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Better Together (else there's not a lot to read)

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It was weird how well Stiles got on with Peter. And vice versa. You know, once the whole 'I'll kill/turn/burn/hurt you and yours' things were over. They were both past those now. Well, not to the point that they weren't used as teasing ammo, but whatever. Past those now.
In fact, they could probably be considered friends.


They frequented a quiet diner on the outskirts of town, just for coffee and a chat; sometimes for a meal and a serious conversation or research session (the latter mainly when they couldn't use either of their own houses - neither the Sheriff nor the other betas were wanted, needed or conducive for those).
They were normally found together outside school hours. And quite often during as well. After all, between Peter and the Sheriff, they had managed to get Stiles a pass to attend college and university lectures that could further his knowledge in certain areas that he was interested in, that he was looking to pursue (criminology, psychology, mythology etc.). Which meant he attended his actual school pretty irregularly. He was clever enough to skip BHHS altogether, but the school wanted the reputation of having had him as a student, of having taught him, so they kept their metaphorical claws dug in him as tightly as possible for as long as possible. And Peter attended these lectures with him. He was his 'chaperone' - the high school had demanded he have one. And its not like his dad could come.


So, between that, and the fact that they were rarely not at one or the other's house, they could definitely be considered friends. Maybe something more. After all, they fairly lived in each other's pockets, and had developed to be pretty co-dependent. Okay, okay, very co-dependent. Something most of the pack quietly disapproved of. But nobody had the guts or heart to approach them about it directly - that would be a catastrophe in the making and would doubtless split the pack three ways. With Stiles and Peter alone against the neutral and opposing pack members. And nobody wanted that. So the co-dependency was left alone.


Even when only Peter could talk him out of a panic attack. Or take a razor out of his hand before it drew any blood. Or prevent the nightmares from even arriving in the first place.

Even when only Stiles could block Peter's nightmares in return. Or could convince him to stay in Beacon Hills, not run until he could no more. Or not be hurt, to actually be able to stop it when the wolf flipped out, lashed out.

The two needed each other on a level nobody else in the pack could understand. And for now, they had all given up trying. At least for now.