the floor. He crouched down, ignoring the creature in his hands shout, and picked up a grain of rice. "What is this?" He showed it to the boy, watching his face go even paler, the shaking coming back. "A little thief," he mused, dropping the rice to pick up the bag. "Do you know what happens to thieves here?" He began walking towards his favorite chair, taking a seat. "Thieves are punished."

The boy couldn't stop shaking. "P-punished?" he stuttered. The Blondie nodded, a smirk appearing on his soft lips. "No! I didn't do anything wrong! It's not enough that you would notice anyway!"

"It doesn't matter...You still stole from me, and who knows how many times you have in the past. It would be best to punish you for everything in that bag...." He held out the little pack and, much to the boy's chagrin, dumped its contents onto the small end table next to him. "Let's see....I see five items from my kitchen. And, you were at my bar. So, you will be punished for attempting to steal my liquor as well."

Riki could feel his body getting cold as he stared at the Blondie. No, this monster couldn't punish him. He'd kill him! "M-maybe we can work something out?" he tried, but the Blondie just chuckled.

"I think not. I will not 'work things out'. Usually when a pet steals from its master, that pet is whipped in public. But, seeing as no one would be able to see you, and the whip would undoubtedly kill you, I think doing it here would be for the best." Iason rose and began to walk towards his office, both hands at his side, swinging with each step.

Before he could stop it, Riki threw up from both the movement and the fear, leaving a small trail of vomit as the giant carried him to wherever it was he was going. This couldn't be happening....Tears came to his eyes when he pictured Guy's face. The last time he'd kissed him had been the last..He was going to die at the hands of this monster.

"Come now," the blonde chuckled. "Your punishment hasn't even started and you're already vomiting? But, I suppose for one your size, it's to be expected." He brought his hand holding the creature to a stop, holding it at waist level to give him a break. "I will call you a thief for now," he continued speaking, "and, you will tell me what you are, eventually. But, I will settle for your name, that is if you have one." The boy stayed silent, his attempt to break free becoming more and more vigorous. "My name is Iason-"

"Iason, please don't do this!" the boy cried.

"But," Iason kept going as if he hadn't spoken. "You will call me Master." He heard the little creature sputter indignantly. He reached his office and stepped inside. "Now, I believe I asked for your name." He sat his large desk, placing his hands on the surface, not letting his find go.

Riki angrily kicked at the fingers holding him, glaring at their owner. "Go to hell!" he spat. He had to get away, but he was held just above the surface of the desk, his feet just barely grazing the reflective surface. What did this man want with him? He wasn't a pet, goddammit! He was a free being, used to coming and going as he pleased. He wasn't even big enough to do what pets did, let alone with another one! He would be killed in an instant!

"Hmm," the Blondie smirked. "That is the wrong answer. I will ask you one more time. What is your name, thief?" Iason actually liked the spirit the little creature showed. It had the gall to speak to him in that manner, even at its size, knowing full well that the blond could easily crush him. He usually wouldn't stand for that, but in this small creature, he admired his spirit. And looked forward to breaking it.

"Fuck you!" the boy responded, spitting at Iason. The man's smile darkened, his eyes sparkling with admiration and anger.

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"Well then....I still need to punish you for stealing from me....I believe it was six strikes, one for each item in your bag, plus the alcohol." With that, he turned the creature in his hand, examining his bottoms. The black pants were held up with what looked like a simple piece of thread. They were old, Iason could see that, from the tightness of them. They seemed to shape to the little creatures legs like a second skin. He rather liked it.

But, they were in the way at the moment. Grabbing the hem of the boy's pants, he tugged once and heard a rip and proceeded to rip from his body.

"What are you doing!?" Riki cried, kicking his legs even more. Those were his best pair of pants! He watched them fall to the desk in tatters. "Stop it!" What did this monster want with him? All he was trying to do was feed his gang, he never did anything to this man.

"I'm punishing you, pet," Iason said calmly as if nothing had happened. He was pleased to see the creature had no underwear, or even if he knew what those were. The Blondie took his time admiring his new and rare pet from behind, slowly turning him to different angles, admiring his shapely buttocks that were well defined, topping muscular thighs and legs. He had to admit, this creature was well built, but that probably due to its lifestyle. With it being so tiny, Iason was sure it had to crawl and climb. Turning the boy around, his knees definitely spoke to truth about the Blondie's hypothesis. But, something else caught his attention and Iason grinned. "What do we have here?" he mumbled, his gaze focusing on the tiny creature's groin. "It seems you are indeed a male," he chuckled.

The creature's penis was flaccid between the boy's thighs, but it was so small, Iason almost didn't see it and would have thought perhaps the species were asexual. "I believe this means you have females as well," he said lowly, not really expecting an answer.

"Stop looking!" Riki shouted, crossing his legs to hide his member, not liking it was in full view of this monstrous man. "I'm not answering anything!"

Iason chuckled darkly, running a finger down the small creature's legs. "Oh, not to worry. I will get answers out of you...eventually." Without another word, he threw the boy in the air, listening to its terrified scream with glee, and caught him in a firm grip before he brought him down on the desk hard.

