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With You, Everything Matters

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He kept running, not sure where he was even going anymore, but his legs despite trembling, they never stopped. He could feel his lungs clenching hard on him, begging for a break, but he couldn't do it right now. His wings were too tired for him to even be able to give them a try, they ached tremendously, and even though he managed to get a distance on them, he could still hear them. He stumbled a little when he walked on his left leg, the arrow that penetrated had surely made a deep wound.

He grunted. He couldn't stop, not even to breathe. Or else he was gonna end up with more than just an arrow wounding him.

But he felt his leg give in more and more, and decided to do something he knew it was a take or give. Shrinking in size, the dark-haired boy sought a hole on the ground between the deep and rich tree roots immediately, trying to get as deep as he could. Hopefully the dogs wouldn't smell him, and he wouldn't die with a shovel cutting his skull in half. The humans had been persistently following him, after their massive attack on his hometown, his clan. He doesn't know what happened to any of the people at the camp. He was simply resting on his hammock, when suddenly their little cabins were burning, as he watched the terror through the window. The people he grew with were long gone and he realised he was all by himself in the middle of the chaos.

Yoongi doesn't dwell on it to much though, pixies are like that. At least the group he grew up with. It's not about union or families, or building bonds and trust, it's all about yourself. He didn't even bat an eye before starting to fly away from it all, he had been sure of it a long time ago, that there was nothing keeping him there. Only the safety of a rooftop and food, nothing else. Companionship was null, familiy none-existent. His clan was exactly was people expected pixies to be, thieves and manipulative people.

And despite always doing what he was taught to do, born to do, Yoongi grew up to be stoic to it all. Since the people around him didn't care, he stopped caring as well. The humans are evil creatures, he doesn't care what he steals or who he manipulates. It's all become void to him, empty. Life grew to be meaningless to him. Now with his house lost, no food stock to rely on, he knew he would end up dying at the embrace of mother nature. Alone, like he'd always been.

He heard the screams and voices of the humans dangerously, holding in his breathe as if that would help in any way, Yoongo sat quietly still. His wings hurt when he pushed himself against the tree wall, biting his lip once he took a good look at his leg. It looked awful, and Yoongi knew he had his fate sealed.

With time passing by and him constantly loosing blood, without food and proper rest, he doesn't know how he will make it. 

The voices are now faint but he still feels wary to go up, deciding to only resurface once there is nothing but birds chirping and the wind blowing away. 

Wincing and groaning, Yoongi is able to climb the tree root, pulling his leg up along the way. His head peeks slightly to the surface, seeing no sign of any human nearby anymore and the voices being completely gone. The smell of burning wood stench his nose, the pixie grimacing while looking at the path he once came. He needs to get further away, or he would end up meeting with the humans again. Knowing how persistent and evil those creatures were, he's sure they would be roundind up his old home and the nearby areas as well. 

The pixie gets to the top of the big root, regaining his breath again and looking at his wounded leg. It not bleeding anymore, Yoongi's sure the half broken arrow is the object actually saving him from bleeding out too much. His black-hair sticks to his forehead, the pixie feels the weigh of his tiny pointy wings ache on his body, already going sore. He really should rest right now, but the image of the flames and the intense smell of fire remind him to keep going.

Being a pixie, he already knew it would be hard getting any type of volunteer help from any creature. Pixies don't have the best reputation, most times rightfully so, and the black-haired boy was almost certain he would end up dying if he couldn't find anyone at all. He kept on walking, searching for something or someone, just a simple soul that could indicate to him of anything.

The journey seemed to take hours, the pixie isn't sure. Collapsing for the third time in a row for these last two meters, the pixie grunted. He didn't care about anything, nor anyone, nor even himself. So why was he still so keen in fighting and keep going? Maybe the hope of something better, a better tomorrow.

Yoongi sighed, his eyes starting to close but the pixie fought back. Not now.

Getting up again, searching around for something that looked even remarkably inhabited, the boy ended up squiting once he saw something glow at the end of a straight line of the direction he was in. It was quick, like a passing firefly, but the pixie knew better. It was a magical creature, just like him, and the pixie knew that whatever passed by was his chance of surviving.

Walking the fastest he could, stumbling and grasping onto the trees, the pixie managed to walk towards the shinning light that went by. As he approached the place he wanted to reach, more and more started to appear in front of him. Small little houses, cabin like. Flowers and fruit trees surrounded the area, small little vegetable gardens and little candles decorated the area. 

Yoongi had froze for a second, finally aknowledging that it was actually getting darker. Although, that wasn't the only thing that froze him. Humming calmly while litting up the candles was a fairy, a boy with short brown hair that looked peacefull, and more than that, absolutely stunning. Elegant, charming, pure-looking, and Yoongi's breath halted. Fairies would always be different from then.

For a moment, despite being hazy and tired, his body begging to give in to the pain, the pixie observed the fairy for some tiny seconds, and he noticed hwo the fairy was so... strange. His wings weren't shinning, his colors were a little too dull for fairies and he wasn't wearing a flower crown like most do. Yoongi would dare say he almost looked bland in comparison to all the other colorfull fairies he has seen before, but his beauty, his posture, his aura... The pixie was stunned. This fairy might be one of the most breath-taking fairies he has ever laid eyes on. These creatures really were ethereal, weren't they? Completely different from him.

But before the pixie could even attempt in calling for said fairy, to have a try in saving himself at least, the boy collapsed on the floor gasping. His eyes were forcefully closing down and his leg cramped, tensing up as the pixie felt the arrow pinch more in this position. It hurt, and his wings felt so sore that he couldn't even flutter them, in a chance to catching the fairies attention.

With his eyes fully closed now and his mind going black, Yoongi was still able to heard  a loud gasp and something falling on the ground. The fairy he had observed earlier approached him and the last thing Yoongi felt was the fairy's soft hands reaching out to his face cautiously. 


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


His head thumped hard, his sweat falling coldly against his skin. The pixie woke up abruptedly, completely forgetting where he was or what was happening, the sudden fear creeping up to him. As he tried to move, he noticed his leg hurt and his wings rested sorely behind his back. He winced a little, the pixie finally opened his eyes fully and frowned as he looked around. This wasn't his home. Flashes of the vague memories of this morning crept up to him, and the pixie felt scared. The sky outside still looked gloomy, and it looked like it was about to rain.

Where was he? 

When he looked down, his sore leg feeling healing magic bloom around his skin, he noticed a fairy healing him. The pixie stilled, ready to protect himself and retrieve his leg, but the man looked harmless. The light pink fairy kept focused on healing him, his brown hair glowed faintly and his wings were adorned with a thin shine, clearly showing that the fairy in question was using his powers that moment. For a brief moment, the boy lifted his eyes to Yoongi. 

 "Oh, you're awake... Please rest, I'm healing you", he said, his voice calm and soft.

 The pixie, even if wary, really couldn't do anything but lay down and rest. His wings ached numbly and his stomach clenched empty. He would go nowhere like this, this fairy would be able to overpower him easily. By the looks of it, he was clearly a healing fairy. Their power consists of only that, healing and calming people, usually very caring fairies.

 Lifting his head and looking around the room, the pixie noticed someone else. The fairy he saw before sitting down on a couch, curled up on himself, hugging his knees. Yoongi kept staring at him, whom sat quietly, blush creeping to his cheeks as he slept peacefully, his clothes purely white with golden adornements. He looked like a fairy, but at the same time... It was like a whithered flower. Something was missing, the shine, the color, the magic... But truthfully, it's almost as if none of that mattered, not when it came to him. That fairy was the most beautifull thing the pixie has ever seen, so calm and pure.

 The fairy that was healing him observed the pixie's eyes, seeing him looking at his other friend, and smiled faintly, "His name's Hoseok. He was the one that saved you"

At hearing the taller fairies voice, Hoseok lifted his head slightly, his blush growing once he saw the pixies eyes focused on him. In a tentative yet shy way, Hoseok smiled before bowing his head down, his eyes timidly looking at the pixie. Yoongis heart skipped a beat. For everything this fairy was missing, it seemed to all be ordinary compared to his smile. 

Not knowing how to act, the pixie decided not to reciprocate the gesture but kept staring instead, like this fairies power was hipnose in itself. It was hard not to look, not to stare. His eyes couldn't wander away from the other shy fairy. He felt hipnotized.

The healing fairy smiled again, looking at Yoongi, "My name's Seokjin. Later on we'll talk about everything that needs to be said. For now, I'll heal you and you make sure to rest" 

Yoongi looked at him shortly, before looking at Hoseok again. The shy fairy kept blushing and his eyes casted down, hugging his knees and hiding his face in between them. He looked so small, his wings were squished behind him and no light blossomed from them. So... strange. Interesting. Special

Seokjin spoke again, this time more like a whisper, "He's shy, but he was the one that carried you here... Well, as much as he could", and he chuckled. 

Whispering back, as he watched Hoseok drift to sleep again, Yoongi couldn't help his curiosity, asking quietly, "What's his power?" 

At that, seokjin looked down at his leg and took his time thinking, a faint smile on his lips still. The pixie frowned, his eyes drifting from Hoseok to Seokjin. Yoongi was no threat, he was hurt, tired and hungry, so he wondered why he so reluctant in telling him. The smile playing on his lips told Yoongi that Seokjin was amused by something.

"You still haven't told me your name, yet you're curious for him", he whispered back, still smiling.

The pixie avoided his eyes, looking in another direction this time. Allowing himself into observing Hoseok again, the special fairy that was finally sleeping quietly once more, and felt his heart skip another beat. He couldn't help but be curious, how could he not? The creature that saved him was so unique.

Watching as Yoongi avoided his stare and instead kept looking at Hoseok, Seokjin smiled, "He doesn't have one...", he whispered, eyes casted low towards the pixies leg. Looking briefly at Hoseok, the man whispered to himself again, "... One day, maybe" 

The pixie looked at the other fairy, small and peacefull, stunning beautifull. A fairy... with no powers?

The black-haired boy knows fairies are only powerless when young, just like pixies. When they reach a certain age, around 10, it's whe their powers are truly revealed. Still, it's abnormal for one to not have any type of glow to them, any shine, any... magic. 

As he watched the small boy sleep, finally realising the boy was probably still there because he was also curious for him, Yoongi noticed something. This boy didn't need powers to look special, to look beautifull. It was almost... meaningless.

"I'll get you something to eat, and after that, you can sleep while I take care of this", Seokjin told him, soft and quiet.

Yoongi nodded, closing his eyes silently in the direction he last looked, towards the powerless fairy.


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


Hearing faint voices and things moving around him, the pixie woke up again when the sun shone bright into the window and right into his face. He slept like a rock through the whole night, the food the healing fairy provived him felt like heaven on his empty stomach. As he opened his eyes slowly, the voices in the room suddenly went into complete silence. He felt something warm on top of him, feeling it and realising that they provided him a blanket. Fairies. Always so caring and attentive.

Once he had opened his eyes fully, Seokjin came into his field of vision immediately. The pixie stilled, ready to be kicked out or for the fairy to curse at him, but deep down he knew they would never do it. He sat down on the sofa that he was resting on, Yoongi finally taking a better look to around the small living room. It was a cabin, some tree roots penetrated the house and shelfs were covered in potions, books and candles. A lot of plants covered the space and fairy dust sparkled whenever the sun touched it.

But what made him widen his eyes was how many fairies were staring at him. Contrary to yesterday, this time, six fairies had their eyes glued to him, curious, wary, interested. The pixie look at them, analyzing each one, all shining beautifically.

"Hey pixie... How was the night? Does it hurt still?"

