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My, My, My, You Found This, You Need This.

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The fourth time Tyler realized something about Debby, he didn’t realize it himself, he was told that something about her.

Their second leg of the Bandito tour was coming to an end soon. The last of the cold had melted away and the spring air had rolled through.

Debby was leaving to go home to Los Angeles tomorrow.

Jenna made them all ride in the same bus instead of their respective ones to “get as much time with Debby before she left.” as Jenna had put it.

It was nice. They played video games together in the back well into the night before Jenna and Tyler moved to the bunks to sleep.

Tyler was spoiled. He was used to sleeping in his own big bed with Jenna in the back of his own bus. But now he and Jenna were in separate bunks and Tyler kept getting shaken awake every time the bus went over a pothole.

When he blearily blinked awake the morning the day of Debby’s departure he wasn’t intending to eavesdrop. Not at all.

Debby and Josh just happened to be having a conversation in the kitchen and Tyler happened to be in the bunk closest to the area.

He wasn’t even paying attention to their conversation at first, just drifting barely in and out of consciousness, wishing he could fall back asleep.

What caught his interest was he heard his name.

“You and Tyler be good now hm?” Debby’s voice carried to the bunks.

The conversation was quiet but he could still hear what was being said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he hears Josh joke.

“Last time you two were left alone together on tour you two dressed in masks and bought fake merchandise outside of your own venue!”

Tyler supposed she had a point.

“I promise no more running through crowds of fans.” Josh soothed. “Besides, we won’t be left alone, Jenna’s here.”

“Speaking of which.” Debby paused.

“I have something for you.”

There was a lapse of silence. Tyler wished he could see what was going on.

“Little something for you if you miss me while i’m gone.” She said.

Josh let out an incredulous laugh.

“What is this?”

Tyler was confused too.

“Jenna helped me make it.” She said in a voice that was definitely not made for Tyler’s ears.

Tyler pulled a pillow over his head when he heard the smacking sound of their kissing.

He was interested in what Debby could’ve given him but apparently his mind had other ideas as he fell back asleep.

It was only a week later when Tyler was in need of a laptop that he was reminded of Debby’s gift.

He poked around Josh’s stuff looking to use his computer since Tyler had lost his own computer charger. Josh didn’t care. They shared each other’s electronics all the time. There wasn’t anything to hide.

Except apparently there definitely was because when Tyler finally dug out Josh’s laptop and unlocked it, the last thing Josh has been looking at was still pulled up.

Tyler went to click away too excited to get back on track with what he was working on until the frame the video had paused on caught his eye.

It was a hand. Specifically a hand that had a ring on that looked a lot like Jenna’s wedding ring.

The curiosity got the best of him. It was his wife after all! He clicked play and was definitely not prepared for what he was seeing.

It was a clearly homemade video of Debby in a hotel room that suspiciously looked like the one they had all stayed in not even a month ago.

She was laying on the bed in lingerie and a wicked smile on her face.

“Yeah like that.” Came Jenna’s encouragement from behind the camera.

Tyler’s face flushed and he slammed the laptop shut and pressed his palms to his eyes.

That was definitely not meant for him to see.

“Jenna helped me make it.” Tyler recalled Debby’s conversation with Josh the day she left.

“Oh my God.” Tyler said aloud to nobody in particular. He was alone on Josh’s bus at the venue in the middle of nowhere Georgia, and he just learned his wife helped his best friend/lovers fiancé make a sextape.

Wait. His wife had helped his bestfriend/lovers fiancé make a sextape?

Tyler swallowed dryly. It wasn’t his business. He should just leave it alone. It wasn’t right for him to look.

One more peak wouldn’t earn a lightning strike from above right? His wife was in it after all.

Tyler’s heart was pounding embarrassingly fast as he reopened Josh’s laptop gingerly with squinted eyes. Trying to convince himself that he wasn’t really wanting to watch the video.

