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We Will Catch Him

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When Luo Fei and Qin Xiaoman just arrived from one case, he was surprised when he heard that someone was waiting for him at his house.

Qin Xiaoman was following him because she was worried something maybe could happen.
When he opened his door he saw that it's was Luo Fusheng, he was so surprised to see him.

"I missed you" was all could say Luo Fusheng

"What are you doing here?"

"I missed you, I never thought I would see you again"

Qin Xiaoman was watching them and didn't make sound

"Oh, who is she?"

"We work in cases together," said Luo Fei

"Nice to meet you, I'm Luo Fusheng I'm the lover of Luo Fei"

"You can say that you are my husband since you have take my name" say, Luo Fei

Qin Xiaoman was so surprised because of this but she was supportive because she was open-minded she doesn't care about all of this. And say congratulations to both of them.

"Enjoy your time Luo Fei, we will see each other when we will have a new case," She says before she leaves for give them a little time together.

When the open was closed Luo Fusheng kissed Luo Fei "I missed you so much"

"I know, me too I was so scared the last time, I know you have to work in undercover for me for a lot of stuff but I'm just scared that he will take your life..."

"We will catch him, I promise and we will be together and happy"

"Right now all I want is to be with you"

"Of course"

They move in the bed where they made love for making their reunion.