The boy gasped at the pressure being applied to his already hurting ribs, the fingers holding him down nearly crushing Riki, and he couldn't scream since the air was drove from his lungs when he slammed into the desk. But, it seemed as though his captor didn't want anything broken, because amazingly, even with the rough treatment, nothing had snapped. Riki tried to struggle, but without air, he was at a loss.

"Now. Your punishment will begin," Iason said lowly. He picked up a metal pen in his free hand, twirling it in his fingers for a moment before gripping it. "Count, if you can." With that, he brought the pen down on the boy's backside with a harsh sounding crack!

The pain was something he'd never felt before and Riki couldn't help but scream as fire raced from his backside to his legs. "AHHH! Stop it!"

"Do you not know your numbers?" Iason asked. He looked down and could already see a red stripe taking up most of the creature's backside. The boy would definitely be sore after this. He felt a moment's pity, but then the creature looked at him with such blatant defiance, it was gone, replaced by amusement. "Count."

Riki grit his teeth, refusing to scream from the pain. But, he wouldn't give this bastard the pleasure of hearing him say the numbers. "," he breathed.

Iason smiled. "Poor choice." Again he brought the pen down, waited, then again. "I can't hear you," he said, then brought down the pen, the hardest hit yet. He sat back, his hand still holding the squirming creature down. "Apparently you don't know your numbers. I thought you were more clever than that." The fingers that weren't holding the boy down began to move across his body, grinning when he reached the boy's punished backside.

Riki struggled even more, crying out when the Blondie's tree trunk fingers grazed across his ass, his flesh burning. "Stop it!" he shouted, doubling his effort to get away. He hadn't been spanked since he was little, but this was worse than a simple spanking. "Let me go! I'm not a fucking child!"

"Language, pet," Iason said, amusement lacing his voice. "You do not want another strike added when we continue." He wished he'd gotten a glass of something from out in the bar, he would be enjoying this even more.

"C-continue!?" the boy screamed, beginning to kick, hoping to hit Iason's fingers in his thrashing. "You said six!" He brought his hands up, his nails scratching at the desk to try and run. He couldn't survive another hit, let alone six more! His ass would be broken by then!

"You did not count, so how am I to know how many strikes you received?" Iason sat forward to look down on the pitiful creature held on his desk. Yes, he knew this was a once in a lifetime find, but the boy had to know who his master was. To Iason the boy seemed like a rare beast, bucking and shying away from his master's touch. And Iason would be the master of this little creature.

"Are you ready, pet?" the Blondie asked in a light voice, almost sounding like he enjoyed this. No matter how hard Rikki tried, he couldn't break free of this man's hold on him.
"No! Screw you, you bastard! I won't got through it again!"

"You will go through your punishment as many times as I see fit. If you do not know numbers, tell me and I will gladly teach you before it begins again. Otherwise, this stubbornness is going to get you nothing but pain." Iason waited to hear the boy's answer. Silence rang through the room before the man sighed. " is like you enjoy getting punished." He picked up the pen and saw the boy's eyes widen and felt his struggles become even more harrowed. "Your punishment will begin again. Now...."

WHACK! "Count."

Iason paused, then lifted the pen once more, bringing it down on the creature's behind. WHACK! "Count."

Again the creature was stubbornly silent and the Blondie felt his temper raise a bit, and it showed with the next powerful blow that had the tiny creature screaming in agony.

Riki had tears flowing down his face when the Blondie hit him again and again, wailing from the pain. "O-one!" he screamed, wincing when the pen came down again, but stopped short.

"Very good, pet. You can learn. Now, continue."

WHACK! "Two!"

Riki felt his pride being ripped to shreds at the sobbed number, his head hanging, forehead hitting the desk.

WHACK! "Three!"

Each tear was a small victory for Iason and he paused in order to give his pet a moment to breathe, before he began again.

WHACK! "Four!"

At that hit, Rikki felt something warm under him and looked to see piss pooling between his thighs, embarrassment hitting him before the next blow did.

WHACK! "Five!"

Riki tensed for the sixth, letting out a strangled sob when he saw the dreaded pen aimed for his backside again, but the Blondie stopped just shy of hitting the boy's punished flesh. His ass felt like it was on fire, and he could feel bruises already forming on the flesh. Confused, Riki glanced back to see Iason leaning back, the pen gone from his hand.

"You did well, my pet. Better than I thought." He caressed the boy's screaming flesh and heard an anguished cry at the pressure. "I believe you've learned your lesson." He gathered the sobbing boy in his hand carefully, squinting when he thought he saw a bit of urine, which he did. He would have to reign in his strength next time, if there was a next time. He stood and left his office, making his way to his room. The boy needed mending, and maybe a bath. He would ask Daryl to clean up his desk in the morning.

Riki sobbed in the man's hand, curling up on his side, unable to put any pressure on his bottom or thighs. He hated this giant bastard even more now and vowed he would get the man back for this.

"Now," Iason said, his loud voice making Rikki jump. "What to use? The sink would be the best idea, but it may be too big. Hmm...." Blue eyes focused on the boy and he tensed, sending the man a glare.

