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My, My, My, You Found This, You Need This.

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The third time it happened they were in the middle of tour. Somewhere in Australia in mid December.

A rare and blissful day off resulted in the three of them, Josh, Tyler and Jenna relaxing in their conjoined hotel rooms. Not that they needed two rooms anyway, they always ended up sleeping together.

Jenna was taking a long shower and Josh had Tyler pinned beneath him on one of the scratchy hotel beds. They were lazily making out, too tired from the scorching Australian heat to really do more than occasionally grind against one another.

Josh’s thin shorts weren’t doing a good job at hiding his interest. Tyler could feel him easily through his own pair of basketball shorts. Josh wormed a hand in between their stomachs, Tyler wasn’t hard enough for his liking.

He was too lazy to prop himself up so he could get a good angle to palm Tyler’s dick through his shorts. Just enough friction to keep him steadily getting harder but easy enough that they didn’t have to really move.

Josh nudged his hips into a slow roll against Tyler’s. Tyler hummed happily.

Josh licked into his mouth sloppily. It was good.

Josh nipped harshly at Tyler’s bottom lip with his sharp canines. It was so so good.

That interested Tyler’s dick more. He pushed up just barely to meet Josh’s hips and Josh finally had enough room to slip his hand underneath the waistband of Tyler’s shorts. It wasn’t so lazy anymore.

Suddenly Josh pulled to look down at Tyler properly.

Tyler stared back with half lidded eyes and a lazy, goofy grin. He gave a little noise of pleasure as Josh cupped him more roughly.

“Watcha starin at?” Tyler slurred. Josh wasn’t smiling back at him, his eyes were concentrated on the pillow beneath Tyler’s head and his brows were pulled together.

Tyler tried to get Josh to come back to earth by sliding his hands to Josh’s cheeks and pull him back in to kiss him some more.

Josh resisted though and pulled back farther.

“I have to tell you something.” He blurted.

“Can it wait until you get me off?” Tyler asked thrusting his hips up into Josh’s hand that had stopped moving, trying to emphasize that he was hard.

Josh removed his hand from Tyler’s shorts and shook his head quietly, refusing to meet his eyes.

Tyler sighed and readjusted himself, wincing at the pleasure that shot up his spine from it.

He nudged Josh back so he could pull himself up against the pillows.

“Josh?” He said encouragingly. “Talk to me.”

Josh sat back and worried his bottom lip between his teeth but said nothing.

“Josh.” Tyler tried again with a little amusement in his voice. He reached over and pulled Josh’s lip from his teeth and slid his hand down to his chin to tilt Josh’s head up to look Tyler in the eyes.

Josh opened his mouth just as Jenna opened the door into the bedroom, a roll of steam coming from the bathroom behind her. She had her hair in a towel and one wrapped around her body, a healthy blush to her cheeks from the heat of the shower.

Josh’s mouth snapped shut as he took in her appearance. She gave them both a gentle little smile.

“Everything okay?” She asked nonchalantly, noticing the weird vibes in the room.

“Josh was about to say something.” Tyler tattled. Josh seemed nervous and he didn’t want to let Josh change his mind about speaking what was troubling him.

“Oh? Is it about how hard you are?” She teased, keeping the atmosphere of the room light. She could see the worry in Josh’s eyes and knew he didn’t do well in pressured situations. She gave him time to think turning to her suitcase and began to change facing away from them.

“No.” Josh mumbled. He reached out for her to join them, making a pleased noise at her choice in wearing one of his t-shirts.

“J, what’s up?” She asked, reaching out to tangle her fingers with his.

Tyler eyed Josh as he took a deep breath and leaned over the bed to fish for something in his bag. Tyler and Jenna made uncertain eye contact over Josh’s back.

He sat back up with his hands tightly covering something.

“It’s not a bad thing but it is a scary thing and I can’t keep it to myself anymore.” He started nervously.

Tyler reaches to unclasp Josh’s hand where his knuckles had turned white from gripping it so hard. He willingly let Tyler pull his fingers back.

Jenna and Tyler both jerked their heads to Josh at the same time.

It was a black velvet box.

“J.” Jenna said with a growing smile on her face and slid her arm around his shoulders to watch as Tyler removed the box from Josh’s hands and opened it.

It was a ring. Gold, with a big square diamond nestled between two smaller ones. It was beautiful.

“Oh, Josh.” Tyler breathed a sigh of relief.

“For Debby?” He asked passing the box to Jenna so she could get a closer look.

Josh nodded and finally finally gave a small smile.

