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Shadowhunters Season 4

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---Scene 1---
(smutty/explicit scene)
Alec’s hands were stretched out above his head as he leaned against the wall. His head tilted down as the warm water of the shower cascades through his hair, dripping from his forehead and cheeks, a few dripping down his nose, his eyes were shut and his mouth agape breathing the steam in. His naked body covered in runes and water.

The familiar sound of Alec’s phone ringing in the distance snaps him out of it. “Magnus”, Alec sighs, “Magnus the phone is ringing”. Magnus’s head emerges from the steam, his tongue gliding up Alec’s back along the spine. Alec’s skin already wet and warm from the shower but only with Magnus’s tongue did his skin tingle with sensation. A tingle that radiates through his whole body.

“Magnus”, Alec moans desperately, struggling to find the strength to get Magnus to stop, “Magnus I need to get that, you can eat me later”. At this point Magnus is already at the back of Alec’s neck, soon he starts nibbling at Alec’s ear before whispering gently “I have a better idea, I’m not done with you yet”.

With a flicker of the wrist and a brief but bright blue glow, Magnus goes back into the steam and Alec finds the phone in his hand.

“Ja..Jace, you, what’s up” Alec struggles to maintain his composure as Magnus continues to devour his husband’s ass, Alec loves when Magnus rims him.

With a Jolt Alec stands up straight, his eyes open and he is suddenly alert. Magnus notices and sighs, he knows it is probably something important, yet again Jace is cock-blocking him just like he did when he lived briefly at his loft a couple of years ago. The call ends and Alec storms out the shower so fast Magnus doesn’t get to appreciate the beautiful sight of his husband walking through the apartment naked. It is one of his favourite things, to see Alec casually striding through the apartment with no clothes or shame, and just the sound of his perfectly angelic cock slapping against his thighs as he walks. Alec grabs a towel and dries with such ferocity that Magnus, close behind him, raises both his eye brows as if to silently ask “what’s happening”.

Alec turns and simply says “it’s Clary”


---Scene 2---
Clary should be screaming, freaking out and calling for help, her face covered in black thick goo, but this somehow seems normal and Clary can’t explain it. Jace paces the alley muttering under his breath “pick up Alec”.

This was turning into one hell of a weird night; the art show had gone so well, she saw this most stunning blond guy leaning against a column in the gallery. He seemed spooked when she approached him. She followed him into the alley; sure that she could remember him from somewhere. He didn’t seem to know her but smiled when she asked if his name was “Jace, right?” He had an intriguing tattoo peaking out on his neck and Clary when to touch it when suddenly something struck them.

A pale grey creature with thick scaly and rough skin, its jaw split open in four directions, appears before Clary. Claws rose towards her and she calls out to Jace “Ravener”. Suddenly a blade pierces its skull from behind and it disintegrates resulting in a spray of black viscous Ichor which covers them both.

Jace cups Clary’s face and asks is she was ok. Clary nods silently as Jace pulls out his phone muttering “pick up Alec”


---Scene 3---
Izzy tilts her head towards Simon’s head, kissing him gently but nether the less still waking him up. Still drowsy he asks what time it is. They are both lying on Izzy’s bed, the covers all screwed up around them like they had been wrestling with those satin sheets (and won). “its two” Izzy responds, a slight smile on her face as she runs her fingers through Simon’s hair, completely messed up from sleep and sex.

Simon sighs, he should have left by now, although downworlder deputies were integrated a lot into shadow hunters operations, it was still frowned upon for a downworlder to sleep in the institution. Simon also worried how it would look to others given Izzy’s position as head of the institution.

Izzy thrived as head of the institute but at first she was worried that she would struggle to fill her brother’s shoes. In the short time Alec had been head of the institute, they had killed Valentine, banished the queen of hell, destroyed Edom and killed Johnathan. Alec had been the head through all of that and it was quite a reputation to live up to.

It had been only a few weeks after Alec and Magnus’s honeymoon that Alec was promoted to head of the North Americas Conclave and appointed Izzy as head of the New York Institute. Although daunting she knew that by co-ordinating all the institutes of North America he was never far away- it helped that his husband could portal them in often for social as well as official visits.