He skipped ahead to a random part and could vaguely tell what he wasn’t supposed to see and covered the top half of the laptop with his hand. He hit play and only watched about 3 seconds before he was slamming the laptop shut again and launching himself down the stairs of his bus and sprinting to his own.

Tyler did not just see Debby using a sparkly green dildo. A sparkly green dildo that Tyler knew was Josh’s because Tyler was the one that bought it for him.

He smashed the code into the keypad and practically fell trying to reach Jenna in the very back lounge area. There were a few roadies relaxing in the front.

“Out.” Tyler jabbed his thumb towards the door and they scrambled to leave after picking up on his biting tone.

“Jenna!” He called opening the door to the back and finding her sprawled across a couch watching a movie.

“Hey Ty-“

Tyler cut her off.

“Did you help Debby make a sextape?”

“Oh so you saw it?” Jenna asked in a carefree tone like it wasn’t a big deal.

“No! I mean like three seconds of it accidentally but enough to know that you helped Debby make it!” Tyler said exasperated.

“She asked me to help video her. It’s easier to do with someone you trust. She also thought Josh would like it knowing I was behind the camera.” Jenna paused.

“Is that something that bothers you?” Jenna’s question wasn’t mean, it was filled with genuine worry.

“No!” Tyler said again. “I was just surprised! I could’ve used like I don’t know a warning before I saw Debby using Josh’s favorite green toy!”

Jenna’s eyebrows shot to her forehead.

“Sounds like you saw a little more than three seconds.”

“It was an accident okay? Don’t change the subject, why didn’t you tell me?”

“It was of Debby! All I did was film it!” she laughed a little at the ridiculousness of the situation. “She didn’t want to flaunt giving something like that to Josh because she didn’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Tyler deflated.

“Why would that make me uncomfortable?” He asked grumpily.

“Last time she was together with Josh I recall you telling me you were a little uncouth to her when she showed affection for Josh in front of you.”

“Yeah but that was then. I apologized for that. She knows I love her and Josh together.”

“If I was her I would tread lightly around that subject too.” Jenna said decidedly.

“And it’s neither of our business if she wants to make a video for Josh. I just happened to know about it because she came to me as a friend and Josh’s partner to help her out. We’re girls. She knows I know all about Josh’s dick. She doesn’t care that I see her like that. However, you need to tell me if you care about me videoing her. Just because I don’t see a problem with it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to be bothered by it. Now, does it bother you?”

Jenna stood up to place her hands on his cheeks and draw his gaze into hers.

“No that doesn’t bother me.” He finally relented.

“She was using Josh’s toy. The one I gave him.” He said.

Jenna gave a breathless laugh.

“I think they’ve swapped worse than dildos. Is that what bothers you? That she’s using something you gave him?”

“No that doesn’t bother me.” Tyler shook his head.

“Tyler.” she chastised lightly. She ran a comforting hand through his hair and down his chest.

“I’m lost. You have to tell me what’s wrong. Help me understand.”

There was a lump in Tyler’s throat. He looked up to the ceiling of the bus. The bus Jenna had designed. It had little fiber-optic stars in the ceiling.

“I’m hard.” He whispered.

“What?” Jenna asked with a disbelieving chuckle.

She looked down. He was hard. Well more like half hard. Telling your wife that your best friends/lovers fiancé gave him a boner was a real erection killer.

“It doesn’t mean anything It wasn’t because of her I swear the only reason I clicked play to begin with was because I thought it was a video of you-“

“Tyler!” It was Jenna’s turn to cut him off.

“Are you upset because you feel as though you were being... adulterous?” Jenna prompted him. “And maybe betraying Josh?”

“I watched a few more seconds than I knew was right. I could’ve just left the computer closed the first time. I opened it again.” Tyler finally met her eyes. He looked scared.

“Oh Tyler.” She pulled him to her. “That’s not cheating on me.” She assured. She couldn’t see his face anymore but she could feel his hands fist in her shirt like he was terrified she was going to leave.

“Baby, what you did wasn’t wrong. Even if you had watched for her-“ Tyler shook his head furiously at that. “You came straight to me, albeit a little hysterical. You don’t have to be guilty. It was just Debby.” She squeezed him until it hurt.