Yoongi looked at his covered leg, moving it a bit around. He shook his head, "No..."

Seokjin smiled, "Good! Then you can finally tell us your name"

The black-haired boy looked through all the other fairies, suddenly in search of the one that carried him. When his eyes finally laid on Hoseok, the shy fairy squished in the sofa behind a bigger fae, Yoongi finally answered.

"I'm Yoongi"

Nodding, the healing fairy continued, "Ok, good... Then Yoongi, maybe it's best if we just begin all the introductions, right?"

And the pixie wanted to frown, retort back to him with a mean answer, like why was it needed if he was gonna leave, he would never see them again. But Yoongi looked down at every fae on the room, especially the shy one, and he couldn't make himself swear at the caring smiling boy, nor the fae that actually rescued him.

Approaching everyone on the opposite couch and standing, Seokjin seemed to give the lead role to another fae. A taller one, with grey-ish hair, a fairy that imposed respect. Yoongi could definitely feel the leadership and powerfull magic blooming from him. His wings were shining beautifically white, his clothes were colors that fairies usually didn't really wear. Black, grey and white. And that's when the pixie knew this fairy was one of the rarest ones, the moon fairy. Powerfull and independent, moon fairies wander a lot at night recharging their powers and are more powerfull wherever they are out under the moon, their senses growing strongly. On a single phrase, moon fairies belong to the night. Sometimes considered to be too dark for a fairy, but wherever one exists, they are meant to be the leader. 

"I'm Namjoon", the tall fairy spoke, loud and clear. Yoongi nodded slightly, not sure how to react. He has never met a moon fairy, and looking at one in the eyes seems a little bit intimidating.

"... this is Jimin", he said, as he pointed to a sitting fairy that was adorned with all types of colors with blonde and light pink-ish hair. Green, brown, yellow, purple, pink... And on a closer inspection, Yoongi realised they were flowers surrounding his waist and body, him wearing a flower crown as well. So, a nature fairy, which are usually the most common ones. They are also very powerfull, allowed to manipulate nature at their will, like water, wind and dirt, but more importantly, understanding and being one with nature themselves. Usually more sensitive as well, nature fairies are highly connected to the forest, especially the ones surrounding their home. It's like they can speak to one another. Considered an essential in a clan.

"... this is Taehyung", pointing at the boy next to him, another boy with dirty blonde hair, and his color was light yellow with white ornaments, also wearing a flower crown. He was probably the one that shined the most, his wings and clothes were bright and sparkled with some white and yellow-ish dust. He seemed quiet as well, but the type of quiet that inspects you, someone wary. The pixie wasn't sure, but considering there was a moon fairy in the house, he would take a guess and say this boy was a star fairy, by the posture and the color of his dust and sparkle. Moon fairies can combine their power with star fairies, and at night, the star can guide the moon like they're nail and flesh. They're considered to be very good guides.

"... this is Jungkook", this time poiting at a boy with black hair wearing colorfull clothes with flower ornaments, also wearing a flower crown. Seeing a fairy with dark black hair was also unfamiliar. His wings sparkled in white, but not enough to make you blind. Personally, Yoongi had never seen one, but he knew they existed. Usually the ones with darker colored hair, such as brown and black, meant they carried heavier jobs. Like the healing fairy, and what appeared to be to Yoongi, a strengh fairy. Fairies whose power rely solely on strengh are considered very dangerous and hard-working. They're not rare, but they're usually a pillar in the clan. They do most heavy work and are also one of the first to protect them against any non-magical creature. They're considered the guardians of their homes.

"... and I think you know this one, Hoseok, and finally, Jin"

The pixie nodded slowly, taking everything in. Taking another glance at Hoseok, once again he noticed the very clear difference between him and the others. No sparkle, no magic... his wings were squished behind him and looked whitered, while he shyly peeked through Jungkook to take a glance at Yoongi, knowing the pixie was observing him closely.

"...So, now tells us about you. How you got here", the moon fairy continued, gentle but loud enough.

Yoongi looked at his leg, sighing lightly, "There's not much to say. My home was attacked, everyone left me behind. I couldn't really do much but escape alone. They ended up getting me but... I managed myself"

Namjoon seemed slightly surprised but he quickly changed his expression to more of a not-so-surprised one. Everyone knew who pixies were, what they did, so leaving Yoongi behind wasn't really baffling. What looked to make the fairy think, although, was the attack in itself.

"Attacked by humans?"

The pixie looked at him, nodding, "Yes. They burned down everything and killed some. I flew away but they had arrows... Hid myself until they were gone, and then got up and walked... Not sure for how long, but I was able to see a light though. Made my way here, hoping to find someone..."

The moon fairy looked suspicious, Yoongi could see the engine in his head working, "Those creatures, huh... I wonder how far your home was... There wasn't any rumor of a pixie hometown near us..."

The pixie looked down, not sure what to say. He's quite certain he must have stumbled more than three times, and he might have passed out. From hunger and exhaustion, he didn't manage to get a full idea of his path and distance.

Continuing, Namjoon frowned slightly, looking worried, "You know, you're lucky you've come across us. Not a lot of people are willing to help a pixie-"

"I know", Yoongi cut him short. He knew it very well, the moon fairy didn't need to rub it in his face, especially looking worried like that. 

"You said light?", Seokjin cut Namjoon as well, the moon fairy looking at him with an arched eyebrow.

The pixie looked straight at Hoseok, whom was still blushing and had his eyes glued to Yoongi, "Yes. I followed him"

Every eye fell on the shy fairy, Hoseok curling up to himself more if he could. Seokjin clasped his hands in front of his heart, while all the others looked surprised and expectant.

"Hoseok? You had a light?", the nature fairy asked curious, glowing with the information.

The boy blushed deeper, stuttering, "I-I was just lighting the candles...", he answered quietly, eyes casted low.

Jimin's glow lowered, the boy nodding but glueing his eyes to Hoseok. He looked like a kid that had just been told off. Reading the atmosphere, Yoongi noticed that not just Seokjin, but also all the other faires, seemed hopefull for their friend to get his power. It somewhat felt... like a sweet moment. The pixie wasn't used to this.

"Oh, you were... Well, it's good then, that way the pixie followed you", Jimin said, small smile on his lips.

Hoseok nodded timid again, this time with his head higher than before but still blushing. The fairies next to him seemed all very over-protective of Hoseok, keeping their stance and guard up, watching his every more, keeping this invisible barrier between him and Yoongi. The pixie watched him close as well.

"What's your plan next?", Namjoon questioned him again.

Yoongi shrugged, "I'll leave. There's no place for me here", he said, and despite souding non-chalant, the pixie felt scared. Where would he even go now? Live without any home, food stock nor clan?

Everything went silent for a few moments, Yoongi knew they were thinking of something. Namjoon looked conflicted, while all the other just waited expectantly for someone to pitch in. The healing fairy seemed to be the first one to come up with something, as he approached Yoongi again, making everyone follow his steps.

"What if you stayed?", he asked quietly.

He heard a few gasps, Namjoon's included, "Stay? Jin, that's-"

The fairy persisted, "He will never defeat all five of us. He's tired, hurt and hungry... He's all alone now Namjoon...", looking at the moon fairy, Jin looked sad, showing the leader his pout. The pixie felt sweat drip down his back, he really wasn't used to this, used to people actually being interested in his presence.

Watching as Namjoon didn't say anything further, Yoongi concluded two things: one, that Jin and him have some special connection that makes the leader give in to the other fairies wishes; two, that he will be staying for more time than he expected. But the pixie didn't really care enough to argue. If he wouldn't die here at the hands of fairies, then he would end up dying back at the forest by the hands of other real evil creatures. A pixie alone is not powerfull enough, as his magic would never compare to a fairies one.

Looking at everyone's faces, they seemed curious but also a little wary still. He couldn't blame them. Their eyes inspected every detail in Yoongi, from his hair to his eyes, to his clothes and pointy shoes. His pointy wings fluttered just a bit, enough to tell them he knew they were observing him, but none of the faries seemed to blink. The pixie knew he was at their hands now, not the other way around. Looking back at Hoseok, the silent fairy watching Yoongi like a hawk, he seemed to be the only one more curious rather than wary. His eyes traced every detail in Yoongis black clothing, shiny ornaments that covered his waist from things he stole, to the pointy shoes that were also black leaves. Hoseok seemed interested, worried, and the pixie was just as interested back.

Jin, taking the blanket out of Yoongi's leg, inspected the skin closer, humming to himself, "This is healing nicely, you will be walking in no time"

The pixie nodded, a little confused as to how he could change subject so quickly, and no one seemed to have bat an eye at it. He was also glad that fairy magic was so strong and powerfull, that was healing his pixie leg quicker than he thought. Well, he was surprised it worked at all.

"... Hoseok is gonna cook some food now, and while at that, I'll see if i can get something for your wings, they seem sore", the healing fairy said simply, without waiting for the pixies reply nor anyone else's intervention.

Before starting his chores, he looked at all the other fairies and started to sho them away, "Shoo, shoo! Don't you have work to do?", Jin said, amusement in his voice.

As in cue, all of them got up, leaving Hoseok sitted still, and each one started to make their respective ways to whatever thing they were doing. The star fairy, though, that kept stealing second glances at Yoongi, kept also looking worried towards Hoseok.

"Do you want to come Hobi?"

The shy fairy looked up at him, curious, "J-Join you? But I'm gonna cook-"

Jin frowned softly, giving Taehyung a glare, "Hoseok will be cooking now. You go and finish your chores Tae"

The star fairy looked conflicted, looking back at Jungkook waiting for him and back at Hoseok. Leaving the powerless fae behind alone made him feel anxious, now with a pixie around. As he looked out of the window, he noticed Jimin standing outside glancing inside as well, probably also worried for Hoseok. They couldn't help it. Hoseok was special, unique, he was to be protected no matter the cost. 

Taehyung looked at Seokjin again and approached him quietly, whispering on his ear in hopes Yoongi wouldn't hear.

"Are you sure?"

Jin then smiled at him, patting his cheek, "Yes, Tae. I'll lay down some rules, and believe me, Hoseok will not be hurt, I'll make sure of it. The pixie isn't dumb and he's weak now", the healing fairy whispered back, caressing the other fae, "... besides, we take care of everyone, right? No matter the difference"

The other nodded, looking briefly behind him towards Hoseok, "I-I know Jinnie... I'm worried too, for both, I think... Ok, I trust you"

The older smiled, "Good... Now go, your boyfriend's patiently waiting for you", he said, as he pointed to Jungkook quietly waiting for Taehyung at the door. The star fairy shared another glance at Yoongi, this time feeling more relieved and hopefull, and went back to his doings with the black-haired fairy, Jimin waiting for them outside.

Namjoon, the only one behind, kept a close eye on both Seokjin and Yoongi still pensative. He approached the pixie slightly, not threatening, just seeming curious as he observed every detail in Yoongi's attire. The pixie felt wary and confused, but he also understood the temsion. Everyone was whispering and speaking so quietly he couldn't understand what they were saying.

"Joonie, you can go, really", the healing fairy smiled, reassuring him.

Sighing, the moon fae nodded, "Ok... I trust you Jin", the man walked towards the other boy, patting his cheeks gently, and whispered, "and I also know there's another reason he stayed..."

Jin smiled at whatever Namjoon told him, and blushed, eyes casted low. The pixie felt a little like the third wheel, his eyes drifting again to Hoseok, the powerless fairy that was already staring back at him. Being caught on the act, Hoseok blushed deeper and casted his eyes low, getting up timidly, quiet as mouse, and making his way out of the living room towards what seemed to be the kitchen. Yoongi suddenly heard what seemed to be a kiss, and when he looked back, Namjoon was also walking out of the picture. Now it was just him and Seokjin.

