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My Xeno Academia: The Rewrite

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A small four-year-old girl whose quirk had recently manifested hid under her bed, whimpering in terror as her father’s combat boots trampled her birthday presents. The girl had blue hair, and her terrified blue eyes peeked out from the bed.


Hands reached under the bed and pulled the girl from her hiding place, and the girl squirmed in her father's grasp, wailing as she smelt the alcohol on the man’s breath.




The man’s hand came down on the side of the girl's face, giving the child an electric slap. She cried, not understanding why her father was hurting her.


“Daddy, why are you hitting me?”


Her father glared with her with drunken rage and tossed the child into the hallway, where he sobbed quietly.


“You took my wife from me, brat. The one thing I cared about in this entire world and you killed her.”


The man’s arms crackled with energy, and he looked at the girl in an intense rage. 


“I might as well go meet her in the afterlife and send you to Hell.”


The bluenette child looked at him in distress, scrambling to her feet. The man closed his eyes, gathering all the energy he could from inside of himself and unleashing it in a massive shockwave, striking different parts of the house and overloading the wall sockets, causing them to burst into flame.


The drunk man fell to the ground, his still body smoking.


Flames began licking at the walls of the house, and the girl scrambled as fast as her legs could take him out the door, running out to the sidewalk.


She turned back to the house and watched it burn, tears running down her face as she sobbed heavily. 



Nemuri walked down the street in her civilian clothes, on the phone with her friend, a thankful look on her face.


“Hizashi, thank you so much for watching Izuku. Inko and I needed a break from him, he was so lively!”


The voice on the other end of the waved it off.


“Oh really? I thought Hitoshi was your favorite nephew.”


Panicked sputters greeted the hero’s ears and she giggled, smiling.


“Don’t worry Mic. Your secret is safe with me. Remind Shota to give me a call when he picks up his son, okay?”


She paused, listening to the voice on the other, turning the corner.


“You’re welcome, Hizashi. Take care, alright? Bye.”


Nemuri hung up the phone and looked up, her expression turning inquisitive when she heard the sobs of a child.


She immediately dialed 119 and called the fire department, staying on the phone as she walked to the sobbing bluenette girl in front of her.


“Hey, are you okay?” The girl turned to the midnightette, her eyes red from crying. 


“D-daddy h-hurt m-me…”


Nemuri’s eyes widened and her maternal instincts kicked in, offering the girl a hug. The bluenette warily stepped back, eyes flicking around the hero for any sign of malice. Finding none, she relented and charged into the woman’s embrace, clinging onto her and letting her tears flow freely. 


“Miss, w-why d-did Daddy h-hurt me?”


The hero’s heart melted, and she enveloped the small bluenette into a hug, holding her close and shielding her from the world.


“I don’t know. What’s your name, sweetie?”


The girl stared up at her with her big blue eyes and sniffled, and that’s when Nemuri promised herself she would care for this child.


“It’s, N-Nejire, Miss…”


Nemuri held Nejire close, refusing to let this child be hurt by the world any longer. 


“It’s okay now, Nejire. Why? Because I am here.”


Nejire clung to the woman, sobbing quietly.


The hero ran her fingers through the girl’s hair, holding her as she sobbed.


I hope Inko doesn’t mind another child. I can’t let this girl slip through my fingers…



Inko’s maternal instincts flared the second she saw Nejire, wrapping the girl into a hug after Nemuri had brought her home. The bluenette girl had been hesitant around the tall woman, preferring to stay around Nemuri. 


That all changed when she met her baby brother.


The bluenette took one look at the toddler Inko was carrying and she immediately dashed over, peering up at him as he looked down from his perch.


Nemuri and Inko looked at each other, and the Queen decided to make her move. 


“This is Izuku. He’s your brother, Nejire.” She stooped down and placed her son in front of his new sister, who stared in awe at the little tyke in front of her. 


She reached out and touched his hand, and cried from the contact. The bluenette wrapped her brother in a protective hug, looking up at her second mother.


“I want to be a good big sister. So I’m going to beat up anyone who hurts my brother.”


Both of her mothers’ hearts melted, and they wrapped up their children in a group hug. Nejire leaned into the hug and smiled for the first time in a long time.


She felt something that she hadn’t in a long time.


The love of a parent.



It turned out that Nemuri’s school friend Shota Aizawa had married his girlfriend Emi Fukukado, and they had a child two weeks before Izuku. They had named the insomnia-inflicted infant Hitoshi, and he got along with his cousins wonderfully.


Aizawa loved his son dearly, but he didn’t always know how to show it. But he tried his best alongst his hero duties, eventually investigating who had tried to kill his friend and her wife. 


But it seemed that no matter what lead he managed to get, it always lead to a dead end. An important piece of evidence that he had discovered one day had vanished overnight, and Aizawa had the constant feeling like someone was watching him.


He shrugged it off and reported his findings to the couple, who understood and told the scruffy man to look out for himself. 



Two years passed, and soon it was the first day of school for Nejire and Izuku’s first day of preschool. Nemuri and Inko sent the two off, both sobbing heavily as their children departed for their education.


