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Take the Hit and Run

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Izuku Midoriya walked into the 1-A classroom for the first time. Anxiety and excitement had been bubbling through his veins ever since he received his acceptance letter. At first, he was just nervous; it was a new school and he needed to make a good first impression on others. But his unease increased as he entered U.A. High School that he made it into heroics. He was going to the top hero school of the nation to follow his lifelong dream: becoming a hero. 


Glancing around the classroom, Izuku realized immediately that both Katsuki Bakugo and Tenya Iida had made it into the heroics course. He tensed. Instead of the beratement he expected, Iida apologized for misreading him at the entrance exam and congratulated him on realizing the truth behind the rescue points. Before he could correct Iida that no, he had no idea rescue points were a thing and had just wanted to save that girl, they were interrupted by one Ochako Uraraka. 


“You made it in, just like Present Mic said!” Uraraka grinned at Izuku, who instantly turned red and buried his face in his arms with embarrassment. “That punch was out of this world!”


“Uh, oh I mean… well, it wouldn’t have been if you hadn’t caught me,” Izuku stuttered out. “Thank you for standing up for me…”


“Hey, how did you know about that?” Uraraka was a little too loud for a private conversation. 


Iida, like the others present in Area B of the entrance exam, was aware that Izuku managed to save Uraraka. “I must admit, watching you stutter and shake about the arena made me think you didn’t have the constitution for being a hero. But I misjudged you; it is clear to me now that you must have been nervous about the backlash of your quirk. And yet, you were able to persevere, even managing to gain some villain points without your quirk!”  Iida looked Midoriya in the eyes getting back into his conversation. “Truly, you are someone to be admired!” 


“O-oh…. I um, well, I have been learning basic fight training the past few years,” Midoriya was starting to get a better hold of himself talking with Iida rather than Uraraka, but was still somewhat intimidated by him nonetheless. “I’m still, well, I haven’t done much training with my quirk yet….” 


Bakugo sneered behind Iida at Izuku. Quirk? Who is he trying to trick, he’s got no quirk? While a few students next to Bakugo chose to ignore him, there was no denying the high level of rage emanating from Bakugo towards Midoriya. Bakugo had known about Izuku’s training outside of school, there was no way in hell that could make a quirkless runt powerful enough to get through the U.A. entrance exam. 


“Basic fight training?!” Iida didn’t understand. Had Midoriya never received quirk training? But his quirk was so strong and dangerous! “Who teaches basic fight training instead of quirk training?” 


“Oh, um… he, his name is  Aizawa-sensei. He’s… well, I mean he can be really tough in his training, but I mean…” Izuku hesitated for a moment trying to figure out how to explain his training to Iida. 


Uraraka interrupted the conversation once more, unable to contain her excitement for the first day of school. “I wonder if today’s the ceremony? Or is it guidance counselor stuff today? Oh, and the teacher, what do you think they’ll be like? I’m so anxious like, wow!” 


“Look behind you, and you’ll see your teacher, sweetie~” 


Somehow or another, no one in the classroom noticed the 18+ Pro Hero, Midnight, pose herself suggestively against the doorway. She leaned on the frame with an arm raised to rest her head on her hand and stood on one foot crossed over the other. Her other hand fell at her side, swinging her BDSM whip casually. 


The entire class just stood there speechless at the idea of having her as their homeroom teacher. I… who let her be… she can’t be the teacher… Izuku thought to himself. 


“Close your mouths, children, you never know what could find its way in there,” she ordered and stood from her propped position on the door frame to stride her way into the classroom. There was an audible click as every jaw in the class slammed shut. “I’m your homeroom teacher, Nemuri Kayama. While attending school, you will refer to me as Kayama-sensei, understood?” She wrote her name on the board and glanced at the students over her shoulder. 


“Yes, Kayama-sensei,” the class responded in imperfect unison. 


“Now take your seats, and don’t keep me waiting while you do so. We have some ground rules to cover before we cover our first task as a class.”


She watched as the class sat down and stared at her, intimidation clear in their eyes. She had to admit, the faces of disbelief were one of her favorite things each year with her new students. Messing with her students was her favorite entertainment.  And it was clear that having her be their homeroom teacher was more entertaining for some than for others, and for various reasons as well. 


Izuku struggled to wrap his head around why she was allowed to be the homeroom teacher for a freshman class instead of a senior class, but he, like many of the other students, wasn’t sure how to ask something like that in a polite manner. Izuku was rather familiar with her and the controversy that surrounded her character. He also knew how she reacted when an interviewer would ask questions about her age or looks, and struggled to find a way to ask about it without bringing those up. 


One student was not afraid to bring it up. Toru Hagakure raised a hand, which was only indicated by a sleeve seeming to lift itself up. Midnight took notice of it and called her out. “You must be Miss Hagakure, correct?” 