The healing fae was quiet, approaching some shelves in front of him quietly as he searched in between some potions. Yoongi let himself rest at the head of the sofa, watching Jin's work and feeling himself slowly drift to sleep again. A real healing fairy, that can tell what is hurting just from looking. Yoongi couldn't help but feel this slight curiosity grow on him imagining what the other shy fairy was doing.

"But, you know, there's some rules in order to stay here Yoongi...", the healing fae started after a few minutes, catching the pixie's attention.

He continued, "First, I'll be teaching you what we do here and you'll be helping us, as a clan. Secondly, no one hurts anyone inside this house. And for last, hurting Hoseok in any type of way, especially with magic, won't be tolerated... Good?"

Jin smiled at him, not a mean smile, but a reassuring one, a strong one. Clearly he was in charge, and he wanted the pixie to know that. Not the type of charge that makes you scared and terrified of your leader, but more so a charge of having respect for one another, knowing one of them is more powerfull and knowing that you're welcome to stay as long as you don't mess up and know your place. 

Yoongi tightly nodded, "Got it...", the pixie mumbled. Thinking back at Hoseok, his pure and shy posture, his kindness in saving someone different and stranger, his beautifull and breath-taking appearance, Yoongi couldn't even begin to imagine using anything to hurt the other. Especially someone powerless, someone who is defenseless in a world like this. 

Closing his eyes drifting again to sleep, Yoongi completely missed a blushfull and nervous Hoseok entering the room with a hot tasty soup, that he made especially thinking of the pixie.


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


The next two days were spent on him resting his wings and body, Seokjin would be the one offering him the food Hoseok made, as the quiet fae stood behind him blushing. The pixie's heart couldn't help but rush, he fought the urge to faintly blush as well. Whatever the powerless fairy thought of him, maybe curiosity or interest, made Yoongi's heart jump in a unknown eagerness. He wished the fae would approach him like Jin does.

Outside of Jin's presence, all the others seemed to put some distance between them and him. He really couldn't blame them, after being good and healthy, he was making plans of leaving. As much as he was taught to be mischeveous and a nuisance, Yoongi's nature is only like that around people that deserve such treatment. Fairies don't, especially these ones that rescued him. 

Namjoon and Seokjin seemed to be in a relationship, the pixie had long noticed the tension and witness himself plenty of affectionate kisses. It goes unspoken who is the leader of the house, obviously the moon fae is in charge and the healing fae is the second in charge. The pixie grew to recognize Namjoon's more the brains and Jin is more the action. This house had a working strategy that was healthy and safe.

As Jin had mentioned it before, the three younger ones seem to all be together as well. The proximity those three had was undenieable, and Yoongi had witness countless kisses too. When the night was quiet and everyone had went to sleep, the pixie heard their rushed whispers as they left the house smiling. Their wings sparkled vibrantly, even if they wanted to be unoticed they couldn't. The three looked at Yoongi with a questioning look, but it was the older one that made a gesture to him, a playfull smile on his lips as he made a "shhh" hand gesture to Yoongi. The pixie only smirked back, laying down back to sleep after being awoken abruptedly.

That left the pixie thinking. Did the quiet fairy share a bond like this with someone as well? Yoongi soon found out the answer was negative. As time kept going by, a full week now, he completely noticed how Hoseok was mostly always home, either insido or outside working on his chores, but he never went out of the circle alone. He could understand, their over-protectiveness and wanting him safe, Hoseok didn't have to powers to defend himself, especially now with the rumors of humans around.

But the pixie also noticed, the loneliness. Since Namjoon and Seokjin were usually home working on their own tasks, the other three outside messing around or working as well, Hoseok would be left to his own doings alone. And it's not like no one called for him, they did, everyday, but the fae always seemed to want to stay back. 

He's not sure when, but Yoongi slowly started to notice that Hoseok's stolen glances at him were the reason he so often stayed behind. He was worried, curious.

The next week came and it was finally then that Yoongi managed to walk upright again, his wings no longer sore and his stomach full. Everyone was out again and, once more, Hoseok had stayed out of their little adventure. The pixie saw him leave the little cabin by himself, and his heart couldn't help but beat faster. He was eager to know his whereabouts, his thoughts, why he was persistently staying back just to watch Yoongi with rosy cheeks and shy glances, just why he never talked to him if he seemed so curious. The pixie shook his head, sighing. This fae was messing with his head.

Getting up and preparing himself mentally to leave for good, the pixie gave one last look around the house before finally opening the door and stepping out. To his surprise, Hoseok was standing outside silently, in front of a fruit tree, reaching out to the food. The pixie felt conflicted, not knowing if he should turn around and leave quietly, or actually approach Hoseok and say something. Bitting his lip, the pixie decided to talk. It would be rude leaving without notice, and fairies weren't pixies. 

Watching the shy fae struggle quietly while reaching the fruits made Yoongi's fasten his steps. As he comes closer, he realises the fairy is using a stick to reach the bright red apples, and it makes him more interested than before. Why is Hoseok so unique?

"What are you doing?", the pixies voice rangs loud.

Hoseok jumps, almost dropping the object, and looking at Yoongi with widened eyes surprised, confused, "... C-catching a-apples?"

The pixie analyzes him closely, Hoseok's more beautifull up close, his voice sounds like honey, the pixie has a hard time thinking cohesively, "Why don't you fly?", he frowns faintly.

The fairy is still blushing, let's a playfull smirk escape his lips as he moves the stick around touching the apples easily. The pixie gets the message, wants to groan at his own stupidity.

"I get it, it's close...", he murmurs embarrassed.

Hoseok smiles brightly, never showing his teeth, and looks down shy once Yoongi looks up at him directly. The pixie has this urge to keep talking to him, wants to know more, but his mind keeps telling him it's time to leave. He will be a bother here.

But instead, he says, "Do you want help?"

The fae looks up at him surprised, the only vibrant color in him being his cheeks, "N-No, it's fine...", but Hoseok seems pensative. 

Yoongi doesn't know why the answer makes his heart clench, but it does, "Oh, then, huh... I'll be going"

And as the pixie is turning around, Hoseok stutters loudly, "N-No! Wait! Hum, huh... T-Take this", he offered him the stick he was using and Yoongi grabbed it confused, "... If y-you want to fly, then do it... I like to do it manually... It's fun...", the fairy finished, but hearing his own thoughts out loud seemed to make him more embarrassed, "A-At least to me, you don't have to...", he looked down again, shy, and he walked to a small place near the trees to grab another stick.

Yoongi really couldn't stop his smile that grew on his face, "I like how you think"

The fairy looked at him again, this time he didn't avoid his eyes, and Yoongi saw once more how blushfull he was, "O-Oh... Well, thank you... I like your, h-huh...", Hoseok fumbled with his words, and the pixie waited for his complete answer. Hoseok though, seemed even more embarrassed, "Y-Your... Nevermind"

"My what?", Yoongi pressed playfully, his want to keep taking with Hoseok growing.

The fairy looked away, starting to work on his chore again, "N-Nothing, really..."

The pixie smiled at him, knowing Hoseok is avoiding his face all together. This was interesting.

"I'll be sad if you don't tell me...", the black-haired boy fake pouted, hoping that would catch Hoseok's attention. Truth be told, he wouldn't be sad, but he would probably think about it for the rest of the night.

Hoseok seemed shaken by the confession, the pure fairy looking at him with his sad eyes, "Y-You will?"

Yoongi stopped smiling. As fun as it was talking to him and messing with him, how much it made his heart beat fast, seeing the shy and caring fairy so sad and worried made him feel guilty. Hoseok didn't deserve that, especially not from him, a pixie.

"No Hoseok, I was just kidding...", the pixie said, and he approached the fae just the slightest, eager to touch his face and console him, "...But If you want to tell me, I'll be eagerly waiting"

Smiling at him reassuringly, the pixie started to finally help Hoseok on his chores, as the fairy stood still looking at him. He was still rosy, looking nervous, pensative. Yoongi hoped he hadn't ruined their first ever conversation and possibility to anything. The pixie shook his head. Possibility of what?

"I-I just... Like your voice...", the fairy admitted quietly, the pixie's heart jumped. Yoongi stared back at him and seeing Hoseok so timidly confessing to liking his voice, made the pixie want to kiss that boy. Who can resist him?

"... A-And your clothes too, they're cool..."

Seeing as if the fairy was trying to evade the embarassing confession, Yoongi decided to playfully answer him, calm him down, "They're plain black. Personally I think fairies are more fun"

Hoseok smiled at him, he seemed to be enjoying the conversation, "I like black... It looks good on you...", noticing as he had just made yet another revealing confession, Hoseok quickly added, "Y-You could wear colors if you want to, j-just because you're a pixie it doesn't mean you c-can't..."

Yoongi smiled at him, his heart strings playing as he looked at the other fairy acting so shy and blushfull around him, "I'll take your advice into account then"

The shy fairy glanced at him, smiling as well, and he seemed to be glowing. Yoongi noticed how his wings didn't have any magic dust on them, as well as his clothes, and yet, his smile seemed to shine brightly among it all. This boy was a treasure on his own.

After retrieving enough apples, Yoongi waited for Hoseok to guide him next. His idea of leaving was long gone now.

The shy fairy entered his home and set down the apples on top of the table, telling Yoongi to do the same. The fairy had a faint blush on his cheeks still, but he looked more calm and he didn't seem embarrassed, he was naturally just timid. The pixie found it amusing, found him adorable, found him breath-taking. 

"Here, put them here... I-I'll store them", Hoseok said, as he grabbed the baskets and made his way to the cabinets, probably looking for the right bowl to put them.

The pixie stood there staring, and in all honesty, he had nothing else to do. Seokjin had told him to do chores like they do, that he would teach him, so he decided to stick close to the shy fairy. Being next to Hoseok seemed more appealing to him than being next to other. Not that Seokjin was bad, but Hoseok just made his heart flutter in a interesting way.

"What do you want me to do next?"

Hoseok looked behind for a brief second, a little smile on his face, "Hum... I don't know... You can do whatever you like"

Yoongi smiled, everytime the shy fairy blushed because of him made him eager for more reactions, "Hum... Then I'll watch you"

The fae seemed embarrassed again, caugh off guard, "O-Oh... You c-can do that too..."

But the pixie noticed the tone of his voice. Hoseok seemed content as well, avoiding looking behind at Yoongi probably because he was blushing once more. Yoongi bit his lip amused, he was enjoying this too much. Hoseok was so...

He observed as the timid fae separated some and was starting to peel one apple, before shyly adressing Yoongi again, "Do you, huh... Like apple pie?"

The pixie replied, "Yes... Are you gonna make one?"

Hoseok nodded before continuing to peel. Yoongi lost himself again looking at the other fae, how he really had no sparkle on him. To this point, the pixie didn't really care. The fairy seemed special enough to him already, not for his lack of magic, but more for his personality, his breath-taking figure and elegance. Hoseok was beautifull, Yoongi couldn't get over it. He wanted to question him about his lack of power, but he felt as if that would be intrusive, rude, make Hoseok feel small and humiliated. Yoongi knows how that feels.

After a minute of silence, that seemed to make Hosoek unconfortable because he knew Yoongi was watching him, the boy said, "I-If you didn't like it, I could make you something else..."

Yoongi's heart fluttered. Hoseok really was something else.

"I like it, don't worry fairy"

At the mention of the name "fairy", Hoseok stopped a little before continuing again. Yoongi wished he could see his face, but he was sure the boy was blushing embarrassed, probably smiling as well.

