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The Black King and His White King

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When a host once asked which member of the Procellarum was the scariest, they would gladly say Shun. But if they asked the Six Gravity the same questions, they would instead say the rest of the members.

They happened to witness it when both groups were idly chatting together in Procellarum's common room except for Hajime who was as usual busy when a certain demon king came in and proceeded to bawl right there. After a collective gasp and shock, they immediately created a giant cuddle mass while Aoi and Yoru made tea and comforting food.

After a bit of coaxing, Shun just shrugged off the questions and went to his room, claiming that he was tired.

Kai and Haru immediately called their manager asking what happened on Shun's last job. However, Dai and Tsukishiro also said that they were busy with other things that they didn't accompany the white king.

So, Kakeru called Hajime, the ousama and Shun's lover. Nevertheless, Hajime too didn't know but promised them that he would come back earlier. True to his words, a half an hour later he came back to the door and entered his lover's room. The others finally remembered their activity books and searched for Shun's job for the day.

In the end, they finally found what happen, blackmailed the person in charge, and managed to bankrupted the company. The members of Six Gravity didn't do much since Procellarum decided to avenge it by their own.

The next day, they asked for a day off for all of them and took their king shopping. That night, Shun hugged all members of Six Gravity and Procellarum, whispering his gratitude to each one of them. 

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Shimotsuki Shun, the lazy leader of Procellarum, is a wizard, magician, future Merlin and so on. This fact is well-known among Procella and Gravi members.


Lately, they learn a new fact.


Shun could affect the weather if he feels something strongly.


Hence the late night meeting of Procella members and two Gravi's.


The next day, Rui and Iku tried to make him angry by serving him coffee instead of tea. But the white demon king just laugh and drink it stating that it's made by his cute juniors and he can't refuse it.


It is still sunny.


You tries by insulting Shun's daily activity a little bit harsher than usual. It results in Shun pouting and the sun lights blaring.


Yoru, the angel he is, trying to make Shun happy instead of angry and makes an apple pie. He gives a freshly-baked apple pie to Shun and the maou-sama is exstatic.


The sun is shining a little bit brighter than before.


Kai refuses to make Shun's usual tea is the harshest thing he ever done so the resulting clouds are to be expected and a sulking Shun is sulking in the sofa. But it doesn't last for long and after a while the sun is revealed yet Shun is still sulking.


Lastly, they put out their ace card and last bait, a Mutsuki Hajime.


Hajime sighs but walk to Shun.


"Shun" he calls "I have cleared our plan for tomorrow. Let's have a date."


Suddenly, very weird phenomenon happen.


Six pairs of eyes widening in surprise seeing sakura petals blooming outside even though they don't have any sakura tree in the middle of winter.


Later that night,


"Hajime, may I talk to you for a while?"


"What is it Shun?"


"Regarding today's event, I know what you were trying to do and I am fine with it. However, we don't necessarily have to go outside tomorrow"


Hajime blinks and smiles in the end.


"It's fine, Shun" he pats Shun's white crown "I enjoy our last 'date'"


Shun for once finds himself unable to give a retort and blushes like a lobster in a minute. Next morning, the white demon king is seen latched onto the black king's arms like a leech along the rainbow in the snowy morning.

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While Shun's magical power has its good quirk, it also has its bad time like right now.

They didn't understand Shun’s magic mechanism,but it currently Shun couldn't see Hajime. They thought Shun couldn’t see them too, but the only person he couldn’t see was his own crush.

Even if said person was behind the former or in his usual lounging space, the white demon couldn't see his figure at all and disturbed by this and went into a panic.

Shun had searched Hajime for nearly half a day, even in the middle of his job, and still hasn't managed to see his idol.

When he almost cried that evening, Haru deemed enough was enough. The representative of March simply push his stubborn leader forward. However, even after that action, Shun could only see Haru pushing air in front of him.

That's when Shun really cried.

Feeling bad, Hajime shouted 'enough!' and the spell broke. His arms wounded around Shun's slim waist and brought said person into his lap as he calmed his rival down. That night, they slept  together (in a non-sexual way) because Shun refused to let go of Hajime, afraid that he couldn't see him again. 