"I would say let's skip the bath, but the smell of you is getting hard to bear." The Blondie sniffed and wrinkled his nose for dramatic effect, a sparkle in his eyes when the boy glared even harder at him. He thought for a moment he'd broken the boy on the first night, but it seemed they were just getting started.

This was going to be fun.

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Riki was dropped unceremoniously into a sink full of water, the shock almost causing him to drown, but at the last minute a warm hand brought him to the surface sputtering and coughing. "What the fuck!?" he screamed, beginning to shiver from the cold temperature. "The water's freezing you bastard!"

Blue eyes looked unfazed by his screams. "You expected to be coddled, thief?" Iason asked, staring down at the boy swimming in his palm. "I think not. And besides, I would have thought the cold would feel good on your welts."

The boy grit his teeth, not wanting to admit that it did feel nice now that he mentioned it. It was still cold on the rest of his body! "Okay, I'm clean now! Let me out!"

"You will not come out until I say so. You're far from clean as I see it. You haven't even used soap." Iason grabbed the pump next to the sink and squirted a few dollops into the water, making sure to get the small creature in his 'attack'.

"Stop it!" Riki balked, wiping the slimy, fruity smelling soap off his face. "Ow! You got in my eyes! It burns!" He forgot where he was in an effort to get the stinging solution out of his eyes and fell off the Blondie's palm into the water below, coming up sputtering and trying to stay afloat. "Dammit!" he coughed, "get me out of here!"

"Not until I've bathed you." The man dipped his hand under the boy again, bringing him up a bit. He ran a hand through the being's mop of black hair and created a lather, pausing when he noticed how the boy's chest was still covered. "Well, this won't do," he muttered.

When the giant gripped his jacket, the boy's eyes widened in a panic, holding on to one sleeve for dear life. "No!" he shouted with fear. "Please! Don't rip it!" He stared up at the Blondie with pleading eyes, hoping to be heard. The man frowned, then inclined his head.

"I will not tear it as long as you let go."

Riki sagged in relief, letting the man pull his jacket off his shoulders. That jacket was something made by Guy years ago. It was while they were still in Ceres, scrounging for scraps and fighting the rats for whatever they found. Guy and he had killed an adult rat that must have been radioactive based on its size. Together they skinned the creature, using its hide to make shelters from the weather.

"I'm taking this bit," Guy said, a happy gleam in his eyes. "I'm making a surprise for you."

When he presented Rikki with his jacket a few days later, Riki could only stare at it, tears in his eyes. He was so happy he didn't know how to react except to hug the shit out of Guy. "Thank you so much," he whispered. "I love it. And I love you."

The boy had to smile at the memory.

"You seem happy," Iason's voice broke into his memory and he gasped, eyes flying open. The man was towering over him, finger swirling the water next to him. "Is the bath that good?"

The black haired boy scowled and looked away, tensing when he heard a deep chuckle. Suddenly the finger was back with a vengeance, scrubbing at the boy, sometimes pressing too hard. "Not so fucking hard!" Riki yelled, smacking the invading digit away. "Why don't you let me wash myself?"

"Because then I won't know if you did a good enough job. If I do it, I will know you are clean." Iason reasoned, but eased up on the boy. When he reached the creatures nether regions, he had a wicked gleam in his eyes that made the small boy tremble in his palm. But, he would save that for another night, when his pet wasn't so new. "There. Now, turn over."

"Hell no! I won't ever show that part of me to you again!" Riki stubbornly held on to the man's finger, refusing to let go when fingers tried turning him by force.

"For goodness sake! Your punishment is over, there is no need to fuss this much." Iason huffed, poking and prodding at the small being gripping his fingers in a death grip. Finally he pulled the creature up with two fingers, turning him over and beginning to wash that side, taking it easy on the boy's punished flesh, although the creature still wailed. "Now all that is left is your hair. Hold still."

Iason tenderly brought his finger up the creature's back to his hair, rubbing gently. "Now you can rinse." He lowered the tiny creature into the water, although he still held his hand under him. He watched in amusement as the naked creature leaned back to float gently, letting the water do its work. "You'll never get the suds out like that," the Blondie sighed, the finger returning to rinse the boy's hair, feeling it squeak. "Now you are done. Out."

Riki let out a small yell when the man's hand lifted him from the water, beginning to shake even more, pressing into the warm palm. Suddenly he was covered by something white and warm. He sighed and burrowed into the cloth, grimacing when it was pulled away to reveal the Blondie's face so close now.

"Get dry," the man's booming voice simply said, dropping the cloth over him again. Riki didn't care, as long as he was warm, and started rubbing his arms and chest to get some feeling back into them then his legs. When he went to sit, his hissed in pain and fell over.

"Oh dear," Iason chuckled, witnessing the boy's predicament. "If only you hadn't been so stubborn, we could have dismissed the punishment where it was, instead of prolonging it." He grabbed the small towel and rubbed gently at the boy's head, smiling at the disheveled hair when he pulled it away. "Now, onto sleeping arrangements. I have nothing for you to wear, but I fear for your warmth. So, we will sleeping in the same bed."