When Alec was promoted again to Inquisitor, just 9 months later, Izzy saw that the safety net of having Alec so close to hand was not needed after all. She did however miss the regularity of meeting up with her brother and brother-in-law.

Izzy’s phone rings, “Magnus do you know what time it is here in New York?” Simon can hear the whole conversation due to his vampire hearing but is still perplexed about what is going on.

“Izzy, we need somewhere to meet, it’s can’t be the institute and we need to meet now” Magnus had never sounded so serious, even when it seemed like the world was ending and Edom was spilling into Idris he still joked about traffic being hell.

“There’s always my place?” Simon suggests.


---Scene 4---
There’s a bang at the door, Magnus and Alec have already portaled in to Simon’s place. Alec peers through the door viewer and sees Jace, he quickly unbolts the door and Jace and Clary dash through.

Jace quickly embraces Alec, his hand holding the back of his neck, sliding his fingers up and holding tightly on to his black hair in a way only his husband, his Parabatai and his mother was allowed to do.

Jace releases Alec and as Alec turns to Clary she immediately gives him a massive hug that was so unexpected it nearly makes Alec loose his balance. Clary nervously retreats away from Alec, as if she has over stepped some boundary, apologising “I’m, sorry, you guys don’t even know me but it just felt like instinct to” and before she could finish her sentence Magnus swoops over and embraces Clary.

After Magnus lets Clary go, admiring her new fringe, he introduces himself. “Well it is a pleasure to meet you, I’m Magnus, and this is my Husband Alec” he beams with pride, he never gets tired of introducing Alec as his Husband.

“Hi Magnus, I’m Biscuit” Clary smiles, before her face drops in confusion as to why she just called herself Biscuit. Before she has a chance to correct herself Magnus simply says “well hello Biscuit, it is a pleasure to meet you” he offers a reassuring smile. Although Clary doesn’t seem concerned she is still, regardless, confused as to why she said it and corrects herself “sorry I meant Clary, no idea where that came from”. “Perhaps a name from a previous life” Magnus smirks.

“listen, this is all making a kind of sense that, well, doesn’t make sense” Clary speech starts to slow and slur and before she knows it she is on the floor.


---Scene 5---
“Get her on the bed” Alec states the obvious, Jace checks Clary over before noticing the slightest of wounds on her Shoulder blade.

“We were attacked by a Ravener, Venom!” Jace exclaims. He had killed the demon before it was able to launch a full on attack, but when it jumped them, first knocking them down it must have grazed Clary and infected her with just enough venom to eventually lead to her collapse.

Jace whips out his Stele and draws an Iratze rune on Clary. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” shouts Alec, fearful of the warnings Clary’s letter had mentioned. The Angels took away her sight, her runes and her memories, any interference might have invoked their wrath.

“It’s ok Alec, look” Jace says calmly. Alec looks down and sees the rune is working. Completely puzzled Alec simply asks Jace “How did you know?”

“I didn’t, I just felt it. Alec she is starting to remember, she has the sight again, I, I just knew that she would be able to wield runes once more” Jace pauses “maybe the angels have forgiven us, or our love was more powerful than their spite after all” a glimmer of hope and desperation appears in Jace’s beautifully mismatched eyes.

Alec sighs, “that was risky Jace”, he looks down at Clary resting on Simons bed, “come on she needs rest and Izzy and Simon will be here soon”


---Scene 6---

Clary wakes up in a strange bedroom, but it doesn’t seem strange, somehow oddly familiar. A poster with a Panda playing drums brings a smile to her face but she can’t work out why. She pulls herself off the bed, her legs feel heavy and a small headache has crept in. Feeling a bit disorientated she starts to walk towards the door of the bedroom, hearing talking from the other side but not loud enough to understand.

As the door opens, Clary sees a new set of faces, only they don’t feel new but well known. Next to Alec, Jace and Magnus, Clary see’s a gorgeous woman with long black hair sitting on the chair whilst a pale skinny guy paces the room like he had just killed someone. “Simon!” Clary would have screamed it had she not still felt a little woozy. “Fray, you remember me?” Simon’s eyes light up, “of course, you’re my best friend! But, but, I don’t remember you, how are you my best friend?” Clary again seems so confused as her mouth twitches and her face frowns.