Later that day, everyone sat around the table enjoying the apple pie Hoseok had made, the shy fairy smiling brightly at hearing everyone's compliments at his expertise. Yoongi sat with them as well, despite some wary looks, everyone seemed to have their guard down next to him. The pixie sat close to Seokjin, who had his caring eyes nudging him to sit next to the shy fae. Hoseok was still up, putting down plates while some were already munching on the dessert, and the other side to Yoongi was left empty. The fae stared at him, pensative, before gulping down his nervousness and occupying the sit next to the pixie, much to everyones surprise.

Despite the quietness and shyness, Yoongi stared at Hoseok fondly as he saw the fairy make an effort to open up more and not keep that distance between them, in making Yoongi feel welcome. For the past days he had been there, he noticed how shy the fae is, so Hoseok taking the initiative to finally sit closer to him made Yoongi's heart clench. All Yoongi had to do was approach him first. 


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


After that day, things had started to look up. The pixie still glanced outside, feeling like a burden to this healthy enchanted home, but seeing Hoseok worried for him and curious, led him to stay. Seokjin had finally started to teach him the basics of their household, who did what, when and how. Apparently, Namjoon would keep to himself mostly studying and learning new enchantments. He was also the one that kept their little circle magic going, a warning if anyone were to trespass. Seokjin, being the healing fairy, would mostly heal people around on their little town if needed, or he would learn new potions and enchantments as well. It was clear that these two were the head of this household, and two essentials of this clan. 

The three youngesters had all different chores. Jimin would come together with other nature fairies and their day was spent either listening to the forest, attentive to any danger, or he would help on the fruit trees and the little vegetable gardens. To be honest, Yoongi has noticed everyone helps when it comes to gardening or gathering food. Including Namjoon and Seokjin. But mostly it was Jimin's magic that kept everything healthy and flowing. Taehyung, along with Namjoon, is mostly nocturnal, but since living in a clan they had to adpat to their surroundings. 

The pixie had heard time and time again, how the star fairy would sometimes stay up at night outside, looking up at the sky. Just like Jimin, it seemed like he was connecting with his inner power. Taehyung usually kept to himself, helping anyone he could, including Namjoon, since they both are nocturnal and have knowledge of it. Jungkook, being the strongest one, would usually hang out with other strengh fairies and he would help carry anything, or build. 

But as time goes by, Seokjin has taught him and showed him, that having distinctive chores means nothing. Everyone helps everyone. And since their little hometown is well protected, quiet and safe, a lot of times they will spend most of the day enjoying themselves on little adventures. That is, Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung. Namjoon and Seokjin prefer to stay behind, guarding everything, and Hoseok... Well, the shy fairy has taken an interest to the pixie, so now he mostly stayed home, hanging around the pixie anytime he had a chance (whenever Jin isn't paying attention), and stealing second glances and smiles.

Overall, Yoongi could say he was enjoying this little hometown. Quiet and peacefull. He hoped it stayed like this for a long time, and that what happened back at his town didn't occur here.

As Seokjin stirred away in his little pot, murmuring low enchantment words and watching closely the sparkly water boil, Hosoek quietly entered the kitchen. Yoongi sat at the end of the small table looking at the healing fairy, as he was commanded, Jin telling him to stay close and carefull.

"W-What do I do now Jinnie?", the shy fairy asked quietly.

Jin stilled a bit, surprised, and looked behind him, "Hum? Oh, you finished cleaning?"

The fae nodded, and Jin seemed lost, "Then, I don't know Hobi... Why don't you hang out with Jimin and the others? They're by the river, I think", the healing fairy analyzed Hoseok's face, the fae looking conflicted, "... It's been a while since you hang out with them, you know? They've noticed"

Hoseok's mouth turned into a sad pout, looking devastated, "T-They did? Are they upset?"

The older smiled faintly, it seems that no one likes to see Hoseok pouting, "They're not upset Hobi, just confused and miss you", Jin said, observing how Hoseok not-so-subtly stole a glance towards an attentive Yoongi.

"... Maybe you could take Yoongi? It's pretty boring here"

The shy fae perked up at that, looking straight at the pixie and blushing madly once he saw how he wasn't discrete, "O-Oh... D-Do you want to come?"

Yoongi, still looking at him, smiled, "Sure", and Hoseok really didn't need to ask twice, anything to take that pout away.

Smiling at the moment, Jin chuckled, "Good, then... Go, and come home before dark, and be especially careful with Yoongi... I don't want anyone to attack you thinking this pixie here is bad news"

The other fairy nodded, rosy cheeks and smiling, and he shyly nudged at Yoongi to get up and follow him. The pixie didn't even blink twice before leaving after him. Seokjin watched them both go, until they were out of his vision, and smiled. Yoongi seemed to be a good new thing for Hoseok.

"Ah, crushing hard I see...", Jin smiled to himself, stirring his pot, as his mind drifted away to a grey-haired boy scribbling in the other room.


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


As they walked towards the river, Hoseok kept shyly stealing glances, smile still plastered on his face. The pixie smiled back, the stunning fairy uplifted his mood.

"So, is it far away?"

Hoseok shook his head, "No, just up ahead... Y-You'll like it, I think"

Yoongi nodded along with him, amused by how Hoseok really was blushfull and obvious, "As long as you're there"

The other fae looked at him surprised, his cheeks reddening even more as he stuttered, "M-Me? Why?"

The pixie shrugged, smiling, "I'm closer to you"

Hoseok nodded, casting his eyes down embarrassed, "O-Oh... I thought y-you felt closer to Jinnie"

Yoongi bit his lip, his heart racing, "I prefer talking with you"

The fairy chuckled, still looking embarrassed, "T-Thank you... I hope you l-like talking to the others too, though...", he finished smiling, mischeveously. 

The pixie's heart fluttered, "I do, but...", you're special, is what the pixie wanted to say. But Yoongi decided not to finish it, letting the quiet fae look at him with curious eyes and a sad pout, wanting for Hoseok to be so curious he can't help but ask.

But before any of them could talk again, they reached the river, where loud voices immediately rang through their ears. Jungkook was jumping around on the water, his wings sparkled beautifically underwater as Jimin stayed on the surface giggling, his wings also fluttered stunningly against the water, the river mirroring the bright dust that fell of his wings and body. The first to notice them, though, was Taehyung, the fairy that was keeping out of the water sitted on a rock watching them. Yoongi guessed star fairies wouldn't really enjoy water as much as others, considering their dust is precious to them. 

"Hobi! You came", he exclaimed, as he got up and run towards the brunette.

Hoseok smiled nervously, "Y-Yeah... I brought Yoongi, is it okay?"

Taehyung looked at Yoongi, sharing a glance, "Yeah, it's fine... It's boring being inside the house all day", and the star fairy seemed honest about it, he didn't have his guard up, offering Yoongi a faint smile of aknowledgment.

Soon enough, Jimin and Jungkook, who both were calling out for Hoseok as well, had finally resurfaced out of the water and approached them, smiling and giggling.

"Hobi! I'm so happy you're here... The water was starting to miss you", Jimin said, his wings glowing intensely. He truly was glad Hoseok had come for them.

"A-Ah, really... I'm sorry for being so distant...", he said sadly, the other three immediately shaking it away.

"It's okay Hobi, everyone needs their time... Now come with us, the water's so nice! We're trying to get Tae to join us"

The other fae rolled his eyes, "Really, I said no... It's such a drag, having to take a bath in dust because I lost too much... Chimmy-", he whined once he saw the nature fairy pouting as well.

Jungkook laughed, "When he gives you the pout, it's over Tae"

The star fairy groaned, pulling Hoseok to his embrace, "Hobi, save me... I don't think my heart can take much longer"

Hoseok laughed as well, pulling Taehyung with him towards the water, "Just your feet Tae... Please?"

Taehyung gasped, sounding offended, "You too? Wow..."

Looking behind him, Hoseok made sure to nudge Yoongi to follow them, but the pixie smiled back and gestured him to go. Personally speaking, Yoongi can totally understand Taehyung's perspective. Going into the water and risking loosing so much dust you'll then have to bath in it, is exhausting and dragging. It takes your energy out as well. And Yoongi doesn't want to risk it, considering they're fairies, he's not certain they have pixie dust ready for him. 

Hoseok showed him another pout and Yoongi had the urge to squeeze his face. Who would have thought, a pixie feeling embarassed by a fae.

Stripping down to his panties, the pixies eyes couldn't even budge from Hoseok's back view, the fairy slowly entered the water as all the other two cheered for him. Taehyung sat again on the rock, watching them amused. The pixie decided to join him, it would be strange to sit far from him.

As he sat down next to the star fae, Taehyung seemed surprised. He seemed more quiet than most, different from Hoseok as well. Hoseok was quiet, but it was because he was shy. Taehyung was quiet because he chose to be, wary and attentive, he could read the atmosphere very quickly. Maybe that's why star fairies are good guides, after all.

"Are you liking it here?", he started, gentle.

Yoongi nodded, shrugging slightly, "Yeah... Well, it's different... I think I'm safer here"

Taehyung frowned faintly, curious, "Why? Because we're fairies?"

The pixie grimaced, "Yes. I don't think my kind went back to our home looking for me, you know"

The fae looked at him surprised, worry on his features, "Oh... Pixies really are evil, huh? I thought it was just fairy tales"

"Not all are like that, it depends... but my clan was. All they cared about was who to steal next, who they could allure next... I don't know"

Taehyung nodded, studying him, "... And you?"

Yoongi smiled short, he knew he would ask, "It's what I was taught to do. I never learned anything else. Only when I grew did I start to notice what really was happening. How manipulative everyone was, how we were stealing as a way to survive... I observed all the other creatures around us and how nobody did that, just us. I just became a little numb to it all, too aware" 

The star fairy nodded, understanding, "But why didn't you change by yourself?"

The pixie looked at him, smiling faintly, "Because it's a clan, and we have to live by their rules"

Taehyung nodded, looking pensative. It was probably confusing to him how pixies worked, considering fairies are the most caring and elegant creatures, he probably had never stolen anything all of his life.

"But not everyone was bad, I had a few that felt guilty like me... It's just, pixies have a bad reputation, it's not like they're acepted everywhere"

The fae looked up at him, understanding gaze again, "Yeah, I understand... But we acepted you, you can stay Yoongi"

Yoongi felt his heart clench, not really sure what to answer, "Yeah... Thank you"

Taehyung smiled more brightly, his eyes shifting to the water watching everyone play around, "Hoseok is... special. He seems to be really fond of you...", his voice became distant, with a frown, "... Don't hurt him. He doesn't deserve it"

The pixie looked back at the river again, watching a giggly Hoseok splash water back at Jungkook's smug face, "I know... I won't"

The star fae didn't answer him back, but Yoongi knew he heard him and felt his sincerity. 

The afternoon at river went by nicely and quickly, Taehyung ended up wetting more than just his feet thanks to a black-haired fairy persisting on his entrance in the water. Jimin stayed back, arm enterwined with Hoseok's as he watched his two other lovers struggle. When Taehyung finally gave in, Jungkook lovingly put him on his shoulders and carried him to the middle, Jimin couldn't stop laughing with Taehyung's non-amused expression. 

But before they could notice, like a quiet mouse, Hoseok was gone. The shy fae had slipped under Jimin's arm and watchfull eyes and managed to leave the water silently. Yoongi had lost him for a second, his heart racing, remembering how Hoseok has no magical defense mechanism against any other creature. But his eyes drifted to the other side of the river, where some bright blue flowers rested beautifally, and observed the fairy crouched down to them, plucking a few to his hand. It was endearing, everything he did was pure. 