Riki backpedaled, only to crash into the Blondie's curled fingers. "Fuck no!" he yelled. "You'll crush me with your gigantic ass!"

The man scowled. "Nonsense. I do not move in my sleep. Now, stop your whining." Iason walked into his bedroom, the sink draining behind him. He deposited the creature on his night table in order to disrobe, smirking when the boy turned his head, refusing to look at the man. "Why so shy, pet?" Iason grabbed him again, bringing him up to look into the boy's eyes. "Have you never looked at yourself in the mirror? Never explored your own body?"

Riki blushed at the man's words, trembling. Yes, he had. He'd seen plenty of naked men, but none were, as much as he hated to say it, as beautiful as the giant before him.

"Not to worry, pet. I'm sure in time we'll get your shyness in order." Iason sat and pulled his legs up, throwing the blanket over himself, bringing the boy to his chest, secured by his hand. "Goodnight, pet." He closed his eyes and was out in seconds.

Riki on the other hand was petrified. Under him he could hear the man's heart beating, the vibrations causing him to move ever so slightly with each bump-bump. It was scary to think that he was in the hands of something so big. He tried rolling over, but the hand pinning him was too heavy.

But, Riki thought, he was warm. The boy pulled his legs up under him and stared at the enormous thumb taking up his vision. He couldn't even look around at the room. The boy bit back tears, holding in a sob as he lay on top of the sleeping giant. He didn't know what would wake this man, and he couldn't look at those blue eyes again. Not yet.

Hiccuping softly, Riki cried, biting his lip to keep from making noise. He wanted to see Guy, have his lover hold hims close and whisper into his ear. In time, his crying wore the boy out and he slipped into a light sleep.

Chapter Text

A groan brought Riki from the world of sleep, then suddenly his whole world flipped and he was being crushed! Trying to figure out what was going on, memories of Iason came flooding back to him and of the command to sleep on the same bed as the giant man. The Blondie had told him before bed he didn't move! He tried to free himself, but he couldn't move his face from the the giant's chest, gasping mouthfuls of air. "Hey!" he managed to yell. "Wake up!"

But it seemed his captor was dead to the world, still sleeping peacefully. Riki tried punching, but his arms were pinned. He was about to resort to pinching the man when suddenly he heard the door hiss open and footsteps come into the room.

"Good morning master," a delicate voice called. The footsteps traveled to the window, throwing open the curtains to let in the light of the sun. Above Riki, the giant man took in a deep breath, pressing him further into the mattress.

"Leave me, Daryl," Iason murmured. "I had a late night and do not wish to be disturbed."

"I'm sorry, Master, but I must make sure you are awake. You have a full schedule that will not wait."

Iason furrowed his brow. "Fine. I'm up. Make tea and have my breakfast ready for me. I will dine in the dining room this morning." His furniture bowed deeply and went to leave, but something moved under Iason and he smiled softly. "Oh, and Daryl, we have a....guest with us that will be staying with us permanently. I wish to introduce you."

Confused, Daryl bowed. "Yes master," he simply said, knowing not to ask questions. He hurriedly left the room to do as he was told.

Slowly Iason brought his chest off the bed, brow creased in worry when the small creature gasped and coughed. It looked so small against his bed. Iason was sure it wouldn't even take up a quarter of a pillow.

"What the fuck!?" Riki screamed, still coughing. "Don't move my ass! You almost crushed me!"

Iason rolled his eyes, but was relieved to learn his new pet was alright. "Oh hush. You weren't injured." He slid out of bed, glancing down at the naked form, noting the angry looking stripes across his backside with pleasure, and he went to his closet, pulling out a one piece suit, picking a light blue in color today, white boots completing the ensemble. "You are to meet Daryl, my furniture, today. I expect you to be on your best behavior, am I clear?"

Riki scoffed and tried standing on the soft surface, failing and falling on his bottom with a high pitched yelp. "Fuck you!" he spat out of pain.

"Are you this volatile in the morning? Even after your punishment last night?" The man gave the creature a poignant look. "Must I repeat the lesson?" The boy turned wide, scared eyes on him, beginning to shake. "Then enough." Next, he went to a drawer and pulled out a simple chain. "Look up," he told the boy.

Riki looked up and instantly felt something cold and heavy placed around his neck. His hands flew to his throat and was appalled to find a chain. He followed it to the Blondie's hand and narrowed his eyes. "Hell no!" he shouted, trying to pull the chain away from the man. "I'm not a fucking dog!"

Iason simply clicked his tongue in annoyance, picking the boy up from the bed, fingers wrapping around his middle. "No, you are a pet. Now, enough before I get angry." He began to exit his room, but stopped at a sound from his pet. "What is it now?"

"I have no clothes on!" the boy blushed in Iason's palm, covering his genitalia with his hands.

"I have nothing to fit you at the moment, but I will make sure to get something made for you." He would have to make a trip to the shops sometime soon, although not too soon, he thought with a wicked grin. "Now, stop your fussing and let's go. I am hungry this morning, and if you make me wait any longer, I will be swallowing you whole for breakfast."