Even though no one saw, Toru nodded. “Yes, Kayama-sensei.”


“Do you have a question, Miss. Hagakure?” 


“I don’t mean to sound rude, but…” Toru took a moment before continuing. “Is it really alright for you to be our homeroom teacher? The way you act and dress isn’t appropriate for our age…”


Midnight sighed for a moment. This was a topic that came up every year for her, but she was well prepared. “Miss Hagakure, while I understand the confusion around having someone like myself as your homeroom teacher, please keep in mind that this school does not follow traditional professionalism in a sense. Now, I’m fully aware of my choice of costume and how I act while on the field, but that does not take away from my ability and skill as both a teacher and a pro hero. Thankfully U.A. High School recognizes that. This leads into a rule I must share with you…” 


Midnight raised her whip and quickly smacked the loose ends down on the desk in front of her, causing a loud cracking sound. Over half the students flinched, most sat up straighter, and a quiet “eep” was heard from Uraraka. 


“Rule Number 1!” She spoke louder this time to keep the attention of her students. “The questioning of my professionalism within this school due to the theme I have chosen for myself as a hero will, from this moment on, will not be tolerated. You are here to learn how to become Pro Heroes, not question as to if I should be given the ability to teach. Clearly, if Principal Nezu recognizes that I can still maintain a level of professionalism at a school even within the persona I hold as a hero, then you as my students should be able to as well. Not to mention when all of you start your careers, you will be working with other people who present themselves as I do.” She looked back over at Toru. “Not that your question was necessarily wrong, or to call you out, dear. I just can’t let you distract yourselves from what you, as future heroes, are doing here.” 


She scanned the class to look at the reactions of her students and started to assess their different personalities. Most of them were pretty alert with that rule, with a few confused faces here and there. Mineta’s expression of excitement at Midnight--his eyes were practically glued to her curves--stuck out like a sore thumb, considering how the rest were at least trying to be respectful and hide their stares. She squinted at him before continuing. 


“Now that that is out of the room, it is time for me to learn a little bit about yourselves. I will be conducting a quirk apprehension test to gain an understanding of your quirks, strengths, and weaknesses.” She pulled out a gym uniform from the desk. “Put on your gym uniforms and head out to the P.E. grounds. We will be starting ASAP and I don’t want to be kept waiting.” 


Midnight brought her class out to the P.E. grounds and waited for a second for the students to settle down. A few of them were excited, some of them stayed quiet and more to themselves than others. Others were confused about why they were doing this now, namely Uraraka. “Kayama-sensei, shouldn’t we be doing some orientation activities?” She asked. 


“Miss Uraraka, we simply don’t have a whole lot of time in the heroics course for you to do a lot of these things. We may have some time later for it, but for right now, consider this your orientation.” Midnight answered, calmly and began to look over the area well prepared for the students. She turned her attention back to the students. “So! Who’s ready to begin?” 


Without giving her students much time for a reaction, she started to stand to the side and threw her arm out to the field using her whip to gesture to it. “You will be doing a number of standard exercises. However, unlike the schools you’ve previously been to, I want you to use your quirks while doing these as much as possible. This will help demonstrate what you can do and show me what you all need to improve. Understood?” 


A mix of happy reactions throughout the class came as a response. A few of them were excited to show off their quirks, others seemed to get a little cocky since their quirks would help them much more than without. A handful expressed their reactions in more of a mild manner, to which Midnight figured had to do more with nerves. 


“And remember,” she gave the class one of her classic winks, which was more of an instinct to do for her at this point in her career. “Keep your hands to yourselves, and have fun!”


The class began to go through the activities Midnight planned for them, and almost immediately Midnight was able to figure out what her students could do and what needed work. 


Some students flourished in using their quirks in obvious ways. Tenya Iida, for example, could easily run with his quirk which was unsurprising. Students with similar abilities in similar situations made it clear for her which ones needed to start to think outside the box with these mundane activities. 


Then there were the ones who thought outside the box with their quirks. These uses of quirks interested her, mostly because not only would it surprise her, but it also shows her how the students are able to perform with their quirks in surprising ways that usually will work, especially when it came down to the smallest details. 


The third group of students showed her how much their quirks don’t necessarily help with physical tasks. Toru’s invisibility was a good example of showing what doesn’t really help with jumping or sprinting, but she got into the class so it shows she knows at least how to fight when she needs to. 


And then finally the fourth group of students, the ones who were for some reason holding back on using their quirks. She quickly took note of Todoroki not using his fire quirk. Through working with Endeavor in several meetings, she had briefly met the members of his family and later heard what happened with Rei. Todoroki’s personality had seemed to stay the same from what little interactions she had with him prior to his acceptance into UA, but she never got to see him use his quirks. His use of Ice showed her he knew what he was doing with it, but she was really interested in how he could use Fire. She knew his father pushed him to use it, so he had to know how. 


