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Goldenrod Highschool (shitty FNAF highschool AU)

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Mike gulped as the school loomed in front of him. He remembered how difficult starting high school was for him last year, and to be doing it again at a different school? That made him nervous as hell. He fiddled his thumbs nervously as he walked to the doors. No one else seemed to be here. Was this the wrong school? Does school not start today? He peeked through the windows. There appeared to be no one else in there but a girl who appeared to be sweeping.

Looking around unsure first, he knocked on the door nervously. It took a few knocks, but eventually the girl seemed to hear him and rushed to the door. She struggled slightly to open it, but eventually cracked it open and tilted her head at him.

She was easily the shortest girl Mike had ever met, she had to look up to face him and Mike was already pretty average in height. She didn’t seem phased by this, however.

“Hey there, are you lost?”

Mike furrowed his brows, that felt like a weird question to ask. “Uh.. maybe? Is this Goldenrod Highschool?”

The girl’s eyes brightened, “It is! You’re early! Come in,” she invited, attempting to hold the door open for Mike. He simply thanked her and opened it himself. To her credit, the door was a bit heavy.

The school was a decent size. Nothing huge which was understandable considering it wasn’t a very big town, but still pretty impressive, and better looking than his old school.The short girl picked her previously discarded broom back up and began to sweep again. As far as Mike could tell the floor wasn’t particularly dirty, but he decided not to say anything.

“Why are you at school so early?” the girl asked.

“Oh, I thought school started at 7:15...?”

She snorted, “school doesn’t start till 8:30.”

“Oh,” Mike frowned. “Well, why are you here so early?”


The girl hummed as she continued to sweep the floor, “My parents go to work early so i have to get dropped off either now or not go to school at all. Plus, I like to come early to clean up anyways,” she hummed. “I’m uh, a bit of a neat freak.”

Mike cocked and eyebrow, glancing at the same spot she’s been sweeping around for about a minute. “Uhuh.”

There was a comfortable silence between them for a while, Mike looked through the window, wishing he didn’t assume school here started at the same time. I could’ve gotten some quality sleep...


“What’s your name?” The girl suddenly asked.

“Oh, um, Mike. Mike Schmidt.”

The girl did an impressive twirl with the broom towards Mike and extended her hand. “Nice to meet you Schmidt! I’m Bon-Bon! Let’s be the best of friends!”

Mike was somewhat confused by the forward introduction but returned the handshake. “Bon-Bon...?” he murmured questioningly.

She suddenly looked indignant, “What? You have a problem?”

“No, no. It’s cute.”

Bon-Bon relaxed instantly, blushing a little, “Oh... thank you,” she giggled. “People here have way weirder nicknames anyway. MINE’s not a nickname but, yknow. There are a lot of weird people here.”

“At least it won’t be boring,” Mike shrugged.


Bon-bon smiled. “That’s the spirit! Schmidt, do you think you could help me clean?”

 Mike sighed deeply, he wanted to say no but...”I have nothing better to do, sure.”

“Yay!” Bon-bon cheered. She threw the broom at Mike and grabbed a mop herself.


The two of them spent about an hour cleaning together, and by cleaning together he meant Bon-Bon cleaning and Mike complaining about internet drama. People finally started showing up at around 8:00, but he mostly stayed with Bon-Bon throughout that time. A couple of other kids waved at her, but none interrupted them, until only a couple of minutes before 8:30 when a kid came barreling into the school.

He had a coughing fit and panted loudly when he made it, leaning on the wall and causing kids to look at him and then immediately look away as if this was normal and they were sick of it. He suddenly yelled, very loudly, in a high pitched and gravelly voice. “BON-BON!!!”

Bon-Bon immediately snapped to attention upon hearing the voice. Her eyes brightened and her face lit up with such immense happiness Mike had never seen. She looked as if she had just received a unicorn for her birthday.

“FREDRICK!!!” She shouted back, making a mad dash for the other and leaping into his arms. They spun around with grace and laughed together, the boy almost completely carrying the small girl.