Once Jimin set his eyes apart from his lovers, the two still arguing loudly, the nature fairy noticed the sight Yoongi had his eyes on. He frowned faintly, curious and confused as to why Hoseok was picking up flowers at the side of the river. But Hoseok seemed focused and content, so Jimin didn't let his curiosity ruin the moment. 

The three of them kept playing on the water, Yoongi still sitted on the same place as his eyes drifted from the three mischeveous ones to the quiet one that quietly made his way back. Yoongi saw Hoseok fly for the first time. His wings fluttered enough, and in a bat of an eye the boy was beside him still dripping wet. The pixie was astounished, finding it stunning how the fairy flew so gracefully and yet, no magic sparkled from him. 

He sat down next to Yoongi, quickly blushing again for the proximity and reaching for his clothes. His body was still cold and wet, so getting dressed now would be a nuisance. But Yoongi could see his shivering body, and felt bad for not being able to do anything. His only power was being able to change size and alluring people, he didn't have knowledge of any enchantment that could warm him. Maybe he should start paying more attention to Seokjin's potions.

"Are you cold? We should go back", Yoongi said, worried.

Hoseok shook his head, "J-Just a little bit, but I'll be fine...", as he returned his attention to the glowing flowers and started to enterwine them on each other.

The pixie observed him close, fondly watching the fae make such a simple and quick flower crown with just a few flowers, and how they shined stunningly against his skin tone and white wings. 

A few minutes went by, it was finally getting a little gloomy and dark. Yoongi felt Hoseok move on his side, the fairy getting closer to him and the pixie felt his heart race. The fae's face was too close, analyzing the brunette's face so close only made Yoongi more and more aware of his attraction to the other, of his fast beating heart.

Hoseok softly rested the flowers on top of Yoongi's head, making sure not to touch him too much, making sure Yoongi was confortable and not angry. The fairy smiled at him, blush painting his cheeks and he suddenly became shy.

"Y-You said you would take my a-advice, so...", he admitted with a smile.

Yoongi was too taken aback by his adorable and kind behavior, that before he knew, the three other faes were next to them warning them they should go home. Hoseok got up, reluctantly putting on his cold clothes, and nudged Yoongi up as well. All the other three fairies seemes surprised by what just happened, sharing glaces between themselves and Yoongi. The pixie finally felt a blush creep onto his face, feeling embarassment climb up on him. 

When they finally started to walk back, the fairies guiding the way, mainly Taehyung as his wings shined magestically at night, Hoseok kept behind along side Yoongi. The flowers on the pixies head were bright, Yoongi could see their light reflect on trees and leaves, and he already knew he would be treasuring this flower crown forever. He was never offered or gifted anything, people usually stole from him or he had to steal. It made him... feel welcome, wanted, part of something that actually mattered.

"Thank you Hoseok", he whispered back the dark fairy, whose wings still had no sparkle on them. Yoongi could barely see his face, the flowers on his head actually helping him, and his own wings helping the slightest too. 

The shy fae smiled brightly back at him, and Yoongi swore, he could see the stars reflected on his eyes.


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


As more time kept passing by, no longer anyone was a stranger to him. The fairies of this hometown had strangely warmed up to him and accepted him, as long as nothing ever went missing. The pixie understood it, and was gratefull for having found a home and an opportunity.

Everyone in the house seemed more open to him as well. Since his talk with Taehyung, it looked as if it was the big ice breaker for them. The star fairy would engage in conversations with him about everything, including jokes, and that seemed to be what made everyone else less tense too. Taehyung was the most wary and distant when it came to new-comers, so seeing him being so open made all the others open up as well.

Namjoon had talked to him, about potions and the attack, about a bunch of ordinary stuff as well. He was, overall, a really good person to lay down his fears and doubts, always making sure to reassure him. Seokjin was the same as always, the only difference being he would joke around more and actually tease him about Hoseok whenever the fae wasn't around. The pixie was amused by the mischeveousness this healing fairy had on him.

Jimin and Jungkook warmed up to him as well, right after Taehyung breaking the tension. Jimin had always been more giggly, bubbly, kinder. Jungkook had always been quiet as well, throwing in a joke here and there, but usually too shy to speak to Yoongi. Now it was different, as he gained courage to joke around as well and actually be courageous enough to ask him any question he had abut pixies.

With Hoseok, though, everything seemed even better. They had grown quite close, close enough that Hoseok doesn't stutter as often, and has finally started to show his giggly and mischeveous side. Throwing in some jokes here and there, Hoseok was mostly timid and blushfull, but he was the kindest and caring one in the house. From cooking to cleaning, to gathering food and even helping in the potions, there was nothing this boy wouldn't do. Having no magic meant nothing on his book. He would do everything, always. 

He always made sure to be the last one to wish Yoongi a goodnight, the pixie still left sleeping on the couch because of the lack of any other beds. Yoongi didn't mind, he was already greatefull enough for the hospiality. Sometimes the pixie would wake up with warm food next to him, or an extra blanket, and he knew it was Hoseok. His heart knew. 

Their shared glances and giggly conversations seemed to grow each day, to the point Yoongi's not sure when was the last day he didn't spend it all with Hoseok by his side. He would help him cook, clean, water plants and gather food. And despite Yoongi being content and Hoseok seeming to be glowing as well, Seokjin was persistent, always making sure Yoongi would do more than just follow the fae around, as he made Yoongi study special potions and help outside the house too. 

(Seokjin was a little dumbfounded when Yoongi was the one to reach to him though, asking for a potion to heat up things. But he complied, gladly, because he knew this was about Hoseok).

And today was one of these days. Hoseok was lazily lounging around in the sofa, entertained by Yoongi's small tricks with his hand. Suddenly it was heard the healing's fairy voice choing through the room, calling for Yoongi. The pixie didn't budge, and Hoseok smiled at him, disappointment in his face.

"You should go see jin... h-he wanted to teach you some stuff...", he said timid, despite his clear interest in watching talking and being next to the pixie.

"... But i want to stay with you", Yoongi confessed, quietly, watching Hoseok's face blossom into a red color.

Hoseok chuckled,his heart pounding, "But t-there's nothing special about me... Potions are"

Yoongi had never once mentioned to Hoseok about his lack of power, or asked intrusive questions afraid the fae would be sensitive about it. And as of late, the fairy had started to subtly leave hints at how being powerless really made him feel. It made him feel below everyone, it made him feel ordinary. Yoongi hated that, to him, Hoseok was the most special.

Keeping his piercing eyes toward him, Yoongi didn't even blink, "You're special to me", his voice gentle as a whisper.

Hoseok blushed further and seemed to be taken aback by the others confession. His eyes shined, maintaining the intimate eye contact with him. Without opening his mouth, Yoongi knew the fairy was glowing with happiness. And as the pixie licked his lips, Hoseok's eyes shifting quickly down from his eyes to lips, Yoongi approached him softly, the silence between them a little sofucating, the fae's breathing close enough that Yoongi could feel the temperature.

He lifted his hand, gently touching Hoseok's cheek, the fairy closing his eyes momentarily. Yoongi's world froze. It felt like a dream. He approached him slowly, allowing himself to close his eyes as well, eager to kiss the fae's lips-

"I thought I called you?", Seokjin asks abruptedly, breaking the moment. The boy sounded amused.

Hoseok opened his eyes fast, embarrassed when he sees Jin staring at them with a smirk. Yoongi feels the disappointment creep up to him, wishing for his time alone with Hoseok once more. He thinks the healing fairy might have a thing for interupting people's moments.

Looking at Yoongi with his red cheeks, Hoseok casts his eyes low ,embarrassed, but remains still. Yoongi's surprised, watching Hoseok's mouth grow into a pout and he looks so, so disappointed. The pixie feels his heart sting.

Before getting up, Yoongi not caring about Jin's presence, caressed Hoseok's face gently, which read as a quick message of "I'll finish this". The pixie then moves, lifting himself up and walking towards Seokjin with a glare. The healing fairy seems amused, chuckling as he turns around and leaves the room as quiet as he entered, and Yoongi looks behind himself.

Hoseok is staring at him with such a sad pouty look, the pixie has a hard time not running back into that couch. The fae lifts his knees up to his chest and hugs them, sitting small against the head of the sofa as he looks at Yoongi tentatively. They don't talk, but Hoseok's expression reads as a quiet "I want you too". The pixies heart beats fast, looking at Hoseok and already picturing him being clingy after their so sought after kiss. Yoongi has a really hard time turning his back to him.

"I'll be back", he tries, voice tight.

Hoseok nods, finally smiling at him, but Yoongi can see how much he wanted that kiss. The pixie leaves the room frustrated and his heart clenching.

Reaching Seokjin's potion room, the healing fairy looking at him with a smug look, Yoongi can already hear his teasing echoing in his head. Ingoring him, the pixie plops down on the chair with a glare, almost like a grumpy child. Jin keeps staring at him smirking.

"Am I here to learn or what?"

Jin laughs, unfazed, "You know, you could have finished it, poor Hobi looked so sad..."

The pixie groans, "None of your business"

"Language pixie", Jin orders, sounding amused and playfull. He loved this. Yoongi was the best thing that happened to this house in a long time, and seeing shy and quiet Hoseok fall head over heels for him, made Seokjin glow with happiness.

"Whatever..." Yoongi grumbled, not sounding mean.

"And to think he looked so cute like that, waiting for you... Ugh, how can you resist-"

"Really? Here we go...", Yoongi grumbled again once Jin's teasing started. Now it would be hard thanks to the ruined moment.

"Just wait until I tell the others, oh, Jimin is gonna love this-"

"Oh no, are you finished? Please", Yoongi groaned, glaring at the fairy.

Seokjin just chuckled as he watched the pixie try to hide his blush. Really, it was so endearing. The pixie, that changed, in love with the fairy that has no magic. Oh, Jin was a sucker for romances like these.



─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


Since the last ruined moment with Hoseok, which happened three days ago (not like Yoongi's counting, really), the fairy hadn't approached him like that again. But it wasn't exactly his fault, or exactly what they had planned either. Yoongi could see it, clear as day, as Hoseok wanted it just as much as him, to be alone together and talk and, maybe, kiss. The fae's stolen glances spoke more than he ever could, his rosy cheeks always looking at Yoongi with hopefull eyes and the pixie hated that right now there was nothing he could do share a private moment with him.

As Seokjin informed him that afternoon, a seasonal festival was approaching and everyone was needed to help in everything. Hoseok had been helping everyone with the clothes and flower crowns, helping Jimin in his gardens as well. It looked a bit chaotic, Yoongi couldn't lie. There were baskets flying everywhere, Hoseok tiredlessly making flower crowns right along side Jimin. Taehyung was in charge of lights and it seemed to have taken a bit of a toll on him as well, being the only star fairy was exhausting. Jungkook looked as bright as he ever did, and as amazing as it is, he was doing the heavy work. 

Since the festival happens on the river, they had to carry food, lights and a bunch of other things there. And being fairies themselves, they could use magic, but with everyone tired and busy, it was easier to let the strengh fairies deal with it at their will. In the end, strengh fairies magic did rely indeed on strengh, so Jungkook was just using his powers rightfully.

Seokjin was busy running around the house making one thousand potions that he intended to sell, and gift some, on the festival. Apparently even more fairies from more clans would appear and he wanted to make good deals, as the healing fairy said himself. The moon fairy seemed to be as busy as Taehyung, but probably even more stressed. The leader was keeping a close eye on everything, whilst giving instructions on where to put what and do. Since the festival was at night, especially thinking about their moon and star fairies, Namjoon seemed very eager to make this festival always perfect. It was the time where he would shine, so Yoongi completely understood him. 