“Been thinking about it for a while. She’s coming to visit in two weeks. We’ll be in New Zealand.”

“It’s perfect Josh, what are you worried about?” The question wasn’t accusatory, Jenna just wanted to know why he was so scared so she could help him.

“It’s not like she’s gonna say no.” Tyler chuckled.

Josh took another moment to breathe.

“I’m just. Overwhelmed. I love her so much. She waited for me.”

Tyler and Jenna sat patiently for him to continue.

“It was when we were filming in Iceland. She was so happy to be a Bandito.” Josh gave a watery laugh.

“In between takes when we were sitting at the big bonfire in the middle of camp, I was telling her about the path we were gonna take through the canyon and how it was a big trek. She just laughed and said ‘I’ll follow you and Tyler anywhere, Josh. I’ve got your backs.’ and then it just hit me that I couldn’t imagine ever being without her. I bought the ring as soon as we landed that next week.”

Tyler was warm all over again. Debby was kind.

“It won’t change our relationship. I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. I’m just so happy.” Josh smiled and pulled the two of them two his chest and fell back onto the bed dragging them with him.

Tyler and Jenna giggled. Tyler propped his elbow up on Josh’s chest and rested his chin in his hand. Jenna mimicked him and they both poked Josh in the belly making him squirm and his eyes crinkle.

“Of course it won’t change anything Josh. This is the best news I’ve ever heard! You know we love her!” Jenna smiled and gave Josh another poke for emphasis.

“Yeah Josh if anybody could ever deserve you it’s her..... And us.” He shoved his face into Josh’s neck and gave it a warm kiss.

“Thank you.” Josh quieted. “All of you make me so happy.” He blushed.

Tyler let himself drift into thought about their relationship.

It had first started off as Josh and Tyler. The two of them against the world.

Then Debby showed up and it was Josh and Debby and Josh and Tyler. Josh had carefully explained to Debby the parameters of his relationship with Tyler and she had been nothing but supportive and completely fine with them.

She got Josh and so did Tyler. But it was never mutual with each other. Tyler and Debby were never a thing. And that was okay. They were good. Great even. It was just something that never happened.

Tyler thought that would be the same case for when Jenna came into the picture.

Josh and Debby had split up before Jenna had taken a place in Tyler’s heart. And Tyler had nervously explained that if Jenna wanted him she had to know he was Josh’s as well. And Tyler kicked himself for being so nervous about it, of course Jenna was more than okay with it, happy with their relationship.

Tyler assumed it would be Josh and Tyler and Tyler and Jenna, nothing more. But then somehow and blessedly it had become Josh and Tyler, Tyler and Jenna, and Jenna and Josh.

And when Debby started coming around again Josh told her upfront the dynamics between them. She had been ecstatic and only encouraging. Neither relationship ever hindered the other, only made the other better.

Debby was impossibly considerate when she was on tour with them. She let them have their moments together and waited patiently for Josh to come back to her every time. Only smiled this proud smile when Tyler or Jenna would kiss him in front of her, although it didn’t happen very often. It miraculously hadn’t been awkward or uneasy like Tyler had (shamefully and guiltily) feared.

Debby was good.

Josh quelled Jenna and Tyler’s fears time and time again that she was happy for them. Although Tyler only had to be told once, Jenna still asked occasionally.

Jenna and Josh and Tyler and then Josh and Debby. Separate but equally perfect and good relationships.

God how had Tyler gotten so lucky?

Debby was supportive. Supported both of them. All three of them. She was one of Jenna’s best friends. She listened carefully and understood Tyler when he had talked to Josh on skype for hours on end about the narrative of the record and what it meant to him.

Tyler knew Debby had struggled with similar things as himself. Though he never said it out loud, and she had never talked to him about it, Tyler had gotten enough hints from Josh that she understood his problems in ways where sometimes even his family didn’t.

Tyler was warm for her. He was comfortable. Both physically because he was laying on Josh and mentally knowing that she made Josh so happy.

And if two weeks later, a few days after Christmas, Tyler was in his bed in his home in Ohio watching the video Brad had shot of the proposal over and over again just to see the joy on both of their faces, nobody had to know about it.

Except Jenna. Who had her head on his shoulder watching it over with him.

“This should be creepy but I can’t get over how happy they are. They’re gorgeous.” Tyler stated with his thumb hovering over the track pad of his laptop.

Jenna hummed in agreement but didn’t comment on Tyler’s slip-up at calling both Josh and Debby gorgeous. He was right.

Another member of their already wild life was going to be officially with Josh like forever. It made Tyler happy.