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My Xeno Academia: The Rewrite

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The shrill cry of alarms echoed through the corridors of a secret government facility, accompanied by the sound of rifle fire and the screams of people.


A woman with jade hair stumbled towards an elevator, yelping and covering her head as bullets missed their target by mere millimeters. The woman mashed the button for the highest floor, crying out in panic as the sound of armored boots made their way towards her. 


The doors of the elevator closed just in time to ensure the woman’s safety, and she collapsed onto the ground, sobbing as she mourned those she had lost.


Aneki, Aniki, Touto-chan, Imo-chan, Onii-chan, Kaa-chan...


The only family she had ever known, gone. 


Tears poured down the woman’s face, and she winced, clutching her side in pain. The hospital gown she wore was dirty and torn, the side the woman was clutching exposed, the edges of the fabric being eaten away as her acidic blood ran down her side.


The elevator arrived at its destination, dinging as the doors creaked open, revealing a wrecked building, fires burning around the premises. 


The woman stepped out of her the elevator, shedding her gown. She glanced behind her, seeing the doors of the elevator close behind her. 


She had to get away. The men with guns would use the elevator, and then they would find and kill her.


Just as they had done with the others.


The woman turned and her bones audibly shifted and popped, her already tall figure of six feet growing as her skin darkened and hardened, forming a black skeletal carapace around her. A tail erupted from the end of her spine, and her fingers elongated and sharped, forming long, deathly claws. A crest appeared on her head, slightly resembling a crown.


The woman-turned-Xenomorph Praetorian wasted no time fleeing from the ruined building, dashing into the night, leaving the bad memories behind her. 



It had been a busy night for Nemuri Kayama, the woman also known as the R-Rated Hero: Midnight. Multiple reports of villain attacks and Yakuza activity had kept her active for hours on end. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. 


“Could this day get any worse?”


The universe laughed, and the woman with jade hair crashed into Nemuri, panic in her emerald eyes.


“Help me.”




“Help me, please.”


Heavy footsteps came from the direction that the jade-haired woman had come from, and Nemuri turned to see four men in full riot gear rush towards her and the woman. The midnightette hero stepped between her and the men, who trained their guns on the two women. 


“Step away from the woman, hero.”


Nemuri scoffed, glaring at the men. “On whose authority?"


“That’s not your concern. Last warning, step away from the woman.”


The hero looked over her shoulder at the woman she was protecting, seeing her eyes full of fear. She turned back to the men, her grip tightening around her whip.


“I’m not going anywhere.” 


The man closest to them sighed and released the safety on his weapon. His finger wrapped around the trigger, and the gun fired. 


The bullet missed by a mile, the rifle falling from the man’s hand as Nemuri’s whip wrapped around his wrist, pulling him to the ground with a thud.


The other three men opened fire, but Nemuri had already disarmed another one of them shoved him into his squadmate, kicking the rifle out of the fourth man’s hands. The man pulled out a combat knife, twirling it in his hands as he took a swipe at Nemuri. 


The hero caught the man’s wrist, pulling him closer and bending his elbow in the opposite direction of how it was supposed to go. He screamed in pain, and Nemuri flipped him to the ground, knocking him out. The second man charged the hero, and she leaned into his charge, using his own momentum against him as she flipped him and delivered a swift blow to the head, rendering him unconscious. 


The third man rushed toward the jade-haired woman, who snarled and reared back her right arm, changing the limb with her quirk as she batted the man into a nearby wall.


Nemuri looked back at the woman, who gave her a thumbs up.


A gunshot echoed through the night, and the woman’s face twisted into horror, then rage. 


Nemuri reached down to her midsection, feeling a hot pain in her abdomen. She reached down and touched it, drawing her hand back.


It was stained scarlet. 


The world became muted, and the edges of the hero’s vision began to flicker.


The last thing she remembered before passing out was a bone-chilling screech and the screams of a terrified man.



It was dark where Nemuri was. But the darkness was strangely welcoming. It was comforting in the dark. She felt at ease and calm, ready to move on.


A bright light caught the woman’s attention and she turned to face it. The light was warm, inviting. It beckoned to her, and she reached towards it.




Nemuri spun around, looking back at the darkness. The void greeted her, and she strained her ears.




The midnightette woman looked back at the light, which still shined with its welcoming light, but she felt like she had to do something. 


Giving one last look back at the light, the woman strode into the void, towards the voice that called her.



“Kayama, can you hear me?”


She groaned, opening her eyes to the harsh overhead light of a hospital room. 


“Oh my god. Nurse! Kayama’s awake!”


Nemuri grimaced at the sound of the voice, her hearing still sensitive.


“Could you pipe down? I’m going to get a headache from all that yelling.”


The midnightette woman fully opened her eyes, scanning her surroundings. She appeared to be in a hospital room, the jade-haired woman she had saved earlier in a hospital gown, staring at her with concerned eyes.


“Where am I? And how do you know my name?”


“The doctors told me. I still don’t trust anyone here, but they’re taking care of you. So I guess I can trust them for now.” The woman scowled, giving the short, elderly nurse a suspicious glare as she walked in.


“Welcome back to the land of the living, Kayama. How are you feeling?”


“Like I was shot. Chiyo, how did I survive that and how long have I been out?”


The elderly nurse pointed her cane over at the greenette. “You can thank Miss Midoriya for that. She rushed you over here as fast as she could. Any longer and you would’ve bled out. As for how long you’ve been out, it’s been about two days. Midoriya here refused to leave your side, insisting that she was in your debt.”


Nemuri was stunned. She had been out for two days, and the person she had saved considered herself in her debt? This was turning into quite the chain of events.


She turned to the now-identified Midoriya, who blushed and bowed her head slightly.


“I am in your debt, Miss Kayama.”


Nemuri blushed, waving a hand dismissively. “It’s nothing, really. Anyone would’ve done the same in my situation.”


Chiyo cackled, shaking her head in amusement. “Oh my. This is the start of something special. Midoriya, do you have any family we can contact?”


The greenette looked down, fighting back the tears that threatened to pour out of her eyes. “N-no. T-they’re all g-gone.”


The nurse nodded, not wanting to press any further. “I see. Do you have a place where you can stay?”




“You can stay with me.”


The other two women turned to Nemuri with surprised looks, her face mirroring theirs. 


What am I saying?! I mean, the apartment I have can house two people, but I barely know this woman!


“Are you sure, Kayama? I appreciate your kindness, but you don’t need to offer your home to me.” Midoriya’s face was full of concern and apprehension, and before she knew it, Nemuri nodded.


“Absolutely, Midoriya. You said you owed me a debt, right? Do you know how to cook and clean?”


“Yes. My family felt that it was necessary that everyone knew how to do household chores.”


Nemuri nodded, a plan forming in her mind. “I’ll let you stay at my place, and in return, you can help clean with the chores, okay?”


Midoriya didn’t respond immediately. Tears dripped from her chin, and she tackled the hero in a hug, sobbing heavily.


“Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You won’t regret this, I swear.”


Nemuri chuckled, hugging the greenette back. “I’m sure I won’t. Can I ask your given name?”


The greenette blushed, pushing a stray hair behind her ear. “It’s Inko…”


Nemuri beamed at Inko, making the greenette’s heart flutter. “Well Inko, I’m Nemuri Kayama. It’s nice to meet you.”


“It’s nice to meet you too.”


Chiyo sighed, smiling knowingly. “Ah, young love…”



Nemuri was observed overnight, then released. After learning that Inko didn’t have anything to her name, including any clothes, she dragged the greenette to a department store. Inko had insisted that she did not need that many clothes, but her roommate was persistent. She managed to convince the greenette to let her buy her a few outfits, and have been horribly embarrassed when Nemuri had complimented her.


When they arrived at the hero’s apartment, Inko was surprised to see the mess that Nemuri called her apartment and immediately went to work, cleaning and organizing the apartment with a speed that terrified her roommate. 


The greenette had used what sparse ingredients were left in the refrigerator to whip up two servings of katsudon, feeding the two of them the best meal they had eaten in a while.


Night came, and Nemuri headed off to bed, Inko taking the couch. They both said goodnight to each other tucked into the bed, falling asleep soon afterward. 


Nemuri woke up in the middle of the night and despite her efforts, she could not fall back asleep. Deciding that she need a midnight snack, she walked to the kitchen, stopping when she heard Inko whimper.


“No, Kaa-chan! I’m not leaving you!”


The midnightette turned to the couch, seeing Inko deep in a nightmare. She immediately ran to the couch, sitting next to the six-foot woman and hugging her.


“Kaa-chan? Kaa-chan!!!”


“Inko. It’s okay. I’m here.” 


The greenette grabbed Nemuri in her sleep, pulling her close and refusing to let go. She sobbed into her roommate’s shoulder, the nightmare having disturbed her sleep.


“Shhh. It’s okay, it’s okay. No one’s going to hurt you. You’re okay.”


Nemuri held Inko tight, rocking her and rubbing circles into her back. The greenette’s tears soon ceased, and she looked away in embarrassment. 


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”


“You didn’t. I woke up and I wanted to get a midnight snack. Then I heard you whimper, and here we are.”


The two women stared at each other, not wanting to talk. 


“Do you want to talk about it?”


Inko nodded, taking a deep breath before beginning. 


“My family and I were once like any other family. We were in a nice neighborhood, we had a nice house and a nice life. One day, a bunch of men came and snatched up my family and I because we had xenomorph quirks, and they wanted to see if they could exploit us.


“They took us to an underground bunker and experimented on us for months. It was torture. They took blood samples and forced us to fight and kill quirkless people, and if we didn’t, we’d be physically abused…


“They kept us apart, but my mother had my two older brothers and older sister organize an escape. It took a few weeks, but everything was ready, and we got out. 


“But something went wrong. There were guards waiting for us. They killed my siblings and mother on sight, and I barely managed to escape with my life. I ran and ran and ran that night, and then I bumped into you.”


Inko sniffled, fresh tears coming to her eyes. “I still have nightmares of watching my family being killed in front of me…”


Nemuri wrapped her roommate in a hug, rubbing circles into her back as she comforted the greenette. “Hey. I’m here, and if you ever need to talk about anything, I’ll be here for you.”


Inko looked to her with teary eyes. “Really?”


“Yes really. Now come on, you’re going to sleep in the same bed as me. I’ll be there when the nightmares come.”