Yoongi, who had been helping anyone he could, noticed how little to no time he had had with Hoseok. They barely smiled at each other, always running around between people and being tired. For a moment, the pixie wished this festival would just end already, but he couldn't be this selfish. It was their festival, a festival especially made thinking about their nocturnal fairies in which their poured their hearts and sweat into. The pixie really wasn't used to this, but he loved it, and he wanted them to have a good time, especially Hoseok.

However, the fae's stolen glances were always filled with some sadness in them. Yoongi's heart ached. When he saw Hoseok finally sitting down still, he approached him as fast as he could on his break. Today was the festival's day, and that's the reason why everyone seemed so on the edge running around. 

Yoongi sighed, finally being alone with Hoseok, "Hi"

The fairy looked up at him, smiling brightly, "Hi Yoongi"

"Finally caught up to you, huh?", he tried playfully.

Hoseok casted his eyes down, sad, "Y-Yeah... After the festival everything will be back to normal...", he lifted his head with a questioning tone to his voice. Yoongi frowned. Was Hoseok really scared the pixie was gonna distance himself from him?

"Yeah, of course it will... I can't wait to see the festival though", Yoongi reassured him with a smile.

Nodding, Hoseok smiled back, "Yeah! It's very beautifull... Joonie and Tae show their real power tonight. They're really bright at night", and finally, the pixie realised why the fairy was sad.

Not only because of their sudden distance, but because tonight was the night some showed off their sparkle, their magic, power. Hoseok didn't have anything to show. Yoongi felt his heart clench, wanting to kiss him, hug him. 

He decided to caress his head, threading his fingers on his hair, "I want to go with you"

Hoseok blushed, parting his lips at the invite, as he stared at Yoongi content, "O-Oh, really?"

"Of course. You're special to me Hoseok"

The fairy smiled, his blush growing, but he didn't avoid eye contact. Hoseok was becoming more and more confident around Yoongi, and the pixie found himself falling deeper for Hoseok, if that was even possible.

"Thank you Yoongi", the fae whispered back, his eyes glowing in a different way as he leaned towards Yoongi's affection.

"You're special to me too", the boy barely whispered back, Yoongi's heart racing. Being in love and feeling loved, the pixie just thought he was the luckiest person alive for have met such a treasure in his life.

"Tonight, at the festival... Okay?", Yoongi's quiet promise left Hoseok giggly, looking down at his feet embarrassed, nodding his head happily. 

So tonight was the kiss, a promise. Yoongi would not let anything get in their way.

And from a distance, Jimin who witnessed everything, quickly run off to call for Jungkook and Taehyung, tears threatening to spill. He and Seokjin were such romantics. Namjoon who was outside has he had always been, watched everything unfold as well, feeling a fond smile creep on him with relief and contentment. Seokjin observed everything from the window, with a hand to his chest and his wings fluterring happily. Finally, someone that swept Hoseok of his feet and treated him as the special and beautifull fairy he really is. Magic and power are nothing, if the true value comes from the inside.

As night approached, the fairies tired and eager to start the festival, Yoongi waited patiently for Hoseok outside the house. Since he had been preparing Taehyung's and Namjoon's special flower crowns, adorned with lights and special dust, it took some time. The pixie decided to stay outside waiting for them, he didn't want to interupt or ruin the surprise, as Seokjin said. Something told Yoongi that the healing fairy had something prepared up his sleeve, but he decided not to dwell on it.

The sky had just slowly started to turn black. The stars shined magestically on the sky, with the full moon looking down on the them, and something told him both Namjoon and Taehyung had something to do with it as well. It seemed as if everyone was eager and enthusiastic about this festival. 

Suddenly the door was opened, Namjoon stepping outside with a big smile and adorned from head to toe. He had special clothes today, not his usual attire, but a richer one, more alive. His clothing was decorated with moons ornaments, rich golden threads sewed the edges of his coat and shoes. His flower crown was enormous, sparkling white flowers adorned his head with special attention to the golden jewelry that fell on his forehead. It had all the phases of the moon. His wings spread open beautifically, the moon shining on them as they were made for it, and the leader looked exactly how a leader should look. 

Everyone had gathered around Yoongi in order to take a peek at the moon fairy and the star fairy, them being the special guests tonight.

And just as in cue, Taehyung got out next. His attire was definitely smaller compared to Namjoon's impact, and rightfully so. Namjoon was the leader, he was to be expected to dress royaly and to demand respect. The star fairy looked just as good and bright as the leader, though. Taehyung was dressed in white and golden, his clothes sewed with golden threads and decorated with stars just like Namjoon's, and his shoes sparkled just like the other fae. His wings were bright, so bright Yoongi had to squint, the stars on the sky seemed as if they all alligned just to look down at the fairy. His flower crown was adorned with big golden flowers, some white roses as well. It had lights and in his forehead fell a simple star from his crown. He should dress up, but never too much where he takes away the impact of the leader.

And just like that, the whole twon started to clap and cheer. The two boys looked stunning and breath-taking, they didn't look real. Yoongi couldn't resist as he clapped as well, watching the fae's faces turn into smiles, looking gratefull.

In a simple and loud order, Namjoon clapped his hands and declared the festival start. Cheering away, Namjoon flew towards the river with every fairy following behind. Taehyung didn't go, as he made his way next to Yoongi quietly and waited for the others with him.

Yoongi frowned, "You're not going?"

Taehyung shrugged, smiling, "Nah, Joonie's the leader. I can arrive late. Besides, my boyfriends are still inside. I can't wait to see them", he said expectantly, his eyes glowing.

The pixie looked surprised, "You still haven't seen them?"

Shaking his head, the fae answered, "No. They dress me and Joonie first and now it's their turn, since you know, we have more stuff to put on..."

Yoongi nodded, watching Taehyung from head to toe, "You look good. Hoseok said tonight is the night you really show your real magic"

Looking at him smiling mischeveously, Taehyung answered, "Yeah, it is... Hobi seems to really like you, huh?"

The pixie sighted lightly, nervous, whispering, "I hope so"

"What?", the fae didn't seem to catch on.

"I didn't say anything", Yoongi quickly fixed.

Sending him a lazy smile, Taehyung chuckled, "I heard you. Well, I think Hoseok likes you, so, as long as you like him back, I think everything will go well"

Yoongi rolled his eyes, embarrassed, "Why are you and Seokjin so annoying?"

Taehyung laughed, the conversation dying down a little. But after a quiet minute, Taehyung added, "You know, this festival is really important to us. This is where people ask each other in marriage... It's where they ask for a kiss, ask each other out... It's where they wait for their partners so they can go together"

The pixie's heart raced. He looked back at Taehyung to see the fairy looking smug as ever, eyes glued to the door. Yoongi gulped down his sudden nervousness. So... this meant a lot to Hoseok, he guessed. And now this meant so much more to Yoongi as well.

"Then what about Seokjin? He should have gone with Namjoon", the pixie tried to evade the conversation.

Taehyung shrugged, "He's the leader. He's expected first, and everyone knows Jinnie helps the others first. Besides, they're already married. Don't worry, Jinnie will make your jaw drop once you see him. He's expected to dress up just as much as Namjoon"

Yoongi nodded and as in cue, the door opens again. The first to leave is Jungkook, the black-haired boy looking a little bit frantic, puffy and rosy cheeks, and he seemed to still be struggling with his belt. Taehyung cooed at him.

"Oh Kookie, come here"

The other fairy groaned, "Ugh, I can't close this no matter what. Jimin is already stressed out and we haven't even reached the dance part yet"

Taehyung laughed, way too close to Jungkook just to close his belt, "You know how he is... The princess has to be perfect"

Jungkook rolled his eyes, "He looks good no matter what. I've been telling him that even before dressing up"

"You said dance part?", Yoongi interupted them, finding himself grow nevous by the second.

The star fairy smirked, "Yeah. There's a part where everyone dances with their partner. Me and Joonie allign the stars and the moon together"

"It's really beautifull Yoongi, you won't regret it", the black-haired fae added eagerly, clearly proud of his boyfriends power. Taehyung cooed at him again, kissing his cheek with a wet sound.

"Oh... But, do we have to?"

Seeing Yoongi so nervous, Taehyung laughed, "Relax, everything will be okay. Hoseok won't eat you"

Jungkook finally understood and chuckled as well, pulling Taehyung closer, "Oh, I see, I see... Don't worry Yoongi, Hoseok's way shyer than you", the fairy added, as if that would help Yoongi's nervousness.

When the pixie finally took a look at Jungkook's attire, he wasn't really surprised to see him with simpler clothes. He was wearing light pink, golden threads adorning the edges and his shoes sparkled as well. His wings were bright and his flower crown shined brightly with white roses, like Taehyung's. It had small lights on it, and he was wearing a simple jewelry on his forehead with a star and a leaf. Yoongi knew what it meant.

Right after him came a frantic Jimin, puffy and red cheeks as well, sending an acusing glare in his boyfriends direction, "Why are you here? You could have helped"

Taehyung pulled him into the embrace, "But baby, you look so good already. We know you'll always make yourself look perfect", Jungkook nodded along, both caressing Jimin's cheeks and head.

The nature fairy blushed harder, casting his eyes down, "B-But I want to look good for you"

The other two gasped, immediately pulling him tighter to them, "Oh baby, you always do", they whispered to him silently, complimenting him and caressing him. Jimin let them coo him, liked to be babied, Yoongi noticed some time ago.

Sharing an embarrassed glance at Yoongi, Jimin smiled, "Hoseok looks really good", teasing him.

Yoongi smiled back nervously, not sure what to think.

Jimin looked absolutely breath-taking. His blonde hair was the best contrast with his colorfull flowers surrounding his head. His flower crown was decorated with lights and clorofull shining flowers, with jewelry adorning his ears, and a leaf pendant falling on his forehead. Being the nature fairy, Jimin was wearing light blue clothing with golden threading as well. It seemed to be the theme. His wings shined beautifically in white dust, and it seemed like the fairy had also decorated his wings with little flowers and some fireflies that surrounded his crown and wings. He looked stunning, Yoongi completely agreed with Jungkook and Taehyung. There was no possible way of him looking bad.

Yoongi looked down on himself, feeling a little aware of what he was wearing. He was wearing his usual black clothes, and since he was a pixie, his dust didn't shine magestically like the fairies ones did. His flower crown with blue flowers offered by Hoseok was still alive and bright, his shiny belt didn't seem to shine so much at night and he really had nothing else going for him. He looked a disaster.

Before the pixie could feel even worse about it, Hoseok got out of the house timidly. He blushed deeply once he saw Yoongi waiting for him with the flower crown he offered, and almost chickened out and went inside. But Yoongi's reassuring smile made him more confident. Since Hoseok had no natural spark to him, he was adorned in all golden. His clothes were a mix of yellow and gold, something that caught everyone's eyes. His wings were decorated with bright golden shining roses, accompanied by some firefly friends that Jimin seemed to coo about, looking tearfull. His flower crown was adorned with bright shining golden and yellow roses, lights and small pendants around it. The jewelry that fell on his forehead had little suns (Yoongi guesses it was because Hoseok was so warm), and his shoes shined with bright golden threads as well. His brunette hair looked almost golden as well, right along with his colors, and Yoongi's world had frozen.

Hoseok looked like everything he could ever wish for.

"Your mouth Yoongi", Jimin teased.

Yoongi closed his mouth immediately, embarrassed for being caught red-handed and glad it was black out right now, so they couldn't see his blush.