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One day, a very neat Hajime asked Shun for a date in the middle of the day. The experience caused a great chaos, sacrifices of a freshly baked cherry pie and an expensive tea set, and a nose bleeding Shun. After a while, something was wrong and Shun finally asided his crazy fanboy persona and scolded an orange cardboard box of a pet he called Diablo who actually turned into Hajime. The real Hajime came when the whole fiasco was in a wrap and as tired he was, he asked for an explanation. His second in command, Haru, told him about it and Hajime, the real Mutsuki Hajime, replied, "I wouldn't mind going on a date with Shun" which gave Shun another nosebleed that wouldn't stop. 


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Morning sun shined upon two pale eyelids that were trying to awake its owner. Slowly, two lime green orbs revealed. Slowly, both tried to accomprehend his surrounding. Slowly, his body felt the soft bedding, his usual lavish bedroom, a scent of coffee, and a warm hand gently carding through his hair. He looked up to meet a pair of amethyst eyes he adored for a long time. There beside him sat his long time idol, Hajime, still in his favourite purple shirt and a glass of what he believed as coffee in his right hand. As soon as Hajime realized his conscious state, the man smiled to him.


"Good morning, Shun" he uttered.


Only to be replied by, "Am I dead and hallucinating right now?"


That earned him a laugh


"No. You are in your room, has just awoken from your deep slumber"


After blinking a couple times, deeming he was NOT dreaming apparently, he sat abruptly on the bed. His body rigid looking at his idol who almost lost his cup of heaven this morning but it couldn't defeat the shocked rush in his brain.


"H-H-Hajime!! What are you-!" Shun put a hand to cover his mouth before continuing "What are you doing in here?" 


Hajime looked at him like staring at a cat asking why a dog is here


"Do you remember last night?"


His brain scampered to search for a memory and found it immediately


"You...stay?" He muttered 


"I do. Does making a good coffeee for 5 minutes considered not? And why are you covering your mouth?"


Shun's pale cheeks colored in seconds


"I.....'ve...f-ul br-e"




"I have foul breathe!"


Hajime was startled that he leaned back a little bit. It was uncommon for the demon king to raise his voice like that


"Mouuu Hajime. You make me say something so embarrassing" Shun said before retracting back to his cocoon


The black king instead offered his cup of coffee


"You may not like it but this will help you"


At the offering Shun's ears immediately perked up


"Undirect kiss with Hajime!! Even if I don't like that black thing I would love it if it was something that my Hajime likes~"


Hajime sighed deeply. He didn't even bother to correct Shun anymore. He watched as a pair of pale arms raised to meet his right hand and took it to Shun's lips. The fact that Shun gasped when they touched was deleted from his memory.


Shun blew the top softly before taking a sip...made a face but taking another gulp. Two more gulps later, he gave the cup back which contained half of what it was.


"Thank you, Hajime" 


"Your welcome. Come on up, Aoi and Yoru have prepared breakfast 15 minuted ago. I will leave you if-"


Hajime didn't even finished his sentences before Shun clutched his left arm. He only chuckled and led the way.

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The month has come again. November. This year, a lot has happened. Procellarum and Six Gravity's first joint concert, his idol finally reprocicated his feeling, and they had their first date a week ago. For his whole life, Mutsuki Shun has never felt euphoric before. Also, he figured a kink he never knew until Hajime happened. The leader of Gravi apparently has a major possessive side and Hajime himself told it before an excited, blushing as a cherry tomato, Shun accepted his confession. Today, Hajime told him that they've cleared off their schedule for a date. Shun was so happy he couldn't stomp down his blush for a whole day. Thank god his vanishing charm is still in full power and didn't affect by his mood. After a complete pamper by his ou-sama, Hajime put a medium black box with white ribbon on their table. Shun carefully opened his present to discover a black simple leather bracelet. What made it amazing was when he turned it, Shun read the words 'Forever Mine' and he just knew he would be forever by Hajime side until death pulled them apart. Even after death, Thanatos would need every power he has to keep him apart from Hajime. 