Izuku hugged his mothers goodbye as they dropped him off, and he followed his teacher inside, where he met a familiar voice caught his attention.




The greenette spun around to see his cousin looking over at him. He beamed and ran over, hugging Hitoshi tightly as the indigonette laughed and hugged him back. 


“Hitoshi! I didn’t know you were coming here!”


“I didn’t know either. My mommy just dropped me off a few minutes ago. Do you wanna go play?”




The two cousins rushed over to the toy box, fishing out a few blocks and beginning the process of building the best castle ever! The walls were indestructible and nobody could get in!


Until an ash-blonde boy charged over and bowled into the castle, tackling Izuku and tickling him. The greenette squealed from the assault and squirmed under the boy’s hands, giggling loudly.


“Kacchan, s-stop! I’m g-gonna pee!”


“Make me stop, Izuku!”


Hitoshi sighed and pouted at Katsuki, not having enough energy to deal with the dandelion’s antics.


“Katsuki, please get off Izuku.”


“Fine, fine. You don’t have to be a meanie.” The ash-blonde rolled off of Izuku, who had his hands at clutching his sides.


The greenette stood up and stuck out his tongue at the dandelion, who laughed. Izuku joined in the hearty laughter and noticed a blonde girl with messy buns sitting quietly in a corner by herself. 


“Kacchan, Hitoshi, who’s that?”


The dandelion and insomniac looked over and shrugged. “We just got here.”


“Well, she looks lonely. I’m going to go talk to her.” Izuku stood up and walked over the girl, sitting down next to her. She looked at Izuku, then turned her head away.


“Hi. I’m Izuku. What’s your name?”


The girl ignored him, staring at the wall. 


Izuku was confused but far from discouraged. He scooted into her field of vision and offered her one of his sunshine smiles.


“You looked lonely. Would you like a friend?”


The girl stared at him with disbelieving eyes. “You want to be my friend?”


The greenette gave the girl a confused look. “Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend?”


She turned away and mumbled something under her breath.


Izuku cocked his head. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you. What did you say?”


The girl took a deep breath and built up her confidence, not wanting to ruin this chance. Sure, she could lie to him, but her parents had told her that lying was bad. That only left telling the truth.


She turned to the greenette, a fearful look on her face. “My quirk needs blood to work, and I like the taste of blood. My parents don’t like it, and they tell me I shouldn’t drink blood.”


Tears appeared in her eyes. “All the people who I told about my quirk think that I’m a villain, and they don’t want to be my friend and they tell lies about how I’m going to bite people and drink their blood…”


Izuku frowned. “Well, those people are meanies. And who cares if your quirk needs blood? You aren’t trying to steal blood from anyone. What do they know?”


The girl looked up with surprised eyes, happy tears spilling from her eyes. Izuku immediately took the tears as a sign that he had done something wrong and panicked.


“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to make you cry! I’ll go now…”


“I’m not sad.”


The greenette looked back at the girl in confusion. “What?”


“I’m not sad. I’m happy. You’re the first person to say anything nice about my quirk…”


Izuku relaxed, scratching the back of his head. “Oh. Well, um, my friends and I were wondering if you wanted to come play with us, uh…”


The girl smiled, wiping the tears from her eyes. “I’m Himiko. It’s nice to meet you, Izuku.”


She followed him over to the other two boys, where they greeted her with open arms. “Himiko, this is my cousin Hitoshi, and this is my friend Kacchan…”




The four preschoolers became fast friends, and they did everything together. They played together, ate together, drew together, you name it, they did it. And they were happy with each other.


Until the day that Katsuki and Hitoshi got their quirks, leaving Izuku the only one without a quirk.


The dandelion had almost turned against his friend, calling Izuku “Deku,” and he would’ve become the head of the greenette’s bullies had it not been for the combined forces of his mother, Inko, Nemuri, Hitoshi, and Himiko. 


They knocked some sense into him and reassured Izuku that he was, in fact, not useless. Himiko even added that Deku sounded like Dekiru, meaning “You can do it!”


That nickname became a source of hope for Izuku, and he waited day after day for his quirk to finally manifest, and when his fourth birthday rolled around, he was beyond happy.


He had a combination of both of his mother’s quirks.


The ability to shift into the form of a xenomorph with claws, teeth and a tail blade tipped with a tranquilizing agent. 


Inko and Nemuri had cried for hours on end, Nejire joining them as they wept in happiness.


After so long, Izuku had a quirk.


He could finally be a hero, just like his mother.



The years flew by, and with each passing year, Izuku, Katsuki, Himiko, and Hitoshi became a tight-knitted group of friends. They attended the same schools growing up, and by some strange trick of fate, they always had the same classes together.


Nejire grew to be a strong young woman, having a bit of trouble with her spiral energy quirk at first, but under the guidance of her mothers, she learned how to fly with it and make massive energy blasts capable of leveling buildings if she so desired.


She was curious and intelligent, always asking questions, which rubbed off her brother. The two of them would mutter to each other for hours, offering different hypotheses and solutions. Nemuri couldn’t understand them half the time and honestly just really hoped that her children weren’t plotting to take over the world.


