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Coincidential Connection

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“Fun fact,” you told the two of them, circling your finger in the air. “I’ve been told it’s bad luck to sneeze three times and hit your leg.”

“Really, now?” Sou asked as Sara looked into one of the passages.

“Yep,” you replied. “Though, I’ve never tested it out.”

“Funny,” Sou said, shifting his attention to where Sara was searching. “Hey, see those huge cushions at the dead ends?”

“I wonder… When I fell, did I land on one of those cushions?” Sara mused.

Sou nodded, “Same for me. I bet all of us fell in a similar way. Joe came carrying you into the hall here. Didn’t imagine you two would be friends, though.”

“He did?!” you asked, putting a hand over your mouth. “Sara. That’s so cute, and you’re forever in Joe’s debt.”

“Huh?!” Sara squeaked, stiffening.

“Damn, I would’ve taken a picture,” you groaned, sad at missing the opportunity to see and do so. “Wait, how did I get here?”

The male coughed into his scarf, “Actually, some of the people who got here first heard, and I quote, ‘loud screeching and cursing as something hit a cushion at the end of one of the tunnels’. Then I assume one of them brought you here.”

“Cool,” you commented, a sweatdrop running down your cheek from his statement. “If you wanted to hide in the dark, you could sleep in here.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily recommend that,” Sara chuckled as she began to walk into one of the tunnels.

The three of you reached a blue hallway where there was a room with a sign reading “BAR” and a dark green vending machine.

“There’s a green vending machine here,” Sou commented as he stooped down to observe the contents inside said machine. “Seems to sell drinks… but I’ve got no money.”

“Me neither,” you added, noting your empty pockets.

You leaned over to look at the prices through the glass.

“Geez, these are expensive,” you commented with a grimace.

“Water and soda for 1000 yen each?” Sou agreed as he rapped his fingers lightly against the glass. “Talk about price gouging.”

Sara nodded then walked into the bar as you and Sou followed. There, you saw an array of alcohol bottles, Professor Mishima and Gin. There seemed to be a counter with a sliding door, some stools, and a black chalkboard with some writing on it.

“This looks like… a bar,” Sou said, “Seems to be a lot of alcohol present… but you’re underage, so keep away, Miss Sara.”

“Oh yeah, me too,” you added, remembering your age. “I just turned twenty recently.”

“Okay, you stay away too,” the man said, pointing at your figure.

“You too,” the girl with the lopsided hair teased, looking at Sou. “Don’t go slacking off on us now.”

Sou grinned as he tugged his scarf. “On the other hand, some might say there’s no better time to drink.”

Sara began investigating as you went up to chat with Gin who appeared to be looking at the blackboard.

“Hey, Gin,” you said, “What are you doing?”

He pointed at the blackboard, “Look, mom! Look at the sign!”

You began to read the board.

[Can Drink]

Alice, Kai, Kazumi, Keiji, Shunsuke, Sou, Naomichi, Mai, Megumi, Reko, Q-taro

[Can’t Drink]

Anzu, Kanna, Gin, Kugie, Sara, Joe, Nao, Hinako, Haruka, Ranmaru, Y/N

‘Haruka,’ you thought, ‘It’s weird because she…’ Flashes of her death began to sear into your mind and you felt a little weak. You felt uneasy at how unfazed you felt. Perhaps it was taking time to sink in? ‘And how do I tell Itsuki?’ Also, on the topic of Itsuki, you didn’t even know if your friend was okay. You were kidnapped because you were alone in the convenience store sans Sou. What if he was also kidnapped alongside you but… d i e d ?

“He can’t be dead,” you said, “No way.”

“Y/N?” Sara asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Just… thoughts” you stammered, grabbing your shaking arm. “It’s nothing, Sara. I’ll be fine”

“Calm down,” Sara told you quietly as she put a capable hand on your shoulder. “Y/N, you don't have to hide when you’re anxious.”

“I was with Itsuki, but then I left him… what if he’s… And I--” you began to say, but your thoughts got in your way.

‘He can’t be dead. But what if he is dead? What do I do? There’s no way--’

“You’re way nicer than people give credit for, N/N.”

“It will be fine, trust me,” Sara assured as you felt yourself be more at ease with her words than your own.


“Bars are just full of alcohol, meow,” Gin squeaked indignantly, stretching Mew-chan in his hands. “I hate alcohol, woof! And I hate my drunkard dad more, meow!”

