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The Missing Years

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She managed to escape and stay hidden in caves throughout the forest. She would steal vegetables from some of the local farms or directly from the fields. She had been caught trying to steal a couple rutabagas by a local millwrights wife who took her in to feed and help. While living with this family, she decided to cut the tips of her ears off so she would look more like the rest of the humans. The millwright was named Myron and he had a wife, son and young daughter. She was feeling safe again and even began to joke a little with the wife about the cutting of her ears. The wife would scold her every time she washed or combed her hair but she wasn’t being mean, she was being more like a mom.


Everit Dred was the newly appointed Ambassador of the Prime Order. He worked for and answered directly to “The Three”. His first assignment upon being appointed Ambassador was to
Look into and stop the prophecy of a Blackblood bringing forth a waring force that would defeat and destroy the Prime Order and Rein of The Three. He decided that the best way to put an end to the prophecy was to hunt down and kill every Blackblood in the entire realm. He had no problem with finding and killing the Blackbloods because they were nothing but a bunch of animals that practiced a form of black magic and could summon demons into this world. That was pure heresy and an abomination before “The Three”.

He was a bit obsessed when it came to hunting down and exterminating witches, demons, these Blackblood and any other beings that used black magic and threatened his way of believing or living. He had his own saying, “What is Right is Right but what is not needs to be exterminated”.

He sat upon his horse at the edge of the burnt village and watched as his men searched through every house, barn, building, shed or hovel. They checked under tarps, piles of wood, branches or anything that might hide or cover someone that might still be alive. He had wanted to make sure that not one single living thing was left of the Blackbloods.

Dred shouted, “Captain, do you have a count yet? How long does it take to count dead bodies?”

Aman comes running up to Dred’s horse and stops and comes to a salute, “Sir, I have just now received all of the count logs and am just finishing up their tally.”

“Well, be quick about it then,” snapped Dred.

After a few minutes, the Captain came to attention again and said, “Sir, we have a total of 173 dead, 67 men, 74 and 32 children. That is everyone that was killed within this village.”

Dred smiled, “Thank you Captain, you and your men have done a fine job. How long before they have finished?

The Captain replied, “It should take about 2 hours, sir. We will make sure that every single body is burned along with all of the livestock and buildings. There will be nothing left but soot, ash and some bones, sir.”

Dred smiled again and said, “Good Captain, very good. I readily await your finished report on the unfortunate village. We must look into the wandering gangs of cutthroats and highwaymen soon. At least before something like this happens again. Gooday Captain, I am heading back to the Capitol now. I will see you sometime tomorrow.” And with that said, he turned his horse around and quickly rode away from the devastated village.