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when you talk to me (my whole world lights up)

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hoseok’s loud voice rang through the apartment mercilessly, waking anything that dared to still be asleep. of course, that ended up being yoongi, who was now sitting up with a grumpy look on his face. he glared over at the closed door, silently cursing his friend for how loud he was. deciding that he wasn’t going to get any more sleep, yoongi kicked his covers off, trudging out to the main room. the softer voices became clearer as he rounded the corner of the hallway.

“how many times have i told you, you can’t bite your brother!”

yoongi rubbed his eyes, taking in the situation before him. jungkook was currently hiding behind hoseok, eyes wide with subtle fear. taehyung was crouched on the other side of the room, tail whipping violently behind him as he stared straight at the bunny hybrid. raising an eyebrow at the trio, he slipped past them and headed into the kitchen for some food.

namjoon and seokjin were perched at the table, having some sort of conversation to drown out the activity in the other room. jimin was sitting across from them, watching their conversation like a ping-pong match. his ears twitched as yoongi entered the room, turning his attention to the older boy for a brief moment before flicking his tail in greeting. yoongi only nodded in response, making a beeline straight for the coffee machine.

“good morning, yoongi-hyung.” namjoon broke away from his topic to greet him, giving him a small, sympathetic smile. everybody knew how he liked his sleep, but he couldn’t really blame them for situations like these.

“morning.” he mumbled back, voice still heavy with sleep. he set to making his first cup of coffee, turning to lean against the counter when he was done, tilting his head towards the main room. “what’s going on in there?”

“taehyung tried to bite jungkook.” jimin piped up almost automatically, ears flicking at the voices from the other room. “he’s in one of those moods this morning.”

“no surprise there.” yoongi responded over the lip of his mug. the tiger hybrid had moments where his hybrid side would take over, causing him to be more animal-like and in less control of his actions. he normally went after jungkook, for reasons unknown to them, but he must’ve caught the poor bunny off-guard today. “sounds like hoseok has it under control.”

“i don’t know if you’d call that under control .” seokjin murmured, earning a nudge in the side from namjoon. the older shot him a look of annoyance. “i’m telling the truth! he can barely handle that hybrid. taehyung’s the wildest out of the three.”

yoongi raised an eyebrow at him, watching the small scuffle with slight interest. the two fought for a brief moment before jimin let out a sort of growl, pinning his ears against his head. he didn’t like when his owner and friends fought, even if it was play-fighting. the trio turned to look at the cat hybrid, eyes wide at his sudden sound.

“stop fighting. i don’t like it.” jimin hissed quietly, tail thrashing about angrily. the two boys apologized quietly, returning to their previous conversation as yoongi only laughed. a loud crash echoed throughout the house, causing the group of boys to jump. they all turned their heads to the doorway, yoongi being the first to move.

“is everyone okay?” yoongi asked as he entered the room. jungkook went scrambling at his voice, almost tackling the older to the ground as he slid against the floor. taehyung chased after him, eyes wide and ears flat as he bumped into the wall when trying to turn.

“yoongi-hyung, he’s trying to bite me!” jungkook spun the two of them around so yoongi was between him and the tiger hybrid. yoongi clutched his half-empty mug tightly, trying not to spill any coffee. “get him to stop!”

yoongi only turned to look at hoseok, who’s hair was sticking up in places from stressing over the situation. he had a pleading look in his eyes, silently asking him the same favor. yoongi was known in the group as the hybrid-tamer; his knack for communicating and calming them unlike any other. he was the only one who wasn’t an official caregiver, but he brushed it off as not having found the right hybrid.

yoongi focused back on the current situation, looking right at taehyung. the hybrid was staring off over his shoulder at jungkook, whose ears were twitching in worry. yoongi rested a hand over jungkook’s, silently calming the bunny hybrid down. he could feel jungkook relax against his back, so he took the moment to get taehyung’s attention.


the tiger’s ears twitched in response to his name, but he made no other movements. yoongi raised an eyebrow, handing his mug to jungkook. he took it with hesitation, sending a questioning look that went unseen by yoongi. the older took a step towards taehyung, who finally tore his gaze away long enough to look at him.

“taehyung, are you listening to me?”

his ears perked up once more at his name, turning towards yoongi as he talked. his stance shifted to a more attentive one, tail flicking lazily against the floor now. he waited patiently for what yoongi was going to say, staring up at him with a tilt to his head.

“you know better than to bite jungkook.” yoongi started off softly, folding his arms across his chest. taehyung raised his head, ears flattening slightly at his comment. everyone knew he didn’t like getting scolded, and he always responded the worst to them, no matter who it came from. the annoyed look was obvious to anyone who saw him, but that didn’t stop yoongi from finishing what he started.