“Your dad has a bad drinking habit?” Sou asked, raising an eyebrow.

Gin nodded angrily. “He’s an annoyance, woof!”

Sou looked at the ground, rubbing the fabric of his scarf between his fingers. “When you drink, you better make sure not to get swallowed up yourself. I’m at the drinking age too… I should be careful.”

“Tell me about it,” you whispered back to him.

“You’re not of drinking age,” Sou said with a deadpan stare.

You grunted back a reply as you stared at the names on the board. Sara talked to Professor Mishima, turned to you and pat your back.

“Let’s go,” she said as she gave you a soft smile. “Try not to think about it, okay?”

‘How can I not?’ you thought bitterly, grabbing the cap on your head and clutching it, ‘God, I’m whining again. I’m being a pain again.’

Her words seemed to haunt you even though she’s gone.

“You alright?” Sara asked.

“Fine,” you said, forcing a grin. Maybe Haruka’s death was beginning to get to you.

Sara, Sou and you began to march away and headed to another room. There, the three of you now stood in a blue hallway. There was a glass room which you recognized to be a smoking room, a green sign that read GAME, and a red vending machine.

“There’s a red vending machine here,” Sou stated, observing your surroundings.

You and him knelt down to look at it. Your gaze lingered on all the prices for the cigarettes through the glass pane.

“Seems to sell cigarettes,” the scarf wearing male mused as he turned his head. “And in the back is a smoking area, I guess…? Don’t buy any if you’re underaged of course. Can’t go turning you into a delinquent, Miss Sara.”

“I would never,” Sara replied with an amused huff.

You stuck your hand into the machine and felt around the bottom in case any objects were inside.

“Scraping for extras?” Sou asked jokingly. “I know the feeling.”

“Guess we can relate,” you muttered, sticking your hand in even deeper.

Your hand touched something small and round. You retracted your arm as you saw that you now held a cigar in your hands.

Sou looked at it and snickered at the item. “It’s got a high-class feel, huh?”

Fiddling with the stick, you held it up close to your nose and sniffed it. The faint smell of smokiness singed your nose as your face slightly scrunched.

“Don’t go smoking that now,” Sou teased with a light smile.

“Sure,” you said, pocketing the cigar.

‘Wonder what Itsuki would say,’ you thought, ‘No, stop it. Think about something else. Distract yourself.’

Sara pointed at the door to the Game Room.“Let’s check on the others.”

As you all walked inside, Sara observed a dartboard with a pit surrounding it.

“Is this… a game room?” Sou asked as he peered around. “Pretty lonesome. Feels like there’s a puzzle or a trick in here.”

“Seems like it,” you confirmed. “I’ve got a pretty good aim.”

“Yikes…” Sou winced looking down the pit. “It looks pretty deep. And there’s wind blowing up.”

You stuck your hand up and felt the strong draft from below. Retracting your hand, you backed away from the opening. Definitely a safety hazard.

“Pretty sure if you threw something here, it would fall down,” you commented.

“Agreed,” Sara said as she walked around the opening.

Sara continued to observe as you watched her. 

“Hey, you alright?” Sou asked, playing with the ends of his scarf as you turned to his attention.

You licked your lips. Dry.  “Fine.”

“You sure?” he asked with a questioning brow. “You look pretty shaken up.”

“Nothing,” you told him as your fingers picked at themselves. “Just that I left my friend before running to the convenience store. Meaning he could be… it’s nothing, really.”

You didn’t dare say it. There’s no way the savior of your life could die just like that. No way.

Sou put a comforting hand on your shoulder, “I’m sure it’s fine. Maybe he’s okay.”

“It’s nothing,” you repeated, flustered at the sudden attention thrust towards your wellbeing. “I’m just worried.”

“It’s okay,” Sou said, removing his hand.

“Alrighty,” you breathed shakily, walking towards the red door to investigate.

You turned the knob to no avail. Locked. You tugged on it harder as you knew if you tried even more, you would probably twist the knob off.

“This way,” Sara called, beckoning you over. “That door’s locked.”

“Coming,” you replied, leaving the door behind.

When you reached her, she reassuringly took your hand as the three of you headed through the blue door. Inside were nine checkered pattern chairs. Five of them had fake figures on them with Kai and Keiji observing them. Q-taro watched from the sides as Joe was standing, staring at a painting with a man with a top hat.