“But nothing. You’re sleeping with me and that’s final. Now come on, it’s 12:47.”


The hero dragged her roommate/maid into her bedroom, ushering her to the bed and making sure she was comfortable, much to Inko’s embarrassment. 


“Goodnight, Inko.”


“G-goodnight, N-nemuri…”


Nemuri smirked and turned over, falling asleep as Inko’s heart fluttered with emotions.


Why do I feel this way around her?


Is this what love feels like?



They two women fell into a routine for the next few days. Nemuri would wake up first and go to work while Inko cleaned up the house and caught up on current events with the news. 


Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, and before they knew it, it had been a year since the two had met. Both women had grown in the past year, Nemuri becoming leaner and more toned as Inko continued to feed her nutritious food, and Inko had molted from a Praetorian to a Queen. To say that the midnightette had been surprised was an understatement. Her roommate had grown another four inches, now towering over her five-foot-nine height. And that wasn’t even accounting for the second pair of arms Inko had obtained when she  had molted.


But the women were not the only things that had grown. 


Over the last year, both Inko and Nemuri had developed feelings for one another, but neither wanted to confess due to the fear that confessing would ruin their friendship. 


They danced around each other, blushing whenever their hands would touch or giving each other lingering glances. Eventually, Nemuri sucked it up one Valentine’s day and brought Inko some chocolate and flowers, only to find that Inko had prepared a romantic dinner for the both of them. 


Both women had sobbed for hours after learning that they both loved each other, and that was the day the two started dating.


They spoiled each other rotten, doting over each other whenever they had the chance, and sending the occasional lewd picture to each other.


Another year passed, and on the anniversary of their meeting date, Nemuri proposed. 


Inko had crushed her fiance with all four of her arms, locking her in a passionate liplock as she spun her in a circle.


They married in the spring, both women almost flooding the altar with their tears, kissing passionately after the reverend declared them woman and wife. 


Their honeymoon had been full of passionate lovemaking, and the couple had been well received by the community.


Yet another year passed, and Nemuri asked the question that would change their lives forever.


“Inko, do you want children?” 


The greenette cracked the plate she had been holding and was so embarrassed that it took a kiss from her wife to get her to stop. 


“I asked you a question, my emerald queen.”


Inko blushed, wrapping her arms around her wife’s shoulders. “Absolutely. And I know a way to get the child to be from both of us.”


Nemuri raised an eyebrow. “And just how exactly do you plan to do that?”


“Well, my quirk makes it so that a Queen can reproduce by choosing a host to impregnate. Have you seen Alien?”


“Yeah. Why?”


“Well, you see…”


“The baby is going to pop out of my chest.”


“Actually, I can just use your uterus.”


“Wha- How would you even get an embryo in there?! What if we need to do C-section?!”


“We could go see Chiyo and see if she would be willing to do the surgery.”


Nemuri deadpanned at her wife. “You’re serious?”


“Yep!” Inko beamed, using every ounce of the charm she had to win over her wife. 


The hero couldn’t resist and relented, rolling her eyes in feigned annoyance. “Fine. But we are taking every precaution. If I die, I will come back and haunt your ass, okay?”


Inko giggled. “Of course, my midnight savior. As for the impregnation process and gestation period, it’s much longer than you would think. Our baby would take the full nine months, but he’ll still be a tiny serpent when he pops out.”


“I see. But how do you even make me pregnant?”


The greenette blushed. “I have to kiss you passionately, in your most sacred area. You’ll know when it’s happening.”


Nemuri nodded, already making bedroom eyes at her wife. “Shall we get started then?”


Her greenette wife pulled her to the bedroom, already shedding her clothes. “Oh, we’ve already started.”


The midnightette licked her lips, and Inko closed the door behind her.


Neither of them got much sleep that night.



“Mrs. Midoriyama, the doctor is ready for you.”


Nemuri and Inko stood up, following the nurse over to the maternal wing, where the head resident prepped Nemuri for the birth.


The midnightette was given painkillers, and the doctor went straight to work, utilizing his x-ray vision quirk to see where the baby was exactly. After making it past her cervix and the rest of her birth canal, the shrill shriek of a xenomorph chestburster pierced the tense silence in the room. The doctor very carefully extracted the chestburster using a pair of tongs, dropping it into a container where he spun and circled like mad, screeching all the while.


The hospital staff would have stopped to admire it, but they had a mother to care for. They turned back to his mother, stopping her bleeding with the aid of a healing quirk. It was a long and delicate process, but in the end, Nemuri came out of the operation without a scar.


The married couple made their way to the nursery, where their child had stopped shrieking like a banshee and surprisingly had turned into a human baby.


The baby was more of a mystery to the couple, who was sure that they would have a daughter due to only having x-chromosomes to give. The nurses hypothesized that due to the DNA reflex feature of xenomorph genetics, it was possible that a chromosome had been shifted from x to y. 


Regardless, Inko and Nemuri were overjoyed to see their son. He babbled at them with his green eyes, reaching out to both of them as if he knew that he had two mothers. 


“Inko, what are we going to name him?”


“I like Izuku. Do you agree with that?”


“That’s perfect. I love it, and I love you.” She kissed Inko, causing many smiles from the hospital staff.


Izuku’s two mothers looked down at him and smiled, proud that they had made a life together, even if the method was unorthodox.


“Happy Birthday, Izuku. And may there be many more.”

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A small four-year-old girl whose quirk had recently manifested hid under her bed, whimpering in terror as her father’s combat boots trampled her birthday presents. The girl had blue hair, and her terrified blue eyes peeked out from the bed.


Hands reached under the bed and pulled the girl from her hiding place, and the girl squirmed in her father's grasp, wailing as she smelt the alcohol on the man’s breath.




The man’s hand came down on the side of the girl's face, giving the child an electric slap. She cried, not understanding why her father was hurting her.


“Daddy, why are you hitting me?”


Her father glared with her with drunken rage and tossed the child into the hallway, where he sobbed quietly.


“You took my wife from me, brat. The one thing I cared about in this entire world and you killed her.”


The man’s arms crackled with energy, and he looked at the girl in an intense rage. 


“I might as well go meet her in the afterlife and send you to Hell.”


The bluenette child looked at him in distress, scrambling to her feet. The man closed his eyes, gathering all the energy he could from inside of himself and unleashing it in a massive shockwave, striking different parts of the house and overloading the wall sockets, causing them to burst into flame.


The drunk man fell to the ground, his still body smoking.


Flames began licking at the walls of the house, and the girl scrambled as fast as her legs could take him out the door, running out to the sidewalk.


She turned back to the house and watched it burn, tears running down her face as she sobbed heavily. 



Nemuri walked down the street in her civilian clothes, on the phone with her friend, a thankful look on her face.


“Hizashi, thank you so much for watching Izuku. Inko and I needed a break from him, he was so lively!”


The voice on the other end of the waved it off.


“Oh really? I thought Hitoshi was your favorite nephew.”


Panicked sputters greeted the hero’s ears and she giggled, smiling.


“Don’t worry Mic. Your secret is safe with me. Remind Shota to give me a call when he picks up his son, okay?”


She paused, listening to the voice on the other, turning the corner.


“You’re welcome, Hizashi. Take care, alright? Bye.”


Nemuri hung up the phone and looked up, her expression turning inquisitive when she heard the sobs of a child.


She immediately dialed 119 and called the fire department, staying on the phone as she walked to the sobbing bluenette girl in front of her.


“Hey, are you okay?” The girl turned to the midnightette, her eyes red from crying. 


“D-daddy h-hurt m-me…”


Nemuri’s eyes widened and her maternal instincts kicked in, offering the girl a hug. The bluenette warily stepped back, eyes flicking around the hero for any sign of malice. Finding none, she relented and charged into the woman’s embrace, clinging onto her and letting her tears flow freely. 


“Miss, w-why d-did Daddy h-hurt me?”


The hero’s heart melted, and she enveloped the small bluenette into a hug, holding her close and shielding her from the world.


“I don’t know. What’s your name, sweetie?”


The girl stared up at her with her big blue eyes and sniffled, and that’s when Nemuri promised herself she would care for this child.


“It’s, N-Nejire, Miss…”


Nemuri held Nejire close, refusing to let this child be hurt by the world any longer. 


“It’s okay now, Nejire. Why? Because I am here.”


Nejire clung to the woman, sobbing quietly.


The hero ran her fingers through the girl’s hair, holding her as she sobbed.


I hope Inko doesn’t mind another child. I can’t let this girl slip through my fingers…



Inko’s maternal instincts flared the second she saw Nejire, wrapping the girl into a hug after Nemuri had brought her home. The bluenette girl had been hesitant around the tall woman, preferring to stay around Nemuri. 


That all changed when she met her baby brother.


The bluenette took one look at the toddler Inko was carrying and she immediately dashed over, peering up at him as he looked down from his perch.


Nemuri and Inko looked at each other, and the Queen decided to make her move. 


“This is Izuku. He’s your brother, Nejire.” She stooped down and placed her son in front of his new sister, who stared in awe at the little tyke in front of her. 


She reached out and touched his hand, and cried from the contact. The bluenette wrapped her brother in a protective hug, looking up at her second mother.


“I want to be a good big sister. So I’m going to beat up anyone who hurts my brother.”


Both of her mothers’ hearts melted, and they wrapped up their children in a group hug. Nejire leaned into the hug and smiled for the first time in a long time.


She felt something that she hadn’t in a long time.


The love of a parent.



It turned out that Nemuri’s school friend Shota Aizawa had married his girlfriend Emi Fukukado, and they had a child two weeks before Izuku. They had named the insomnia-inflicted infant Hitoshi, and he got along with his cousins wonderfully.


Aizawa loved his son dearly, but he didn’t always know how to show it. But he tried his best alongst his hero duties, eventually investigating who had tried to kill his friend and her wife. 


But it seemed that no matter what lead he managed to get, it always lead to a dead end. An important piece of evidence that he had discovered one day had vanished overnight, and Aizawa had the constant feeling like someone was watching him.


He shrugged it off and reported his findings to the couple, who understood and told the scruffy man to look out for himself. 



Two years passed, and soon it was the first day of school for Nejire and Izuku’s first day of preschool. Nemuri and Inko sent the two off, both sobbing heavily as their children departed for their education.


Izuku hugged his mothers goodbye as they dropped him off, and he followed his teacher inside, where he met a familiar voice caught his attention.