That made Riki pale and he shut his mouth, not knowing if the giant man was joking or not. At least he could send the man a deadly glare.

Iason made his way down the hall, stopping at the door to the dining hall, listening to Daryl still setting up his plate. "As I do not know how to introduce you, I order you to tell me your name," he said to the boy, looking down to his palm.

He was hip level, struggling to loosen the tight grip on him, kicking as much as he could, unable to move his arms. He was hungry as well, and if he could, he would threaten to swallow the blonde giant himself. "Why should I tell you?" he snapped, grunting with his efforts. He heard Iason sigh.

"Why are you so difficult, pet?" The Blondie stepped into the dining room just as Daryl had finished setting up the trays and he stepped back from the table and bowed, lowering his eyes. Iason said nothing as he sat. "Once more, what is your name," he growled out, getting annoyed. He was used to getting what he asked for. Never had a pet deliberately disobeyed an order from him, or struggled as much as the creature in his hand.

"Go fuck yourself!" Riki screamed, face laced with deathly glares.

Daryl heard a small voice and dared to look up. When his eyes fell on the little creature in his master's palm, he couldn't hold in the gasp. He flinched when Iason glared and quickly lowered his eyes. What was that small creature in the man's hand? He'd never seen anything like it. Was it even alive, or was it a small doll that spoke? If so, why did his master have it?

"It is unwise to resist me, pet," Iason said darkly. He brought his hand up to his face, a scowl darkening his visage. "Obey me and tell me your name."

Riki simply turned around, showing the man his back. Teach him to order Riki to do anything. But, it was too bad he did that, because a second later he was falling and then encased in blackness. There was something slimy and wet under him, making the boy grimace, his hand coming away with some kind of liquid. Suddenly light came in and the boy watched in terror as teeth surrounded him. He....he was in a mouth! "No!" he cried, struggling to reach the opening, but it closed too quickly. "Let me out! Please!" He never knew this was one of his biggest fears until now. "Please! Let me out of here!"

Iason patiently waited, hearing the small being cry out, but he refused. Instead, he used his tongue to press the creature against the roof of his mouth, feeling it squirm and wiggle. In a way, it felt like Scondong, a very rare and sought after food, and he was tempted to swallow, but he refrained, not wanting to lose his new pet so quickly. His mouth was filling too quickly with saliva, though, due to the foreign object on his tongue. But, if he didn't, Iason would start drooling, something unbecoming of a Blondie. So, he pressed his tongue, and the tiny boy, to the roof of his mouth, making sure the boy was pinned to there, and swallowed.

Riki was terrified, feeling the man's throat working, pulling his feet slightly when he swallowed. "Riki!" he screamed, fists hitting the tongue holding him prisoner. "My name's Riki! Now let me out of here you fucking asshole!"

The Blondie smirked and released the boy into his palm, dropping him onto the table. "Riki," he whispered, wiping his mouth delicately. "A perfect name for a pet." He held his hand out to Daryl to dry, the furniture quickly rushing to his side, eyes wide as he glanced at the boy who was covered in saliva.

"Breakfast," the man said, lowering his hand. The furniture bowed low and started serving Iason, who picking up a tablet next to him, the morning news instantly projecting.

Riki, who was flicking his dripping arms in disgust, stopped suddenly and stared in awe at the hologram. He knew these giants were technologically advanced, but he wasn't sure how advanced until now. He stood and took a step towards the man when he felt the chain around his throat tighten.

"I did not say you could come closer," Iason said, eyes never leaving the flowing words under the man reporting. He stopped the broadcast and turned his gaze on Riki, a ghost of a smile forming on his lips at the look on his face.

It was good to have a name to go with a face. Iason picked up his utensils and cut a small amount of his breakfast meat, sliding it to the side for Riki, doing the same with vegetable, noting the sour face the boy made. "You will eat everything, am I clear? I will not be accused of starving my pets." He began to eat, glancing at Riki. After a few bites, he turned to Daryl. "I would like you to meet Riki. He will be staying here as my new pet and therefore is under your care."

The furniture couldn't believe what he was hearing, let alone seeing. There was a dark haired, miniature person standing next to his master's plate on the table. It wasn't getting close enough to the man to touch him, but enough so that he could grab the food offered. "Wh-If I may, Master, what is it?"

That earned the eunuch a glare from Riki. "I'm a person!" he raged, narrowing his eyes before throwing his hair back with a cocky look. "Though, I've got to say, I've heard about you Furnitures....Not much person about you, is there?"

Daryl's eyes narrowed and he gripped the teapot in his hand harshly, his jaw working.

"Hush pet," Iason chastised with a jerk of the chain. "Do you wish to make the person I entrust with your safety while I'm away angry? Or, is it you're looking for another punishment?" He raised a brow in question.

Riki seemed to have heard him and sat back, wincing when he put too much pressure on his backside. "That's better. Daryl, pay him no mind. Apparently he's simply a grouchy riser." The Blondie picked up his tablet again and it started where it left off.