“Whoa, what are those?” Sou asked, observing the strange setting of a room.

You smiled softly, being reminded of the old meme.

“Looks like a doll,” you commented, specifically talking about the conspicuous mannequins.

“How about we take it off and inspect it,” Sara suggested as she reached for one.

“Good idea,” you told her.

Sou began to grab the doll and tugged but he couldn’t remove it. 

“Huh?” he asked as he tugged a bit again. “It’s attached to the chair.”

Sara frowned as she put a hand on one of the dolls. “Something’s strange about this…”

Sou chuckled with a smile. “That’s good. I wouldn’t know what to do if it attacked!”

“Uh, no,” you said with raised eyebrows.

Sou chuckled with shut eyes. “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’ll be here to protect you.”

“My knight in shining armor,” you said in a melodramatic tone, placing a hand over your head.

You chuckled as Sou hid his face in his scarf. You scanned the room and saw Joe observing a picture. You then walked over to Joe and smacked his back lightly. He removed the hand on his chin and smiled at you.

“Hey,” he said. Then he narrowed his gaze. “You alright?”

“Fine,” you replied, standing near him, “Just a little shaken up.”

You were never able to lie to Joe. He was like a lie detector made especially for you. How convenient.

“About what?” Joe asked.

“Itsuki,” you answered, “I’m worried about him since I left him alone last we were together. But he’s not here.”

Joe hummed, “Don’t worry, Y/N! It’ll be fine. Just relax and keep calm. He’s probably fine. Let us comfort you when you need it!”

‘Stop complaining. Just forget about it. It doesn’t matter. Focus on something else.’

You smiled at him, “With pleasure, Tazuna.”

He saluted you. “Likewise, Sargent L/N.”

“Lieutenant Tazuna,” you asked with a steady grin. “What are you observing?”

“wELl,” he told you, swinging his body towards the painting. “This piece of art looks kind of strange, don’t you think?”

You frowned at it contemplatively, eyeing the object of suspicion. “Agreed. But what about it looks strange?”

Joe waggled his fingers playfully.  “The aura of suspicion.”

“Is your third eye at work?” you asked, making a triangle with your hands.

He nodded and put his hands to his head as if conjuring a premonition. “Yes, and I see… something. Reaching out towards me. I see it…!”

“What are you two doing?” asked a dry voice.

You turned to see Sara, trying to suppress a grin on her face. Sou looked amused.

“Calling out to the spirits,” Joe replied with a grin.

“Impressive,” Sou commented.

You looked at Sara to see her pocketing something. You quirked an eyebrow at the items.

“Find something?” you asked.

“No,” she said, “Keiji gave me something.”

“What?” you asked, making sure it wasn’t anything strange.

She looked at you, “Three bullets…?”

You sighed in relief, nothing weird. “Okay. That’s good.”

“How is that good?!” she asked with a confused expression.

“What are the two of you actually looking at?” Sou inquired.

“Ah, we’re looking at this painting on the wall,” Joe replied as he pointed at the picture.

“Are you going to take it off of the wall?” Sara asked as she turned her attention to it.

“Too short,” you told her, looking at all heights of your group.

“Yeah,” Joe agreed with a heavy sigh.  “And it’s better to start with the easy stuff. Besides, Sara, it’s just barely out of your reach, isn’t it?”

“Damn,” you said with a wince. “Joe, that’s harsh. Making fun of someone’s height is a no-go.”

“I grew a centimeter last year,” Sara said with a pout and crossed arms. “Don’t take me lightly!”

Joe paled, “D… don’t put me down, man.”

“You’re already shorter than her so there’s no need,” you snarked, looking away.

“Hey!” he cried, shooting you a betrayed look.

Sara giggled as she turned to look at the painting. Joe began to talk to Sou.

“Uh… Sou, was it?” Joe asked.

“Ahaha, I’m glad you remembered my name,” Sou said.

“‘Course man!” Joe exclaimed, smiling, “Keep watch of Sara and Y/N for me!”

Sou clutched his scarf, “....ahahaha, I think I need to worry more about not dragging her down.”

“I’m sure you have your qualities,” you said, hanging off of Joe’s shoulders. “Don’t put yourself down.” You gave him a thumbs up.

“She’s right!” Joe agreed as he flashed the man a smile. “You’re a quirky person, Sou!”