Another one of the students she took note of holding back was Izuku Midoriya. Izuku’s quirk was a bit of a mystery to her, seeing how she didn’t fully know what it was. But she was aware of what he could do and what could possibly happen when he uses it. His performance at the entrance exam was intriguing. He didn’t do anything throughout most of it. However, when Uraraka had gotten in danger he showed that he did indeed have a quirk and a powerful one at that. And while she knew he ended up getting injured due to the use of his quirk, it became obvious he didn’t know how to use it. He didn’t even try to use it with any of the tests he had done, and it would have made perfect sense for him to use it. 


She watched as Izuku lined himself up for the ball toss. She looked at her notes on her clipboard for a moment before going back to watching him. He seemed to be thinking about something, but his mind was still in the game. Something wasn’t normal to how her other students performed. 


Right as Izuku began to hold his arm back to throw the ball, Midnight cracked her whip loudly to gather his attention. It spooked him, and he dropped the ball, which caused the meter in her hand to calculate its pitiful distance. 


“Midoriya,” she called out to him. He turned to look at her. “Your performance today has been very weak.” 


Izuku looked extremely nervous. He wasn’t sure what to expect out of her. This entire time Izuku began to realize how much he needed to gain proper control of his quirk, and how much he was failing at exactly doing so. The idea that he shouldn’t have made it in the heroics program was racing through his mind all day. “I…” he started but wasn’t sure how to explain himself. 


“I’ve been made aware of your quirk history. It’s strange how someone who could appear quirkless his entire life managed to have something at the entrance exam good enough to get into this program.” 


Izuku remained quiet and looked over at his classmates. They seemed to agree, but their emotions on that statement varied. 


“And while I know certain students have some issues using their quirks,” she gave a quick glance at Todoroki who decided to ignore the heat of her comment, “You don’t seem to know what you’re doing. How can you expect to be a hero if you don’t even know how to use your quirk?” Her question was rather a shot in the dark, but it was worth something to get him to use it. 


“I-I… I know how…” Izuku lied. He didn’t know what he was doing. 


“What was that?” She attempted to get him to say it louder. He was rather quiet the first time. 


“I know how!” He yelled back, repeating himself a little more confidently. 


Midnight took a deep breath, making herself seem unamused by his wording. “Then prove it. Use your quirk, or you might just find yourself out of the program within the next few minutes.” 


Izuku nodded and turned back around. His classmates looked between each other curious as to what he was going to do. Midnight stayed watching him, deep inside hoping she managed to encourage him. It took Izuku a minute to gather himself enough to throw the ball, but when he did he succeeded in using his quirk. 


Midnight watched the ball fly up into the air before it started to fall back down. This one is going to need a bit of extra motivation…. she thought to herself before writing down the distance. 


Izuku turned back around to face his teacher, and it became apparent to her why he was holding back on the use of his quirk. His finger was broken, and even though he was clearly in pain with tears in his eyes, he still managed to give her a smile. “I can do this.” 


Before Midnight could respond, Bakugou erupted from the crowd. “Bullshit!”


Everyone quickly turned around to face Bakugou, who was practically foaming at the mouth. He walked out from his spot in the crowd towards Izuku. “What is this?! What’s the meaning of this! Explain yourself now, shitface!” 


Right as Bakugou began to run up to Izuku and use his quirk on him, the air quickly changed around the group. Some light purple cloud began to rise and spread, with its direction mostly going towards the student ready for attack. After taking some in, Bakugou collapsed. Izuku quickly covered his face, but was a little too late and began to get dizzy himself. 


Midnight sighed as she stopped her quirk, and tucked in the piece of torn cloth from around her arm back into its sleeve. “Children, please. I can’t really be using my quirk to stop you all from fighting without raising some concerns.” She commented at the now fast asleep Bakugou and Izuku who was fighting to stay awake. 


She turned her attention towards the crowd of students next to her. A few of whom were also affected by her quirk, while others not so much. Some of the students were helping each other up, and a couple were passed out on the ground. “I’m sorry, my quirk being more airborne tends  to make it be multidirectional.” 


Izuku walked over to his fellow classmates with Iida and Uraraka welcoming him back tiredly. 


“Strange,” Tsuyu commented while looking over her fellow classmates. “I didn’t know your quirk could affect a group of people so differently.” 


“Well~, if you must know, my sleep quirk is known to affect men more than women.” She responded in a more light-hearted tone of voice. “There are also some women who are affected similarly to men, and some men who are affected similarly to women.” 


“What do you mean?” Uraraka asked. 


