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My Xeno Academia: The Rewrite

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The shrill cry of alarms echoed through the corridors of a secret government facility, accompanied by the sound of rifle fire and the screams of people.


A woman with jade hair stumbled towards an elevator, yelping and covering her head as bullets missed their target by mere millimeters. The woman mashed the button for the highest floor, crying out in panic as the sound of armored boots made their way towards her. 


The doors of the elevator closed just in time to ensure the woman’s safety, and she collapsed onto the ground, sobbing as she mourned those she had lost.


Aneki, Aniki, Touto-chan, Imo-chan, Onii-chan, Kaa-chan...


The only family she had ever known, gone. 


Tears poured down the woman’s face, and she winced, clutching her side in pain. The hospital gown she wore was dirty and torn, the side the woman was clutching exposed, the edges of the fabric being eaten away as her acidic blood ran down her side.


The elevator arrived at its destination, dinging as the doors creaked open, revealing a wrecked building, fires burning around the premises. 


The woman stepped out of her the elevator, shedding her gown. She glanced behind her, seeing the doors of the elevator close behind her. 


She had to get away. The men with guns would use the elevator, and then they would find and kill her.


Just as they had done with the others.


The woman turned and her bones audibly shifted and popped, her already tall figure of six feet growing as her skin darkened and hardened, forming a black skeletal carapace around her. A tail erupted from the end of her spine, and her fingers elongated and sharped, forming long, deathly claws. A crest appeared on her head, slightly resembling a crown.


The woman-turned-Xenomorph Praetorian wasted no time fleeing from the ruined building, dashing into the night, leaving the bad memories behind her. 



It had been a busy night for Nemuri Kayama, the woman also known as the R-Rated Hero: Midnight. Multiple reports of villain attacks and Yakuza activity had kept her active for hours on end. She sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose. 


“Could this day get any worse?”


The universe laughed, and the woman with jade hair crashed into Nemuri, panic in her emerald eyes.


“Help me.”




“Help me, please.”


Heavy footsteps came from the direction that the jade-haired woman had come from, and Nemuri turned to see four men in full riot gear rush towards her and the woman. The midnightette hero stepped between her and the men, who trained their guns on the two women. 


“Step away from the woman, hero.”


Nemuri scoffed, glaring at the men. “On whose authority?"


“That’s not your concern. Last warning, step away from the woman.”


The hero looked over her shoulder at the woman she was protecting, seeing her eyes full of fear. She turned back to the men, her grip tightening around her whip.


“I’m not going anywhere.” 


The man closest to them sighed and released the safety on his weapon. His finger wrapped around the trigger, and the gun fired. 


The bullet missed by a mile, the rifle falling from the man’s hand as Nemuri’s whip wrapped around his wrist, pulling him to the ground with a thud.


The other three men opened fire, but Nemuri had already disarmed another one of them shoved him into his squadmate, kicking the rifle out of the fourth man’s hands. The man pulled out a combat knife, twirling it in his hands as he took a swipe at Nemuri. 


The hero caught the man’s wrist, pulling him closer and bending his elbow in the opposite direction of how it was supposed to go. He screamed in pain, and Nemuri flipped him to the ground, knocking him out. The second man charged the hero, and she leaned into his charge, using his own momentum against him as she flipped him and delivered a swift blow to the head, rendering him unconscious. 


The third man rushed toward the jade-haired woman, who snarled and reared back her right arm, changing the limb with her quirk as she batted the man into a nearby wall.


Nemuri looked back at the woman, who gave her a thumbs up.


A gunshot echoed through the night, and the woman’s face twisted into horror, then rage. 


Nemuri reached down to her midsection, feeling a hot pain in her abdomen. She reached down and touched it, drawing her hand back.


It was stained scarlet. 


The world became muted, and the edges of the hero’s vision began to flicker.


The last thing she remembered before passing out was a bone-chilling screech and the screams of a terrified man.



It was dark where Nemuri was. But the darkness was strangely welcoming. It was comforting in the dark. She felt at ease and calm, ready to move on.