Mike edged forward to the two who were still giggling and hugging as he approached.

“BON-BON! I haven’t seen you all summer oh my god WHERE WERE YOU?!??!??” the presumed Fredrick wailed, as tears streamed from his eyes and he cried almost comically.

“I was on vacation, Fredrick! I went to Disney World is all!”

“That sounds like so much FUN!!!” He cried.

Bon-Bon hushed him, “I’ll take you with me next time, okay?”

“Really?” he sniffed.

“Yes, buddy. Now calm down.”

Fredrick smiled and then turned to Mike, he looked like he was about to say something to him when the bell rang.


“D’aw alreadyy?” Fredrick whined. “Okay Bon-Bon,” he put her down. “I’ll see you later, right? And we’ll sit with the others at lunch just like last year, right?”

Bon-Bon nodded, “Of course! Now go off to class!”

Fredrick waved happily at the both of them, and then skipped away.


Bon-Bon turned to Mike with a grin, then suddenly looked shocked, “Oh right! You’ve seen your schedule, right?” Mike nodded. “Okay, who’s your homeroom teacher?”

Mike thought for a second before responding, “Mrs. Jackie.”

Bon-Bon’s eyes lit up once more, “Yay! We’re in the same homeroom! C’mon~!” Bon-Bon cheered, grabbing Mike’s arm and showing him to the classroom.


They reached a classroom, and Bon-Bon seemed to scan the people before frowning, “Aw... I was hoping Fredrick and I would be together,” she perked up again, “Well at least my other friends are here! C’mon, Schmidt.”

Bon-Bon sat down and turned behind her once Mike sat next to her.

“Hiya everyone! How was your summer?” Bon-Bon asked.

“It was pleasant as always,” A girl with fair skin and purple hair commented, nodding politely behind her odd purple sunglasses.

“A nice change of pace!” said a boy.

“Boring,” snickered another girl. “I had 2 deal w/ Fredrick all summer.”

“Please, Lolbit, you like him!”

“Only ‘cause he brings me good snacks,” “Lolbit” shrugged with a smirk on her face.


Bon-Bon huffed, but eventually just sighed and turned to Mike. “Everyone, this is Schmidt- Mike Schmidt! He’s new.” she introduced Mike, who waved at the others somewhat sheepishly. “Schmidt, this is Ballora,” she said, pointing to the girl with purple hair.

“A pleasure,” said girl greeted, nodding at no one in particular.

“This is Moxy!” Bon-bon introduced the guy.

“Nice to meet you!” He boomed, Mike was taken aback by how deep and loud his voice was. “I’ll promise you a good show here!”


Mike furrowed his brows and mouthed what to Lolbit, who just shook her head with a shrug. “Lastly, this is Lolbit!” Bon-Bon gestured to Lolbit.

“Ay,” She greeted simply.

“Ah, thanks Bon-Bon. Nice to meet you all.” Mike said politely. Bon-Bon wasn’t kidding about the weird nicknames...


The teacher suddenly entered the room, she was covered in stains and had fiery orange hair. “Good Mornin’ everyone!” She greeted loudly; her voice slightly scratchy with a slight country twang. “Please pardon me, I have a bit of a cold.” She cleared her throat. “I’m Miss Jackie! Your homeroom teacher! I teach cooking!”

“There’s a cooking class here?” muttered another boy in the class, disbelievingly.

“Well, they think I teach English, don’t tell the school board, y’hear!”


All students in the class shrugged, seems better than English anyways. They proceeded to do one of those dumb ice-breaker things where the teacher asks for your name and something about you. All that really happened was everyone in the class being made aware the Mike was new. A couple eyed him in interest.

“Oh! That’s the bell!” Bon-Bon exclaimed. Mike blinked, he had tuned out and not heard anything. “You can sit with us at lunch, okay!” Bon-Bon smiled. Come find me if you need help with anything alright?”

Mike nodded slowly, glancing down at his schedule. Oh boy.