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Coincidential Connection

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Hi this is the author and I’m here to discuss the rules and new features in Chapter 2. Chapter 2 will have 3 days to collect Clear Chips, but instead of three will be split up into four segments because math. Anyways, the new little thing I’m adding into this chapter is character interaction and the Guilt Meter.  It’s so important that I’m making a separate chapter to explain the rules just in case some of you who want to comment on voting decisions skip the ending chapter notes. Character interactions will more or less affect this entire segment for Chapter 2. I will split it up into multiple segments to explain.

Character interactions can raise different characters’ favorability stats. This allows the reader to have a certain amount of influence and likeability to characters. Like if you tried to convince a character, the more favorability you have the more they would listen to you. Certain actions throughout this chapter of the game require a certain amount of favorability so watch out for that. You won’t be able to interact with any of the Floor Masters or the “Dolls”, however, so you don’t have to worry about that. Favorability points can be lost when interacting too much with a certain character that another character doesn’t like. For example, Sara + Keiji + Reko + Nao + (almost everyone holy shit) with Sou or vice versa. Once or twice in a row might be fine, but it’s recommended not to interact too much with one person. Becoming non-platonically involved with another character is highly unlikely and not recommended, (I really mean it when I say this,) because it blocks off certain memories and interactions. And I’m being really petty so I’m not gonna tell you how to do it :P

Different events will occur through discussions and negotiations of trade. The moments of negotiation are crucial in selecting choices. I will be counting up the amount of usable tokens you earn and some of these events can earn you favorability stats. You can obtain different information, items, and the videos if you carefully trade tokens. You might be able to gain favorability points from some of these, others I will roll a dice for.

Memories and the reader’s backstory which I haven’t revealed yet will also be used when she sleeps and especially character interactions. For example, (I’m kind of giving you a cheat sheet for this one) you can see glimpses of memories of the reader with her friends when interacting with Sara and especially Joe, but you can unlock certain memories when interacting with certain people.

As you can see, the reader also has a Guilt Meter. If it reaches 100%, she will have a breakdown similarly to Sara and it will be game over. This will occur when she is reminded of Haruka (the OC), Kai, or if she messes up badly. This can also happen through talking to certain characters. Some characters will sometimes lower the Guilt Meter, or raise it. Make sure to keep an eye out for that.

Regarding all of these, there might be some hidden events O0O. Events might be like not being able to sleep, eating meals, or just random events after attempting an attraction. These will also be decided by a roll of a dice.

Reminder: the game will not progress if the reader or Sara dies. It will always restart to the last “checkpoint” which is when you make a choice. Voting on a choice will last for about a week and then I will start to work on the next chapter. Make sure to choose what you think is right and happy reading :)