The boy glared at the white table, shivering from the cold in the room, but also from the angry looks he received from Daryl. He finished what he could of his meal in silence, and when his hands were empty, he was bored.

Chapter Text

Once the dishes were cleared from the table, Iason was left alone with his little pet. The tiny male stared at the wall in defiance, refusing to look at the man.

Who was Iason to make Riki stay here? Who said it was alright to make him the giant man's pet? Riki sure as hell didn't, and he didn't want it! He was used to coming and going as he pleased, not being held under someone's thumb(quite literally) and obeying orders. For the first time, he felt sad about coming to Tanagura. But, there was nothing left for his gang in Ceres, and Midas was no better. It was here or death. Riki let out an aggravated sigh, shivering a bit.

"Are you cold, pet?" Iason stared down at the boy, still in awe of this tiny creature. He didn't know how it was possible to have an intelligent creature that was this small living in his walls. Thinking on that, Iason had to know if there were passageways into his home, or any of the other Elites in the tower.

"No," Riki drawled, rolling his eyes. "Of course I'm not cold sitting on your table in my birthday suit." He sent the Blondie a glare and muttered giant prick under his breath, and that made Iason frown.

"Do not take that tone with me, pet. I will not object to taking the pen to you again."

That made Riki shiver too, just not with cold. He knew punishment, but he never knew it could hurt that much, and he didn't want to repeat it while his ass was so sore. "Whatever," he scoffed, still staring at the wall.

"Master?" Daryl came into the room on silent feet, the only announcement the door hissing as he came in. "I have your schedule, if you would like to hear what meetings you have."

The Blondie nodded and sipped his tea, closing his eyes to listen to Daryl rambling off names and scowled at a few. He did not want to see Griffith Wallace. The man was an insufferable know it all, but he was a fellow Blondie Iason had dealt with in the past. He was good with information and the underground network as well.

If Iason wanted to keep his place as the head of the underground, he would have to suck it up and meet with him. Another name intrigued him, though. Raoul didn't like to impose on Iason, but there were times they went out for lunch and simply talked. But, it seemed this was not one of those times, since the man had told Daryl he'd discovered something. His eyes flickered to Riki, who had stood and was swinging his arms back and forth as if to loosen the muscles.

The boy was very well built for his size. As his arms moved, the muscles in his back flexed very enticingly. It was a shame he was so small, or Iason could have enjoyed playing with him a bit more. But, it didn't mean that the Blondie couldn't have fun with his rare pet.

"That is all, Master." Daryl's soft voice caught Iason's attention and he nodded, putting down his now empty tea cup.

"Good. Daryl, today while I am gone, watch over Riki, make sure he doesn't get into too much trouble." The boy glared at him from the table, flashing his finger in a crude sign. "And if you need to, punish him," his voice went dark, eyes sharp. "You may use my desk to get anything to use if you need to. I find a pen works." He smirked and turned to leave, stopping once he was at the door. "Oh, and search the house for anything strange. Cracks in the walls, things like that, and seal them."

Riki's eyes widened at that and he ran to the edge of the table, almost falling off but managed to save himself. "You can't!" he yelled. "You'll destroy everything!" Tears began to form in the boy's eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

Iason turned at that last statement, nodding at Daryl. "Obey my orders." And with that he walked out, not hearing Riki's cries.

"No!! NO, you can't!! Please!" Riki had fallen to his knees, shoulders slumped in defeat. He was never going to get home....unless Daryl didn't find every single entrance. He glanced at the furniture who was watching him with both curiosity and pity. Riki couldn't take it, and turned away.

Suddenly the chain around his neck tightened and he was in darkness. Riki fought the giant hand, noting how gentle it was compared to Iason's grip. Finally he was able to pop his head out of the fist and glared up at Daryl. "A little warning next time!" he yelled, still a little shaken.

"My apologies, Sir Riki. I didn't want to leave you alone where you can get hurt." The furniture turned to leave the room. In his fist he could feel every breath of the little creature, even felt his fluttering heartbeat. He had never heard of such creatures, and was amazed, even though he didn't show it. It was improper to show emotion, even to Master Iason's pets. He was a servant in the house of Mink, and would show the proper respect.

"Daryl, was it?" the little creature asked.

"Yes, that is correct."

"Hn. Well, Daryl, mind letting me go? Though your hand feels better than that bastard's, you're still squeezing me."

In an instant the pressure around Rikki was relieved when Daryl turned his hand and opened it. Riki scrambled into the center of his palm, breathing a little hard. "I didn't say to let me drop!" He lay in the furniture's palm for a second to catch his breath. "Damn that was close. Okay, how about this? You let me stand on your shoulder, and this way you'll be able to keep an eye on me and do" At the last word, his voice became sad.

Daryl thought for a moment, then acquiesced. "I suppose so." Gently he lifted his hand up and felt Riki crawl on to his shoulder and grab the material of his shirt, dash sized fingers grazing his neck. "This is....odd." he said after a moment.

