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Bad Entities

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The door swung open just as Alec had raised his hand to knock.  “Alexander…hiii!”  Magnus greeted with a flourish. 

Alec gawked at the majestic figure standing in front of him. Glitterly silver all over the place, rhinestones on jacket, royal blue buttondown with silver details, the tuft of blond in his hair, and that striking red eyeshadow on lids.  Alec felt warmth surge through the lower part of his body, and he was getting hard. Hmm Magnus hasn't been glittery or colorful in awhile... He had not been expecting this vision in front of him. Daddy likey.

Alec’s eyes bugged.  


“Wow,” he stated after a awhile, licking his lips.  You look ---"


“Ah, I was bored, needed a change,” Magnus stated flippantly.  Alec was not sure what to make of his boyfriend’s tone of voice.  He sounded way too casual and nonchalant, in light of what occurred with Azazel and Valentine over the past few days.  The other day, Magnus had appeared completely broken after the body switch, and Alec had not been able to comfort him.

Now here he was, acting a bit too casual. 


Alec stepped into the loft, next to Magnus, and leaned in for a quick kiss.  Magnus kissed back, but Alec could feel there was tension in his movements. He pulled back slightly.


"Ive been so worried," Magnus said, looking in Alec's eyes. "With demons running about, and all the other things happening in the city..."


"Why would I worry? I'm with the High Warlock of Brooklyn," Alec said, confidently, putting a hand on Magnus's shoulder.  He gave him a squeeze of affection, trying to encourage confidence in him. Magnus smiled softly.


"So, tell me...what's been going on. Alexander??" Magnus asked.


"Someone is killing Shadowhunters and we don't know who...Magnus…I need your hair,” Alec stumbled over his head.  Magnus looked up at him questioningly, his gaze unreadable.


“Clave orders,” Alec added. "At least until we get some headway into figuring out who did this."


Magnus stared at him for a moment, and took a deep breath.   “So,” Magnus deadpanned, “Still blindly following orders, eh?" He said slowly.  Whatever happened to following your gut?” 


Despite himself, Alec started to feel frustrated. The endless pull of Clave programming since childhood vs. trusting his burgeoning self-instincts…it was just too much to deal with right now.  His right arm, which was by his side, clenched into a fist in frustration. “They are only asking for a strand of hair,” Alec’s programming stated, before he could stop himself.


Magnus’s eyes flashed, and he coolly surveyed Alec. Oh, is that how it’s going to be?  Well, then…  “Well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be overdramatic, right?” he stated, a hurt look taking over as he slowly reached back to pluck a hair.  He mechanically handed the hair to Alec, who put it in the small yellow envelope.


Alec seemed visibly relieved. “Thank you –”


“Get out,” Magnus stated.


“What?” Alec stated, shocked. "Wait..." Magnus turned his face to the side, no longer looking at Alec as he flicked his hand, and the door to the loft opened. Message received. He wanted Alec to leave. Alec’s shoulders slumped.  Without a word, he slowly walked out, suddenly feeling like he had just made the world’s most colossal mistake…




At that moment, all Magnus wanted to do was to forget Alec Lightwood.  


He could not believe that Alec was still blindly following orders, instead of relying on instincts.  Just because Shadowhunters were being killed...suddenly the entire Downworld was on lockdown?  And hair samples were being taken?  Ugh.  He had been very stoic and calculated during the whole exchange with Alexander...however, he had hoped that the boy would have seen the hurt in his eyes, and decided that he would not go through with it  but no, things did not turn out that way.  And so he had thrown him out.


The shock and hurt on Alec's face as he turned and left had been apparent.  Well what had he expected?  It was an insult...not only to him as a Downworlder, but to him.  As his  boyfriend, whom Alec had just professed his love to, at the dawn following the incident with the Soul Sword. He had been very surprised at Alec's declaration, but as with everything else wtihin their relationship, One would have thought Alec would have attempted to tread more carefully given everything that had happened. Alas, it was not meant to be. 