“I’m sorry.” Tyler whispered again and again into her shoulder.

Tyler was guilty that he didn’t feel guilty. He was confused.

She just held him and shushed him as he clutched onto her tightly.

The door at the front of the bus opened. Tyler could hear Josh calling the two of them.

“Tyler.” Jenna backed out of his grip so she could look him in the eyes when she spoke.

“If you’re guilty because your body had a natural reaction to accidentally seeing a naked woman, than i’m going to hell because I was intentionally watching her and I was dripping wet by the first few minutes.”

That finally got Tyler to laugh. And it also made his dick twitch in his sweatpants.

“You can’t just say stuff like that.” He smirked at her and pulled her into a hug again.

Josh knocked on the door to the lounge.

“You guys in there?”

“Come in.” Tyler said loud enough for him to hear.

“There you are! Soundcheck is in 30 minutes.” Josh smiled brightly.

Jenna moved to leave and pulled Tyler in for a chaste but firm kiss.

“I’m going to catering. Seeing what they whipped up and if they need help.” She gave Tyler a look that said ‘you had better talk this out with him’

“Oh and Tyler, I wasn’t just saying that to make you feel better. It was true. Also, I love you.” Jenna said before shutting the lounge door behind her.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Josh looked to Tyler quizzically.

“Josh i’m gonna tell you something, but I need you to sit down and I’m gonna tell it to you from the front of the bus so I can have a head start when you come after me.” Tyler said half seriously.

He hoped Josh would feel the same way as Jenna but he didn’t want to be trapped in a small space when he told him.

Josh went along with it, sitting down and shaking his head at Tyler's weird behavior, watching as he left all the doors open and stood 50 feet away next to the drivers seat.

“I kinda accidentally saw Debby’s video that was meant for you.” Tyler closed his eyes.

“Oh. That’s all?” Josh asked.

Tyler peaked an eye open to see Josh still sitting comfortably on the couch with his arms in resting on the back pillows.

“I was just gonna use your computer and it was pulled up and I saw Jenna’s hand and I thought it was a video of her and I may or may not have watched a few seconds.” Tyler said it so quickly that Josh was sure he was going to have a panic attack.

“Ok. What did you think?”

That was most certainly not what he thought Josh was going to say.

“What did, I... think?” Tyler asked incredulously.

“Yeah I haven’t watched the whole thing either. What’d you think?” Josh asked and tilted his chin up to ask Tyler to come closer.

Tyler took a hesitant step towards Josh.

“I saw your fiancé like, naked and you’re asking me if I thought it was good?”

“Yeah.” Josh shrugged. “Deb wouldn’t care that you saw it. We could watch it together if you want.”

Tyler physically shook his head back and forth to try and wrap his mind around what Josh was saying.

“What? No! It was an accident how do you know she wouldn’t care?”

“I know her like I know you Tyler. I’m going to be marrying her. She wouldn’t care. I mean it wasn’t intended for you but you obviously feel guilty about it, you weren’t trying to go behind my back or anything I know that.” Josh had a sympathetic look on his face as Tyler took another step towards Josh.

“You’re okay with it?” Tyler got within punching reach of Josh and stopped.

“Yeah dude of course it’s okay. The only reason I’d be upset is if you watched it before me. And not because you saw Debby but because I don’t wanna be left out of the fun.”

Josh was still in his relaxed position on the couch. Tyler clambered over him to sit in his lap.

“I swear I didn’t mean to pop a boner, dude.” Tyler said leaning in to peck Josh on the lips.

“I believe you.” Josh said against his lips.

“But just know I’d be okay with it if you did. And so would Debby. I’m guessing Jenna told you the same.”

Tyler nodded and pecked Josh again.

“I wouldn’t though.”

“Okay.” Josh said lightly.

“It was an accident.”

“I know.”

Josh presses his lips to Tyler’s again.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. But also how was it?”

Tyler smacked Josh in the chest.