“It wouldn’t be fair for me to say, considering its some private information people may not be willing to share just yet.” Midnight replied once more with a wink and processed the effects of her quirk on her students. “With that, I must say that I have to conclude today’s assessment. The effects will take a little while to wear off.” She looked over at Kirishima. “You seem to be one of the more awake students right now, would you mind going in to get someone to help bring in the asleep students?” 


“Yes, Kayama-sensei!” He accepted and went back into the building to get someone. 


Midnight turned her attention to some of the sleeping students. With Jirou, Bakugou and Sero out, and most everyone else seemingly exhausted, she felt it better to remain at their location until help arrived. 


Mineta watched everything from the farther end of the group, being affected mostly by a nice sleepy spell due to his distance from Midnight when her quirk was in use. He looked over at Denki, who was rather out of it and gave him a little nudge. “I wonder how far we can push her to use her quirk to the point of concern,” he crudely commented. 


Denki didn’t have much of a response, but it did get a few stares from a couple of students next to him. The comment didn’t seem to settle well with his fellow classmates who heard, as well as Midnight. That comment was the last straw, she had heard everything else he had said about the other students throughout the test. Midnight looked over at Mineta with a disapproving glare, which changed shortly after Kirishima returned with some people to help bring everybody in. Towards the end of the class period, everyone who was heavily affected by Midnight’s quirk became more awake. 


“Before I can end class for the day and leave you all,” Midnight started, leaving her spot of answering a few questions of a couple of students when she noticed the time. “I will be quickly going over the results of the apprehension test.” 


Many in the class got nervous at the announcing of the results. “The highest score in total goes to Momo Yaoyorozu. Congratulations,” She gave Momo an approving nod.


“Thank you,” Momo nodded, feeling a little more confident in herself with the result of her work.


“Izuku Midoriya, you have received the lowest score. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it mostly goes to show you have the most growth to accomplish in the class.” 


Izuku simply nodded. He could feel the sense of accomplishment and the thought of ‘I told you so’ from Bakugou next to him. “Yes, Kayama-sensei.”


“To everyone else, congratulations on your hard work. I hope to see you all improve throughout the year. And there is one last thing I need to address.” Midnight scanned the room for a split second before continuing. “There is something that was done today, and I feel the need to address it here and now. Mr. Mineta, would you like to tell me what this issue may be?”


Mineta looked at his neighbors for a moment but shook his head. “I don’t know, Kayama-sensei.” 


Midnight took a deep breath. “Would anyone in this class like to tell me why I’m asking Mineta what I’m talking about?” 


The room fell silent. The answer was definitely known to a few students. However, the idea of raising their hands to explain was not something any of them truly wanted to do. Tokoyami started to raise his hand, but only slightly. 


“Yes, Mr. Fumikage?” Midnight called on him. 


“I have a sense it’s something in regards to the things he says to his fellow classmates, and something he may have said about you earlier to another,” Tokoyami responded, lowering his hand. 


“That would be correct,” Midnight looked back over at Mineta. “There is a major problem with comments like that, especially since they were nothing but blatant harassment.” 


Mineta sat there shocked for a moment, and quickly began to defend himself. “I-I…. I was just amazed at what everyone could do! It’s not like they hurt anybody!” 


“Not physically, but it certainly didn’t feel good to hear those things,” Momo chimed in, shooting a side glance at Mineta. 


“You got the highest score, it clearly couldn’t have affected you!” He retaliated. 


“It doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt,” Midnight cut them off from any argument that could’ve started. “Just because she can still do things well and can still function doesn’t mean something isn’t wrong on the inside. I deal with comments like that and similar forms of harassment nearly every day in my career and is not something I ever approve of in my classroom. I never have to explain this on the first day of class, usually, no one ever gets ballsy enough to even try until later in the year.” 


“They were just comments! Words can never hurt that bad!” Mineta attempted to justify himself again. 


Midnight cracked her whip on the board behind her. “Mineta!” There was a moment of silence in the classroom as the class took in what had to be said. The air became still for a moment, and the tension in the room lingered like a dark and gloomy rain cloud. “Get out of my classroom.” 


Mineta blinked for a moment. “What?” His voice cracked in disbelief and realization of what was happening. 


“You’re expelled. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated in the heroics program, or at this school. Especially when I am around.”


The room stayed quiet as Mineta grabbed his things and left, Midnight keeping her eye on him the entire time. Once he left the room, Midnight returned her attention to the class. “To any of you who were affected by his actions today, I must apologize. If there’s any form of help you need, please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the counselors we have available on campus.”


She clapped her hands together to change the mood in the room to a more pleasant one. “Now, I hope you all have a great rest of the day! I’m sure you’ll love your other teachers!”


The class waited until Midnight left the room before quickly erupting from what had just happened. Kirishima, Sero, and Kaminari began talking way too loudly and too excitedly over that, which was quickly joined by Bakugou. Other groups began to take form to talk about what happened in their own ways, and the topic began to change before their classes resumed.