Inko, on the other hand, was delighted to see her kids bond and fully encouraged them to go satisfy their curiosity. This lead to more than one instance of finding the two of them in their laboratory, which was really just a shed in the backyard where the two conducted various experiments, covered in the mess that had been their latest experiment. 


They both also studied quirks like a religion, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of any quirks they could find. Between the two of them, they had filled a total of 27 notebooks, labeling them Hero Analysis for the Future. Katsuki, Hitoshi, and Himiko pretended to know what the two nerds were talking about half the time, but honestly, it escaped them most of the time. 


Nejire was full of surprises and when she applied to U.A. University and was accepted, she caused a massive stir and immediately became one of the most powerful students in the school, despite only being a first year. Towards the end of her second year, she had formed the “Big Three of U.A.” with two of her best friends, Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki.


She later brought them home and introduced them to her family as her boyfriends. Not that it surprised them that much, but Nemuri forked over a 1000 yen note over to Inko after losing the bet. 


Things were normal in the Midoriyama household. Sure, it was a bizarre family, but they made sure to make it work. Everyone was loved and supported, and honestly, Izuku thought his life was perfect.


Until the day that Himiko disappeared from her home. 


The Toga's household had been tense every time Izuku had gone over, mainly to pick up Himiko for get-togethers and other events, and it didn’t seem like Himiko’s parents ever allowed Himiko a source of blood. 


In fact, Izuku, Katsuki, and Hitoshi were the only people giving the blonde any blood. They had to keep it a secret. Himiko’s parents were ashamed of their daughter’s quirk, and they suppressed it any way that they could.


The blonde had slowly pulled away from her parents, spending more and more time at the Midoriyamas if possible.


Then she disappeared three months before high school graduation. 


Himiko’s parents had stormed over to the Midoriyama household and demanded that they stop hiding the blonde, but Inko managed to convince them that they did not have her daughter. 


Katsuki, Hitoshi, and Izuku looked everywhere for her, but they couldn’t find Himiko. She had vanished without a trace.


The blonde’s absence had started some rumors that Izuku and Hitoshi had used their quirks to brainwash and put Himiko to sleep and murder her, which wasn’t at all true.


It still didn’t stop the rest of the students. 


The graduation ceremony at Aldera High School was short, and it left Izuku and his best friends walking home together, their hearts heavy.


“Those damn extras. How could they think that you two used your quirks to murder your girlfriend, Deku?” Katsuki growled, his infamous temper getting the best of him.


“Kacchan, Himiko isn’t my girlfriend. And people are a bunch of meanies for are more concerned about their quirks than being actual decent people.”


Hitoshi turned to his cousin, raising an eyebrow. “Are you sure Himiko isn’t your girlfriend? You two certainly act like you’re dating.”


Izuku waved his hands in front of his face, which flushed yellow-green. “I-it’s not like that and you two know it! Himiko and I are just friends.”


Hitoshi and Katsuki exchanged knowing glances but decided not to press the issue.


“Well, I should be heading back home. Mom and Dad have been wanting me home by a certain time ever since Himiko went missing. I’ll see you all at U.A.” Hitoshi waved to his friends, leaving the dandelion and acidic cinnamon bun alone.


They passed a pair of bullies that were Izuku’s tormenters, and Katsuki took off, launching himself at the two as they fled through the city, desperately trying to avoid the dandelion’s wrath.


Izuku sighed. “You haven’t changed a bit, Kacchan.”


He trekked under a bridge, thinking that he heard the manhole under it shift, but when he looked, nothing happened.


It must’ve been my imagination. Oh well. Gotta get home so Mom and Mama don’t tear me a new one.


He continued his trek home when an explosion up the street caught his attention. Rushing forward, he found a police barricade set up as a villain made of sludge kept blowing up the buildings. Several heroes stood on standby, but none of them made a move.


Why aren’t the heroes making a move? Is there a hostage or something?


Izuku peered down the street, seeing two shapes desparately trying to fight their way out of the villain’s grasp. Both had blonde hair and were very, very familiar.


Is that Kacchan and… “HIMIKO!!!”


Izuku’s body moved before he thought, and he charged the villain, dropping his backpack and slashing st the villain’s eye. 




Izuku reached into the sludge grabbed the two blondes, using his superhuman strength of a xenomorph to pull them out of the sludge with a wet pop. He got between them and the villain, hands up and ready for a fight.


The villain sluggishly turned towards them, his eye lidded as he surged towards them.


A massive shockwave shot down the street, ripping apart the villain and saving the three students. Izuku whipped around to see Nejire, holding her arm out, panting heavily.


“Nejire?! You know you shouldn’t use a blast that big without a few days of rest!”


The bluenette snapped back at him. “And let you die?!”


The greenette fell silent, looking down at his feet. 


Nejire’s expression softened and she wrapped her brother in a hug. “Izuku, I’m glad you’re okay, but I just didn’t want you to get hurt. Now let’s get the three of you checked out, I’m sure you all need it.”


She offered her hand to one of the blondes and froze when she saw who it was.