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Hajime was confused upon returning to the dorm with all members of Procella and Six Gravity running around in a mid chaos. Yoru the ever calm type had been seen thrice, once with a bowl and spoon, second with same bowl with something (food?) inside without spoon and third time a spoon and almost tripped by his own foot if it wasn't for You caught his collar shirt in hand. The ginger himself has a fleece blanket drapped on his arm. Aoi was lifting a pail of water with Arata's help. On their shared living room, Iku was pacing around and Rui tried to calm his partner down albeit the shook face. Koi and Kakeru ran around with a first aid kid in their hands. They brought like 5 boxes from everyone's room. That left Kai, Haru, and Shun nowhere to be seen. Hajime placed his bag first before asking one of Procella's junior, Rui. The grenette was startled but after remembering who he was, he didn't answer his question. Instead, Rui stopped Iku on his track and brought him to a very confused Hajime. Suddenly, the younger male grabbed his hand and led him to Procella's floor, specifically Shun's room where Haru and Kai stood while Aoi lifting the bowl Yoru brought. When they noticed him, Haru and Kai ganged up on him, drove them into a corner. He swore he didn't know what he did wrong this time. However, the two only asked one question, "Do you know someone called Kuro?" Hajime tilted his head before Kai explained everything. It seemed like Shun, Procella's demon king, has fallen ill and collapsed after their morning job. They were going to bring to hospital when in the middle of it, said patient woken up in a delirium state saying he wanted to go back to the dorm and not to worry. Dai had cancelled their job only for the day and Shun's had three days off. His fever calmed a bit, Aoi said, before it came back higher than before and Shun suddenly called for 'Kuro'. They thought it was Kuroda so they brought the huge black bunny but Diablo was blocking their way and glaring at the bunny. They were still trying to stop the fever from escalating while Haru and Kai searched for 'Kuro'. 


"We thought you would've known who 'Kuro' is" Haru said.


Hajime contemplated for a moment and think back. Kuro...kuro...kuro... who is Kuro? The only person in Shun's family who would mean a lot to him is Sakaki, not Kuro. His parents' names weren't Kuro either. Unless...


The black king stood , startling his colleagues and strided to Shun's bed side table where there lay his phone with white Tsukiusa strap. He opened said phone (password ? His birthday, of course) and scrolled for a name. He got out and phoned someone. After, he went back in and patted Shun's sweaty hair and said, "Hang on, Shun. 'Kuro' will be here soon". 


Half an hour later, a man in his twenties with black hair and a full butler suit barged inside the room. 


"Shun-sama! Are you okay!?"


Shun who had awoken 10 minutes ago broke out into the widest smile they ever seen




His trembling arms circling 'Kuro's' waist the moment he was within reach and Shun sighed against him. The man in suit patted Shun's white hair, a fond smile on his worried face.


Hajime, Haru, and Kai felt they interrupted something intimate and quietly left the room.


The other members were waiting impatiently on them that as soon as they stepped on their common room, they were bombarded with questions like the man's identity, is that Kuro, and Shun's state. Hajime was about to calm them down when 'Kuro' descended the stair and walked towards them. 


"Good evening everyone. I deeply apologized for your worry upon my master. I have checked him a bit just now and concluded that he was overworked which leads him to catch the current influenza epidemic. Thanks to everyone's help his fever has just lowered down and he would be back to himself in a couple of days. Please be rest assured on your jobs tomorrow for Shun-sama will not be here alone" 


Hajime was the first one to break the silence in the air


"Will you be alright to stay here for a while?"


'Kuro' looked to him and replied politely


"I have gained master's permission to stay for a week in Tokyo. He had even rented a room in a hotel nearby. Oh, please forgive me if I am wrong, are you the one who called me? Hajime-sama?" 


Hajime nodded


"Ah, thank you very much for your immediate call and explanation to Shimotsuki-sama"


"No worries. However..." he glanced at his stoned members "why don't you introduce yourself, 'Kuro'-san?"