The greenette spun around to see his cousin looking over at him. He beamed and ran over, hugging Hitoshi tightly as the indigonette laughed and hugged him back. 


“Hitoshi! I didn’t know you were coming here!”


“I didn’t know either. My mommy just dropped me off a few minutes ago. Do you wanna go play?”




The two cousins rushed over to the toy box, fishing out a few blocks and beginning the process of building the best castle ever! The walls were indestructible and nobody could get in!


Until an ash-blonde boy charged over and bowled into the castle, tackling Izuku and tickling him. The greenette squealed from the assault and squirmed under the boy’s hands, giggling loudly.


“Kacchan, s-stop! I’m g-gonna pee!”


“Make me stop, Izuku!”


Hitoshi sighed and pouted at Katsuki, not having enough energy to deal with the dandelion’s antics.


“Katsuki, please get off Izuku.”


“Fine, fine. You don’t have to be a meanie.” The ash-blonde rolled off of Izuku, who had his hands at clutching his sides.


The greenette stood up and stuck out his tongue at the dandelion, who laughed. Izuku joined in the hearty laughter and noticed a blonde girl with messy buns sitting quietly in a corner by herself. 


“Kacchan, Hitoshi, who’s that?”


The dandelion and insomniac looked over and shrugged. “We just got here.”


“Well, she looks lonely. I’m going to go talk to her.” Izuku stood up and walked over the girl, sitting down next to her. She looked at Izuku, then turned her head away.


“Hi. I’m Izuku. What’s your name?”


The girl ignored him, staring at the wall. 


Izuku was confused but far from discouraged. He scooted into her field of vision and offered her one of his sunshine smiles.


“You looked lonely. Would you like a friend?”


The girl stared at him with disbelieving eyes. “You want to be my friend?”


The greenette gave the girl a confused look. “Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend?”


She turned away and mumbled something under her breath.


Izuku cocked his head. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you. What did you say?”


The girl took a deep breath and built up her confidence, not wanting to ruin this chance. Sure, she could lie to him, but her parents had told her that lying was bad. That only left telling the truth.


She turned to the greenette, a fearful look on her face. “My quirk needs blood to work, and I like the taste of blood. My parents don’t like it, and they tell me I shouldn’t drink blood.”


Tears appeared in her eyes. “All the people who I told about my quirk think that I’m a villain, and they don’t want to be my friend and they tell lies about how I’m going to bite people and drink their blood…”


Izuku frowned. “Well, those people are meanies. And who cares if your quirk needs blood? You aren’t trying to steal blood from anyone. What do they know?”


The girl looked up with surprised eyes, happy tears spilling from her eyes. Izuku immediately took the tears as a sign that he had done something wrong and panicked.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you cry! I’ll go now…”


“I’m not sad.”


The greenette looked back at the girl in confusion. “What?”


“I’m not sad. I’m happy. You’re the first person to say anything nice about my quirk…”


Izuku relaxed, scratching the back of his head. “Oh. Well, um, my friends and I were wondering if you wanted to come play with us, uh…”


The girl smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m Himiko. It’s nice to meet you, Izuku.”


She followed him over to the other two boys, where they greeted her with open arms. “Himiko, this is my cousin Hitoshi, and this is my friend Kacchan…”




The four preschoolers became fast friends, and they did everything together. They played together, ate together, drew together, you name it, they did it. And they were happy with each other.


Until the day that Katsuki and Hitoshi got their quirks, leaving Izuku the only one without a quirk.


The dandelion had almost turned against his friend, calling Izuku “Deku,” and he would’ve become the head of the greenette’s bullies had it not been for the combined forces of his mother, Inko, Nemuri, Hitoshi, and Himiko. 


They knocked some sense into him and reassured Izuku that he was, in fact, not useless. Himiko even added that Deku sounded like Dekiru, meaning “You can do it!”


That nickname became a source of hope for Izuku, and he waited day after day for his quirk to finally manifest, and when his fourth birthday rolled around, he was beyond happy.


He had a combination of both of his mother’s quirks.


The ability to shift into the form of a xenomorph with claws, teeth and a tail blade tipped with a tranquilizing agent. 


Inko and Nemuri had cried for hours on end, Nejire joining them as they wept in happiness.


After so long, Izuku had a quirk.


He could finally be a hero, just like his mother.



The years flew by, and with each passing year, Izuku, Katsuki, Himiko, and Hitoshi became a tight-knitted group of friends. They attended the same schools growing up, and by some strange trick of fate, they always had the same classes together.


Nejire grew to be a strong young woman, having a bit of trouble with her spiral energy quirk at first, but under the guidance of her mothers, she learned how to fly with it and make massive energy blasts capable of leveling buildings if she so desired.


She was curious and intelligent, always asking questions, which rubbed off her brother. The two of them would mutter to each other for hours, offering different hypotheses and solutions. Nemuri couldn’t understand them half the time and honestly just really hoped that her children weren’t plotting to take over the world.


Inko, on the other hand, was delighted to see her kids bond and fully encouraged them to go satisfy their curiosity. This lead to more than one instance of finding the two of them in their laboratory, which was really just a shed in the backyard where the two conducted various experiments, covered in the mess that had been their latest experiment. 


They both also studied quirks like a religion, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of any quirks they could find. Between the two of them, they had filled a total of 27 notebooks, labeling them Hero Analysis for the Future. Katsuki, Hitoshi, and Himiko pretended to know what the two nerds were talking about half the time, but honestly, it escaped them most of the time. 


Nejire was full of surprises and when she applied to U.A. University and was accepted, she caused a massive stir and immediately became one of the most powerful students in the school, despite only being a first year. Towards the end of her second year, she had formed the “Big Three of U.A.” with two of her best friends, Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki.


She later brought them home and introduced them to her family as her boyfriends. Not that it surprised them that much, but Nemuri forked over a 1000 yen note over to Inko after losing the bet. 


Things were normal in the Midoriyama household. Sure, it was a bizarre family, but they made sure to make it work. Everyone was loved and supported, and honestly, Izuku thought his life was perfect.


Until the day that Himiko disappeared from her home. 


The Toga's household had been tense every time Izuku had gone over, mainly to pick up Himiko for get-togethers and other events, and it didn’t seem like Himiko’s parents ever allowed Himiko a source of blood. 


In fact, Izuku, Katsuki, and Hitoshi were the only people giving the blonde any blood. They had to keep it a secret. Himiko’s parents were ashamed of their daughter’s quirk, and they suppressed it any way that they could.


The blonde had slowly pulled away from her parents, spending more and more time at the Midoriyamas if possible.


Then she disappeared three months before high school graduation. 


Himiko’s parents had stormed over to the Midoriyama household and demanded that they stop hiding the blonde, but Inko managed to convince them that they did not have her daughter. 


Katsuki, Hitoshi, and Izuku looked everywhere for her, but they couldn’t find Himiko. She had vanished without a trace.


The blonde’s absence had started some rumors that Izuku and Hitoshi had used their quirks to brainwash and put Himiko to sleep and murder her, which wasn’t at all true.


It still didn’t stop the rest of the students. 


The graduation ceremony at Aldera High School was short, and it left Izuku and his best friends walking home together, their hearts heavy.


“Those damn extras. How could they think that you two used your quirks to murder your girlfriend, Deku?” Katsuki growled, his infamous temper getting the best of him.


“Kacchan, Himiko isn’t my girlfriend. And people are a bunch of meanies for are more concerned about their quirks than being actual decent people.”


Hitoshi turned to his cousin, raising an eyebrow. “Are you sure Himiko isn’t your girlfriend? You two certainly act like you’re dating.”


Izuku waved his hands in front of his face, which flushed yellow-green. “I-it’s not like that and you two know it! Himiko and I are just friends.”


Hitoshi and Katsuki exchanged knowing glances but decided not to press the issue.


“Well, I should be heading back home. Mom and Dad have been wanting me home by a certain time ever since Himiko went missing. I’ll see you all at U.A.” Hitoshi waved to his friends, leaving the dandelion and acidic cinnamon bun alone.


They passed a pair of bullies that were Izuku’s tormenters, and Katsuki took off, launching himself at the two as they fled through the city, desperately trying to avoid the dandelion’s wrath.


Izuku sighed. “You haven’t changed a bit, Kacchan.”


He trekked under a bridge, thinking that he heard the manhole under it shift, but when he looked, nothing happened.


It must’ve been my imagination. Oh well. Gotta get home so Mom and Mama don’t tear me a new one.


He continued his trek home when an explosion up the street caught his attention. Rushing forward, he found a police barricade set up as a villain made of sludge kept blowing up the buildings. Several heroes stood on standby, but none of them made a move.


Why aren’t the heroes making a move? Is there a hostage or something?


Izuku peered down the street, seeing two shapes desparately trying to fight their way out of the villain’s grasp. Both had blonde hair and were very, very familiar.


Is that Kacchan and… “HIMIKO!!!”


Izuku’s body moved before he thought, and he charged the villain, dropping his backpack and slashing st the villain’s eye. 




Izuku reached into the sludge grabbed the two blondes, using his superhuman strength of a xenomorph to pull them out of the sludge with a wet pop. He got between them and the villain, hands up and ready for a fight.


The villain sluggishly turned towards them, his eye lidded as he surged towards them.


A massive shockwave shot down the street, ripping apart the villain and saving the three students. Izuku whipped around to see Nejire, holding her arm out, panting heavily.


“Nejire?! You know you shouldn’t use a blast that big without a few days of rest!”


The bluenette snapped back at him. “And let you die?!”


The greenette fell silent, looking down at his feet. 


Nejire’s expression softened and she wrapped her brother in a hug. “Izuku, I’m glad you’re okay, but I just didn’t want you to get hurt. Now let’s get the three of you checked out, I’m sure you all need it.”


She offered her hand to one of the blondes and froze when she saw who it was.



Chapter Text



It gnawed at Himiko, growing stronger by the second. 


She had eaten, but her body wanted more than food.


The blonde frantically searched her backpack, looking for the blood bags her friends had disguised as juice pouches.




Himiko’s panicked searches intensified, and she threw items out of her backpack into the alleyway behind her. 




Her hand brushed over a Capri Sun, and she snatched the pouch out, hastily sticking a straw into it.




She sucked on the straw, allowing the crimson liquid to cover her tongue. The blonde swallowed, removing the straw and resealing the pouch before sucking the excess blood from the straw. 