"This is weird for me too....You're breathing keeps moving me. But, I can hold on. Go on," Riki made a shooing motion, smirking at the furniture who couldn't see him.
Daryl took a step and paused, checking to see how the small male fared and when he didn't fall, the furniture became more confident in his strides. As he dusted the library, he had to wonder.."I think I saw you one night," Daryl mused. "I wasn't too sure if it was a dream or not. It was late, and I was woken by a noise....and when I looked up, there you were. You were gone a second later."

Riki took a deep breath and nodded, watching the duster move up and down. "Yeah, that was me. It was when we first came here a few months ago. I was checking out the place when you saw me. I didn't know you were such a light sleeper."

Daryl smiled slightly. "I still am, Sir Riki." He began to leave the room when Iason's orders came to mind. "I'm certain your entrances are in the kitchen, in my room, but I'm not sure where the rest are."

Riki scowled at him. "Well, I ain't telling you, that's for sure. I won't let you touch any of them!"

Daryl frowned. So it was going to be like that, was it? "Well then, I suppose I'll have to search the house."

That got a reaction from Riki and he turned to the furniture's neck, falling to his knees, closer to his ear. "No! Please! Just say you couldn't find them! If you do that...I'll have no way of getting home!"

The furniture shook his head in a shocked motion, almost knocking Riki down. "Never!" he gasped. "I could never go against Master Iason's wishes, especially an order. I'm going to have to try and find every way you got in here today and seal them, just as Master Iason wishes." When Riki was about to protest again, Daryl plucked him off his shoulder and stared sadly at him. "I'm sorry," was all he said. With that, he walked into the kitchen, still holding the struggling creature in his hands and quickly grabbed a jar with a lid and dropped Riki inside. "I will put you in Master Iason's room."

When Daryl screwed the lid on, Riki had to hold his ears against the loud scraping noise. "No! Please! The others will be waiting for me to come back! Don't do this!" Tears blurred his vision, but Riki didn't care. He wanted to see Guy one last time, hold him....It couldn't end like this. He banged his fists against the glass. "NO! I won't let you do this!" He was moving now, Daryl being careful to keep to jar steady until they reached Iason's room, where he put the boy down on the stand next to the bed.

"I'll be back," was all the furniture said and turned, the door hissing behind him as he disappeared.

Chapter Text

It took Daryl almost a half-hour of searching the sitting room to find even a small crack, which he would then mark with a thick black 'X'. After two hours of searching and moving things, he was sure he'd found every entrance.

Moving to the hallway, repeating the motions until he had five markers on the walls, and two on the floor. There was nothing that could reach the ceiling, so he didn't check that high as he moved to each room. Three hours later, he was done with that section and moving to gather the things he would need in order to close off every opening. An hour later, he finally moved on to the kitchen where he was sure to find the most openings.

And he was right. It took him an hour to mark every crack and he ran his hands along the back-splash behind the cooking unit where he found an actual door made out of tile. If he wasn't annoyed by the amount of entrances, he would have been impressed with the small creature's ingenuity. It took all of ten minutes to caulk every opening before he moved to the cabinets, of which there were many. He wouldn't be able to finish this in one day, he just hoped Iason would. Speaking of, he would need to start dinner now for the menu he had planned. Stopping his work, he washed his hand then thought of the poor little being in Iason's room.

With hurried steps he went to the room and the door hissed open, revealing a sad sight. Riki was sitting in the jar on the nightstand, staring at the window with tear tracks visible on his face. Stepping more into the room, Daryl cleared his throat.

"Sir Riki?" he said softly, gaining the little person's attention.

"What do you want?" Riki snapped, his voice echoing in the jar.

"I was wondering if you would like something for lunch." Daryl felt bad about forgetting about him for so long without anything to eat or drink.

"Oh, now you're worried about me? Or, is it you're more worried about what your master will think if you let his newest play toy starve?" Riki narrowed his eyes. "Well, I would rather starve than take anything from you! Leave me alone!" He hated the furniture in front of him, hated his pitying eyes looking at him, following every move he made. He didn't know who was worse, him or Iason. "What are you still doing here! I said leave!" He jumped up and hit the glass, his eyes flashing.

Daryl sighed and nodded, leaving the room. He would prepare something for the little being just in case he changed his mind. But, he needed to start the mutton and gravy.


When Iason came home, he wasn't expecting Daryl to be waiting for him with a glass of Ambrosia. "Welcome back, Master Iason," the furniture said lowly, bowing while offering Iason the drink.

"Thank you, Daryl." He took a sip of his drink, humming at the taste. He took a step toward his seat, finding his tablet and robe already there. Sitting, he looked to find Daryl turning. "Daryl? How many of the cracks were you able to find?" He looked at his furniture, who paled a little.

"A fair amount, sir, but I wasn't able to get all of them. I still have the bedrooms to go through. Though, I must say, Sir Riki wasn't happy about it." He looked away from his master's face, fear flickering in his eyes.

"I see. I didn't know there would be so many, so there will be no punishment for not finishing. You have tomorrow and the day after to fill in all the cracks. For now, bring Riki to me and I will have a word with him, and maybe he will change his tone." The furniture bowed low and rushed from the room to do his master's bidding.