“Wow,” you commented, drily, “Interesting terminology.”

“Sorry,” he apologized with a laugh.

“Did you know he bought a Hydro Flask last week?” Sara asked.

“No…!” you gasped jokingly, your heart feeling a bit lighter.

“I am not becoming vsco!” Joe exclaimed as he waved his arms. “I needed a new water bottle.”

“I don’t think there’s anything important here,” Sou said, bringing you back to the situation at hand. “How about we move?”

“Let’s go,” Sara told you, grabbing your hand.

“I want to sit on the couch and see how comfy they are,” you told her, looking at the furniture. And they needed investigating. “Please?”

“We’ve already been here for five minutes?” Sara asked, but it sounded like a statement.

You held up a finger, “Priorities, child. Priorities.”

“You seem more like the child,” the teal haired male commented quietly to the side.

“Shocked. Offended,” you replied as you put a hand over your chest.

You ran over and flung yourself onto a couch. You let out a pained whine as your bottom hit something hard. Reaching behind you, you pulled out a revolver. Heavy. Cold. Dangerous. Words began to hit your like a train all at once. Fear settled into your core and spread like the winter frost.

‘Holy crap,’ you thought, clutching the gun to yourself, ‘God, a gun ? A gun a gun a gun . Shit, what do I do? If this gets into the wrong hands, then people could get hurt. What--?’ Your mind raced to your highschool days, ‘Don’t think about him. Not now. He’s fine. Absolutely fine. Nothing to worry about. It’s fine. He’s fine.’

“What is that?” Sara asked.

“A gun…?” you said, letting her see. 

Sara reached out to touch it--

“Y/N…” Sou said, “What are you going to do with that?”

“Huh?” you asked.

He stared at it as if Sara’s hands weren’t allowed to touch it. Something akin to vehemence burned within his eyes as he stared. You slowly retracted the gun to yourself as he looked to the side. He looked back and smiled.

Something seemed wrong.

“Ah, sorry, Miss Sara. Y/N,” he apologized as Sara twitched at your side. “Hey, would you give me that?”

‘Give Sou the gun?’ you thought, ‘He doesn’t seem to have any harmful intentions, but the way he just acted was strange. Still… Sara has the real bullets, and I can trust her with those. She can take him or anyone who tries to take the real bullets. The gun is useless without bullets. Unless he’s planning to use it for something else.’

“Sure,” you said, nonchalantly handing it over, “Careful, I heard the recoil on those are really strong.”

“Y/N…” Sara whispered and you glanced at her for half a second.

‘I know.’

“Hahaha, I’m just joking!” the man exclaimed as your grip wavered. “You can keep it.”

“Wow, what an amazing joke,” you said, waving the gun but cautiously pocketing it.

‘It’s literally a gun, my dude,’ you thought drily as you felt your stomach twist. ‘I guess I should hold onto it since Sou doesn’t trust Sara carrying it. I kind of don’t want to--’

“Something amiss?” Sou asked, his smile as cheerful as ever.


“No,” you replied, but more to yourself.

“Let’s go somewhere else now?” Sara suggested, her gaze uneasy.

“Sure,” Sou agreed, walking ahead.

The three of you then walked towards another destination. A cafeteria. It looked… homey.

“This looks like… a cafeteria,” Sou commented as he gazed at a room to the side. “Wonder if our kidnapper is telling us to eat here?

“You don’t say,” you replied, walking over to a table to pluck off an object. “Yo, Sara. My aim is pure trash, so you can have this.”

You handed her the red and white dart. Sou peered over to look at it in the palm of your hand.

“It’s small, but it looks fancy,” he commented, poking the object. “The tip is sharp, so be careful.”

“I will,” Sara replied, pocketing it within her school uniform.

“Ooh,” you said, grabbing their attention, “A lighter. Here’s how you use one, Sara.”

You flicked it on as it sparked. You turned it off and handed it to her.

“I guess you might use it?” you asked, “You were always the adventurous type.”

“Looks like an expensive looking Zippo lighter,” Sou murmured, tapping the surface of the lighter in Sara’s hands.

“You ever smoked?” you asked Sou as he turned towards you.

He looked as if you were dumb (you are). “Of course.”

You pulled out the cigar and looked at him. He put it back in your jeans pocket as a sign of refusal.

“No,” he said, cementing his resolve.