“don’t you give me that look.” his voice was level and calm, his tone just low enough to show the hybrid he meant business. taehyung glared right back at him, tail thrashing about angrily as he tensed up, almost like he was going to pounce. yoongi narrowed his eyes slightly, challenging him to do whatever he was planning.

the air in the room hung tense, suffocating as the two stared down each other. jungkook clutched yoongi’s cup tightly, ears twitching worriedly as everyone seemed to watch the showdown. no one made a move, and the two had some sort of silent battle.

a short time after, taehyung visibly deflated, collapsing to the floor in defeat. everyone immediately did the same, finally able to relax now that the scolding was over. yoongi ran a hand through his hair, letting out a breath he didn’t even realize he was holding. he then turned to jungkook, who looked amazed that the tiger hybrid had given in so quickly.

“are you okay?” yoongi asked, immediately starting to look the boy over. jungkook seemed to snap out of whatever trance he was in, flushing as yoongi fussed over him.

“i’m fine, hyung.” he muttered, shoving the mug in his hands at the other, effectively stopping him in his tracks. “take this back, i’m tired of holding it.”

yoongi fumbled a bit trying to grasp onto the mug, only taking it when he knew he wasn’t going to drop it. finally looking back at the bunny, he gave him a small smile. “as long as you aren’t hurt.” he did, however, turn back to taehyung, who was watching the exchange with interest. “you need to apologize to jungkook, taetae.”

taehyung sat up, any trace of his hybrid-mood long gone. he scratched the back of his head awkwardly, averting his eyes to the floor. “i’m sorry i tried to bite you… again.”

jungkook tilted his head at his friend before bounding towards him. he practically collapsed on the poor boy, sending taehyung falling backwards as jungkook settled himself on top of him. “it’s okay.”

yoongi stared at the pair fondly as jimin decided he felt left out and jumped on both of them. the other three boys came to stand beside yoongi, watching the trio now roll around on the floor.

hoseok grasped yoongi’s shoulder, giving it an appreciative squeeze. “i still don’t get how you do that so well.” yoongi only shrugged in response. he didn’t really know how either.

“i still don’t understand why you don’t have a hybrid of your own yet.” seokjin muttered from his other side, earning yet another jab in the side from namjoon. yoongi brushed it off, turning back to look at the hybrids.

“i just haven’t found the right one yet.”

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“you guys , this is not what i meant by ‘finding my hybrid’.” yoongi grumbled angrily from the sidewalk. after some convincing from the boys, yoongi had finally caved into going out. at the time, he wasn’t sure what out meant.

well, now he knew.

“come on, yoongi-hyung!” namjoon called from the entrance, standing next to an impatient hoseok. seokjin had agreed to stay behind and watch the other three hybrids. god only knows how that’s going. yoongi gave both of them an unimpressed look, not budging from his spot.

“we’ve tried this so many times, i’ve never been able to find a hybrid in one of these… these… pounds .” he gritted the last part through his teeth, giving the building a disgusted once-over. he definitely wasn’t fond of places like these, and they all knew that.

“this place is supposed to be different!” hoseok responded, already halfway through the door. yoongi rolled his eyes, begrudgingly following the duo inside. the two younger boys immediately found one of the workers, chatting away with the poor young girl who just stared in awe at them. yoongi retained his unamused expression when they turned and motioned to him, saying something to the worker who didn’t quite seem to understand where they were going with this.

eventually, the duo clambered back over to him, big grins on their faces. yoongi stared down the both of them, ready to turn and bolt right through the front door before they lurched forward and grabbed him by the arms. he let out a yelp, gaining the attention from a few passersby as he was dragged forward.

against his will, he followed the two boys to one of the rooms. they seemed to know their way around this building, and honestly it struck him as kind of suspicious. regardless, they stepped into the room, immediately struck with soft pastels and calming music. a range of hybrids dotted the big room, from bunnies like jungkook to puppies and more. they all turned their eyes on them, wide and expecting. yoongi stepped back a bit under the sudden attention, pressing up against the wall as the duo turned to look at him.

“do you see one you’d like to get to know?” hoseok asked, sensing his uneasiness. yoongi’s eyes darted around the room, his hand subconsciously reaching for the doorknob. as soon as he found it, the door was open and he was in the hallway again. hoseok followed him while namjoon remained inside, caught up in a conversation with one of the cat hybrids.

“hey, are you okay?” hoseok asked softly, linking his arm with yoongi’s. the shorter boy leaned into him a bit, appreciative of the grounding he was giving him. the two remained quiet until yoongi’s breathing evened out, patting hoseok’s arm to let him know he was fine. separating, yoongi looked up at hoseok, smiling at him.

“sorry, i just got a bit overwhelmed. i don’t like seeing them like that, all… in there and stuff.” yoongi muttered at the end, rubbing his arm awkwardly. hoseok nodded in understanding, a thoughtful look on his face.

