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sensory capacity

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It's not the most conventional way. Kit knows this. But it's comfortable for him. It tears down the nerves, it makes his movements more fluid. He'd go as far as to say it makes him feel more confident.

It feels like a performance at times. The way he sets up his space where he'll film. Or how he'll change his outfit according to the mood he wishes to set. It can be a bit like a script the way its sometimes planned out. However, Kit knows he doesn't do it for anyone other than himself. The money is just an added bonus.

Which is why when he recieved his monthly payment. The first thing he did was go out and buy something new he wanted to try.




The camera was positioned on top of a pile of books. Kit stared back at it and watched as his view count increased bit by bit. The lighting in his room made the video seem more home made. More thrown together instead of feeling planned. Kit tried not to let it bother him too much. Letting his mind drift as his hands traveled along his body.

Kit sighed as he began to undress. His breath hitching as his hands rubbed along more sensitive spots.

Kit let his eyes roll back, closing them shut and biting his lip gently as he began to trace along his happy trail, nearing his cock. He let out a soft moan at the way he traced his bulge through his shorts. His shirt was halfway unbuttoned and his shorts were short enough to look like underwear, it was a look he was aiming for. Or at least he hope he pulled off.

He stopped his teasing a bit to stare at himself through the screen. His eyes were looking teary, his lips were a bit swollen and his cheeks were looking more flushed than when he started. It made him feel this sensation in the pool of his stomach that traveled along his body until he was tingling everywhere. Sensitive to touch.

"You look so dazed out bunny. You'd look even better with my cock in you." Kit read the first comment he saw. He felt himself muster up a small smile before he could stop himself. His ears growing hotter when he remembered the item he was so excited to try.

There on top of his head was a soft bunny eared headband. Kit tried not to laugh as he continued to tug along his shorts. He hopes it won't come off. The people watching seem to be enjoying it. It fills his head with a different set of confidence.

"Do you guys like it?" Kit paused mid stroke. His dick now on full display. His hand holding it as his thumb graced the tip slightly. His voice coming out in run out breaths as he kept teasing himself. Precum spilling onto his fingers. Kit flinched a bit at the new levels of sensitivity he began to feel. "Does it-" Kit let himself moan as he squeezed himself some more. "-Does it make me look cute?" Kit whimpered as he finally began to stroke himself a bit faster.

"You look amazing baby."

"Bunny looks so cute."

Kit let himself mentally read everyone's reactions. He smiled as he saw more people joining and others donating.

His cock was covered with precum. His hand along with it. His shirt stayed unbuttoned, framing his body exactly the way he wanted it to. It came up to his thigh but stopped midway.

Kit began to feel the heat as he took his whole length in has hand. His soft almost lazy movements were harsher now. His precum making it easier for his hand to glide along. He felt his stomach tense tightly until he couldn't hold it in any longer. Squirts of cum leaking out of his swollen cock. Kit chased his orgasm until he was overly sensitive. Hissing at the cold air hitting his dick as he moved his hand from it.

Kit hummed to himself. Letting himself lay back onto his bad. His skin looking all shades of pink. He let his socked covered feet trail along his legs until both were planted on his bed. He was facing the roof. The camera capturing only the right side of his face and body.

He shifted until he was facing the camera. More suggestive comments were flooding the message board. Some were more demanding than others, Kit chose to ignore those. Focusing on the praises instead.

Kit stretched a bit. His arms coming upward until they were next to his head. His back arching slightly off the matres. He took a large breath until he rushed it out. He felt content.

He watched as more messages came in, Kit watched them lazily. Eyes growing tired from looking at the screen.

"Thank you for watching." Kit whispered. "Recommend me more things to try in my community board if you'd like. There's no guarantee I'll do it. But its nice to see what you guys are interested in!" Kit ended the stream after a cute wink and a wave. The number six hundred stared back at him as the screen turned black. Kit sighed and scratched his neck. The numbers were increasing, which wasn't a bad thing really. However his small community is always something he'd prefer.

He ignored the heavy weight inside his chest and instead began to reply to some comments left on his community board. There was more recommendations than Kit had anticipated but it was fun interacting with some of his viewers.

It wasn't until it was ten that Kit finally turned everything off. Closing his dirty little secret away. Hidden behind closed doors where only two other people would ever know.





"Hey bunny." Kit felt his eyes widen, cheeks burning until he knew he looked ridiculous. His heart was thumping harder than it should and his arms began to twitch. He glared at Beam, punching his friend hard until the other finally apologized for his teasing.

"Beam, I told you not to mention it. Why do you always chose to go against me?" Kit watched as his beat friend rolled his eyes, shrugging at his complaints.

"Hey, I'm sorry. It's just... I saw the thumbnail you know? I use that website and you popped up in the recommendations. It was cute, you looked cute." The compliments feel like a harsh ring to Kit's eardrums. He stutters slightly. Ignoring his friend's concerned look. Instead dropping his gaze towards his notebook. He feels his nails somewhat scratching the inside of his palm. He lets his mind focus on the small pain, forgetting the innocent compliment.

"Thanks." Kit whispers after a while. Beam only brightens up at that. Scooting closer to his friend.

"I just never pegged you as the type to be into that stuff though."

Kit rolls his eyes. Composing himself better until he's not slouching into himself too much.

"I'm not." Kit expected the confused look his friend was showing. Yet it still made him uncomfortable when the other asked.

"Then why do it?"