Of course, his rational side kept telling him that Alec was still very young, and up until the wedding, he had been programmed since he was a child to listen to Clave orders and to obey tradition as law, thus he could be expected to trip up and make mistakes. And that it was hard to rid oneself of programming that had been the only type of guidance known to the young Shadownhunter. However, Magnus thought sadly, he thought he mattered to him. Enough, in fact, to already be questioning the Clave’s every motive, especially with them hiding the news about the Soul Sword, and which had driven them apart a few weeks back.


Were they just doomed as a couple? he wondered sadly.


His eyes fell upon his liquor cabinet, where the decanter of aged whiskey, a present from Ragnor, sat. That was special, reserved for desperate times, one of the few that could really make a warlock drunk, even with his supreme warlock tolerance.  The last time he had indulged was the day before Alec's planned nuptials to Lydia, where he had thought all was lost.  But now...given the possession by Azazel, and the torture he had endured while in Valentine's body, the memories of Alec not believing him while he was imprisoned at the Institute, and now the crap this morning. Yup this was definitely the time for such a thing.


He walked over and opened the liquor cabinet door and brought out the decanter to the table. 


“Ah Ragnor,” he sighed, as he poured some in a glass. “Wish you were here, my little cabbage.”  He tipped the glass back in one gulp, then poured one again. Perhaps more of these would relieve his broken heart…



Dot was standing in the doorway, certainly a sight for sore eyes. She wore a soft smile on her lovely face, and her orange dress billowed in the slight breeze caused by the opening of the door of the loft.


Ah Dot, his longtime friend, ex-girlfriend a couple of centuries ago. One that could hold her liquor, and one who he could depend on.


"Hey," she said softly. "Looks like you had a rough day." She motioned to the decanter, which was now half empty.  "You really shouldn't drink alone," she drawled, as she stepped in.  Magnus grinned.  He felt a bit lighter already, at her presence, as she say down next to him on the couch.

Hours flew by, with sweet notes of jazz, blues, and other music from Magnus's extensive library filled the air. Wonderful and conversations filled the air. Buzzed and happy, Magnus jumped up from his seat and motioned for Dot to join him. And they danced and danced and danced...

With the music swirling around them, Magnus began getting more hypnotized in the moment.  The feel of a smaller hand in his, the smile on Dot's face, so sweet and genuine...her orange dress shimmying with her moves, everything just appeared so synchronized and flowing...As the music rose to a crescendo, they both stepped out onto the balcony, feet as light as air, in perfect harmony.  As in the old days...there were few that could dance....quite like Dot.  


Dot suddenly initiated an inward whirl toward Magnus's chest, and Magnus brought his arm around her to steady her. The whiskey had started to make his head spin, even with his Warlock tolerance, and her smile was blinding. As her face grew closer to his, he sensed the caring and wanting that her whole soul was emanating out to him, and the hurt from earlier this morning had just completely disappeared. Everything was a blur, as he dimly suspected that he had drunk a little too much of this whiskey, that it was affecting him more than it ever had. He stumbled a bit, and a tear came out from the edge of his Kohl rimmed eyes.


"Oh my God, Magnus don't do that to yourself," Dot whispered, in that caring voice he's come to know, "please, don't. This is NOT you..." She put her lips on his cheek, and put her arms around him, giving him a quick squeeze for comfort. "..Magnus Bane," she whispered in a soft voice, enunciating his name syllable by syllable. 

She then looked directly into his eyes.


Magnus was not sure what had happened... But that moment just did things to him. A soft growl came out from his throat as she gazed at him. In the next minute the sensation of her soft lips were on his, so juicy and full of sweetness. Just like he remembered from long ago. The senses that were amplified by the whiskey in both their systems threatened to engulf him as Dots magic swirled around them. No more sadness or hurt, the magic whispered, you deserve it. The warmth of the magic touched Magnus's lips and he shuddered inwardly.