A bright light caught the woman’s attention and she turned to face it. The light was warm, inviting. It beckoned to her, and she reached towards it.




Nemuri spun around, looking back at the darkness. The void greeted her, and she strained her ears.




The midnightette woman looked back at the light, which still shined with its welcoming light, but she felt like she had to do something. 


Giving one last look back at the light, the woman strode into the void, towards the voice that called her.



“Kayama, can you hear me?”


She groaned, opening her eyes to the harsh overhead light of a hospital room. 


“Oh my god. Nurse! Kayama’s awake!”


Nemuri grimaced at the sound of the voice, her hearing still sensitive.


“Could you pipe down? I’m going to get a headache from all that yelling.”


The midnightette woman fully opened her eyes, scanning her surroundings. She appeared to be in a hospital room, the jade-haired woman she had saved earlier in a hospital gown, staring at her with concerned eyes.


“Where am I? And how do you know my name?”


“The doctors told me. I still don’t trust anyone here, but they’re taking care of you. So I guess I can trust them for now.” The woman scowled, giving the short, elderly nurse a suspicious glare as she walked in.


“Welcome back to the land of the living, Kayama. How are you feeling?”


“Like I was shot. Chiyo, how did I survive that and how long have I been out?”


The elderly nurse pointed her cane over at the greenette. “You can thank Miss Midoriya for that. She rushed you over here as fast as she could. Any longer and you would’ve bled out. As for how long you’ve been out, it’s been about two days. Midoriya here refused to leave your side, insisting that she was in your debt.”


Nemuri was stunned. She had been out for two days, and the person she had saved considered herself in her debt? This was turning into quite the chain of events.


She turned to the now-identified Midoriya, who blushed and bowed her head slightly.


“I am in your debt, Miss Kayama.”


Nemuri blushed, waving a hand dismissively. “It’s nothing, really. Anyone would’ve done the same in my situation.”


Chiyo cackled, shaking her head in amusement. “Oh my. This is the start of something special. Midoriya, do you have any family we can contact?”


The greenette looked down, fighting back the tears that threatened to pour out of her eyes. “N-no. T-they’re all g-gone.”


The nurse nodded, not wanting to press any further. “I see. Do you have a place where you can stay?”




“You can stay with me.”


The other two women turned to Nemuri with surprised looks, her face mirroring theirs. 


What am I saying?! I mean, the apartment I have can house two people, but I barely know this woman!


“Are you sure, Kayama? I appreciate your kindness, but you don’t need to offer your home to me.” Midoriya’s face was full of concern and apprehension, and before she knew it, Nemuri nodded.


“Absolutely, Midoriya. You said you owed me a debt, right? Do you know how to cook and clean?”


“Yes. My family felt that it was necessary that everyone knew how to do household chores.”


Nemuri nodded, a plan forming in her mind. “I’ll let you stay at my place, and in return, you can help clean with the chores, okay?”


Midoriya didn’t respond immediately. Tears dripped from her chin, and she tackled the hero in a hug, sobbing heavily.


“Thank you thank you thank you thank you! You won’t regret this, I swear.”


Nemuri chuckled, hugging the greenette back. “I’m sure I won’t. Can I ask your given name?”


The greenette blushed, pushing a stray hair behind her ear. “It’s Inko…”


Nemuri beamed at Inko, making the greenette’s heart flutter. “Well Inko, I’m Nemuri Kayama. It’s nice to meet you.”


“It’s nice to meet you too.”


Chiyo sighed, smiling knowingly. “Ah, young love…”



Nemuri was observed overnight, then released. After learning that Inko didn’t have anything to her name, including any clothes, she dragged the greenette to a department store. Inko had insisted that she did not need that many clothes, but her roommate was persistent. She managed to convince the greenette to let her buy her a few outfits, and have been horribly embarrassed when Nemuri had complimented her.


When they arrived at the hero’s apartment, Inko was surprised to see the mess that Nemuri called her apartment and immediately went to work, cleaning and organizing the apartment with a speed that terrified her roommate. 