“It’s ok Biscuit” Magnus tilts his body into view, standing behind Alec, “I know this must be disorientating but you lost some of your memories”. Alec mutters in a playful tone “typical Clary”. Magnus shoots him a ‘really husband?’ look, but it’s completely insincere, Magnus is struggling to contain his own smirk at the comment.

“like amnesia?” Clary ponders. “Yes, like amnesia” Magnus smiles.

“Clary, do you…” a moment of hesitation from Izzy, she has never felt this vulnerable, “do you remember me? Do you know who I am”.

Clary stares intently at Izzy, studying her face with great care as if she was looking for the name on her face, and then there is a moment where she smiles, like she has just gotten the answer right in quiz when it had been eluding her for so long and she proudly proclaims “Parabatai!”. It’s an unusual name and Clary has not heard it before, but in the moment she is sure this beautiful woman with a quirky name is someone very dear to her.

Izzy tries to maintain her façade but it drops slightly, she wishes she could just run back into the institute and cry in to her pillow, it’s not really a sensation she has felt before. Clary was meant to be her Parabatai, and had her memories not been taken she would have been. The Clave were strict with the ritual and rites of the Parabatai bond, Clary would now be seen as too old to undergo the ritual. The pain of the loss of the Parabatai she would now never have, it haunted Izzy for the past year. Her eyes betray her smile, and it is obvious to everyone she is holding back tears. Alec and Jace both look down, knowing what Izzy had lost that day a little over a year ago.

“oh.. I’m so sorry, it’s not that is it” Clary says feeling the awkwardness in the room, “It’s just what came to mind, I’m sorry, I guess it’s taking some time for me to remember?” Clary fears she has somehow offended Izzy by forgetting her name.

Izzy pulls Clary in, taking sharps breaths as if she is breaking down, it tells Clary just how much she meant to this woman as she leans into the hug. “you, can call, me  Parabatai, if you want Clary” Izzy struggles to get the words out as she smiles in both a blend of overwhelming joy, loss and relief.

“This is Izzy” Simon smiles towards the two women embracing each other so tightly as if they don’t want to loose each other again.


---Scene 7---
Alec is slightly vacant, worrying about the whole situation, what does this mean? How has Clary got her sight back? Will all her memories come back? Did the Angels forgive them?

Alec is barely paying attention to Simon, who has spent the last 20 minutes talking at such a pace that Jace had joked “don’t you need to breath Simon” before realising how stupid the comment was, Simon didn’t breath he was a vampire after all.

To Clary’s credit, despite the fast pace and disjointed ramblings of Simon, she seems to be taking it in her stride, like it all makes perfect sense to her, even though it shouldn’t.

A knock at the door and Alec goes to check who it is before opening it and revealing Luke. Clary immediately runs to him crying out “Dad” and initiating another of one of tonights many and emotionally charged hugs. Luke glances at the others as if to say “what the fuck is happening” and Jace just nods and answers aloud “we’re right there with you buddy!”


---Scene 8---
It had been 3 nights since Clary returned to the fold, and everyone is taking turns keeping her company at Simon’s place, except Magnus and Alec who had stayed the whole time. Alec had informed his office manager that he was going to take a week off and visit family back in New York for a little while. He knew it might be suspicious but there wasn’t much in the way of options.

Clary sat on the window ledge, watching the rain patter down the pane. Alec was trying his hardest to cook and Magnus was trying his hardest not to let him, his hands on husbands waist, chin on his shoulder and his breath so close it makes Alec’s skin tingle. Simon was looking through some books Magnus had portaled back from his loft for research, frustrated that he had yet to find something useful.

Clary had most of the information by now, it was still overwhelming and being cooped up wasn’t helping but everyone was worried about her setting out into the world, would the Clave find out? Why was there a demon attack moments after she saw Jace?

Clary was starting to also get frustrated by the lack of memories. It was like she had the knowledge, it all made sense, but she couldn’t remember it, like someone had told her the plot to some ridiculous complicated Telenovela and she knew that is what had happened but doesn’t remember watching it.

Suddenly a fire message glides through the apartment and lands in Alec’s fingers. “It’s Jia” he sighs, “I’m going to have to go back”. Magnus dips his head, he knew there was a risk that the Clave already knew something was up, his husband could be walking into a trap.