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Army of Angels

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This world's a war zone

And I've got a shield

And I won't surrender

'Cause your love feels like an army of angels

[The Script, 'Army of Angels']




“Scorpius,” his father said, voice slightly panicked hidden beneath his cool exterior. “You have to go.”

Scorpius blinked away the tears forming so he could stare properly at the blank piece of parchment with only one word written across the top: Albus. He’d been trying to write the letter for forty-five minutes and so far nothing has come of it. What was he even supposed to say? How could he tell his best friend – the boy he’d loved for seven years – that he wasn’t returning to Hogwarts to complete their seventh year? Scorpius sniffed as the tears welled in his eyes again.

“Scorpius,” his father barked. Scorpius jumped.

“I don’t want to go,” he mumbled, not for the first time. He rarely argued with his dad, but this had been one of the biggest.


“I’ll be safe at Hogwarts!” Scorpius shouted, flailing his arms like a stubborn child.

“Nowhere is safe for you, anymore. Not even Hogwarts. Scorpius," his dad placed a hand on his shoulder and looked at him with water in his eyes, "if they find you, there’s nothing I can do.”

“So, you’re just shipping me off? Forcing me into hiding and leaving me there? What good is that? I won’t go, I refuse to go. I can't leave you! I can’t leave him.”

“Will you forget about your silly little crush for one bloody moment and focus on yourself. They’ll kill you, son.”

“Let them.”



“Don’t pull that tone with me. Go and get some stuff packed, write to Albus if you must, but your portkey leaves in sixty minutes.”


Scorpius spent 10 of those minutes throwing his belongings around his room in a strop before hastily picking them up and packing enough to fit into a backpack. Pack light, his father had told him. He tried, at least. The next forty-minutes were spent staring at the parchment wondering exactly how he was going to tell his best – and only – friend that he’d probably never see him again.

When the threat on his life surfaced a few weeks ago, Scorpius assumed his dad would ignore it like he had for the other seventeen years of his life. But somehow, Draco had convinced himself that this one was real. There were things he was hiding from Scorpius, the truths about what was about to come.

“Scorpius, don’t make me ask you again.”

“I’m trying!” He shouted, resisting the urge to throw himself out of the chair and onto the floor in a childlike tantrum. It’s what he wanted to do. It’s what would have given him what he wanted when he was a child. But, he wasn’t a child anymore. Little tricks like that would no longer work.

“Three minutes,” his father reminded. If Scorpius listened closely enough, he could hear the pain in his voice. The pain he was feeling sending away his only son. Then, he started making his way over. Hastily, Scorpius jotted down the only thing he could think of. The letter was short, and maybe slightly panicky. He tried to not make Albus worry, but he knew Albus. Albus would worry no matter what; Scorpius not returning to school was enough to make him worry in the first place.

His father spoke another warning, so Scorpius folded the parchment, placed it inside an envelope and messily jotted Albus’ address down (another thing that would make Albus worry was Scorpius’ less-than perfect handwriting). He held his arm out for his owl to hop onto and gave her the letter and a quick goodbye stroke; he’d probably never see her again. After another verbal warning from his father, he opened the window, watching her fly off into the clouds.

That was when he dad seized his arm and started dragging him downstairs. Scorpius just about managed to pick up his bag.

“Dad, please, dad don’t make me go. Can’t we face this together, why do I have to run?”

“I’m trying to protect you,” he murmured, coming to a halt in the hallway. He grabbed Scorpius’ Slytherin scarf off the coat rack and wrapped it around his neck – that was the portkey that was taking Scorpius Merlin knows where. He didn’t even know when he’d see his dad again, and he didn’t want to leave on bad terms.

“I’ll be okay, won’t I?” Scorpius asked, the weight of the situation finally hitting him.

Draco opened his mouth but quickly closed it again, reconsidering his words. Then he firmly nodded and said, “I love you, son.”

Scorpius never got the chance to reply, because he was ripped away by the portkey.





I don’t know where I’ll be when you get this, and even if I did know I couldn’t tell you anyway. I’m not coming back to school. It’s a long story and one I can’t disclose. Just know I’m alive and safe. I’m so sorry, Albus. I hate that I can’t see you right now. A lot has happened, and I could really do with an Albus hug.

One more thing and I’m sorry for the awfully timed confession but I don’t know when I’ll next see you. I love you, Albus. I’m in love with you. I have been since 4th year when you snorted pumpkin juice all over Polly Chapman’s shoes during Gobstones club. I’m sorry, truly.