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Noel woke up to Cody yelling. He rubbed at his eyes and scanned over their bedroom.

There were clothes thrown everywhere, stuff knocked over. How did he sleep through this?

He got out of bed and stepped over the mess on the floor. He opens the door to their bedroom and sees Cody pacing around the living room, talking on his phone. Yelling on his phone, rather.

Noel's seen Cody annoyed, sure. Annoyed at the car in front of them, annoyed at slow wifi or editing not working properly. He's seen Cody cross his arms and get teary eyed after a panic attack, completely shut down.

Cody's usually the one that remains calm in angry situations.

He's never seen him mad at someone.

And mad, he is.

His face is red from yelling, the veins on his neck popping out. Something about homophobic assholes, and family. He's kicking stuff out of his way as he's pacing around.

Noel sees the tell tale sign of tears beginning, and he stands in front of Cody, hand out.

"Give me the phone."

Cody's eyes widen, shaking his head. "No way."

Noel takes in the shaking of Cody's hands, the watery eyes.

"Give me the phone," Noel says to him authoritively. He's not messing around.

When Cody doesn't move, Noel simply reaches over and takes it out of Cody's hand. Noel brings the phone to his own ear and says, "He's gonna call you back later." Before ending the call and tossing the phone on the couch.

"What the fuck, Cody?"

"Me? What the fuck, Noel. I was talking-"

"You were screaming. And knocking shit over. Look at the damn apartment," Noel says, flinging an arm out. "You trashed the fucking place because you're angry. You know we don't do shit like that, man."

Noel takes in Cody's current state: Flushed cheeks, glassy eyes. Hair all over the place and slightly stringy, like Cody hasn't stopped running his fingers through it. He's got an old tshirt on and boxers, playing with his own fingers, his hands are trembling. He looks small.


"What happened on the phone?" Noel asks, changing his tone. He reaches out, placing a hand on Cody's arm.

Cody shakes his head, looking down at this hands. "Nothing,"

"I think we both know that's bullshit." Noel tells him, thumb rubbing the other boy's arm. "Look at me."

Cody looks up to Noel, tiny tear tracks have made their way down his cheeks. "Is it about Canada?" He feels Cody tremble when he asks.

They had a trip planned to visit Cody's family in a week, for the holidays. It's all Cody's been able to talk about. He's been giddy over it.

"My sister has some new boyfriend that's coming with her," Cody says, taking a shakey breath. "My parents called to tell me that he doesn't like gay people, and that to be civil, we would have to act like we weren't together."

Noel sees Cody's bottom lip tremble, before he runs a hand over his own face. "They've never made me feel like I couldn't be me, you know?" He says, sniffling. "When I told them I wouldn't do that, they said we could just- That we could just stay here then."

Cody lets out a sob that Noel knows he's been trying his hardest to hold in. Noel pulls him to his chest, arms going around Cody.

"Baby," Noel says, before he realizes he isn't sure what to say. It's fucked up. He and Cody have been together for damn near three years. Why were they the ones expected to act any different?

They continue standing there, Noel holding Cody as he cried into the side of his neck. He's rubbing his hands over Cody's back, his hair. Swaying slightly. Trying to provide comfort as best he can.

"How about, for Christmas, we have all our friends over," Noel says, whispering. "We can cook for them, have them bring something too. All sit around the table like a big family."

Cody nods, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand.

"We can do gifts, drunk board games-"

Cody smiles at that, arms tightening around Noel. He looks up to Noel. "I'd love that."

Noel places his hands on both sides of Cody's face, thumbs wiping away the tears that were left. "I love you." Noel says, the intensity in his own voice throwing him off guard for a moment. He needed to make sure Cody knew he meant it.

"I'll never be ashamed of you, of us." He eases one hand down to the side of Cody's neck, the other hand still resting gently on his face. "I'll never hide you away."

"I'm proud to be with you, I want everyone to know it." Noel finishes.

Cody's smile lights up his entire face. He's got those cute lines next to his eyes. He kisses Noel, pulling back a few seconds later.

"I love you, so much. More than you'll ever know," Cody says. Noel smiles, pressing a wet kiss to Cody's cheek.

"Now, lets clean this place up. Looks like some Frat guy got told they were all out of Monster at 7/11," Noel says, laughing.

Cody just starts picking things up, shaking his head and smiling.