The urge vanished, and Himiko relaxed. She took a few calming breaths before gathering her things and moving out of the alleyway. 


She had to keep moving. The people her parents had sent to find her were getting close. 


The blonde pulled out her buns and let her hair down, hoping that the simple change in her hairstyle would be enough to throw off the goons her parents had sent.


As she exited the alleyway, Himiko reflected back on what exactly had led to her escape from the Toga household.


She grit her teeth, grimacing at the unpleasant memories.



It had started as a normal day.


Himiko woke up, got dressed, put her hair up in her messy buns, went downstairs to see the stone faces of her parents, took her morning dose of quirk suppressants under the watchful eye of her parents, ate her breakfast, grabbed her lunch from the refrigerator, and met Izuku, Katsuki, and Hitoshi at the front gate of her home.


Her friends greeted her, and they descended into their normal morning banter, Himiko flirting with Izuku and the greenette being his painfully oblivious self.


They walked to school and lessons went as they normally did, the bell ringing for lunch and the four friends sitting together at lunch, where Izuku surprised Himiko with a very thoughtful gift.


The acidic cinnamon bun placed a pouch of dull yellow liquid in front of the blonde, who stared at it in surprise. She looked up at Izuku, hesitantly taking the pouch in her hand.


“Is this…”


“Yep.” Izuku beamed, making Himiko’s heart throb in longing for him.




 “Well, apparently, there’s an acid-resistant glass made out of something called borosilicate. I told Mom about how Hitoshi and Kacchan were giving you blood and how I wanted to as well, and she talked to Mama. She got me hooked up with a nurse at U.A. and they used a centrifuge to separate the acid part from the part they could analyze and thus, the part you could drink.”


Himiko stared at Izuku wide eyes, tears pricking them seconds later. 


The greenette panicked. “Do you not like it? Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to offend you-”


“Izu, shush.” Himiko sniffled, leaving the happy tears run down her face. “I’m just so happy that you did this…”


The blonde reached across the table and hugged Izuku, causing his cheeks to flush a dull yellow. 


“Thank you so much, Izu.”


She took the straw Hitoshi was offering her and stuck it into the bag, relaxing after the straw did not melt on contact with Izuku’s blood. The blonde placed her lips over the tip of the straw, taking a sip.


It was the best blood she had ever tasted.


Fresh tears streamed down Himiko’s face and she slurped down the entire pouch. She burped, earning a few laughs from her friends and she joined in, just enjoying herself in their presence.


The bell rang for classes and the four friends stood up, heading back to their classroom. 


Classes proceeded as usual, and the friends departed for home when the last bell rang, walking how together. 


Himiko was the first to arrive home, and she did her homework and started dinner when her parents got home. 


Her father coldly greeted the blonde and took his seat at the dinner table, his wife following suit. Himiko served dinner, and her father got up to get a beer.


He came back from the kitchen with a blood bag and an angry look on his face. His wife’s eyes shot open in surprise when she saw the bag, and they looked over at Himiko, already judging her.


She was grounded until further notice and was forbidden from seeing her friends during that time under the fear that she was stealing their blood from them.


Himiko was sent to bed with an empty stomach and a heavy heart, sobbing as she listened to her parents call her quirk evil and unholy. 


This wasn’t the first time this had happened, but it was the last straw for the blonde.


As night fell, she planned her daring escape.


Around midnight, when she was sure her parents were asleep, Himiko crept silently into the kitchen with a half-packed backpack and filled the other half with as many blood bags as she could, stealing out into the night and never looking back.


The blonde took to the streets and quickly learned to defend herself and find shelter, and to never stay in one place for too long. 


The goons hunting her would find her otherwise. 


She wasn’t quite sure how she managed to survive for three months without anyone finding her, but Himiko didn’t ask.


All that mattered was that she wasn’t found.



Himiko departed from memory lane, walking quickly down the sidewalk, her hair covering her face. 


It was towards the end of the school day, meaning there would be students for the girl to blend into. She stepped into the crowd, on edge for some reason. 


The blonde had never doubted her spidey-sense before, and she wasn’t about to start now.


She moved in the crowd, eyes and ears open for any sign of danger.


A familiar figure caught her eye. Without turning her head, she stopped and pretended to look into a shop window, using the reflection in the glass to see behind her.


She scanned the crowd and found who she was looking for.


A man with dark hair and a few scars on his face was scanning the crowd. He was adorned in a ragged coat, and looked like he hadn’t ever heard of a shower. Mud caked his body, staining his clothes and dirting his face. 


But what really worried Himiko was his eyes.


Black beady eyes that stopped and locked onto her back.


The blonde waited a few seconds to see how he would react, debating whether or not to bolt. 

The man started towards her from across the street, and Himiko moved from the shop window, quickening her pace. She looked over her shoulder and saw him following. The blonde walked faster, keeping her eye on the man’s distance as she moved to a safer location.


Himiko looked over her shoulder and bumped into someone, the impact sending her to the ground.


“Oi! Watch where you’re going!” the stranger growled, the voice oddly familiar. The blonde looked up to see who she had bumped into, and her jaw dropped in recognition.




Katsuki’s glare shifted into a look of shock, and he pulled Himiko to her feet. “Vampire Bitch? You’re alive?”


Himiko quickly looked over her shoulder and saw the man gaining on them. She grabbed Katsuki’s hand and pulled him down the street and into an alleyway out of sight. 


“Vampire Bitch, what’s going on? Why are we running?”


“Be quiet and don’t move,” she hissed, flattening herself against the wall as the man hunting her walked by, completely ignoring the alleyway.


After waiting a minute, the dandelion finally asked the burning question on his mind. 


“Who the fuck was that, Himiko? Seriously, I see you for the first time in three months and the first thing you do is pull me into an alleyway to hide from someone? What the fuck is going on?”


Himiko poked her head out of the alley, making sure that the coast was clear. “I ran away from home, Dandelion.”




“You know how my quirk works by ingesting the blood of others?”


“Yeah. Deku wouldn’t stop talking about it for days. Why?”


“My parents tried to suppress it.”


Katsuki froze, his angry expression dissipating before coming back at full force, his anger clouding his senses and causing him to miss the sound of two soda bottles hitting the ground behind him, the impact knocking their lids off.


“I’m going to kill them.”


A sludge leaked from the bottles, forming a puddle behind the angry dandelion and starting to form into a much larger shape.


“I am going to march over to your parents and give them a piece of my mind. Does the school know about this?”




“Fucking hell, Himiko. Why do you still live with these people?!”


“Oh? Two medium-sized invisibility cloaks? Perfect!”


Both blondes looked over to see a sludge monster swamp them, surrounding them with its body. The two teens struggled again the sludge, the edges of their vision going black.


Katsuki got one of his hands free and blasted the villain with an explosion, causing him to roll out into the street.


“And with a really powerful quirk too! Perfect!”


More explosions rippled through the villain, causing him to loosen his grip slightly. Himiko’s head popped out of his side and gasped, taking greedy gulps of air. 


She looked down the street and saw that the police had already set up a barricade, blocking onlookers and that there were many heroes staring down the street in apprehension.


Why aren’t the heroes helping us? 


The heroes stared at her, their eyes all full of fear.


They don’t want to hurt us with their quirks. 


She snorted, laughing sorrowfully. “So this is how I die? Trapped in a villain while a bunch of heroes look on at me from far away because their powers don’t work?”


This society is messed up.




Great. Now I’m imagining that Izu screamed my name. I must be dying. 


Himiko looked down the street again and saw Izuku running down the street, throwing down his backpack and morphing his arms.


Wait, what?


A scream of pain from the sludge villain let the blonde know that she was not making this up in a delirious state. Izuku plopped down in front of her vision seconds later, reached through the sludge, grabbed and pulled her out with a wet pop. Himiko landed behind Izuku and she watched as he stood to protect her, the sludge coming after them again.


He saved me… 


A massive shockwave ripped down the street and tore the villain to shreds, Izuku whipping around to see their savior.


“Nejire?! You know you shouldn’t use a blast that big without a few days rest!”


“And let you die?”


Izuku’s older bluenette sister stepped into Himiko’s view, and she hugged her brother. “Izuku, I’m glad you’re okay, but I just didn’t want you to get hurt. Now let’s get the three of you checked out, I’m sure you all need it.”


She turned offered a hand to the nearest blonde, freezing up when she saw who it was. “Himiko?!”


“Hi, Periwinkle. How are ya?” she joked, coughing up chunks of sludge. 


Nejire pulled the blonde to her feet, walking her over to the paramedics who checked all three of the over for injuries.


The heroes began scolding Izuku and Nejire for improper quirk use and endangering themselves, and that’s when Katsuki lost it.


“They wouldn’t have to endanger themselves had you heroes fucking got off you asses and saved us!”


The closest hero took a deep breath and calmed himself before answering. “None of our quirks were suited for the situation. All we could do was wait for someone with a quirk more suited for the situation to show up-”


“That’s fucking bullshit. You call yourself a hero? Oh, boo hoo, my quirk doesn’t work in this scenario, whatever am I to do? Fucking get off your ass, grab us, and fucking run. It’s not that fucking complicated!”


The hero looked at the ranting dandelion in utter shock, angrily adjusted his gauntlets, and pointed a finger at Katsuki. “Listen here you little shit-”


“I AM HERE TO STOP THE VILLAI- oh.” All-Might appeared out of nowhere, startling many people and flashing his trademark smile before scratching his head, confused. “Who stopped the villain?”


Everyone pointed at Nejire.


“Oh, Young Midoriyama!”


Nejire bowed her head slightly at All-Might. “Hello, All-Might. There was a villain attack, and my brother and I stepped it to save our friends.”


The hero nodded, giving a thumbs-up. “I see what they are teaching at U.A. has not gone to waste. I thank you two for keeping the peace in my stead and I apologize for arriving so late. I was looking for a villain, and I must’ve gotten sidetracked. Anyway, I believe the four of you should be heading home. Actually, Young Miss Midoriyama, may I speak of you in private, please?”


Nejire nodded and turned to Izuku. “Tell Mom and Mama I’ll be home a bit later than usual. They’ll probably have seen the news by then, so they’ll know where I went.”


Izuku nodded, he and Katsuki helped Himiko up as they headed towards their homes.



As the sun began to set and the trio approached the Toga residence, tired from their long journey. 