As if realizing his false, 'Kuro' bowed deeply 


"Forgive my rudeness!!" He stood back "My name is Sakaki Hiroshi, one of Shimotsuki's family butlers. Currently, my position is Shun-sama's personal butler. Please to meet you"


The information brought several confusion


"We know Sakaki-san....." Kai muttered


"But..." Iku asked "Why does Shun-san called you 'Kuro'?" 


"That's because of his hair color" Shun said


They looked up to see the white demon king perched on the stair hand railing, his face cradled by his palms and his elbow planted on the wooden rail. 




"Shun-sama!! Why are you leaving your room?" Kuro shouted while ascending the stairs once again


"I want to introduce you to Hajime and all of my sla- I mean friends" Shun pouted 


They only sighed at the slight correction. Typical Shun.


"I am able to do that by myself, Shun-sama" Kuro replied when he reached the top


"It's Shun! Not Shun-sama!"


"Yes, Shun........-sama"


"No! It is Shun! Shu-n! Drop the -sama already. Mou Kuro is so adamant!"


"I learn from the best" he muttered under his breathe


"What was that?" 


"Nothing at all~" 


Shun still pouted before an idea occured to him


"Kuro~ Carry me!!"


The others were still watching the drama intently until Arata chocked on his strawberry milk


"Hai hai! Which way? The piggyback? Firefighter? Mili-"


"Princess carry!!!"


Shun already lifted his arms. His wide smile would diguise his illness if his face was not so pale in comparison. This is Shun being adamant about introducing his butler to his friends. Definitely not slaves. 


'Or he wouldn't display such weakness and childish side'


With gentleness and years of experiences, Kuro swiftly scooped his master to his arms while the man giggling in the process. They descended down and Kuro placed him in the place where Shun used all the time. Most of them wondered how Kuro be able to distinguish Shun's preferred place, except for Hajime. 


Shun grabbed his butler's arm down and patted the spot beside him


"I-" Kuro shut up when Shun glared from his smile and promptly sat beside Shun. He produced a mask so his master's friends wouldn't accidentally caught his illness. After that, Shun leaned down until his body laid horizontal and placed his head on Kuro's thigh. He took his butler's hand and placed it on his hair and said hand immediately carded through his white locks. 


He smiled beneath his mask and rolled to his side.


"Kuro, from your right are my Procellarum: Iku, Rui, Yoru, You, and Kai the eldest. Then Six Gravity: Koi, Kakeru, Aoi, Arata, Haru, and its leader and ou-sama, Hajime. Also, Kuroda the black bunny, Shiroda my princess, and I see that Diablo is pleased with you. Remember?"


"Eh? Shun-san there is no way Sakaki-san be able to remember our name in a single shot" Koi said


"Does he has the same ability as you do, Shun?" Haru also curious


"No, he doesn't" Shun replied "But he is very good at observing people" 


"Well, Shun-sama, you are too-"




"Fu fu fu... Do you need proof? Okay, Kuro, what is Arata's favourite drink?"


Kuro glanced at them and when he found 'Arata' he replied "Strawberry milk"


"H-H-How did you?" Koi stuttered while Kakeru, Aoi, Iku, and Rui were definitely amazed


"You are the only one who grabbed for it when the others were drinking water, there are plenty cartoons on the trash bin, also you spilled a little on your sleeve from clutching it too hard, and I caught the scent of strawberry when you opened the door for me. Thank you for opening it"




"Then then how about me!! Can you guess my favourite tv show??" 


The whole night spent with questions about Sakaki's observing skill, his duty in Shimotsuki's family, his relationship with Shun, and other kind of things. Shun himself was passed out after the nth time Sakaki patted his head. Sakaki knew about this but he didn't stop his activities and continue to stroke his master's head gently. Later, he will tuck his master like he used to but for now, he shall engaged his master wishes, for him to know each of his friends deeply. It's just one of Shun's scheme to introduce his friend from home. How did he know? Simple, observation.