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Pulling Through

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There was no story to tell as the apocalypse came and went, but some things need to be said. Just because there’s no point in dragging it out with creative words when it was the same dull pain through an entire year, doesn’t mean nothing happened. 

There was an announcement just about a year ago that something was happening, yet no one knew what. It didn’t take long for the message of what seemed like zombies beginning to spread. Now, games didn’t tell David exactly what to expect when told that zombies, made or infected with chemicals that didn’t have any fucking instructions manual on what to do with the creations. There was so objectives that gave clues or any teammates set to help you. 

Lots of families didn’t get lucky, despite the warning. David couldn’t even tell you now how it happened, but suddenly Sabrina wasn’t at his side. Tyler was in his arms and had a clear view over his shoulder. It wasn’t long before he cried out. David, terrified as to what may have happened, tucked his son’s head into his chest as he turned around and stared in horror as what he assumed was a Zombie held his wife in its arms. He was petrified, he had to do something

David’s first instinct had been to put Tyler down far enough away and run back to kill the bastard that hurt Sabrina. 

“Go,” she had told him before he could move. “Make it through for us and let yourself be happy. Take care of Tyler.” 

David took a step forward anyway, looking and hoping for a way to get out of this mess. It wasn’t until Sabrina’s cry of anguish and a discolored hand around her neck, that he knew it was too late. With the last whisper of “I love you”, she was gone. He wanted to break down, to cry and scream, but he had a child to take care of and there was still an ugly creature that now put its attention on him. 

David ran. He ran, and ran, and ran. The only noise louder than his heavy panting was Tyler crying in his arms. It was just the two of them on their own now. He had lost his internet family, as all cell towers were down and he didn’t know where to begin looking on his own. Sabrina had kept him somewhat sane, and now she was gone too. 


It was a somewhat cool October now, nearly a year after the first announcement. A young man, 18 years old at the time, by the name of Jacob, had let them in not long after everything had happened. He was tall and skinny, bleached-blond hair that was growing back into a strawberry-blond. He had been looking to attend college until everything was called off for obvious reasons. 

The two men kept each other going, and took turns leaving the house to find a grocery store open by some miracle. Since there were still quite a few people trying to carry on with life to survive once whatever it was had completely gone away, food supplies had to be distributed through cities, that was made in places that were in complete lockdown from the inside. 

David guessed he had kind of adopted Jacob at this point, and saw how he was with Tyler. He guessed it wasn’t that bad of a thing but really didn’t want to lose another person he had gotten attached to. Tyler was… quiet. He had lost a part of his childhood. Jacob had taken up teaching him with a few of his old books that his parents had given him for memory-sake years prior. To be honest, it was probably the best way to spend time since going outside wasn’t their best idea.

It was around that time of October when the radio had started acting up. While looking for clean towels months before, David had found it. With a little bit of time put into adjustments, it was working well enough. Not much was ever broadcasted until that day.

“Hello?” a voice called out from the radio. “For anyone hearing this, the virus has gone down. We’re safer than we have been in a year, but please be careful in case. The government is going to try resetting the cell towers soon. Tell as many people as you can.” The message repeated several times. 

Jacob and David stood stock-still until the noise of thunder caused both to jump. Thunder and... Rain? Heavy rain which suddenly came pouring down, unlike any of the brief showers of the year. The older man’s first instinct was to run outside, which instantly had him soaked. Wet clothes instantly had him weighed down (to which they were thankful they found a way to clean clothes), and he fell to his knees on the sidewalk. David just began to laugh hysterically, too overwhelmed with feelings to do anything else. Hair was sticking to his face, but it didn’t bother him. His hair had lost its vibrant color long ago, leaving just the bleach which he had cut most of off when his natural color returned. The blond tips fell before his eyes and water dripped from them, but he just closes his eyes. 

Sabrina would’ve been proud, David and Tyler made it through. Speaking of Tyler, apparently, Jacob had let him out through the door because with a scream of ‘Daddy!’, Tyler had run to his father and hugged him. He hadn’t heard the radio, as he was taking a nap, but he had probably gotten the message through Jacob. 

Time to restart life, David told himself.