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Mistake To Be Fixed

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Cat had realized her mistake almost immediately after making it. Pushing Kara and Adam together had seemed like the perfect solution to her problems; Adam would stay in National City, meaning Cat could spend more time with him, and Kara would be with him, meaning that Cat would get to be closer to her (and more often at that).

She should be thrilled; she was finally going to get the chance to bond with her son and spend more time with the woman she cared so deeply for.

The problem was, that she didn’t just care for Kara… She was in love with her and the thought of anyone (especially her son) other than Cat kissing Kara twisted Cat’s stomach.

There were a few other issues with this plan as well: Adam wasn’t going to be staying in town to get closer to Cat, he was going to be staying for Kara... And Kara wouldn’t be spending more time with Cat to be with her, she was going to be spending time with Adam which just consequentially made her spend more time around Cat. Not to mention that Adam was going to be the one kissing Kara... Not Cat; and that didn’t sit right in Cat’s stomach for a multiplicity of reasons; not excluding the fact that he was her son.

She had no idea how she originally rationalized the plan to set them up in her head, but now that she had come to her senses she realized that she had to do something; and since trying to seduce Kara with backhanded compliments and unrivaled wit seemed to be the wrong way to go about it; she decided to take a different approach.

She was going to be overly nice. It seemed like the perfect plan, really. Flirt outright, flatter, spoil, and woo Kara away from Adam before their date could even happen, that way she wasn’t the horrible mother that tried to steal her son’s girlfriend.

She just hoped that Kara would take the bait and return Cat’s feelings.

Cat had never feared fighting for, or just outright taking whatever it was that she wanted. But with Kara, it was different, with Kara; she had to be careful. Kara was a global treasure, she was special… invaluable. She couldn’t just outright tell Kara how she felt; she couldn’t do any of what she wanted to do for many reasons. She couldn’t make the first move. She had to entice Kara to do that, and apparently playing hard to get wasn’t cutting it.

So, after she realized Kara mistake of pushing her to be with Adam, Cat decided it was time to switch tactics; and fast.

Cat first sent Kara flowers with a note that read. “Thank you for all you do, I’d be lost without you.”

She watched Kara’s face light up as she read the note, and Cat’s heart swelled with love as they locked eyes and Kara beamed at her; normally Cat would feign disinterest, but this time, Cat held Kara’s gaze and smiled back tenfold. After that, Cat decided to start thanking Kara for everything she did... Not just occasionally, because that smile that Kara gave her lit up all the dark parts of Cat’s world, and if a simple show of appreciation would gift Cat the sight of that beaming grin, Cat would thank Kara once for each star in the sky.

Kara came in a few hours later, holding a glass of water and a cup with two pills. “Time for your migraine medication, Miss Grant.” Kara announced sweetly.

Instead of groaning as if Kara was an inconvenience, Cat looked up, met Kara’s eyes, and took off her reading glasses with a smile. “Thank you, Kara. I almost forgot about them.”

Kara looked baffled (happily so) and Cat didn’t understand why until she realized her slip up. She’d said Kara. Not Kiera, not Cara. “Y-you’re welcome, Miss Grant.” Kara replied with a smile; a smile that warmed Cat from the tips of her toes to the top of her head.

Cat wanted to feel like that constantly, so she tried again to make Kara smile. “Your outfit today is... Nice. You look pretty in it.” (Pretty was an understatement; there were no words that could describe how beautiful Kara always was.)

Kara’s face lit up like a lamp and Cat’s heart did a backflip when she realized that it was caused by her. “Why, thank you Miss Grant. You look lovely as always as well.”

The compliment made Cat’s heart soar, and she decided to step it up a notch. “Thank you, Kara. I’m glad you notice.”

Kara smiled and handed Cat the glass of water and the medication. “And I’m glad that you notice all of my hard work.” She responded. “And thank you for the flowers, they are lovely.”

Cat smiled devilishly, trying to make her intentions clear as the water in her glass. “A lovely bouquet for a lovely woman.” She replied as she stood up from her desk and walked over to Kara, walking into her personal space and leaning in unnecessarily close in the guise of ‘fixing’ the collar of Kara’s shirt. Her heart was thudding in her chest, she was nervous as hell, but she hoped to God that Kara would lean the rest of the way in and connect their lips...

 She didn’t though, instead she looked at Cat confusedly.

“Is everything alright, Miss Grant?”

Cat smiled somberly and nodded. “Of course, Darling, why wouldn’t it be?”

“Y-you’re just being… um. Extra nice to me lately.”

“Well, maybe I’ve just come to realize how lucky I am to have you in my life… As my assistant and otherwise.”

Kara looked completely stunned that Cat had said such a nice thing without a backhanded insult attached. “O-okay. Thank you, Miss. Grant, I’m lucky to have you as a boss and work-friend as well.” She said with a nervous smile.

Cat’s heart broke. She hated that Kara feared her; and for a moment she deliberated on giving up hope that she and Kara could ever be together, but something in her… some unknown force told her to pull up her big girl panties and work twice as hard as she already had been to earn Kara’s affections. “Just a boss and work-friend?” Cat challenged daringly with a seductive smirk and quirk of her brow.

Kara nervously fidgeted with her glasses. “An-and mentor?” She asked, her voice squeaking out at the end, it was obvious that the girl was scared she’d answered incorrectly, and to a degree, she had…Mentor wasn’t the response Cat was looking for, and it broke her heart just a little bit that ‘crush’ or something along that line hadn’t been Kara’s reply, but Cat didn’t want her to be scared, so she backed down for the moment and smiled warmly.

