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Drop Your Pants

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Lance raced across the campus courtyard as fast as his legs would carry him. He cursed himself internally for snoozing his alarm that final time, making him scramble to get to class. In his haste, he forgot that he had a lab today, and wore his favourite pair of basketball shorts instead of full-length pants. He pulled his phone out of his pocket when it went off with a text alert.


where r u buddy? lab starts in 12 mins

Lance swore out loud and stopped running when he realized he would never make it to his dorm in time to change into pants and run back to campus. Just as he was about to accept the fact that there was no hope for him, he saw it.

There was a student walking his way wearing a leather jacket over a black t-shirt.

Is that a fucking mullet?

Lance shook that thought away and hurriedly walked towards the guy. He was more interested in the other article of clothing the guy was wearing: pants.

He put his arm out to stop the guy from passing by. The guy looked up at Lance questioningly, eyes a mesmerizing almost-violet colour, and Lance put on his best smile before speaking.

“Hey, dude, I need your pants!” Lance hoped the panic in his voice wasn’t as apparent to the guy as it was to him.

“Uh…” The guy’s expression turned from questioning to wary, so Lance winced internally. The clock was ticking closer to his lab start time, so he smiled again and moved forward.

“Trust me, man, we need to switch pants right now!” Lance gripped the guy’s elbow and guided him down the sidewalk.

“Wha-” The guy seemed too shocked to struggle, which Lance was grateful for. He continued guiding the guy towards the nearest building.

“Trust me, let’s go to a bathroom!”

“Okay…” The guy let himself be pulled along to the building. Lance picked up his pace and started chattering nervously.

“Sorry for making this so weird!” Lance chuckled awkwardly. “So, the name’s Lance! I have a chem lab in less than ten minutes and I can’t be wearing shorts or else I’ll get thrown out by Professor Iverson. Which is why I need your pants! I promise I won’t steal them or ruin them, I just really need to pass this course and I can’t do that if I miss this lab!”

The guy nodded along to Lance’s story. “Iverson is a dick.”

“Yes! Thank you! So you understand my situation!”

The guy huffed a laugh and Lance filed that sound away to analyze later. No time to be gay when his grades were on the line. They reached the bathroom, and Lance was grateful that the guy wasted no time in jumping into a stall. Lance rushed into the one next to it and quickly shucked off his shoes and shorts.

“Here,” said the voice from the other stall.

Lance looked up and saw a pale hand extended over the top passing him a bundle of black fabric. He grasped onto the clothing and switched it for his own pair of shorts. Lance quickly bent down to pull the pants on. They were a little short, stopping just above his ankles. They were also tight around his calves but loosened quite a bit around his thighs.

Dude has really thick thighs. Lance shook the thought away. No! Bad Lance! Focus on getting to chem lab!

As Lance jammed his feet back into his shoes, he pulled out his phone to a new contact page.

“Hey, what’s your number, dude?” He called out to the guy.

“Never thought I’d have a guy ask for my number after he got me out of my pants.” The guy’s voice was tinged with humour and Lance spluttered incoherently, which only served to amuse the guy even more. He laughed openly and Lance filed that sound away for later as well. “I’m kidding!” He recited his number and Lance typed it down quickly, before grabbing his backpack off the floor and heading towards the door.

“Thanks, dude! I’ll text you once I’m out of my lab!”

“Good luck!” The guy called before the door shut and Lance resumed running for his lab.

As Lance neared the science building, he pulled out his student card so he was prepared to sign in. He slammed the door to the lab open, slapped the card against the scanner, and shouted a small victory cry when he saw he was one minute before the deadline. A few of his other classmates cheered as well and Lance shot them finger guns. He looked up to the front when someone cleared their throat.

“Nice of you to join us, Mr. McClain.” Professor Iverson’s scowl was even more pronounced than usual. Probably mad that I actually made it on time. “Please take your seat.”

“Thank you, Professor!” Lance said triumphantly and walked to sit next to his best friend and lab partner. Hunk gave him a relieved smile and patted his back.

“I didn’t think you were gonna make it!” Hunk whispered as Iverson started explaining the lesson. Hunk looked down at Lance’s lap and raised an eyebrow. “Also, where did you get those pants?”

“It’s a long story, I’ll explain after class!” Lance dismissed him as they both faced the front and listened to Iverson’s explanation.

Lance discreetly pulled out his phone before they broke away to grab the materials they would need for the experiment.


im so glad i got u out of those pants

Lance blinked down at the message he sent with dawning horror. Why did I phrase it like that?! Before he could rectify his mistake, his phone buzzed with an incoming text and Lance groaned when he read it.








got to lab on time! u saved me a letter grade dude!! thank u so much!!

let me kno how much i owe u. i can give u some money if u’d like


Haha I was just hoping to get my pants back.

Lance sighed in relief at the reply. He fixed the situation.


dont worry!! i will throw u some cash haha! its the least i can do.

lmk when u get off

Scratch that. Lance cursed his clumsy thumbs when he accidentally sent the message before he was finished.



sorry i pressed send too soon D:



I’m starting to wonder if these “mistakes” are intentional after all…

Lance felt a blush rise to his face and banged his forehead against the tabletop as he typed out a reply.


im sorry!! im not teh best typer!!


but srsly. lmk when u get off class nd ill meet you anywhere


You know the coffee shop next to the campus bookstore?


shirogane’s? yeah i do!


Think you can meet there at 2pm?


absolutely my dude!!



It’s a date.


Lance stared down at those three words in shock for a few minutes, blushing heavily, before a smile stretched across his face.

This was going to be interesting.