You heard some rattling as you saw Sara struggling to open a door. You walked up to her and gave her a confident smile.

“Watch,” you said, cracking your hands, “I’m a pro.”

You put your hands on the knob and twisted it. Nothing. You tugged it harder. You did it again as you heard a crack.

Did you break it?

“It’s locked,” Sara told you, in order for you to stop breaking the kidnapper’s property.


The three of you headed towards the back instead and stumbled into a dark room with a strange light that barely lit up your surroundings. The ominous pressure loomed over you, enclosing you within that small room to a degree where you couldn’t breathe.


“What an imposing atmosphere…” Sou commented quietly as he looked around. “The red lamp is eerie… I don’t think I have the courage to enter that door…”

‘Itsuki would call him a pussy for sure,’ you thought, smiling to yourself. Your stomach churned again as you tried to quell your anxiousness. ‘I’m sure he’s fine. He’s fine.’

You clutched at your hand in an attempt to do so.

“W-what should we do, Miss Sara…?” Sou asked hesitantly, looking at said girl for guidance. “...are we going in?”

“How cute,” you commented, steeling yourself. Sara didn’t have to bear everything herself. “Of course we are!”

Without hesitating, you flung open the door and headed in first.

“Y/N!” Sara exclaimed as she walked in after you. “Careful…!”

You looked at the pink room with a heart shaped vent, light pink shelves, purple stuffed bunnies, and some sort of bust in the middle of the room.

“Wow…” you said, looking at the bust in the center of the room. “...interesting fashion choice. Kinda looks like melted ice cream.”

Sara poked it as Sou pointed at it.

“I… it’s not gonna move, is it?” he asked from behind you.

“Could this be…” Sara murmured, hand over her lips. “Remember the note Keiji read?”

“It was disappointingly non-rhyming,” you remembered as you looked around.

“Find the body!” Sou exclaimed. “That’s what it said…”

“I wonder if the doll head from the box can be combined with this torso,” Sara mused.

“I wonder if the doll body is mad at me from chucking its head around,” you added.

Sou looked at it more closely, “Once we add the body parts, will that make something happen?”

“It might, which is a little scary…” Sara commented.

“I’ll be here to protect you,” you said, hugging her shoulders.

Sara let out some indiscernible noises as she bat at you playfully. “I think that’s my line to you, Y/N.”

Sou chuckled, “So the great Miss Sara can be flustered, huh?”

You laughed as Sara let out some more garbled noises. You then withdrew your gaze as it then landed onto something on the ground. You bent down to pick it up: a couple of bullets. The teal bullets felt pretty light as you held them, lifting them up and down.

“Huh,” you murmured as you rolled them within your palm.

“Hey… let me look at those,” Sou told you, taking one with your permission. “Ahhhh… these are dummy bullets.”

“Fakes?” you asked for confirmation, holding one up within the tips of your fingers.

“Dummies?” Sara repeated as she looked at the small items.

“They’re like toys,” the beanie boy explained while smiling. “If you put these in a gun, they won’t fire.”

“Interesting,” you said, handing them to Sara. “I’ve got no pockets.”

“So they’re not real bullets,” the latter repeated once again, taking the fakes.

‘Thank God.’

“Yeah, they’re safe at any rate,” Sou chuckled as he handed the bullet he held to Sara. “I know, let’s have Keiji look at these. He should have more expertise than us, so maybe he can tell us something.”

“Good idea,” you agreed, patting his back. “See, you don’t drag people down.”

He laughed while beginning to exit the room. “Thank you.”

We walked back to the room with the strange dolls to investigate once more as Keiji approached us.

“Hey, Sara,” he said with a lax grin. “Found anything?”

‘We exist, you know,’ you thought, looking back and forth from you to Sou.

“No… there’s still plenty I don’t get,” Sara replied, shaking her head. “What’s especially strange to me is why there is a gun and some bullets in this room. What meaning could there be for a kidnapper to give us a weapon?”

You looked at the revolver that was still resting in your hand. Cold (actually warm now) and heavy. How suffocating.

‘God, why did I choose to take the gun?’ you thought as Sara continued talking to Keiji, ‘Ever since then, I wasn’t really good around weaponry. Gah, why did I have to remind myself? Now I’m going to think about it and-- I don’t want to think about it. Positive thoughts. Forget about it.’