“I can live with that.” She said, although her heart was yearning for more.

Kara visibly relaxed and smiled; which made Cat’s heart ease up on itself. She didn’t want to cause Kara any distress, and she was glad that she was able to stop it before it got worse.

Kara gave her a smile and a short nod, although there was a questioning look in her eyes. “Alright. I’m going to go back and finish up for the day. I’ll see you tomorrow, Miss. Grant.”


Kara turned back around to give Cat a befuddled look. “What?”

“My name is Cat, Kara. So, call me Cat.”

Kara opened and closed her mouth a few times before she spoke cautiously. “I-is this some sort of test, orrrr…?”

Cat had to sigh and shook her head. “No, dear. I just think it’s time we cut the façade of not knowing each other’s names. You’re Kara, and I’m Cat. Not ‘Kiera’ and ‘Miss Grant’.”

Kara smiled at her, a type of humbleness in her eyes that made Cat weak in the knees. “That’ll take some getting used to.”

Cat bit the earpiece of her glasses and smirked with a shrug. “I’ve got time.”

The crinkle in Kara’s brow at that did things to Cat that had never been done before, and it took all her effort not to lunge into her personal space and kiss her. “O-okay. I’ll see you tomorrow Mis- er… Cat.”

Cat smiled proudly and nodded… Hearing Kara say her name felt wonderful. “See you tomorrow, Kara.”




The next morning, Cat awoke an hour earlier than usual, paid a little extra attention to her make-up, and then headed off to Noonan’s to get her coffee… And Kara’s.

When she arrived at CatCo, she stepped into her elevator an took a sip of her latte to give her a bit of a boost. The door opened about a minute later, and she stepped out with her head held high and confidence in her strut. She walked her normal path, and saw Kara sitting at her desk looking mortified that Cat arrived earlier than usual. “M-miss Grant! Y-you’re early. If you could give me just one moment I can go and get you your coffee, I-,”

Cat smiled and (nervously but with faux confidence) placed her hand comfortingly on Kara’s shoulder. “Oh, there’s no need! I got up early and I had time to get my coffee myself!”

Kara studied her in awe; as if she wasn’t believing that this was actually Cat... Which only added to Cat’s confidence. “Oh! Well, good. I’m glad you have your caffeine for the morning.”

Cat smiled and raised up the coffee holder. “I got one for you too! Spiced pumpkin, extra foam and a little bit of cinnamon sprinkled on top. Your go-to.”

Kara froze, as her eyes dilated; like somehow the person Cat was becoming was awe-inspiring. Cat took that as a sign and smirked. No one was in the office yet, so maybe… Just maybe she could have her wildest dream come true. Kara took the offered drink, and Cat got a little cocky as her hope increased substantially. “M-miss Grant, are you being so nice to me because I’m going on a date with your son?”

Cat, still feeling hopeful and confident unbuttoned the first two buttons on her shirt, feigning that she felt hot, and saw Kara’s eyes immediately draw to the revealed cleavage. Cat’s hope increased tenfold as she finally got her answer: Kara was attracted to her. That was enough to give her a fighting chance, right?  

Kara seemingly realized what she was doing a few moments later and jerked her head up to meet Cat’s eyes. Cat smirked and asked. “Oh, is that still happening?”

Kara looked at her; her eyes dilated but confused. “Um… Y-yes?”

And at that moment, Cat realized Kara had absolutely no idea that Cat had been flirting with her. Kara may be attracted to Cat, but being in a relationship with her hadn’t crossed her mind. That disheartened Cat considerably, but still… Cat wasn’t ready to give up on Kara. She was the one person she just couldn’t let go of.

She clenched her jaw to recover from the sucker punch that knowledge had dealt her before standing straight and clearing her throat. She still had a chance, and she wasn’t squandering it. “Oh, I see! Well then…” She cleared her throat once more as she thought of her next move. She couldn’t think of one right away so instead she excused herself for the moment. “Well, as long as you’re happy.” She said with a nod and a pained smile. She then turned and walked into her office, closing the door behind her but refusing to break down. She needed to get her head on straight, get through the work day, and then figure out where to go from there.

A few moments later she heard her office door open and then close. “M-miss-,”

“Cat.” Cat corrected calmly.

“R-right, sorry. Cat, if the date isn’t why you’ve been so nice to me lately, then m-may I ask what the real reason is?”

Cat sighed in defeat. “Because believe it or not, I care about you and I’m tired of pretending not to and hurting your feelings in the process.”

Kara stared at her for a second with a blank expression. “Oh.”

Cat let out a soft chuckle and nodded. “Yes, oh.” She replied , unable to help the smile of adoration on her face.

“I… don’t know what to say to that.” Kara admitted.

Cat shrugged and nervously looked at her nails to try to show that she wasn’t affected (although she most certainly was). “You don’t have to say anything if that’s what you wish.”

“Can we be friends?”

Cat looked up at her. “Pardon?” She asked, completely dumbstruck by that turn of events.

“We-we’ve worked together, closely, for years and… we’ve had this weird… mentorship thing. I’ve always considered you like.. a-a work friend… But if you care about me, and I care about you; then being friends…  outside of work… It would make a lot of sense, right?”

Cat swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded. “Right.”

Kara smiled. “YAY!” She squealed, and Cat couldn’t help it. She smiled back… Kara had always had that affect on her; she’d just been good at hiding it, but now she couldn’t even if she tried.

Friends wasn’t what she had hoped for, and she would still work for more until that date next week, but for the current moment, she’d just bask in the knowledge that Kara Danvers had positively shown that she was attracted to her, and that she had confirmed that she cared about Cat.