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Ace of Spades

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Wei Ying must say that he hadn’t entirely anticipated the zombie apocalypse to happen like this. In all the games, movies and TV shows he’d seen- there’d always been a steady build up to it… What with all the seedy news reports, psychotic science laboratories, antsy towns of people- sudden bouts of mass sickness... 

But no; the zombie apocalypse happened on a day like literally any other.

Wei Ying was leaning against his apartment’s shitty old balcony on a crisp Sunday morning- drinking a decidedly average cup of coffee. It did absolutely nothing to alleviate the drowsiness he still felt from the night previous. 

Wei Ying had never been a morning person- even less so when there was nothing good to wake up to. Lan Zhan was on yet another business trip- and he wouldn’t be seeing him for at least another few days. It was damn near agony not having him here to bug...

Wei Ying was practically going mad just thinking about it- without Lan Zhan and without work he couldn’t throw himself into anything! 

He’d just been left to his own devices, which was a very chaotic state for him. 

He recalls conking out at about three in the morning- huddled over a rather impressive pyramid of playing cards- an ace of spades, still in hand. 

Wei Ying yawns wholeheartedly- debating about whether or not to just return to bed. 

That’s when he hears a peculiar sound coming from below.


Now, Wei Ying was well acquainted with the things that occasionally came after screams- but not the action itself. 

...Fuck, that made him sound like a serial killer. He wasn’t! He just worked with dead people- wait, shit-

Nevertheless, the jarring sounds of the city from the ground were enough to draw Wei Ying’s attention away from his troublesome thoughts. 

What he saw was something most assuredly out of the ordinary.

Explosions- cars slamming into one another, dozens and dozens of people rushing amongst one another- like chickens with their heads cut off. No one seemed to know where they were going- but they knew it had to be not where they currently were. In the middle of it all are a couple of erratically moving people- stumbling about with significant speed- giving seemingly bloodthirsty chase to the proverbial chickens.

Now normally, this would be enough to shake a person into action. Whether they were heroic or not- it wouldn’t matter. If one were to see throes of screaming people and the following cacophony below their feet- one would either join the fray to help- or escape the unknown danger in an act of self preservation. 

Not Wei Ying, no. Instead he drains the remaining dregs of his rather disappointing coffee and returns back into his apartment. He flicks on the TV with a wave of the remote and changes it from cartoons to the closest news channel. 

He wouldn’t say he was calm- more so just tired. He was already tired of whatever dumb shit this was. He missed Lan Zhan and he wanted more coffee.  

With a pout, Wei Ying’s eyes flicker to the solemn face of the reporter on the screen.

Well that wasn’t good.

“-We urge all residents to stay in their homes and not open their doors to anyone that appears incoherent or unresponsive. The threat level of the situation has not been formally disclosed by the government, however-” 

...Ah, so that’s where the seedy news reports were. 

Bit too late now.

“Shit,” Wei Ying frowns, stretching out his arms. Whatever this was- it wasn’t good. The utter chaos outside was indicative enough. 

But what was he to do now?
Wei Ying was never one to panic when it really mattered. He’d freak out over his toaster oven burning his breakfast- but something like this didn’t strike fear into his heart, at all. 

It had definitely freaked out everyone else, though. Hence, the screaming.

Wei Ying hears the frantic sound of knocking coming from his apartment door- the sudden sound making him jump. The person on the other end was bashing the entrance with their fists- the impact becoming faster and faster with each second Wei Ying remained stationary.

“Open up you bastard, I know you’re in there!”

“...Jiang Cheng?!” Wei Ying exclaims with a start. He hadn’t heard that voice in years. 

Now that did place a cord of apprehension through his heart. 

It had to be really bad if Jiang Cheng was paying him a visit. 

Despite his best judgement- Wei Ying rushes over to the door to open it. Even after all this time, Wei Ying wouldn’t hesitate to put himself in danger to help Jiang Cheng. 

Jiang Cheng nearly falls on top of him with how quickly he was trying to get in. He had never been a cowardly person- but he was visibly shaken when Wei Ying and him locked eyes.

Jiang Cheng slams the door behind him and enters the apartment without another word. His eyes are wide and his hands tremor no matter how hard he clenches them.

“Jiang Cheng.” Wei Ying breathes, staring at his adoptive brother. It had been years since they’d spoken. 

Jiang Cheng remains silent and, instead, decides to start moving the little hallway table that Wei Ying and Lan Zhan put their keys on over the front door- effectively blocking it from entry. Next is a coat rack, and then a chair. He doesn’t stop fussing until he deems it right. With hands on his hips he turns to Wei Ying again. 

“Something weird is happening out there.”
Wei Ying nods in agreement before tilting his head. Jiang Cheng lived on the other side of the city- so what was he doing here? 

Wei Ying resorts to his favourite coping mechanism- humour. “Ah, did Jiang Cheng come to save me?” 

Jiang Cheng scoffs, “yeah, right. I was doing rounds around here-” he gestures to his police uniform, “when these people came right at me. They weren’t right- they moved erratically, mindlessly... Believe me when I say that you were my only option. I wouldn’t be here if I had literally anything else.” He scowls at Wei Ying, a nasty expression on his face.

Wei Ying just stares at him, bewildered. The panic was beginning to set in. This had to be bad- if Jiang Cheng was here- it had to be bad. 


Nothing quite like a zombie apocalypse to bring the family back together?