“...why do you trust me so much?” Sara asked the policeman.

“‘Cause you’re cute,” Keiji replied easily, unwavering with his words.

That snapped you out of your thoughts. Hastily snatching up an opportunity.

“Weirdo!” you screamed.

‘Joe, get your smarmy ass over here!’ you internally screamed.

“Uh, Keiji, we found these dummy bullets. Here, you can look at them--” Sara said, forking said items over.

“Y/N?” Joe asked, “What’s wrong?”

“He called Sara ‘cute’, that’s what,” you said, crossing your arms. “That’s illegal by law. Mr. Policeman .”

“What, to give compliments?” Keiji asked, observing the bullets.

“You know what I mean!”

Joe clutched your shoulder with creased eyebrows. “Y/N… I’m concerned…”

“Okay, let’s investigate elsewhere….” Sara said, as you were attracting the attention of the entire room.

You pat Joe’s hand as he glumly detached himself from you. You walked towards the exit with Sou.

“Oh, Sara. Hold up a sec…” Keiji called out to the girl behind you.

“Yes?” she asked, stopping to turn around.

Sara turned around as I stood in the doorway to look back at her. You should wait for her.

“Huh? Miss Sara, aren’t you coming?” Sou asked as he stood behind you, already outside.

Suddenly, a masculine voice boomed from somewhere in the room, vibrating the bottom of your stomach.

“Miss Y/N L/N, I advise you to please step out of the way.”

“Huh?” you asked, confused.

You heard rumbling. In a flash, a set of sharp poles shot upward. Your stomach lurched as your muscles loosened.

“Waugh?! What the?!”


“Look out!”

You fell back as one sliced your hand and leg. As you fell to the ground with a thud, you realized you were shaking. Retracting into yourself, you examined your wounds. You were fine. This was nothing.

In the darkness, the glint of the metal flashed into your eyes. Fear shook you to the core.

Another close call. Another almost-death. But if you were skewered… Haruka’s death once again seared itself into your mind and you winced.

“Miss Sara! Y/N!” Sou exclaimed, rushing over to your side. “Are you okay?!”

Waves of adrenaline that once rushed over you subsided as the numbness began to melt away. The pain started immediately after that. It felt like small jabs all stabbing into your hand in the leg. The stingy feeling numbing your skin as it seemed to burn.

“Y/N!” Joe shouted from within the room. “Are you okay?!”

“Y/N!” Sara exclaimed, wrapping her hands around the bars that maimed you.

“Fine,” you said, looking at blood trickling down your skin. “Fine.”

The blade sliced your cheek as you fell back. You shuddered, confused, not being able to see through the thick darkness.

‘Crap,’ you thought, ‘Don’t think about it…’

The others began to murmur as Sara and Joe tried to reach through the metal bars. You waved them off, not wanting them to get hurt.

“You guys, you--”

“Hey, now. Don’t put yourselves so on guard.”

‘That same voice,’ you thought, looking around. ‘Seems to be coming from inside the room.’

“Wha?! Whose voice was that?!” Joe asked loudly, looking around 

“Ha ha ha, don’t sweat the details,” the painting you could barely see said with a moving mouth, “I’m the master of this room. You can call me Meister. Now to get right to it, lemme explain the rules of the next game.”

‘Game?’ you thought, clutching your hand and leg.

“T… the rules?” Kai asked as he tapped his ladle to his lips.

“Well of course! You wanna stake your life without knowing the rules of the game?!” the painting asked. “That’s some real character, man!”

Kai’s expression slightly twisted in confusion. “Stake… my life?”

“This one’s simple! Right now, there’s you five humans in this room, right?!”

“Plus two outside,” you replied drily.

“You’re unimportant,” the painting said dismissively.

‘I’m literally in college to get a damn degree to become a therapist,’ you thought while curling your hand into a fist. ‘Never in my entire life did I think I was going to get roasted by a fucking painting.’

“Glance around the room! There are four open seats,” the painting declared. “One will be the Challenger, and the other four will sit down and be the targets.”

“Targets?!” Q-taro asked. “Targets fer what?!”

“Miss Y/N is holding that cool weapon I gave ya in this room, isn’t she?! Fork it over!”

‘Give the gun?’ you thought, looking at the weapon in your pocket.

“Why?” you asked holding up the gun with a bitter smile. “Meaning, if I don’t give it, this game won’t have to happen?”