When he came back, he was holding a closed jar containing a fighting Riki. The being was pounding on the glass walls of his prison, screaming threats of violence and insults against Daryl's parentage.

Iason frowned. That would not do. He nodded when Daryl placed the jar next to him then left the room to see to dinner. "Hello Riki," Iason drawled, sipping from his glass slowly. "I hear you've had a bad day."

"You bastard!" The dark haired boy screamed. "Let me out of here now and I'll show you a bad day!" He kicked at the glass, shouting in pain an instant later. Iason snorted his amusement, but hid his smile when Riki glared at him.

"Really, pet, this is no way to behave. You should be happy that your master is home, not shouting and carrying on." He took another sip, swirling the liquid around in his glass. "Why were you giving Daryl a hard time?"

Riki sputtered at the question. "Why was I-because he's an asshole!" the boy screamed. "He probably cut off my only way home!"

The Blondie put his glass down, turning in his chair to stare down the creature beside him. "Home?" he repeated in a glacial tone. "You have only one home, pet, and you are in it. I will hear no more of this, do you understand? You are mine, so that means you have no home besides this one from now on. Do I make myself clear?"

Riki shook in his anger, balling his fists. How dare this giant bastard tell him that!? "GO. FUCK. YOURSELF!!!" he screamed at the top of his lungs, turning his full glare on the giant who was staring at him with a blank face. "I have a home, and friends, and none of it has to do with you! Let me out of here so I can go back you fucking bastard!" Riki was panting by the time he was finished, his face twisted in rage.

Iason, on the other hand, was calm, his face blank. But, his eye was twitching, a minuscule tell tale sign of his anger. "Oh, pet...if only you knew the punishment you are about to get. You dare speak to your master like that?" He picked up the jar roughly, ignoring his pet's cries as he fell against the bottom. He unscrewed the lid and dumped the small creature out into his palm, closing his fingers around the boy harshly, feeling the body squirm to get away. "You are in for it now."

The boy was scared. He wouldn't show it, but he was actually terrified. He watched Iason with wide eyes as the man stared down at him. What was he going to do? Beat him with that pen again? He could take it! He could take anything this bastard threw at him!

"I can see what's going through that mind of yours," the Blondie said casually. He flicked his hand up, throwing the small boy into the air and catching him in his palm, only to be flung up a second later. For a few minutes he did this, ignoring his pet's cries and screams of terror at the thought of being dropped until he grew bored and closed his fist around Riki, getting up and walking to his office. He sat down at his desk, studying the naked creature in his hand, squirming and cursing at him. Iason began his game of tossing Riki again, smirking at the screams again, glad they were alone, although he wouldn't have minded if Daryl interrupted them. "Prepare to be punished, pet."

Riki couldn't hear him with the wind in his ears and the constant up and down motion was making him sick, threatening to bring his morning food back up. "" he gasped, anger in his voice, no matter how much it trembled.

"I would not be saying that if I were you, pet. You will only get more." He caught his pet again, and turned him around, revealing his backside. Taking his free hand he brought it closer until with a harsh snapping sound, his fingers flicked harshly against Riki's already punished backside. The boy let out a wail, throwing his head back, mouth open wide in a pained scream. Again, Iason flicked the creature, savoring his screams. "This is what you get, pet, for creating trouble for Daryl." He flicked the boy again.

"Stop!" Riki screamed, tears streaming down his face with only the third strike, his backside still very sore. "Stop it, please! My ass can't take anymore!" He cried out when Iason's fingers flicked him again. He never knew a simple flick, something he did to Guy on a daily basis, could hurt so much!

"I think not, pet. Though I am not making you count, you have earned a few more strikes." And with that, he flicked again, this time his nail sliced the skin a bit, making Riki scream.

"You fucking asshole!! You cut me!"

"Only because you keep kicking, pet. If you didn't move and take this like a man, I wouldn't have cut you." He flicked again, this time being careful and hitting his upper thighs, making Riki scream more. Again and again he continued to flick the small creature until he felt Riki go limp in his hand. Iason stopped for a moment, and looked at the boy who had his eyes closed. "Hn. He fainted." Getting up he went to the kitchen, surprising Daryl, who was plating dinner onto platters.

"Master! Is something the matter?" Silver eyes watched his master carefully, trying to gauge the man's mood. Iason never came into the kitchen!

"I need a glass of water," the Blondie said, holding the limp creature in his hand like a rag doll, albeit gently. The furniture bowed and got him what he wanted, placing it on the counter. Iason said nothing, raising the boy above the water glass and holding him by a leg, dipped him in. A second later, Riki thrashed in the cold water, Iason bringing him to the surface coughing.

"What the fuck?" the boy screamed, shaking from the temperature of the water and shock. "You asshole!" he screamed at Iason, coughing when the Blondie dipped him again and came back up.

Finally, Iason dumped the glass over the boy in his hand into the sink, watching Riki sputter and climb to his hands and knees, coughing up water. "You still yell at your master?" he asked with a raised brow. "That is not wise, pet." He picked up the boy, wrapping his fingers around his shaking middle. "Come. I assume it is time to eat." Was all the man said and left the room.