The second Himiko saw the front gate to her home, she tried to bolt. Izuku held her as she tried to run, the only thing keeping Katsuki from murdering the Togas being concern for Himiko’s wellbeing.


“No. No no no no no no,” the blonde struggled to get as far as she could from the gate, straining against Izuku’s arms. She looked into his eyes, her pupils slitted like a cat’s in fear.


“Don’t make me go back in there, Izu.”


“I don’t understand, Himiko. Don’t you want to go see your parents?”


“No! Don’t leave me with them, please!” The girl begged, redoubling her efforts to get as far from the house as possible. 


Izuku really wanted to know why his friend was so afraid to go back to her home, but he nodded. “Okay. I have to go home, though. Do you want to come with me and talk to my moms?”


Himiko calmed down a bit at the mention of Inko and Nemuri, and she nodded, clinging onto Izuku. 


“Kacchan, can you get yourself home?”


“Deku, I live right next door to you. Of course I fucking can get myself home.”


“Right, sorry. Well, I’ll call you in the morning once we figure everything out, okay?”


“Yeah, whatever. And don’t forget to use protection, Deku. I don’t want to be an uncle just yet.”




Katsuki laughed and hopped up the stairs to his front door, flipping off Izuku as he entered his house.


Izuku shook his head. “Seriously, Kacchan? I mean, I like her, but I’m not ready for that…”


“You like me?”


The acidic cinnamon bun’s eyes shot open. He looked down to see Himiko’s hopeful eyes, and he sputtered.


“No! I mean, yes! I mean-”


Himiko kissed his cheek, Izuku’s face lighting up like a Christmas tree. 


“I like you too, Izu.”


The greenette let out a squeak and held the blonde’s hand as he walked her to the front door, opening it and letting Himiko in first.


“M-Mom, I’m h-home! H-Himiko is here too!”


The sound of quick footsteps running through halls greeted the duo as they slipped their shoes off and Inko crushed the two in a tight four-armed embrace, sobbing loudly.


“Oh thank God, Izuku! You’re alive!” She let go of her son, scolding him with a finger. “What the hell were you thinking?! You could’ve died had it not been for your sister!”


Izuku looked down at the ground in shame, and his mother let up on him. “I’m just glad you’re okay, Izuku. I know you want to be a hero like Nemuri and Nejire, but I can’t help but be worried about you three! What if you get trapped in an area where there was no way to call for help?”


She smothered Izuku in another hug, kissing him on the top of his head. “I just worry for you, Izuku. Please take better care next time, okay?”


“I will, Mom.”


“Good. Now would you care to explain why your girlfriend who has been missing for three months is here? Hello, Himiko, how are you?”


“To be honest, Auntie, I’m starving and I could use a bath. I stink and I haven’t slept in a decent bed for three months.” 


“Alright then. I was going to make katsudon anyway to celebrate the last day of high school for Izuku. Izuku, dear, would you draw up a bath while I talk to Himiko?”


Izuku nodded and headed down the hall. Inko turned to Himiko and looked at her, maternal instincts surging through her. She noticed how thin and dirty the blonde was, and took pity on the girl.


“Oh, child. What did your parents do to you?”


The Queen scooped Himiko into a four-armed embrace, and Himiko’s walls broke. All of the emotions she had bottled up for three months poured out of her at once, and Inko held her, rocking the girl back and forth.


“T-they suppressed my q-quirk, A-Auntie. C-called i-it evil and t-tried to s-stop m-me from d-drinking b-blood…”


Inko said nothing and held the blonde, her internal rage building as she started to build a lawsuit in her head. “There, there, sweetie. Auntie’s got you. You don’t have to go back to them. I’ll talk to my wife and we can see if we can work something out. In the meantime, you are more than welcome to stay with us. I’m sure Izuku would love it if you stayed.”


She ran her fingers through Himiko’s matted hair, calming the blonde.


“You have my blessing to date my son, Himiko. I’m not always going to be there to keep him safe. But can you keep an eye on him, for this old woman’s sake?”


“Auntie, you don’t look a day over 30. But in all seriousness, I’ll keep him safe. He saved my life, and it’s only fair that I look out for him as well.”


Inko smiled at the blonde, and Izuku poked his head back into the kitchen. 


“The bath is ready. Should I go set up an extra bed for Himiko?”


“No dear, that’s fine.” The Queen sniffled the air around Izuku, wrinkling her nose. “You smell like a sewer. Why don’t you go with Himiko and get cleaned up?”


Izuku’s face flushed a dull yellow in embarrassment. “B-But Mom, w-we’re t-too old to s-share a b-bath!”


“Nonsense! Now go! I have some katsudon to make and I don’t want you smelling like feces when your mother and sister get home. Shoo!” She waved her hands, forcing the two teens out of the kitchen. 


Izuku and Himiko looked away from each other, their faces flushed with embarrassment. “I c-can w-wait to t-take a s-shower l-later, Himiko. I-It’s no p-problem.”


“I-Izu, c-come on. L-Let’s just go a-and get c-clean.”


(Lime Warning! Skip to the next line, children!)


Himiko leaned back against Izuku in the bathtub, feeling his thighs, abdomen, and chest with her back. 


Her hair was tied back in a single bun, and she sighed contently as the hot water soothed her sore muscles.


Izuku, on the other hand, was looking everywhere but at the girl leaning against him naked in a bathtub and began to utter a mantra in his head.


Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. 






Himiko turned to face the greenette in the bath, her perky breasts, hips, thighs and midsection on full display for him.


Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. Don’t get a boner. 


“Did you mean what you said outside?”


It took Izuku a few seconds, but the event she was speaking of came to mind. “Oh. When I said that I l-liked you?”


“Yeah. Did you mean it?”


The greenette looked into the blonde’s uncertain eyes, getting lost in her yellow cat-like eyes. It was then that he realized something very important.


“No, Himiko. I don’t like you.”


“O-Oh. I see. W-Well, I hope t-that we c-can s-still be friends-”


“I love you, Himiko.”


The blonde’s heart melted and skipped a beat. “W-What?” 


Izuku smiled and cupped her cheek. “I said I love you, Himiko. And I hope that you feel the same way.”


She stared at him for a few seconds before grabbing his head and smashing her lips into his, pouring years of pining and love into that single gesture of affection. Himiko wrapped her arms around Izuku’s neck, pressing her generous bust against the acidic cinnamon bun’s chest.


His hands reached down and grabbed her ass, gently caressing it as his member stood to attention, the makeout session getting heated.


Himiko felt her core grow more and more empty, the desire to filled raising within her as she felt something hot and hard press against her core.


The two broke their liplock, looking at each other with lusty, ready to continue-


“Izuku, Himiko! Dinner’s ready!”


Nejire’s voice came from the other side of the bathroom door, and the two lovers scrambled away from each other. 


“W-We’ll be r-right out!”


“Okay. See you two love birds at dinner!” The bluenette’s footsteps receded from the door, leaving the duo with a ruined mood.


They stared at each other in silence for a few seconds.


“I t-think you should b-buy me d-dinner first, Izu.”


Himiko’s joke caused the two to burst into laughter, and they got out of the tub, drying each other.


“Does this mean we’re dating now, Himiko?”


“I guess so, Izu. Is that a bad thing?”




(Lime end! Sector’s clear!)


Himiko giggled and pulled on her clothes as Izuku did the same, and the newly formed couple held hands as they walked out to dinner together, the blonde leaning her head on her boyfriend's shoulder and receiving smiles all around. 


She felt right at home with them, like she was already part of the family. 


And if Himiko was being honest, she felt safe and loved.


Especially in the arms of her acidic cinnamon bun.

Chapter Text

The morning sun peaked in from the curtains, illuminating Izuku’s room. The sleepy boy stirred awake, groaning slightly as he rolled over opened his eyes, a smile appearing on his face.


Himiko was snuggled against him, her hair spilling over her shoulders like a waterfall made of gold. At the height of 6’1, the blonde stood a good three inches over her boyfriend. She held him like a teddy bear, murmuring in her sleep. The blonde groaned when Izuku rolled over, and she opened her eyes, seeing Izuku’s sunshine.


“...I could get used to this.” Himiko yawned, stretching her arms. “Waking up next to you every morning, and seeing that smile… A girl could get addicted to this, Izu.”


“Good morning to you too, Himiko. Did you sleep well?”


“Best sleep I’ve had in a while, Izu. It certainly helped that you were to soothe me to sleep.” She leaned forward and kissed the top of Izuku’s head, causing his cheek to flush dull-yellow. “You’re a good cuddler, you know that?”


“I aim to please.”


“Good answer.”


Himiko closed the distance between them, and Izuku melted into the kiss, holding her close in the bed. They broke apart, getting lost in each other’s eyes. Emerald pools gazed lovingly into cat-like amber gems, making the two lovers fall for each other all over again.


“I love you, Izu.”


“I love you too, Himiko.”


They snuggled closer, Himiko spooning her boyfriend as they laid on the bed, basking in each other’s presence. Neither wanted to move, and they wished that they could just stay there forever.


Alas, it was not to be, as a low growl shattered the silence.


Izuku looked over at Himiko, who turned her head to hide her rapidly growing blush. 


He grinned gently turned her head back, the blonde’s cheeks dusted with a blush. “Hungry?”




“C’mon. Let’s get breakfast. It’s a weekend, and I think it’s my turn to make breakfast anyway.”


Izuke threw back the covers, getting out of bed and heading over to his dresser, where he pulled off his clothes, giving Himiko an unintentional show. 


The blonde drank in every last detail of her boyfriend’s body, noting his lean yet slightly muscular frame. She licked her lips before realizing that she was missing something vital to her decency.


“Uh, Izu?”


The acidic cinnamon bun pulled a shirt over his head turned around. “Yes, Himik-”


He immediately turned back around, still not used to seeing the female body with other clothes.


“Izu, you’ve seen me naked. You shouldn't be embarrassed about seeing me in my underwear.”


“B-but I want to p-protect your d-decency!”


“Oh for heaven’s sake Izuku, just throw me a shirt and some shorts. I’ll just wear those.”


Izuku dug into his dresser and pulled out a pair of shorts and a shirt with Nemuri on it, holding them out to Himiko with his eyes closed.


She took the clothes and slipped them on, the clothes surprisingly baggy on her. The blonde checked the tag and realized that the garments were for a person much bigger than Izuku, and she looked over at him with a curious look on her face.