“you’ve never really liked the modern hybrids, have you?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest. yoongi shook his head, glancing through the little window in the door. namjoon had a crowd gathered around him, reading off some sort of book to the attentive hybrids.

“not really. i mean, they’re great and all, don’t get me wrong. i just… never really clicked with them on a caregiver level.” yoongi responded, watching how namjoon got along with the hybrids.

hoseok took another moment to think this over before slipping away without a word. he set out to find another worker, his mind replaying the same thought over and over. yoongi was a little bit hard-headed, for sure, but he also loved a challenge. hoseok saw how he worked with taehyung versus the other two hybrids, how well he handled the more… undomesticated hybrids.

finally finding another worker, hoseok pulled the young man aside, explaining their situation to him. the other guy seemed to understand, motioning to another hallway that was comparatively less crowded than the rest of the building. hoseok took one last glance at yoongi before treading down the hallway.

it was fairly dark, with only one door at the end. the light underneath the door contrasted brightly against the shadows, and it took hoseok a minute before he opened the door. inside was smaller than the other rooms, but still big enough to inhabit. it was furnished nicely, but there weren’t any hybrids in sight.

“uh, hello?” hoseok stepped inside, closing the door behind him. it was quiet, not a sound to be heard off the bat. he stood there awkwardly, debating in his head whether or not he should just turn around and leave when a rustling came from the corner of the room. hoseok turned towards the source of the noise, locking eyes with a pair of vibrant orange eyes. the striking color startled the poor boy, causing him to back against the door.

“u-uh, oh, um, h-hi?” he stuttered out, unable to tear his gaze away. the hybrid crawled out from their hiding spot, head tilted in wonder at the newcomer. they didn’t answer like the others did, though. the unsettling silence gave hoseok cold chills.

“i-i’m, um, i’m hoseok. what’s your name?” he tried again, but to no avail. the hybrid was fully emerged now, sitting in a crouching position, eyes wide and ears perked up. silence settled over them again as they stared at each other. hoseok wondered for a moment why they weren’t talking before he finally decided to get yoongi.

“i’ll be right back.” hoseok gave the hybrid a smile, slipping back outside into the hallway. he made his way back to where he left yoongi, seeing the smaller boy pressed up against the door with a fond smile on his face. hoseok placed a hand on yoongi’s back, causing him to jump a little bit.

“hey, sorry. didn’t mean to startle you.” hoseok patted his friend’s back softly, giving him an apologetic smile. yoongi only shook his head in dismissal, turning to give hoseok his full attention. he smiled at his friend, holding out his arm for yoongi to take, which he did. he led him back down the well-lit hallway, tugging him down the other when he stopped a bit reluctantly.

“don’t worry, nothing’s going to happen.” hoseok patted yoongi’s hand comfortingly, giving him a moment to recollect before gently pulling him down the hallway. hoseok motioned for yoongi to be quiet when they reached the door, giving him a soft smile before opening the door and sliding inside. yoongi followed him, an intrigued look on his face.

“i’m back!” hoseok called out softly. to yoongi, it looked like he was talking to himself, and he was about to comment on it when a noise cut through the silence. hoseok was grinning, excitedly looking around for the source. “it’s okay, this is my friend, yoongi! he wants to meet you.”

yoongi furrowed his brows, glancing around the room as well. it wasn’t until the striking orange eyes caught his attention that he unintentionally latched back on to hoseok.

the pair of eyes watched his every movement, observing and alert. hoseok continued to speak quietly, coaxing the other out of the shadows with increasing success. eventually, the hybrid was in full view, head cocked at the pair of humans as they sat in a defensive crouch.

“hey! you finally came out!” hoseok clapped his hands, startling the hybrid. they loud out a sort of wild noise, scrambling around the room before hurtling right for the duo.

everything seemed to move in slow motion to yoongi. from the minute the hybrid started to move up until he shoved hoseok behind him. he steeled himself as the hybrid changed direction, aiming right for the pair of boys. furrowing his brows, he stuck his hand out towards the incoming hybrid.


the hybrid skidded to a stop, side-stepping yoongi’s arm and hovering a few inches away from him. they barely came up to his nose, yet that didn’t stop them from giving him a threatening look. their head tilted to the side, eyes narrowed as if they were debating on making another move. yoongi leveled his gaze, keeping calm as hoseok seemed to mildly panic behind them.

after a very long, agonizing period, the hybrid moved away from yoongi, smacking his still outstretched hand away from them. yoongi let it fall to his side, watching the hybrid walk away from them. they threw another look over their shoulder, as if asking why are you still here?

“hoseok.” yoongi couldn’t take his eyes off the hybrid, locked in a battle with them. they had draped themselves over one couches, tail flicking lazily over the side.

“i want this one.”