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You Beta Believe It

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Fate has not been very kind to you.

You live in a world of laws, regulations, and dynamics. A world of set order. You have Alphas, Betas and Omegas.

And, very rarely, mages. But we'll get to that later.


Alphas consist of around 40% of the population. They are the protectors and providers of society, nature leaders. Heightened senses, strong, more often than not dominant, and very protective over family and love ones. Alphas have a trait called alpha command where they can lower there voice and use it to comfort or warn others. Most when it's used will instinctively go along with it.

Betas are the bulk of humanity, about 50% of the population. The workers and mediators of the world, without them everything would fall apart. Betas are sort of their own breed, lesser senses but you're an open book to do whatever you want in life.

Omegas are only about 10%. Smaller in stature but never considered weak. They are naturally talented caretakers, parents and healers. If born a omega you're pretty much guaranteed to get a good career and get set for life. Doctors, therapists, chefs, teachers and parents - they are the foundation that is well loved and protected. They have the same if not more heightened senses to alphas.

Blah blah blah. They spouted a lot of this bullshit throughout elementary school. They never mentioned the fact that not everyone is the same and like zodiac signs there are some people that fall between the cracks.

Dom Betas for example sit right between alphas and betas. Primes are a thing of legend that were considered extinct. Also known as alphas alpha, they completely break the rules when they were still around. Alpha commands didn't work on them, they challenged anyone in sight. They were the commanders and kings of old.

Everyone is different and not everyone wants to play by the rules. Not all alphas are dominant or protective, not all omegas are good caregivers. While in the old days the dynamics were strict nowadays things are more equal and very much less sexist, thank god.


Now about mages. Mages are the magic users of humans, and are extremely rare nowadays. Long lifespan just Iike stories about monsters and they can be any dynamic. What used to be 1 in every 100 born in the old days now there is less then 50. World wide. Mages are not welcomed because lets face it, humans are assholes. They're often considered a threat to society and are under so many laws and rules it's a wonder how they can breath. The witch trials are no longer a thing but people are still violent towards them. Sadly mages have less rights compared to other humans - no public transportation for you, you can get a license or own a car, and good luck getting a house without legal battles and shitty neighbors trying to run you out. And don't even try using magic for anything unless you're asking for a death wish.

There are a lot of old wives tales about both mages and the dynamics. Like mages eating babies, omegas being weak little nothings and so on. Ignore them. Do not listen to your racist grandma making excuses for more grandchildren. An alpha does not have to pair up with only a omega. Whoever came up with heats being a thing where you have to fuck or die really needs to be beaten with a stick.

Heats are only a thing if you're a magic user - mages. It your bodies way or getting rid of excess magic and screaming 'I want babies' at the same time. It's the same time as your period. May god have mercy on your sad magical soul. Your a uncomfortable sweaty mess who can stink up a whole room. You're more likely wanting to curl up and watch shitty romcoms with cramps rather than jump the nearest person. Life isn't a porno were a orgy starts because they think you smell nice.


Now where was I? Oh yes. When you were born fate said 'fuck it' and decided to have some fun at your expense.

Both dynamics and mage magic doesn't show up until you hit puberty, so growing up life was pretty good. Your parents and grandparents loved you, you grew up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature and mountains. You had twin older brothers, one beta wanting to be a pilot and the other a omega wanting to be a brain surgeon.

You were a short and skinny runt with better hearing and sense of smell compared to your alpha father. You parents thought you might have been a alpha or omega, great! Then puberty hit at 13...

Like a semi truck full of bricks.

One sneeze and suddenly your jump from the shadow in the hallway you were standing in to a place darker then any dark you've ever seen before only to pop back up in another shadow...stuck behind the fridge. Having you mom, who was freaking the fuck out the entire time, move the fridge to get you free wasn't the most pleasant experience. You slept on and off for two solid days and then the heat came. Welcome to hell.

Your parents found out your not only a mage but a alpha's alpha female. A fucking prime. The last prime was the psychopath king who sealed all the monsters underground in all those stories grandma loved talking about. Long story short they didn't exactly have any good examples about your dynamic.

Mom was still mom, after her first freakout she helped you as much as possible and still loved you the same as before. She taught you how to hide your abilities from the public and got you both heat and scent blockers to pass as a beta. All the blockers gave you a side effect of random bloody noses here and there but it helped to live a somewhat normal life.

Dad was a different story. Like a flip of a switch your father's personality changed towards you. He started drinking, you started gaining memories of his fists you wish would go away. You earned more scars you could count during those years. You quickly learned adapt in order to survive. By the age of 16 you learned shadow jumping (teleporting from shadow to shadow) and shadowing walking (invisibility in shadows and shady areas). Night time was the best. Everyone was asleep and you could practically go anywhere in the dark.

Your brothers went to college and your mom was planning to leave your dad and move to Ebott where your grandparents lived. The night you were about to leave your father found out.

In a drunken rage he stabbed your mom with a kitchen knife and slit your throat. Neither he nor you expected a half dozen obsidian black shards of glass materialize out of nowhere and stab him hard enough to shove him out the kitchen window.

You don't remember much after that night.

Just waking up with your grandparents at the local hospital. Both parents dead, no one knew exactly how you survived instead of bleeding out (your guess was magic). Authorities claimed he must have tripped and granted custody of you to your grandparents. You moved in with them as soon as you were discharged.

Your vocal cords were so damaged you can no longer talk above a quiet and very raspy whisper in short amounts. Anything above a whispers hurts like hell and something makes you hack up blood if you dared to yell. Not the most pleasant of sights to see.

You learned sign language for your main form of communication and always keep a notepad and pen on hand in case no one understood. You now wear high collar clothing, scarves, cowls and bandanas - really anything to cover the massive scar.

The only thing good that came out of it is that you learned that growling and hissing doesn't require vocal cords. Your downright terrifying when you want to be and you can out growl any alpha you come near.

Life after moving in with your grandparents allowed you some peace until you turned 19. You got a job, your now in your own appartment with a roommate. No one knows about your mage 'talents' and you even have a dog!

Then fate decided it got bored again.

Apparently Grandma's stories about monsters were all true because they're now free from mt. Ebott.

Fucking fantastic.