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Coincidential Connection

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The pilings of food on platters seemed to be a bit ironic. You felt so sick to your stomach, you could throw up. Especially with the threat of death looming overhead, you couldn’t think rationally. The moment you had obtained that card, you just knew. Based on Sou’s warnings and the blatant words “sacrifice”, you just knew. 

You were going to die. 

Thinking rationally was one of your best traits. Still, here you were losing your mind. Your gaze glanced towards the screen, where Miley stood in front of a tropical beach with the crystal blue water and tall, swaying palm trees.

“Eeheehee… everyone… how are you feeling?” Miley asked with a condescending smile.

‘Like shit,’ you thought while picking up a glass of water to calm your nerves.

“This is a pre-recorded video… so I am afraid I cannot answer any questions,” she went on. “Allow me to thank you, truly, for taking part of the Main Game.”

You finished guzzling down the water and placed it onto the table. ‘Makes sense. I figured.’

“This is a waiting room for participants… the Last Supper Room,” Miley went on, gesturing through the screen. “You may fill yourself before the game, or form a strategy. Use it however you please.”

Sitting on the floor, you made sure to pay close attention to her words. They were going to be crucial towards your survival.

She grinned maliciously. “Those who beat the Main Game will proceed to the Next Floor! Hooray! Not that those who do not leave their waiting rooms once the Main Game starts will die as a penalty. Please be aware… eeheehee…”

You held up the card with the ever so deadly skull on its face. This wasn’t going to be good. The word “sacrifice” was off-putting as well.

You already knew your fate. It was so obvious.

“I will now explain the rules of the Main Game,” Miley said, clasping her hands together. “Everyone, please take the cards you obtained while exploring and touch it to this screen.”

Miley stopped, her face frozen as if the reel had ended. Or paused. You got up, walked over to the TV screen, and placed it onto the flat surface. After you did, Miley seemed to animatedly talk again.

“The rules are profoundly simple,” she said, the smile still present on her face. “One person will be selected by majority vote and that person will die. That is all.”

‘Then… what’s with this card?’ you thought, sending daggers towards the wretched card in your hands. ‘This wasn’t decided by majority vote. This card probably serves a different purpose. But what?’

Miley rolled on. “The vote will be split into two parts. The first will be the preliminary vote, where half the total will be chosen as candidates. Currently, 13 people are alive, so 6 people will be chosen. A final vote will be held using these, deciding the ultimate victim. In short, the victim is decided by narrowing 13 people, two six, to one!”

‘How reassuring,’ you thought dully while blankly staring at the Laughing Doll.

The woman’s expression grew dark on the screen. “Of course, even those who have not been chosen as candidates can participate in the vote! So please don’t kill of your own volitions!”

‘So trust also counts into this,’ you thought. ‘You have to be trustworthy in order for you to be safe.’

“Of course, there are holes in this game,” Miley said, her eyes growing darker with each passing second. “We do not want to have intentless games of luck. Such worthless acts to decide the victim like rock paper scissors are forbidden!”

Your eyes narrowed at the words. You wondered what the purpose behind those words were.

“And so, everyone! Please take out your cards!” Miley exclaimed with glee as her expression let up.

You held your card in your hands as you listened to Miley’s next words carefully.

“There are four roles given by the cards. The first is the Commoner,” she explained as the screen suddenly changed to show green stick figures. “This is a meaningless card with no power at all. The second is Keymaster.” The figures turned red with one of them hanging on a noose. “And oh my! It’s a terrifying role indeed, for if chosen as the victim, everyone will perish!”

‘So at all costs, the Keymaster has to be kept alive,’ you thought as you bit on a nail. ‘Unless someone wants a mass suicide--’

“This is the Sage. By holy divintation, they know who the Keymaster is. A very lucky role! Congratulations to the owner!” Miley’s voice crowed with vigor as the stick figures all turned green except for one who glowed yellow and was point at with arrows. “Fourth is the Sacrifice.”

‘My card,’ you thought while looking at the card.

“Amazingly, this card allows the person to survive only if chosen as the victim!” Miley informed as all the stick figures turned red except for one which was green. “Which means if they are not chosen they die!”

‘...ah,’ you thought as you felt the earth rumble. Or perhaps that was your imagination. Your whole world was beginning to fall apart. But what did you expect? You had already known. Sou had told you the risks of the card. And the words “sacrifice” were kind of obvious. Still, you took the risk. That was all on you.

“However, there are positives as well!” Miley declared brightly. “Not only do they get to have two votes for themselves alone…” The screen flashed, and a green arrow with a heart connected the green person to another green person. “If they win, they can escape alive with a person of their choice! Well in that case… all the others will perish. So good luck!”

‘The two most important cards are the Keymaster and the Sacrifice,’ you thought, nervously tapping your foot. ‘They make or break the game. I… am one of those people.’

The screen flashed back to Miley’s smiling face. “There is one Keymaster, Sage, and Sacrifice each. All the rest are Commoners. Committed to memory, yes?”

‘Yes ma’am,’ you thought dully while pocketing your card.

“So at minimum, two people die,” Miley said calmly while clasping her hands like some saint. “So everyone, try your best not to die!”

You looked up at the screen. ‘That’s… a lot of people out of thirteen... considering the amount of times they want us to do this. And I’m pretty sure they want us to do this a lot.’

Again, the screen flashed, and seemed to reel back like a film. You watched as Miley’s face reappeared again, her smile was wide as ever, but seemed a bit different from the last pre-recorded video.

“Apologies if you are afraid,” she said while smiling at you. “We just did what had to be done. Better you I guess.”

The screen paused again. What did she mean? Nevermind that. You needed to figure out what to do. What should you do. You were placed with a card that plummeted you into danger.

‘Ah, if only I had listened to Sou and used common sense,’ you thought, suddenly thirsty for more water.

"ᴀʀᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʀᴇᴀᴅʏ?"

When you had the card in your hands, the imminent feeling that you were going to die had already washed over you. So why were you so surprised at Miley’s declaration of the roles of the cards? You just guessed that you were scared. You needed to make up your mind. Still, there was no perk for you at all. Even if you did get to choose someone to leave with you, you knew a lot of people here. From a selfish view standpoint, your heart would hurt leaving any of the people you knew before you got here would hurt. So, what should you even do?


What goal should you attempt to do?


A. Sacrifice yourself in order for the others to survive

B. Make everyone to vote for you to survive

C. Figure it out as you go along.