Hoseok approached him shyly, going to his side quietly with a happy and bright smile on his face. Happiness looked good on him.

"You look beautifull Hoseok", the pixie confessed quietly to him.

The fairy blushed harder, "T-Thank you... You too"

And Yoongi felt embarrassed. No, he didn't. He looked as he has always looked and now he felt guilty for not trying more. Hoseok looked stunning, and he would make him look bad just by being beside him.

"Ugh, finally, this has barely started and I'm already so tired", Seokjin grumbled, stumbling out of the house with a big coat like Namjoon's. 

The healing fairy was just as glamorous as the leader. His attire was adorned with the moon symbol, representing his lover, with golden threading and green designs. His shoes shined right alone with his big flower crown, that was decorated with white shiny roses, small little lights and jewelry adorned his head. From ears to forehead, to wrists. Seokjin really looked like a leader. His pendants didn't have the phases of the moon but they still had some moon symbols, also adorned with small little leaves. His wings were spread magestically behind him shining brightly in white dust, right along with his shoes. 

Even looking frantic, Jin looked stunning.

"So, let's go", Seokjin grumbled.

"W-Wait!", Hoseok said, startling everyone.

Jin looked like he wanted to be annoyed, but seeing it was Hoseok who called, he looked worried, "Yeah, Hobi?"

Hoseok looked timid, nervous, "C-Can we dress Yoongi too?"

The pixie's heart raced. Knowing Hoseok, he wants to believe the fairy has good intentions behind these words, and not because he thinks Yoongi's gonna embarrass him.

"...It's just, I-I want him to dress up like us as well, have lights surrounding him, have fun...", he explained quietly, Yoongi looking taken aback by his side.

Hoseok was so pure, sweet and kind. Of course he would never see Yoongi as an embarrassment, he was just worried for him. The pixie fell himself fall deeper and deeper and deeper.

The fae looked at him, with expectant eyes, "... You know, because fairies are fun?"

Yoongi smiled at him, not caring that every single eye was on them, and caressed Hoseok's cheek gently, "Yeah"

Groaning loudly, Seokjin opened the door again, "Ugh, why are you so cute? I don't think I can handle this. First those three acting adorable, now you two... I think me and Joon need a honeymoon far from here", he grumbled, as he gestured for them to come inside.

Before the other three could enter as well, Seokjin argued, "You, go! Namjoon must be worried already, I should be there by now!"

The three fairies laughed and nodded, quickly flying away to make sure to reassure a worried husband.

"I'm sorry Jinnie-"

"It's okay Hobi! I'm not mad, I just didn't want those three spying on us...", Jin explained playfully, "So now, let's see...", the fairy said as he searched around on his big enchanted chest.

"Hum... Since Hoseok's wearing golden, you would probably look good with white and golden as well... Kinda like Taehyung...", he talked to himself, the other two blushing seeing how the healing fairy was matching them like lovers.

"Ah, ah! Here, try this Yoongi", he said as he offered the fairy his clothes, "And you, turn his crown into something even more magestic. Let's go!", Jin added, as he swiped the flower crown off of Yoongi's head and gave it to Hoseok, "I'll make some special enchantment so your wings shine more-"

"Ah, you don't need to. I'll decorate them like Hoseok", Yoongi quickly added. He didn't want to make Hoseok unconfortable by any means, because by the looks of it, Hoseok porpusedly chose not to have any magic on him, only flowers.

Hoseok smiled at him, looking beautifull and happy.

Jin smiled brightly, and he looked content as well, "Oh, good then... Let's move!"

In the end, Yoongi ended up dressing in a white and golden attire. Not too attention grabbing, but still beautifull. His black-hair was a big contrast, and the blue shining flowers looked stunning against his head. Hoseok decorated them with little lights and a small sun pendant, a subtle detail that made Yoongi's heart flutter. Hoseok was clearly matching them up, and the pixie felt his heart race with happiness. Jin decorated his wings with golden roses just like Hoseok's, and he fluttered them in eagerness. Seokjin smiled at him, caught red-handed.

Hoseok smiled brightly at him, looking radiant. Seokjin accompanied him.

"You look good Yoongi! Let's go now love birds", Jin said, quickly dashing to the door right when he said it.

The other fairy blushed deeper, "Y-You looked good before Yoongi, it's just... I was sad you didn't get to dress up like we did"

Yoongi smiled at him, caressing his head, "Thank you Hoseok"

Smiling at him and quickly pulling him to the door before Jin could grumble more, Hoseok closed the door behind them and made their way towards the festival.

The walk was quick, lights guided them to the river, definitely Taehyung's work. Arriving at the scene, Yoongi was immediately taken aback. Everything was shining and sparkling beautifically, Namjoon stood tall and sparkly near the biggest and oldest tree, the three other fairies down by the river chatting with other faes. The river was iluminated by fireflies and the lights Taehyung tiredlessly lit, the place was surrounded by bright shiny flowers and magic dust floating the skies. There were some small stalls with food and potions, some even seling some fabrics.

Seokjin waved them a brief goodbye before quickly walking towards his lover, kissing him in front of everyone and started to welcome the guests. Namjoon seemed content and relieved, his smile spoke for itself.

Being left behind by everyone, Yoongi felt lost and timid himself. Hoseok smiled at him, blushing. 

"D-Do you like it?"

The pixie nodded, "Yes, it's magical", he said in awe.

Hoseok agreed, pulling Yoongi with him towards the food stalls, where they immediately got immersed between the foods and potions. 

The night was going overwhelmingly well, Hoseok didn't need any magic to shine, his smile and presence being enough. Seokjin did bring his own stall of potions, the ones he tiredlessly made, and he sold out in a second. The healing fae seemed to be glowing even more after that, proud of his work. Namjoon kept the other fairies entertained with his own magic, the moon hovering on too of him, but the fairy did keep a watchfull eye on Seokjin and the circle. He didn't seem worried, but seeing the leader so carefull made the pixie's hairs stand.

As in cue, the three younger fairies called out to Hoseok. Apparently there was also a part where they enter the river and watch some magic performance from Taehyung himself. Yoongi wasn't really looking forward to getting wet, and as he looked to his side, neither did Hoseok. In fact, the fairy had lost his smile and looked anxious. The pixie frowned, caressing the quiet fae's cheek carefully.

"Are you okay?"

Hoseok looked at him, half-smiling, "Y-Yeah, yeah... I just... Feel awkward hanging out with other fairies, that's all..."

Yoongi was still frowning, understanding, "With your clan?"

The fae sighed lightly, "Yeah... I-It's just... I-I don't have a power and sometimes I feel left out, it's all"

Hearing Hoseok finally adress it himself made the pixies heart break, "I understand Hobi... Let's go somewhere else?"

The fae smiled at him, gratefull, "It's fine... I still want to show Taehyung my love"

Yoongi nodded, embracing Hoseok to his side gently, the fairy hugging him immediately. Instead of entering the water, both of them watched the performance from afar. None of his friends seemed upset, Taehyung smiling brightly at them once he saw they had stayed for him, and initiated his show. Jimin and Jungkook were glued together on the water, cheering for Taehyung happily.

Soon, it reached the part Yoongi was dreading a little bit. Not because of Hoseok, completely the opposite. Because of himself. The pixie wasn't the best at dancing, feeling embarrassed just thinking about it, thinking about embarrassing the quiet fae even more than he already feels. Yoongi doesn't want Hoseok to feel bad, feel sadder. And he remembered then, the afternoon they spent down here, he had seen from the corner of his eyes a cascade on the other side, just a few meters away. He's not sure if the fairies know about it, or if he can make that their little secret.

Hoseok seemed to be unconfortable again, the fairies gathering together with their partners to dance. The river was like their stage, fireflies circling the area like Jimin trained them too, and everyone seemed ecstatic. 

The pixie looked at Hoseok, patting his hair softly, "Do you, huh... want to?"

The fairy was blushing, looking down at his feet, "I-I don't know... I-I'm embarassed Yoongi..."

As Yoongi looked back from the stage towards the cascade he had seen, Jimin was waving at Hoseok, smiling. The fae reciprocated, looking too nervous.

"Hey, Hobi! Join us!"

Hoseok bit his lip, shaking his head immediately, and he looked like he wanted to run back home far from everyone. Yoongi knows the fairy well enough now, to know the boy is scared of what the other faes think, not embarassed in dancing in itself. Hoseok is funny and sassy when he wants to be, but he's too kind and caring to receive any type of negativity. Yoongi won't allow it.

"Hoseok", Yoongi called for him, making a waiting gesture to Jimin.

The fairy looked at him with sad eyes, "Y-Yeah"

"How about we leave this place and go somewhere alone? Without anyone but us"

The quiet fae seemed surprised, his cheeks reddening as he already knew what was gonna happen, something he had been eagerly waiting for since he dressed up earlier. He nodded while smiling, feeling sad for leaving his friends behind, but knowing this much pressure was making his heart race.

Worried, Jimin came to them asking if something had happened. As Yoongi quickly explained it, the nature fairy seemed happy and relieved Hoseok didn't give in to the pressure, and patted his cheeks gently. With a reassuring smile and words, Jimin left them again to return to his two lovers who were looking at the scene like lost puppies. And just like that, the pixie grabbed Hoseok's hand and made their way towards the hidden cascade just a few meters away. 

When they reached the area, the beautifull cascade flowing down in a quiet and relaxing tune, the pixie was quick in starting to remove his clothes. Hoseok blushed, seemed a little taken back.

Yoongi smiled, "Come. I don't like water myself but... It's just us", he reassured. And really, for Hoseok, Yoongi guesses he might just do anything, even loose his pixie dust a little bit.

The fairy smiled, feeling more confident, as he removed all of his clothing including his panties along the way, which left the pixie blushing harder than he expected. Before Yoongi could finish, Hoseok was already inside the water, happily touching it with his finger and watching as the blue shining flowers alongside the edge moved around. Some fireflies seemed to have followed him on his wings, despite Hoseok being far from Jimin now. He looked magical, in his own stunning way, Hoseok looked out of this world.

The pixie finished removing his own boxers, entering the water when Hoseok wasn't looking. His wings still had the shining flowers and his crown still looked magestic, the flower crown he treasured deeply. Hoseok turned around to him, smiling, his eyes wrinkling and his mouth opened in a heart shaped smile, as he chuckled feeling the fireflies fly around him, like they were kissing his skin. 

Yoongi smiled back, his heart racing. This was it.

The pixie approached the giggly fae, his arms gently pulling Hoseok towards him, snaking around the fairie's waist. He glued their bodies together, ever so gently, quiet as they got lost in each others eyes and in the sound of the water. The fireflies started to fly on top of them, like they were their public and Hoseok couldn't help but giggle time and time again. Grabbing Hoseok's face softly, his cold hands making the fairy shiver, he watched the fae closed his eyes slowly. Waiting, expectant. He wanted this just as much as Yoongi.

Hoseok looked so pure and adorable, Yoongi really couldn't wait any longer. He linked their lips together, Hoseok gasping softly as he let the pixie guide him. Yoongi thought he had just fallen in heaven. He couldn't help but love this boy time and time again, always finding new things to be in love about.

Their kiss was soft and cold, Hoseok was timid at first, but feeling Yoongi taking control of the kiss seemed to awake something in him. The fairy let his hands rest gently on top of the pixies chest, now kissing Yoongi back just as deep as the pixie was. Being it his first kiss, and ultimately, their first, Yoongi wanted it to be perfect and gentle.