A fire grew inside him, the origins from that of his fallen angel blood from his father. The demonic part swirled as it rose within him. How dare Magnus Bane be disrespected, it said. Take what you deserve. Combined with the sensations from the whiskey which was already lowering his inhibitions, his yellow eyes burned furiously. He lowered his head towards Dot's. Dot let out a soft gasp at the feel of Magnus's mouth on hers, his tongue licking into her mouth. She embraced him more tightly, and parted her lips to meet his demanding tongue with her own. He could feel the red magic of Edom swirl out to envelop the two of them, his mind becoming even more cloudy as he felt his demonic instincts taking over his impulses, over any common sense or restraint, and his eyes blurred as his vision dimmed. 


They spun round and round and round, still dancing, floating on air, each not wanting to be apart. Magnus just wanted to spin and dance and spin and dance, until his senses left him, until Alec Lightwood was completely out of his brain.  Because it was totally unnerving him, and he did not like feeling this insecure...


"Mmmmm," Dot murmured as she felt carresses all over her shoulders and back, the sensations of tongue and teeth becoming more demanding, and the temperature around her rising. She had gotten slightly tipsy before from the whiskey, compared to Magnus, she had not drunken nearly as much as he had. But this level of drunk she had never gotten to before; she felt like she could barely control herself. A firm (hand?) held her by the rounded part of her buttocks, and lifted her leg to rest in between his, as she felt the zipper being lowered on the back of her dress, and lips on her neck, sucking, sucking, and arms gripping her sides a bit tighter than she expected. Something (not hands) started moving quickly under her dress, where the open zipper had exposed her skin, and started moving all over, exploring, caressing, spreading. Dot melted against him, yielding, as she gave in to the sensations. It was all so overwhelming. 



A bit too overwhelming, actually...



"Magnus?" Dot asked slowly, opening her eyes. All she saw was swirling red and gold magic around her. The color of flames, but not hot. Swirling angrily around the two of them. Magnus was now sucking even harder at her neck, and his grip seemed to be getting tighter as he pressed her body to his. Magnus' lifted up his head briefly, and his eyes were glowing brighter than she ever recalled seeing them... Bordering more on orange than yellow at the moment. They were not his usual calm amber eyes. And he was not looking at her, he seemed transfixed, as if he was elsewhere. His arms were grasping her on both sides. Wait, both his arms were holding her arms, so what was touching, carressing, spreading her?? She tried to wrestle out of his grasp. She felt a weight drop in her stomach. "Magnus?? MAGNUS!" she pleaded. Magnus's eyes suddenly turned back to his brown glamour, he seemed like in a daze. Then he saw the fearful expression on her face, and noticed his arms gripping her. The huge purple bruise on her neck, along with bite marks.  And her dress half falling off her body. "Oh god," he breathed, pushing her away from him.


"Nice going nephew," a loud voice bellowed. "You sure know how to pick them. That was fun, haven't had myself a good one in awhile, she's certainly a juicy, feisty one. Responsive to the touch." Loud cackling, like no sound made on Earth. Magnus jumped, repulsed, looking at his hands and remembering the sensations of feeling up Dots body, and feeling the dryness of his mouth, which had occurred after extensive sucking of the love bruise into Dot's neck. "Did you enjoy that too? I made sure that even though I had the majority of the fun, that you got to feel every sensation as if you were the one doing it. You should be more careful when you drink, you become...vulnerable.  Especially after the past couple of days. I heard all about it. But ah well, you left yourself open. So much negative energy here... sadness, torture. Godspeed Azazel. Too bad he had to go that way. But oh well, more demonic planes to reign for me,” the demon added gleefully.


Magnus whirled around, the red angry energy still surrounding them. 


"Samael," Magnus whispered. Just in time to see the apparition snap his fingers, Magnus screamed as he saw the red energy travel through his arms and fingers out into the air, and the room suddenly exploded and burst into white light. The only thing registering in Magnus's mind was to shield dot from this Eiod-demon....  Magnus's vision turning to black as his mind registered an unearthly amount of pain that quickly dissipated. He felt his strength rapidly disappearing. Then he felt nothing at all as he slumped onto the ground.