“Izuku, why are your clothes so big? You’re only 5’10, and you have a shirt for someone who’s six foot. What’s up with that?”


Her boyfriend opened his eyes and blinked a few times, his brain processing her question.


“Oh. Well, you know how Mom is 6’4?”


“Yeah. What does that have to with anything?”


“Um, you see…” Izuku put a hand to his chin. “How do I explain this…”


The greenette began pacing, deep in thought. Suddenly he snapped his fingers and spun around, pointing an inquisitive finger at Himiko.


“You remember watching the Alien movies, right?”


“Yes. How could I forget? You were glued to the screen, I was sitting next to you, Hitoshi fell asleep halfway through the movie, and Dandelion kept yelling at the humans for being dumb and weak.”


Both of them laughed at the fond memory. “Well, you remember how a Xenomorph Drone grows into a Warrior, then a Praetorian, and finally a Queen?”




Izuku waved his hand dismissively. “The details aren’t important. All you need to know is that right now, I’m a Drone, and Mom is a Queen. According to Mom, I’m going to go through a few growth spurts once I molt, and she said that I’m due to molt sometime around next spring.”


He looked over to see Himiko’s confused face and decided to give her the abridged version. “Basically I’m going to grow another two inches suddenly around March and mom wanted me to have clothes that would fit me.”




“Yeah. Now, let’s get you some breakfast. You must be starving.”


Izuku grasped his girlfriend’s hand and led her out of the room, causing the blonde to blush as they held hands.


How lewd…



Nemuri woke from her deep sleep, opening her blue eyes slowly as she felt a familiar pressure around her midsection and shoulders. She smiled, rolling over and finding herself face-to-face with her wife, Inko’s emerald eyes glistening in the morning sun. 


“Good morning, my midnight savior. Did you sleep well?”


The hero smiled and kissed her wife, smiling widely and wrapping her arms around Inko’s neck. “It felt like I was sleeping on a cloud, my emerald queen. And you know what the best part?” she asked, cupping Inko’s face.




“You were in my dreams last night, Inko.”


Nemuri kissed her wife passionately, pouring every last ounce of her love into the gesture of affection. She added a bit of tongue and employed her years of experience to aid in her kiss.


But her emerald queen did not go down without a fight. She used her four arms to caress Nemuri’s body, applying gentle and fleeting touches in certain areas, driving her wife crazy.


Eventually, the two mothers came up for air, panting heavily. 


“Inko, if you keep touching me like that, we’ll be in bed all day.”


“You say that like it’s a bad thing.” The greenette began lining kisses down her wife’s neck, sending waves of pleasure down Nemuri’s spine.


“Normally it wouldn’t be, but Himiko is here and need to talk to her, remember?”


That killed the mood, and Inko’s expression soured. She sighed, and let go of Nemuri, anger smoldering in her soul.


“I’m going to call the lawyer today and see if we can’t get temporary custody of Himiko. She deserves so much better than what her parents have put her through.”


Inko stepped out of bed, a fire of determination burning brightly within her. “I’m not letting them get ahold of Himiko. Not after what she’s been through.”


She turned away from her wife, sympathy for the blonde surging through her.


No one is going to hurt you like that again, Himiko.


Not if I can help it.



“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, have you reached your verdict?”


“We have, your Honor.”


“And how do you find the defendants?”


“We, the jury, in the case of Toga vs Toga and Midoriyama, find the defendant guilty.”


Himiko hugged Inko tight as she sobbed quietly in joy, her tears staining the older woman’s dress. Inko held her tightly and rubbed her back as Toga’s parents looked in utter shock at the judge. 


They were sentenced to 10 years in prison, and their parental rights to Himiko were terminated. The seventeen-year-old girl then spent the week after the trial removing her stuff from her supposed home to move in with the Midoriyamas.


The Midoriyamas were more than willing to welcome Himiko into their home. The blonde adapted quickly to her new home, helping out with chores and meals, spending time with her new family, even if she was only a roommate for now.


If you asked Himiko what her favorite part of living with the Midoriyamas was, she’d say that it was the nightly cuddles she got from her boyfriend.


Inko and Nemuri teased Izuku relentlessly about when he would propose and how many grandbabies they should expect, and it would always fluster the poor boy into a blushing dull yellow mess.


Then Nemuri remembered something important at the dinner table two weeks after the trial.


“Didn’t you two say you wanted to go U.A. to learn how to be heroes?”


Both Izuku and Himiko swallowed their mouthful of food and looked over at Nemuri.


“Yeah. Why do you ask, Mama?” Izuku looked at his mother with a cocked head, not seeing where the question was guiding the conversation.


Nemuri popped a bit of pork into her mouth, chewing and swallowing it before speaking again. “You two know about Dagobah Municipal Beach park, right?”


“The one that turned into an illegal dumping ground?”


“Yes. Now, one of the things that heroes do is doing things not only for themselves but also for others. To teach you two how important this lesson is, I suggest you take the next ten months to clean the beach.”


Silence dropped over the table.


“Mama, cleaning a beach in ten months seems kinda easy, to be honest…” Nejire said, slightly pouting. “Why don’t you make them do the same stuff I did?”


Nemuri looked over at Nejire and gave her a look. “Nejire, the training I put you through almost put you in a coma.”


“Oh yeah… probably not a good idea then. Wait. Can I come?! I wanna see how Mom and Izuku interact when they’re xenos! It’s so cool!”


Nejire’s natural energy spread across the table, and soon everyone at the table was talking with excited voices. Himiko relaxed and fell into the banter, chatting with her hopefully future mothers-in-law.


She felt safe and loved in this home, and she hoped that feeling would never go away.


The blonde looked over at Izuku, and she knew that as long as he was with her, that feeling would never go away.


Not on his watch.



Nemuri’s car pulled into the parking lot of Dagobah Municipal Beach Park, and its occupants stepped out, taking in the beach-turned scrapyard in front of them.


Years of government neglect had turned the once beautiful landscape into a scrap filled junkyard. Old metal, refrigerators, rusted cars and other miscellaneous junk laid in massive plies on its surface.


And it was the task of Izuku and Himiko to clean it in ten months’ time.


“Mama, you want us to clean all of this up in ten months?” Izuku wide eyes scanned the beach, and his jaw dropped at the monster of a task ahead of him. 


“Yep! And your mother is going to help you with your xeno training, so you’ll be training both aspects of yourself. Now the two of you, get going! If you want my advice, find scrap you can lift and work your way up. Once you find something, grab it and bring it over to this dumpster.”


Izuku turned to his mother with an unbelieving look, but nodded and headed down the shore, Himiko following him. Their first target was a sheet of metal about the size of a queen-sized bed. The two took either side of the sheet and lifted it in a coordinated effort. 


They struggled to move the sheet of metal across the beach despite working together. Heaving it into the dumpster was another endeavor. The couple had to have their hands bandaged due to the sharp edges of the metal sheet.  


They continued this process until around noon, when Inko called them over for a quick lunch break, teased the two about grandbabies, and then pulled the two for quirk training.


“Alright, you two. It’s time for some quirk training. We’re going to be doing some basic stuff today. Now, Izuku, I want you to turn into a full xeno and do some laps up and down the shore while I work with Himiko. Do you understand?”


“Yes, Mom.” Izuku took off his shirt, exposing his upper body and his scrawny yet muscular chest. 


Then his body morphed, elongating and growing darker. A tail sprang from his waist, and his fingers sharped into deadly claws. Dorsal tubes erupted from his shoulders, and he grew to eight feet, towering over the two women.


Izuku was now in the form of a Xenomorph Drone.


He turned his domed head over at Inko and Himiko and hissed before running off down the shore, throwing up bits of sand here and there.


The duo watched him go, and the emerald queen turned to the blonde, putting two of her hands on the girl’s shoulders.


“Himiko, when was the last time you used your quirk?”


The blonde thought about it and realized she hadn’t really used her quirk in years. Her parents looked down on its use, and forbid her from ever using it.


But know she didn’t have her parents telling her not to the person that she is.


‘“Uh, I think the last time was actually the first time I used it.”






“Well then. I want to try and use your quirk now. Do you have enough blood?”


“I think so…”


“Hey.” Inko lifted Himiko’s to face her and she smiled. “It’s okay. I don’t expect you to be perfect. Just do what you’re able too, and we will work from there, okay?”


The blonde looked up and peered at Inko with teary eyes, crushing the emerald queen in a hug.


“Thank you, Auntie. For everything.”


Inko smiled and rubbed the shorter woman’s back. “You are most welcome, dear. Now, let’s see if we can get your quirk to work. If I remember correctly, it’s transforming into other people using their blood, right?”


“That’s what the doctor said.”


“Okay. So why don’t you imagine someone you want to be, say Izuku for example, and try to turn into them.”


Himiko nodded, and she closed her eyes, focusing on Izuku.


He appeared in the mind’s eye of the blonde, and she imagined his features.


The green hair, his adorable freckles, his brilliant smile…


A wax-like substance began to form around Himiko, and Inko smiled, cheering the blonde. “You’re doing great, Himiko! Keep it up!”


The girl focused on every detail of her boyfriend that she could think of, diving into her deepest memories and trying to complete the likeness of Izuku.


His scrawny frame, his soft lips, the hands that had gently caressed her in the tub…


Himiko’s focus began to waver, and the wax started to drip. Unfortunately for her, the thoughts of the bath she and Izuku had taken together led to another thing she remembered from that makeout session.


The memory of something hot and hard pressing against her abdomen completely destroyed Himiko’s focus and she melted back into her usual self, completely red in the face.


“I t-think I've had enough for t-today, Auntie.”


Inko personally disagreed with the blonde, but nodded and did not pressure her into spilling out more details. “Perhaps we can work this more at a different time.”



In the next few weeks, Himiko and Izuku had managed to clear a small portion of the beach, cutting their hands less and less.


The greenette improved his skills in his xenomorph form by leaps and bounds. Inko thought him how to climb up walls and on ceilings, had him practice strikes with the inner jaw and claw swipes as well.


Himiko, on the other hand, was still having trouble using her quirk properly. Every time she thought of Izuku and envisioned him in her mind’s eye, she would always remember their brief but somewhat intimate time in the bathtub.


The memory of Izuku’s sexual organ pressing against her core would completely ruin her concentration. 


Inko had been supportive in the beginning, but now it was becoming a serious problem that needed to be dealt with. She decided that it was time to get to the root of the problem, no matter how painful or embarrassing it was.