When he heard Hoseok gasp, getting a little hard to breathe and their tongues tied, he let go of the fae's face, their foreheads resting and their flowers crowns touching. Hoseok's breathing was fast and short, but the fairy was smiling widely, looking and sounding happy. Yoongi smiled back, his heart pouding with happiness, and he knew they both were glowing. They didn't need magic, they had themselves to shine.

After a couple of minutes, Hoseok's hot breathing on his skin soon disappeared, the fairy looking up at him smiling brightly, rosy cheeks, happy. Yoongi kept smiling, his mind was empty. All that mattered was this moment.

He caressed his cheek softly, "I love you Hoseok. You're special to me" 

The fairy smiled back, his eyes were glowing, tears threatening to spill. The pixie continued, "... You make me happy, and you make everything worth it. I want you by my side. Thank you for saving me", Yoongi tried to hold back his tears, as he kissed Hoseok's nose and caressed him. 

Smiling, teary eyes, Hoseok looked the most radiant he has ever looked, "T-Thank you Y-Yoongi, I l-love you so m-much", the fairy hiccuped back, tears spilling finally and Hoseok looked so gratefull and overwhelmed. 

Hugging him, Yoongi let some persistent tears fall, as he felt Hoseok's love and felt his own love. The fairy hugged him just as tight back, and they stayed in the water just a little more before Yoongi having to use his "Warm up" potion on them. 



─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


Their life had been going well. Since the faes heard about the pixies confession, a tearfull Hoseok reached home that night, that they seemed to have grown even closer to Yoongi. Jungkook and Taehyung would hug him randomly, like he was family, and Namjoon kept teasing him about making Hoseok happy for the rest of his life or he was gonna get his ass kicked. Seokjin and Jimin both cried when they heard the news, Jin going as far as making a big congratulatory cake and desserts, opening one of his small potions that said "I love you" with dust on the air. When everyone laughed as Seokjin still looked tearfull, he grumbled even more because he said he saved that potion to Namjoon, resulting in everyone laughing more and more, and Yoongi finding out he grw up to love each and every single fairy on that house.

But, like everything good, it comes to an end. A very brief end. 

Sooner or later, he knew it might happen to them what happened to him back home. Namjoon had been on high alert lately, stating that his circle kept giving him signs of some people coming too close, some non-magical creatures, which worried Yoongi. Since he had alerted the town, the fairies had all been on high alert as well, the small village being silent and more wary than normal. Namjoon had ordered everyone to stay prepared, especially the strengh fairies and healing ones, since he knew some kind of confrontation was gonna happen in the near future. 

The reason Namjoon decided to stay put was because this was their home. No humans would make them leave the place they so dearly loved and took care off. They would stay and fight. Considering they had magic on their side, it would be easier. The moon fairy had recharged the circles power to it's full capacity, and had told Jin to make memory-loss potions that they could use on them instead of violence.

And although Yoongi trusts him and his power, he also knows humans are reckless and obssessive. They would find a way to hurt them.

And hurt them they did. On a serene and silent afternoon, when Yoongi was outside getting ready to wrap his day from helping Jimin on the trees, he heard a big commotion near the river. He could see torches and arrows being launched, and his world crumbled down. 

Without having much time to react, Yoongi screamed for Namjoon's name and the fairy immediately answered. It all happened so fast the pixie didn't have time to recall what was going on anymore. Sadly, some of their trees were already burning, Jimin was frantic flying around trying to repair it but the arrows scraped him everytime. Jungkook was livid, he was immediately on the front row with all the other strengh fairies, knowing exactly which place to grab the humans and make them faint. No one wanted confrontation and death, the fairies dreaded it.

Taehyung was frantic as well, flying quickly as he grabbed a tearfull Jimin inside the house to take shelter. Seokjin seemed frozen in time, the poor healing fairy looked as if his world was falling to pieces. Yoongi worried for him, running inside the house and pulling Jin with him, alerting him to prepare healing and memory-loss potions as soon as possible. 

Hoseok was staring outside, trembling, the quiet fae had stayed inside these last couple of days scared he would run up to someone evil. And it was good he did, Yoongi came to his side to console him and kiss him, coaxing him into sitting down embraced to Jimin and Taehyung, the two fairies seemed shaken up. Apparently Jungkook had told the to stay inside and not try antyhing, and scared, the fairies obeyed him, focusing their power and energy on both Jungkook and Namjoon.

Yoongi looked briefly behind him before going out as well, because despite being a small pixie, he still had his manipulative powers that could help them, somehow. But it was probably a bad idea. Hearing Hoseok's cries and pleas, the pixie caressed his cheek before closing the door, leaving him with a promise of "I'll be quick". 

As he ran to Jungkook's side, it was already too late. An arrow had penetrated his leg and he stumbled, Jungkook on his side immediately, worried.

"Yoongi, go inside, now! We'll take care of it"

The pixie groaned, now having the other leg wounded, and cursed at this creatures. Why couldn't they live happily away from their claws?

Removing the arrow with a quick yank, Yoongi stood up again and didn't even think twice before using his charming power to allure some men on the other side of the river to cross the water. Jungkook seemed surprised, and giving him a tight nod, he flew to them while they were under a haze and knocked them out. Namjoon was trying his best in keeping everyone inside the circle and protected by his own small shields. 

From inside the house, Yoongi heard Hoseok's faint voice calling for him, but the pixie remained still. When he noticed Hoseok opening the door and coming to him, his world crumbled more. He could see from the corner of his eye an evil human pointing his bow at Hoseok, pure, defenseless, caring, beautifull Hoseok, and the pixie jumped in front of it on that same second.

Hoseok's distant scream was enough to tell him that his misson had been sucessfull. He managed to save Hoseok. Another arrow had wounded him, this time stabbing him on his right side, his stomach. His world started to spin. His magic stopped working and the pixie hunched on himself, from the pain. His leg had swollen and the pixie saw blood everywhere. In a fraction of a second he was on his knees grasping for breath, hearing Jungkook's distant calls and someone protecting him. He could still hear Hoseok's screams and cries, but the pixie wouldn't mind dying if that meant Hoseok could live another day.

As he closed his eyes from the shock and pain, Yoongi fell down on his side listening to Jungkook's silent pleas. 


─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───


When the pixie opened his eyes again, all he could hear were Hoseok's cries and his warm embrace on his body. The pixie looked sad, devastated, guilty, and Yoongi hated seeing him like that. Yoongi could feel Seokjin healing him, and besides Hoseok's hiccups, everyone was silent. 

Opening his eyes fully, Jimin's gasp was the first thing he heard, "Y-Yoongi!"

Hoseok lifted his head in a flash, his sad doey-eyes shined at him with loneliness, and the pixie tried lifting his hand to caress his cheeks. But because he was tired and hurt, from both the wounds and using his power, his hand ended up not reaching too far.

The fae broke down in tears as he hugged Yoongi close, all the others going back to silence as they watched their timid fairy break down in desperation. 

"I-I'm okay now, Hobi"

But Hoseok looked frantic, "I-I'm so sorry Y-Yoongi, I-I want to protect you-"

"Hey, Hobi", Yoongi grimaced, trying to reach Hoseok's face and failing, "I'm fine now, I promise-"

The fairy wasn't listening, between scared and frustrated, Yoongi didn't know what won over him, "I-I want to p-protect you, I-I should h-have powers"

"Hobi-", the pixie tried, being sad just from watching his lover sad.

All the others seemed tense, Seokjin on his side looking worried, Jimin was already patting Hoseok's back, "Hobi, i-it's okay now, everyone's safe-"

Hoseok's wings fluttered upset, his tears kept falling, "N-No, it shouldn't be like t-this, I want t-to protect everyone too"

"And you do, Hobi-", Jimin said, teary eyed form watching his friend, until his eyes widened amazed, "H-Hoseok, oh my god, y-you're-"

The fairy's tears kept falling, his eyes glued to Yoongi as the pixie kept holding in his own tears, his hand reaching out to Hoseok's hand and holding him. Consoling him, taking care of him. Hoseok kept hiccuping, eyes casted low as his hand touched Yoongi's wound on his stomach, looking so, so painfull. Despite Yoongi being the one hurt, it seemd like Hoseok was the one truly hurt.

When Yoongi truly felt Hoseok's hand, the fairies hand starting to burn his skin, he gasped, "H-Hoseok, you-re-"

The fairy looked at him with red eyes and puffy cheeks, "Y-Yeah?"

"You're glowing", the pixie stared at him amazed, Hoseok's wings spreading wide as he fluttered them open, iluminating both of them and everyone around them, he completely forgetting how hot Hoseok's hands were. 

The fairy looked at his hands, seeing the shine coming from behind him and iluminating both his skin and Yoongi's hurt body, and the fairy gasped. Breaking down in tears again from shock and sudden happiness, Hoseok felt himself be hugged by everyone surrounding him, and in return, Hoseok hugged Yoongi so everyone could live together this moment.

"Y-You're- You're glowing Hobi, I-I'm-", Yoongi couldn't help but hiccup with them, feeling their happiness radiate, everyone happy from Hoseok's power finally being revealed. Everyone hapy because Hoseok was happy.

Still hiccuping, Hoseok whined out loud, so happy he could barely speak, "Y-Yoongi... I-I'm so h-happy"

Hugging him closer, the pixie kissed his wet cheek and confessed to him once more, "You've always been special to me"

After this, everything felt so much lighter and sweet. Everyone waited for Yoongi to be fully healed before preparing any ceremony. Hoseok was glowing, by all means of the word, the sun power was made perfectly for him. As everyone prepared happily and eagerly after Yoongi had started looking better (and also Jungkook and most fairies), the three young fairies were the first ones to announce to the village the big news, and the town started to prepare immediately his crowning ceremony, as they always did when a fairy revealed their true power.

The sun fairy. It fitted Hoseok quite well, the stunning and quiet fairy was warm and welcoming, kind and caring, was everything but something evil. Hoseok was the most breath-taking fairy Yoongi had ever laid eyes on and that would not change ever. Without or with magic, Hoseok would always be his light, his saviour, his home. With him, the world felt worth living, felt worth giving a try. 

Yoongi had also been surprised when it was announced a crown for him. The pixie that was crowned fairy, the pixie that gave up his life for another fae, the pixie that gave up his old habits for a new home.

Both smiled at each other, kissing briefly before putting each other's crowns on one another in front of the big old tree, all of their friends watching them happy. It went unspoken, but Yoongi knew this meant they just gave them their vows to marriage, and the pixie planned to make Hoseok his, someday. With the sun shining down on them, wishing them luck and happiness.

As they held hands, Hoseok had his heart shaped smiled glowing, the fairy threw some of his dust up in the air, the dust catching sun ray's and shining stunningly.

Chuckling, Yoongi whispered to him, "You're really hot Hoseok"

The fae blushed, giggling, "I-I know"

Yoongi laughed, "I meant your hand"

"O-Oh... I'm sorry, I still d-don't know how to control it"

The pixie smiled at him, kissing him once more, radiating, "It's okay. That's hot too"

Hoseok laughed embarrassed, hugging Yoongi back as he looked at his friends with the widest smile. The sun was looking down on them, wishing them a happy and healthy life, making sure the garden Hoseok works tiredlessly on, would grow tall and thrive.

And like every fairy tale, Hoseok and Yoongi lived happily ever after, right along with their friends. Seokjin and Namjoon finally decided to go on their little honeymoon, and Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung decided to finally tie the knot on a night where the stars took away the moon's stage. Hoseok and Yoongi finally started sharing their bedroom, finally started sharing little adventurous dates, and Hoseok was, in secret, already metally preparing their marriage. But the pixie pretended he didn't know.

Because with each other, everything seems to matter. Every single little detail, every second, every moment, becomes better, together.