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Nightmare in Silver

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This was inspired by a prompt on AO3 by hlglh about a dream she had involving Zarc and his sons being vampires. While this is essentially deviating from what she prompted, I decided to make this an experiment to see if this becomes a side project whenever I am in need of a humongous break from Mors Omnibus (PS, go read it if you have a thing for the Yu-boys being the sons of a demonic loving Zarc)


“Mommy? Daddy?”


The young boy sniffles as he looks at the two bodies in front of him. He had just returned home from playing in the forest only to find his parents dead, their bodies drained of blood.


“Please wake up!” The boy cries, shaking his father awake. “Please daddy! Wake up!”


But it is of no use. He knows that they are a lost cause the moment he saw the marks on his father’s neck.


A vampire arrived, maybe two, and there is nothing he can do to save them.


For when a vampire drains the blood of a mortal, the mortal will be transformed into a vampire and will hunt for the first person that they lay eyes upon.


The boy has been told what to do should his parents contract vampirism: go to the cabinet in their bedroom, find the bottle of holy water kept for emergencies, wear the pendulum blessed in the Sanctuary of Flora Vita and take hold of the silver stake and stab it into their hearts so that they will not suffer from this curse. Then, go find Shuzo and stay with him at all costs. The boy can trust Shuzo and his daughter; they are family friends and they would never let him be harmed.


But to think that he would actually have to do this. He always thought that there was no possible way that his parents would ever become vampires…


Yet here he was, futilely waking his parents up to see if they aren’t going to wake up as bloodsuckers.


After four or five attempts to wake his parents up, the boy slowly walks away before he heads to the bedroom, doing his best to make his footsteps silent. He feels like his heart is going to shatter. His parents are dead and he has no idea how to deal with killing them.


He will never get to eat warm bread with milk and honey with his mother…


He will never hear his father’s amazing stories by the fireplace…


He will never wake up and see their smiling faces ever again…


When he enters the bedroom, the boy’s eyes trail towards the dark wooden cabinet with silver handles. The cabinet looks more like a mausoleum, hiding away dead things instead of charms to protect him. The boy himself wished that he would have a cabinet like that of his own, but he would make it filled with wonders by adding magical artifacts and trinkets that would be used to entertain and dazzle anyone who happened to peer upon them.


But that is nothing more than a dream now. Nothing but an impossible dream.


The boy grabs the holy water, the stake and the pendant into his hands and gasps when he senses someone behind him. He turns around and nearly drops the holy water in his hands when he sees who is right behind him.


“Are you all right?” The person says, gold eyes staring back at the little boy with eyes like blood.


“Who...who are you?” The boy whispers, staring at the man’s attire. It looks too fancy to belong to someone from the village. Perhaps he is of royalty?


The person in his grey suit and long black cape smiles. “A friend,” he states. “What happened here?”


The boy’s eyes shrink as he looks at the objects in his hands.


“ parents…” The boy stammers, tears forming in his eyes. “They’re...they were...b...bitten by…”


His lower lip begins to tremble as he tries to state the word, but cannot. Instead, he rushes into the arms of this stranger and sobs into their chest.


“There, there,” The person coos, patting the boy’s red and green hair with a gentle hand. “Let it all out. It’s going to be okay.”


“No it’s not!” The boy exclaims. “My parents are...are…”


“Your parents will be fine as long as you manage to drive the stake into their hearts before they awaken,” The person replies. 


“But...but I...I can’t…”


“It is not an easy thing to do, especially for one so young as yourself,” The person agrees, standing up. “But I know a trick that will help you focus. Would you like me to show you?”


The boy looks up at the person, inspecting them better. Their hair is silver like the moon with green accents like leaves on tree branches in Spring. Their smile is gentle like the flowing river and their gold eyes flicker like candle flames.


The boy’s mother and father always told him to be wary of strangers...but this stranger is here right now and he can help him...right?


“Here,” says the person, lightly grasping on the silver chain of the pendant in a gloved hand. “This will be helpful.”


“Be careful with that!” The boy exclaims. “It’s enchanted at the Sanctuary of Flor...Floa…”


“Oh the church with the pretty flowers?” The person says, eyes wide. “My, my...such power must radiate off of this pendulum…” His lips turn into a smirk. “This will be perfect for what I’m about to show you uh…” The person frowns. “I’m sorry, I never got your name.”


“It’s...Yuya,” The boy answers, hesitatingly. “And what about your name, sir?”


The person chuckles as he bends down low and brings the crystal so it is in between them.


“My name is Zarc,” the person answers, golden eyes staring fondly at Yuya. “But soon enough, you may call me ‘Father’...”


“F...Father...what do you mean by…”


“Relax, Yuya…” Zarc whispers, silencing Yuya by placing a finger on the boy’s lips. Yuya’s red eyes shimmer in curiosity as Zarc lifts the chain so that the crystal wrapped in silver wings like Yuya’s parents would wrap him up nice and tight whenever he got scared of monsters that could prey on his dreams. “Stare into the light, take a deep breath, let everything go...listen to my voice…”


Yuya nods his head as he stares at the light. He never knew that the crystal could look so pretty…


“Yes, Yuya…” Zarc hisses. “Left to right, left to the pendulum swing back and forth in your mind as you listen to my voice. You have nothing to worry about. I will not hurt you. No, I want to help you.”


