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and now we grease our trophy sweete

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My name is fen
and wen i win
an award at
a convenshin

i close my eyes
and count to three
and wait for men
to ’splain to me

how i haf sore
and haf won naught
and am not gude

at writing, nay
nor at case law
and shude sit doon
and shut my craw

too bad! i tayke
my etsy pin
and with it pricke
the fragile skin
of poor fraile ego

that cannot bear
to share the stage
and muste with fits
of pique (nay, rage)

attempt to wipe
girl cooties off
the preshuss
rocket-shaped toy

poor Hugo! maye
your shaft stande tall
despite its owners’
nasty fall

from our esteem
and so we grease
our trophy sweete
and find release

in sharing fic
(it’s free! it’s fun!
we’re glad the hole
damn Archive won!)

we grudge you not
but say goodnite
(award winners
got porn to write)