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A Future Shrouded In Darkness

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Deep beneath the Atlantic, far below the ocean floor, he rested. His home was changed, destroyed by the humans in their effort to give him strength. He wasn't too happy about that, but it didn't matter. His home was still home, even if it was different. It provided him with access to much of the world. It was important.

So he stayed, and rested. Far above, Mothra and Rodan were keeping things in order. He didn't hear much fighting or any sort of disturbance, so that must have meant that they were doing well, right? Better than the humans could do.

Humans… he hated what they did to him. He had Ghidorah on the ropes, drowning. He even tore one of its heads off. But then they hit him with another bomb. This one was different though. It hurt him, sucked the breath out of his lungs, killed the sea around him.

Ghidorah got away, and nearly ruined the order. Humanity may have saved him, but in his mind, they weren't nearly done atoning for it.

Far above, he heard it. A call. It was angry, and he hadn't heard it in many eons. Another new awakening.

Godzilla rose from his resting place, and waded out of the air pocket, into the water. As he left his lair, he vowed to never let humanity stray to far from their course. They had a place, and like the Titans, they needed to know it.


Doctor Valentina Pavlov sighed.

Then she sighed again.

The reason was simple: another clean sample.

Outpost 95 was Monarch's newest facility. Built after the Battle of Boston, Outpost 95 was tasked with monitoring the continued volcanic activity at Isla De Mara, collecting samples from the Oxygen Destroyer detonation, and monitoring the Hollow Earth beneath their location. However, their quest to collect samples had gone a little south.

The earlier samples yielded excellent samples. First, microscopic lifeforms, noticeable oxygenation… hopeful stuff. But as time went on, the lifeforms changed. The small microscopic crustacean life that was the minority became the majority. Then they were the only life. Finally, only a few, noticeably larger ones remained. They were no larger than a flea, and floated aimlessly.

Valentina was irritated by the lack of progress since then. No life of any kind. Not even more of the crustaceans. The Outpost had hit a roadblock. What complicated matters more was the increasing pressure on Monarch financially. Outpost 56 was permanently decommissioned. They couldn't restore it and Rodan hadn't returned to Isla De Mara since waking up. Stone Mountain and Angkor Wat had also been on the chopping block.

Basically, they had cut enough to generate a small profit from the shortlist of donors. Organizations from all sides politically, monetarily, and ideologically had poured in donations. But no government would back Monarch, and donors were confidence based. They could pull their funds at any moment.

Valentina sighed and wrote down the current status of the sample in front of her. Picking up her pencil, she set to work.

Moments later, a colossal shriek sounded through the halls. A shake followed, and then another shriek.

"We're under attack!" She heard someone say. "Get to the lifeboats! Go! Go! Go!"

No one needed to tell her twice. Valentina picked up her personal bag and ran for the door, exiting into a crowd of people. The hall was bustling with scientists and security personnel running towards the stairs. The elevators were blinking, out of service. As they rushed passed a window, Valentina caught a glimpse of a large form moving in the water around them. They were three stories below the surface, and it did not sound like Godzilla.

Another shriek sounded, and metal crumpled under tremendous force as the facility seemed to list. Several sprays erupted in the walls around them, indicating a major hull breach was imminent. Valentina felt her survival instincts kick in, and made it her personal mission to reach the surface.


Breaking out of the Hollow Earth's grasp, Godzilla began to swim towards the sounds of chaos. The high shrieks of the offender, and if he listened closely, the sounds of metal bending. It was a Titan attacking humans, and he planned to put a stop to it. He picked up his pace, powerful tail swimming side to side as he propelled himself onward.


Valentina reached the top deck, with blue skies and a vibrant Sun beating down on the deck. If it weren't for the Titan attacking, you'd think it was a party. She looked for a lifeboat, swiveling her head as she searched for an escape. Several lifeboats were nearly full, with security forces trying to keep order as scientists and maintenance crews fought to get to safety.

Another shriek made everybody freeze. A boom and shaking followed. Then, the water broke, and out from the waves emerged a titanic orange claw. It strongly resembled the claws one would see on a crab, or a lobster. The rest of the Titans hulking form followed, confirming Valentina's suspicions. The body was covered in an orange shell, with spikes protruding from the top. Two beady eyes extended from its head, where a long piercing spike was protruding from its face. It shrieked again, mandibles opening up to release the piercing sound.

As it raised its massive claw to strike, it opened its maw to shriek again. However, a much different roar sounded. It was deeper, and reverberated in the bones of everyone on the platform. It must've done the same to the Crab, because it lowered its claw and waded backwards, away from the platform. It searched, eyes turning and scanning the waves.

Valentina saw it before the crustacean ever did.

A large, dark form broke the waves behind the Crab, tackling it forwards into the water. As they went under the waves, Valentina spotted the familiar shapes on the newcomers back. It was three rows of long scutes, running to the end of its tail.

Godzilla had arrived, and he wasn't happy.


As the water above them calmed, Godzilla waged war with the foe he had brought down. The creature was armored. Heavily. It bore a long, powerful tail which it used like a flipper, allowing it to move around with speed like Godzilla's. However, its armor was heavy, and without conscious effort, it appeared to sink.

Godzilla knew what to do.

He charged the crustacean and grabbed its tail, swimming full speed downward. As the first ocean ridge approached, Godzilla swam towards it, and around it. The tail strained against the torque Godzilla was putting on it, and the creature smashed into the ridge. Stunned, it could not stop Godzilla from slamming it into the sea floor, and prying the tail upward, farther than it could go normally.

The tail tore, and was held on only by flesh and armor. With its tail immobilized, Godzilla deemed the creature no longer a threat, and left it on the bottom of the ocean. He didn't need to kill it, and it was to mindless to really have a place in the hierarchy. So leaving it there was his best option. As he swam up and away, he cast a glance to the human base above, and had a feeling something bad was coming.


Inside of Outpost 95, a glass container was busted open. Exposed to the water, its contents, small, precambrian crustaceans, swam out. They followed the current back to a hull breach, and quickly escaped into the open sea, staying close as they did. They hungered for food, and the ocean was full of it.

The world, was full of it.


On the surface, Valentina was in awe of what had transpired. Help was on the way, thankfully. But the damage was done. Outpost 95 would likely be closed, and it's research moved to other locations. She prayed that the Crab was gone, and she prayed that they would escape.

If only they knew the evil that brewed beneath the waves.


"You think it'll affect the meeting?"

"Yeah, I do. The suits get really antsy when a multi billion dollar research base goes under. Especially from a Titan we don't even have a name for."

"We do."

"Really? What did the locals call it? Red Lobster? Crab Fest?"

"Rick, can it. Go ahead, Chen."

"They called it Ebriah, The Horror of the Deep. A polar opposite to Rodan. A God of pure malice, whereas Rodan brought fire and rebirth."

"Catchy name."

"I still prefer Crab Fest."

"Rick, sh-"

"Sorry to interrupt guys… I just got a call from Stenz."


"That thing wasn't the only new Titan. Another one just cropped up."

"Thanks Sam. Okay…. Here's what we'll do. Rick, get me Ebirah's bioacoustics. Log them. Chen, get me a name on the new Titan, correlate it to local legend and find me a weakness. Sam, stay in touch with Stenz and help these two. I've got a meeting."

"Good luck, Mark."

"Thanks, Sam…. I'll need it."