The greenette had used what sparse ingredients were left in the refrigerator to whip up two servings of katsudon, feeding the two of them the best meal they had eaten in a while.


Night came, and Nemuri headed off to bed, Inko taking the couch. They both said goodnight to each other tucked into the bed, falling asleep soon afterward. 


Nemuri woke up in the middle of the night and despite her efforts, she could not fall back asleep. Deciding that she need a midnight snack, she walked to the kitchen, stopping when she heard Inko whimper.


“No, Kaa-chan! I’m not leaving you!”


The midnightette turned to the couch, seeing Inko deep in a nightmare. She immediately ran to the couch, sitting next to the six-foot woman and hugging her.


“Kaa-chan? Kaa-chan!!!”


“Inko. It’s okay. I’m here.” 


The greenette grabbed Nemuri in her sleep, pulling her close and refusing to let go. She sobbed into her roommate’s shoulder, the nightmare having disturbed her sleep.


“Shhh. It’s okay, it’s okay. No one’s going to hurt you. You’re okay.”


Nemuri held Inko tight, rocking her and rubbing circles into her back. The greenette’s tears soon ceased, and she looked away in embarrassment. 


“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you up.”


“You didn’t. I woke up and I wanted to get a midnight snack. Then I heard you whimper, and here we are.”


The two women stared at each other, not wanting to talk. 


“Do you want to talk about it?”


Inko nodded, taking a deep breath before beginning. 


“My family and I were once like any other family. We were in a nice neighborhood, we had a nice house and a nice life. One day, a bunch of men came and snatched up my family and I because we had xenomorph quirks, and they wanted to see if they could exploit us.


“They took us to an underground bunker and experimented on us for months. It was torture. They took blood samples and forced us to fight and kill quirkless people, and if we didn’t, we’d be physically abused…


“They kept us apart, but my mother had my two older brothers and older sister organize an escape. It took a few weeks, but everything was ready, and we got out. 


“But something went wrong. There were guards waiting for us. They killed my siblings and mother on sight, and I barely managed to escape with my life. I ran and ran and ran that night, and then I bumped into you.”


Inko sniffled, fresh tears coming to her eyes. “I still have nightmares of watching my family being killed in front of me…”


Nemuri wrapped her roommate in a hug, rubbing circles into her back as she comforted the greenette. “Hey. I’m here, and if you ever need to talk about anything, I’ll be here for you.”


Inko looked to her with teary eyes. “Really?”


“Yes really. Now come on, you’re going to sleep in the same bed as me. I’ll be there when the nightmares come.”




“But nothing. You’re sleeping with me and that’s final. Now come on, it’s 12:47.”


The hero dragged her roommate/maid into her bedroom, ushering her to the bed and making sure she was comfortable, much to Inko’s embarrassment. 


“Goodnight, Inko.”


“G-goodnight, N-nemuri…”


Nemuri smirked and turned over, falling asleep as Inko’s heart fluttered with emotions.


Why do I feel this way around her?


Is this what love feels like?



They two women fell into a routine for the next few days. Nemuri would wake up first and go to work while Inko cleaned up the house and caught up on current events with the news. 


Days turned into weeks, weeks to months, and before they knew it, it had been a year since the two had met. Both women had grown in the past year, Nemuri becoming leaner and more toned as Inko continued to feed her nutritious food, and Inko had molted from a Praetorian to a Queen. To say that the midnightette had been surprised was an understatement. Her roommate had grown another four inches, now towering over her five-foot-nine height. And that wasn’t even accounting for the second pair of arms Inko had obtained when she  had molted.


But the women were not the only things that had grown. 


Over the last year, both Inko and Nemuri had developed feelings for one another, but neither wanted to confess due to the fear that confessing would ruin their friendship. 


They danced around each other, blushing whenever their hands would touch or giving each other lingering glances. Eventually, Nemuri sucked it up one Valentine’s day and brought Inko some chocolate and flowers, only to find that Inko had prepared a romantic dinner for the both of them. 