Kit sighs. Shifting in his seat. Beam's just asking and Kit feels a certain weight return. The heavy feeling, constraining his breath and squishing his lungs.

Kit lightly shrugs. Ignoring the concerned look his best friend aims at him. He's okay. It makes him feel, nice. Beam lets his friend's silence deter away from the topic. Instead focusing on asking questions on their homework for the following week. Kit lets himself breathe. Finally smiling once more of their friends join them. The innocent question forgotten.



Kit feels a specific pair of eyes on him. He rolls his eyes. Pushing his glasses up from their position on the tip of his nose. His hand writes before he can think. Looping down a memorized answer onto his half finished homework.

"You're wearing your glasses." The voice sends Kit into a frenzy. His grip on his pen tightens. He feels the same heat inside his stomach begin to spread. He ignores the way his thighs shake a bit. Instead focusing all his attention on the way the pen's ink spreads a he applies more pressure to it.

"You look good." Kit feels his heart give in. Meeting Ming's gaze head on with a pointed glare. It has the younger grinning. Leaving the elder huffing in annoyance at.

"But you always look amazing... KitKat." The younger's sugary tone only adds layers to the ever growing heat on Kit's face.

Ming, almost as if taking pride in Kit's embarrassment smirks. Leaning over the table until they're face to face. Kit drawsback until he's tilting his chair backwards.

"See you around kitty." It makes Kit's insides churn. He feels the heat on his cheeks increase. He glares at the younger again. Ming only grins and walks away.

There's too many thoughts running through Kit's head. The same thoughts that bother him in his sleep are clouding his mind. Ming's easy going smile. The younger's biceps that'd be so useful in picking him up. It has Kit squinting. Facing downwards as he presses his hands onto his thighs. It all feels like too much. Yet Kit swallows down the feeling. He has time. He always has later.



It feels like ages before Kit can free himself. He didn't waste time as he entered his dorm. Kicking his shoes off and throwing his things randomly onto the floor. Quickly finding his camera and making up a quick set up to frame himself nicely.

It feels so eternally long until he gets to touch himself. His uniform shirt being the only thing he has on, covering his thighs and ass. Kit grabs the pillow next to him. Putting it between his legs and grinding slowly onto it. He sees himself through the screen. Eyes dazed out and untanned skin turning different shades of pink as he shifted in his sheets. He lazily smiles as he continues to tease himself. Not so innocent pictures of Ming clouding his brain. Yet this time he lets them run wild.

There's about 500 viewers. The numbers increasing as well as the comments. Kit sees some praises here and there. Mostly all though are demands. Kit ignores them. Letting himself ride his pillow. Wincing when the material hits his dick too harshly.

"There's this guy." Kit lowers his hand until he's fully wrapping the head of his cock. Thumb rubbing the tip. "He's so annoying." Kit moans out loud as he pictures Ming's hand, instead of his own wrapped around his cock. The heals of his feet dig at the bottom of his thighs. Kit groans at the small sting it gives him.

"He-" Kit purrs as he begins to grind some more onto the pillow. Warm hand still wrapped around his swollen cock. Blissed out as he rides to his orgasm. "-he thinks I'm pretty." Kit whispers.

He sees the comments explode at that. The praises begin to fill up the messages coming in. It has Kit reeling in. His eyes only focusing on the dozen of compliments. It sends his mind into a daze.

"Bunny's always pretty."

"Baby you'd look pretty regardless."

"Beautiful boy with his pretty cock."

There's tears in the corner of his eyes. The word pretty and beautiful leave his heart thumping wildly. He sees more and more praises as some tears begin to spill. His dick is starting to feel sensitive to touch and yet Kit keeps going. Feeling the familiar feeling about to spill.

The compliments have an excessive amount of control on him. Kit feels his body shake as his whole head is filled with Ming. Ming holding him up as he spills his orgasm onto his sheets. Ming whispering soft praises into his ear. Leaving trails of kisses as he does so. Kit lets out a choked yell. A moan mixed with a whimper. There's tears in his eyes and his whole body feels at his capacity. It isn't until he lays his eyes on the comment that has him turning red all over. Shaking as he begins to play with his hole.

"Kitty... You look so nice. You look like heaven, all blissed out. Kitty cat would look better with me though. My hands guiding you into a specific pace. My fingers instead of yours stretching you out for my cock." It has Kit gasping out. The nickname the man he's always thinking about has him crying out in pleasure. His fingers circling into himself and stretching himself out as the comment said. It has Kit buckling forward. Chest pressed onto his bed. His dick risen again as he fingers himself.

Kit stares at the comment. Looking at the camera, as if the specific person he wants to see what he's doing to himself, is watching. He sees the user as he's about to cum again. Before he shuts his eyes, lets himself read the user.


It delivers the final blow to Kit. He squirts his cum onto his sheets. The sticky substance spreading until his chest is covered with it.

The comments are overflowing. As well as the view count. He's passed 2k views. Kit only lets himself breathe until he quickly cuts the live stream off without a goodbye.

His heart feels like it wants to escape his chest. There's different types of feelings pooling inside his stomach as he realizes Ming was watching. It has Kit gasping into his arm. Rolling around until he's covering his bottom half of his body. He feels different. He feels in a way free.

Until he realizes he has to face the younger tomorrow. It has Kit recoiling into himself. A slight noise ringing in his ears. He feels exposed. Raw. He doesn't know how to feel anymore.

His thoughts and worries leave him cold until he finally closes his eyes and sleeps.