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Wei WuXian gasped as he was pushed down onto the hard bed of the JingShi, unable to take a second breath before Lan WangJi was on top of him. “L-Lan Zhan!” He panted, arching as a hand palmed his crotch. His husband hummed, before stopping and sitting up to shed himself of his white clan robes. “P-please Lan Zhan, want you, want you so bad!” Wei Ying cried, opening his legs to try and entice his husband. The man stayed where he was. The smaller man pouted, before turning onto his stomach and raising his hips to put himself on display for his lover. “P-please Er-Gege,” He reached a hand back and spread himself,” this one needs you so bad! You haven’t held me in so long, I missed you!” His voice held a (fake) sad tilt to it, making Lan WangJi frown and move forward quickly. He grabbed the oil from their stash beside the bed and dipped his fingers in it hastily, making sure they were covered before shoving two into his husband.

Wei Yings breath hitched and his legs tensed, biting his lip as Lan Zhan began to thrust them in and out of the former patriarch softly. The wet noises assaulted their ears, and a few minutes later a third finger entered and made the bottom pant. “H-hurry Lan Zhan, need you! Missed you so mu-aHn!~” the words were cut off by the thrust of another finger. The thrusts turned rougher, making Wei WuXians legs near give out as they found the good spot inside him. “Er-gege!”

Lan Zhan focused his attacks there, grinding on it a few times and reaching a hand underneath to wrap his other hand around his other half’s dick. He stoked it softly, placing a finger tip on the hand and rubbed it carefully before scratching it lightly on the slit. Wei WuXian screeched, shuddering and tensing his thighs as he came, release landing in his husbands palm. His eyes fell shut, panting. He sat up seconds later, looking back to see his cum being spread along HanGuang-Jun’s member. He whimpered, leaning down and putting his ass in the air again. “S-so big..need it in me Lan Zhan, please! This one won’t live any longer if you don’t give him your love soon!” He sobbed, hands clawing at the bed and member thickening again. Just the breeze coming from the window was making him shudder, brushing against his cock.

Lan Zhan growled, moving forward and positioning himself at his the pink hole in front him. He leaned forward, caging his lover in with his arms and chest. He kissed up the pale shoulder, nipping softly. Wei Ying shuddered, baring his neck for more kisses. He whispered, “Lan Zhan”

The taller man thrust in and bit down on his husbands shoulder at the same time, hoping to leave a mark then others would see. To let others know Wei Ying was taken.

Wei WuXian screeched at the bite, the thrust barely registering in his mind as memories flashed through his brain from long ago, the sound of growls and barks making him quiver in fear. The hot lust in his abdomen was doused with cold teror and he scrambled to move away as he yelled, “Lotus! Lotus!”
Lan WangJis eyes widened, pulling out and moving away a few feet
as fast and carefully as he could. He watched his Wei Ying curl up at the front of the bed by their pillows, pulling his knees to his chest and covering his head with his hands. “N-no biting Lan Zhan, no biting! Please!” He gasped, not looking at the man. “Yes Wei Ying, no more biting. Never again. Does Wei Ying hurt...down there too?” The Jade asked softly, running the situation through his brain. There was a few seconds of silence before the smallest head shook. Lan WangJi nodded. “May I sit next to Wei Ying?” A nod. He moved to his lovers side, looking over him hurriedly. His shoulder was red, but not bleeding. He hadn’t even broken the skin, but Wei Ying was still shuddering. He reached out a hand, freezing halfway to Wei WuXians knee. “Wei Ying...May I hold you? Nothing else. Only hugging.” He clarified. A few minutes, before he got a nod. He carefully gathered the younger into his arms, keeping their lower halves separated.

They stayed like that for a few hours, simply holding each other. Wei WuXians breaths calmed soon, but Lan Zhan didn’t dare pull his love away from where his face was hidden in a broad shoulder.
“Wei Ying...Was it only the bite that made you upset? Or was there an additional reason?” Lan Zhan whispered. Wei Ying was silent, before he sat up straighter. “M-mostly the bite..but I was sensit-tive too, an it was too much at once..” he answered. The peerless jade nodded, pulling his husband down to press their foreheads together gently. “Does Wei Ying feel better?” A nod and a ‘mhmm’ “Does Wei Ying wish to continue, or rest early? Perhaps keep holding each other till we fall asleep?”
There was another bout of silence, before “option 3? ..please?” Lan WangJi nodded, picking up his lover easily and carrying him to the bathroom slowly. “Warm bath first, then cuddle. Okay?”
A nod
“Would you like help, or for me to leave?”
A single finger held up; option 1.
He lied his husband on the floor, leaning against the wall, before leaving for a few minutes to fill the bath with water. He was done soon and let it warm as he held his husband in his arms. As soon as it was warm he stood, gently settling his man in the tub and acquiring the various soaps and oils from shelves in the JingShis bathing chamber.

He lathered his husbands hair and body, asking permission before cleaning the more intimate parts of the body in front of him. “Good, Wei Ying.” The smaller melted, whining softly. “Lan Zhan, kisses?” Such a request was easily granted, a few pecks in his cheeks and lips satisfying the grandmaster for now. Lan WangJi let him soak a bit longer before rinsing his hair and raising Wei Ying from the cooling water. He dried the younger quickly, patting his hair and body down with a soft towel. “So beautiful, Wei Ying. Handsome, Adorable.” HanGuang-Jun coo’d. Quiet breaths hitched, and Lan Zhan took that as his que. He wrapped his lover in the softest sleeping robes he owned, silk, and lied him down on the JingShi bed. It was now covered in a cushion, with more than their usual 2 blankets on it. He had done it while fetching water, and the soft pink on Wei Yings face told him it was appreciated. Lan WangJi watched his other half burrow into the futon and blanket, rearranging them before tugging the his Lan Zhan and lying on top of the broad and firm chest. Wei WuXian nuzzled and pressing soft kisses.
Lan WangJis heart melted, running a hand over damp hair.

If skipping an ‘Everyday’ or two meant seeing Wei WuXian this relaxed, it was worth it. Next time would definitely be on better terms. The jade would make sure of that, but this wasn’t the first time it had happened; Lan Zhan would do his best to make sure it was the last.