Himiko failed yet another transformation, and that’s when the emerald queen began her questioning. “Himiko, every time that you’ve attempted to transform, you’ve gotten distracted by something and had to abort. Do you mind telling me what that’s all about?”


The blonde’s face flushed crimson and she looked away, embarrassed.


“Himiko, you can tell me anything. I won’t be mad.”


“It’s embarrassing…”


Inko pressed onwards. “It might be embarrassing, but if you can’t tell me what the problem is, then I can’t help you.”


Himiko squirmed under the emerald’s queen inquisitive gaze, not wanting to embarrass herself, but she finally relented.


“Every time I imagine Izuku in my mind, I can’t stop myself from remembering the time we spent in the bath together…”


Inko blinked. That explained a lot. There were times when the greenette lost her concentration because she was undressing her wife in her mind. It had lead to many a pricked finger and replacement sewing needles.


“I see. That gives me some idea on how to help, but I need specifics on what exactly is distracting you. What is the one detail the bath that keeps distracting you?”


The blonde’s face went from red to crimson. “It’s, um, his….” She mumbled something illegible.


“Himiko, couldn’t hear you. Would you say that again, please?”


The girl mumbled something again, but this time, it was almost silent.


“Himiko, I can’t hear you if you mumble. Please, speak up.”


She turned to the queen and blurted out the most embarrassing thing she ever said in her life. “I’m getting distracted by Izuku’s penis, okay?!”


The blonde clapped her hands over her mouth and looked up and Inko with scared eyes. She awaited the drop of the guillotine and prepared to be scorned.


Instead, she was greeted by the giggles of the older woman.


“Oh, child. You think you are the first to be distracted by your significant other?”


Inko's giggles turned into full-on laughter, and she wiped a tear from her eye. “I haven't laughed that hard in a while.”


Himiko's face was hot with embarrassment, and she pouted. “Auntie, it's not funny!”


The emerald queen ceased her laughing and nodded, completely agreeing with the blonde. “You’re right. This is a serious matter. If you want my advice, I suggest that instead of resisting the thoughts and trying to force them away, let them in and they should move on after a few seconds.”


Himiko nodded, closing her eyes and focusing on Izuku and every detail of his body. 


The wax formed around her, and Inko smiled. “You’re doing great, Himiko. Now just let the thoughts flow through you.”


The thought of Izuku’s penis invaded the blonde’s mind, and instead of ignoring those thoughts, she invited them in.


The wax solidified, and the girl’s frame shrank three inches, becoming three inches shorter. The wax formed into the features of Izuku, complete with his freckles.


Himi-Izuku opened her eyes and blinked a few times. “Did it work?” She asked in a voice that completely matched Izuku.


Her eyes shot upon hearing her voice as Izuku’s. She did a quick scan of herself and clapped her hands together as she jumped up and down in glee.


“Auntie, I did it! I did what you said and it worked!”


Inko nodded and smiled. “That’s wonderful, Himiko. Now, I want you to try something for me, okay?”


Himiko nodded, a bit unsure of where this was going. 


“Take your hand, and imagine it as a claw.”


Himi-Izuku looked at Inko confused, but raised her hand up and focused. She felt something surging through her, and she furrowed her brow in concentration.


Her hand stayed the same.


Frustrated, she threw her hand to the side, striking it against a sheet of metal, craving a massive slice through it.


“Auntie, it’s not working.”


Inko stared at the disguised blonde, then at the hole she had carved into the metal. “Then how do you explain that?”


Himiko looked over at the scrap, and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head. She looked down at her hand and was shocked into silence by the claws that greeted her.


“I did that?”


“Apparently so, Himiko.”


The girl dropped her disguise, melting back into herself. Well, that was weird. Not that I was weirded out by it, but it’s gonna take some getting used to.


Indeed it will.


Himiko looked over at Inko in shock, and the older woman returned her look of confusion. Then the greenette’s gaze locked onto Himiko’s hand, and her expression became extremely concerned.


The blonde followed Inko’s gaze, and her eyes shot open in surprise. 


The xenomorph claw she had formed while disguised as Izuku was still there.


Himiko turned back to Inko, who spoke to her without moving her lips.


Himiko, I think Izuku’s blood made have some… side effects.

Chapter Text

Himiko and Inko stared at the blonde’s hand, completely at a loss for words. 


“Auntie, did I just copy Izuku’s quirk?!”


The emerald queen was flabbergasted. She had expected for the girl to be able to use her son’s quirk while disguised as him, but this was completely unexpected.


It was time to do some tests. Step one, see if Himiko was connected to the hive mind.


Can you hear me, Himiko?


The blonde’s eyes snapped over to Inko, showing fearful slitted pupils. 


“Did you just talk to me using your mind?!”


Yes. It appears that you are connected to the hive mind. How interesting. Inko brought one of her hands to her chin. Try to talk to me without using your voice or body language.




Just trust me on this, Himiko. We need to find out how far this mutation goes.


“...if you say so, Auntie. But how do I if I’m doing it right, or if I’m even going in the correct direction?”


You’ll know. Inko placed her hands on Himiko’s shoulders in encouragement. Do you trust me?




Then just try it. You may not get it on the first try, but keep trying. 


Himiko nodded, and focused, closing her eyes and clearing her mind of all distractions. Her mind became an empty black void, and her self-image conquered itself into the void.


The blonde looked around in her mindscape, greeted only by the inky black void. Despite being alone, she felt safe and comfortable. It was a place where she could come to be away from the chaos of the outside world, and she liked that.


But she wasn’t here to relax and be by herself.


Himiko concentrated and let out a faint Hello?


The message rippled outward from her, spreading out in a pale silver circle around her, colliding with something before dissipating.


Curious, the blonde let out another message, stronger than the last.


Can anyone hear me?


The message became more of a wave, and it raced outwards, colliding again with the object and illuminating it, while another collision revealed a third object.


Inko and Izuku appeared in her mindscape, the emerald queen clapping her two of her hands in delight, while her son looked over at Himiko in confusion.


You did it, Himiko! Good job! It might take you a while before you can talk telepathically without coming into your mindscape, but this is a good start! 


Wha- how- Mom, why is Himiko in the hive mind?


Inko turned to her confused son and gave a four-armed shrug. Honestly, I’m not sure myself. I think it might have to do with the DNA reflex that we have and the blood you gave Himiko. 


Hmm. There are the mutagenic properties of xenomorph blood, but I never would’ve thought they caused something like this to happen. I wonder if it would cause everyone who received your or my blood would obtain a xenomorph quirk-


Izu, please. You’re giving both of us a headache.


The greenette stopped and scratched the back of his head sheepishly. 


Sorry. This is just so interesting, and I have many questions-


Izuku, what did Himiko just say?


Sorry. I’ll stop now. Should I meet up with you two?


That would be appreciated. Inko directed her attention back to Himiko and gave her a friendly smile. Once Izuku comes to us, I’ll get him to show you the ropes to being a xenomorph. But in the meantime, it’s about time we used our voices, correct?


Himiko nodded. I’ll see you on the outside, auntie.


Likewise, dear.


The blonde opened her eyes and was immediately enveloped into one of Inko’s motherly four-armed hugs. The emerald queen rubbed her cheek against Himiko’s and squealed in delight.


“You did, Himiko! I’m so proud of you!”


Inko’s praise echoed through Himiko’s mind.


Someone was proud of her. 


Receiving praise felt so strange and alien to her. When was the last time she had been praised? 


It didn’t matter. All that did was that she had been praised. Himiko wrapped her arms around the older woman, sobbing joyfully into her arms.


Praise felt good.


Love felt good.


Safe felt good.


Himiko’s hug tightened, and Inko cradled the blonde as she let out sobs of joy.



Izuku spent the next two months teaching Himiko how to harness her newfound xenomorph abilities, starting with simple transformations of limbs. His girlfriend was a quick study, mastering partial transformations very quickly. Izuku hypothesized that since her quirk worked by transforming, figuring out how to morph different parts of her body wasn’t difficult.


What was difficult was the full-body transformation.


Both Izuku and Inko had trouble completing full-body when they were younger, and Himiko struggled as well. There was no way to speed up the learning process. You just had to keep trying it until it worked. 


On the other hand, both Izuku and Inko were surprised to find out Himiko’s xenomorph form was not that of a Drone like Izuku, but rather a Lurker, fitting the blonde’s preferred method of attacking. 


The DNA reflex of the xenomorph appeared to modify the lurker’s form to better suit Himiko’s base quirk, her claws and tail blade hollow and syringe-like, designed to gather blood from those she fought. Transparent sacs were located on the outside of her thighs and forearms, and they would fill with blood.


Himiko took the new form well and didn’t let it bother her, noting a few changes as she went along her day. Her blood was now extremely acidic, and she was resistance to other xenomorph blood, meaning she could drink Izuku’s untreated blood if she so desired. The blonde also improved her hive mind communication, no longer needing to step into mindscape to send a message telepathically.


The Midoriyamas did not treat Himiko any differently than they had before, and the blonde definitely appreciated that.


Izuku was the only one that treated Himiko differently, and his love for her had increased tenfold after seeing how hardworking and dedicated she was. Their nightly cuddles occasionally turned to passionate makeout sessions, but after the bathtub incident, neither one of them was willing to go any further.


They spent the time training for the U.A. entrance exam pushing each other to better themselves and rewarding each other as they grew stronger, Izuku frame still lean but very muscular, Himiko’s own muscular developing as well.


Inko had the two clear a certain part of the beach and ordered them to spar. Both teens locked eyes and competitive smiles spread across their faces as they got into combat stances.


The emerald queen watched the two of them with serious eyes, raising her hand to drop it.




Izuku spun around as a wrench collided with his head, causing him to stumble backward as a girl with steampunk goggles, pink dreadlocks and yellow eyes with crosshairs in them threw various tools at him.


“Do you know how hard it is to find this much raw material on a scale like this?! I only have six months to prepare my portfolio for the support course at U.A. and here you are taking all the materials I need for my babies!”


The girl continued to rain tools on Izuku until she ran out of tools to throw. Then she marched up to the stunned greenette and reared back her fist, letting out a right hook propelled by muscles formed through years of mechanical tinkering.