Both women had sobbed for hours after learning that they both loved each other, and that was the day the two started dating.


They spoiled each other rotten, doting over each other whenever they had the chance, and sending the occasional lewd picture to each other.


Another year passed, and on the anniversary of their meeting date, Nemuri proposed. 


Inko had crushed her fiance with all four of her arms, locking her in a passionate liplock as she spun her in a circle.


They married in the spring, both women almost flooding the altar with their tears, kissing passionately after the reverend declared them woman and wife. 


Their honeymoon had been full of passionate lovemaking, and the couple had been well received by the community.


Yet another year passed, and Nemuri asked the question that would change their lives forever.


“Inko, do you want children?” 


The greenette cracked the plate she had been holding and was so embarrassed that it took a kiss from her wife to get her to stop. 


“I asked you a question, my emerald queen.”


Inko blushed, wrapping her arms around her wife’s shoulders. “Absolutely. And I know a way to get the child to be from both of us.”


Nemuri raised an eyebrow. “And just how exactly do you plan to do that?”


“Well, my quirk makes it so that a Queen can reproduce by choosing a host to impregnate. Have you seen Alien?”


“Yeah. Why?”


“Well, you see…”


“The baby is going to pop out of my chest.”


“Actually, I can just use your uterus.”


“Wha- How would you even get an embryo in there?! What if we need to do C-section?!”


“We could go see Chiyo and see if she would be willing to do the surgery.”


Nemuri deadpanned at her wife. “You’re serious?”


“Yep!” Inko beamed, using every ounce of the charm she had to win over her wife. 


The hero couldn’t resist and relented, rolling her eyes in feigned annoyance. “Fine. But we are taking every precaution. If I die, I will come back and haunt your ass, okay?”


Inko giggled. “Of course, my midnight savior. As for the impregnation process and gestation period, it’s much longer than you would think. Our baby would take the full nine months, but he’ll still be a tiny serpent when he pops out.”


“I see. But how do you even make me pregnant?”


The greenette blushed. “I have to kiss you passionately, in your most sacred area. You’ll know when it’s happening.”


Nemuri nodded, already making bedroom eyes at her wife. “Shall we get started then?”


Her greenette wife pulled her to the bedroom, already shedding her clothes. “Oh, we’ve already started.”


The midnightette licked her lips, and Inko closed the door behind her.


Neither of them got much sleep that night.



“Mrs. Midoriyama, the doctor is ready for you.”


Nemuri and Inko stood up, following the nurse over to the maternal wing, where the head resident prepped Nemuri for the birth.


The midnightette was given painkillers, and the doctor went straight to work, utilizing his x-ray vision quirk to see where the baby was exactly. After making it past her cervix and the rest of her birth canal, the shrill shriek of a xenomorph chestburster pierced the tense silence in the room. The doctor very carefully extracted the chestburster using a pair of tongs, dropping it into a container where he spun and circled like mad, screeching all the while.


The hospital staff would have stopped to admire it, but they had a mother to care for. They turned back to his mother, stopping her bleeding with the aid of a healing quirk. It was a long and delicate process, but in the end, Nemuri came out of the operation without a scar.


The married couple made their way to the nursery, where their child had stopped shrieking like a banshee and surprisingly had turned into a human baby.


The baby was more of a mystery to the couple, who was sure that they would have a daughter due to only having x-chromosomes to give. The nurses hypothesized that due to the DNA reflex feature of xenomorph genetics, it was possible that a chromosome had been shifted from x to y. 


Regardless, Inko and Nemuri were overjoyed to see their son. He babbled at them with his green eyes, reaching out to both of them as if he knew that he had two mothers. 


“Inko, what are we going to name him?”


“I like Izuku. Do you agree with that?”


“That’s perfect. I love it, and I love you.” She kissed Inko, causing many smiles from the hospital staff.


Izuku’s two mothers looked down at him and smiled, proud that they had made a life together, even if the method was unorthodox.


“Happy Birthday, Izuku. And may there be many more.”