That makes sense. If this person was mean or evil, they wouldn’t be helping Yuya calm down. And feeling calm makes him feel very sleepy…


“See how the light shines such a wonderful light in your mind...see how my eyes glow when the pendulum passes it by...isn’t the light beautiful?”


It is beautiful...if Yuya is capable of speaking, he would say it. Instead, he just smiles as everything blends together. Light, eyes, the swinging pendulum, Zarc’s voice…


“You trust me, don’t you? Of course you do...I wish to help you Yuya. I wish to love you , Yuya…”


Love? Yes, that would be nice to be loved…


“And all you have to do to receive my love, to always be happy and calm and carefree is to stare at the pendant until that is all you can see. Stare at it until all you can hear are my words echoing in your mind. Stare at it until you feel nothing else except this utterly calm feeling deep within your soul.”


Yuya nods his head dumbly, his hands dropping the items to the floor with a *clunk*. But they don’t matter right now...only Zarc’s words…


“That’s it, Yuya. You’re doing such a good job. Let me reward you by giving you a kiss.”


Yuya giggles. Kisses are such a good thing to receive. And he likes doing a good job!


With one hand still swinging the pendulum, Zarc uses his free hand to lift Yuya’s chin up to expose his pale neck. Yes. This one will be perfect.


This poor little lamb needed guidance. And that is what Zarc will give him.


Licking his fangs, Zarc leans close and runs his tongue across a pulsing vein filled with life.


Then, he sinks his fangs deep into Yuya’s neck.


Yuya gasps at the pain but then it quickly becomes numbed by the pretty pretty light. Even as his vision becomes blurry, his mind feels like its spinning and his body hits the floor, all he can think of is that light.


That beautiful, beautiful light….


“Yuya! Yuya, are you all right?”


Yuya’s eyes snap open when he hears someone say his name along with a knock on the door. He looks all around him, trying to find out where is…


It takes him only a second to realize that he is on a soft bed with black and red bed sheets, with dark velvet curtains covering the windows. He is far far away from that nightmare. 


“I...I’m fine,” Yuya answers, wiping the sweat off of his brow. That nightmare again…


“May I come in?” The voice replies.


“No, I...I have to go out anyway,” Yuya mumbles, hastily kicking the sheets off of him and looking at what he is wearing. Blood red silk pajamas. Yes, that’s what he put on before he fell asleep.


Wasting no time, Yuya approaches the door, only to find a boy his height with amethyst eyes and hair sticking out in three colors staring back at him with worry.


“I heard screaming on the other side,” The person says. “Is everything all right?”


“I’m fine, Yugi,” Yuya replies, staring at his...servant? 


No, he never liked calling his thralls that. It made them seem like they were unequal. Friends, perhaps? He did ask them to become his friends when he indoctrinated them…


“Master Yuya?” Yugi asks. “Excuse me?”


Yuya snaps out of his thoughts as he stares into the amethyst eyes of...his helper. Yes, that is the right word for it. “Sorry, Yugi. I was just...thinking again.”


“It was the nightmare, wasn’t it?” Yugi asks, having woken up from the sound of Yuya’s screams to know exactly what is the cause of his master’s troubles. “Forgive me, but…”


“No, it’s okay,” says Yuya, placing a hand over his heart. “Even after all this still hurts.”


“That’s why I’m here,” says Yugi, placing his hands over Yuya’s own. “You saved me all those years ago. Saved me and my brother. We are eternally grateful to you.”


At those words, Yuya takes a better glance at those empty amethyst eyes, like pools of purple dye where one can just dip a pure strip of cloth into it, soaking it multiple times until it becomes that perfect shade of purple only accessible for royalty. 


A part of him feels guilty in making Yugi into this...but another part reminds him that were it not for the indoctrination, Yugi would not be where he is today. Happy, calm, filled with purpose…


Yuya smiles. “Thank you, Yugi. But I’m not sure how that is going to help me with these nightmares.”


“Perhaps seeing Master Zarc will help,” Yugi suggests with a bright smile on his face. “You always go to him whenever you feel hurt.”


“Yeah, I do…” Yuya sighs, remembering those sessions when Father would brush his hair to help him relax, or run his arms over his bare torso. There were times when Father would kiss him on the cheek, on the forehead, on the lips. Those little expressions were like fireworks going off in his mind, making him feel so calm, so controlled


“Master Zarc is not busy at the moment,” Yugi continues. “So let’s go see him now. I think it would do you some good if you told him about these nightmares.”


“It would…” Yuya whispers with a distant tone of voice. This reminds him of something Father said to him long ago...back when he was still a young child.


“Remember, Yuya...if you should wake up with one of those nightmares in mind, you must come to me at once. Only I know how to make them go away. Only I know how to make you smile again…”


Father does... Yuya thinks, clutching the chain where a teal crystal hangs over his heart. He has always worn it and whenever he feels down, he will take the chain and let the crystal swing back and forth until all he sees is pure light radiating in his mind. He knows how to care for me...he loves me and I love him back…


Upon seeing the dreamy smile on his master’s face, Yugi beams, his smile stretching wide like dough. He loves it whenever his master is happy and calm. “Are you ready to go?”


Yuya looks up at the question and how Yugi tilts his head whenever he says it. And after some hesitation, Yuya grins.


“I’m ready, Yugi. Take me to Father.”


“Splendid!” Yugi giggles, revealing a pair of fangs. “Let’s hurry at once.”