Her fist never connected with Izuku’s face and instead, she found herself being flipped over Himiko’s shoulder, landing against the beach with a heavy thud. The steampunk coughed loudly as the air was driven from her lungs, Himiko straddling the girl, pinning her limbs down.


“What the hell is your problem, lady?! All we’re doing is cleaning the trash from this beach!”


The girl glared at her squirming under the blonde’s hold. “And you’re taking all my raw materials! If I don’t have my babies ready in six months, I won’t get into U.A.!”


By this point, Inko had walked over and was giving the girl a once-over. “I have three questions for you. One, what is your name, two, what do you mean by babies, and three, you’re applying to U.A. as well?”


“Who doesn’t apply to U.A. these days?”


“People who aren’t applying to U.A.”


“...fair enough. Can you get off me?”


“Are you going to behave yourself?”


“Yes! Now get off of me!”


Reluctantly, Himiko got off the pinkette, who stood up and brushed the sand off of her pants and tank-top. 


“Damnit. I hate sand when I’m not actively using it for one of my babies. It gets everywhere!” The girl shook herself one last time and gave both Izuku and Himiko a glance, the crosshairs in her eyes gleaming in excitement.


“You two are pretty cute. But we can talk about that later. I’m Mei Hatsume, support gear extraordinaire! Although my parents want me to go hunting with them more often. I don’t see the appeal in chasing an animal and ripping its head and spinal column out to keep as a trophy. Although it does give me a good measure for clients. Maybe I should go hunting with my parents more often. It would keep them off my back for longer. Not to mention that they might be more willing to let me buy materials online-”


“Uh, Hatsume? You still haven’t explained your, uh, babies.” Izuku interrupted the inventor, sweatdropping a bit.


Is this what’s it like when Nejire and I go into mutter rants?


“Oh. I call my inventions ‘babies’ because they’re like my babies. And you’ve been taking the materials I need to make them!”


Himiko sighed and put her hands on her hips. “Hatsume, this beach is an illegal dumping ground. We’re cleaning it up because no one else will and you’re getting in our way. I’m sorry, but we can’t stop.”


Mei pouted and waved her hands angrily. “But what about my portfolio?! Where am I going to get all the material I need? My parents won’t let me use their credit card after I accidentally ordered 50 tons of steel!”


“How do you accidentally order 50 tons of steel?!”


“That’s beside the point!”


Izuku sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, listening to the two girls argue back and forth as he thought about the dilemma they were in.


Hatsume needs raw material, but we need to clean this beach. The city comes and picks up the dumpster every week, but what if we were able to give Hatsume the material and still clean the beach? That would satisfy both parties…


“Just how irresponsible are you?!”


“And how do I know if you aren’t irresponsible either?!”


“Girls, enough.” Inko’s authoritative voice caused the two girls to shut up, and her disappointed mom glare did the rest. “Good. Now apologize to each other.”


Reluctantly,  Himiko looked over at Mei. “I’m sorry for yelling at you, Hatsume.”


“And I’m sorry for hurling my tools at the green bean. Speaking of my tools, I need to get them!” She spun around and bumped into Izuku, who had already gathered her tools for her. Mei looked up the taller boy’s face and got a good look at him.


“Oh! Sorry, Hatsume. I didn’t mean to bump into you… what are you doing?!”


“I’m measuring you for your hero costume. Now hold still, it’s going to take longer if you keep moving.”


Mei was clearly not just getting Izuku’s measurements. She was feeling him up and enjoying it, if the drool coming from her mouth was anything to go by.


She completed her “measuring” and took her tools from Izuku, already drawing up blueprints in her head. 


The greenette recovered from his mild shock and decided to bring up his solution to the problem they were having. “Hatsume, if we brought the material to you, would you be okay if we cleaned the beach?”


Mei turned from her “measuring” of Himiko, squeezing her breasts and getting a quiet moan from the blonde. “That works. I’ll also need your designs for your hero costumes in a week.”


“Wait, what?”


“You heard me. Here’s my address, feel free to come back at any time, okay? Thanks, byeeeee!!!”


The pinkette ran off, leaving the trio very confused and flustered. 


“Well. It appears that Hatsume has a thing for both of you. When can I expect grandbabies?”







Shoto Todoroki hated parties. Especially ones thrown by Him.


Honestly, he didn’t even know why He even bothered to throw parties. He already had enough publicity as the number two hero. He didn’t need anymore.


But, Fuyumi had insisted that it would be good for them, and He had begrudgingly agreed. If there was one thing He and the dual-haired boy could agree on, it was that parties were pointless.


Then again, maybe a party would be good for him. Shoto didn’t have friends growing up, and getting a few friends would be a massive middle finger to Him.


And screwing Him over was always a good idea in Shoto’s book.


A knock on the bedroom door brought the kuudere boy out of his brooding.


“Shoto, are you ready? Natsuo and Dad are waiting for us downstairs.”


“I’ll be right out, Fuyumi. You go on ahead, okay?”


“Okay, but I expect you to be out here in the next 15 minutes or so, okay?”


“Yes, Fuyumi.”


“You don’t have to be so distant all the time, Shoto. I really wish you would spend more time with us…”


“You can blame Him for that. I’m not allowed to spend time with you, remember?”


“I know that, but that was the past. You should come and spend time with us, especially now that Touya is gone.”


Shoto scoffed. “Touya had the right idea. He left. And I’m surprised that you and Natsuo haven’t left already.”


“Shoto, you know I love you too much to leave you here with Dad.”


The kuudere boy said nothing and instead got up from his desk, making his way over to the door and opening it, greeting his older sister.


“I know. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said those things.” Shoto hugged his sister, who rubbed his back as he cried on the inside. “I just…, we lost Mother and now Touya’s left…”


Fuyumi said nothing and just hugged her brother, comforting him and lamenting that she couldn’t do anything for Shoto as he was growing up.


“Come on. Let’s get down there. You only have to spend an hour at the party, and then you can go back to your room. You can handle that, right?”


Shoto nodded, a single tear rolling down his cheek.


Fuyumi took his hand, and together they descended the stairs down to the party.


Unbeknownst to both of them, this party would change their lives forever.



“Izu, look at me.”


“I c-can’t. I-I’d be s-staring at y-your b-body and I don’t w-want to be a p-pervert.”


Himiko giggled and leaned over, whispering into her boyfriend’s ear. “But I want you to stare.”


She cupped Izuku’s chin and gently turned his head to face her, bringing a blush to the greenette’s face.


Himiko was dressed in a blood-red sleeveless dress, which was split at the sides to expose her thighs. She wore black gloves that covered her forearms, as well as black leggings. Her lips were scarlet, and her eyeshadow was crimson. She giggled as her boyfriend stared, taking in all of her beauty, drooling slightly.


Not that he was the only one staring. She would be a liar if she said she hadn’t stared at how good her boyfriend looked in a black suit with matching shoes and an emerald tie to match his eyes and hair.


Damn, he looked sexy.


She took his arm and the two walked around, looking around at the Todoroki residence. They saw Nemuri and Inko chatting with a few pros, one of them being Nemuri’s ever-present rival, Yuu Takeyama, or better known as Mt Lady. 


“It seems that your Mama and Mt Lady are arguing who can get the more shameless out of the two.”


“Really? I thought Mama settled things with her already.”


“Well, she has had a few drinks, remember?”


“True. This is why Mom is here to keep her in check.”




The couple continued to wander around, eventually spying a dual-haired boy sitting all by his lonesome. They decided to go to introduce themselves and approached the boy.


“Do you mind if we sit here?”


Shoto looked up at Izuku and Himiko and shrugged. “It’s a free country. I don’t care.”


The couple took a seat, and Himiko began the introductions. “Hi. I’m Himiko Toga, and this is my boyfriend, Izuku Midoriyama.”


“I’m Shoto Todoroki.” The kuudere boy stated icily, not wanting to talk with them.


Izuku, ever the optimist, decided to strike up a conversation.


“Himiko and I are applying to U.A. Are you thinking of applying?”


“I am.”


“Oh cool! Maybe we’ll be classmates!”


Shoto stopped and considered this, nodding. “Perhaps we will. It would be an interesting experience for all of us.”


He took a sip of his soda, savoring the flavor before setting it down. “It would certainly be a thorn in His side if I were to become friends with people he doesn’t approve of. And He doesn’t approve of anyone.”


Himiko cocked her head to the side in confusion. “When you say ‘he,’ are you talking about your father?”


“He can hardly be called my father.” Shoto spat the word like a curse, his voice dripping with resentment and hatred.


“Why do you say that, Todoroki?” Izuku asked, general concern on his face. 


“Does it have something to do with your scar?” Himiko asked, her curiosity getting the better of her.


The kuudere’s eyes snapped over to the acidic cinnamon bun, and Izuku could feel the anger the question had brought from where he was sitting.


“You want to know how I got this scar?”


Himiko and Izuku said nothing, but their curious expressions told Shoto everything. He sighed and glared at the couple seriously.


“My mother was pushed to a breaking point by Him, and she snapped and poured scalding water on me because my left side reminded her of Him.”


The dual-haired youth was seething in rage, but he calmed himself, gathered his soda, and bowed to the couple. “My apologies. I didn't mean to lose my temper, but I must retire for the night. Please, enjoy the rest of your evening.”


Shoto turned and departed from the couple, leaving them confused and alarmed.


Izuku blinked a few times, his mind racing to comprehend what the troubled Todoroki had just said.


Mom, did you get all of that?


I did. Your mother and I will handle it. In the meantime, just enjoy yourself and spend some time with Himiko, okay? She could use some affection from you.


Your Mom is right, Izu.


See? Mother knows best.


That’s not fair! You two can’t just gang up on me like that!


We just did, Izu. Now come over here. I want all of your attention.


Treat Himiko right, dear. I do expect grandbabies afterall.




Inko giggled, ending the connection and pulled a martini away from Nemuri. “No. You’ve had enough to drink tonight, Nemuri. I’m cutting you off so you don’t embarrass yourself in public.”


Her wife pouted but agreed. “Fine. You did the whole hive mind thing. I can tell when you’re doing it. What’s wrong?”


Inko took a sip from the martini, grimacing slightly from the taste of the alcohol.


“Does Shota still owe you that favor?”


“Yes. Why do you ask?”


Inko turned to her wife, a serious look on her face.


“I think it’s time for a special order.”


She looked out at the party, seeing Izuku and Himiko chatting with Shoto.


“Special Order T0D0R0K1.”